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    VIncent van Gogh Weeping woman seated on a basket 1883   • Military Moves In To Help Mass Evacuation From Australian Bushfires (R.) • House Democ
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    In September last year the BOM National weather agency – issued a statement indicating stratospheric warming above the south pole that hadn’t occurred in a century or so. This air dumped across the mid latitudes of the Australian continent and they saw it coming. Cold water off the west coast of Australia (in dynamics with the warm as hell water off the east coast of Africa) only added to the drying of the air mass and the accumulation of searing desert air that has to periodically vent in a large circle. This very hot and super dry air picks up speed as it leaves these seemingly endless thermal storage areas of Australia and then flows over high rainfall forests. These forests produce seed that are largely only germinated by fire so it was always going to happen. The climate is changing but an event like this would have to occur (although less intensely) every so often. The original human inhabitants of this continent were quite aware they weren’t living in humid temperate areas. The landscape has always had periods of drought and that is why fire stick culture was used to burn the place.
    When you have the sun’s energy stored in such perfect and efficient vessels (Eucalypts and Acacias and the rest) it is disaster waiting to happen – something TAE is well equipped to understand. It’s like Hubbert’s peak ramping to a cliff.
    It is a tricky one for us who know better. We don’t have firestick knowledge and we have to stay still because land is an asset now. But we know this land needs fire. But needs a personal touch. You can’t get agencies to do this right – it has to be the job of family and tribe.
    So what do we do?
    For now…. build houses that are designed for these events. Cut down and manage trees with wider spacings to mimic pre-european landscapes. And never ask a politician to lead you back to nature…..

    V. Arnold

    VIncent van Gogh Weeping woman seated on a basket 1883
    I’ve been thinking on this for a while now; no copy machines, so, possibly, van Goh liked the idea of expanding (making bigger) the first basket in the original painting.
    Or, more likely, increase his own skills in this style of art…

    Dr. D

    On yesterday, I mention the cold, like 20 feet of snow in Iceland or cancelled ski races in France from too much snow, because the media has all the unusual heat stories covered. Since overall we’re on plateau for 20 years, or even cooling very slightly, it appears we’re getting more weather chaos than warming. That also tends to imply the previous warming did not cause the chaos since it didn’t coincide, though that’s debatable.

    “As the Second Amendment conflict heats up across the United States, here’s another “crazy conspiracy theory” that has turned out to be true: The United Nations is hiring in New York. What positions are they trying to fill? English-speaking DISARMAMENT, DEMOBILIZATION, AND REINTEGRATION OFFICERS.”

    English speaking? In NY? That’s relatively specific. Not really English Guyana then.

    So…what authority would they be operating under? We have no approval of the Small-Arms treaty, nor is the U.N. authorized on the border. Although if they did, no doubt they would approve of us creating settlements and using depleted uranium there while falsifying chemical weapons attacks in the name of human trafficking. …Yes, they acquired a reputation.

    Now why wouldn’t I trust these guys? What have they ever done wrong?

    “Baltimore City Breaks Murder Record of the Century”

    How is it that everywhere there’s gun control we have the worst crime rates of all? Outside of the top 12-18 cities – many of which are the only places with de facto bans, and removing suicides, which is obviously a clinker — gun violence in the U.S. is low. I know that’s counterintuitive, however, these have been the constant statistics over 40 years of trying it their way; “their” being the DNC-owned NY, Chicago, and Baltimore way. Meanwhile, we’re funding opioids at 30,000 dead minimum and keeping the borders open to its trafficking.

    “House Democrats Would Have Impeached Lincoln (Blagojevich)”

    He’s quite right: half of what Lincoln did to hold the country together was both illegal and unconstitutional. Don’t see that much in the history books. His own Cabinet was later in the Supreme Court and ruled against himself, saying, “Yes, of course, what we did was illegal as h—l.” These things happen in history. Had the country gone the other way, we would have progressively smaller successions and Britain would have been able to cut us apart and destroy us – finally. They tried that in 1776, 1812, and 1860. But they did finally win in 1913, but the nation is only a giant robot-head to them, still just as likely to control them as vice-versa. Even though they constantly and officially control our elections with people like Mr. Steele.

    The difference here is that Lincoln DID illegal things, arrested journalists, etc. Trump asked to “find out” about the son of a retired U.S. citizen who wasn’t even a candidate. Or do we have immunity not only for opposing candidates, not only all government officials, not only all FORMER officials, but THE ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF ALL FORMER OFFICIALS, FOREVER. …Of course that’s how it’s been for 50 years, so I can see why they’re mad, but the American public doesn’t want that. They want one rule of law for all men.

    I’ll never understand why it took so long.
    Obama’s NSC Holdovers Finally Booted after Three Years of Non-Stop Leaks (ZH)”

    They needed FISA to tap their phones and find out how the coup-instigator network operates. That takes time. Besides, you can leak all the fake stuff and discredit the coup-running media. Remember the non-attack, non-drone in Iran? Fun and profitable to see on satellite who moves in Iran when you leak to the Bolton and the NY Times. –Hey wait: would that make them the very definition a traitor and hung by the neck until dead, dead, dead? What leverage that must create.

    Trump Calls Pelosi The ‘Most Overrated Person I Know’ (Hill)”

    I love how they make it sound like Trump’s nuts and (non)impeaching a President is no big deal. They overturned an election, ran an armed coup, erased democracy to wrest control of a country with nukes, and have no criminal charges, blah blah blah. What’s the big deal?

    EU Nationals Face Humiliation of Applying to Stay in the UK Post-Brexit (NBC)

    The humiliation? Of filing paperwork in the privacy of your home? When you’re not a citizen and never have been? When you could have applied for citizenship decades ago? When you’re a citizen of your home country and are totally welcome in your homeland as well? Must be hard: that’s twice as good as I have it.

    A top United Nations official has accused the US government of using torture against Chelsea Manning,

    Spurious accusation: it’s just life in prison in solitary for contempt of court because she’s pleading the 5th Amendment. We do this pretty much every day. Totally normal.

    Epstein ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Is a Foreign Spy Hiding in Israel’ (DM)”

    Huh? She’s an Israeli spy hiding in Israel. Like her father before her. Explosive new report? Her father was well-known to be Mossad when he had a mysterious accident in 1991. Amazing how journalists aren’t up to speed with this “Internet” thing, (a series of tubes) and haven’t discovered “Google” and “Wikipedia”. Call me. For $100/hr I’ll train you on it. There’s also this thing called “books” where authors “publish information using words.” Pretty sure at least one has mentioned them.

    She is not in the US, she moves around. She is sometimes in the UK, but most often in other countries,”

    And she’s NOT a spy because she does this on her one civilian passport that’s flagged worldwide. Uh-huh. Who doesn’t, amirite?

    Photoshoot for Sotheby’s? What was she selling?


    What I learned in 2019 – Guide for 2020

    I could be right, I could be wrong.
    Its irrelevant, because I’m not part of the decision process, and us knowing does not affect the future.

    Are we critical thinkers when ….
    Using logic that is almost always void of data citations

    Are we critical thinkers when ….
    Using data citations from a favorite cherry basket.

    Critical thinking will make you unhappy, frustrated, and lonely.
    Be happy …. Stop reading the internet

    There is no proof of wrong doing – Biden
    Follow the procedures/directives layed out by the lawyers, accountants, and bankers, (enablers)




    You should come to America and be one of God’s chosen people Ilargi. I suppose it will be New Zealand for you.

    V. Arnold

    New Year death toll 317, drink-driving major cause
    Six days of New Year holiday travel resulted in 317 deaths and 3,160 people injured in 3,076 road accidents across the country, with drink-driving still given as the most common cause.

    Pretty damned amazing for a country of 63 million people; and it’s not over until Monday morning…

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