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    Vincent van Gogh Courtesan (after Eisen) 1887   • Biden’s Problems Are the Real Threats (Newt Gingrich) • “Pelosi SHOULD Take Responsibility!”: J
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    America’s New Majority Project – Gingrich
    Contract With America – Gingrich

    would like to thank the usual suspects for pointing out how out of touch they are two days ago.

    Project for the New American Century – 1997
    sounded rational then, did it not? Did you have a US Stars and Stripes lapel pin?
    Tea Party – 2009
    want to talk about clueless?
    MAGA – 2016
    had to admit the US wasn’t all peaches and cream to buy into that
    MAGA – 2024
    twenty seven years of mind numbing perspicacity
    the muckrakers – denizens of yellow journalism – 1890 – 1920
    The Jungle – 1905
    it all started with Obama elected in 2007.

    were you one of those who bought in to the Assange sexual predator BS?

    any way, thank you again


    How crazy are they? it’s hard to measure… BBC:

    How does the plan to fund Ukraine work?

    Essentially there is an idea of how to make more cash for Ukraine by using all the Russian assets that were frozen when the country invaded Ukraine – it’s about $300bn in all. They’ve decided they can’t go full hog and take the whole thing, because of the financial ramifications of that.

    But this pot is generating a lot of interest – around $3bn a year – so their idea is to use that interest “in a creative way”. The idea is to take out a loan on the international markets, give about $50bn to the Ukrainians each year, and use the $3bn to pay off the interest on that loan each year.

    Ergo, Ukraine debt rises by $47 billion a year. $235 billion in 5 years. They are already broke.


    Obama – 2009

    Dr. D

    Biden Issues Executive Order Limiting Border Crossings To Just 5,000 ISIS Terrorists Per Day –BBee

    For JB:
    “Colorado Supreme Court Overturns Hunter Biden Conviction” –Bbee
    And another for him:
    “Why Nearly Half Of US Online Job Postings Are Fake

    This is true in my experience. It also drives head-hunters crazy, they are also doing work finding multiple candidates for jobs…who are never, ever called. All we do in America is waste time, because everything’s a lie, a scam, a grift, of a make-work project. Like Romania. Insult to Romania. Like Romania under the USSR.

    Times Radio. “Balanced. Trusted. Insightful. We present perspectives from different sides of the debate to help you shape your opinions. “

    Well the second part is right.

    What are they up to today?

    “Putin’s Army Could Crumble” (And aliens could fly out my butt, but I don’t think so.)

    Strikes on Putin’s air defences put Crimea at risk | Matthew Savill

    How Ukraine’s strikes on Russia could make Putin’s commanders rethink the war | George Barros

    ‘Special operation might crumble’ as Ukraine strikes key targets in Russia| Hamish De Bretton-Gordon

    ‘Russia’s gamble has not paid off’ as Ukraine hits command post and coveted SU-57 jet |George Barros

    Putin being pushed to breaking point over nuclear weapons

    What Putin’s defeat could mean for the West | Ivo Daalder

    Russian ‘desperation’ showing as Putin losing ‘1000+ a day’ | Gen. Philip Breedlove

    Putin’s ‘inability’ exposed after Kharkiv push doesn’t reach objectives | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

    Putin’s ‘panic’ as Kremlin fears losing to US supplied Ukraine | Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky

    ‘The Kremlin knows this is not sustainable’ as Putin’s losses mount in Ukraine | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

    NATO’s options to put pressure on Putin explained | Sean Bell

    ‘State of panic’ as Putin realises he cannot win in Ukraine | Yuri Felshtinsky

    Putin ‘will pay a big price’ for Russia’s losses North of Kharkiv | Sean Bell

    Three years of this, not a blip. This is what I mean by “It’s impossible to be discredited.” Way to go Baghdad Bob. Brixton Bob.

    Also, where is the epicenter? London. These guys put all American mouthpieces combined to shame. Every headline is a 5x anything America would dare. …Telling you that the center of the madness is right here. Not even in Langley.

    Speaking of lying, this is new: “Powell Admits The Biden Admin Is “Overstating” Jobs

    Sold! The economy is fine, just like Biden says. I’m raising rates!! 200 basis points.

    This is non-stop on news: “WHEN will Powell Pivot?” What the…? Never. Never is when he pivots UNLESS SOMETHING HAPPENS. According to you the economy is wonderful, so rates should be 5-8% long-term average. Right? The S&P is all-time HIGH!!!! Sure, we LOWER rates when we have a huge bubble of that kind, picking up speed. No, we RAISE them. I mean, unless you want to change your position on who’s telling the truth around here. Both. Neither. All. Aii.

    If you want to argue Powell should Pivot, then tell me Main Street is a crater, there’s no economy, we’re in a recession, unemployment is 100M out-of-workforce, banks are failing steadily…and inflation is dropping. Oh wait, not that last one either? THEN WE RAISE RATES. Consider yourself LUCKY it’s steady. Just like Ukraine, year after year of this, wrong every day of every week of every month for years. NOPE! No one notices. This nonsense pours out of their head-hole in a torrent. They just lie underneath with their mouths open like German porn and eat it. What. The. F—?

    Why? No cause and effect. Those guys were killed. There are no markets, only interventions. That’s Capitalism!

    “Europe Not Allowed To Lean Conservative? Warnings Of “Crisis” Abound After Shocking Elections

    The Left is Neo-Feudalist. Is that not really the mostest “Conservative”? How much more “retro” “reactionary” can you get than to live in caves while Feudal lords and betters live in a castle?

    “EU To Impose Tariffs As High As 48% On Chinese Electric Vehicles 

    Hey, didn’t only Trump-loving Conservatives want tariffs that helped working men?

    Speaking of Conservatives: “Le Pen Vows To Deport Foreigners Who Push “Totalitarian Ideology” In France

    LePen arrests people who are breaking the law. This is a radical position.

    How do you GET to be a “Conservative”? How do you avoid it? “Is Wellness A Gateway To Right-Wing “Fascism”? Be fat, unwell, never go to the gym. Hitler exercised once. If you exercise, you’re Hitler.

    More lying:

    Hey did you know that it’s HOT in JUNE in the U.S.? Just like – and I know this is new so brace yourself – COLD in the WINTER? Well cold means Global Warming. And so does Heat. Rain does, and drought. A ≠ A

    Speaking of people who don’t know what “reality” is and “Opposites”
    “Police Draw Guns Outside Seattle FBI Office After Armed Woman Reportedly Threatens Suicide

    We had to shoot the suicide to save the suicide. It’s how we tell her we love her and not to do it, people care. Too soon? That guy who lit himself on fire, the police drew their guns…to stop fire??

    While we’re doing this, The U.S. is starting WWIII by striking Russia and each day more drugs are in shortage here. “US Drug Shortage Reaches Decade High: US Pharmacopeia Reports: 125 in shortage.

    Are the prices not high enough? If we doubled them would you finally make some? Oh, the prices used to be 1/10th and we used to have no shortages at all? I blame Capitalism.

    “I Want Everyone To Watch This Because Trump Was Right About EVERYTHING Donald Trump “If Biden wins: – Your borders are gone – The middle class is gone

    And that’s because TRUMP is puppeting Biden. Personal opinion. No one wants to hear it. The campaign isn’t being run on them, it’s being run on US. EVEN WHEN all that happened, EVEN WHEN the Left locked the doors and tried to burn (several) Federal Buildings with everyone inside, EVEN WHEN they burned every black neighborhood, EVEN WHEN we had illegals killing girls on the Docks in ‘Frisco, even when, they didn’t believe him/us. So then what? Remove Biden and keep this fight going, the whole Left, 30% activated for war, killing every neighbor, stealing/burning every object? Trampling every right? NO. This has to STOP. And I gave up caring HOW you stop it or what it takes.

    So? THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES. You see NYC – baaaaarrrrrreeeely – waking up to 1M illegal immigration and 500% increase in crime, no industry, no tax base – MIGHT – be a bad thing? A Leeeeeetle bit? The slightest flicker, developing in their head and denied? That’s what it takes. And we’ll do it as LONG as it takes, until they swear off the Crack and really mean never to touch Marxism again.

    But hey: it’s all secret. I can’t prove nothing. Even AFTER if I say this, everyone would be mad as h-ll. Hate Trump and “Daddy” more for giving you that spanking you richly deserved and taught you not to be a lying, cheating, stealing, crack-smoking fiend. I didn’t want to do it either, but I showed you this picture of Hunter while I’m spanking you so you’ll know what I’m saving you from.

    Bad part is, it’s working so slowly we really need like 8 more years of Biden to get it through their thick heads. That’s why I’m voting on an “Event”. Harvard is never going to learn anywhere near fast enough, not out of retard-land unless we outlaw glue in Massachusetts or something.

    “But the 2024 election is ultimately going to come down to a simple question: Can the American people afford four more years of Biden’s policies and principles?”

    Can we afford not to if this is the only thing that gets through their thick heads? WORK means something? LAW means something? CONTRACTS mean something? TREATIES mean something? WORDS mean something? (number of tanks on this spreadsheet mean something?)

    “The 51 Spies Who Lied call their lying about the Biden laptop “patriotic”

    Nothing more supportive of Democracy than misleading the Electorate to your own Oligarchic ends, amirite? Only good electorate is a misinformed electorate that does what they’re told.

    “Pelosi should take responsibility!” Sund posted on X,”

    And Trump n’ Co was well aware of all this beforehand. “It’s gonna be wild!” SO THEN what happened? What did they, the Pentagon, etc do?

    ““These people are completely ideologically captured and sound totally unhinged. They’re also psychologically projecting exactly what Democrats are trying to do to Trump on to him..”

    Yes, they’re mentally broken. Like yesterday, all things that ever happened, never happened. President was 4 years ago, talked about it 1,000 times day — he was never President. We don’t know what will happen should that occur. Those are only the big examples, the little ones, where you go “Do you not remember 10 years of NYT articles that Ukraine were Nazis and the most corrupt nation, with the most Panama Papers offshore accounts” is only light arcana misunderstandings in comparison. …But they have every one of those too. They are definitionally insane. And we may not be sane on the Right either, but you’d hand the baton to the LEAST insane, right? Maybe he can’t see 20/20 but he’s the Less-Blind in the land of the one-eyed.

    “Again, history is helpful here. He’s not joking when he says this stuff,” — Maddow

    What stuff? Don’t keep me in suspense, what did he say since it’s so clear? Those who have details, specifics, facts, quotes are the truth tellers. Those who have broad-brush, implications, are the liars. Easy. We pick they liars, they have more Feelz.

    “And if going after Trump doesn’t do the trick, they’ll target the Supreme Court.

    This is what it takes. You need to see this. FEEL it, really. Because we told you since 1950 and every day since then were proven right. Didn’t matter, we were still liars. Ayn F’ing RAND told you. So? Time or Plan B: Tough Love, go be a crackhead, see for yourself if you like it and it’s all that.

    “This is under US law obstruction of Justice by the FBI.”

    There are so many crimes embedded in that, it’s almost impossible to name them all. It would also be election interference and perhaps Treason. Might be considered part of a Coup, such as Comey ran, or an insurrection, as when you pay your troops to burn down 12 cities (only the Black parts) at the same time. “Obstruction” seems such a mild crime, but it is of course a minimum they cannot even aspire to.

    Were they also interfering in, “Infringing” Free Speech by calling the Press once, ever? Yeah, that’s a Civil Rights violation. Same as lynching black men in the South, so can we prosecute it a little? No? Then why have laws if you can’t prosecute the little ones, and also not the big ones? Sold. Now I won’t follow laws either. Learned it from you.

    “For Hunter Biden, though, this was the first time he’s ever been held accountable for any criminal conduct, be it drug use, or prostitution, or tax evasion, or violations of various federal laws.”

    If you love Hunter Biden, why didn’t you give him consequences at age 3, 5, 15, and 20? This is hate and abuse not love. Same with his father, actually, this is disturbing Elder Abuse.

    Why? Why do we do this? Why do we express consequences? We CAN avoid them, as Joe showed one can. Because Reality Exists, that’s why. Joe was teaching his son sheer madness, that reality does NOT exist, there is no Cause and Effect, and he went insane because of it. Is that Love? Is dropping into self-destructive nihilism, attacking everyone around him in an ever-increasing circle or spiral, Love and Happiness?

    It sounds like I’m being “moral” but like other Christians, I’m not. I’m being PRACTICAL. This evil, sin, crime, madness, does not WORK. Having serial unprotected sex doesn’t WORK. Killing anyone who gets in your way like your infant babies doesn’t WORK. Because cause and effect exist in this reality and there are CONSEQUENCES. That’s what “morality” is supposed to mean and is no random Sky-Father coming down on you for arranging the forks one way not another.

    “The hope was that Wilmington is Bidentown and no local jury would convict the son of the favorite son of Delaware.”

    This seems unlikely. I don’t believe in this level of free action, sans corruption. How about this, Biden is “Whackd” as McAfee says. He commits suicide, ODs, thanks to those meanie Republicans, and Biden is so super sad finally realizing he has a son, that he steps down. Biden moves to the beaches of Cyprus with Epstein and Prigozhin.

    If nothing else, we’re sure they’re swapping Biden out, the core Biden Papers are reporting it in headlines. Right on schedule as the “Event” needs to happen and Biden needs to be “Sad” before the nomination a week from now.

    “Ukraine must prevail in its conflict with Russia if it wants to join NATO,”

    Weasels at Work. You mean, “Ukraine needs to completely vanquish and erase a nation 10x its size”? Which is what I’m reading, or “Ukraine needs to continue to exist at all in any fashion” which is a self-evident truism? Both. Neither. Ai. “I spoke, therefore it was a lie, there was a lie embedded in there somewhere.”

    Maybe he should ask how Ukraine can join when NATO no longer exists. It’s goin’ down. I’m yelling Timber.

    “• House Moves To Defund Ukrainian NGO That Issued ‘Enemies List’ (ZH)

    Gee, we pay for NGOs who call for the Assassination of Trump and other U.S. citizens, then do so many times (Like Lira, but several more)? Huh. I guess that’s a level too far now. I think Ukraine should invade us, shell us, take over the White House and direct our nukes before we should cut off their funding. Same thing, right?

    “Starmer in the UK,”

    Have the weirdest premonition of the name “Starmer”, exactly like he’s the PM Adam Sutler in V for Vendetta. No idea why it strikes me as so certain that way. Besides which, UK is in no mood, if Starmer gets in (when, he’s clearly already been hand-picked) he’ll be High Chancellor of nothing. No one’s going to cooperate. He’ll spend his time fighting shadows and brushfires.

    Like “morality” it’s easy when you’re following the will of the People. It’s messy and everyone contradicts, but roughly speaking, if you follow the aggregate will, you get a lot of forgiveness and can’t get into too much trouble. ALL these nations – ours included of course – are attempting the dead #Opposite of the public will: stealing everything, killing everyone, torturing them in a narcissistic expression and display, ruining all wealth and function, all of it. So when you are the #Opposite of the people, like all Europe is, you get the combined force of #Opposition from all People. Either “Lying flat” “Quiet quitting” (What would you say of someone who only did….the Minimum? — Office Space) or getting in the streets and burning you out, called “Tuesday in France”?

    I think this is the best place for Starmer. If he’s harassed every minute of every day it would keep him from having time to rape little girls or whatever he does.

    Still, I rarely have immediate recognitions of this. Chasov Yar was another, far milder. It’s important.

    “why the little Rothschild stooge with a Napoleon complex is throwing all his toys out of the pram
    “War President”
    “The countries of the Global South no longer want to be dependent on the double standards of the West and its whims.”

    Yes, but also the EUROPEAN south. Understand? For decades we heard only this and the Mark II transfers (Why can I never remember that??) Now? Poof! No European South at all. They don’t exist, and just as said since 1999, since 1989, GERMANY has conquered Europe, the NORTH runs the South who are their colonies and do what they’re told. The only one with any news at all is Meloni who’s had to tread very carefully to survive against combined “Europe” (really only Germany and the North in the EU) to have enough freedom of motion to act at all. …And she’s the BIGGEST, nothing out of Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.

    “The Countries of the EUROPEAN South no longer want to be dependent on the double standards of the European NORTH.” UK.

    Speaking of, so Brexit is completely and finally erased now? Not a single flake of Brexit is left. How DARE they vote!!! Right now UK is sinking themselves defending the ECB and rates. (Vs Powell’s Non-Pivot) They are more Euro than Euro, more German than Germany.

    “• Cuomo Blames COVID-19 Nursing Home Order on Unknown Staffer (ET)

    …Then he found out about it the next day, the papers were lambasting him daily and he did nothing. Nice try. He still hasn’t ASKED who this staffer is and throw him to the media and courts. Nice try. 5,000 dead with the hospital ships empty. Nice try.

    Obviously this is part of “limited hangout” they know after 1-5 years you won’t be EMOTIONALLY mad enough to stab them in the heart. Because they’re narcissistic sociopaths with no emotions so can only learn and infer them from you. So he feels it’s safe to admit he killed 5,000 grandmas and you won’t do nothin’. …And he’s right. That’s why we don’t do justice by the “Feelz”. It’s legally required to investigate and charge if felonies have been committed – whether we LIKE it or not, and we probably won’t. Who does? I don’t want to send 18-year-old Hunter Biden to 2 years in prison, but what’s the option? Let him destroy 1,000 more lives until he’s raping underage hookers after selling his country to China? It has to stop somewhere, so why not today when it’s smaller?

    Donkeys are pretty smart, he may be a major asset to the elk.

    Stallion? He is extremely well-behaved.


    “There’s a lot of things wrong with this country, but one of the few things still right with it is that a man can steer clear of the organized bullshit if he really wants to. It’s a goddamned luxury, and if I were you, I’d take advantage of it while you can.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

    “As your attorney, it is my duty to inform you that it is not important that you understand what I’m doing or why you’re paying me so much money. What’s important is that you continue to do so.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

    go pro!


    • House Moves To Defund Ukrainian NGO That Issued ‘Enemies List’

    Meaningless Kabuki


    De-fund one NGO?

    NGO actually stands for: NEW GLOBAL ORDER

    Make them all illegal, they have no purpose other than subterfuge

    NGO’s are the Spawn of Satan.

    Congress Twats banning one measly NGO is pissing on your head and telling you it’s rain dear Sheeple



    • The Summer of Living Dangerously (Pepe Escobar)

    Le Petit Roi Macron in Paris has become truly unhinged from reality

    I know the solution….

    A haircut



    A New (and Fairer) Nuremberg

    The first Nuremberg Tribunal was a PR setup from the get go.

    I’ve said before that pretty much the ENTIRE German judiciary should have been tried, convicted and executed FIRST before they even got to the Nazi party officals.

    Just to set the Proper Tone for the rest of the trials.

    But Nuremberg was a cover up first and foremost.

    And it didn’t include Empire of Lies BANKERS who made it all possible in the 1930’s who financialed the re-arming of the Rhineland war machine.

    Hope the Russians do a better job.

    Maybe even copy the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann from Argentina by kidnapping most of the Collective West officials after they’ve left office and bringing them for trial in Donbass.

    Now that would be a show worth the admission.




    • Maddow Says She’s Worried Trump Will Put Her In A Concentration Camp

    Don’t worry about Trump Rachael

    I’d hang you with that bitch Pelosi for Crimes Against Humanity

    Just sayin’

    Rachael Mad-Cow Disease



    What are the hidden motivators.?

    … for example, served the profits of Big Pharma’s Covid “vaccine” at the expense of the lives and health of millions of people.

    … serving Israel’s interest at the expense of Palestinian

    … serving the profits of the military/security complex by widening the conflict in Ukraine and fomenting war with Russia, Iran, and China that could easily end in the extinction of life on earth.

    … serving private and not public interests.

    …. G7 are financing Ukraine with $50 Billions that they don’t have

    … In the Western world government is merely a tool of the greed of private interests. Voting cannot overturn this high level of corruption.
    Work arounds
    Ukraine has signed bilateral security pacts with NATO members,
    Moscow views NATO as a threat to its security and has insisted that Ukraine must be a neutral country with limited armed forces.
    foreign influence in American politics
    Against Peace for War.

    • House Moves To Defund Ukrainian NGO That Issued ‘Enemies List’ (ZH)

    Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has taken swift and decisive action against the Data Journalism Agency (, a Ukrainian NGO with US State Department links that recently published an ‘enemies list’ of individuals and organizations opposed to the war in Ukraine.
    Following a letter sent by Banks to his Republican colleagues, the House Appropriations Committee has passed a provision that would prohibit US funding and sever ties with the NGO, which deemed 76 organizations and 388 individuals as enemies of Ukraine – including ZeroHedge and prominent American politicians opposed to the war in Ukraine.
    • A New (and Fairer) Nuremberg (SCF)

    The mistakes of the Nuremberg of the past generated the Nazism of today.
    Moscow must act decisively to dismantle the entire international network of support for Nazism, with Ukraine being just the first step towards a new and fairer Nuremberg.
    … what greased the bureaucratic wheels,
    • The Absence — and Presence — of Daniel Ellsberg (Solomon)

    “How difficult is it to deceive the public? I would say, as a former insider, one becomes aware: it’s not difficult to deceive them. First of all, you’re often telling them what they would like to believe — that we’re better than other people, we’re superior in our morality and our perceptions of the world.”


    Yes the job hunt is kind of insane for everyone right now.

    Endless paragraphs of corporatespeak by some HR lady who wanted to sound business-y. Teeny tiny hidden nuggets of information – what IS this job, actually? Some little key item buried that disqualifies you or makes the job totally undesirable. Keep reading it 3x, 4x, 5x to make sure you caught that one hidden key thing. You could easily spend 30-60 min decoding their job listing sometimes.

    They redirect you to some other website and have you upload your resume. Their “AI”‘ detects your info and “intelligently” plugs it into their resume form, shredding your information into meaningless garbage. Spend 30-60 minutes fixing their shit with EVERY application. Bro, having someone write their own resume and reading it was PART of figuring out who is a good applicant.

    Of course, you should write a tailored cover letter every time you apply for a job. What will they think of the applicant that DOESN’T bother with this? Sit down and write that essay.

    Then come the TESTS. Most of them trying to psychologically profile you. A lot of them multiple choice questions of “what would you do in THIS work situation” and EVERY choice they give you is dumb and evil, so you choose the least-evil choice. Sometimes they tell me the results, which say are that I am super-duper-autistically structured. No, sir. Given a choice between evil incompetent chaos and evil incompetent order, I’ve found that order is slightly better for my fellow employees, customers, and employer.

    Anyway, spend a good 30-120 minutes on THAT. There might be multiple tests, written essay answers in addition to multiple choice, video questions you need to give video responses for.

    I applied for many jobs that took me unpaid HOURS to apply only to get no response at all! And I’m not even fully describing the jobhunt process, just some key elements.

    The overall sense you get is this unified wall of stupidity, evil, and incompetence.

    “Why is Gen Z _____??” or “Why is Gen Z not _____” uh, does the word duh mean anything to you? At least I had other experiences, other ways of things BEING. If this was my only experience of entry into the adult world, there are very logical – and correct – conclusions I would come to very quickly. About how things are run,, the adults generationally in front of me, etc. And of course they’re looking at an entire economy and culture with this same face.


    A play with words, to lie about a world war against Russia.
    It’s better than joining NATO.
    Biden, Zelensky To Sign 10-Year ‘Arm & Train’ Defense Deal at G7


    “The US-Ukraine agreement will be the 15th such deal signed, one of the sources said, and 17 other countries have committed to negotiating similar bilateral security pacts with Ukraine,” the report underscores.



    “oh but it’s so hard for HR Ladies doing the hiring too. Just as hard on our end! We get unqualified people, garbage info, lacksidasical responses, ghosted, it’s just awful”

    So my hours and hours and hours of reading through corporate HR drivel to verify I was a good fit to ALL jobs I applied for (reading 20 jobs for every 1 I applied for), and then jumping through all your hoops with maniacal focus put me head & shoulders above the garbage you normally had to deal with and you reached out to me 200+ times this past year. For your shitty call center job that requires a NASA scientist who climbed Mt Everest and is a Nobel Peace Prize Holder, I suppose. Oh wait, no you didn’t call.


    Job hunting for living wage
    The product that is mfg must cover all the cost.
    The service that is offered must include all the cost.
    In a, “for profit system”, it is impossible to give all employees and all businesses to pay “a living wage”
    Therefore, there must exist costly social infrastructures to support industries that do not pay a living wage.


    Hiding the waste/mistakes/scamming by sending “stuff” for destruction to Ukraine.
    OTTAWA — The Liberal government says it will start shipping decommissioned CRV7 rocket motors to Ukraine.

    National Defence said in a press release Thursday Canada will send an “initial tranche” of around 2,000 rocket motors.

    The federal Conservatives have been asking Ottawa to transfer its 83,303 units of the motors and the Ukrainian ambassador has said her country could use decommissioned weapons as it fights Russia’s invasion.

    Canada will also donate 29 surplus Nanuk remote weapons systems and more than 130,000 rounds of surplus small-arms ammunition.

    Defence Minister Bill Blair made the announcement in Brussels at a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contract Group, which includes about 50 allied countries led by the United States.
    The government says in the release the rockets have been tested “to ensure their viability.”

    Defence Research and Development Canada and Magellan Aerospace and Defence Research are testing “additional samples” of the rocket motors, it said.

    “As further testing results are made available, Canada will assess the feasibility of additional CRV7 motor donations.”

    A spokesperson said the government is aiming to start shipping the motors in the coming weeks.

    Yuliya Kovaliv, Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada, told a Senate committee in late May Ukraine has learned to repair donated weapons.

    “We have limited resources, so we are asking the Department of National Defence … if there is anything that is to be decommissioned — even if you think it’s in bad shape for your Canadian soldiers — we are ready to take it,” she said.

    “The choices we have are either the people who don’t have anything on the front line can be killed or we can repair this equipment and use it for a really good purpose.”

    This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 13, 2024.

    Anja Karadeglija, The Canadian Press


    Therefore, there must exist costly social infrastructures to support industries that do not pay a living wage.

    ahahahhaha. Oh man, don’t make me laugh, it hurts way, way too bad. The truth hurts.

    We have more admirals than we have ships. More 6 figure education administrators than people teaching real subjects. Charities with 6-figure employees gobbling up most of the incoming donations. Banks that wastefully re-route money flow to capture some without added value rather than acting as the neutral enabling public utility they should be.

    Guy across the street from my wife when she was growing up drove a delivery truck for the local brewery. Had a suburban house, a mostly stay at home wife, and 3 kids. More ships than admirals back then. More teachers teaching real subjects than school administrators.

    Some people actively proselytize to me that without illegal migrant labor, the economy would fall apart. We just can’t build a house without a class of people existing off-the-books, below standard pay rates, tax free wages, in 1800’s working and living conditions.

    “They do all the work in this country” — oh is THAT what the Southerners said of their slave population in the 1800’s?

    Too much fraud, too much top-heavy managerial pay, too much managerial regulation, taxes, costs, gatekeeping, to an killingly parasitical level — BUT if we import a quasi-slave caste and use THEIR quasi-slave labor, we can afford this state of affairs a bit longer. “we.”


    Alternate to “a living wages is finding a living income”
    Black market
    Working for cash
    Not reporting income

    John Day

    Thanks to jb-hb for posting this last night:

    These would be the ships to look for – if they suddenly got deployed to that theatre, or deployed at all, right after Ike supposedly got hit, then maybe Ike was hit

    Destroyer Tenders

    Dixie class:
    AD-15 USS Prairie
    AD-17 USS Sierra
    AD-19 USS Yosemite

    Samuel Gompers class:
    AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers
    AD-38 USS Puget Sound

    Yellowstone class:
    AD-41 Yellowstone
    AD-42 Acadia
    AD-43 Cape Cod
    AD-44 Shenandoah

    Sub Tenders – less useful to a surface vessel, but capable of repairs

    Fulton class:
    AS-11 Fulton
    AS-18 Orion
    AS-19 Proteus

    Hunley class:
    AS-31 Hunley
    AS-32 Holland

    Simon Lake class:
    AS-33 Simon Lake
    AS-34 Canopus Atlantic

    L.Y Spear class:
    AS-36 L.Y. Spear
    AS-37 Dixon

    Emory S. Land class:
    AS-39 Emory S. Land
    AS-40 Frank Cable
    AS-41 McKee


    “Why Nearly Half Of US Online Job Postings Are Fake

    One of my 18-year-old sons is looking for a summer job — for the last 8 weeks, and hasn’t had any success. He is a bit demoralized. He doesn’t drive, and so started by limiting himself to places very close by, and now is branching out to places one bus ride away. I suggested to him that it is very possible that many places posting job openings in fact have no such openings — they are just always fielding applicants so that when they need a new employee they have a wide pool to pull from. Each application takes a fair amount of time for my son to complete…and yet some computer likely weeds out his application, with his minimal experience (he completed a 4 week part-time internship last summer, and has occasionally helped me in my technology business,) so that, in most cases, his application is never viewed by human eyes.


    They get what they wanted and yet they still whine.
    They can’t seem to stop going over the line.
    With a cliff ahead, in a speeding car-
    It seems ordained that they go too far.


    The bit in the Larry Johnson interview concerning Ritter (20:30) was interesting. Did Ritter not know his passport lacked the stigma?
    OF COURSE, the gov should have mentioned it when they received his notification of planned travel, but when they didn’t, Ritter should have suspected what might happen.
    (Note: Ritter travelled to Russia in May of 2023 without issue.)

    Tactics of bad guys: they make the mistake, lure you into thinking it doesn’t matter- and then publicly nail you for it at their whim.
    The goggle listing for “ritter” reads like a smear. I wonder what it looked like before they took his passport.

    Dr D Rich

    Which professions enjoy peer review privilege?

    A. Doctors
    B. Doctors of philosophy
    C. Doctors of Nursing
    D. Physicians
    E. Physician Assistants
    F. Doctors of Nurse Practitionery
    H. Attorneys
    I. General Counsel of Healthcare organization
    G. Corporate Officers of Healthcare organizations, CEO, CIO, CFO, CMO, Directoress of Nursing, junior managers

      Congress did not, however, recognize the absolute confidentiality of peer review records in passing the HCQIA. In other words, physicians who serve on peer review committees may not be personally sued for their testimony under federal law, but there are no federal privacy protections for their peer review records.
      Here’s the weasel that thinks White Male American Doctors are spared the Nursing’s wrath or Credentials Committee’s wrath for perceived transgressions far less than incompetent surgical skills. Mikalla, an international medical graduate, was admitted to a surgery residency program at a large urban medical center. After completing the program, Dr. Mikalla was offered staff privileges at the hospital and stayed on performing general surgery. He never felt entirely comfortable at the hospital and even after several years did not perceive that he shared the esteem of either his colleagues in surgery or his division chief.

      In performing a laparoscopic procedure, Dr. Mikalla inadvertently punctured the iliac artery of the patient, causing loss of blood and a life-threatening emergency. He repaired the puncture, and the patient recovered. The incident was discussed at a subsequent M & M at which Dr. Mikalla explained the occurrence and its resolution.

      About 5 months later, Dr. Mikalla received notice that the hospital’s peer review committee had suspended his staff membership and clinical privileges pending further investigation of the incident. After a full hearing, the hospital’s medical board voted to terminate Dr. Mikalla’s medical staff privileges. Dr. Mikalla saw this as out-and-out discrimination on the basis of his race and ethnicity—a violation of his civil rights. Dr. Mikalla brought a suit for discrimination against the hospital, alleging that his peers would not have suspended the surgery privileges of an American-born surgeon under the same circumstances. To demonstrate his point, Dr. Mikalla solicited the records of the hospital’s peer review committee meetings for the last 20 years

    Wonder where Foreign Medical School graduate Mikalla obtained the coin to fund a Law Firm’s maneuvers to obtain and review 20 years of records?
    Law Firms don’t perform that kinda work for any immigrant for free.
    Notice the not so subtle pretext and subtext to the “Law” AND that is the Punjabi Physician collective in Pittsburgh and specifically UPMC can systematically rub out White Male physicians because they, the Punjabis are in the majority at places like Pittsburgh while their ethnicity places them in the all powerful Minority by law….I suppose.
    Power to My People!

    OTOH, I wonder who the surgeon was that lacerated Congressman John Murtha’s bowel. How did her Peer Review go?
    It’s discoverable apparently.
    Is anyone game?
    I’ll review it for nothing.
    I’ll write the rebuttal…for nothing.
    It will be unassailable.

    Or is this phenomenon the medical profession’s equivalent of econo-political Nominal GDP Targeting?

    Btw, does anyone else notice DBS’s absence?

    Here’s an ode to The Lost DBS and released on my 4th birthday a long time ago.

    John Day

    Somehow my mind is generating a meme:

    “The Tomb of the Unknown Staffer”.

    I need a Cuomo joke to go with it, but I’m kinda’ busy dredging up bad news right now…

    Dr D Rich

    It’s happening again.
    And it’s always The Passive Voice with all things Econ, Bizness and Finance…..even for the Nobel Laureate crowd.

    They had important friends all over Wall Street

    You bet they did. As well as in Medicine a physician will be fired or decredentialed for “not getting along with others” or “being mean” long before termination for lacerating an artery or bowel loop during laparoscopic surgery.

    250 to 1 leverage.
    I BETCHA it far higher with those Black Scholes Laureates.

      Long-Term Capital Management did business with nearly every important person on Wall Street
       In the first three weeks of September, LTCM’s equity tumbled from $2.3 billion at the start of the month to just $400 million by September 25. With liabilities still over $100 billion, this translated to an effective leverage ratio of more than 250-to-1.

    Please Pardon the vulgarity but goddammit those f*ckers are worth it in a “free market, Capitalist” society. Equally goddammit this shit’s got nothing to do With Cronyism, Monopoly practice or Racketeer Influence In Corrupt Organizations



    One of my 18-year-old sons is looking for a summer job — for the last 8 weeks, and hasn’t had any success. He is a bit demoralized

    The instinctive thought is “what is wrong with me?” and then focus on the most likely wrong things.

    He should at least be reassured that this is normal and that grinding through this stuff is just part of the current path to employment,. As stupid as it is, it is a road forward.

    I’m seeing stories, comments all over the place from reasonably intelligent people doing all the right things with good qualifications and reporting even 100’s of applications and then eventual success.

    There was that Bloomberg article that corporate america hired 94% notawhites. What’s the chance that half of the remaining 6% were men? That they were straight? Dunno if he should even know that though. I look at it as, I don’t feel so bad as a person failing to get a job, knowing what I am up against, but it could be demoralizing knowing the odds against you, if he is of the caucasian persuasion without being alphabet.

    One strategy might be – earn one or more certifications. That puts you on the other side of a barrier to entry or at least puts something in front of the employer that others don’t have.

    There’s a host of different certifications in different industries one can get for a few hundred dollars or less – possible to blow through them in a week or two if you have nothing else taking up your time. Browsing what is offered can give some idea of different paths to take.

    A lot of professional certifications last for a year and then there’s continuing education requirement after a year or two – so he could get certified and if things don’t work out this summer, it’s already there for next summer. Insurance Producer (sales) or Insurance Adjuster (claims handling), for instance.

    There are also certifications out there that do not require paid courses. For instance, the SIE – the Securities Industry Essentials is the prerequisite for taking the Series 7 and Series 67, but you can just pay to come in and take the proctored test. Then it’s another thing on your resume. I studied for it (and passed) by listening to 10 hours a day of educational youtubes for a week while playing World of Warships. 15 years of reading zerohedge helped to some extent. 50 hours of WoW in a week made me sick of it and I uninstalled it. An added benefit.

    When I read that employers have “AI” reading and rejecting resumes before a human being looks at them, I added, to my own resume, in smallest possible font size, in white text, a wall of text with every single idiotic business-y “power word” I could imagine an HR lady having an AI look for. Totally invisible to a human, but …eat that, AI.


    ( pick a year)
    I can reach the 2% of military spending of GDP by adjusting/referring to different GDP number. ( pick a year)
    Canada Military Spending/Defense Budget – Historical Data
    Year Billions of US $ % of GDP
    2022 $26.90B 1.24%
    2021 $25.36B 1.27%
    2020 $23.08B 1.40%
    2019 $22.39B 1.28%
    2018 $22.73B 1.32%
    2017 $22.27B 1.35%
    2016 $17.78B 1.16%
    2015 $17.94B 1.15%
    2014 $17.85B 0.99%
    2013 $18.52B 1.00%
    2012 $20.45B 1.12%
    2011 $21.39B 1.19%
    2010 $19.32B 1.19%
    2009 $18.94B 1.38%
    2008 $19.34B 1.25%
    2007 $17.42B 1.19%
    2006 $14.81B 1.12%
    2005 $12.99B 1.11%
    2004 $11.34B 1.10%
    2003 $9.96B 1.11%
    2002 $8.50B 1.12%
    2001 $8.38B 1.13%
    2000 $8.30B 1.11%
    1999 $8.21B 1.24%
    1998 $7.75B 1.26%
    1997 $7.95B 1.25%
    1996 $8.62B 1.40%
    1995 $9.18B 1.55%
    1994 $9.58B 1.70%
    1993 $10.27B 1.82%
    1992 $10.79B 1.86%
    1991 $11.34B 1.90%
    1990 $11.41B 1.96%
    1989 $10.75B 1.93%
    1988 $9.90B 1.99%
    1987 $8.69B 2.06%
    1986 $7.78B 2.11%
    1985 $7.46B 2.10%
    1984 $7.35B 2.12%
    1983 $6.95B 2.08%
    1982 $6.02B 1.95%
    1981 $5.14B 1.71%
    1980 $4.74B 1.76%
    1979 $4.08B 1.71%
    1978 $3.97B 1.85%
    1977 $3.75B 1.81%
    1976 $3.58B 1.77%
    1975 $3.18B 1.86%
    1974 $2.81B 1.78%
    1973 $2.36B 1.83%
    1972 $2.23B 2.01%
    1971 $2.08B 2.13%
    1970 $1.89B 2.19%
    1969 $1.77B 2.27%
    1968 $1.80B 2.54%
    1967 $1.78B 2.75%
    1966 $1.61B 2.68%
    1965 $1.57B 2.93%
    1964 $1.66B 3.40%
    1963 $1.61B 3.62%
    1962 $1.67B 4.00%
    1961 $1.68B 4.13%
    1960 $1.70B 4.19%
    Canada GDP – Historical Data
    Year GDP Per Capita Growth
    2022 $2,161.48B $55,522 3.82%
    2021 $2,007.47B $52,515 5.29%
    2020 $1,655.68B $43,562 -5.04%
    2019 $1,743.73B $46,374 1.91%
    2018 $1,725.33B $46,549 2.74%
    2017 $1,649.27B $45,129 3.03%
    2016 $1,527.99B $42,316 1.04%
    2015 $1,556.51B $43,596 0.65%
    2014 $1,805.75B $50,956 2.87%
    2013 $1,846.60B $52,635 2.33%
    2012 $1,828.37B $52,669 1.76%
    2011 $1,793.33B $52,224 3.14%
    2010 $1,617.34B $47,562 3.09%
    2009 $1,374.63B $40,876 -2.92%
    2008 $1,552.99B $46,711 1.00%
    2007 $1,468.82B $44,660 2.05%
    2006 $1,319.26B $40,504 2.64%
    2005 $1,173.11B $36,383 3.21%
    2004 $1,026.69B $32,144 3.09%
    2003 $895.54B $28,300 1.81%
    2002 $760.65B $24,255 3.00%
    2001 $738.98B $23,822 1.88%
    2000 $744.77B $24,271 5.14%
    1999 $678.41B $22,315 5.14%
    1998 $634.00B $21,025 3.89%
    1997 $654.99B $21,902 4.28%
    1996 $630.61B $21,297 1.69%
    1995 $605.96B $20,680 2.68%
    1994 $579.94B $19,998 4.49%
    1993 $579.05B $20,187 2.66%
    1992 $594.39B $20,950 0.89%
    1991 $612.53B $21,847 -2.09%
    1990 $596.08B $21,526 0.20%
    1989 $567.21B $20,795 2.34%
    1988 $509.38B $19,013 4.41%
    1987 $433.13B $16,378 4.07%
    1986 $379.01B $14,521 2.12%
    1985 $366.19B $14,170 4.74%
    1984 $356.72B $13,930 5.90%
    1983 $341.87B $13,477 2.56%
    1982 $314.65B $12,527 -3.17%
    1981 $307.25B $12,379 3.42%
    1980 $274.78B $11,208 2.18%
    1979 $243.89B $10,078 3.73%
    1978 $219.37B $9,154 3.74%
    1977 $212.33B $8,949 3.53%
    1976 $207.27B $8,839 5.89%
    1975 $174.42B $7,537 1.55%
    1974 $160.95B $7,057 3.36%
    1973 $131.76B $5,858 6.73%
    1972 $113.46B $5,107 5.52%
    1971 $99.61B $4,535 4.02%
    1970 $88.19B $4,136 11.64%
    1969 $79.15B $3,764 5.05%
    1968 $71.83B $3,463 5.00%
    1967 $65.67B $3,217 3.09%
    1966 $61.09B $3,047 6.71%
    1965 $54.52B $2,770 6.32%
    1964 $49.38B $2,555 6.64%
    1963 $45.03B $2,374 5.35%
    1962 $42.23B $2,269 7.43%
    1961 $40.93B $2,240 3.16%
    1960 $40.46B $2,259 0.00%

    John Day

    Butter – Bread – Know Which Side

    Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama following the death of Antonin Scalia (only to be blocked by Senate Republicans), issued a defiant statement after being held in contempt of Congress on Wednesday by the GOP-controlled House for refusing to turn over interview tapes from a DOJ probe of President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents that would obviously show Biden in full-blown dementia mode.


    Look! Trudeau is sending another $5B to Ukraine.

    Trudeau, again, is ignoring the needs of Canadians and sending/taking the people more in debts.

    D Benton Smith

    I want to discuss something that is so ultra ultra simple that it is very nearly impossible to communicate the concept without making people roll their eyes and say things like , “Yeah, well duh-uh !”, and just laugh me off without giving a second thought to what I said.

    Seriously, folks. This ain’t easy. Please bear with me. It’s geeky, it’s weird, I know. Some of my less sympathetic detractors (Yo! @aspnaz, you don’t want to miss this opportunity so you might want to pay attention here.)

    Basically, the only things that we know for SURE are the things that we have experienced for ourselves and determined to our own satisfaction that they are true. Admittedly this standard of proof is more than a little bit subjective, and we each have our own threshold of trust when it comes to knowing whether we believe something or not, even to the extent of believing our own two eyes or not.

    Alright then, let’s start from that point.

    Given that we do believe our own, direct, lived experience (more or less) we are immediately faced with an extremely critical dilemma, which is that the knowledge and information obtained only from our own directly lived experience is not even close to being enough for us to survive for more than a few hours in this admittedly competitive environment called life in the real world.

    Examples abound, overwhelmingly so, so many that I don’t need to list them in order to make the point that we absolutely NEED secondhand information (and help) to live through each, any and every day.

    From the moment that you are born the fact is that you, me, and every other living creature in the entire world (and Universe) is utterly dependent upon information that they did not personally create. Even a microbe living by pure instinct originally inherited that instinct (from progenitors perhaps) which it had no role in creating.

    My point is that ALL information is second hand. ALL of it. Even the information gained through your own senses (fictitiously called “direct” observation, which it isn’t) is only available because you are aware of it, and frankly you personally have not got the foggiest notion of HOW you came to possess your own awareness in the first place. Big mystery. What neuroscientists and other charlatans call “the Hard Problem”, when in truth it’s no problem at all. It simply IS, and that’s that. “Science” won’t (can’t) explain it, so I suppose it’s a “Hard Problem” for THEM, but only because they are liars trapped by their pretentious conceits.

    It’s a gift, people, and that gift comes with strings attached, not the least of which is the fact that it’s totally up to you to decide which of those secondhand data are true, and which are not.

    Which brings us to the second gift. The gift of being able to make the decision (and act on it) about what is true or not, all by yourself. It’s called free will, and as mere humans we are also less than totally certain where THAT gift came from either. All that we have to go on is our own awareness, and FAITH that TRUE truth is a thing.

    Where do things like gifts (or anythings, really) come from? They come from causes, of course. And how do you find causes? Well, to be truthful I suppose you would have to say that you find causes by tracking backwards from the effects that they have caused. Effects always come from causes, because “Science”, right?

    You see where this is going of course. It’s going to Prime Cause, whereupon “Science” does a runner and slips out the back door without so much as a fare-thee-well. Those chicken shits. After all that hoopla and hype “Science” just leaves us totally hanging without a grip from the slippery lip of the abyss. Those feckless bastards.

    Until you come to know, and ACCEPT, that awareness itself is a gift from the Creator of the Universe, then try as you might you will NEVER understand that truth itself is a gift from the same source. A more poetic way of saying it might be that your endowment of free will and awareness are a gift from God, and that God is a gift to Himself. Hardcore genderists can use “Itself” if they prefer. (Silly rabbits. It makes no difference whatsoever.)

    And now on to practical matters.

    There has been an awful lot of talk and implication recently about killing people and all of the reasons that homicide in its myriad modes of operation should be done upon one kind of people or another. One of the more compelling arguments is that we need to kill those people to stop them from killing innocent people for totally unjustifiable reasons like greed, contemptuous hatred or dominion.

    I think we should be careful about that. Extra careful.

    I personally think that the only time that it is permissible to kill another human being, whether directly or through deliberately indirect actions, is when it is really and truly necessary to preserve your personal existence or the lives of loved ones or other innocents. And I do mean personal.

    Taking someone else’ life is utterly beyond human reversibility. We cannot take it back. Therefore, killing just because someone told you to is not good enough reason, because if a situation does not affect you, then I don’t see any way that you could possibly know enough about that situation to justify murder over it. For one thing, there is the matter of how sure you are about whether such rash (and irreversible!) action is TRULY necessary. Is it? REALLY? If something has got nothing to do with you then how in the world could you claim to really know, for sure, very much about it? Based on the fact that you are not fully aware of how that situation does or doesn’t affect you then I dare to say that you don’t REALLY know anything about it at all! Nothing crucially important anyway.

    The trouble is, we’re being harangued 24-7 to take up arms (or pitchforks & torches) against all sorts of critical situations that require our participation, approval or silent acquiescence in killing folks (directly or deliberately indirectly) like starvation or civil strife or outright genocidal mass murder of innocents.

    And I would point out that pretty much ALL of that harangue consists of SECONDHAND information, and most of that from often HIGHLY dubious sources.

    This is a humbling thought, when you think about it. For one thing it means that you have to make really big and often unretractable life or death kinds of decisions on secondhand information from sketchy sources whenever you become more or less “aware” that people are fighting. You have to decide whether or not you should step in, and if you DO step in, should you break it up and move them both to neutral corners while you sort it all out, or should you take sides and fight to stop an aggressor?

    Just how are we supposed to DO that when the info is patchy, mostly third or fourth hand, from report sources thousands of miles away by people you don’t know and can’t see?

    You need the truth; from a source you can dependably trust with your very existence. Ultimately your acceptance of that truth is identical to your personal faith that there even is such a thing as truth, and that it had to come from an immaterial “somewhere”.

    There is no other way across that gaping chasm which is the tipping point between truth and lie. That leap across the chasm, of nearly zero distance, requires the exercise of the two gifts for which there is no other explanation: your aware exercise of free will.

    Science logic and reasoning might get you to the tipping point (or away from it if your methods are misguided or malicious), but only faith in truth can cross it. God bridges the gap.

    Dr. D

    I don’t know what to do with job searches. So form history, it’s easy: you need an appointment and a letter of recommendation. Like Dickens and Victoria. That is, straight nepotism, what I usually argue against (as a meritocracy). So you need a PERSON that you know, knows about a job, and that PERSON need to tell you they should hire you. Then, of course, they merely BREAK EVERY LAW and process, ignore every rule, and put you “on top” and if there’s nobody better among the few people listed, they pick you. Simple. Very human as well. And works, since it’s rare for anyone to put their neck on the line for anyone unless they’re serious. You too: you fail and you just threw your friend/family member under the bus. Good, don’t do that, don’t fail.

    So big plus: this requires lying, cheating, and stealing (the job from the regular applicants) all of which match our style and nationwide custom right now. So it’s a lock, definitely the only way. That leads to the other thing, like in the military, “Card punching” where whatever dumb-ss checkboxes they want you to punch, you put them on a list and punch them. Certifications is a good one, really. Never college, that’s no cost-benefit. But member of the Masons, the Rotary, the Jane Austen society and Audubon Club? The local cruise-in car wash? Or better as nepotism is the only way, the Country and Yacht Club? Or only with the very few remaining people who actually make any g-d d—ned decisions anymore: restaurants and caterers. Lawn mowers. But the rich can be amazingly generous for them is a trifle that can set a path for life. Housesitting, for example. Dog sitting. Not like a career, but a contact and a few bucks since you’re not working. All you need is a name. You don’t need ALL the jobs, you just need YOUR job. One name, one lead. Over.

    I hear there is loose change in driving cars for dealers right now, but I don’t know it personally and if you’re 18 may not be great. Fabulous connections though, if you let them know what your dreams are. Anyway, no quick fix or we’d use it, a lot is knowing what you want — but problem, when you’re 18 you have no experience or idea yet WHAT you want, nor should you. So the task is to try as many things risk free so you can find out, meet a lot of people, know a lot of things, tell cool stories for later when you’re locked in that cube.

    Dr D Rich

    Nah…’s an impostor. Maybe along the lines of cHaTGtPs.
    Even that honey-trap called Ron got into the act AND that’s on top of “licensing” all Commenter’s comments to Ron Unz. Christ Man! He’s doing all that Capitalist heavy lifting….fruits of my endeavor horseshit.

    Before you read it and it’s long as in real long, prepare for exposure to a personal journey of self-discovery with ChatGpt and OpenAI and I suspect not exactly devoid of lysergic acid diethylamide

    Dr. D

    Truck license and work for the DPW. Or garbage. If you’re not much of a reader, and not much of a people person but can show up, sounds great, probably stellar pay (when including benefits). Worked for a friend of mine before trade school. Now he makes more than a surgeon.

    Why? He had the brains (and self-knowledge) to avoid college. I’m not saying those jobs are easy, but making more than a Doctor with no student loans is not the be trifled with right now.

    John Day

    @DBS: Thank you for the thoughtful ponderings of free-will and Truth. If you contact me at my little-visited, I will contact you back and delete your email, or you could contact our kind host, R.I.M. who has my email.
    I’m interested in your “name stealers” hypothesis.
    Look at this, from T.E.S. about the cumulative cost of lying, and other related things:

    The Principle of Diminishing Narrative Returns


    So now Democrat Turley is running disinformation for Hunter Biden by pretending his lawyers made legal mistakes during his trial.
    This trial wasn’t about the law, you twit!

    Sure Mr. Turley, at the end of his trial, Hunter hugged his lawyers.
    Tell me this show trial wasn’t scripted like Trump’s show trial.
    The only difference between the 2 trials will be the ending.
    One goes to jail while the other doesn’t!

    Nato’s Stoltenburg is actually saying the only solution for Ukraine is that they must fight to the last Ukrainian.
    When the last Ukrainian dies then there won’t be any need to join Nato, as Ukraine won’t exist!
    Also European taxpayers don’t want to pick up the tab for Ukrainian gov debt either.

    Canada sending old rocket motors to the Ukraine amoung other old military junk.
    Ukrainian ambassador saying we have become very good with old military junk even though we don’t have the people to repair it.
    Please read this as “We are very good at selling this stuff on t;he black market”!
    “Please send even more of this money making stuff to us”!
    I am sure there is a very big market for rocket motors these days.

    I see we are in the middle of the congressional season for political unaccountability for covid, vaccines, genocide, nursing home deaths, .DEI, woke, insanity, etc.
    Clearly everyone is unaccountable for everything that happened!
    It is obviously the victim’s fault for dying or getting injuried!

    Are you still there?
    The Russians are searching for you in the Caribbean!

    John Day

    Tesla Investors Back Musk’s $56 Billion Pay Package, & Move To Texas

    John Day

    Pete Buttigieg Defends Pride Flag While Attacking Justice Alito For Flying Flags Of ‘Insurrection’

    Doc Robinson

    Three days ago, the U.S. Naval Institute showed the location of the Eisenhower as somewhere in the northern part of the Red Sea.

    Their fleet tracker, dated June 10, specified that a cruiser (USS Philippine Sea) and two destroyers (USS Gravely and USS Mason) accompanied the Eisenhower (USS Gravely and USS Mason), but elsewhere in the article it only mentions the Eisenhower and the Gravely as currently operating in the Red Sea (not mentioning the Mason).

    Destroyer Squadron 22 is based in Norfolk, Va., and is embarked on Eisenhower.
    – USS Gravely (DDG-107), homeported at Naval Station Norfolk, Va.
    – USS Mason (DDG-87), homeported at Naval Station Mayport, Fla.

    Aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) and Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely (DDG-107) are operating in the Red Sea.

    USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: June 10, 2024

    Another article says the USS Mason left the Red Sea via the Suez Canal on June 7.

    Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) transited the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea, June 7, 2024.

    USS Mason Enters the Mediterranean Sea After Seven Months in the Red Sea

    Doc Robinson

    Another site (Defense One) published this today, saying the U.S.-led naval mission has reduced the attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea by only 20%.

    Q. Is the U.S.-led naval mission to protect commercial shipping in the Red Sea working?
    Answer: Sort of. That is to say, there seems to have been about a 20% reduction in those attacks over a four-month period, according to a recent analysis from the Washington Institute’s Michael Knights

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