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    Johannes Vermeer Woman (in Blue) Reading a Letter 1662-3   • The US Social Fabric Is Fraying Severely, if Not Unravelling (Greenwald) • Kyle Ritt
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    V. Arnold


    (n.) “life out of balance.”
    a state of life that calls for another way of living.

    Moo Foo Bay

    If the account of Kyle Rittenhouse is close to true, who gave this 17 year old minor a gun and put him in harms way to defend someone else’s private property?


    Obviously, the herd is self culling when you supply the tools.
    Yep! Its happening
    Opioids! Exit ramp
    Our educated elites have compiled the numbers
    The Social Fabric of the U.S. Is Fraying Severely, if Not Unravelling
    Why, in the world’s richest country, is every metric of mental health pathology rapidly worsening?

    Glenn Greenwald, System Update
    August 28 2020, 8:23 a.m.

    In March 2020, the New Yorker’s Atul Gawande published a survey of data from two Princeton economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton, under the headline: “Why Americans Are Dying from Despair: the unfairness of our economy, two economists argue, can be measured not only in dollars but in deaths.” The decadeslong economic stagnation for Americans, the reversal of the American Dream, and the shockingly high mass unemployment ushered in by the pandemic are obviously significant reasons why these pathologies are rapidly worsening now.

    Observing these trends is necessary but not sufficient for understanding their breadth and their impact. Why is virtually every metric of mental and spiritual disease — suicide, depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, and alcoholism — increasing significantly, rapidly, in the richest country on earth, one filled with advanced technologies and at least the pretense of liberal democracy?

    Today’s SYSTEM UPDATE on The Intercept’s YouTube channel is devoted to exploring this unravelling of the social fabric: not just the data demonstrating that it is happening, but also what the causes are, and what the consequences are likely to be for our politics, our culture, our society generally. And the answers to the question prompted by all of this — where is the exit ramp to prevent these trends from worsening even further? — are as elusive as they are vital.


    Big demonstrations have been happening everywhere in the USA
    Is this another tool for the herd to do self culling?
    Next. Let’s test schools.
    Let’s all gather in the school yards

    Earlier in the week, we reported that authorities in Berlin had banned a series of planned demonstrations against the country’s COVID-19 lockdown measures – claiming they were organized by “right-wing extremists” and would lead to the spread of the virus.

    The city said it would deploy several thousand police around the German capital this weekend, citing threats.

    Notably, the German city did not ban a June Black Lives Matter protest in which approximately 15,000 people turned out.

    madamski cafone

    What kind of parent let’s their minor children have free/complete access to firearms without adult supervision? And what adult business owner would make a call to kids asking for their help in protecting a commercial enterprise? That was a job for a licensed security firm who employs trained professionals.

    Who is taking responsibility for allowing Kyle’s participation in this event? Who may have noticed that there were kids with guns on the scene and did nothing to discourage their involvement? An honest analysis has to start there.

    I have never been on the scene of an “in-progess” shooting. But isn’t it well understood that trying to disarm the shooter, the person who has the weapon and who is NOT the police, is an important task?

    So you are a hero when you disarm a schoolyard shooter and a criminal when you try to disarm a shooter in the streets of a protest?

    The fierce intensity of those defending this young man says something.

    When we declare self defense alone – without giving equal weight to why he was in a position where he needed to defend himself – we surrender our integrity and redirect responsibility. Now it is the fault of the protester? Kyle had a role in this and he should take responsibility for it. Anyone who takes responsibility for showing up with a loaded AK gets to take responsibility for the outcome of his/her actions.

    Mister Roboto

    I certainly don’t object to the idea of mask-mandates for the pandemic, but I think such decisions should be left to the state governments.


    I think anyone talking about a mask mandate should define what that is in their eyes. Forcing people to wear masks outside, other than in very cramped shopping streets, or maybe a concert situation, makes no sense when it comes to risk assessment. The risk that you would get infected from someone you just pass on the street is close to zero. And therefore not a reason to force a million people to wear a mask.

    John Day a while ago said you would have to talk to someone standing close to you for FIVE minutes for them to infect you. I thought then, and still do, that that may be a bit much, but 2 seconds certainly won’t do. Unless that someone spits or coughs straight into your face.

    Indoors is a whole different thing, because droplets can stay in the air for quite some time if there’s no air flow. Viruses don’t travel, far as I know, off their own accord, they need something to offer them a lift. So yeah, in a store or a bar, wear the thing, but take it off as soon as you hit the exit. We got this.

    The whole “follow the science” idea became empty when the scientists started contradicting each other, and now only cause more fear and panic. But we are clever enough to figure this one out.

    I wrote about Taleb many months ago, and his approach still stands as the only one that makes sense. That people, and politicians, are not smart enough to understand the most basic things, is not his fault.

    Lockdowns work, as an initial reaction, but they must be counted in weeks, not months. Masks work, but only if they’re worn where there is an actual infection risk.


    Tucker admits (in the segment linked above) that the media coverage of this shooting event is incomplete, all though he does not say why. My guess is that reports using Kyle’s own “social media footprints” revealing connections/associations to a Trump rally and to Blue Lives Matter movement are the cause of his “angst”. We are just learning of Kyle’s community support efforts as a lifeguard and his volunteer efforts to remove graffiti. Guess that will balance out the scorecard! Look over here!! Not once in this segment does TC refer to the points of common concern and agreement: that a kid with a loaded gun was on the streets in a town he did not live in in the middle of a protest defending property he did not own.



    The fierce intensity of those defending this young man says something.

    I can of course easily argue that so does the intensity of those attacking him.

    We don’t know much about his background, so talking about the parents who got him into this may not be very relevant. As for the “friend handing him a gun” situation, and him being part of a community watch, who says anyone there knows he’s just 17? His 18th birthday could be a week away, far as I know.

    I don’t have the impression, from my limited knowledge, that he was out there to cause havoc. But that’s just me. But that Lin Wood and the other lawyers who have joined his defence team concluded after watching the videos that he’s not some crazed kid, that’s not just me. These guys don’t take on lost cases. It would hurt them going forward too much. Really, they do not.

    I personally find it very hard to watch videos like that, my stomach can’t take it. But still, calling the people who attacked him “protesters” will undoubtedly be labeled “leading” in court by Wood et al. They would at minimum label them “rioters”, and that changes the entire concept.

    Let’s wait for the court case before we reach a verdict in “public court”.


    Heard in the aftermath of Bunker Hill, “Who gave the 17 year old a gun?”.
    From the nature of his day’s activities, it seems Kyle was answering the call of volunteerism in support of victims, not adventurism or blood lusting. I would judge him by his regrets, which he hopefully does have about showing up.


    Two are dead and one severely injured because a kid was there with a loaded gun.

    Mr. House

    A neighbor spent over half an hour yesterday trying to convince me to vote for joe biden so we can be protected from nazis. Its ironic, for 12 years i’ve been telling people we need to change the system. Neither party can be trusted, and at best you were blown off, at worst someone took it upon themselves to tell you what a downer you are. I lost friends due to trying to warn people. Now people are trying to convince me to vote for biden to save us from the nazis. I’ve been plugging away for 12 years, they’ll plug away for 2 and half months. Neither side is right, neither side is wrong. I’m scared that the only way this will resolve itself is via blood being shed. Like lincoln said a house divided amongst itself can not stand. It’ll either become all “liberal” intolerance or “conservative” intolerance with whoever ends up being in charge largely guilty for causing the situation.

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    “What kind of parent let’s their minor children have free/complete access to firearms without adult supervision?”

    What kind of parent allows their children to riot? Wrong on both sides, stop trying to take a side.


    How do we stop the unravelling of the fabric? Ignore the virus. If you think you are vulnerable, take care of yourself. Let humans get back to real normal. When people can’t discuss things, ideas rot in their heads; if ideas are shared, they can ferment into fine wines.

    A couple of sprouted organic potatoes has turned into 12 pounds of gorgeous spuds, and that was only half of the 6′ x 3′ bed. We going to scrounge up a couple of tykes to help us with the next half- we have a feeling they will be as delighted as we were digging up the treasures of the earth.

    John Day

    @Susmarie 108 and Kimo, hell, everybody.
    I have been looking hard to find factual, non-divisive information about Kyle Rittenhouse. Thanks Ilargi for this particular find, which comes close.
    The glaring omission is Who Armed Kyle That Afternoon?
    The gun did not come from across the state line, not from Kyle’s home.
    Who, in Kenosha, armed Kyle with an AR-15 to go with his first aid kit?
    What was the mechanism of the arming of Kyle?
    This is actually very important.
    It’s true that nothing about him says that he wanted to do anything but help.
    Young men don’t cause wars, but they do the fighting and dying.
    There are chains of command, and supply and mechanisms for war on all sides.
    There were a lot of guns being discharged that night, it seems.
    People become targets and somebody shoots first.
    The guy who got shot in the arm ran up at Kyle from behind, and regrets not having shot him before he could bring his firearm to bear and pull the trigger. He looks older than 17.
    Was he just there to help and render aid?
    It seems like a lot of people in some cities like Chicago are just getting out of their homes before sun goes down, going somewhere else until the riots are over.
    What I am worried about is that this is such a strong inoculation, that the backlash may go into a new fascism.

    John Day

    @Mr. House: I’m going to write in Tulsi Gabbard for president.
    One of the docs i work with went into a serious harangue about me electing Donald Trump, “the worst thing possible for the whole world” If I don’t vote for Joe Biden.
    The place he was coming from was not approachable, so I really didn’t try much, but he held me at political bay for a good 10 minutes when I was dressed in my bike clothes and headed for the door.
    As you may know, i already elected Bush by voting for Nader. Ill be a repeat offender.


    Kenosha WI is a rust belt city of 100,000 people, 80% white, which use to manufacture AMC and then Chrysler automobiles. Today, the largest employer is Snap-on Tools with around 750 full time employees. Jobs that supported families are mostly gone. Last year, there were 30 overdose deaths. Blacks are a minority at 11.5%.

    The US flyover Rust Belt was the intentional result of offshoring and globalization. It made the wealthy on both coasts of America richer. Corporate media plays up the racial tensions to divert attention from the real causes, inequality and injustice. This is the classical divide and conquer Empire tactics. Right now two Brahmin Clans (globalists and nationalists) are fighting for control of the remnants of the fallen Western Empire.

    What is frightening is an authoritarian Republican incompetent incumbent and his followers are using this unrest (that they incite) to keep control. Ruling class Democrats won’t restore the public health system or give jobs to the unemployed to end the Pandemic Depression and deescalate the tensions. Instead chaos is sure to increase. Gangs will seize and barricading their home turf to prevent retaliation. Warfare is next.

    Neither ruling caste gives a damn about the American lives lost, all that matters is that they are making money, hands over fist.

    John Day

    Thanks Vietnam Vet.
    The elites are afraid of losing their stuff nd powerful positions.
    There’s too many of them for the amount of stuff.
    Some of ’em have to go.
    They’ll go over a lot of our dead bodies as usual.
    It’s nature’s way, and so on. To do anything different would require the conscious and selfless action of billions of regular people, many of whom would be killed by other regular people, mostly scared ones.
    We’d all have to be guided by spirituality, ’cause the devil/CIA already got the smart-phones.
    What’s the odds?

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