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    Giuseppe Sanmartino The veiled Christ (Christo velato) 1753   • Vladimir Putin May Declare New World War In Days: UK Defence Secretary (Mirror) •
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    V. Arnold

    Giuseppe Sanmartino The veiled Christ (Christo velato) 1753

    I am so awed by sculptures such as this; nothing is coming in our age of rage to equal such as this………


    Zelensky and Adam Schiff holding hands. If ever there was a tell.

    You don’t need to see anything else.


    And the eternal darkness is pure undifferentiated consciousness. Nothing to observe as nothing seperate.

    Except conceptual scientists that is.

    And the odd latte-sipping philosopher.

    Oh shit that’s me…….

    Dr. D

    Undoubtedly the highest point in sculpture so far. So high we have no one today capable of it.

    Yes, there’s a reason misinformation was not one of the Four Horsemen. It doesn’t matter, barely naughty, because there is only Information. And the lies will always be with us.

    Putin is at his end like so many of us. There were no civilians, there is also no Azov, they did not take them in the tunnels, then a few days later “The civilians are starving in the tunnels, Azov says.” Very tired of it. Very tired of the NY Times reporting it. Very tired of no retractions. Very tired of it happening again tomorrow. Very tired of everyone believe it, and its opposite, every day.

    “use May Day to announce a war on the world’s “Nazis”.”

    90% of the counties in America would appreciate that. But since we retook Twitter from the Nazis, maybe we won’t need the help. We’re the other holdout nation, although it doesn’t seem so sometimes. 90% of American counties say “we don’t care what you say: make me.”

    “What is the Collective West? (Batiushka)”

    Yes, but to be fair, we didn’t just attack Russia. We killed millions more people in hundreds more places during that time. 1865? Heck we were still genociding nations in Minnesota then.

    “Russian Cyber Attacks Fail to Materialize (LI)”

    That’s because it was never them planning to do it. The CIA will do this to slow/stop the rolling financial collapse which is only getting started. Or possibly the laptop if it gets too bad. That’s why last year the DoD posted they own like 100 million open IP addresses and can re-make the internet if necessary and the CIA tries it.

    “Russia’s malicious cyber activity is part of their playbook,” Really? Would you like to give examples? Also very tired of hearing reporting with zero information, only implication. “Russia shelled Ukrainian cities”, above. WHICH cities? When? Why? How much? Doesn’t matter. No time for Who What Where When or Why. Got to punch a Nazi, and as in the BBee video on Social Media, EVERYONE I see is a Nazi. Oh wait: isn’t that an episode of the Twilight Zone? Where a guy’s wife is mentally ill and sees fake bad guys everywhere?

    “may, in fact, be retaliatory attacks given the very severe sanctions we have imposed on … the US and our allies,” the agency head continued.”

    Speaking of being a glue-sniffing child, why are you punching yourself? Why are you punching yourself? You sanctioned…yourself? And Russia is going to retaliate so they can give you real Uranium for fake paper? Honest? You’re sure?

    “The war in Ukraine has pushed the United States to expedite its investment in cybersecurity amid constant — though so far unrealized — warnings of cyborg Space badger cyberattacks on government agencies, election systems and critical infrastructure.”

    Well there’s no evidence for the existence of cyborg space badgers either, what’s the difference?

    “that significantly increased funding for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA),”

    Great! So why is there still ZERO hardening against EMPs, as reported to Congress for +20 years, and we have mass hacks in Target, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, all banking, federal agencies, the grid’s substations are wide open, utility providers like gas companies are ransomed, along with hospitals, schools, and local governments? Seems a little odd with a budget and 20 years’ work, they have turned the Sahara into a shortage of sand. Far, far worse than when they started. Must be the space badgers. They wot dun it.

    Time Writer Knocks Free Speech as an ‘Obsession of the Tech Elite’ (Fox)”

    “Time” being wrong even in the headline. Clearly the Tech Elite prefer censorship to speech, as long as it’s THEIR censorship. Hey “Time”, are these the same “Elite” who you reported conspired then threw the 2020 election? And you are rock-certain they need more power. Riiiight.

    “not the same as the right to broadcast disinformation to millions of people on a corporate platform..”

    Maybe not, but how do you tell the difference? If I talk to five people, is that the limit? If I Facebook 50? If I blog like Dr. Day and reach 500? Where do you become “corporate” or a “reporter”? At 500 people Dr. Day already has more viewers than CNN. What happens when CNN and Maddow issue clear disinformation for 4 years, about 3 years after it became obvious it was wrong? A: there is no such level, and there is no license to report and say things. (Just as there isn’t for the ownership of cannons and guns) because: who would issue the license? As per Canada? Then who would DENY issuance? And if you had such a license, me and everyone would ignore it anyway, just like the 2A laws. Also the old Socialist “Means of production”. What’s a means of production? My pocketknife? Sometimes yes. A day old bagel on my counter? Sometimes yes. A gas lifting rig in a Pennsylvania field? Sometimes no.

    “may be worth twice as much as solving America’s homelessness problem,”

    I’m guessing she “Supports the Current Thing” and did NOT ask such questions about $33B raised instantly and without permission or act of war to start WWIII and get her city nuked for 1,000 years.

    “Why does Musk care so much about this? Why would a guy … care about who can say what on Twitter?”

    Here’s a thought: Ask Him. Is that what “Reporters” do? From “Time Magazine”? And because spoken = lies, where did you get the assumption he DOES care? Twitter has crashed, the company’s in trouble, widely considered a garbage heap about to bankrupt. By buying this dumpster fire he can turn it around and MAKE MONEY. I know for Swiss boarding school bunnies like Taylor Lorenz and trust fund kids like you, you never had to think about money, but that’s called “Capitalism” and is the point of owning assets. Both to run them correctly and to profit by that so he can go fix more assets and provide more desired services. If they fail to provide services they fail and are not destroyed but the assets are sold to someone who CAN provide the services people want.

    “Diesel for Dinner (Doomberg)”

    Not that they’re not all the same thing, but correlation is not causality. 1936 was also the first time farms widely used tractors and not horses, with the rise of the Red IH tractors you see on the road sign icons. For one thing, that allowed cultivator-tractors, the other is gas-powered harvester combines. Putting sheaves right into the bin rather than scything, then stooking, then carting, then threshing on the barn floor is easy loss of a huge % of grain.

    The point of forcing the use of ethanol was better central control over mass starvation, implemented and first used to insure there would be an Arab Spring as Gen Clark reported on YouTube, in order of attack, while Obama’s election crew were transferred and posted in Egypt, and Egypt was his very first stop. Everyone said it was net energy loss, while burning food in our cars and that would starve people, then promptly didn’t notice when it happened. To brown people somewhere else.

    “Vaccine Lies Are Finally Falling (Nass)”

    Nah, we have a 6-sigma increase in youth deaths and I see nothing. No notice, no remark on it at all. RussiaRussiaRussia, VaccinateVaccinateVaccinate. I support the current thing.

    “Shell is expected to take a hit of £3.5bn due to its decision to exit its joint venture with Gazprom,”

    Russia then received that £3.5bn value for free as we sanction ourselves. As Russia also absorbs 100% of McDonalds. Biden and BP then helpfully raised oil and gas prices by multiples so Russia could profit more and experience no impact at all. Thanks Joe! I did that! Poland will appreciate it as their stoves are shut off. But they won’t have any food to put on them, so no problem.

    “Rickards says the Fed will ultimately kill the economy with a policy mistake.”

    Yes, but it’s not a “mistake”, it’s just a situation, one known for 100 years, and openly planned since 1989 Economist for 2018. We are attacking, destroying, and harvesting RoW, specifically Europe for our own profit and control. That’s okay, Davos was instead trying to harvest and control us with Carbon trading national transfers and GND. Everybody killin’ everybody. Yay.

    ““It is the worst inflation in 40 years.”

    Yes, and the Fed is one-thousand points behind the curve. Maybe TWO-thousand. Last time inflation was this high, the Fed was already at 8-10% rates, as the LOWEST rates ever – in our previously functional system – was “lend at 8%, pay at 5%”…and go home at 4pm. In a Cadillac. Somehow they are paying 0% and collecting 29% and … losing money? Going broke? Explain. And somehow you’re not even at the 100-year AVERAGE rate yet with inflation at 20%? …It’s about where you put the blame. Dodge this. If they raised to 20% we’d have the greatest Depression in the history of the planet. But we will anyway.

    The world could not destroy the dollar, but we could.”

    And that’s the plan. Of course the bad guys had a different plan, with Central Bank Digital Currency intro’d with a vaccine pass they can shut off, reported by Aaron Russo as far back as the 90’s, but the good guys want to end the system too. To be replaced with freedom and choice. Still that means moves have to occur that destroy the USD and Federal Reserve Note/system. Very disruptive, may kill people, that’s why it’s taking so long.

    Twitter now openly admits to fabricating user numbers, a felony of material reporting to the SEC. But that’s a law. Yawn. We don’t enforce those.

    Obviously also reversing their shadow banning/paid bot numbers. Obama and Katie Perry lose +200,000/pr. That’s a lot of people! Conservatives pick up +10,000 apiece. Trump Jr was like what 5,000% higher than average? That would be a lie of material reporting to the SEC. But also it was a lie under oath to Congress that they were not shadow banning, honest injun. Congress who like lies and gives twitter and FB the Congressional Medal of Freedom. …YouTube’s medal of freedom was already given to themselves.

    The Ministry of Disinfo. Moving on from the day’s obvious, so what? Clarifying the record by stating the government’s position on things we already have: it’s called Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, the current office of lying and disinformation. Well-known. So if Jank does the same thing, so what? We all know what the CIA’s position is: they have their press agent CNN air it for us hourly.

    So unless you mean the Ministry of Disinformation is going to ARREST people, harass and investigate them. IS that what you mean? I’m all for it. Either way it will expose them for being boldly Anti-American, blatantly illegal, ineffective, pointless, and unenforceable. The sooner people realize the Federal level is incapable of anything, the better. Then we can first ignore everything they say the same as we would the neighbor’s 2-year-old, and second, since they are totally ineffective and can’t enforce anything, as well as being counter to the will of, and a menace to the people, stop paying taxes to them as well.

    Let’s go Jankie! Ride ‘em Cowboy!

    “22 food processing plants or headquarters, that we know of, which have been destroyed or damaged in some way over the course of just one week,”

    But I am a coincidence theorist, and I do not find that suspicious at all. In the middle of a war we are spending $33 Billion in heavy weaponry on.

    On Schrodinger’s Euros, the commentariat said this: “the European poor should use gas and electricity as usual, send a photo of the cash, equal to the bill, to their [Local] energy supplier and voila! Bill paid! It’s the same thing.” Absolutely.

    Someone else says they’re broke, “That’s why they want to make the vax digital ID mandatory on 1st July this year.” Yes. Rationing and death.

    “Frequent marijuana smoking linked to higher risk of heart attack, study suggests” –MSNBC

    Especially among 12 year olds. Fluffing sheets.

    John Day

    aspnaz said: “I have a few friends who also claim to have had Covid. It amazes me how nobody claims to have flu these days. I have one friend who believes his uncle died of Covid. Without reliable tests, I take all these stories with a pinch of salt. Until I see evidence of why flu has been eliminated, I am inclined to take the boring approach and assume all the people claiming to have Covid probably just had flu.”

    I have treated with repurposed antivirals since spring 2020, and have seen immediate results in most patients, overnight improvements, which I also experienced. Influenza does not respond to the same antivirals, things like ivermectin. Working and working and working with an illness and getting feedback from people about how the treatments affect them is the practice of medicine.


    France, election, 2020, 2nd round (countering MSM lies, obfuscations):

    Of ALL F 18+ citizens:

    Not inscribed on electoral register, 9%

    Inscribed -> abstained, 25%

    Voted blank / spoiled, 6%

    Voted Le Pen, 25%

    Voted Macron, 35%

    Some Macron voters voted not for him but against Le Pen, as a kind of duty, or obligation, to block the ‘far right.’ How many? One poll says 47%, almost half! One expert I trust says “at least a third.” All that can be hard to judge.

    >>> 40% refused to participate, 25% voted for Le Pen, 25% voted for Macron, 10% voted against Le Pen.

    Some serious talk in F about voter fraud is creeping in on the intertubes (no longer taboo after the Biden s-election), and from this summary, one can see that the *feeling* that M and LP were very close, and that she might have won, is correct. (As several OK polls predicted.) However, these results are in line with all kinds of other data. As I posted before, the important qu. about F voting is how Macron made it to the second round in 2017.

    Demographics of the Macron vote.

    What follows concerns only expressed votes, the 60% who participated. 2 most important factors.


    18-24: 61% (note, 40% of this age group abstained)

    25-59: roughly half, varying with age-tranche (once more, we see parity M – LP)

    60-69: 59%

    70+: 71%

    Non-working ppl prefer Macron, they are outside the daily struggle, are dependent on family / the State. Plus, older ppl: Macron wants to raise retirement age, they are beyond it; many/most watch only MSM TV.

    Social class / income – life satisfaction. (All correlate strongly w. each other.)

    For 5 social groups from ‘défavorisé’ (the poorest, by now desperate), ‘populaire’ (very low level jobs..), lower mid class, upper mid class, to the overlords, rich / top establishment, for Macron:

    35% (i.e. 65% for LP), 44%, 56%, 71%, 79%.

    Life satisfaction, on a 5 point scale, from not at all satisfied, to very satisfied: 24%, 20%, 47%, 69%, 71%.

    Things are not looking stable or happy in France. The present pol. electoral system has always been a kind of facade, a scam. Ppl put up with because of economic growth, long over now in F.

    John Day

    “Time” with picture of going up new stairs backwards

    It’s About Time, Edward Curtain
    In 1898 the yellow press screamed Spanish devils and today it screams Russian devils. Then and now the press called for war. If the human race is still here in another 124 years, time and the corporate media will no doubt have told the same story – war and propaganda’s lies to an insouciant and ignorant population too hypnotized by propaganda to oppose them.
    This despite the apocalyptic sense that permeates our lives because of demonic technology and its use to transform humans into machines who can’t think clearly enough to perceive reality and realize the threat posed by that quintessential technological invention – nuclear weapons…
    ..So time is my focus, for the last days have arrived unless there occurs a radical awakening to the obvious truth that the US government is pushing the world to the brink of disaster in full awareness of the consequences. Its actions are insane, yet insanity has become the norm. Insane leaders and a catatonic, hypnotized public lead to disaster.
    ​ ​I write these words with an old fountain pen, a high school graduation gift, to somehow comfort and remind myself that when we were this close once before in October 1962, Kennedy and Khrushchev miraculously found a solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis; and to find hope now, and that when my time is up and I join John Patrick in the other world, things will have changed for my children and grandchildren.
    ​ ​It is admittedly the hope of a desperado.​..
    ​..Everyone is now doing time while scrolling messages on the walls of their cell phones. A twisted, convoluted, distorted, mechanical time in which it seems that there is no history and the future is an endless road of more of the same.
    ​ ​Some say we have all the time in the world. I say no, that we have entered a new time, perhaps the end-time, when the world’s end is a very real possibility. Hypnotized people can agree to anything, even mass-suicide, unless they snap out of it.

    It’s About Time

    ​ Gail Tverberg presents the last few years through the lens of crude-oil production peaking in Summer 2018. In our current world, crude oil and economy and human population, which oil and economy support, track in close correlation. Lockdowns can be seen as a successful way to reduce economic demand temporarily. War has different effects, but it does destroy the economies of battlefield-countries, reducing oil consumption. The end of oil-fueled-economic-growth necessitates a huge, unprecedented turn from growth economy to salvage-economy (“de-growth”).
    ​ I see western power elites unable to agree on anything​ other than continuation of the current system as they bleed it to death. When it dies, they will need to fight each other over some new system, and they will need competent people to devise such a system, and competent people will not want to include our current parasitic leeches in the new and efficient economy… Compliance-managers will be happy to manage the status quo, but that’s all they can do…
    Crisis calls us to duty.
    The world has a major crude oil problem; expect conflict ahead

    The world has a major crude oil problem; expect conflict ahead

    John Day

    ​Moon of Alabama notes that, “The typical US reaction to losing is doubling-down.”​
    That works if you have enough to keep betting, until you don’t or until Game-Over.
    Ukrainian soldiers willing to die fighting Russians may be running low.
    The soldiers know, and their families know, that they are expendable.
    They want to live their lives.
    “Ukraine is a victim here but not a victim of Russia but of much bigger plans in the U.S.”

    Much tighter control of the public discourse narrative will be needed by our ill-fated owners.
    Deep State Response, Dept of Homeland Security Will Establish Disinformation Board with Obvious Agenda
    ..The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced a new Dept of Homeland Security priority to combat disinformation {LINK} on technology platforms including social media.
    ​ ​Many eyebrows were raised as the announcement appeared to be an open admission that the U.S. government was going to control information by applying labels, that would align with allies in social media, who need a legal justification for censorship and content removal.
    ​ ​This CISA announcement was quickly followed by various government officials and agencies saying it was critical to combat Russian disinformation, as the events in Ukraine unfolded. In essence, Ukraine was the justification for search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to begin targeting information and content that did not align with the official U.S. government narrative.
    ​ ​Previously those same methods were deployed by the U.S. government, specifically the CDC and FDA, toward COVID-19 and the vaccination program.

    An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm
    “Censorship is the last resort of desperate and unpopular regimes. It magically appears to make a crisis go away. It comforts the powerful with the narrative they want to hear, one fed back to them by courtiers in the media, government agencies, think tanks, and academia.”

    An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm

    “You can just call me the Mary Poppins of disinformation.” That Twitter intro to a TikTok parody of the song, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” is now indelibly connected to Nina Jankowicz, the new head of the federal government’s announced Disinformation Governance Board.

    Nina Jankowicz of Disinformation Governance Board Sings A Mary Poppins Style Parody Song

    Biden’s ‘Mary Poppins of Disinformation’ the perfect nanny to tidy up mess of free speech?


    “….. holding a jigsaw-puzzle piece to the side ………..”

    In later nov., for +2 weeks, I was exposed to a very sick “flue patient” but I did not get sick
    Security was more than for a visit by a royalty

    The Ottawa rumble bike demonstration, was a non event, with 100’s of bikes, thousands of people watching the parade of bikes, and thousands of “peace officers” lining the route.
    The 5th horsemen cartoon captured reality
    An other name for a rose.
    Imperialism never dies.

    It’s About Time

    It’s About Time
    Edward Curtin
    May 1, 2022

    ” ….. nuclear war a “serious” and “real” risk, in Lavrov’s words “we must not underestimate it,”
    In other words, Lavrov’s words, The USA may attempt a nuclear first strike.
    White supremacists, world wide, can achieve their goal with only one horseman ….. famine.
    What will our descendants think?
    • Diesel for Dinner (Doomberg)

    Ability to manipulate fossil fuels at the molecular level to increase global food abundance, instead of going through the effort to grow food only to turn around and burn it for energy.
    @ Noirette
    Voting worked for the White Supremacists

    John Day

    Sigh … Saker and other war news links won’t upload again

    Eleni sends this article about NATO/Ukraine​ opening a new war front against Russia in Moldova, at the expense of the local farmers, who really don’t want that. Russian supply lines are not opened by land, sea or air. There is a Russian arms depot in Transnistria (Moldova) with 22.000 tons of military supplies, the largest such depot in Europe. This is a WW-3 scenario, initially favorable to NATO. Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Moldovans and Russians will die.

    ​ ​Moldova, in fact, is under external control no less than Ukraine. At the same time,the majority of the population of the republic does not support the beginning of hostilities in Transnistria.
    ​ ​Also, the Armed Forces of Moldova do not have necessary power. Therefore, an attack is possible only by the forces of Polish-Romanian units on the one hand and the AFU from Odessa on the other.
    ​ ​A new hotspot of the war can significantly change the nature and scale of the conflict in Eastern Europe. The escalation of the situation in Transnistria corresponds to Washington’s vision and statements that the United States is changing course towards Russia, from the desire to exhaust Moscow economically to a direct and complete military victory over the Russians on the battlefield.
    This was recently announced by Washington after a meeting with Zelensky in Kiev.

    Saker Blog update:
    ​ T​he Mariupol situation appears to be nearing a possible conclusion. We reported last time that one prominent source said Azovstal would be fully resolved by 4/30 (today), while Sladkov said days ago that Azov had about 9 days of food left, which by now would put them at maybe 6 days or less, by those estimations.
    ​ ​We also reported that negotiators had arrived and were settling in to the small villages around Mariupol. Now today there is a large, full blown UN / Red Cross operation under way to evacuate the civilians in the Azovstal factory.​..
    ..Russian intel agency head Naryshkin, who issued the statement last time regarding Poland’s planned incursion has also now stated that, “plans to deploy a Polish “peacekeeping contingent” in the western part of Ukraine is not a version, but intelligence information obtained from several reliable sources, the Foreign Intelligence Service explained.”
    ​ ​In short, he’s saying this is not speculation but an accurate report based on many sources…
    ..”In light of the latest information about the aspirations of Poland and other NATO members, several questions arise. Firstly, what contingent is now formed on the eastern borders of the bloc, and secondly, why are all these forces being accumulated?
    ​ ​It is impossible to accurately assess the grouping of NATO countries, drawn to the borders of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia, having only information from open sources.
    ​ ​However, from what is known, a total contingent of 50,000 to 100,000 people can be inferred. This includes units deployed by Poland, and the American contingent, and units of various NATO countries deployed in the framework of exercises in the Baltic states. There is also information about a serious Romanian group in the Moldovan direction. Just as we wrote earlier, combat aircraft are also being transferred to Europe. In the shortest possible time, the size of the NATO contingent can be doubled.”..
    ..“The main topic that worries many today is the adoption by the US Congress of the lend-lease program for Ukraine. Delivery of large batches of modern weapons is expected soon. The war will reach a new level, because now we will also have to fight with the American military industry. Deliveries of American heavy weapons are expected, including F-16 aircraft. Today we wrote that Ukraine is already preparing pilots for these machines. Here you need to understand once and for all, we are at war with NATO, where Ukraine is just cheap service personnel and cannon fodder.” …
    ​(PLANNED)​ .. On the topic of Lend Lease, it became a curious discovery that on the official U.S. Congress website, the date of the submission of Lend Lease to Congress was seen as 1/19/22.

    Charles Hugh Smith, Not the 1970s or the 1920s: We’re in Uncharted Territory
    All of these similarities and differences are setting up a sea-change revaluation of capital, resources and labor that will be on the same scale as the extraordinary transitions of the 1920s and 1970s.
    The awakening of inflation after decades of slumber has triggered a flurry of comparisons to the 1970s accompanied by a chorus of projections for 1970s-type stagflation, defined as inflation plus economic stagnation– limited or negative growth and high unemployment.
    A less popular comparison is with the 1920s: a massive expansion of debt, an equally massive speculative bubble in assets and extreme wealth-income inequality, all against a backdrop of slowing growth and debt saturation.

    Dr D Rich

    @ Dr. D

    This extract is the most important part of the Twitter-Musk fiasco or as I’ve tried to analogize to family/friends, ‘Twitter; The New Wells Fargo Purveyor of Fraudulent Accounts’.

    “Twitter now openly admits to fabricating user numbers, a felony of material reporting to the SEC. But that’s a law. Yawn. We don’t enforce those.
    Obviously also reversing their shadow banning/paid bot numbers. Obama and Katie Perry lose +200,000/pr. That’s a lot of people! Conservatives pick up +10,000 apiece. Trump Jr was like what 5,000% higher than average? That would be a lie of material reporting to the SEC. But also it was a lie under oath to Congress that they were not shadow banning, honest injun”

    My fellow western Pennsylvania White Deplorables are getting goddam impatient with $33 billion U.S. dollars being shipped off to finance a war between white Peoples, Russians v Ukrainianstanians, and the yet-to-be-indicted-or-arrested by the SEC, $17 million a year f*cker/fraudster Victoria Gadde from Twitter WHEN my people are besotted with collapsing bridges, black-legged ticks spreading anaplasmosis erhlichiosis and Lyme, January 6th Non-insurrection prosecutions and the embedded Tick equivalent of Punjabi immigrant leadership of Pennsylvania medical institutions namely VA Pittsburgh and UPMC et al.
    The People Grow Restless.

    I have an idea. Since the Democrats showed as President Trump isn’t untouchable then maybe corporate attorneys like Gadde can and should be hounded unmercifully to ends of the earth.

    Figmund Sreud

    China interviews Russia

    Question: What do you think is at the root of the Ukrainian crisis? What can the international community do to solve this problem?

    Sergey Lavrov: When we talk about the Ukrainian crisis, first of all we need to look at the destructive policy of the Western states conducted over many years and led by the United States, which set a course to knock together a unipolar world order after the end of the Cold War. NATO’s reckless expansion to the East was a key component of those actions, despite the political obligations to the Soviet leadership on the non-expansion of the Alliance. As you know, those promises were just empty words. All these years, NATO infrastructure has been moving closer and closer to the Russian borders.

    The West was never concerned about the fact that their actions grossly violated their international obligations not to strengthen their own security at the expense of the security of others. In particular, Washington and Brussels arrogantly rejected the initiatives put forward by Russia in December 2021 to ensure our country’s security guarantees in the west: to stop the expansion of NATO, not to deploy armaments that pose a threat to Russia in Ukraine and to return the Alliance’s military infrastructure to the 1997 configuration, when the NATO-Russia Founding Act was signed.

    It is well-known that the United States and NATO member states have always viewed Ukraine as a tool to contain Russia. Over the years, they have actively fuelled anti-Russia sentiments there, forcing Kiev to make an artificial and false choice: to be either with the West or with Moscow.

    It was the collective West that first provoked and then supported the anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Kiev in February 2014. Nationalists came to power in Ukraine and immediately unleashed a bloody massacre in Donbass, and set the course on the destruction of everything Russian in the rest of the country. Let me remind you that it was precisely because of this threat that the people of Crimea voted in a referendum for the reunification with Russia in 2014.

    Over these past years, the United States and its allies have done nothing to stop the intra-Ukrainian conflict. Instead of encouraging Kiev to settle it politically based on the Minsk Complex of Measures, they sent weapons, trained and armed the Ukrainian army and nationalist battalions, and generally carried out the military-political development of Ukraine’s territory. They encouraged the aggressive anti-Russia course pursued by the Kiev authorities. In fact, they pushed the Ukrainian nationalists to undermine the negotiating process and resolve the Donbass issue by force.

    We were deeply concerned about the undeclared biological programmes implemented in Ukraine with Pentagon’s support in close proximity to the Russian borders. And, of course, we could not disregard the Kiev leadership’s undisguised intentions to acquire a military nuclear potential, which would create an unacceptable threat to Russia’s national security.

    In these conditions, we had no other choice but to recognise the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and launch the special military operation. Its aim is to protect people from genocide by the neo-Nazis, as well as to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine. I would like to stress that Russia is acting to fulfil its obligations under bilateral agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance with the DPR and LPR, at the official request of Donetsk and Lugansk under Article 51 of the UN Charter on the right to self-defence.

    The special military operation launched on February 24 is progressing strictly in accordance with the plan. All its goals will be achieved in spite of our opponents’ counteractions. At the moment we are witnessing a classic case of double standards and hypocrisy of the Western establishment. By publicly supporting the Kiev regime, NATO member states are doing everything in their power to prevent the completion of the operation by reaching political agreements. Various weapons are flowing endlessly into Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries. All of this is being done under the pretext of “fighting the invasion”, but in fact the United States and the European Union intend to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian.” They do not care at all about the fate of Ukraine as an independent subject of international relations.

    The West is ready to jeopardise the energy and food security of entire regions of the globe to satisfy its own geopolitical ambitions. What ither explanation is there for the unrestrained flywheel of anti-Russian sanctions launched by the West with the start of the operation and which they aren’t thinking of stopping?

    If the United States and NATO are truly interested in settling the Ukrainian crisis, then, first, they must come to their senses and stop supplying weapons and ammunition to Kiev. The Ukrainian people do not need Stingers and Javelins; what they need is a solution to urgent humanitarian issues. Russia has been doing this since 2014. During this time, tens of thousands of tonnes of humanitarian cargo have been delivered to Donbass, and about 15,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid have already arrived in the part of Ukraine liberated from the Kiev regime, the DPR and the LPR, since the launch of the special military operation.

    Second, it is essential that the Kiev regime stops cynical provocations, including in the information space. Ukrainian armed formations are barbarically shelling cities using civilians as living shields. We saw examples of this in Donetsk and Kramatorsk. Captured Russian servicemen are being abused with animal cruelty, and these atrocities are being posted online. At the same time, they use their Western patrons and global media controlled by the West to accuse the Russian army of war crimes. As they say, laying the blame at somebody else’s door.

    It is high time for the West to stop unconditionally whitewashing and covering up for Kiev. Otherwise, Washington, Brussels and other Western capitals should consider their responsibility for complicity in the bloody crimes perpetrated by the Ukrainian nationalists.

    … continues at:

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Xinhua News Agency (China), April 30, 2022


    Its too late. the damage is done.
    The loss of advertising dollars did not wake them up.
    The rising influence of the bloggers barely registered.
    Entertaining opinions, lack of proof of truth destroyed them.
    Elon Musk woke up the mainstream media from their nap time.
    Now, they fear their lost of influence and power.
    They are in full panic mod like a wasp nest that can’t figure out what to do.

    TAE Summary

    Because all men were free to speak
    Mis-info got so bad
    We suffered under their critique
    It made me feel so sad

    But then one day they made me chief
    With gov’rnance board control
    My apprehension found relief
    I’d black-out every troll, oh

    Super-censor-media-pow’rs and I won’t be negotious
    Even though my pers’nal record’s really quite atrocious
    And my online anima is awfully braggadocious
    Super-censor-media-pow’rs and I won’t be negotious


    Here’s one way things could go: banks go belly up, but people’s accounts are insured for up to $250,000. The government will be happy to “pay” that out- in the form of politically manipulated treasury digital currency, and you can have it if you just do as you’re told.
    For those without bank accounts, you get yours for free- if you do as you’re told.


    i have seen Hannah Arendt’s name come up so frequently in the past couple of years that I decided that it was high time to find out who she was exactly and read what she had written. Which brings me to a quote from The Origins of Totalitarianism that I wish to share with you all:

    For history itself is destroyed, and its comprehensibility…is in danger, whenever facts are no longer held to be part and parcel to the past and present world, and are misused to prove this or that position.

    Cherry-picking the data to “prove” the desired outcome. Like the tobacco companies did for years. Like the pharmaceutical companies do routinely regarding their new products. As has been done with the so-called C19 “vaccines.” As is being done with the Ukraine “news” that is filtered out from the Western legacy media companies.

    For context, Arendt is specifically discussing Antisemitism here, and criticizing the two predominant ways of looking at Antisemitism.


    RE: Giuseppe Sanmartino The veiled Christ (Christo velato) 1753 – there are no words to describe it.

    The choice to veil Christ was monumental for so many reasons.

    Where have all the Masters gone?

    LOVE to Ilargi for keeping the doors open and great art in the halls.

    Michael Reid

    Test post without a link

    If anyone has suggestions how to get links past the eater of posts it may be useful

    I wonder where the eaten posts go

    those darned kids

    This is a very useful historical recap for assessing today’s events. Question: When did the Cold War start? If you answered 1941 then you are ahead of the learning curve.

    NATO: The Founding Lie

    Figmund Sreud

    @ArchieQuestion: When did the Cold War start?

    April 25, 1945: … The very moment when American and Soviet military first faced each other at the Elbe River in Germany. There was a six months standstill from that date when both sides mediate on if to continue the WW-II, … or reduce its status into Cold War.



    Michael – Is it so hard to copy your post before you hit “SUBMIT“? Then you can just copy it back.
    It happens to me about a tenth of the time. Sometimes, the whole page (and the post) revert to the last link I went to and completely disappear- and I have to log in again, as well.
    This seems less like a fault based problem than a cookies/caches entanglement.
    I’m getting old. I am used to having to exercise patience on a regular basis.

    Michael Reid

    @ Archie

    The NATO article caused me to conclude the US led neo liberal NATO has been a cancer on the world that needs to be ended


    The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response

    Mister Roboto


    @Michael Reid

    I concur my friend. The US and NATO exemplify Hannah Arendt’s “banality of evil”.

    There is a companion piece written by Declan Hayes that brings us back to the future:

    Will Finland’s Warrior Women Cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon?

    Seems that NATO has many, many plans to achieve the original objective. Even wokeness!!

    Michael Reid

    @ my parents said know

    The safest way to post is to use an editor like Notepad to write to message, then copy the message, then paste the message into TAE message submission box and submit it.

    If something goes wrong it is easy to resubmit the message.

    My issue today was my message contained a link to a website article Ukraine, Romania, Moldova … vs. Transnistria: A WW III Scenario and the link to this article is not allowed for some reason.

    I used up REPLY
    trying to post the link to the article in different ways all of which failed.

    Immediately after I post this message I will post a message with the link.

    Michael Reid

    The link that would not post follows. I placed a space characters in the link to try to get it to post.

    And that did not post

    V. Arnold
    V. Arnold

    For me it was a simple copy/paste; no idea why you can’t.
    I use Yandex browser (have for years) and nary a problem…

    Michael Reid

    I found the link in Dr. John’s Blog (see below)

    this article about NATO/Ukraine​ opening a new war front against Russia in Moldova, at the expense of the local farmers, who really don’t want that. Russian supply lines are not opened by land, sea or air. There is a Russian arms depot in Transnistria (Moldova) with 22.000 tons of military supplies, the largest such depot in Europe. This is a WW-3 scenario, initially favorable to NATO. Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Moldovans and Russians will die.

    You click on the link in Dr. John’s Blog and
    it opens a tab to The Unz Review and
    Nothing found but
    Delete %E2%80%8B/ from the link, press Enter and wait a few seconds and the excellent article appears


    Tell me that I was not dreaming of hearing/seeing the truth

    I woke up from a nap and the TV was on.
    Was I in a different universe?
    SUNDAYS 8PM ET ON MSNBC 01 may 2022
    the episode

    Michael Reid

    Thanks V. Arnold

    I think it is the same article (some different wording) but from a different source and lacking the beautiful map of the area

    It seems like a beautiful but tricky area which may unleash the dogs of war

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