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    Leonardo da Vinci A Copse of Trees 1508   • President Trump Could Be Discharged From Walter Reed On Monday (JTN) • Largest COVID19 Contact Tracin
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    V. Arnold

    Leonardo da Vinci A Copse of Trees 1508

    How fascinating; and unspeakably beautiful…

    madamski cafone

    Pence and Harris prep for a debate with suddenly higher stakes

    It doesn’t seem Trump will croak from covid, but this image

    Harris and Pence

    seems more relevant than this one

    Trump and Pence.


    Spelling is important



    • Why Are Dems Praying for Speedy Recovery of a “Fascist Dictator”? (Greenwald)

    Mister Roboto

    Political YouTuber Kyle Kulinski on Trump’s illness.

    Dr. D

    “The DNC Hired CrowdStrike to Frame Russia for the Hack (Farnan)”

    No one’s been arrested and never will be: they’ll all die of old age first.

    “Tulsi has balls.”

    Can we just replace the standing GOP with Tulsi?

    “Failure-proof is achievable; failure-free is not.” – Nassim Taleb

    Murphy would have something to say about this. There is no proof against idiots, from the signified monkey monkeying around. What would we call someone who believes it isn’t?

    Dr. D

    Looks like a drawing over camera obscura.



    It doesn’t seem Trump will croak from covid, but this image seems more relevant than this one

    As long as Trump is part of the game, there’s nothing more relevant than Trump.

    That’s not an opinion. His presence has driven everything for 4+ years. It’s kept the NYT and CNN/MSNBC alive; they would be gone without him. The Dems’ only message 4+ years in is they are not Trump. That’s it, no other message. If he would be voted out, the MSM would be to. Politics would stop attracting viewers and readers by 50-80%.

    Trump generates clickbait; Pence and Biden do not. Pence will never win anything. People detest Kamala more than they did Hillary.

    I’m afraid that even prior to the election, why wait?, there will be the first instances of a civil war in America.

    The only thing that still ties the nation together is Trump. Love him or hate him.

    John Day

    Ilargi said: “The only thing that still ties the nation together is Trump. Love him or hate him.”

    I can’t sort that out, it just keeps looping like Epimenides’ Paradox, a linguistic Moebius strip.
    Please try not to do that again, until I can get over this one, maybe someday after the election results are agreed, and so on…
    I’m caught upon TAE now, but there has been a lot of work at the clinic, turning over 3 full sized vegetable gardens for fall winter, and even human/family responsibilities.
    Less posting lately.

    John Day

    Dwarf Nam Wah and Dwarf Orinoco banana “pups” should arrive today, complementing apple-banana, lady-finger-banana, ice-cream-banana and dwarf Cavendish types. The bed is still under black plastic, as it has been for a month, and needs to be forked, amended, roto-tilled, mulched and drip-irrigated.
    Shout out to V.Arnold for useful banana context.


    I think that Dr D is right about the drawing. Wikipedia notes Da Vinci’s long interest and expertise with camera obscura(s?). But V. Arnold’s “unspeakable beauty” is all Da Vinci. He simplified and coordinated from his natural sense of balance between the unique and the universal (my definition of the essence of beauty). Beauty integrates the unique and the universal, our most disparate selves. Beauty matters.
    Thanks again, Raul.


    Ilargi said: “The only thing that still ties the nation together is Trump. Love him or hate him.”

    I can’t sort that out, it just keeps looping like Epimenides’ Paradox, a linguistic Moebius strip.
    Please try not to do that again, until I can get over this one…

    Don’t worry my friend, this is the big one for now. Nothing can rival it. You got time.

    Well, on that one at least. Maybe not on what happens before and after Nov. 3. because many other people have the same Moebius problem that you do, but not all of them may react to it in the same calm way you do.

    Mr. House
    John Day

    The Trumpster was never taken out of action by the virus that has been ravaging Big-Mac consumers his age all year. Uh, how come?  Update (1515ET): Dr. Conley has confirmed that although President Trump isn’t out of the woods yet, he has recovered enough to warrant his safe return back to the West Wing, as the president announced via tweet roughly 30 minutes ago.
      Doctors said that Trump has maintained a full work schedule at Walter Reed. He will receive his fourth dose of remdesivir Monday evening, before taking the fifth and final dose on Tuesday.
      When pressed by a reporter about the safety risks to the Secret Service agents during Trump’s ride outside Walter Reed Sunday evening, Dr. Conley said that the agents wore PPE, as they have in recent days, and that the trip took place over a “very short period of time”.
      Circling back to Trump’s mental acuity, reporters asked whether there had been any fogginess as a result of the medication, or the virus, Dr. Conley assured reporters that “he’s back” and that Trump has been a “great” patient.
      Looking ahead, Dr. Conley said advanced diagnostic techniques will be used to detect when the last traces of ‘live’ virus have left the president. Dr. Conley said that people are most at risk of shedding the live virus during the first 5 days of infection, but usually by ten days the last traces have left.
      Trump got treated with antiviral medicines shortly after he was diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2, based upon a screening test. (A super-spreader cluster was identified at the White House, with 29 people now positive, from that event. The unmasking in the Rose Garden for Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is blamed, but the people who got sick were all inside without masks for the reception afterward. I think that’s where the viral cloud got ’em.)  We have all been told that the only advantage to early and frequent testing is early isolation to reduce spread. All the drugs the Chinese used, and the rest of the world uses, have not been shown to save lives in America, where nobody is allowed to have them until they are almost dying.These antiviral drugs only worked in cell cultures, China which is to blame, and fakes results, and poor countries like India. Just stay at home until you need a ventilator. Do NOT use drugs from India and Bangladesh! Are you CRAZY?!    Trump announced in May that he was taking hydroxychloroquine/zinc prophylaxis, but no mention is made of it now. None. Was it stopped sometime in the summer? Anyway, nobody says he was taking it last week and he’s not taking it now. Hydroxychloroquine/Zn does seem to work as prophylaxis in studies.
      There is a progression in the attack of SARS-CoV-2 upon the human body. It’s moderately well understood now, but understandings are broadly misrepresented to the public by the national medical bureaucracy. Many treating physicians have been mocked and belittled in the press for saying that there are treatments to reduce morbidity and mortality from COVID.  Rheumatic fever, from untreated Strep Throat used to be a major cause of death and morbidity in the US. That stopped when strep throat started to be treated promptly with penicillin. Now it’s unheard of.
      In HIV, we discovered that all the “AIDS-defining-illnesses” like pneumocystis pneumonia, and Kaposis’s Sarcoma would just never happen if viral infection was detected early and antivirals were started before the virus had caused widespread injury. Even Tony Fauci knows that.
      Now, with the way Donald Trump is being treated, with antivirals reserved for the hopelessly ill, and getting a rapid recovery from early symptoms, when we know he’s exactly the target this virus likes to find, maybe we can get a national reprieve and Make-America-Average-Intelligent-Again.
      What if everybody took a little saliva test everyMonday and Thursday? What if people at higher risk or even higher anxiety level, got treated as soon as the test was confirmed, like President Trump did, and some of the other party-goers probably are?  Hey, what if all the people who tested positive before elective surgery got treated that way for starters? I bet we could set up a study proposal to do that in about 3 months, and have it reviewed for possible approval by next spring!To have convincing scientific evidence you have to go through the process. It takes a lot of time. Just treating people, like in the old days, can’t give you convincing evidence that it is better to take ordinary drugs for a life threatening infection, before your life is already threatened.Some people might want to do that if they test positive, of course, but it’s not to be condoned, is it?
      What if it was somebody in your family? You know how stressful that can be, right? What if great-aunt, or grandma isolated at home and took some safe, purportedly antiviral combination like ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline, or hydroxychloroquine and zinc if her EKG was ok?Would you go for that? Would it seem ok to you? If auntie-grandma just got a positive screening  test after 3 visits to the ER , and couldn’t get the surgery she needed, would you think she should take some treatment, even before she got sick with fever, diarrhea, hurting all over, and gasping for air? How would you know the medicine really worked if she never got sick enough to be sure? Can’t have that, can you?
      Our family is treating Auntie-Grandma. Judge us if you must, but we are weak and subject to temptation. We fear the guilt which would come from inaction if she did get badly sick and suffered, and maybe died. She has started ivermectin, doxycycline, and will get the zinc in a couple of hours when the family-courier gets it to her.
    We’ll letcha know how it works out. Maybe she can get her surgery without too long of a wait.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    Agreed that Trump is pivotal center of our incompetent chaos, the one factor reliably disrupting the duopoly from fulfilling its nasty to do list. He’s a splendidly loose cannon. But loose cannon tend to fall overboard.

    John Day

    I swear it was better laid out before the auto-fit function on the blog got to it.
    Feel free to use it as an essay, Amigo.
    We may be on the cusp of paradigm shift.
    I sure hope we are.
    Take 5000 units per day of vitamin-D.
    “Auntie Grandma” is taking 5000 units 3 times a day with her zinc, vitamin-C and NAC 600 mg for the next 10 days.


    Two things. First, I was watching some young teenagers downtown and the way they wore their fashionable masks- and pulled them down to talk- made me realize that to them it was a fad, and fads fade. They are going to get sick of all this anti-human insanity.
    Second, in some CSPAN clips from the MSM, they used the phrase “therapeutic treatments” as they discussed the not-particularly ailing president. I think this pulls the rug from under the mandatory vaccine position.
    So today I am happy. It doesn’t hurt that it’s sunny and 67F.
    Trump holds us together? In so many ways… Funny, that.

    In my life, I remember “bad” dogs* and their indomitable personalities so much more fondly than “good” dogs and their domestication.
    *Not mean dogs.

    John Day

    @Mr. House: I think the essay is good, but it still remains to be seen how this will play out. Lots of us saw in January/February that this was going to be the reset. I did, Ilargi did, Charles Hugh Smith did…
    Financial elites are used to holding all the cards and having all accidents and errors benefit the bank. I have some hope that it won’t work out for them this time, but that will probably be every bit as hard on the rest of us, for the rest of this decade, as if it does go sort of according to plan.
    This is the central-banking-global-war-on-terror.
    What could go wrong?

    Mr. House

    This was interesting

    Mr. House

    If anyone wants to see an example of the treatment non narrative believers get this is a great example

    Links 10/05/2020

    madamski cafone

    @ Straightwalker

    “Beauty integrates the unique and the universal, our most disparate selves.”


    John Day

    @Madamski @Straightwalker
    Sounds like this is the “beauty” you are speaking of:
    Walking in Beauty

    V. Arnold

    @ John Day
    Shout out to V.Arnold for useful banana context.

    Thanks. I doubt dwarf is correct for Nam Wah; Nam Wah is a small (half the size [length] of Cavandish) banana; but sweet and full of flavor. My favorite after Hok Mok…

    John Day

    @V.Arnold: “Dwarf” refers to height, in this context. They came in today in good condition, and are adapting to the back porch in a container with a little water in the bottom. I’ll pot them up tomorrow.

    V. Arnold

    @V.Arnold: “Dwarf” refers to height, in this context.

    Thanks for the clarification Doc…happy trails…


    Thanks. A few hundred years ago Francis Bacon said, “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” That seemed right when I read it, a great observation, but I couldn’t leave it at that. I used the quote as an epigram in a book I wrote. I kept thinking about beauty: what is it? Why are we so affected by it?
    Finally, I gave up trying to find words. It’s hopeless, I thought.
    Then I had an idea. Stop thinking and do something. Try and make something beautiful and see if you learn anything that way.
    Iain Oughtred, on the Isle of Skye, designs gorgeous small wooden boats. My son needed a dinghy. Neither of us had built a boat, but Finn is good with tools, had (has) a garage, and could help when I was over my head. I sent for plans.

    A year or so later the hull (Oughtred’s “Auk”) was done and turned right side up so I could work on the inside stuff. I was admiring the great lines and also noticing the
    mistakes and choices that I made along the way. I realized that no two boats built from these plans would be the same. It was unique. The mistakes were the strangeness in the proportion. The lines were universal. Got it. That’s beauty (the components). The marriage of unique and universal. I think the definition scales to any culture or medium.

    So, a long explanation, but I thought it might be interesting. The words didn’t just pop into my head.
    Finn loves his boat.


    @John Day
    Thanks, John, for “Walking in Beauty.” Great stuff. Much to learn and absorb.

    V. Arnold

    I believe it was the Hopi who had a word for a beauty, which defied description; Zot.
    At the time it was applied to a piece of Turquoise…

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