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    Here I thought Macron had a Napoleonic Complex

    Turns out to be Alexander Complex


    No money for the needy.
    Money for Ukraine
    Money for covid
    Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk released her annual report Wednesday.

    COVID-19 response and vaccine rollout
    About $3.5 billion of the $7 billion spent on COVID-19-related contracts were non-competitive procurements between March 2020 and March 2022.
    The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Public Business Service Delivery had $66 million of personal protective equipment that was expired, damaged or became obsolete by March 31, 2022.
    Due to a large purchase commitment, the province expects to have more than 100 million N95 respirators by March 2030, worth $81 million.
    The province did not consistently apply its prioritization process when it selected 114 hot spot communities to receive COVID-19 vaccines ahead of lower risk communities, which resulted in nine high-risk neighbourhoods excluded in favour of eight low-risk ones.
    The lack of a centralized COVID-19 vaccine booking system meant there were about 227,000 no-shows for appointments in 2021 as some Ontarians registered for multiple openings using different booking systems.
    COVID-19 vaccination pay was very different for doctors, who earned $170 to $220 per hour compared to nurses at $32 to $49 per hour and pharmacists at $30 to $57 per hour.
    The province built a COVID-19 specific database called COVaxON for $144 million despite having an existing vaccination registry system called Panaroma, which was supposed to be expanded from its use for school-aged children to all Ontarians in 2014. But that was never completed even though $170 million was spend on the program.
    Ontario auditor general finds COVID-19 vaccine wastage, unco-ordinated bookings.
    Ontario’s auditor general says the province wasted 38 per cent of COVID-19 vaccine doses between February and June because it overestimated demand for boosters, and her annual report also identifies that the province is running a disorganized booking system and doesn’t fully track adult vaccinations.

    Auditor general Bonnie Lysyk says in her report today that overall COVID-19 vaccine wastage in the province is nine per cent, or 3.4 million doses.

    She says about half of that could have been avoided with better forecasting of demand.
    Summaries of Value-for-Money Audits

    D Benton Smith

    This being Dec 7 and all I consider it worthy of note that the US Gov and its lap dog media apparently DON’T. I had to drill down through pages of today’s “news” to find even a passing mention of the Pearl Harbor sneak attack and massacre.

    At least now we know the lifespan of “infamy” . Seems to be roughly 75 years, give or take.

    But I do understand. The U.S. Gov reckons it’s maybe a bad year to rub Japan’s face in it again, because after all, Uncle Sam is gonna need all the friends it can buy, even treacherous ones, and Japan is one the few remaining who are willing to even be in the same room with him.



    I guess, since I live in Ontario, I should be grateful that both the ferderal (located in Ontario) and provincial governments are so incompetent!
    They forgot to vacinate me!


    Putin: Risk Of Nuclear War “Rising”, Ukraine Operation To Be “Long Process”


    “Russia does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, unlike the US. …Russia has not gone mad.”

    Amen brother.

    But Russia does have the Satan II up and running



    Crazy Third World Country Stuff:

    Private Armed Guards With AR-15’s Patrol Philadelphia Gas Stations

    Woketard virtue signalers burst into tears at BLM’s assault weapons just doing their thang.


    FDR’s Pearl Harbor

    December 7th, the day FDR knowingly sacrificed the lives of several thousand Americans so he and his friends could join in the spoils of a hugely profitable world wide war.

    Wash and Rinse, 9/11, several thousand American lives sacrificed for war of terror on American’s freedoms by the forth branch of government, the deep state, formed by FDR during WW2.

    FDR’s legacy lives on to this very day.


    The 92-year-old philanthropist’s multimillion-dollar efforts promoting his bizarre “open society” agenda encompass some of the most radical leftist ideas on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT fanaticism.

    He is actually anti-people. The rumoured start of his career, helping the Nazis to round up Jews, simply just continued as he leached off of society then used his money to try to destroy all that is good in society. He is anti-people but the people he uses to fight the good people are sufficiently greedy and self obsessed that they are willing to fight with their enemy. Rather than leave a positive legacy, he wants to destroy all that is good: he has serious mental problems which is probably why he is so rich.


    Concerned that my supply of fresh blueberries from Peru might get interrupted, I have had the local police arrest the president of Peru! He is now busy picking a few pints of blueberries for me!


    “They forgot to vaccinate me!”
    Therefore, you caused a loss of $30.00/shot.
    But you saved more on dr. wages, rent, bookkeeping etc.


    The total amount of funds appropriated for Kiev in military and economic aid by the US has already exceeded $100 billion in less than a year.
    Wake up.
    No aid for citizens needing aid.


    Scorched earth
    Be prepared to evacuate but don’t panic, Vitaly Klitschko tells citizens of Ukraine’s capital

    Zelensky regime is destroying the Ukrainian infrastructure and its people. None of this makes sense from the beginning, why did they reject the Minsk Agreements???? It would have kept Ukrainian territory intact, perhaps this wasn’t the intention but to end Ukraine is we know it. Thank you Oligarchs of Ukraine, thank you Biden and NATO, thank you Zelensky you are doing a great job. Wake up Ukraine before it’s too late.
    They are going to evacuate all right. Right into Europe with no cheap Russian gas and oil.


    I’ve researched the “FDR Knew” angle of Pearl Harbor and will point out a few things.

    Yes, FDR worked hard to goad Japan into war.

    Yes, he had very good reason to think that Pearl Harbor would be their first target, not the Philippines.

    But, push comes to shove with the facts (and they exist in manifold detail), his crime was worse than that of letting Pearl Harbor’s people get slaughtered. FDR thought his Navy would detect and respond to any Nipponese carrier fleet before they could do any damage. He thought he could start a war via a minor event: “NEWSFLASH: JAPANESE CARRIER FLEET CAUGHT NEARP EARL HARBOR IN FULL COMBAT MODE” Something like that. Something that wouldn’t have Congressional investigations crawling up his ass the rest of his days. He thought he could get away with it. Well, he did, but not in a way that his mirror could pretend wasn’t a fuckup with huge blood on his hands. I think this is partly why he was so adamantly for Total War, unconditional surrender, all that. He had to go all-out in order not to admit to himself that he not only started the bloody mess, but he started the bloody mess with a bloody mess.

    I think that Trump and FDR were a lot alike except that FDR was the consummate insider while Trump is the renegade outsider.


    Would FDR have let it happen as it happened if he had absolute knowledge it would go down that way if he didn’t avert the attack by ceasing to pinch Japan into a resource-deprived corner?

    I find that question hard to answer. My impression of such creeps-in-charge is that they can condone all kinds of nastiness so long as they don’t have to squarely look themselves in the face for it. A toxic narcissist will do or allow almost anything to happen in order to avoid confronting the truth about himself. This logically includes forestalling a slaughter at Pearl Harbor that they knew they caused.

    Cruel enough to make it happen but not cruel enough to watch it happen, in other words.

    But he definitely worked hard to make the Japanese attack, and knew damn well that Pearl Harbor was actually a likelier target than the Philippines. But there was no damning cryptogram deliberately ignored, and the fact that our Navy was rather a piece of shit at the time did the rest.

    And, of course, the investigation into Pearl Harbor was a whitewash, just like 91, and like 911, the most damning evidence isn’t that of absolute proof of planned causation or complicity; it is that FDR/Dubya both took advantage of those events in a manner roughly identical to how we would expect them to behave if they did indeed had planned for them to happen.

    It’s kinda like the similarity between giving a girl date rape drugs to bed her, or getting her so plastered she might6 as well have been given date rape drugs… which in matter of fact, she has.


    Relevant to the above:

    Hector C. Bywater



    Your summary probably covers the truth of FDR pretty well.

    We do know FDR was an aircraft carrier supporter, thus no aircraft carriers left as bait in Pearl Harbor.
    FDR cut off Japan’s oil supply via both the US and Dutch Indies.
    Before that he cut off all base metals supplies too.
    Clearly FDR was goading Japan.

    Someone once complained to FDR that a certain US ambassador to South America was a bastard. FDR replied Yes he is a bastard, but he is our bastard!

    I once knew a fellow who was a junior naval officier, who was badly hung over Sunday morning December 7th, when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor per FDR’s invitation. His ship was the first ship to sail out of the Harbor. I also know quite a few Americans who lamented the fact that the Japanese had failed to dispatch him.


    @Germ said

    Your baby now belongs to us!

    “A baby who urgently needs heart surgery has been placed under guardianship of the High Court until completion of his surgery and post-operative recovery.

    Disgraceful behaviour of the medical profession, magnifying their role in the genocide of the vaccinated and now the unvaccinated. The administrators, doctors and nurses involved with this are no different to Guantanamo torturers, Ukraine nazis, serial killers, mercenaries and all the other depraved elements of humanity. It reminds me of the experiments that German doctors and dentists used to do on prisoners during WW2, however that did not tarnish the medical profession for long.

    As for the judge, most of us have very low expectations of lawyers, knowing that they are the rats of society, dredging through shite to get bits of undigested corn to eat. At least in the past they would pretend to follow the law and only allow politics to intervene if the person on trial was rich and powerful. Now politics rules the whole show, as we have seen with Assange, and the politics is the same as China and Ukraine politics, the politics of dictatorship caused by overfunding, and hence over confidence, of government.

    NZ politics has been bought for a long time, the most blatant evidence of such was when Helen Clark was offered a role in the New World Government at the UN. She was receiving her reward for being an obedient puppet.

    Humanity will need to purge itself of these people in order to recover, but it won’t and humanity will never fully recover, which is why it keeps on lurching from crisis to crisis like a drunk using lamposts to get home, except at least the drunk knows where he is trying to get to, humanity is just blindly lurching.


    Here is a pdf with more info on Pearl Harbor attack.

    My daughter did this but she won’t tell me how she did it. I had really wanted to copy a live (blue color) link but don’t know how, yet.

    Michael Reid

    Doug Casey on the Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization

    Doug Casey on the Struggle Between the Powerful Forces of Centralization and Decentralization

    those darned kids

    a hit piece on dr. ryan cole. read the comments.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s probably time we talked about Hitler again.

    Let’s begin with three easy questions.

    1) what was Adolph’s first paid job after demobilization from the Army? (hint: closely related to why he joined the Nazi movement.)
    2) In that employment who was his boss and how long did he work there?
    3) Why does using the word “Hitler” today get some people cancelled and censored . . . . but other people boosted and promoted?

    D Benton Smith

    Doubt is the state of mind resulting from not wanting to know what you’re pretty damned sure that you know.

    It has some value, and is not entirely useless, but it’s efficacy is highly overrated.

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