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      • Julian Assange Shows Psychological Torture Symptoms – UN Expert (G.) • Julian Assange Must Never Be Extradited (Matt Taibbi) • The Unrelentin
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    V. Arnold

    It’s such a bloody mess; I doubt we’ll ever get it right…
    But, I guess all we can do is, continue to try to set it aright…

    Dr. D

    “Julian Assange Shows Psychological Torture Symptoms – UN Expert (G.)”

    Not sure what they’re saying here: we already know he’s been extensively tortured. We watched it happen while the UN did nothing. In fact, he’s probably being murdered right now. So…UN planning on doing something? Well, they didn’t even issue a sternly written letter here, so my guess is no.
    Here’s an idea: vote the UK as a terrorist state and major violator of human rights, then take a vote to censure them and boot them out. You know, in lieu of bombing and invading them, which we might vote to do tomorrow. That’ll get their attention. But no: it’s far FAR more important to SIGNAL virtue than to HAVE virtue. PS, where’s Australia? Censure, sanction, and boot them too.

    “we now have to hope he’s never moved from there to America.”

    And great that everybody thinks charges = conviction. There is no presumption of innocence, or that a man, once charged, even MIGHT, even COULD, be found innocent and set free. Maybe we should discuss why that is so deeply ingrained they can’t see the fishbowl. In my world, you’re just as likely to be found innocent as guilty, because if the government charges you, you probably ARE innocent, not guilty. Join with the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson! Don’t bother using the 50,000 tactics at your disposal to actually get things done, like Monsanto plaintiffs or Judicial Watch does, you’re small and helpless. You outnumber the government 170:1, any State Attorney General can bring them to heel, they already can’t enforce federal laws nationwide, but we’re helpless and have no leverage. Might as well surrender now.

    So the Supreme Court upheld the Pentagon Papers and nothing’s changed now; so why do you think they would lose and not win? Wishful thinking? If you’re a helpless loser, you don’t have to do anything, you can have “peace in our time” and not “if trouble must come, let it, the mortal fight, come in my time”? Apparently. You can shut down the government in 6 hours with a tax strike. The states can stop cooperating until the law is re-established—we already know they can, since they do it to protect NON-citizens, while they utterly refuse to protect NATURAL citizens. But it’s your Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.

    Oh and PS, this is what always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, happens when government gets large. But wait! We’ll make it larger and give it MORE power to stop it! Yes!!! Social Democracy, that’s the ticket! A ticket to “The Unrelenting State (Craig Murray)”

    “The only way the S&P 500 doesn’t sink massively today is if Trump rows back on this.”

    They’re hilarious. The only way it could sink is if we actually had markets. We don’t. Trump will tell Mnuchin to click a mouse, then go have coffee for 6 hours. Traders will cheer and buy buy buy.

    Well, good for returning jobs, I guess. We’ll need them since sanctioning the whole planet means we’re cutting ourselves off from the world. Good for the world? Good for us? I would think people would be happy, but you can’t satisfy anyone these days.

    “Trade policy and border security are separate issues.”

    Perhaps, but any attempt to even discuss non-open borders, say the DACA he already offered, increasing immigration, but legally, have been rejected out of hand. Congress won’t negiate, nobody’s doing nothing. So when 100,000 foreigners enter your nation monthly, say 1,000,000/year, what would you call that? And they’re mad we didn’t build 5-10 new cities to house them, such racists as we take 1M legally and probably half that illegally — almost entirely their vaunted “POC” — without fretting too much. But it’s never enough.

    Let me put this another way: A Chinese general said if he fought the United States, he’d put a million men on the field….and have them surrender. Then he’d take a million MORE men…and have THEM surrender. The system would be choked, the U.S. by their own morals wouldn’t shoot them. The nation would be overrun and collapse as 2M men would escape and overtake from within. For whatever reason – intentional or unintentional — that’s exactly what’s happening now. 6 states have less than 1M population. You are adding a new state, every year, for what’s probably 25 years now. Nobody really said nothing. We weren’t making a big deal. We’re tolerant, but even the U.S. has limits. 25 new states since Reagan’s amnesty? A new (democratic-voting) U.S. city every 30 days? Can you see why this is a crisis? They are each and all citizens of their own countries. Why aren’t they home, working and improving things there?

    “Cohen believes the conspiracy theory – which remains front-page news in US media despite being thoroughly discredited”

    Nope. When I say something, sourced in wikipedia, like say Project Northwoods or Gulf of Tonkin, a thing where you can look up the documents in the federal register under FOIA, it’s still not true. When they keep saying something their own FBI special investigator says did NOT happen, it’s NOT a tinfoil-hat-wearing, spittle-flecked, stark raving nonsense. Because we only believe our own side. What’s true is whatever I think it is, a minute ago, without evidence, because there is no objective reality, there is no #logos. When everyone on Twitter agrees because billionaire oligarch Jack Dorsey prints and promotes it, how can that be wrong? Isn’t reality decided by popularity, by democratic mob vote? They are the Church of Karl Rove: “We create our own reality now…” How’d that work out for them?

    “Malaysia PM Wants Evidence to Show Russia Shot Down MH17 (FMT)”

    So do we all. Malaysia also said they plan to buy all the Huawei they can. Sounds like they need some #Freedom! Expect ISIS and Boko Haram to appear there tomorrow.

    “Why is the CEO still in office?”

    Because when you print phony shares in DTCC “failures to deliver” you also can create fake voters for fake corporate voting rights. So all you need to do to lie, cheat, and prosper is to control the system. Taser had a vote where twice as many people voted as there were shares outstanding. No one batted an eye. They all know, they don’t care, because they think fraud will get them money instead of getting them irreversibly down the road to h-ll. Y’all want money? Wait until our hyperinflation and repudiation, you’re going to get it good and hard.

    What? How can that happen?

    “Yield-Curve Spaghetti (WS)”

    It can happen when deep yield curve inversions guarantee a wicked recession while you’re all hyper-leveraged and the Fed is long since out of ammo. Duh.

    John Day
    Trump has talked rightly about war being the last thing he wants and has broached the idea of a bilateral negotiation with Tehran on issues of concern. Establishing more communication nodes with the Iranians is the correct approach.
    ​More weapons in the hands of the Saudis, however, sends Iran the opposite message—that the United States is only interested in talking if the topic is full surrender. And if Iran remains resistant to the idea, Washington will sell munitions to its adversaries until it‘s ready to sign off like the Japanese in 1945…
    ​ ​It’s not too late for President Trump to reverse a potentially calamitous decision. For the good of America’s security, one hopes he has second thoughts and recognizes that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia don’t always align.

    Trump’s Decision to Arm the Saudis Against Iran Will End in Disaster

    ​Russia won’t send Iran S-400 anti-aircraft missiles right now. (I suspect there had to be some price for the US/Israel to pay for this, like promising Vladimir they won’t launch massive air attacks.)​

    Trump called political financier/fixer, Sheldon Adelson a few days ago about Bolton running his own war policy…
    ​ ​In perhaps the best sign thus far that a potential US war with Iran has been averted (at least for the near term), given the possibility that both heightened saber-rattling and the potential for an “accidental” deadly encounter between IRGC forces and the recent build-up of American deployments could have led to a major conflict, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton himself appears to now be fast climbing down the escalation ladder.
    ​ ​According to Reuters on Thursday Bolton is singing a different tune compared to the war rhetoric of the past weeks since the crisis began: “The threat from Iran is not over but quick action from the United States has helped deter it.”

    ​Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner are participating in highly secretive Bilderberg meeting of global power elites this week. (shhh…)

    Nixon/Kissinger/Butz weaponized global staple food production against families, nations and farmers.
    ​ ​Archaeology, history and anthropology have been largely neglected in discussions on climate change and agricultural sustainability. However, our past contains a rich, diverse, and global dataset resulting from the successes and failures of numerous societies and their interactions with the environment.
    ​ ​This research provides an important source of information on food security and agricultural development over a much longer period than current studies allow and under a range of different challenges.
    ​ ​The memory of agriculture and food is carried by landscapes, seeds, animals, people, and technologies, as well as by oral traditions, languages, arts, rituals, culinary traditions, and unique forms of social organisation.
    ​ ​In many regions around the world landscapes and agricultural systems have developed often distinctive, ingenious practices that have stood the test of time in their robustness and resilience…
    ​ ​Of Earth’s estimated 400,000 plant species, 300,000 are edible, yet humans cultivate only around 150 species globally, and half of our plant-sourced protein and calories come from just three: maize, rice and wheat.

    Agricultural Memory and Sustainability


    The execution of the details will be interesting.

    There is a lot of trucking of “stuff” that goes to Canada from Mexico.

    I wonder if these tariffs will delay the ratification of USMCA trade deal?

    The stock markets are taking a big hit. I guess the experts are the winners.


    Dr D. asked,

    PS, where’s Australia? Censure, sanction, and boot them too.

    Australia is where it has been for far too long: taking orders from Washington. We now have a new Prime Minister who lets it be known that he is a Christian. Maybe we’ll see some love and compassion coming from him, although I strongly doubt it.

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