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    James McNeill Whistler Symphony in White, No. 3 1867   • US Hikes Tariffs On Chinese Goods, China Says To Strike Back (R.) • Historic Lawsuit Cou
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    Dr. D

    “China’s Commerce Ministry said it “deeply regrets” the U.S. decision, adding that it would take necessary countermeasures”

    Maybe you shouldn’t take 2 years negotiations and burn them while the other side of the table watches, then. And countermeasures like paying their pit bull NoKo to shoot off a few missiles? They’re just mad because after 20 years of sellout starting with the WTO, we finally got our port back as vital to national security cut off its illegal trafficking, and don’t plan on letting them into the backbone of worldwide communication with Huawei. Don’t worry – Europe will sell out on both those things.

    “The Real Muellergate Scandal (Craig Murray)”

    I think he’s reading you. That thing with the murder in the front room is exactly what I said. –Glad it’s out there, because it’s b—–t. Can someone at least see, totally failing to investigate a crime after a relentless 2-year stall might be suspicious? Nope. RussiaRussiaRussia. Forever and ever, with love.

    “Putin’s efforts seem designed to taunt the United States”

    Taunt us? By one sovereign country being allies with another sovereign country? I don’t even understand the concept here, except NEOCONS AND NEOLIBS DON’T BELIEVE IN SOVEREIGNTY. They think “all your base are belong to us.” There is no private property, there is no law, only I want something including your daughter and I steal it with a gun under any plausible rule I made up in my head a minute ago. And that means everything YOU own, like your mortgage, your house, your pension, ALSO belongs to them and they’ll steal it whenever they feel like it, like ’08.

    “making reference to the Monroe Doctrine.”

    Okay, “Monroe Doctrine,” finally going over this: Monroe’s Doctrine, so often cited, is a scam. Monroe said Europe would not be allowed to interfere in the Western hemisphere, because, like Mexico, they would absolutely use this as a foothold to attack and dismantle the U.S., as in fact they did a few times. However, and here’s the good part, in return, the U.S. would not be allowed to interfere in Europe and their sphere. Live and let live.

    So I ask you, is the U.S. upholding EITHER side of the Monroe Doctrine? Are WE interfering in South America? And are WE interfering in Europe, say, with Germany, Poland, and Russia? Yeah, so how’d we get to the point where Monroe’s idea turned into our divine right to run everything on this side of the planet, ‘cause Monroe didn’t say that. And where’d we all learn that from? Especially when the most decorated Marine General ever published a book about it for us, called “War is a Racket.” Can’t stop piling one war crime on another, and the Rachael Maddows cheer.

    “FBI’s Steele Story Falls Apart (Solomon)”

    Fell apart? We knew this in the first 10 days, as we proved the Moscow bed thing was originally written by some trolls on 4Chan. So Steele’s source is 4Chan? Trustworthy stuff! Clearly worth half a mil. Even if it were perfectly true it would still be illegal in 10 ways. So you thought Moscow was reaching out to Trump and you DIDN’T warn him? You just went ahead and let that happen, hoping he’d be president with a Russian mole in his cabinet? WTF no. You inform, then the FBI becomes the mole’s contact and they try to trace it back. Except they didn’t, because it didn’t exist, as said by Obama in Jan ’17 and shown by Mueller, and they wanted the contacts as proof to overthrow an elected President. This ain’t rocket science. We don’t need to go over it again. We knew in ’16 and every day since then, because it’s transparent. The only new thing we learned is that no one will enforce the law, no matter how badly or publically it’s broken. Oh wait…

    “following unsuccessful attempts to leak the files to The New York Times and The Washington Post.”

    Because they are not journalists and haven’t been since the ‘50s. See the Church Commission and Mockingbird.

    “Facebook Co-Founder Calls For Breakup Of The Company (ZH)”

    Facebook has been doing everything to be regulated, every offense, every inconsistency. Why? Because they’re dying dead, and the only thing that can prevent that – and the conflict coming for them on 100,000 publisher vs platform lawsuits – is to get enshrined into federal law by the U.S. government, which will establish and protect their exclusive monopoly status. This is the same reason Wal-Mart increases minimum wage, to look good knowing they can raise costs that they have the depth to survive and their competition does not, leaving them — wait for it — a monopoly. However, Congress hasn’t taken the bait to make Facebook a government-operated-overseen-run-surveillance company collecting personal data on every citizen more egregious than Stalin could ever dream. Instead they’re dying of their own failure and stupidity, like capitalism directs.

    “UK Tories Could Come Sixth In European Elections (G.)”

    As everyone knew, but is now clear, it’s London insiders vs everybody else, as they rob, pillage, and kill the countryside by the thousands, then laugh at the hicks on TV. Just like America. There’s nothing funnier than impoverishing a Northern muppet then mocking his children’s crime and starvation on TV, right BBC?
    Oh, and P.S., if you resist, or if you run for office against them, they’ll purge your websites, your social media, and openly investigate and arrest you. Not like warned of in by Orwell in 1949 or anything. Total surprise. It’s not happening because it can’t happen here.

    Wow, European Bison, the real heritage of Europe. If only we could resurrect the woodland Bison here. Long story.


    Free advise.
    What do people do with it?

    $30 million advise.
    What do people do with it.

    My advise.


    The USA gov. doesn’t believe in what goes around comes around.

    venezuelan embassy

    But Pepco, the building’s electricity provider, told activists that the U.S.-backed opposition government had ordered the power be shut off, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin said.

    “The owner of the building told them to turn off the electricity and then we were told that they say the owner of the building is Carlos Vecchio,” Benjamin said, referring to the Guaidó-appointed U.S. ambassador. “It is the government of Maduro that has been paying all the bills all along for this building, including the Pepco bill, which is up to date.”


    Meanwhile, as Illargi attempts to get few buck from the nigger haters others are doing good work.


    @ rapier
    How come those that can come up with solution are not the same ones running “the show”?

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