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    Michael Reid- “time delayed suicide”- one may as well have drunk, smoked, and baconed one’s self to death. It would have been more fun than patronizing Pfarma.

    Dimitri- You can give your own blood ahead of your surgery. (“autologous”).


    What’s a little odd is that in all the twenty-two months since the “pandemic” and all its ultra-deadly variants were rolled out, I have to meeet or even hear of anyone (firsthand; I’m not talking about claims made on the opaqueNet.) who has been made seriously ill by Da Covid; let alone anyone who’s died from it.

    No one.. for reference, I live on the coast of California, halfway between SF and LA.



    That piece attributed to Harald Malmgren the other day ‘What the West Gets Wrong About Putin’ was, to use A. Schopenhauer’s phrase on another topic- “not even shallow”.

    Very strange times we’re living in. Rest easy though: comfortable dining-room “experts” like Mr. Malmgren are on the case.


    those darned kids

    bill7: i know a few people who got seriously ill, many more who were moderately ill, and one who died. he was 33. he never got any early treatment, however.


    How was the 33 year-old’s health, prior to Covid- previously healthy and fit? What strain of Covid, and in what region?

    those darned kids

    he was incredibly healthy, worked out everyday. his entire family got sick, but not him. he thought he would be fine. then it got him. it was november, 2020 in mexico city.

    those darned kids

    shortly after he passed away, they started early treatment in méxico.

    r.i.p., daniel.


    Interesting information on the apparent Mexican casualty- thanks. I’ve seen or heard of
    nothing similar around here, and firsthand evidence is about all I trust now.

    those darned kids

    Edward Curtin, from June of last year:

    “..I know there has been barely any excess mortality throughout all this. >>You would think if excess deaths were going up exponentially that the likes of inexpensive funeral insurance<< wouldn’t be around anymore. The premiums would surely go up if insurance companies were paying out for all the deaths and funerals occuring..”

    What I Know and Don’t Know about SARS-CoV-2 Virus

    Yes, and life insurance rates would be going through the roof, and unavailable without loads of
    testing.. but those things aren’t happening. Strange.

    So confyoozing! Dude, where’s all the excess mortality in this ultra-deadly “pandemic” ?


    When my next-door neighbor fianlly says “hey, a dude’s gasping for breath outside”, and I go out there and see it happening, I’ll take note. Then if it happens again more than once, my innate fear-detector will likely kick in; so far though that hasn’t happened. It’s the lockdowns/fearporn/masks/”vaccines” doing the demoralizing/immiseration/killing, not the
    virus- as the instigators well know.

    Or, as they say over at Naked Cap: “Stay Safe!, peering into your Telescreen until you’re dead!”

    Veracious Poet

    Wow, America’s Der Leaders are following Thanos’ plan & people just go derp! Nothing to see here ma, it’s hoax!

    Personally I know of 3 that died, dozens that got sick with 5 hospitalized in 2020 Q2-Q3, plus my half brother’s 41 yo half sister that died in OK last month attributed to COVID (she was overweight, like him) & plenty of of people coming down with Omnicrom (no hospital) with it still raging all around me ~ I don’t even really pay attention anymore, other to know when it’s more dangerous in the Now…

    Have one family member that died unexpectedly in March after a procedure 4 weeks after jabbed (stroke, then heart attack) + my wife’s niece that is still partially paralyzed 2 weeks after second jab.

    This isn’t a drill 😐

    P.S. Wife & I still unaffected, but my mother’s nursing home has 17 staff that got Omicron infected, with 6 patients so far…


    Out of curiousity I searched for the Elementary School I first attended in 1964, and found out what children (inmates?) and parents are expected to endure in 2022:

    > In preparation for schools reopening on January 11, and in light of the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, we are making changes to our health and safety protocols.

    Please note the following updates:

    The first day of the Los Angeles Unified Spring semester for all K-12 students will now be on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

    Monday, January 10, 2022, will be designated as a Pupil Free Day for school site employees.

    Los Angeles Unified now requires COVID-19 testing for all students and employees, regardless of vaccination status, before the first week back from winter break. All students and employees will be required to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to come onto campus on January 11.
    Employees and students can get a baseline test beginning Monday, January 3, 2022.
    For information on testing centers and to make a COVID-19 test appointment at a Los Angeles Unified site, please visit or call the Family Help Desk at (213) 443-1300. While appointments are encouraged, no appointment is needed for Los Angeles Unified COVID-19 tests. For a link of operating hours by testing site, please visit
    COVID-19 at-home rapid self-tests are available for K-12 students. Please pick up your student’s free at-home COVID-19 rapid self-tests on Friday, January 7 and Saturday, January 8 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at any of our 63 Grab & Go sites. Each student may receive two self-tests. Please visit for a map of pickup locations.
    Families may upload external PCR or antigen tests, or at-home tests. Please make sure to upload onto the student’s Daily Pass account no later than Sunday January 9, 2022.
    For information on how to upload an external test result, please visit

    Weekly testing will continue for all students and employees through the month of January.

    Masking will be required at all times, indoors and outdoors. It is strongly recommended that all students wear well-fitting, non-cloth masks with a nose wire. All employees are required to wear surgical grade masks or higher.
    Los Angeles Unified will continue to provide these kinds of masks to students and employees if they need them. Additionally, these masks will be available at our testing and Grab & Go sites.

    Vaccinations remain a key element in reducing the impact of COVID-19 on individuals and communities, and will be required for students 12 and older at the start of the Fall 2022 semester.
    Anyone 5 years or older is eligible for the two-dose Pfizer vaccine.
    Booster shots are available for anyone 16 and older, at least six months after their second dose.
    For information on available vaccination sites, please visit

    Daily Pass health screening is required for all who enter school campuses.. <

    This all seems like confusion-by-design to me.


    > & people just go derp! Nothing to see here ma, it’s hoax! <

    Putting words into others’ mouths is not a sign of strength. Almost two years into the “pandemic”, the only clear signs of it *I’ve seen* are the masks, lockdowns, “social distancing”, and extreme pressure for vaccination.

    I’m one of those old fogies who needs – what’s that stuff called?- oh yeah, “evidence”.
    That quaint, boring stuff.



    Especially the lockdowns on Small Businesses- a / the primary target of the Resetters, I think.

    Ruling Class wealth up over 50% since March 2020..

    What’s going on is just so confyoozing

    Dr. D

    “The UK has advanced the cause of freedom, democracy, free trade and free enterprise this year.”

    Hahahaha! Is there another UK somewhere? The UK has been for oppression and war since 1500.

    And I love the whole British Army d—k – nosing their masks on this top PR ad. …Showing that neither they, nor the buyer, nor the creators, care in the least tiny bit about Covid or air filtration and health or it would stand out like a sore thumb and they’d go use footage that doesn’t include such clueless embarrassment.

    The Bertie Wooster of government ads, what? Ginned up down at the Drones.

    Hospitals are taking patients, due to shutting 30% of the beds in 30 years. And? What do you expect we would do about Omicron if this were true? They are all vaccinated. They are all masked. They are all boosted. Should we wave our magic pixie wand? How about this idea: reopen the 30% missing beds and lower your profits/overhead a little. But that has nothing to do with Covid of any type and never has.

    Why would we want to criticize the world’s most well-known billion-dollar serial felons and profiteers when we can blame doctors and your neighbors?

    I’m aware of a fair amount of pre-Om deaths, mostly sick and old of course, but some young. They look like a lot in the hospital (since it now draws on +100-mile radius) but it matches the 0.03% rate. Average city of 200k =
    60 dead, meaning hundreds in the hospital, but who survive.

    My point was never this. I was warning about Chinese bioweapon, and like the Conservatives, was bracing to wear hard-core masks back in Jan20 before we had data. But then data came in and my point was this: de-facto airborne virus, with surface contact (that has since been mostly reversed), with an R5 of the Measles? Yup, you’re all going to get it. Doesn’t matter what you do. Even an N95 will not stop it and Fauci stopped us from trying. So we can STOP cancer treatments and surgeries ALSO, or we can save those people, but it won’t make a lick of difference in slowing Covid.

    …Two years later, data is in. Was Covid stopped? No. Was it slowed? No. Did we add deaths from lockdowns due to drug abuse, alcoholism, and poverty? Yes. Did we add a LOT of deaths due to delayed screenings and treatments? YES. The worst health outcomes are in exactly the most locked down states. Yes. The best states in Jan 2022 are the states ignoring all CDC/Pfizer advice? Yes.

    And that means Herr Docktor was what? Completely right. And why is that? BECAUSE I READ THE CDC REPORTS from 1900-2019. I’m no genius. I just read words, on the page, they, doctors, wrote. And I repeated them to you. Without bias since, why would I do that? I’m for the facts, not the emotions. I don’t want anything, I don’t care if I’m popular, and so I don’t care if they all said I was a stupid, reckless crank for 6-9 months. IT’S MY DUTY AS A MORAL HUMAN TO TELL YOU. But not to tie you down, get you fired, and MAKE you. That’s your life, not mine.

    So who is killing people due to Omicron displacement again? 1) No one, as not ONE state that locked down was helped 2) Cuomo, Pritzker, Whitmer, Murphy for closing beds for decades, salting Covid patients in Nursing homes and denying health care. 3) If you believe in such things, then what’s really killing people is preventing quite a range of early treatments. Unless you USUALLY support doing nothing, trying nothing, and sitting home until your lips are blue. This would be the first time in 100 years that’s been the go-to medical AMA’s goal and plan. Remember how in SARS, HongKong, AIDS, they told the doctors “Don’t do medicine, PLEASE don’t try anything”? Yeah, that’s cause in all medicaly history it never happened til now.

    Again, here’s a thing that did NOT work: VACCINES. Hospital presentation is like 70% vaccinated in places. That’s a ZERO percent vaccine efficacy rate. Hey! Like Iceland said and Israel proved!

    If you want to live then, do the #Opposite of what the total failures – lauded by Fauci as our examples – do. Opposite of NY, Opposite of MI, Opposite of NJ, Opposite of IL. In fact, #Opposite of the whole United States, following SUCCESSES, which are easily found worldwide. Africa. Japan. India. Etc.

    Do I really have to tell you to “Do what works” and “Don’t do what doesn’t work”? In order to save your own life? Apparently I do. “Do what works.” From successful people and places. Don’t do what’s POPULAR.

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