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    Maher guest:

    “‘I know I’m in your house,’ Rose told Maher, ‘I’m not trying to step over the line here, but genuinely, genuinely, people’s lives are on the line – and just as significantly our very way of life is on the line here.”

    I don’t know about a fragging moment if he’s not squashing this BS. The “our way of life” Bush canard. We must get vaxxed for the private jet set, see? Their way of life is at risk, along with Pfizer stock.


    Pfizer First!! re. FDA approval – no mystery there, it is the top Co. for paying for corruption in the Anglo world. Take that as a wild accusation for which I have no proof. It was obvious from the start that Astra Zeneca was low man on the pole… and had difficulty getting approved see for ex (link 1) and was bashed for side effects etc. So, contentions similar to ‘regular commercial fights’ as between phone Cos., Mega Food Cos, Airlines, etc.

    See the vax propaganda, or publicity, advertising, which should not apply to public health or health care. Vaxxes have joined the fantastic image boosting moves directed to the plebs (deplorables), via Celebs, social media, Gvmt adverts, etc. Completely divorced from what used to be national health considerations, created and upheld by Gvmts, the expertise / controls that used to be relied on, Docs in the practices /clinics, public health, FDA – CDC type institutions — imperfect for sure, and the rot is not new.. But total overtake, via corruption, has been achieved.

    This one ex. jumped to mind, it may seem beside the point, nobody will click —- make of it whatever. 2015. The Bulgari perfumed man meets snake, hawk, lion – and walks, a proud sharp step elegant walk — not a casual stroll. It is only one minute.

    Of course Pfizer and others can’t go there with images and speech etc. “love and take the vax” – some weak semblance of seriousness, expertise, probity, is still marginally maintained.

    Michael Reid

    Apparently we are amidst a global currency war. The pandemic is being used to engineer and market a transition per the central bankers great reset. For those who wish to preserve sovereignty and freedom here is a 5 minute video that may be of interest

    [video src="" /]

    Eric Blair

    I watched the Mark Crispin Miller interview linked in yesterday’s comments #85085 (thanks my parents said). I like Miller, having read his Bush Dyslexicon some 15 yrs earlier and watched part 1&2 of his 2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece videos. I find his arguments well presented, cogent, logical, commonsensical and myself readily agreeing with him. Yet, there it was, the big unexpected swerve at 57:15 where he acknowledges environmental pollution, but not CO2 increase, and then goes on to dismiss Greta Thunberg as a “eugenics tool.” Greta Thunberg has been swift-boated and Al-Gored because her great-grandfather, the scientist Svante Arrhenius, “invented” global warming when in 1896 he established a connection between fossil energy use and the warming planet. Remember when Al Gore was ridiculed for claiming he “invented” the internet when what he actually did as senator was secure the funds to make the internet, up to then used primarily by scientists, available to us all?
    It boggles the mind that someone like Miller who has examined propaganda his entire career does not see the parallels. He is blind to his own blinders. And his host doesn’t challenge him. I’m 100% with you, he says. Myself, I can only be 90% with him. I’ll still listen to him but more carefully examine what he says, putting to good use his own prescription of how to detect propaganda.
    The challenge is to examine not the person, but the argument. Isn’t that ad hominem (latin for “directed at the man”)? Haven’t you lost the argument when you do that? Yet here is Miller doing just that. Discrediting Greta Thunberg (and what she stands for) because her great-grandfather “invented” (aka made it up) global warming, pushing aside with one fell swoop the almost total disappearance of Arctic ice, crumbling Antarctic ice sheets, thawing tundra, coral reef dieoffs, droughts, floods, heat waves, fires, not to mention the fact that CO2 levels are measurably up?
    The world, collectively, has taken leave of their senses, including highly educated, intelligent, sensible, GOOD people. Our sense of reality, formerly shared sense of reality, is splintering, breaking apart. I read somewhere that when we talk to our neighbor, even inconsequential small talk about the weather, serves to confirm our shared sense of reality. Does my neighbor see the same things I see? Is the weather really as bad as I think it is? There are somewhere bushmen who even make the act of going to the bathroom a shared experience (they go into the bushes in pairs) so as not to lose their sense of shared reality (according to the anthropologist). Then again, the Romans also took collective shits, although I doubt it was to preserve their sense of shared reality, but rather to gossip and broker backroom deals.


    context left out of the discussions here.

    The Taliban want the USA out of Afghanistan by Aug 31
    It can be done.
    Therefore, we assume that all evacuation stops, that the equipment gets donated or destroyed.


    The evacuations can continue.
    There will still be security, and operation at the airport that can be carried out by all the other military forces on site.
    (Canadian, German, etc)
    Its called lying by omission and false flag.



    Would you please send me an email with the contact info for the person you use in India to purchase Ivermectin?

    I’m having trouble getting my order placed through IndiaMart using the payment system.

    Thank you very much.

    Robert Campbell
    San Diego, CA

    PS: I want to purchase 100 ivermectin tablets @ 6 mg each. Is that the proper for daily use? Is that enough?

    Dr. D

    “proud boys members have legitimate grievances that are being scapegoated onto folks of differing skin color.”

    Except that the person in question is Black, Afro-cuban. So are many others, although I understand the portion of Hispanic is higher. …Whatever that word means. Mostly nothing, it means “Divide”. So he’s scapegoating himself? Nah, you blink and the white wall of lies gets in, the premise that the Proud Boys actually ARE White Supremacists, run by a black man, in coordination with Larry Elder, Candice Owens, and Bobby Jindal. Obviously the black people are Joe Biden, Gavin Newsome, and Bill Clinton, I hear. They’re helping the black community (38%, most unvaccinated) against the holdouts of the Fox-watching GOP (older and statistically 93.6% vaccinated)

    Should I go on about Political Ironies, everything said is a lie?


    @ Eric Blair
    I, too, have watched amazed at the vitriol unleashed against Greta Thunberg, a teen girl with Aspergers who decided to take a stand. Does she fully understand all of the ramifications? Or course not — a teen girl. Have her views been influenced by her family? Of course — a teen girl. Are her words and actions being suborned by large corporations, NGOs, and globalists to support their own agendas? Of course — that is what they do. Does Greta Thunberg fully comprehend how she is being used by these large organizations? Of course not — a teen girl.
    Kudos for her — a teen girl — in standing up for her convictions.
    Shame on the corporations, NGOs, globalists, etc., using her actions and words to further her own agenda.
    Do either her words and actions or the words and actions of the global players in any way change or diminish our crumbling ecology?
    No. But they serve the globalists well to distract us all. It is our Responsibility to not be distracted and to focus on reality — not the responsibility of a teen girl.


    @ Dr D
    Gah…I obviously didn’t read the articles as deeply as you. :/
    I can substitute the people with darker skin color simply with BLM adherents, which the proud boys are not. Regardless, some redress is in order for the stealing, vandalism, and property destruction. The punishments common to our legal system don’t address the underlying issues. Shakespeare understood this in R&J. A more recent illustration is in West Side Story. Tit for tat tends to escalate the problem, the “prince” or policing notwithstanding.


    Riiiight, Raul. I left that out, didn’t I?

    Never said you did, quoted your quote verbatim, you just never said he worked for the FBI since 2012, thought that needed an emphasis. If you wish to be some kind of adverse voice here, fine, but please try harder.


    Good stuff, John Day. We left Pendleton in ’63 (I think) when my Dad didn’t re-up. My parents
    used to call our housing there “Cockroach Estates”, though maybe everyone did. 😉



    Authorities and anonymous experts say The -Washington- Bezos Post has reported that the US Regime denounced itself for Crimes against Humanity and committing War Crimes globally for centuries. The Bezos Post reports that the Regime admits to lying, cheating, coercing, raping, torture, invading, bombing, overthrowing, brainwashing its own citizens and random cases of international propaganda.

    The Regime has now embraced a new Rainbow Flag with the logo Black Lies Matter in an attempt to regain consumer confidence of it’s self tarnished fake news reputation.


    “You can’t stop us, on the Road to Freedom / You can’t stop us, ’cause our eyes can see..”

    Amen, Van. Whoever played drums on Tupelo Honey had great time- hoo boy, is he solid.


    Lots more “let’s you and him fight!” being ratcheted up post “vaccine” approval, it seems to me.
    Not going for it, myself.



    Do you recall Vietnamese Buddhist Monks lighting themselves on fire in the ultimate protest against US War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity waged against the Vietnamese Nation ?

    Flags matter but Buddhist Monks Truth means nothing to you ? You are a liar, you do not represent anything honest or truthful or decent… Meanwhile VietGhanistan rages and you lie.

    Eric Blair

    @ phoenixvoice #85201

    Of course, Greta’s being used, she has political utility, as they say. By the way, similar happened to Orwell after 1984 was published, a critique of totalitarianism, equally applicable to the left and the right, but seized upon with alacrity by the US to point the finger solely at the USSR. It was one major reason the book has been so successful in the US although Orwell didn’t get to profit from it because he died (and before he could get upset about it). In fact you can gauge a book’s political utility by the sales it generates. The more sales, the more propaganda is being pushed.



    You say:

    Never said you did, quoted your quote verbatim, you just never said he worked for the FBI since 2012, thought that needed an emphasis. If you wish to be some kind of adverse voice here, fine, but please try harder.

    Maybe you should see my response in post #85162 where I say EXACTLY what you think I didn’t say:

    Debt Rattle August 24 2021

    Maybe you should try harder?


    I see that British Columbia has initiated a vaccine passport (they call it a vaccine card)

    And today, it’s “Masks back on”

    Mister Roboto

    a kullervo

    There is always a little bit of context left out of the discussions here.


    A guy burns a flag of a terrorist organization, some snowflakes melt and the guy gets jailed for 5 months… members of a terrorist organization go about torching and looting neighbourhoods throughout the USA and get off scot-free – here’s the context left out.


    Deflationista’s user name checks out

    Mister Roboto

    Governor of Oregon announces outdoor mask mandate

    Damn it to hell, are they trying to make me want to join the rednecks???


    Never mind those 15,000 senior murders deaths in nursing homes. He touched a woman’s leg.


    Raul, I don’t feel I am the best qualified to comment on Dr. Richard Urso (I’m a psychiatrist) but he says IVM and HCQ are both useful drugs but are not necessary and that he is getting good results with other therapies aimed at the inflammatory response. He talks about adjusting his protocol but isn’t clear whether that is because of delta or to accommodate the politics which makes IVM and HCQ impossible to use. I would add that he has the kind of bedside manner I want in my doctor.
    As an aside, I have watched for years, with dismay, a vast increase in the use of psychiatric medicines in children and adolescents with scant empirical evidence. Of course money is involved, but I think the desire to protect and nurture is very powerful and relevant (we have to do something!) and can also lead to error.


    Hmmm, truckie blockade in parts of God Zone Country, Australia? Wouldn’t be the first. I recall in 1979 the truckies blockading Canberra among other places as a political protest. It was quite effective. The federal government of the day had the good sense to negotiate and end it, but the feds also came within a whisker of calling in the military to end it. There was another in 1988 but it was small, more of a nuisance than anything else, and ended quickly.

    In the current climate of paranoid Lysenkoism, I can expect any blockade to be smashed immediately by the military. They’re already out in the streets (in small numbers in a few parts of the country), so a precedent has been set.

    Still and all, I will analyse the depth of my pantry. To stock up now is making wise provision; to stock up after a blockade has begun (if it begins) is hoarding.


    Florida doctors participate in a publicity stuntwalkout over the unvaccinated.

    More fake news.


    They are only rednecks ’til you get to know them.

    TAE Summary

    Reductio ad Absurdum

    * Daily variants requiring daily booster shots with daily new vaccines
    * 2 hour FDA vaccine approval process with fast track 15 minute approval
    * Pfizer starts new religion where everyone goes to hell unless vaccinated or a Pfizer stockholder or both
    * US military requires sex change operation for all personnel
    * US military changes mission to: Mop floors, act as chauffeur and go out for coffee and donuts for Taliban
    * Proud Boy gets life in prison for frowning at BLM poster; OAC changes death penalty stance
    * School district finds middle fingers offensive and requires all teachers to have them surgically removed from both hands or be fired
    * Omega variant can be transmitted by eye contact, has no symptoms and can’t be confirmed by testing but requires that all people live in their bathtub to halt the spread
    * WHO discovers that Covid is spread by flatulence and mandates butt masks for anyone outside their bathroom
    * Goldman Sachs announces Ivermectin backed crypto currency which replaces the dollar for all transactions except at Dollar Stores and Taco Bell
    * In a surprise move Bill Maher denounces sex but won’t give details

    Mister Roboto

    Florida doctors participate in a publicity stuntwalkout over the unvaccinated.

    A Tweet I saw left me with the impression (which, of course, could be mistaken) that “Occupy Democrats” was the source of this claim. I replied that based on OD’s track record with the facts, I would withhold judgement on whether or not this was true. I am not surprised that my skepticism has been vindicated.


    The only thing that would have surprised me is if they brought out the In Living Color Nurse Tic Toc Dancers. But then again, even that might not surprise me.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT the “Proud Boys” story: Might the harsh sentence the PB received have had something to do with the fact that he was carrying an illegal rifle-magazine?


    > They are only rednecks ’til you get to know them. <

    Indeed- and they know how to Do Stuff. I’ll take a “redneck” over a PMCer or Wokie any day,*if* I have to choose.


    @ Eric Blair
    “Discrediting Greta Thunberg (and what she stands for) because her great-grandfather “invented” (aka made it up) global warming, pushing aside with one fell swoop the almost total disappearance of Arctic ice, crumbling Antarctic ice sheets, thawing tundra, coral reef dieoffs, droughts, floods, heat waves, fires, not to mention the fact that CO2 levels are measurably up?”

    I believe your distain of Mark Miller conclusions and your defense of Greta and the global warming hypothesis is totally misplaced. Greta is someone to be pitied. A sensitive child who, like you, has been brainwashed by the media into believing that she has no real future and that’s it’s all the fault of greedy capitalist.
    Since all of your dire perceptions are based on the work of Svante Arrhenius let’s look at some of these things you worry about:
    – In 1896 Svante Arrhenius hypothesized that a doubling of CO2 would lead to a global temperature rise of 5 – 6 degrees C. This number is the basis for virtually all current models. It is seldom mentioned that in his 1906 paper Arrhenius revised his estimates for the doubling of CO2 to 1.6C. Arrhenius amended his view of how increased carbon dioxide would affect climate. He thought the effect would be much less in terms of warming, and whatever warming ensued would be beneficial.

    – Arctic Ice – In the 1920 and ’30 the first predictions of ice free arctic and the opening of the Northwest Passage were common headlines in all of the major newspapers around the world. By the ’60 these stories had flipped and talk of a new ice age was prevalent. Currently artic ice coverage is little changed from 100 years ago.

    – Antarctic ice sheets – The big scare 30 years ago was the crumbling ice sheets or western Antarctica. In 2017 Scottish scientists have detected 91 volcanoes under a massive ice sheet in west Antarctica, potentially revealing one of the largest volcanic regions on Earth. Recent data from the rest of Antarctica reveals a falling temperature trend ( a new low temperature record) and an overall accumulation of ice.

    – Thawing Tundra – some places yes, some places no. Greenland has been experiencing an overall accumulation.

    – Coral reefs – A recent report citing reef population data from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) shows corals on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) have significantly expanded in number despite repeated bleaching events over the past decade. Scientists surveyed 127 reef sites in 2021 and found hard coral cover had increased at 69 of the 81 locations surveyed in the past two years. Coral cover is the highest it’s been since 1985.

    – droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, fires – Contrary to the MSN assertions even the IPCC cannot find any evidence of any long term changes in these events.

    Someday the planet earth will be revered as the birthplace of humanity and will be the Mecca of the solar system that everyone will want to visit at least once in their lifetime. We need to preserve it for those future generations. Our current plans to chase away the CO@ boogeyman with windmills and solar panels will lead to unimageable environmental damage and unnatural visual blight everywhere on earth. CO2 is not the problem.

    John Day

    @Phoenix Voice: Those are banana plants, Maam!
    Left 2 are dwarf Orinoco and right 2 are dwarf Namwah, which V. Arnold recommended. The February freeze killed all the bananas that I planted last fall, but these are doing fine, planted in May or so.
    I’m doing other things with the growing space, trying out things like black beans and winter squash that you harvest all at once. I’m trying to grow a bunch of calories in that space, to see what works.

    absolute galore

    @ I RunInTheSand wrote: PS: I want to purchase 100 ivermectin tablets @ 6 mg each. Is that the proper for daily use? Is that enough?

    Chronic Prevention
    .2 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal) — twice a week for as long as disease risk is elevated in your community
    Post COVID-19 Exposure Prevention
    0.4 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal) — one dose today, repeat after 48 hours

    lvermectin1 0.4–0.6 mg/kg per dose (take with or after a meal) — one dose daily, take for 5 days or until recovered
    Use upper dose range if: 1) in regions with aggressive variants (e.g. “Delta” variant); 2) treatment started on or after day 5 of symptoms or in pulmonary phase; or 3) multiple comorbidities/risk factors.

    If you weigh 130 lbs, the .2 dose is 12mg, the .4 dose is 24mg, and the .6 is 36mg. That translates to 2, 4, or 6 of the 6mg pills.

    You are ordering from India, shipping will be in the $30-40 range. The medicine is very inexpensive. Depending on your weight, you may want to get 3mg and 12mg pills as well. For instance, if you are 150lbs, the .2 chronic prevention dose would be 15mg–one 12mg and one 3mg pill You can get a lot of pills and shipping for $175-$200. Who knows how long the imports will last. Who knows if maybe a friend will need some. Get what you can reasonably afford, it’s good insurance.(You can download a pdf of the protocol here:

    John Day

    @Bill7: We left Camp Pendelton around Thanksgiving 1964. I was in first grade. Did you leave in kindergarten? Maybe we were classmates. My dad was a captain, then a major. We lived on Cottonwood, then on Dogwood streets. I think the base housing was pretty similar. We had a canyon I could play in when we lived on Dogwood. I was not permitted to, though. I got very sick after my fourth birthday, and it took several visits to the dispensary until a major poked his index finger into my right lower abdomen, which HURT! I was surprised. He said, “It’s his appendix, we’ll take it out in the morning. They did. I remember all the details, including the dream I had under anesthesia.

    those darned kids

    imagine a room with 1 candle and 999 plants. every day you remove one plant and replace it with a candle.

    what’s gonna happen?

    absolute galore

    I don’t pity G. Thunberg, but I don’t pay any attention to her. Why? Not because she is a child,but because her “demands”, and the positions of her handlers and their proposed “solutions” are childish dreams. Because the current civilization will not be doing anything about the changing climate. Why? Because it is essentially impossible at this point to walk back our use of fossil fuels without the entire civilization crumbling. Just as we kid ourselves that printing money all day long and going negative on interest rates is”modern” and will keep everything hunky dory forever, we kid ourselves that all the various “green” alternatives, the net zero carbon, will be so because we want it to be. It won’t.

    The energy cost of energy of any of this stuff bandied about as a solution does not come near that of fossil fuels–even the hard to get fracked oil. Plus, we talk a good game but I don’t see any kind of critical mass in the rich countries like Greta’s voluntarily adopting the energy inputs and lifestyles of the average person in India or Africa. At some point she’ll write a book about how she was exploited. If there are still books by then…

    (On top of all this is the fact that it doesn’t matter the energy source–too much of it does what we see happening all around us–and I am not talking about climate change.

    From Energy and Equity by Ivan Illich:
    The widespread belief that clean and abundant
    energy is the panacea for social ills is due to a poli¬
    tical fallacy, according to which equity and energy
    consumption can be indefinitely correlated, at least
    under some ideal political conditions. Labouring
    under this illusion, we tend to discount any social
    limit on the growth of energy consumption. But if
    ecologists are right to assert that non-mctabolic
    power pollutes, it is in fact just as inevitable that,
    beyond a certain threshold, mechanical power
    corrupts. The threshold of social disintegration by
    high energy quanta is independent from the thres¬
    hold at which energy conversion produces physical
    destruction. Expressed in horsepower, it is un¬
    doubtedly lower. This is the fact which must be
    theoretically recognized before a political issue can
    be made of the per capita wattage to which a society
    will limit its members.

    Even if non-polluting power were feasible and
    abundant, the use of energy on a massive scale acts
    on society like a drug that is physically harmless but
    psychically enslaving. A community can choose
    between Methadone and ‘cold turkey 1 —between
    maintaining its addiction to alien energy and kick¬
    ing it in painful cramps—but no society can have a
    population that is at once autonomously active and
    hooked on progressively larger numbers of energy

    In previous discussions, I have shown that,
    beyond a certain level of GNP, the cost of social
    control must rise faster than total output and
    become the major institutional activity within an
    economy. Therapy administered by educators,
    psychiatrists and social workers must converge with
    the designs of planners, managers and salesmen, and
    complement the services of security agencies, the
    military and the police. I now want to indicate one
    reason why increased affluence requires increased
    control over personnel. I argue that beyond a cer¬
    tain median per capita energy level, the political
    system and cultural context of any society must
    decay. Once the critical quantum of per capita
    energy is surpassed, education for the abstract
    goals of a bureaucracy must supplant the legal
    guarantees of personal and concrete initiative. This
    quantum is the limit of social order.

    I will argue here that technocracy must prevail
    as soon as the ratio of mechanical power and meta¬
    bolic energy oversteps a definite, identifiable thres¬
    hold. The order of magnitude within which this
    threshold lies is largely independent from the level
    of technology applied, yet its very existence has
    slipped into the blindspot of social imagination in
    both rich and medium rich countries.

    P.;S.,thanks for the sympathy, phoenixvoice. I still have a slender hope that something might come up strong enough in the MSM to help convince her. It won’t be me armed with the latest from the persona non grata docs that get posted here.

    absolute galore

    Meant to bold this:
    I have shown that,
    beyond a certain level of GNP, the cost of social
    control must rise faster than total output and
    become the major institutional activity within an

    In the book he is basically saying long before we choke and die on our waste, we will have become a totalitarian nightmare of some kind or another if we keep trying to increase our energy use–and at the same time, that also increases inequity. Maybe some of this sounds familiar…

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