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    Dirk de Herder Amstel Bridge, Amsterdam1946   • Sign of Pending Recession? Total American Net Worth Ratio At New High (CNBC) • EU To Unveil Digit
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    In view of the recent scare about the Arctic warming up, here is some data:

    Sea Ice Thickness (19 March 2018)

    It looks like the ice is rapidly building – after 2 years with (recent) record lows.

    OTOH, the ice build in Greenland is above average, but not as great as it was in 2016/17

    Current Surface Mass Budget of the Greenland Ice Sheet

    Contrast this data with recent headlines.

    We’re witnessing the fastest decline in Arctic sea ice in at least 1,500 years

    Personally, I trust the Danish Meteorological Institude over NASA any day. Take your choice!

    V. Arnold

    Claire Connelly’s piece was interesting to point; but I found the video, The Veil Of Ignorance, more so.
    We’re so done!

    We might as well keep thinking as long as we still can.

    I’m pretty sure most of us can no longer think, much less act…

    Dr. D

    Facebook and the Deep State are the same people. Track the money if you don’t believe me. And UK, US, is all one to them, they don’t believe in national boundaries.

    “The data source appears to have leveraged the NSA’s ability to harvest and analyze raw, global internet traffic while also exploiting an unnamed software program that purported to offer anonymity to users, according to other documents.”

    Just what I said about Bitcoin. While as an open ledger, it’s not that anonymous; if you’re in the routers, it’s even less so. …But that still requires a lot of work and money. If they stay in the routers with increasing computer power, however, perhaps one day they’ll have them all mapped and every transaction will be easy and transparent. Buyer beware. And as TOR is a honey-pot, I bet Monero with its supernodes is not much more private.

    I’ve not been that impressed with Medium and not with this Claire, although at least she’s open and not dogmatic. Memo to all these smart-guys: You cannot print wealth. Printing, borrowing, inflation (identical today), is a wealth transfer FROM somebody (existing holders) TO somebody (new holders). That is, from the monetary outsiders, the poor, to the rich. That’s the OPPOSITE of what she means to advocate, so genius indeed as she promotes cutting her own throat. But she might notice that the more transfers and progressive taxes we have for 100 years, the poorer the people have gotten and the more our former support structures — family, society, church, voluntary clubs — have vanished. We didn’t even HAVE an unemployment problem until they screwed up the gold standard and real bills structure in 1910. …To cover the fraud and collapse of the former mostly-real gold standard. So naturally after cheating and stealing the collateral do they take punishment for their crimes? Not on your life! They cheat and bailout and cover it with Progressive Party P.R. using the only guy large enough and with enough guns to get money from the people to back-fill them: the Government. And so, since WWI, we’ve seen unemployment appear and it has never stopped. Ever. And every year, more people get more desperate.

    What’s sad is we’re mostly on the same page for the goals, but because of differing paradigms, all sides allow criminals to get away with one aspect of crime. …Except for Capitalism and Libertarianism: we haven’t tried that since 1850 and we ain’t starting now.


    “…What’s sad is we’re mostly on the same page for the goals…”

    I went and looked at
    • Capitalism And The Veil Of Ignorance (Claire Connelly)
    I left the page and came back and got the following message

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    I agree with what is being said in the article

    How unfortunate that there has always been writers saying the same thing and that our social/economic structures have not changed.

    ( 5. The members of the elite class will always try that the non- elites should not influence social, economic and political processes in any manner.)

    Guess who has been winning?
    elotes or non-elites?


    Major leak

    I would have assumed that leaking a conversation between Trump and Putin would carry a bigger penalty than facebook leaking the conversation of the non-elites


    Four days to declare a Cold War – by Thierry Meyssan

    The Salisbury incident has all the characteristics of a charade.

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