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    John Vachon Rain. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Jun 1941 • China Stocks Sink Again: Shanghai Down 3.52% (Bloomberg) • China Sells Record FX In August, Show
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    “The only people who will stay are those who don’t have any money,” said Amal. “People are selling their cars and homes to come here.”

    Where is here?

    Your backyard!!!


    Neoliberalism’s ultimate (as in utopian) goal is to create a worldwide Zionist dictatorship in which Goyim swine will be tricked into annihilating each other by means of pseudoscientific, calculated economic schvindles , a long-term process of intellectual destruction engendered by mass propagandistic educational and media systems, and by appropriation of sovereign Western military and intelligence systems by shadow, unelected government policy advisors. And I have tried to read Polyani and find his writing incomprehensible.


    Polanyi…edit system not working.


    The “zionist” thing is becoming endemic in these alt economic forums, not to mention anything coming out of Russia in relation to Ukraine and many other things as well. The word has many meanings, but in this context it’s about banking.

    A brief history is in order. Lending at interest was almost unheard of Christendom until the Reformation.What lending there was often was done by Jews who had no strictures against lending. It was absolute Roman Catholic dogma that lending at interest was forbidden. Jews notably never followed the ban and so Jews tended to dominate banking as it grew.

    That was then, For at least 400 years European Christians entered banking enthusiastically. Sure, up into the 20th century Jewish dominated banks were a significant part of the worlds banking giants but hardly all of them. The worlds banking giants today cannot be considered Jewish in any sense. Good old WASPS totally dominate the banking giants now and in no sense can they be called Jewish. Well save one. That being lending at interest, banking, 500 years ago was a significantly Jewish dominated enterprise. That’s ancient history folks.

    Our current problems suggest that at least wariness about credit was in fact a well founded belief in moral philosophy. But credit and banking were not somehow thrust upon European Christians. No, the embraced it all on their own.

    Neo liberalisms foundation is not banking but a belief in the God like powers of markets. In fact for neo liberals the market is God. Not that banks don’t play their part. Please be wary of falling into ancient prejudices. Our high priests of money and banking now are the ‘whitest’ people on the face of the earth.


    “Please be wary of falling into ancient prejudices. Our high priests of money and banking now are the ‘whitest’ people on the face of the earth.”

    Thanks for the oblique anti-Semitic slur. A game that is getting very tiresome, at least in the USA among non-elites. Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Well, some of them may be “white” but what they are nominally is unlikely to be what they are functionally and they would not be where they are if they were not reliable players. I’ll stand by my concept of neoliberalism based upon a long life of careful objective observation, study and experience.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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