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    DPC Chicago & Alton Railroad, Joliet, Illinois 1901 • Asian Shares Drop To 2011 Levels As Oil Slump Intensifies (Reuters) • Oil Slides To Lowest Since
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    Something is being done about the vast wealth inequality. It’s called a bear market. Much of the ‘wealth’ of the 1% is fictitious wealth based upon the mark to market price of financial assets. Much of that wealth is illusory. The deflation of assets will be a crude tool to reduce inequality however. The absolute numbers held by the top will crater but the percent of the total will probably not adjust all that much. In the end it is the relative wealth which drives the seekers or wealth so that’s what counts to them. Being on top is the most important thing in human competitiveness. The size of the hill or how high above the rest is secondary. It’s just being on top which counts.

    On the US economy, weekly tax withholding’s have been falling on a year over year basis recently and last week dipped into negative territory. These numbers are volatile but if they persist it means the US is in recession.


    Now that the “volatility index” has become a fully manipulated number, reflecting only what the 0.1% want you to think; the number that seems to be maybe-perhaps-possibly yet uncorrupted is this:

    At 10, just now- “extreme fear” – trend is steady – more fear tomorrow. Maybe this is actually a “Panic!” button? “Trigger full panic crash here.” ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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