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    Mister Roboto


    What’s bothersome to me is that too many on “our side” are *way too casual* and sensationalistic with facts, too; so much so that I start to wonder about various things.
    Making claims like “HUGE Numbers of Vaccine Deaths!!!” should be- to say the least- well supported, otherwise it’s just hot air/ preaching to the attendant choir. Boring and useless..

    Doc R. here has a calm approach that he supports with pretty well, I think.
    Linking to Zero CIA Hedge and the like doesn’t help anyone; besides, their links (so curiously!) go dead in a couple of weeks, so why not link to the original? Unless.. no, I won’t say it.


    Malone and Wolf say a lot in a short time about the Veritas newly released DARPA docs.

    TAE Summary

    We’re threatened by myriad attacks
    We’re told we must get the dread vaxx
    Their threats are substantial
    And now turn financial
    Get jabbed or we’ll wreck you with tax

    Since Scots must wear face masks forever
    A love life requires something clever
    It’s hard to grab bliss
    When one cannot kiss
    Let alone a more int’mate endeavor

    As Biden’s star loses its luster
    He gathers what strength he can muster
    His legacy’s fading
    To stop its degrading
    He must kill his foe’s fillibuster

    There once was a fellow from Italy
    Who talked with his goat rather wittily
    From deep in his throat
    The response from the goat
    Was to answer the man very spittily

    those darned kids



    Despite the massive failure of the vaccines to do anything positive to end or even attenuate the pandemic, the politicians are still pushing ahead with the vaccine mandates. What does this tell you about the aims of the politicians? They want to end the pandemic or they want to extend the pandemic to justify vaccine passports. Them being dumb is not an option as they are controlled by the likes of Gates, Buffett, Musk, Bezos, Soros etc.


    @deflationista Why does nobody die of flu anymore? Why does my friend tell me that an old colleague died of Covid and when I ask for the details I discover that he actually had brain cancer, but they are calling it Covid. Why do all your heroes, the sellers of vaccines, need to spread so many lies and uncertainties? My wife’s theory is simple: if the vaccines were any good then 99% of people would have voluntarily got them, as it is most people who got them were bullied, coerced etc into getting them. So much for the vaccines riding on their merits.


    For those coming after, here is the link to the 2005 paper that found chloroquine effective against the original SARS coronavirus, mentioned in the image at the top of the Debt Rattle:

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)
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