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    Walker Evans Vicksburg, Mississippi. “Vicksburg Negroes and shop front.” 1936 • We Must Protect Our Children From Austerity (Guardian) • Greek Hospita
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    Austerity, austerity, austerity,,,buzz word. It will not come in the form of balancing budgets and cutting spending. It will manifest in the devaluation of currencies, until very little is left affordable for those not in the government/corporate structure, or directly connected to it.

    There is no other way out. Deflation (real austerity?) was only possible when currencies were backed by value. They are no longer backed by anything, therefore, there are no checks against unlimited dilution of their base.

    Unless, of course, one believes TPTB will simply give up all they have commandeered to date and become all benevolent, warm and fuzzy?


    Over the past few months I’ve appreciated what I find here in terms of links and essays. I’d like to suggest that while Kunstler may be a heroic gardener or something, his views are also white supremacist and patriarchal. Not sure that fits great with the thoughtful other perspectives shared regularly.

    Particularly the inspiration to be taken from Fury Road is that we live in a patriarchal wasteland TODAY with misogynists like Kunstler constantly treating women as property and what is needed and represented well in the film, is for men to join the struggle with women of character to DISMANTLE the patriarchy and protect water, seeds and the oppressed.

    V. Arnold

    Your evaluation of Kunstler pretty much resonates with me. I see no correlation between TAE and CFN. There are openly racist/misogynist posters at CFN who are rarely challenged and almost never by Kunstler himself. Which is why I quit posting there.
    We’re (U.S.) going down; but not in anyway I’ve seen accurately portrayed. Ilargi’s daily tracking along with sources and links shows it going to be a long (in human terms) and painful process…
    But then Kunstler’s shtick is his living…
    It seems there are many who figured out how to make a living off of a sinking ship/country…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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