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    Russell Lee Agricultural day laborer family near Spiro, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma June 1939 Every people has the right to self-determination, but only
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    So things have spiraled out of control in Ukraine. The wars of the 21st century have begun. Doubtful it will be hot war now but the battleground is monetary and financial anyway.

    Off the top of my head, because it has spun out of control a price must be paid and Old Europe, as the neo cons used to call it, will be paying the price perhaps. As in it might be very cold there next winter. Could it really come to that? Well that’s the way to really hurt Russia, cut off the gas spigot to Europe. It is an extreme play, for them, but for establishing America as the undisputed world leader for the 21st centruy it’s a strategy which make some sense. Not that it will work.

    A calculation could made that economic and political dislocation in the EU will have terrible economic consequences but if terrible economic consequences are in the cards anyway then blaming Russia seems like a great way for those in power to keep it and continue to expand it.

    None of which probably makes sense to anyone but this old crackpot. So it goes. I’m just thinking the road to AE’s predicted future might start to be played out as an old fashioned geo political struggle. Or that’s the story people will hear and believe. Not connecting it to the credit and energy crisis.

    John Day

    Can we as a species evolve past the point where our numbers are controlled by sociopathic elites, somehow a separate race, who we slavishly follow, to slaughter and be slaughtered by the “others”, who are actually just like us?
    (It’s a run on sentence and a rhetorical question. Sorry…)
    Here is a salute to the Shanghai Cooperation Council.
    May their trade without US dollars burgeon, and may their group of multilateral trading partners grow rapidly.
    May the US dollar, the Fed, and the ECB collapse soon, and may this bring an end to exponentially-growing-debt-based-fiat-money.
    Gotta go pray to the aliens, or something.
    It was nice to see that Vladimir Putin went to a spiritual retreat with his guru on a remote island with a Russian Orthodox monastery.
    May he be the working hands of a benevolent and compassionate universe, or at least keep taking the non-military moral high ground.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Ilargi: A well informed analysis & essay that every pundit & journalist should be echoing.


    Referring to Russia, John Boehner said, “You go after their banks.” Tell that to Eric Holder. As if there weren’t a few banks that should have been gone after right in his own back yard.

    That lady in the video (Ron Paul’s post) who walked up to the politician and threw down his mike – priceless.

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