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    John Day

    The A.I .will have no competition from Kamala Harris, none to speak of…
    (Sorry, I’m being catty, aren’t I?)

    John Day

    Russia places blame for Prilepin car-bombing on US.


    RT reports-
    Wagner to get ‘as much ammo as we need’ – Prigozhin

    The Russian private military company Wagner Group, which is fighting Ukrainian troops in the Donbass city of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), has been promised enough ammunition to continue the battle, the company’s head, Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Sunday.

    South Front reports-

    The Russian Defense Ministry is now carrying out a massive strike against military facilities and concentrations of AFU troops.
    This missile strike is atypical. The scale is greater than anything we have seen in recent months.
    Missiles, bombs, and drones are targeting dozens of AFU positions and facilities in various directions.

    Perhaps the Wagner drama was part Psy-Op ? Either way it looks like the RF is sticking it to the Empires little UkroNazi bitches. Down with the Evil Empire !


    Celticbiker said

    The ones who must never be questioned nor critciized are the ones running this freakshow circus in the West.. The truth is painfully obvious, there for all to see. Small hats lead to big, big problems.

    How do you think Soros is able to fund DAs who break the law by not enforcing the law: he has been doing it for decades and never been charged with anything. Even his DAs are untouchables. Who do you think protects him and the other tribe people busy demolishing the USA? Even the top guy, Marx, the guy with the ideas, is tribe. Then there is Israel, the ones with the hate for the white man, so much so that they are willing to destroy their benefactor.

    Here is the wifi biography of the most famous sex-change surgeon …, the guy who started it all, and it includes that tell-tale snippet … “Born to a Jewish family …”.

    Know your enemy.


    Oroboros, nice bank failure time-line.


    Re this:

    I recall Obama, early in his presidential tenure. telling the American public it was their fault he wasn’t following through on his election platform, because we didn’t hold his feet to the fire after getting him elected. You can bet that his financial patrons and politica mentors did, though.

    So Biden is simply telling the truth. But he did so with an affable grin, without ominous background music identifying him as a villain, so it was okay. We were okay with him saying that, just like we were ok with Obama saying it. I recall Washington state 2004 gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, a plain outright grifter, telling a reporter who’d wondered how Ross could say the outrageously untrue or crooked things that he said and get away with it (almost winning the election), that he found he could say almost anything if he smiled and spoke with a sound of reasonability and confidence.

    And now a word from our sponsor?

    Making Adult Decisions

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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