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    island raider

    Below is a link to the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care study, commissioned by US Department of Health & Human Services, that found:
    “…less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.” I’m thinkin’ we got us a “problem drug”! Kind of an obvious one, though.


    Fwiw, I live in a county of less than 30,000 people in N.. Georgia. I know someone who had a compromised immune system (rheumatoid arthritis) and debated long and hard about getting vaxxed. In late April he got the J&J jab and on May 3rd he was feeling off and having difficulty breathing so went to the ER. By mid-May he was intubated. He died June 2nd. His death certificate showed cause of death as pulmonary fibrosis due to Covid. But his wife was told at the onset of his hospitalization that he probably had Covid about 12 weeks prior. No autopsy was done.

    Polder Dweller

    I know the preferred artistic expression on this site is paintings – and I am grateful to our host for the education in art that I have received by checking in most days – but the art form that I was always most drawn to is poetry. Arond this time of year when the wheat is harvested I think of this tremendous poen by Stanley Kunitz. Given the current state of the world I think it is especially relevant.

    End of Summer

    An agitation of the air,
    A perturbation of the light
    Admonished me the unloved year
    Would turn on its hinge that night.

    I stood in the disenchanted field
    Amid the stubble and the stones,
    Amazed, while a small worm lisped to me
    The song of my marrow-bones.

    Blue poured into summer blue,
    A hawk broke from his cloudless tower,
    The roof of the silo blazed, and I knew
    That part of my life was over.

    Already the iron door of the north
    Clangs open: birds, leaves, snows
    Order their populations forth,
    And a cruel wind blows.


    CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its Website

    On Wednesday the CDC posted on its own website that there were 12,313 reported deaths from the COVID Vaccine since December. This number would track with the VAERS website number.But then a strange thing happened.

    After the CDC posted this number they went back hours later and switched it to 6,079 reported deaths in the US from the COVID Vaccine. Infowars posted video of screengrabs from the CDC website on Wednesday. The CDC deleted 6,000 vaccine deaths from its website in 6 hours. What gives?

    Mr. House

    Wow, just wow, read the comments here

    The Decision to Let Covid Go Chronic


    Thanks for the Ian Welsh link. I read him often. He himself is closer to a “forced vaccination” kind of guy. I hope he reads his own comment section. In the past comments about Ivermectin would get blasted as pseudo-science and conspiracy theory nonsense. That seems to be less and less the case.

    Mr. House

    I used to enjoy Ian, but as things have trended and like most on the “left”, they just prove that they want to tell people how to live their lives more and more each day that passes.

    Mr. House

    We are learning in this “crisis” who we are. The results are frightening


    I’ve seen several insightful comments recently discussing the wave(s) of stress, depression and such that many of us dissident types are feeling these days. I think that these emotions are the driving force behind the kind of ‘cornered-rats-fighting-in-a-trap’ dynamic I see in the comment threads the last few days. Lots of barred teeth and back against the wall scrapping, and weird violent imagery flying back and forth.

    I’m hoping our typical civility will re-establish itself in a day or two once the current wave of panic burns itself out. I like visiting TAE to hear competing points of view, well shared and well discussed, along with good links to external research and opinion. Personally, I’d hate to see any of the regular commenters leave in a huff due to this outbreak of psychic stress!


    Thanks Raul, Dr. D, Doc Robinson, the other Dr. D, mr house, madamski, TAE summary, upstateNYer and many others who make this site what it is. There isn’t anywhere else like it. The wealth of info that comes through here is staggering.

    I’ve not had much time to write any comments recently as I have been too busy. As the old saying goes; if you haven’t anything good to say, don’t say anything. Sadly, it just keeps getting worse although there have been one or two moments of respite which briefly raise hopes that this might turn out better than we suspect. Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    There is now plenty of evidence that, at the very least, collusion and racketeering is a part of the way in which this vax scam is being run. Most of my family and collegues are now in the camp which goes along with the authoritarianism in order to have an easy life. Is this how it happened all those years ago under the Nazi’s? Certainly seems that way and as Dimitri has posted with segregation/exclusion rules under that infamous regime, looks similar to it too.

    I guess as governments become more authoritarian and enforce vax passports and segregation we will have to be part of history in the making. It all seems too surreal.

    I remember reading Huxley’s Brave New World when I was a teenager. I never thought I would play the role of the main character, born naturally in the abandoned forests while the crispr genetically modified city dwellers are not born but designed in order to have the very best genes money can buy. Rather interestingly, Huxley broke ranks with his heritage which was membership to the Fabian Society. H.G. Wells along with Huxley Snr and george bernard shaw were founding members and they had more than a passing interest in eugenics alongside socialist tendencies towards collective consent. We need new t-shirts: “1984 wasn’t supposed to be an instruction manual” and I guess we can add Huxley’s Brave New World to that descriptor as well.

    Mr House I meant to thank you for the chuckle when you posted a john belushi clip from animal house following a brief rant I had a few weeks ago. It did make me smile. Belushi was something else.

    Stay well everyone. As before, keep yourselves busy and involved in anything meaningful to get through this. Those kinds of activities can save one’s sanity and quite possibly even more than that in the longer run.


    The Jim Kunstler podcast with Dr David Martin was superb.

    I didn’t know Dr Martin and Jim Kunstler were good friends since 2003, with Dr Martin saying he has been a big fan of Jim and his books for a long time.

    Jim was surprised by several new points being made by Dr Martin, one of which was that the toxic spike proteins that the ‘vaccines’ are forcing the host body to produce, were NOT from any naturally occurring virus material but are TOTALLY designed synthetic computer simulated chimera sequences.

    And that those sequences were patented before Sars-Cov-2′ ‘existed’.


    @Archie: that’s how they’ve gotten away with it so far. No *evidence* so no causation. A full autopsy should have been performed on every person dying within days of vaccination. It wasn’t done and probably won’t be done. But one can hope at some point … ?

    : “… we will have to be part of history in the making. It all seems too surreal.” Thank you for that insight. I hadn’t looked at it from that perspective, but it certainly helps explain the stress.


    Frank Zappa – I’m the slime (from ‘Overnite Sensation’ – one of my fav Zappa albums)

    Emilio Santiago – Bananeira (from his most excellent 1975 album)


    @Oro: “… points being made by Dr Martin, one of which was that the toxic spike proteins that the ‘vaccines’ are forcing the host body to produce, were NOT from any naturally occurring virus material but are TOTALLY designed synthetic computer simulated chimera sequences.

    The mRNA contained in Pfizer and Moderna injections are synthetic. Produced in a lab from a computer simulation. I don’t believe there is any part of these two particular vaccines that are “natural” in the sense we understand natural. Perhaps this is why Dr Martin says that? (I’m not a biologist, virologist, doctor, scientist, etc … John Day might weigh in when he has time.)

    Since several commenters have mentioned the value of JHK’s podcast, I’ll set aside time to listen. Thanks all! 🙂

    Formerly T-Bear

    Anecdotal note:
    “What we have here is a failure to communicate”, the divide between pro and contra vaccination has become unbridgeable, the failure of communication profound. Many factors enter into that equation: deterioration of the educational system into a state of disutility, illiteracy, innumeracy leading factors; Information systems setting records for depths of uselessness meeting needs of polity; social coherence in tatters after half century under unparalleled attacks, just to list a few factors leading to cultural and political dissolution.

    The novel corona virus has brought all to the fore and illuminated the corrosive effects the degeneration of most major institutions have had. Add to that the destruction of the social memory – history has been modified beyond recognition to meet demands, mostly irrationally, emotionally made to assuage rage for wrongs real and imagined. It is no wonder the public cannot be reached with relevant information given the profound loss of direction being suffered through those failures. Unfortunately there is no remedy for overcoming such a situation other than to let time run its course and suffer the losses inflicted, preparing the groundwork that will be needed for a reconstruction at some future, more favourable epoch whilst honing the survival skills and strategies that will be needed throughout the collapse of complexity into a sustainable and stable level of existence. As current power comes from the control of complexity, those institutions will either be swept away during the collapse or will become reorganised into socially supportive organisations that survive the collapse – time alone has that answer.

    Two members of the family have allowed injection of themselves ‘to travel’. No effort to communicate beforehand had attention paid, no rational explanation was listened to, no factual material was appreciated. Two genetic lines have been altered until they cease to exist. No telling of the genetic damages that have been and will be effected. Boy have they bought ‘a ticket to ride’. The brother has long been beyond reach, starting with severe TDS and now the covid-19 circus. A sister will be saved from exposure as she has yet to encounter a conspiracy theory she doesn’t love and covid-19 is such a beast. My vitamin D level stands at 68.0 and the future looks bright. (/anecdote).


    A short “PS” … being a “part of history in the making” hurts. Bad. There are brief moments when I feel as angry as Karl D, but that doesn’t last. It’s not my way. Mostly I’m sad and very, very worried. I care about people who have been vaccinated. I care about our children and grandchildren. I’m older, but I care deeply about the future for our little ones. They have done nothing to deserve this. I keep hoping we stay strong. I keep looking for signs we’ll do so (viva la France! Trash those vaccination centers!!). Hang in and hang on, guys.

    Thanks to everyone on here for the support.



    You are quite right about the autopsies. If the authorities were the least bit interested in the “efficacy and safety” of these jabs, an autopsy would be required in every case. Of course, by NOT doing them they have plausible deniability. I should also add that Tom (the deceased) was an avid cyclist into his 30s until his inherent maladies started to interfere. He did not smoke, except an occasional Cuban cigar. He was college educated and a superior sales person with annual earnings approaching $200k. He was married and had an adoptive son who is 9.. Tom was 52.


    I think this is what he was saying.

    The spike proteins in the ‘naturally occurring’ Sars-CoV-2 virus that supposedly came from a bat in nature, were evolved to that point in nature.

    No body seems to have a sample of this original untouched Sars-CoV-2 virus.

    But then Sars-CoV-2 from nature was modified in the lab with Gain of Function (GoF) to help it spread better in humans using primarily the spike proteins to attach to the ACE 2 receptors. (plus other receptors)

    Then as the Narrative goes, the spike proteins in the lab modified GoF Sars-CoV-2 were used as a template for the mRNA in the ‘vaccines’ in order for the mRNA to induce the body to manufacture the GoF lab modified spike protein to give the body’s immune system a ‘glimpse’ of the GoF lab modified Sars-CoV-2 ‘virus’ to then produce anti-bodies to fight it off. So the party line goes.

    Dr Martin, if I understand what he is saying, said that the mRNA in the ‘vaccines’ is forcing the body to produce TOTALLY designed and PATENTED spike proteins, created from the ground up, NOT the spike proteins from either the ‘wild natural’ kind of Sars-CoV-2 and NOT from the spike proteins from a so called Wuhan GoF lab ‘leaked’ modified Sars-CoV-2.

    The current spike proteins induced by the current mRNA vaccines were TOTALLY created and DESIGNED from scratch (and patented years before) with a computer simulation program (probably I imagine with help from AI)

    And because the TOTALLY artificial, DESIGNED from the ground up spike proteins produced in the body at the behest of the current vaccine mRNA have NEVER ever been either in nature OR in a lab, these TOTALLY artificial, DESIGNED (and patented) from the ground up spike proteins have NEVER been studied in action before BECAUSE there is NO natural version of it in nature to study.

    These spike proteins are pure Frankenstein.

    The current spike proteins induced by the mRNA ‘vaccines’ have NO history in nature or in the lab because they were just invented recently, that’s what makes it so phucking dangerous.

    There, my head hurts.


    @Archie: I am very sorry this man died. I think we should brace ourselves for more of the “compromised immune system” resulting in death following an mRNA vaccine. Our bodies can only take so much. When it’s had enough, it quits.

    Recently I mentioned the obituary about the 41 year old doctor who died unexpectedly, which you posted in full. Would she be dead without the jab? Very likely not. People are dying. It’s being lost in the noise.

    Tom should not have died. These vaccines were not tested in people with underlying immune issues because they were excluded from the initial studies. Yet here we are.

    And a child grows up without his father.

    I need to go connect with earth and nature. So sad tonight. 🙁


    @oros: well done summary. All synthetic, created in a lab. My brain is fried tonight. This is just so sad.


    We’ve gotten so enmeshed in the vaccine argument we’re losing touch with ourselves. Go hug a tree. Feel the grass. Listen to the rustle of the leaves in the breeze.

    Set aside the biblical connotation and simply contemplate …. “Be still and know that I am …”

    No need to bring god into the discussion and create debate. We just need to “know that I am”.

    No synthetic vaccine needed. Be strong and know that you are.

    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Daily
    – Vaccine mandates are safe, divisive and effective
    – “I know we said masks, distancing and lock downs would save us but we were just kidding. Only genetically modifying everyone person on earth can save us and this time we’re serious.”
    – Vaccine effectiveness is a shaft of gold when all around is dark
    – If you’re vaxxed and get Covid with mild symptoms it proves the vaxx is effective; If you’re unvaxxed and get Covid with mild symptoms it proves you need to get vaxxed
    – Through out history societies have struggled with when to require experimental genetic modification for everyone
    – Booster jab to be required twice a year on April 1st and November 1st
    – St. Fauci: What man of you, having an hundred sheep die, doth not ignore the ninety and nine, and report that only one was lost?
    – Vaxxed vs unvaxxed divide unbridgeable; Logical people can’t understand the other side.
    – Vaccine immunity diminishes natural immunity
    – Biden propose country change name to Vaccinated States of America and cancel citizenship of the unvaxxed
    – Are all spikes created equal?
    – Spike proteins are coded; Depopulation is a feature, not a bug
    – No autopsies for vaxx victims
    – Let Covid go chronic; Let the curve do its thing
    – Covid narrative is Gordian knot involving collusion and racketeering
    – Lyme disease similar to Covid; Both come from blood sucking organisms
    – CDC memory-holes 6,000 vaccine deaths
    – UK phone app => Track => Test => Collate => Ping => Panic
    – Vaxx allows some to travel across the river Styx since Vaccine Passport now required in Hell

    * Covid is just a cover up for the great reset
    The powerful will use all crises to their advantage including
    – Covid
    – Poverty
    – Politics
    – Education
    – Food and water
    – Race
    – Debt
    – Climate Change
    The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must

    * Governments reserve the right to cancel your rights

    * That’s Life
    – That’s what all the people say, vaxxed in April, but died in May. I ain’t never gonna change my tune, get a booster shot, in the month of June
    – Entering a room is risky
    – Crisis is a crucible; The dross becomes obvious
    – Panic breeds incivility; Stay classy
    – Being part of history in the making hurts
    – Surreality is the new reality


    Everyone seems to be unsure about the reporting of adverse reactions thru VAERS or the European and other equivalents systems.

    Sand is being thrown in the VAERS reporting engine but what if adverse reactions to these ‘vaccines’ which have no real track record (because the spike proteins they produce were generated by pure computer simulation ) are actually being tracked Very carefully.

    I read about a tin-foil-hatty spitballing scenario which goes:

    Not everyone is being adversely effected by Covid.

    But many are dying or severely disabled from it.

    Would that information be very, very valuable?

    It would be pure gold.

    You know that if someone dies or is disabled for very long from a medical reason, their cell phone position and volume of data use and patterns of use dramatically changes and usually plummets. These metrics are already being carefully tracked by Big Data.

    Like a black hole, whose existence and location you can’t see, but can be inferred by how it bends light near by, so can Big Data infer adverse reactions to Covid.

    Had a really bad reaction short of death to Covid? You’re not shopping according to your regular shopping pattern now.

    It shows in your data stream.

    The MSM Pressitutes can totally put a lid on deaths and disabled events from the ‘jab’ up to the point that you start to see a number of people you personally know start dropping like flies, not just hearsay or a friend of my friend stories.

    I vividly remember as a child listening to old folks tell stories of all the family members, mine and neighbors, who lost one or two family members to the 1918 flu. In my grandparents town, every third house in town lost someone. It was very traumatic. And the newspapers actually reported everything in addition to the word of mouth testimonials.

    I seriously doubt that the USA with its atomized faceless sterile suburbs and atomized dysfunctional extended families will connect the dots on adverse ‘vaccine’ reactions unless it rises to the 1918 flu level.

    The internet is so censored and confused and weaponized, it will not overcome the MSM non reporting of adverse reactions.

    The Big Lies of the MSM are beginning to be just white noise they are so ubiquitous. the Web isn’t much better.

    Too much noise, not enough signal.

    The grand adverse vaccine reaction experiment results are being tracked and scored and analyzed and stored by a very small club.

    And you’re not in it.


    @oros: “Too much noise, not enough signal.”

    There are plenty of signals. That’s why we’re twisting ourselves in knots on TAE. Don’t comprehend how others are ignoring it.


    @TAE Summary. You hit that ball right out of the park this evening (or whatever time zone each of us is in). Pretty sure the ball is being torched in outer space as I type. Well done.


    I seriously doubt that the USA with its atomized faceless sterile suburbs and atomized dysfunctional extended families will connect the dots on adverse ‘vaccine’ reactions unless it rises to the 1918 flu level.

    I absolutely, totally agree. In fact, it also proves that this is a Scamdemic and not a pandemic.


    It will be interesting to watch how the NFL season plays out this fall. Goodell and the owners have laid down the gauntlet by making a rule this year that outbreaks of Covid will result in forfeiture of games and a loss on the record of the offending teams. Additionally, the league has mandated that all tier 1 employees MUST be vaccinated or they will lose their jobs. This is already happening.

    There is also a lot of back and forth between vaccinated and unvaccinated players on the same teams. Perhaps the highest profile instance is Cole Beasley of the Buffalo Bills. So far it seems open minded and amicable, but that is sure to change when shit happens, as it must.

    This kind of granular divisiveness being sown by the owners and the league in America’s most beloved sport is a prelude to society in general, imo.



    TAE is a teeny tiny esty bitsy spider crawling up the water spout.

    You know how that ends?

    Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

    Too much FUD

    Too much media crud.

    The Lies are so large and so everywhere it’s like the fish don’t know their in water.

    absolute galore

    Polder, thank you for sharing that excellent poem.

    Mr. House

    Something to consider


    “…Vaccine Passport now required in Hell.”
    You’re good.l


    Oro- you make a good point- I can go out to the rural cemeteries in my state and see the 1918 flu in the graveyards- such sad stories told in two dates on a gravestone.
    So many are now cremated without a marker, but there are cemeteries where people put their ashes. I wonder if they tell as grim a tale?


    Maybe y’all would like this out of ZH instead: it’s about making rain in Dubai. I wonder if it would be useful elsewhere?

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ TAE Summary #80734

    – Vaxxed vs unvaxxed divide unbridgeable; Logical people can’t understand the other side.

    – Vaxxed [sic] vs unvaxxed [sic] divide bridgeable – called an injection of purported ‘vaccine’, a one way bridge only, no going back, a Rubicon bridge.

    Logical people can’t understand the other side. Logic has little to do with understanding in this event; a reflection of profound, irreconcilable political division a better descriptor.

    Thanks for noticing, nonetheless. (smiley thing)

    Michael Reid

    I have been working hard recently planting raspberries, currents, blackberries and strawberries recently. I have also been reading the article linked in previous comments titled “Covid’s Billionaires Spin the Ball”

    Very good article that I am still reflecting on

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