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    John Day

    @Dr D Rich: A lot of Hindu business families in India sent scions to med school in the US.
    Good for business. Caste-climbing, too.


    How many ways to say … Listen to Fauci hearings.
    You are wrong. Not me.
    It wasn’t my fault
    I didn’t make a mistake

    John Day

    My wife (librarian) says the Trump/JFK Jr. picture/caption, attributed to George Magazine, June 1999, is denied by the George Magazine archive.


    You buy a Tesla and Elon turns it into a taxi!
    Now that is a viable business!
    Socialize the costs!
    Privatize the profits!

    P.S.. You would need to lock your Tesla in a garage, so Elon can’t borrow it, so it is available when you need it!

    Gold now exceeds the value of the Euros held by world central banks as a reserve currency.
    Q: When does gold exceed the value of the USD?

    Biden wants to start WW3 but he doesn’t want to be held responsible for it!

    The East India Company flag lives on.
    Second, as the Flag of the US!
    Third, as the flag of the Banana Republic!



    Moire patterns of neural activity, an infinite spectrum of mental experimentation, cause ‘intuition’ and ‘caprice’ and ‘epiphany.’ This is what supercomputers get partly right…the ‘massively parallel’ part of the spark, but the analysis of results is still hampered. The #Logos has to step across each connection in it’s beetle crawl. The spark gets filtered. Steps taken to refine or condense the data are lossy. The gate gets moved closer to the final analysis as we get better machines, but we can’t (yet) get last-mile delivery, and the foundation gets taller and shakier.

    You need both #L and #M and the spectrum between. If you have no #Mythos, your STEMs will break.


    Book of Rules

    Each is given a bag of tools,
    Shapeless lives,
    And a Book of Rules


    I see they are moving more quickly to protect Hunter Biden by putting him on trial now, while they are still in control, so he can’t be properly prosecuted by Trump after his first sweetheart deal fell apart.
    I guess running out the legal clock plan is deemed too risky now.

    They want Trump supporters to be violent but they won’t give them that opportunity.
    Staying passive frustrates the hell out of them!

    D Benton Smith

    Government is intrinsically, by its very nature and purpose (the tax supported imposition of rules on those who don’t need them, and the paid-for exclusion from rules for those who do need them). So, what it all comes down to, I suppose, is a matter of style. Which sort of criminal enterprise is most comfortable for that population to endure? Hindu is not that bad (if you ask Indians) and Orthodox Christian seems to suit the Ruskies to a T. Here in America, I dunno. Old fashioned Sicilian Mafia worked pretty good until The Kennedy Boys stirred it all up and now its practically impossible to determine who the hell is in charge of the blob mob. It will settle out eventually, and I definitely have my favorites, but the bottom line is that I’m too old to learn another language or do what I’m told by some random lunatic.


    snippet from a recent Musk interview – ” …if the computer and robots can do everything better than you,…”
    who is the “you” that will be bested?
    Today hypersonic technology for armaments is possessed in functional form by two significant nations and is absent in a third. All three nations are engaged in producing AI functionality. There must be some way to quantify AI similar to IQ in humans.
    Two of the three nations have existing technology for lifting platforms into earth orbit and the third has Space X.
    Two of the three nations have existing manufacturing capabilities and the third is debating recreating manufacturing capability.
    One of the nations specializes in creating fantasy narratives that create gulfs of separation within their society and the others in building cohesive and coherent national populations.
    Two of the nations have knowledge and understanding of the third’s history and the third can only project a crafted historical narrative on the others.
    One nation is determined to create self driving automobiles and a more sophisticated marketing ability.
    Two of the nations are engaged in creating and building a new reality.

    What cage are we, the hamsters, in today?
    “I do think there’s perhaps still a role for humans in this – in that we may give AI meaning.” Musk
    One nation develops AI and imparts the value of excessive consumption.
    Two nations develop AI and impart a meaning the third cannot even comprehend.

    He (Musk) also used his stage time to urge parents to limit the amount of social media that children can see because “they’re being programmed by a dopamine-maximizing AI.”
    and the parents are not?

    is it not logical to think that one nations’s AI will ride the small school bus?



    Artifical IQ or AIQ
    AIQ limits = infinity and beyond!


    Nima interview with Dmitry Orlov

    “A high-precision strike by an X-47M2 (9-S-7760) Kinzhal missile targeted the Yavoriv training ground, located 30 km northwest of Lviv, reportedly ( killing at least 300 personnel.

    Lots and lots of body bags

    How to explain to their countries and families.

    The Russians pulverized the place the other day killing at least 300 NATOturds.

    Yavoriv is an airbase i30km nw of Lviv where the NATOturds had ‘advisors’ getting ready to train F-16 personnel using Beligium, Dutch and Polish trainers.

    Reports indicate that military instructors from France, Poland, the USA, and other nations were present during the strike, with efforts currently underway to evacuate the wounded to Poland.

    “‘Witnesses to a deadly Russian attack on a Ukrainian military base have told how “the sky turned red” as missiles struck the site near the Polish border.”

    The attack is significant because the base, one of Ukraine’s largest military facilities, is located just 25km (15 miles) from Poland, a Nato member. The border with Poland is a vital route for refugees, but also for weapons being sent by countries in the military

    Kinzhal Missile Strike on UkroNazi LogisticsHub

    The attack happened on Wednesday morning, as per Russian ( javorovskomu-poligonu-vsu.html)news agency.

    The attack, involving a terminal trajectory angle of approximately 87-90 degrees and a speed of 1250-1350 m/s, resulted in significant casualties among NATO Allied Forces and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    (The kinetic energy of such a fast moving projectile is mind boogling, 87-90 degrees is essentially straight down on top of the target at roughly 3000mph at a weight of roughly 10,000lbs. Momentum = mass x velocity = 30,000,000. That’s a lot of Mojo)


    D Benton Smith

    Every empire that ever attempted to become the “One & Only” Empire instead became a former empire immediately following the attempt (often DURINF the attempt). That’s because they don’t try such a stupid move until they are old, degraded. corrupt, debauched, deluded and just plain stupid enough to convince themselves that global hegemony even possible (which it is NOT because position vs opposition is baked into all cakes). The good news is that they always fail. The bad news is that so many good people die in the process. And the redeeming news is that death is a temporary condition. So is power, apparently.


    AIQ limits = infinity and beyond!
    Wes your comment made me think of an old Dylan song – Love Minus Zero/No Limit

    verse two:
    In the dime stores and bus stations
    People talk of situations
    Read books, repeat quotations
    Draw conclusions on the wall
    Some speak of the future
    My love she speaks softly
    She knows there’s no success like failure
    And that failure’s no success at all

    D Benton Smith

    Here is the take-away message for the U.S. Dollar: When counterfeit money has zero unit value then it really doesn’t matter how much of it ya got. This is especially worrisome for folks whose whole world depends solely and only upon shuffling that junk between victims and perps, hoping to flim flam fast enough to stay ahead of suckers who are wising up faster than you’re doubling down. Kinda like accelerating one’s way over the cliff, Wiley Coyote style. To transact in dollars at this point in its historical arc between the moon and face-plant is suicidal because it locks you into that arc.

    The only way out is OUT.


    Then people will be searching for PCs without AI, like they currently search for cars without data links to the manufacturer …. you did know all your car data goes to the manufacturer, didn’t you?

    The AI PCs will be great tools for creating fake material for your social media pages …. it can produce and post pictures of you hiking to the south pole, then determine how long it would take you to get to the beaches of the Maldives (Jew-free for now) and produce and post those pictures. It can then make a cat video of you and some AI pooch.

    If you are some sad lonely turd sitting in mommy’s basement, you can now become some exciting new athlete mixing with beautiful plastic AI chicks in various locations around the world … an athlete without a zit farm on your face. Those beautiful babes can then feature in your daily masturbation session scheduled by your PC; but you will still need mommy to do your laundry in the AI-assisted washing machine.

    I am really looking forward to this new AI wave. It will probably greatly reduce the number of people taking pictures in the streets for their facebook pages, people using drones to take pictures of other people who do stuff. It also means that nobody will be able to produce really interesting life stories on facebook without AI, the people posting real life stuff will be boring. Basically social media will turn into AI media, where different AI machines send lies to each other, each pretending to have a more wholesome life than the next. Gradually weaning humans off of their role as the primary species on the planet.

    All good from what I can see, AI is the sheep dog that will push the human moron to new levels of uselessness.


    one more from the Musk interview:
    For this scenario to work, he said(Musk), there would need to be “universal high income” – not to be confused with universal basic income, although he did not share what that could look like.

    Listen here, now, that ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    You play the guitar on the MTV
    That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Money for nothing, and your chicks for free – Dire Straits

    Hunter on the Board, That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
    Trump in the White House, and your chicks for free


    The only way out is OUT. – DBS

    you can check out any time you like
    but you can never leave – Hotel California


    tboc said

    For this scenario to work, he said(Musk), there would need to be “universal high income”

    Musk seems to have overlooked the fact that people who are given everything tend to be spoilt brats. He wants to turn everybody into trust fund kids (credit card kids) who do not know the value of anything other than their own desires, which are equally fleeting and worthless. A world where nobody works is going to be a world where everybody is despicable; it will be easier to cull despicable people than pleasant, hard working individuals.

    What is most interesting about this is that Musk does not question how humanity should use AI to the benefit of humanity, he only questions how AI should rule over humanity, how humanity should deal with AI as the boss, how AI should be involved in every aspect of our lives … no mention of the back story of Musk and his owners ruling over the AI. You didn’t think the rich would ceed control to an AI that could act against them? No way, in the same way as AI lies for its owners, the AI on your PC will act for its owners, it will be watching you all day and all night, reporting back to the boss, the sheep dog as soon as you fart out of turn.


    AI on your PC will also craft your news, it will also create fake web pages for your browser, there will not be any genuine information on the web any more, it will all have been processed by the AI that is working to turn you into the obedient servant of the owners.

    It will not all be involuntary; it will offer to get interesting news for you and, as humans are lazy, most will allow it to go choose for them, making the human even more redundant. The news will be the owner’s take on the news, it may include a fake TAE page, just to enable it to use your addiction to TAE. How would you know the page is fake?

    You see a piece of news, discuss it with a friend on WhatsApp, but actually it is all fake, none of it is real, the AI is crafting your reality, lying to you, using your emotions to drive you into the desired pen. Even the words of your friend may be changed to suit the owners.

    Websites will also be crafting their content according to where the owners want to push you; they do that already, but they will craft it just for you, with fake content produced just for you.

    You can be sure that the entire internet will become worthless to us plebs, it will be a tool used to control the plebs. It will become the new CNN to humanity, you will not know what to believe and what not to believe … I am kind of already there, I do not believe the vast majority of what I read.

    John Day

    Pretext falls away…

    Ritter was on his way to Russia for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) when he was pulled off the plane and had his documents confiscated.

    “I was boarding the flight. Three [police] officers pulled me aside. They took my passport. When asked why, they said ‘orders of the State Department’. They had no further information for me,” Ritter told RT. “They pulled my bags off the plane, then escorted me out of the airport. They kept my passport.”

    TAE Summary

    * Paris: The City of Shites

    * 1940 I can drive a stick and double clutch
    – 1970 I can drive a stick
    – 2000 I can drive
    – 2030 I can
    – 2060 I
    – 2090

    * The Fate of America
    – The US has the best government money can buy
    – A dying lion is more dangerous than a living dog
    – Bill Maher predicts the US will have a ‘race war’; His sponsors told him to leave out the ‘to’
    – What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immobile object? The Donald is dead, long live the Donald
    – China is in no hurry to take Taiwan; Taiwan will still be there in 10 years; The US…?
    – LGFBITQ+
    – JD Unwin: When strict prenuptial chastity is no longer the norm, monogamy, deism, and rational thinking disappear within three generations and the culture is replaced by another culture with greater social energy = Muslims and Hindus will inherit the US

    * Oh Nikki, you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you feed us lines, hey Nikki
    Oh Nikki, you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you feed us lines, hey Nikki

    You’ve been around a lot and that’s a little long
    You say you’re on the right but we think you’re on the wrong
    Why can’t you say goodbye and maybe just go home, Nikki?

    ‘Cause when you say you will, it always means you won’t
    You’re policies will kill us all, so please baby don’t
    Can’t you just be done, and leave us all alone, Nikki?

    Oh Nikki, what a pity you don’t understand
    You’ll take us all to hell if you ever rule our land
    Oh Nikki, you’re so sh*tty, can’t you understand?
    It’s pols like you Nikki
    It’s what you do Nikki, do Nikki
    Don’t wreck our lives, Nikki


    Well done TAE Summary. The whole Trumpydumpty, jew soap opera…is the whole country just mindless retards now, staring at TV’s and phones? You’re being mocked, while you’re getting fucked. Jewmoney runs this world, that’s why no one stops their murder spree. BRICS is just a different version of the same shit. They want you dead, to dance on your grave. We’re all in Palestine., some sense it, most don’t. The hammers of Hell are pounding in the distance. They tried to murder you with injections. Why the fuck, in the name of Christ, would you believe 1 fuckin word they say.

    John Day

    Social media users praise UFC icon Khabib Nurmagomedov for confronting Trump over Gaza war

    Former US president said ‘I will stop the war’ when asked by UFC legend to end the carnage, but many remain doubtful as to whether the Republican will follow through if elected


    Often I lose control.
    I see that It’s happening too often.

    Websites will also be crafting their content according to where the owners want to push you; they do that already, but they will craft it just for you, with fake content produced just for you.

    Michael Reid

    This interview with Paul Craig Roberts on
    Geopolitics & Empire

    I appreciated Paul Craig Roberts conversation and points.

    I encourage Dr. D to listen to this interview

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the ever widening war
    and the insanity of the West
    which seems to be provoking nuclear armageddon
    from which we might not recover.

    America is enabling genocide in Gaza
    which is destroying its international reputation
    and on top of that, Israel has been trying to get Washington attack Iran.

    It’s strange that only dissident politicians get assassinated or die
    under mysterious circumstances (e.g. Raisi, Fico)
    and it’s amazing Viktor Orbán is still alive.

    Washington is opening another front for Russia in Georgia.

    The migration agenda is deliberate to create Babel.

    Trump might end up getting assassinated.

    If they install the digital control system it will be total tyranny.

    The middle class is being wiped out and the dollar’s days seem to be numbered.

    https://rumble .com/v4zd4ji-paul-craig-roberts-the-west-has-gone-insane-and-is-provoking-nuclear-armage.html

    Paul Craig Roberts: The West Has Gone Insane & Is Provoking Nuclear Armageddon!

    D Benton Smith

    Hey, CelticBiker, I think I know what you mean when you say Jew, and I gotta say that I agree 100% with your attitude and opinion about the KIND of people that you say it about (they are supreme shitheads and as destructive as a Marxist cocktail laced with white sugar, sex-blockers and vaxxines) . Hell, I’ll even agree with the fact that MOST of those people have names that are what most people think of as Jewish names and so on, the whole “Jewish” schtick. But I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that you don’t even know what the word means, why it was stolen it, HOW they stole it, WHY they stole it, or even WHO stole it. That’s why (and this goes for Aspnaz and a few others around here, too) you could vaporize every Jew on the planet and the next day the REAL bad guys would just infiltrate and take over some other poor bunch of dimwits (name and all), and do the same damn thing with them that they did with the Jews.

    The real bad guys weren’t called the Name Stealers for no reason. They were called that because that’s how they roll. That’s how to identify them, too. Before the Jews they did it to the Khazars, and before that they did it with the Phoenicians, and so on and so on into the dimmest reaches of history.

    If you keep identifying people by their labels you will keep on being suckered by their trick.

    They are the penultimate parasites, and like all successful parasites they have mastered the skill of pretending to be whatever is the best thing going at some particular time, using that guise for fun and profit until it becomes the most hated thing, and then fleeing in the night while everyone is busy killing Jews (or killing Phoenicians, like happened in the so-called “Bronze Age Collapse, after which the Name Stealers switched to calling themselves Jews.)

    Are they evil personified? Pretty damned close. Are they actually Jews? Not even a little bit. ACTUAL Jews believe in the same Divine Creator of the Universe they YOU do, and walk the walk, too. But I’m sure the fake ones would be more than happy for you to get confused by the names.






    The people pathological
    Confound the words we use
    It all seems babelogical
    ’Til someone lights the fuse.

    John Day

    @DBS: I like this “name stealers” perspective.
    Please expound further.




    It’s not a “complex”, it’s a “syndicate”

    A Criminal Syndicate



    Go Green!

    …or else…





    ” alt=”.” />


    DBS- you put it so well.


    Benton the Jew is back:

    If you keep identifying people by their labels you will keep on being suckered by their trick.

    Labels like names? How would you rather identify them; that fat bitch with the pink hair sitting on Benton’s knee! Is that what you are asking us to do? Keep on rolling for the Jews Benton, maybe you should deal with their genocide in Gaza, their air raids into Syria, their despicable behaviour all round before you start preaching to the rest of us.

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