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    E. Swanson

    The present EU migration crisis is surely just beginning. At the heart of the problem, but never mentioned in the media, is the fact of the continued out of control population growth in many “developing” nations. The collision between all those new peoples and their local environments is exposing the ultimate “Limits to Growth” problem. If these folks can’t find a way to survive locally, they will move to places which they are led to believe things will be better. And, in so doing, they will add the the environmental degradation problems in their new home lands.

    Consider this report about migrants from the tiny nation, The Gambia, on the west coast of Africa. The most important point is found in one migrant’s story:

    Susso could afford only two meals a day for his family. He knew he would have to pull his four sons out of school in their early teens, so they could work his small rice field or make money elsewhere. He shared his two-room home with 12 people, including his brother, nieces and nephews, a bedsheet hanging where the front door should be…

    For each migrant who makes it to Europe, there are many sons (and daughters) waiting to make the same trek, following the siren’s call northward. And, its not just Europe which is seen as the Promised Land, the US can’t deal with the estimated 11 million already here from Mexico and Central America. Of course, the US may vote Mr. Trump into office and then we can send all those invaders (sorry, not a PC word) back to their breeding grounds. After we get that Great Wall build along our border(s) and shoot a few poor bastards who try to cross. That would look like Iron Curtain time all over again…:<(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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