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    Albert Fenn for OWI “New York. Negro taxi driver” 1942 I was going to write a nice piece on how the trusts and trust companies in China’s shadow banki
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Feb 20 2014: The Opulent Blessing Project]


    Ilargi, take care of yourself. Lots of pneumonia out there. If you get a bad cough, ask the pharmacist for some behind-the-counter cough syrup with codeine so that you can get some sleep.


    “A Map of Russian Gas Supplies to Europe via Ukraine” – Zero Hedge

    A comment I read:

    “The US agenda is (and always has been) to maintain the status quo petrodollar regime in order to support our debt-based Ponzi economy. The Russian agenda is to undermine or de-Americanize the world’s financial system by selling their oil (that runs through Ukraine) outside of the petrodollar. This would undermine and weaken the US dollar, and the US empire will not sit on its hands and allow that to happen.

    Russia wants to settle trade outside of the US dollar, and the US wants to stop that from happening. Period! Battle-lines were drawn in Syria over this same agenda, Obama blinked, and lost. He’s regrouped, and drawing another “red line” in Ukraine. Same proxy war, different strategy, different location, some agenda.”


    Professorlocknload (from yesterday) – “They are always well behind the curve in arresting the bubbles they so naively create. They didn’t see the stock bubble of the 20′s, the Stagflation of the 70′s, the dot com bubble, the equity and housing bubbles of the 2000′s, until it was too late. Nor do they see the bubble they are now in the early stages of creating. Hell, they never allowed the last one to completely clear! Nothing new here, they have learned nothing.”

    Do you really think they (the Fed) are naive, that they don’t “see”? In my opinion, I think they see very well. They are doing what they’ve always done in a most deliberate, calculating fashion. They are trying to keep asset prices propped up in order to save the banks. Period. Of course they knew beforehand (before QE, before mark to model, etc.) exactly what was going to happen. That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing. This is the plan.

    This is exactly what Mish keeps spouting, that somehow they don’t know what they’re doing. They do! It is not them who have “learned nothing”. It is us, because we keep letting them get away with it.

    I enjoy your posts.



    If these self anointed bureaucrats really could know what they were doing, most of these “accidents” would ever happen. Or if they did, the Market would correct, purge the inept and leave a lesson learned.

    Financial crises only happen because these, or other elitist fools believe they can somehow quantify Human Action, corner it and put it into some sort of Computer program and manipulate the outcome.

    Ever try to herd cats? These attempts at centrally planned societies always fail, and always for the same reasons.

    The market place is a living thing, made up of millions of individual participants doing what’s in their best interest, and ultimately the best interests of those around them. Any attempt to leash it only distorts it’s function, to no ones advantage in the end.

    I liken it to walking through the garden and spotting a trail of ants. Upon putting my foot down on it, the ants first scatter in every direction, confused. Then, one at a time, they establish a new trail around the obstruction, and continue about their business, only now needing to take a bit longer route in accomplishing their mission.

    Another analogy is what happened when the Sorcerers Apprentice thought he knew a better way to clean up, just as Central Planners, believing they are so much smarter than all the worlds markets and all of their players, attempt to seize markets and play them to the advantage of parasitical authority. 😉

    Imagine the Master as the Market, and Mickey the Fed, if you will.



    Zinc, tension tamer tea with a bit of honey, and more zinc.
    Rest up, we’ll fend for ourselves out here.


    Opulent Pyramids, indeed! Political Science dovetailed with Marketing.

    “The Clean Water Act,” oppose it and you want dirty water. Never mind it’s really a .gov (registered trademark) takeover of water resources, in an attempt to create a new bureaucracy and taxing authority.

    Brings back memories of a train trip the length of Japan many moons ago. In Osaka I was given a choice of smokes at a little kiosk there. Peace, Hope or 7 Stars. Ha! Seben-come-eleben-baby-needs-a-new-pair-of-shoes. Roll them bones.

    Ed Bernays would be proud.

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