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    Pablo Picasso Five women 1907   • Mandating Vaccinations For Domestic Flights (Gato Malo) • Wuhan and US Scientists Planned To Create A New Coron
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 6 2021]


    “All guests were required to be vaccinated to board the cruise. ”


    Safe and effective – unbelievable!

    Check it yourself.


    Cold dark winter coming here in the UK!

    Gas prices in the UK just surged by 40% on the day to a new all-time high.

    “Natural gas prices surge as much as 37% to fresh highs in U.K.”

    V. Arnold

    Right on Ted Nugent:
    A rootin tootin, straight shootin, kinda guy… 😉


    “Fear” –


    Well, well!

    “Some of the symptoms of so-called long-covid, the ailments that can persist for months after a Covid-19 infection, may be caused by inflammatory molecules trapped inside tiny blood clots, a scientist at South Africa’s Stellenbosch University said. ”


    4000% markup!

    “A FIVE-DAY COURSE of molnupiravir, the new medicine being hailed as a “huge advance” in the treatment of Covid-19, costs $17.74 to produce, according to a report issued last week by drug pricing experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and King’s College Hospital in London. Merck is charging the U.S. government $712 for the same amount of medicine, or 40 times the price.”

    Dr. D


    Perusing NBC as usual. My God they’ve gone insane. Like, every article now, shrill and inaccurate in the sense of being the #Opposite, even to a casual overview.

    ‘It’s bad news’: Matt Gaetz sex crime probe takes a new turn.” Uh, the FBI involved in the accusations were arrested. Huh?

    Sinema and Manchin could pay dearly for their penny-pinching obstinacy.”
    Joe’s figured out how to show the world the GOP is to blame on the debt ceiling. Here’s how.” (Also my most hated headline format)

    DNC has control of EVERYTHING. From rulings, even the USSC, who like all of them, takes money from China (for lectures). And the filibuster, budget, actions of Congress are REPUBLICANS’ fault? Okay, Manchin. Again, last I checked all Congressmen are created equal. So his opinions are worthless if the Squad votes against, or the Squad could have the same power as, as they’ve proven steadily they won’t use for anything involving the people.

    Etc. The point is, even the dumbest NPR listener (but I repeat myself) knows these headlines can’t be true. They’ve gone ‘round the bend of clickbait to “Ain’t nobody listening to us.”

    Real news: “Trump asks a judge to make Twitter let him tweet — but it’s a free country.

    Huh, that’s odd since the real story is that after Facebook was taken offline worldwide, when it came back up, Cheeto’s account was fully restored. Two days ago. Crickets.

    “DOJ steps in as right-wing hysteria threatens teachers, school safety.” –NBC

    Ah, “Public Safety Committees”, the thrust of the National Socialists, the pride and honor of the guillotine Jacobins. Point here – besides, as Pelosi, subpoenaing all political opposition right down to the School Board level (nice!) – is that there were city-wide arsons all summer, and in fact another bombing (it seems) yesterday right in front of the Supreme Court. Crickets.

    BLM is protesting wildly on DeBlasio. DeBlasio uses the FBI to arrest the NYC police union. …More heroes! Never Forget! We fire all our heroes without unemployment, the very minute they stop “Doing what they’re told” and arresting our political enemies. “They hate us for our freedoms.” Literally.

    How about this? “ISIS-K suicide bomber who carried out deadly Kabul airport attack had been released from prison days earlier.” Uh, so ISIS attacks all enemies of the United States? Weird terrorists. Strange Islamic extremists. Almost like an extension of the CIA. …Who Afghanistan defeated AGAIN. Only yesterday.

    “Hospitalization rates are down, but these 8 states still have fewer than 15% of ICU beds available.” –CNN

    15% What The F—? 15%? What are they, states that are abandoned, empty, as everyone flees NY? Has there ever been an ICU in history under 15% level? JHC. So cheers to Raul who has to claw through this dumpster fire of burning doggie-do.

    “His dad was vaccinated and his son was not. He lost them both to Covid-19.” –CNN

    Great ad for your product, I’ll sign up today.

    “Study confirms pandemic hit Black Americans, American Indians and Latinos harder than Whites.” –CNN

    The DISEASE may not have, but Fauci and DeBlasio sure did. Helping! We had no choice but to unemploy all black people! And now arrest them for public health and decency! We’re Progressives!

    Anyway, you see the point. I think they’ve lost the plot. They’re talking to no one, and therefore influencing no one. They’re not persuasive because collectively their jumble of propaganda and lies has no cohesion and makes no sense. …Nor is it relevant. Energy shortages will have far more impact. It says “Fear, Fear, Fear” but fear what? They can’t define. Everything? McConnell but ALSO Manchin? Iran but not-Iran? Black people who are also heroes and victims and therefore our moral superiors? Who? What? Huh?

    Biden was not aware”

    Ah yes, but the real story is, JOHN KERRY IS ADMITTING THIS? On public TV. Really. He’s saying White Joe is not competent, isn’t running anything. Sure, okay then.

    There has not been a single reported superspread on a plane. None. There have been about a zillion flights.”

    Given Covid, anybody want to explain this? ‘Cause it seems contrary to all known science to me.

    “the database of viral strains at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was taken offline some 18 months later, making it impossible to check what scientists there were working on.”

    Are you guys mental? Did you ask Ft. Deitrick and the NSA, ‘cause pretty sure they’ve got a copy. If not, fire them, burn down their buildings, and plow the ashes. Since they DO have them, what does that tell you about that that database said? How about that we’re about to attach $20 Trillion in war reparations to China for attacking us?

    …Can’t believe in this day and age there are STILL people who think things on the Internet “go away.” But…reporters, so illiterate and gullible. They’re like children, only dumber.

    “The Extraordinary Hypocrisy of Molnupiravir (PR)”

    I assume Deflationista is going to pop up and remind us that this study is of no value whatsoever – and therefore the drug, and Merck – because it’s a non-study involving a mere 775 people? Right? Yet HCQ n’ IVM which has billions of doses, over the counter, and no deaths is dangerous and reckless, even as an off-label try.

    Employees who do not comply face termination, without any separation benefits.”

    Savin’ some money, killin’ some folks. So we know the economy is in freefall, and we need to load-shed even more to have any appearance we are not in a Bank/Govt merger created collapse. “And then a Miracle happened!” And that miracle saved Medicare. And granted government dictatorial martial law powers for all eternity. Another darn coincidence! Gosh they’re everywhere. ..Right after they run war games and publish whole books on the exact same plans.

    proactively monitor all user speech and evaluate its potential for harm.”

    Uh, “harm”? Harm who? How? Aspirin causes harm, and so does scaring on children about unstoppable climate collapse. Oh you mean, “We do whatever WE want. OUR speech is not-harm, your speech is ‘harm’.” Okay, then, gotcha. Does anyone see why we have a 1st Amendment now? Speech everyone agrees on doesn’t need to be protected. Exhibit A: Ted Nugent.

    Personally, I think Canada should do it. Nothing could move speech to Proxies, Gab, Telegram, or the bowling alley faster. Not only would they lose all control of speech, but be blinded as well.




    Dr. D

    Forgot: Yesterday’s offer of Ben Fulford. Yes, very far-out. However, he used to be the official Asia editor for Forbes stationed in Japan, so, more like Hunter S. Thompson, “If we reporters said what we knew…”?

    His thesis is that the U.S….or rather a banking power bloc within…defaulted on China which seems eminently reasonable. Probably established required truth. And in order for this “Western” (Anglo) power bloc to get time, pay off the repossession, they offered to hand over Australia to China as foreclosure. Also perfectly logical, reasonable, possible, and in the right size-of-payment. Oz immediately goes nuts, even in Anglo terms, deaths spike in a nation with no Covid, arranging their nation for Chinese social credit, destroying themselves internally in every possible way, as even we, outsiders, commented on. As there being no other possible logic than “China.”

    Ben adds that Dapper Dan Andrews was doin’ some SuperBad, as these inbreds do, China wanted to yank his leash, caught him at it, beat him senseless almost to being paraplegic, and said, as all such criminals say: “Do as you’re told! You’re my little puppy now!” And Dapper Dan done did. Yesterday’s press conference? “Well, nobody’s going to work ever again, so…” Does that sound like anything normal, even for the vicious, soulless Anglos? No it does not. They would lie, deceit, slow walk, prevaricate. Oh and steal and murder. But they will not ADMIT it. That’s how you know it’s bananas, not-normal, not-Anglo.

    So I totally believe this. Fits all geopolitics I’m aware of, and may make our readers of Oz feel better, make more sense. You’re under occupation. Vichy France and Quisling. I mean we are too, but not to this level. It gives logic and order to facts and helps direct your response.

    Our response, apparently, was that the White Hats of the West, and Anglos, grabbed back with the resignation of Oz Pfizer collaborators, then a set nuke deal that double-crossed the offer to hand over Oz and all its people to the enemy to be ethnically cleansed.

    …And that’s why the CCP was so mad about it, what seems like nothing, and said they are now directly targeting Oz for nuclear attack. Which they openly said.

    PS, the CCP is in a big-time trouble. China may bounce back, but I suspect the CCP is going down, which is good for all of us. Although NY/London will lose power and financial center, which is only right when you’re lying, cheating, stealing, double-crossing inbred morons. I approve. Because the U.S. will lose the empire right on time and go back to being a national republic.

    Anyway, that’s Ben for ya. True or false, I like to hear it because it makes you think.

    Michael Reid

    New Brunswick province in Canada is going into lockdown Chris sky/1241


    New vocabulary –
    Vaccine passport, Adverse event rate, breakthrough, leakage, long haulers, Flatten the curve, long-covid
    Cut expenses – Purge the military, reduce civilian employees – Must have vaccine passport

    Travel industries will rebound – after to full vaccination and vaccine passport
    Flatten the curve – Chose your cocktail
    molnupiravir or Ivermectin

    standard of care for early COVID-19: go home, incubate, get sick, and die if you must. But don’t call us until you are seriously ill.

    Slow down
    Why, when the litany of studies have been published on the efficacy of off-label use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, has the media been silent or hostile to the published studies? When meta-analyses find that the studies – both randomized clinical trials and observational studies – spanning the range of prophylaxis, mild, moderate and severe COVID-19 support immediate adoption for early treatment using ivermectin especially – why in the world is Merck’s molnupirvir interim analysis given the spotlight?

    Before we get too excited about molnupirvir, let’s remember that there are 29 studies on ivermectin and 32 studies on hydroxychloroquine totaling over 26,000 and 54,000 patients combined, respectively.

    (See,, and

    Merck’s non-peer-reviewed molnupirvir interim analysis report study? Only 775 patients.

    According to the US press, with 775 patients in the Merck study, 7.3% of patients given molnupiravir were either hospitalized or died 9 days after treatment, compared to the 14.1% of placebo patients.

    None died, but 7.3% were hospitalized.

    And 14.1% on placebo died.

    Did Merck cherry-pick their results and cherry-pick one of two studies for their press release.
    While shutting down any competition from repurposed drugs like HCQ or Ivermectin, they deftly rolled out the vaccines first, making sure not to confuse the consumer with antiviral pills that would only be allowed AFTER the majority of the population had been vaccinated.
    Moreover, more than anyone, Merck is in the position to know Ivermectin’s true safety profile as they provided those billions of doses for the Mectizan Donation program.

    Moreover, the study only involved 775 patients. This is far too few on which to base an approval. Right? Isn’t that what we have been told regarding Ivermectin? After all, we now have over 32 randomized controlled trials of Ivermectin in COVID, reflecting a 58% improvement in the Ivermectin groups compared to placebo. Thus, we have 65 clinical trials in total involving 655 scientists and 47,717 patients. We have been told this is insufficient evidence, so the Merck data on 775 patients cannot possibly be enough if we use the same standard.

    With Ivermectin, we see an average of 86% improvement in 14 prophylaxis studies, a 66% improvement in 29 early treatment trials, a 40% improvement in 22 late treatment trials, a 57% improvement in the 26 mortality trials. This data has been updated to October 1, 2021.
    Its time for Thanksgiving


    Does anyone knows anything about the Deagel depopulation forecast? Is it legit?

    What is Deagel? Why the forecast was retracted last April?

    Some scary predictions if true


    The claim that NZ has snookered itself by marginally adjusting some aspects of lockdown conditions, primarily by allowing limited contact between two bubbles of up to ten outdoors, by potentially allowing them to go to the beach is dubious.
    What we have is reliance on the hope that vaccination to a high level will set us free. This is heavily touted by the media, and any questioning is suppressed as reflecting disinformation. Small wonder that most form their views by absorption of this.
    Fast forward 6-12 months to when it becomes endemic, vaccination or not, and the mental gymnastics will become interesting.

    Dr. D

    Dmitry. Believe it or not, nobody knows who Deagel is. I mean, not on the outside. Ain’t that weird?

    So suppose JimmyJohn, Sasquatch researcher, releases on his blog: not picked up on MSM. But Deagel is? So who are they again that certain followers know to take them seriously? They’re serious but we don’t know who they are, so they could be JimmyJohn? Could be Alex Jones? Don’t pull my leg.

    Okay, next, they’ve released interesting things for years. And then release this, just ahead of time, that just Haaaaaaapppppens to follow exactly the death rate and nations that are affected by CV. (if like exactly ½ of vax die prematurely) And never, at any time, gave any mechanism or reason, for any prediction. They predicted correctly perhaps that everyone was going to die. But not why. Does that sound like human thought to you? A: no. Humans presume scenario: war; scenario: economic collapse; scenario: pandemic. THEN work forward to all effect and death rates. They gave a death rate but reason was “Immaculate Conception”, “The Rapture.”

    And were taken seriously, then and now. Uh-huh. Because anonymous Sasquatch researchers who predict half the planet will die next Wednesday for no reason are considered credible and taken seriously all the time. Retracted last April either when a) people started asking questions or b) clearly the CV nor vaq behaved neatly as predicted.

    Somebody knows who they are. I do not.

    Mr. House

    Deagal prediction still available on the automatic earth if you sift thru my comments

    Mr. House

    @Dr. D

    This could also fit with that link i posted yesterday and what that gentleman thinks is going on:

    “Geopolitically, today sees the first of what are likely to be fruitless rounds of US-China security pow-wows, this one in Switzerland. That is as: the US bans the export of some nuclear materials to China; the Biden administration reveals how many nukes it has –less than thought– removing strategic ambiguity (why not their locations too?); John Kerry suggests President Biden was unaware of either the AUKUS deal or the fall-out with France; the CIA admits dozens of its operatives around the world have been killed of late; and Taiwan’s president writes a pleading letter to the world in Foreign Affairs. You know, a normal day in modern markets.”

    Figmund Sreud

    Oh, Canada! No stopping the most wicked!

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government’s mandatory vaccine policy today, a mandate that will require public servants to get their COVID-19 shots by month’s end or be forced into an unpaid leave of absence. All would-be travellers must also be fully vaccinated by Oct. 30 to board a plane, train or marine vessel. […]

    Federal public servants, RCMP and air and rail travellers must be vaccinated by month’s end, Trudeau says


    Figmund Sreud

    Propaganda campaign in Alberta, … example of [ original vid by Alberta Health Services ]. This chap was actually vaccinated! See Patient Story: Paul:

    … anyway, vid of the chap:

    A Ventilator, hallucinations, and good-byes



    @ Michael Reid – remove spaces from “real Chris sky” and the link works
    Was probably an autocorrect

    Re Fauci clip today
    Sheer insanity. For anyone who had covid and recovered his words are idiotic. The jab has no benefit for the Covid recovered – and certainly not from a public health perspective.
    But, like Dr D always says…oppositeland, anti logic

    Denninger, jab privacy….
    I wish that this had been pointed out to me 7 months ago, before I was public about not being jabbed…
    Then I realized, the status from “unjabbed” to “jabbed” can flip…
    Just because I was unjabbed then doesn’t mean that hasn’t changed.
    So, I have decided to reclaim my privacy in this matter. Yes, up to today, I was “unjabbed” — from today onward, if asked, I will respond that the information is protected health information that I choose not to disclose.

    Regarding children…
    Children blab all sorts of things. They can’t be seen to legally lose their privacy in matters until they are 18. It is inappropriate for an adult to try to get a child to “inadvertently share” their vax status.
    I think my teens are going to get a mini lesson on privacy laws tomorrow, especially those concerning medical privacy, and I will strongly encourage them to respond to all inquiries as to their vax status as “ask my mom” or “that is private health information.”


    Interesting news and interesting that this isnt being covered as big news


    Austerity measures refer to economic policies implemented by governments to reduce government spending in order to reduce public debt and to shrink the budget deficit.

    Who forces the gov. to apply Austerity measures?
    I would think that it would be the powerful lenders who will not accept default.

    What is the fastest way to reduce gov. costs.

    Simple ….. get two vaccines ….. get your vaccine passport ….. or get laid off without pay ….. unions etc rendered poweless

    This is just another wealth transfer mechanism used by the enablers for the elitists.


    Satisfying two masters.

    1. Investor, lenders, rentiers want higher returns than the inflation rate which they created.
    2. Borrowers want free money.

    Of course, we know who has historically always been the winners.


    @Dr. D

    Thank you


    Just found out that another older acquaintance is having her second bout of unusual bleeding. 3 months ago it was her eye bleeding. Now it is rectal bleeding. Yes, she had the first two shots. She may have recently had the third — I don’t know. Did a quick search of openvaers — yes, there are many reports of rectal bleeding following c19 shot. Of course, among a community of retirees, spontaneous health issues are considered “normal” and no one (but me, I suppose,) suggests that this might be related to the shot.


    @ TDub

    So, a Chinese rocket over Australia. They could have fired it in many directions but chose to send it over us? Pretty well over my head.

    Hmmm. A warning shot across our metaphoric bows, perhaps. No wonder that our prime minister, who seems to think that he has the Mandate of Heaven, has jilted France and gone back to the old lovers, the US and UK, for (imagined) defence — and has copped enormous flak for it.

    Beats me why the MSM here aren’t reporting this, as it would bolster his case for making the AUKUS deal at all. Maybe it’s too early?

    Figmund Sreud

    J.M.Greer on yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s not mystery … and today’s state of affairs:
    That Untraversed Land

    That Untraversed Land



    RE: Denninger <i>finally</i> speaking about the privacy angle

    A quote from a LifeSite News article (ht to TBP):

    Dr. Kilian asked a final question in the virtual meeting about the claims that Sims and others at GBHS have made about the majority of COVID-associated cased in the region being among the unvaccinated. She asked if there was a detailed database that could be shared to prove this point. Sims stated that the vaccination status of the individuals who have been admitted in his region could not be released due to privacy reasons, but that the provincial government would have the information.

    And…as I have said several times since last year (probably even in a thread hereabouts)::

    Consider this scenario:

    Wife and I go to The Baked Potato to see a show. They, being within LA Co, are now required to ask me to ‘show my papers’ to enter. Doing so, and being admitted to the venue (or not), I have now broadcast my PHI to the door attendant, any passers-by on the sidewalk, the maintainer of the computer systems used to communicate this fact, all the club staff, all the other club visitors, the band, etc.

    I guess the county could mandate secret entrances and exits, but that doesn’t suit their goals at all, and might remind folks too much of the Sneetches and their own ‘Dr Fungus.’


    The JM Greer piece is a good and timely one. Thanks for the link, FS.

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