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    Robert Campin Portrait of a woman 1430-35   • Brexit Party May Get More EU Election Votes Than Tories, Labour Combined (G.) • Fight To Replace PM
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    V. Arnold

    Robert Campin Portrait of a woman 1430-35

    Knocked my sox off; the eye of the artist (Campin) misses nothing; exquisite detail.
    Wow, just wow…………


    And that over 200 years before Rembrandt

    V. Arnold

    And that over 200 years before Rembrandt

    Indeed it is, and with none of the intrigues…
    At least none that we know of… 😉

    Dr. D

    “Labour Would Trial Universal Basic Income If Elected – McDonnell (G.)”

    Okay, great. WHY was it withdrawn in Manitoba, why is it being removed and not extended in the recent tests in Finland(?) and Canada? Why has Social Security collapsed? If you guys haven’t run a successful program – no food for the poor, the National Health is failing, what makes you think running another NEW program, by the same people with the same money, will be any different?

    To me, it’s easy: You’re all on an island, and, as described and occurred way back when, you have 20% or more of the good, active people not working. So who is going to do the work of getting food, keeping up houses, and taking care of people? Nobody, because that critical slice you need is now idle. Just as described by Mises and Fekete a generation ago, and proven every day since, as they intervened and “helped the poor” LAST time, breaking the gold standard after 1919 and into economy-wide manipulation. But now you’re going to pay them to be MORE idle, and with LESS work happening, and more will get fixed, more will get done? And with WHAT money?

    So you’re on an island that has 30 (million) people, and has 30 (million) pounds each. Great! So when you still have 30 people, 5 of which aren’t helping, and add 10 new pounds per pocket, what happens to prices? That’s right, almost immediately, inflation rises 30%, erasing all the “gains”, all the “money”, the “help” you just gave. In the meantime what happens? Anyone NOT in the Soviet UBI system, who doesn’t want to be tracked, beholden to the government, can’t, because with 30% inflation, they will starve. Now the government has MORE control, life and death, against the rabble-rousing Robinsons and Benjamins of the world. Shut them off accidentally for being mouthy, and we have a feudal status quo of rich and poor that can never change. JUST LIKE THE SOVIET SYSTEM, of huge Dachas and shopping trips to Geneva for the important, right kind of people, the party members, and a single pair of shoes and a turnip for everybody else.

    But apparently we never learn.

    Remove the govenment-created obstacles that are preventing the 20% from being helpful, and the men will be free and not need expensive, hyper-controlling ‘help.’ The Dolores Umbridge of aid.

    “The World’s Dictatress (Hornberger)”

    It’s like they’re reading my mail. This is dead-on the Monroe Doctrine thing yesterday. Yeah, DON’T INTERVENE. It’s gotten the easiest way to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Do not Covet. Do not Murder. Is that too hard?

    “Is America Ready for John Bolton’s War With Iran? (Ritter)”

    My bet is, America isn’t, so Bolton isn’t. Besides, we couldn’t beat Iran anyway. Or at least not without semi-full mobilization, and THAT won’t happen. They can’t keep the citizens quiet and the barracks full even without a stupid war the citizens voted – AGAIN! – not to have.

    Again, my theory is that Iran has a Deep State, similar to ours, and that’s the part he’s trying to put pressure on. Knocking them out in the ‘accidentally collapsing’ nuclear bunkers is why Kim was happy to see and sign with Trump, and why they keep talking a non-sequitor of “Cuba” in Venezuela. They don’t want a nation or a government, they want to excise just a piece of it, but that’s very, very hard. Look how hard it is here, and the executive is trying to act, with the people on his side. (+45% support, and possible to reach 50%, with approval rising in the black community as well)

    “Guaido Seeks Pentagon Cooperation in Attempt to Take Power (AP)”

    So what has Guiado done? Pushed Maduro into the Russian protectorship and revealed the traitors. Sounds like they’re winning? Or losing? Sounds like Trump is helping Maduro, stabilizing it and setting it up for a deal we can agree to. At Putin’s desk. Don’t look at what they say, look at what’s actually happening, and how predictable the outcome was from the start to everyone but Bolton.

    50 weeks in solitary for jumping minor bail. Oh, and as a foreigner, a guest. But of course, because you’re either for the King and status quo, or we kill you in the streets. That’s the Soviet we are installing the last pieces of, the (democratic) Socialism. Like 100 times before.


    About UBI: I think it’s inevitable. Wait till pension systems implode en masse. “Get grandma back to work” may not be the greatest slogan of all time. Grandma”s severely demented.

    Also, it doesn’t appear to make people idler or work less. Third: hinting at Soviet-style tracking may not be all that relevant given that the most tracked people ever live in our neck of the woods (and China, where there’s no UBI either).

    What I don’t like is they call an experiment in Manitoba “universal”. Never been in all my years in Canada, but I bet it is not that. Money only for the poor, or only in one town -or even country, though that’s much more like it-, call it what you want, but don’t call it universal.

    Only forgiving student debt, as Liz Warren wants, would seem a dead end too. What about those not lucky enough to study, what about their debts? And, again, what about grandma?

    V. Arnold

    Jubilee; as old as civilization; but not the present one world order…


    The results of the Finnish experiment were that UBI had basically no effect on getting the unemployed to work. And that it cost the state significantly more (42% more).


    I am outraged by the way the reports blame race, when in the article, it’s clear the killer is heart problems, striking during pregnancy, or up to a year after birth. It’s not being black that is the problem, it is being obese and poor.

    In 2015, African American women were 60 percent more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic white women (56.5% of them were).


    UBI should have nothing to do with getting unemployed into paid jobs, I would think. Much more with allowing people to do things that they don’t get paid for, elderly care, social work, creative things. Beats bullshit jobs.

    Biggest issue with UBI I think is globalization. If all your stimulus disappears abroad through imports, hard to see how it can last long. If it remains within your economy, you’re fine.


    Why are those peoples with the solutions and answers to our social/economic problems not the people in charge of implementing the proposed solutions and answers?

    Don’t look! Changes are happening without our input.

    A new attractor is gaining predominance.

    Definition of strange attractor
    : the state of a mathematically chaotic system toward which the system trends : the attractor of a mathematically chaotic system
    Unlike the randomness generated by a system with many variables, chaos has its own pattern, a peculiar kind of order. This pattern is known whimsically as a strange attractor, because the chaotic system seems to be strangely attracted to an ideal behavior.

    Polder Dweller

    John Quincy Adams. A bit wiser than Mike Pompeo.

    A bit wiser? I reckon there are baloney sandwiches that are wiser than Mike Pompeo.


    Just a tad


    RE: Bolton, Pompeo, & Shanahan and their actions. The real question is, Where does the buck stop? Bolton was a known quantity before he was appointed and as the article states, has no command authority. That Israeli intelligence is behind the motivation is not a good sign either and indicates in my mind that Pence is involved, not to mention Jared Kushner. If it’s true that Trump doesn’t want war, and that’s a mighty big IF, then this is truly one of the most pathetic examples of Executive Branch governance in modern history.

    Had people listened to Scott Ritter in the run up to the Iraq War, as well as the State Department at the time, we would not be where we are today in the middle east. Both Ritter and the State Department knew there were no WMD in Iraq and so stated. Cheney was the big mover and shaker for war then and I would not be surprised if Pence is now as well. He’s just a lot more low key about it given his likely Presidential aspirations. Cheney had no such desires.

    In case anyone hadn’t figured out where the buck stops (see Truman), it stops at the top, ie. TRUMP! In spite of whether you can drag him away from Fox & Friends, Hannity, and his tweet rages or not.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Brexit Party May Get More EU Election Votes Than Tories, Labour Combined (G.)”

    Uh oh, there’s that populism thing cropping up again with the unwashed masses wanting some control over their lives. Better send Obama back over to the UK to preach about the joys of the EU and globalization… that should do the trick.

    “Labour Would Trial Universal Basic Income If Elected – McDonnell (G.)”
    “QE Party Over, Bank of Japan Stealth-Tapers Further (WS)”

    It’s all part of the same problem, globalization has shipped all manufacturing overseas to reduce costs and increase profits, while enormous multi-nationals squeeze small competitors until they cry uncle and agree to the buyout or go bankrupt. And while we’re at it, let’s open the borders to flood the low-wage market with excess labor; and to keep white collar wages depressed as well, import as many engineers and other professionals using the H1-B Visa scam.

    Which brings us right back to the resurgence of populism nipping at the heels of the status quo. What to do? That’s easy, just outlaw recessions by having all the central banks take over the markets. Of course, this has many nasty side effects, like casino capitalism with its fraud and many mal-investments, driving home prices and rents out of reach, stoking inflation, and exacerbating wealth inequality.

    If you were living on fumes before, now you’re really screwed! Using some of their Apple stock, the Gen-Xers down the block just bought a new Porche and are having the kitchen remodeled for the second time in ten years, while you are working three McJobs, can’t afford health insurance, or replace the bald tires on your Honda Civic. This won’t end well!


    Every post today highlights that the continued transfer of wealth to the rich has reached the point of no return. The incompetence is so total that society is falling apart. In each instance there is a scapegoat; Russia, Islamic Republic of Iran, China, Blacks, the Obese, Poor, or Addicts. Blaming the victim covers up the real cause, corporate criminals stealing everyone else’s money because they can. What Boeing did was simple. The CEOs increased shareholder value by $235 billion and killed 346 people as a result. No different than the over 500,000 people killed in the Global War on Terror in order to make a profit on the $6 trillion spent.

    This divorce from reality assures the next Crash will be civilization itself. Ask yourself how did true believers become the Vice President and Secretary of State or a psychopath the National Security Advisor. The majority of Americans are under stress just like the Sunnis in the Levant who were kicked out of power by the Iraq invasion. Both societies retreated back into their tribal beliefs. The consequences for both are horrific. Except, Civil Wars with air power destroying cities wholesale so far has been limited in Serbia and Ukraine in the West.

    V. Arnold

    Ask yourself how did true believers become the Vice President and Secretary of State or a psychopath the National Security Advisor.

    Well, you mostly answered your own question.
    I have to go back to November 22, 1963 as the overt beginnings of what had been going on covertly, since the end of WWII.
    George Kennan’s paper explains a lot:

    Memo by George Kennan, Head of the US State Department Policy Planning Staff. Written February 28, 1948, Declassified June 17, 1974. George Kennan, “Review of Current Trends, U.S. Foreign Policy, Policy Planning Staff, PPS No. 23. Top Secret. Included in the U.S. Department of State, Foreign Relations of the United States, 1948, volume 1, part 2 (Washington DC Government Printing Office, 1976), 509-529.

    I would strongly suggest giving that a read. A quick search will bring up the entire memo.
    Our cultivated ignorance has cost us dearly…

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