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    There are now reports of cougar sightings in northern Ontario. We have plenty of deer!


    I see that mass murderer dr fasci just got a nice bribe of $1 million from Israel.
    You know an award, like a book deal, perfectly legal.

    madamski cafone

    @ WES

    “I have enough of this winter! I want global warming and I want it now!”

    Then congrats: you have it. Extreme weather oscillations are natural in the early stages of overloading a previously stable dynamic equilibrium. Too cold this winter; too warm next. Nor does “global warming” mean that the climate will become hotter. That is the most likely outcome, and seems to be happening just as predicted, but part of the predictions include the energy retention increase bumping the weather system dynamics in a way that gives some of the world a nifty little Ice Age for awhile.

    In 100 years, Labrador should be more like, oh, NYC, in terms of temp averages. But it could go the other way.

    It’s global climate disruption. Global warming is a marketing term, little else.

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    “I was fairly seriously asserting that nasal saline irrigation with neti pot or Sinu Cleanse or bulb syringe would do the same job, but it’s all hard to do at work. I can’t even drink green tea and eat dried fruit and nuts at work these days. Hidden costs abound…”

    I figured that. Just playing both sides of the devil’s advocacy, is all. Full-spectrum information, something like that.

    If you, a seasoned MD, can’t drink green tea etc. at work, then it’s game over. Last person out, turn off the lights, please? Seriously. If it’s that bad, somebody’s ass needs kicking. The real physical kind. Life is violence sustained by nurturing. We raise our kids on someone el;se’s dead kids. How the genuine game is p;layed.

    But no one kicks ass anymore except for fun, money, or furious fear, so the invasion of sane civil liberties spreads even as we champion ever more categories of civil liberties. (There’s only one civil liberty: leave me alone or get hurt. ’twere ever thus, said Gomer Pyle.)

    I swear, modern men are such pussies! And the women are such pricks! 😉 but fwiw, Dr. Day, I assume that a squeeze bottle of Ocean Spray is permissible everywhere except maybe a nursery at naptime. Keep the sinuses moist, keep the snot moving. Vitamin D can’t do its work without sufficient transport media, right?

    Neti-Pot is just industrialized snot movement. Throughout the day, saline moisture should mostly do the trick.

    @ chett

    “re nasal spray…
    If you assume that you were exposed to the coronavirus and there is enough virus in your nasal cavities to make this nasal spray effective then doesn’t it also imply that there was plenty of virus around to enter your body through your mouth and eyes?”

    Not necessarily, but to follow your line of inquiry: diligent hydration keeps your lungs moist, where their version of snot does similar things. Eyes are constantly rinsing and wiping themselves.

    Hydrate. Vitamin D. Reasonable exercise. Eat well. Eat all the cake you want but get plenty water and healthy food as well so you don’t clog your body serum with all that sticky starch and dehydrational sugar. Diligent hydration. And $20 in an envelope to my address, pls. 😉


    @ MIchael Reid

    I feel OLD. Either way, I most def ain’t young. I know. I didn’t waste my youth. I spent it furiously until it was all gone. I’m old and only stick around in this shivery old carcass to accompany the ex-wife of Colonel Sherburn as far as I can and as much as she deserves (that’s a tautology in this case).

    Old Folks Boogie

    Off our rockers, actin’ crazy
    With the right medication we won’t be lazy
    Doin’ the old folks boogie
    Down on the farm
    Wheelchairs, they was locked arm in arm
    Paired off pacemakers with matchin’ alarms
    Gives us jus’ one more chance
    To spin one more yarn
    And you know that you’re over the hill
    When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill
    Doin’ the old folks boogie
    And boogie we will
    ‘Cause to us the thought’s as good as a thrill
    Back at the home,
    No time is your own,
    Facillities there, they’re all out on loan
    The bank forclose, and your bankruptcy shows
    And your credit creeps to an all-time low
    So you know, that you’re over the hill
    When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill
    Try and get a rise from an atrophied muscle,
    And the nerves in your thigh just quivers and fizzles
    So you know, that you’re over the hill
    When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill

    Hope someone likes it. My old ears can hardly hear the trebley stuff.


    @ my parents said know

    Chicago had some magnificent suburbs.

    madamski cafone

    “Eyes are constantly rinsing and wiping themselves.”

    Also, eyes and sinuses travel very closely. Cry and your snot runs. Runny noses often mean watery eyes.



    Don’t laugh but at one time palm trees grew in Labrador!

    Petrified wood was discovered in the iron mines. My Father had samples of tropical plant leaves in his office that I, as a kid, used to spray to keep them from drying out.



    So colder is warmer!

    That makes sense since war is peace!

    John Day

    @Ezlxa1949 : no need to steralize, just dilute and spray.

    @Chett: Thanks for the heat pump specifics. I have been investigating wood stoves (Tractor Supply Co.) and they are all made in China, with something like 1:3 having significant breakage and malfunction problems, due to n quality control. Reading all of the reviews on the highest sellers tells what breaks and how frequent that is. It looks like most defects become apparent pretty soon, but you may discover cracks in the metal 2-3 years after purchase. It looks like the expensive ones are as bad as the lower priced ones, by that crude methodology.
    We have a Pioneer heat pump new in boxes, which I was going to put in the workshop, but it’s ok without anything, now that it is well insulated and with good vent windows.
    We intend to build a smaller secondary house, mainly kitchen and open area, with a bathroom/utility room and a screened porch, about 800 square feet. The heat pump and wood stove are getting figured into it, along with a vented natural gas wall heater. I like ’em.
    @My Parents Said Know: There are 3 lineages of avocado: Mexican (soft skins, produce annually, most cold tolerant), East Indian (Florida/Cuba/etc not cold tolerant at all, but more tolerant of brackish water on roots and BIG, produce every other year, watery), Guatemalan (Pebbly skin, smallish, a little cold tolerant, good oil content, produce every other year, ship well due to hard skin).
    Hass is a guatemalan/Mexican cross from a tree discovered in about 1938, and propogated through grafting. Fruit cn hang on THAT tree for 3-4 months before being picked, and are very slow to ripen when picked, so very easy to synchronize to distant markets. That’s why Hass rules, not because it is especially good. Every avocado I ate in HAwaii, off any tree, was better, but I don’t live in Hawaii, now.


    Both California and Texas have had wild weather events. But more basically, both have Enron designed energy markets. Since the ruling ideology believes markets are perfect and are a perfect reflection of value; external distortions like increasing extensive wildfires or a polar vortex induce distortions into the power grid that cause wild variations in pricing and kills people.

    Simply put, government is required to force business to plan for future events which cut into company profits and saves human lives. The USA appears to be at the tipping point, the costs of the private and public debt and of unaccounted for externalities have grown so enormous that the nation is unable to plan for future calamities. It is everybody for themselves until something catches up with you and then it is over.

    V. Arnold

    Vietnam Vet
    The USA appears to be at the tipping point, the costs of the private and public debt and of unaccounted for externalities have grown so enormous that the nation is unable to plan for future calamities. It is everybody for themselves until something catches up with you and then it is over.

    I’m forever harping on about debt, personal/individual debt.
    Zero debt is my mantra; but with the U.S. going absolutely bonkers on printing money (creating debt); I would understand people not taking me seriously…
    The U.S. is acting so irresponsibly as to question its collective sanity…
    My guess is that the average person has no understanding that one way or another, the piper will be paid.
    The true cost will be widespread poverty and early deaths from myriad causes; all leading back to a government out of control sinking into the abyss of its unpayable debt.
    I can’t see it leading anywhere but into world war…

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day
    I use the Kitchen Queen 480 wood cook stove that is made in the USA. It makes our hot water as well and is designed to last

    V. Arnold

    Ashley is another U.S. made wood stove; we used one to heat a 2 bdrm. home for years (only heat source).
    I can’t say too much about how good it was…
    Ashley was the first thermostatically controlled wood burning stove in the U.S.
    I believe ours was the Columbian model…

    V. Arnold

    I should add that the thermostat is a bi-metal spring requiring no electricity to control temperature…

    Dr. D

    For shoulder heat, I find the Jotul stoves are amazing.


    They are this pretty, as they have air wash the glass and remain clean and perfect for years. Enamel is excellent but may not take hard weather like a shop, or might crack and flake in the damp.

    There are many cheap stoves that are fine, but I couldn’t know which ones. As saying yesterday, codes may outlaw all wood in a city or village. Your insurance may be voided, or cost thousands in fire insurance per year. Installing them is expensive — even thousands more for the chimney pipes — especially if only used when the police won’t arrest you for using it, like in a power out.

    Again from yesterday, having gas cans: illegal unless in proper shelters and under certain gallons. Insurance doesn’t allow them in your basement either. Candles: open flame not allowed under your rental agreement. Same with a kerosene heater.

    What I was saying about furnaces, yes, prefer passive, or steam used to be passive as well though slightly dangerous, but a house in Texas would be spec’d for say 50,000 btu, and one in Michigan 100,000 btu. So if you get Michigan weather, it’s only half of what’s needed and it’s ominous to feel the walls close in around you minute by minute, wondering if your kids will freeze. Shut off all rooms (here’s where you need to zone or drain your house water) and camp out in the main room. Doorway blankets have an amazing ability to zone areas, far more than you would think. BUT almost all modern furnaces, like since 1980, won’t allow to be run without power. They CAN, most furnaces used to run their own 12v off a thermocouple by the burner, they just WON’T. And I doubt even an engineer could retrofit any of them, especially the blower, where you’d probably overheat the lid in the basement without the air moving and start your house on fire, and of course no passive flows if you have hot water heat.

    Why nobody thinks of this I have no idea, power goes out all the time every place in America. We have violent weather everywhere and always have. Used to be far worse; for example, saltwater Manhattan was frozen in to pull cannons over in 1777, and soil was frozen 6′ deep through the 1940s But they sure pay for ESPN and Disney Plus, amirite? No sleeping bags, no camp stoves, no generator: our hard times plan is to curse God for not saving us. Or the government, same thing to these people. $50K F150 in the driveway, 4 $400 smart phones, $1500/year in cable bills, $14k on the credit card, $1,000 interest charges monthly, but no generator, no candles, not a box of ramen in the cupboard. Isn’t somebody ELSE supposed to take care of that? Here, you pay that for me, in disaster relief.

    What am I supposed to say to them I’m not already saying? “I guess you’re going to die, then?” But their intentional, unnecessary crisis is now my problem, requiring my work. Tomorrow they will be saved, and will go back to not having any food, any money, any clothing, or any plans all over again, and tell me what a nag and jerk I am. “You can’t judge me!” I’m not trying to judge, you I’m trying to tell you your lifestyle will kill you. That goes for your drinking, your drugging, your eating, and your sexing as well.

    As truth is the only enemy, saying cause and effect exists is hate speech. Literally. When the inmates run the asylum, the sane are the ones locked up, so you don’t mind if I just stand over here and watch. Human nature: they only learn from bad things happening to them.

    madamski cafone

    @ WES

    “So colder is warmer!”

    No. More extreme is more extreme, at both ends of the temperature scale. You’re an engineer. You know some physics. A tiny touch can make a top spinning at high RPMs go wonky. It doesn’t go wonky one way or another, it just goes wonky. When it falls, will it fall on the warmer side or the colder side? We don’t know. But we know for damn sure that it’s wobbling.

    madamski cafone

    Rocket Stove

    The heating system of the future. You can make it yourself except for the metal fab parts, and those are fairly low-tech.

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