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    Hieronymus Bosch The Conjurer 1502   • Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human (Yost) • Johns Hopkins Posted Then Deleted Article Questioning US CO
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 28 2020]

    Basseterre Kitona

    “The reason we have a higher number of reported COVID-19 deaths among older individuals than younger individuals is simply because every day in the U.S. older individuals die in higher numbers than younger individuals,” Briand said


    Holy smokes, old people are more likely to die?! Who would have ever thought that before 2020.

    When is the fog going to lift and everybody realizes that we have been duped by what is—more or less—a seasonal cold or flu but re-packaged by a PR team into coved-19? Excuse me, I forgot the panic-inducing all caps. Obviously meant COVID-19. Earlier this year there was a supposed leak of a report for the German Interior Ministry that basically said most people dying with corona virus infection were old and/or sick enough that they likely would have died within 12 months one way or another any how.

    I’ve been following the virus outbreak story since about Jan 1st and after the early fear (yes me too) with strange reports out of China and then the overwhelmed Italian hospitals, I began to regain my sanity in about Easter time in mid-April. Even by then it was becoming clear that the threat was overblown and that this was not the pandemic that we had always feared from scary movies or tales of the Black Death in the Middle Ages.

    It has been really surreal to see the ongoing nuttiness in all facets of the public realm.



    I had a thought last night that I’ll drop here since this is a lively, intelligent group with thoughtful opinions:

    If we were actually living through a catastrophic pandemic there would be no need to debate statistics, would there? The evidence would be right in front of our faces. We’d be too busy burying and mourning loved ones to find time or even care about arguing with anyone.


    Here in my county in upstate NY the County health dept states we have 235 deaths. Deaths are blared in the headlines every single day (fatality rate is pretty much flat line on a graph). The NY state health dept website shows 230 deaths in the county … of which only 209 were RESIDENTS of our county. I thought deaths were counted by where you lived, but what do I know.

    Bottom line, 209 is a fatality rate of less than 1 person per 10,000 county residents. Of these, almost half were nursing homes. I’m not clear whether that means they died IN the nursing home, or were nursing home residents prior to being hospitalized. But, less than 1 per 10,000 people any way you look at it.

    Remote schools, remote work, job loss, small business closings, long waits to get the dog into the vet, to see the eye dr, the dentist, the list is endless. This year we get to have a “virtual” tree lighting ceremony. Truly, what’s the point??

    Unlike Vietnam Vet, I cheered when the court decided people are free to worship. I don’t personally go to church. But it’s about time someone had the money and the means to fight our loss of rights.

    Doc Robinson

    The Russian vaccine EpiVacCorona is based on peptide antigens with an aluminum-containing adjuvant. The carrier protein wasn’t disclosed, but there is speculation that the carrier is a bacterial protein, which would have to be a non-immunogenic type to avoid causing an allergic reaction.

    EpiVacCorona (EpiVacCorona vaccine based on peptide antigens for the prevention of COVID-19)
    EpiVacCorona vaccine is intended to prevent COVID-19. The vaccine relies on chemically synthesized peptide antigens of SARS-CoV-2 proteins, conjugated to a carrier protein and adsorbed on an aluminum-containing adjuvant (aluminum hydroxide). The EpiVacCorona vaccine contributes to the development of protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus following two intramuscular administrations spaced 21-28 days apart.


    Final Destination

    I read an article about an NHS campaign to reduce the number of deaths by heart attack in the elderly. They succeeded and reduced deaths by 2,000 per year.

    The number of people with dementia increased by 2,000 per year.

    You have to die of something – if it is not one thing it is another!


    When an old person dies it is not like CSI where the exact cause of death is found – it is more ‘best guess’. One NHS doctor said that he continued to try and determine what the cause of death was but many of his fellow doctors said they simply put them all down to COVID.

    John Day

    Diana Johnstone: The Great Pretext … for Dystopia  Thanks Eleni
      I would describe the WEF as a combination capitalist consulting firm and gigantic lobby.  The futuristic predictions are designed to guide investors into profitable areas in what Schwab calls “the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)” and then, as the areas are defined, to put pressure on governments to support such investments by way of subsidies, tax breaks, procurements, regulations and legislation.  In short, the WEF is the lobby for new technologies, digital everything, artificial intelligence, transhumanism.
      It is powerful today because it is operating in an environment of State Capitalism, where the role of the State (especially in the United States, less so in Europe) has been largely reduced to responding positively to the demands of such lobbies, especially the financial sector.  Immunized by campaign donations from the obscure wishes of ordinary people, most of today’s politicians practically need the guidance of lobbies such as the WEF to tell them what to do.
      In the 20th century, notably in the New Deal, the government was under pressure from conflicting interests.  The economic success of the armaments industry during World War II gave birth to a Military-Industrial Complex, which has become a permanent structural factor in the U.S. economy.
    It is the dominant role of the MIC and its resulting lobbies that have definitively transformed the nation into State Capitalism rather than a Republic…  The WEF can be seen as analogous to the MIC.  It intends to engage governments and opinion manufacturers in the promotion of a “4IR” which will dominate the civilian economy and civilian life itself.
      The pandemic is a temporary pretext; the need to “protect the environment” will be the more sustainable pretext.  Just as the MIC is presented as absolutely necessary to “protect our freedoms,” the 4IR will be hailed as absolutely necessary to “save the environment” – and in both cases, many of the measures advocated will have the opposite effect…  But the real danger of all power going to the Reset lies not with what is there, but with what is not there: any serious political opposition.  The Great Reset has a boulevard open to it for the simple reason that there is nothing in its way.  No widespread awareness of the issues, no effective popular political organization, nothing.  Schwab’s dystopia is frightening simply for that reason.    The 2020 presidential election has just illustrated the almost total depoliticization of the American people… There were no real issues debated, no serious political questions raised either about war or about the directions of future economic development. The vicious quarrels were about persons, not policy…  A revival of democracy could stem from organized, concentrated study of the issues raised by the Davos planners, in order to arouse an informed public opinion to evaluate which technical innovations are socially acceptable and which are not…  Unless faced with informed and precise critiques, Silicon Valley and its corporate and financial allies will simply proceed in doing whatever they imagine they can do, whatever the social effects…  The political distinctions between left and right, between Republican and Democrat, have grown more impassioned just as they reveal themselves to be incoherent, distorted and irrelevant, based more on ideological bias than on facts.  New and more fruitful political alignments could be built through confrontation with specific concrete issues.
    We could take the proposals of the Great Reset one by one and examine them in both pragmatic and ethical terms…  Health and “well-being”. Here is where the discussion should heat up considerably. According to Schwab and Malleret: “Three industries in particular will flourish (in the aggregate) in the post-pandemic era: big tech, health and wellness.”  For the Davos planners, the three merge.
      Those who think that well-being is largely self-generated, dependent on attitudes, activity and lifestyle choices, miss the point. “The combination of AI [artificial intelligence], the IoT [internet of things] and sensors and wearable technology will produce new insights into personal well-being. They will model how we are and feel […] precise information on our carbon footprints, our impact on biodiversity, on the toxicity of all the ingredients we consume and the environments or spatial contexts in which we evolve will generate significant progress in terms of our awareness of collective and individual well-being.”
      Question: do we really want or need all this cybernetic narcissism?  Can’t we just enjoy life by helping a friend, stroking a cat, reading a book, listening to Bach or watching a sunset?  We better make up our minds before they make over our minds…  What about human work?
    “In all likelihood, the recession induced by the pandemic will trigger a sharp increase in labor-substitution, meaning that physical labor will be replaced by robots and ‘intelligent’ machines, which will in turn provoke lasting and structural changes in the labor market.”…  “As consumers may prefer automated services to face-to-face interactions for some time to come, what is currently happening with call centers will inevitably occur in other sectors as well.”
      “Consumers may prefer…”! Everyone I know complains of the exasperation of trying to reach the bank or insurance company to explain an emergency, and instead to be confronted with a dead voice and a choice of irrelevant numbers to click.   Perhaps I am underestimating the degree of hostility toward our fellow humans that now pervades society, but my impression is that there is a vast unexpressed public demand for LESS automated services and MORE contact with real persons who can think outside the algorithm  , not simply cough up preprogrammed fixes…  I maintain, consumer demand would merge with the desperate need of able-minded human beings to earn a living.  The technocrats earn theirs handsomely by eliminating the means to earn a living of other people…  And incidentally, a guy riding a delivery bicycle is using renewable energy.  But all those robots and drones?  Batteries, batteries and more batteries, made of what materials, coming from where and manufactured how?  By more robots?  Where is the energy coming from to replace not only fossil fuels, but also human physical effort? …   “Whereas in the past, humans had to struggle against exploitation, in the twenty-first century the really big struggle will be against irrelevance… Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance would constitute a new ‘useless class’ – not from the viewpoint of their friends and family, but useless from the viewpoint of the economic and political system. And this useless class will be separated by an ever-growing gap from the ever more powerful elite.”    …  “In the end, warfare is a time competitive process, where the side able to decide the fastest and move most quickly to execution will generally prevail.  Indeed, artificially intelligent intelligence systems, tied to AI-assisted command and control systems, can move decision support and decision-making to a speed vastly superior to the speeds of the traditional means of waging war. So fast will be this process especially if coupled to automatic decisions to launch artificially intelligent autonomous weapons systems capable of lethal outcomes, that a new term has been coined specifically to embrace the speed at which war will be waged: hyperwar.”  Americans have a choice.  Either continue to quarrel over trivialities or wake up, really wake up, to the reality being planned and do something about it.
      The future is shaped by investment choices.  Not by naughty speech, not even by elections, but by investment choices.  For the people to regain power, they must reassert their command over how and for what purposes capital is invested.
      And if private capital balks, it must be socialized. This is the only revolution – and it is also the only conservatism, the only way to conserve decent human life. It is what real politics is about.



    At one point ALL the MSM said the virus DEFINITELY escaped from a Wuhan lab in Dec19. You have to be skeptical when all the media speaks in unison, especially when there is no definitive evidence.

    – Two studies by Western universities suggest the virus was active in China for months before Dec19.

    – Sewage samples in South America and Europe detected the virus in Dec19, and one sample in Barcelona detected it in MARCH 2019!

    – In Italy blood samples taken from cancer patients in Sep19 show 10% had the virus.

    – In the US in Sep19 hundreds of elderly died from pneumonia and the underlying cause could not be determined. In retrospect it COVID seems to be the most likely suspect.

    Given the above evidence I am sure the WHO will come to the inevitable conclusion that it escaped from the Wuhan lab in Dec19! [The country that detected MUST have infected!]

    It seems to me that the most promising way to detect the source is by using sewage samples, although I do not know how common it is for water authorities to keep samples for two years or more.


    All this is bringing up memories of past events.

    Here is Bush J. touting smallpox vaccines, Dec. 2002.

    “Our government has no information that a smallpox attack is imminent, but it is prudent to be prepared for the possibility that terrorists . . . would use this disease as a weapon,” the grim-looking president said in prefacing his televised announcement.

    Noting that public health agencies began preparing for a smallpox vaccination program more than a year ago, he said, “America has stockpiled enough vaccine and is now prepared to inoculate our entire population in the event of a smallpox attack. Americans and anyone who would think of harming Americans can be certain that we are prepared to respond quickly to a smallpox emergency.”

    The predicted bio-terror attack was to be the work of Al-Quaida and Saddam Hussein! (\Who loathed each other..) followed on after Amerithrax, which killed 4-5 ppl and ensured the passing of the Patriot Act after 9/11.

    Didn’t work out, partly because of oppo from medics, just one of google:


    More from the Past. On Dark Winter, has a title mention up top. Of course it’s a standard expression, yet references are being made to it again and again, by J. Biden for ex.

    Operation Dark Winter was a simulated exercise of a bio-terror attack (smallpox) in the USA which took place just before 9/11, end June. Wiki has an entry:

    Hospitals overwhelmed, services down (electric grid for ex.), mob violence, perhaps civil war, massive loss of life..


    from Wiki:

    Participants worried that it would not be possible to forcibly impose vaccination or travel restrictions on large groups of the population without their general cooperation. To gain that cooperation, the President and other leaders in Dark Winter recognized the importance of persuading their constituents that there was fairness in the distribution of vaccine and other scarce resources, that the disease-containment measures were for the general good of society, that all possible measures were being taken to prevent the further spread of the disease,[and that the government remained firmly in control despite the expanding epidemic.

    Plus ca change as the French would say.

    Dr. D

    A lot in Bosch I don’t understand. A rabbit out of a hat or an owl from a basket? A pickpocket for a man showing off by dangling his keys. A good opportunity to place a hand on a woman’s breast. A series of optical illusions. But most interested, is that child have a helicopter stick toy in 1500? Why not, it would work as well as any bullroarer.

    For today’s economic reset, some headlines:

    To Build Back Better, we must reinvent Capitalism. Here’s how.”

    So it’s not capitalism, which is voluntary free exchange, and therefore not freedom. So it will require overthrowing the Constitution, that is to say, overthrowing our National government. Would this be anything like “Fundamentally transforming the United States”?

    A Fusion of State and Corporation is what form of government? “State Capitalism”? Or something more pointed, according to the man who coined the term, Bonito?

    Ah but this is the GOOD Fascism. This is the techno Fascism that will get the Hyperloop monorail space trains to run on time. Trust me. Would a guy who gets rich burning drivers alive and the government who both pays him and protects him lie to you?

    The one thing you learn from history is that I’m doomed to watch people repeat history. Doubleplus hard.

    Covid chart has reporting problems. Africa is best of all: do they do tests? No additional deaths means 100% deaths are shifted to Covid, but HOW MUCH they shift is political. What do you WANT the numbers to say? Who are you conning and how suspicious are they? So I’m saying at this point, we don’t even HAVE Covid death numbers – my God – because we are overrun with rapacious, bare-faced liars. ARE we worse than Greece and Russia? Or are they telling the truth not adding in accidents, heart attacks, and poisonings, as we ADMIT we do.

    If I’m wrong, why does no one fill the middle space on that chart? They should congregate the middle. Instead, unrelated to behavior, they either are nations Covid=yes or Covid=no. Like, please report it, I’ve got cures to sell, or don’t report it, for…whatever.

    New rule Research = Misinformation! And when that’s true, no wonder they don’t want scientists discussing things. They’ll only all misinform each other. We’re modern and enlightened, not cave men: Don’t you know we start from the conclusion now?

    “Just as the WHO team is set to start investigating the origin.”

    The the WHO that covered for China and missed everything for politics, is now investigating China. Sure, goldfish. Squirrel. Why wouldn’t we trust their every word? And the WHO used what test to show it pre-existed Wuhan?

    And China says it’s arch-enemy India’s fault? It’s settled. India Man Bad. It was their bats and pangolins, or whatever made-up nonsensical story is official in this half-hour of November.

    Actually it’s surprising no pandemics come from India. Maybe has to do with how they don’t have bioweapon labs like Wuhan, Porton Down, or that amazing center of coincidences, Ft. Dix

    Renowned Expert Concludes 2020 Election Results Were Fraudulent (CTH)”

    But he said one wrong thing, so now he’s stupid, wrong, and works for Russia. News at 11. Like “America’s (former) Mayor” I try not to get lost in the details: they kicked out the monitors, boarded up the windows, then found 100k Biden votes at a pop at a 90% rate. What do you want from me? I can’t cover that up. I can’t help you.

    Example: in polling stations, in time allotted, the scanning machines are physically incapable of scanning 110k ballots in the time they appeared. Ideal, race-car conditions, 80k, which is not real-world. 70M Trump votes + 85M Biden votes = 153M total votes. Congratulations! We had a 100% voter turnout, higher than Australia! There are as many of these examples as you care to read. Since apparently no one cares, what does it matter? We’ve been doing this long before Kennedy in the same 14 cities all the anomalies appeared in this year too.

    The Government Does Not Have a Maxed out Credit Card.” Really? Is that why Gold is $2k and Bitcoin $20k? Is that why Thanksgiving costs were higher than ever and there are food and supply shortages appearing everywhere? Before you do victory laps, safe in apparatchik-land of Starbucks and yoga studios, ask Argentina if this looks at all familiar. It’s hits the poor first and hardest, and makes the rich wealthy as Croesus.

    Looks like the court agrees with the Doctor, it IS strange to have every church closed and every casino and liquor store wide open. …Not to mention for these mental midgets I can still go down the street and buy a gay hooker and a bag of heroin and they’re not closed at all. They are wide open. But not to fear: if you’re worried, they can sell me a gun to protect myself using a fake ID. And the judge thinks we follow any of those laws either.

    John Day

    The commentariat has already seen mot of what I am posting today:

    Please take this very seriously. The 1975-1976 Swine Flu vaccine killed more people than the swine flu.
    It’s the basis of the stories about “getting the flu from the vaccine”.
    It was a rush-job vaccine in a perceived emergency after some early flu fatalities in US military personnel..
    ​ Side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine won’t be a ‘walk in the park,’ doctors warn
    The vaccines in final stages of trial are said to induce symptoms similar to the virus.
    ​ ​”We really need to make patients aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park,” Fryhofer said during a virtual meeting with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, an outside group of medical experts that advise the CDC. “They are going to know they had a vaccine. They are probably not going to feel wonderful. But they’ve got to come back for that second dose.”

    ​Ilargi at The Automatic Earth also sends this article about the UK giving its most vulnerable subjects “4 months of free vitamin-D”.
    (The fine point is that this is a 400 IU dose, the minimum USRDA, so little as to never have been shown helpful in any medical study for any purpose. Doses for immune support are higher than for bone formation support. It takes A LOT to get blood levels up into normal range.)
    400 IU (10 microgram, 1/100th milligram) is the dose you give if you need to show vitamin-D not working.
    I’m a scientist. I have done medical research. This is how “science” is done if you know you need to show a failure.
    (Notice that 4 months of 400 units per day is about 48,000 units cumulative winter dose of vitamin-D. It is less than a single day’s dose in the study I reference below, which gave this as a daily dose for 14 days or more, attempting to get vitamin-D levels into the mid-normal range.)
    More than 2.5m people in England to get free vitamin D
    Care home residents and clinically vulnerable to be offered four-month supply

    ​From my 11/25/20 post​
    It’s a small study, but it helps define vitamin-D dose for hospital inpatients, or anybody who needs to get vitamin-D levels up quickly. 60,000 units per day is 12 of the 5000 unit pills of vitamin D3 that we can buy at the store. That’s the daily dose for about 2 weeks. Most people got into the mid-normal range on this dose and nobody’s level went above the normal range. The people who got vitamin-D cleared the virus sooner, based on repeat testing. Thanks to commenter “Amazed”.

    Dave Note

    Hieronymus Bosch The Conjurer 1502

    Shell game Hustle

    Nothing new under the sun


    If we were actually living through a catastrophic pandemic there would be no need to debate statistics, would there? The evidence would be right in front of our faces.

    In the beginning it was. We saw the body bags. But then something happened, and the viral load numbers started to drop. Once that happened, the death rate plummeted. Why did the viral load numbers drop? Mutation? Weather? Social distancing? There has been a conspiracy of silence about viral load — it’s just not discussed.

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