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    Edgar Degas In front of the mirror 1889     This piece came to me in an unusual way. A British friend sent it, after his wife sent it to him
    [See the full post at: Galileo vs the Vatican]

    Just Some Randomer

    “All I really know is the author’s name is Janet Daley, and she’s in all likelihood British”

    Janet Daley is an American born Brit who writes for the Daily Telegraph.


    U 2 can stand in the middle of a dark street to enjoy its mysterious pre-dawn view so long as you hold a camera:


    “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    After this medical fiasco, it should be:

    “Rage, rage against the murder of millions of people

    Nope, there’ll be no rage from the death-vaxxed.
    How ironic that it is the unvaxxed who are raging on their behalf.



    Janet Daley is an American born Brit who writes for the Daily Telegraph.

    I had no idea. Oh well, the more wake-ups the merrier.


    Opinions are mind-control techniques,
    The web is the diluter and the strange attractor/concentrator.


    The piece from the Telegraph (Torygraph vs. the Guardian) is imho a sort of limited hangout effort. quote:

    …our governing classes have certainly learnt something they will remember.
    The critical lesson that has been indelibly absorbed by people in power, and those who advise them, is that fear works.

    Journo obfuscation. Covid ‘policies’ (vax in first place, but masks, isolation, no school, others, etc.) were imposed via a pre-planned playbook (imho), NOT principally by inducing fear.

    The policies were effective not via boosting fear but by hitting the caring and compassion and being *a good person* (> accepted by society, an upstanding person, etc.) buttons. Extremely cynical and manipulative for sure.

    The spiel was, the Gvmt. ‘cared’ about constituents, the nurses, the NHS, etc., the Authorities were there to protect, help, be kind, reduce suffering, death. *Big Brother is protecting you!*

    Responsible citizens were supposed to follow along, get vaxxed not in first place not for their own benefit or survival, but to save other ppl, Granny, etc. from illness, death. A totally cynical manipulation …The article mentions ‘moral coercion’ but in a glancing way.

    The Governing classes ref. to in the article did not suddenly realise that ‘fear’ worked, this has been know since humans exist.

    It was the comprehensive suppression of dissent even when it came from expert sources – and the prohibition on argument even when it was accompanied by counter-evidence – that really did the trick.

    Yes, this is a good point.

    (pertains only to the Cov. part of the article.)

    Figmund Sreud

    @zerosumOpinions are mind-control techniques,

    Yes, … and that depends. If an opinion, however, is an informed opinion, game changes. That is, opinion based on knowledge of the subject, … substantiated knowledge.


    Figmund Sreud

    @noiretteThe piece…is imho a sort of limited hangout effort.

    Fully agree, … when I read it, the first thought sprung into my mind was, what a tiptoeing article is that?? Carefully avoiding, discussing, dealing with real issue, … yet attempting to!

    … it’s a start none the less.



    There is actually nothing new in this piece by Janet Daley.

    Governments (managers of the corporations that comprise the estates that are Oceania) have been using the combination of fear and censorship for well over a century, long before Orwell termed it Oceania (1947/48) -just not with respect to the recent covid scam, which was a spectacularly successful piece of trickery for a while- but with respect to practically everything.

    Censorship is at the heart of everything that the monsters who comprise NATOstan governments do: prevent the actual facts from being presented and prevent discussion of those facts, flood the targets with misinformation and keep repeating that misinformation.

    Or do the same in the reverse order. Flood the targets with misinformation and keep repeating that misinformation; prevent the actual facts from being presented and prevent discussion of those facts. ‘Two minutes of Hate’ helps reinforce some of the faux messages.

    For most victims of the machinations of the controllers, the first encounter with The Great Lying Machine used to commence at age 5, when they entered the indoctrination centres called schools. But these days many parents allow the indoctrination necessary for victims to be fully incorporated into The Matrix to commence at a much earlier age. I suspect the controllers would like to go fully Huxley (Brave New World), but have not yet worked out how to do it.

    I did battle with numerous agencies of the Empire of Lies in the past. On every occasion the tactics were always the same: present misinformation; devalue and ignore the facts, prevent public debate; vilify the presenter of correct information.

    I recall taking at length to the criminals at New Plymouth Deceit and Crime about both Galileo and Semmelweis. It made not a scrap of difference because the future actions of the council had already been decided and the ‘public consultation’ was merely for show. The bought-and-paid-for local media knew which side their bread was buttered and played the council’s game, vilifying anyone who dared mention the truth about the totally unsustainable nature of the economic arrangements.

    That is why the controllers can get away with making everything that matters worse, each day that passes.

    Of course, most of their fake narratives are unravelling now and those who presented the actual facts have been proven right- which the Empire of Lies will see as necessitating even more lies and even more censorship than were necessary when everything just chugged along nicely for them.

    Propaganda and censorship, plus physical aggression and repression are the order of the day, as witnessed when good folk living on Airstrip Five stood up the vicious Scorpion in Wellinton not so long ago. Or on Airstrip Three. Or on Airstrip Four. Cops maiming and killing people has been quite normal in defence of the corruption and lies on Airstrip Two for a very long time.

    We should not forget betrayal, since we have been living in the Age of Betrayal. And none have been more betrayed that the young inhabitants of the various Airstrips, for they shall inherit nothing: no energy supply (other than the Sun) no industrial food system, no stable climate system.

    So, we must not forget consequences, since we are living in The Age of Consequences, consequences that are an inevitable result of the deceits and brutality enforcement of those lies, that have charcerised many of the managers of The Estates of Oceania for a very long time.


    The list of Hobgoblins that they use is relatively short, but they have many children. For example, these are the current Hobgoblins that the “Unproductive Class” are using to foment fear in the populace:

    The War on Terror
    The War on Drugs
    The War on Climate Change
    The War on the Pandemic
    The War on Russia

    What all these Hobgoblins have in common is this:

    They are all constructed and artificial.
    They are all pumping fear.
    They are constantly blared out by the controlled media.
    They are not allowed to be questioned.
    None of these “Wars” can be won or conclusively dealt with.
    You can get tremendous “Funding” if you espouse any of these in a “Scientific” Way.
    They are easily revealed by their constant “Pumping” by the media.

    The way to reveal a lie is to grab your microscope and crawl into the pipe and start looking.
    One of the biggest problems today is the TLDR mentality (Too Long, Didn’t Read). Our culture is now based upon the instant gratification of looking momentarily at your phone to show you the “Truth”. I don’t find many people any more that are willing to climb into the narrative and tease out the lies.

    We are now entering the age of TCDU (Too Complicated, Don’t Understand). The Age of Reason required Critical Thinking which has two rules:

    1) Separate the Facts from the Opinions, and
    2) Check those Facts.

    The road to Reason is a fragile trail and the thread line is easily “bumped” off it’s tracks by Obfuscating Science Lies.

    Every Scientific Narrative has myriads of rabbit holes surrounding it. Any one of these can be used to shunt off intelligent Scientific inquiry. The Climate Nitrogen Scare is one of these.

    All Scientific phenomenon can be understood by almost anyone who tries. The trick is to form your opinions from facts and not from someone else’s opinions. Many facts are hidden, but most are in plain sight and the rest can be teased out with a bit of sleuthing.

    Remember this truth: If anyone selectively gathers together “Facts” into a pile, you are now looking at an opinion.

    Also remember: Facts lead to Opinions, Opinions lead to Beliefs, and Beliefs lead to Religion. You will almost never change someone’s Belief by showing them Facts. Changing someone’s Opinion with Facts is almost as impossible.

    So I encourage everyone to grab their Microscopes and begin to open up the narratives. Many here at TAE have been actively doing this for a long time. So long that it is easy to get jaded, and the much needed sarcasm results.

    Figmund Sreud

    Unadulterated “Putinism” in this vid, … plus some other stuff:



    I think they got out over their skiis on this one. There is a percentage of people that will happily fall for the same BS all over again because that’s human nature. But there’s a good percentage of people who were already questioning (aloud or just in their heads) a lot of what’s gone on over the past [insert whichever time frame you feel is accurate] … and the covid debacle laid bare just how much we the people are being manipulated by outright lies.

    There is evidence of this, for example, in the polls of people who trust the media (7% or something like that) … and the alternative media platforms are now pulling in more viewers/readers than most major TV networks and publishers. Despite censorship, the people (medical professionals and others) who offered a different perspective managed to break through the censorship barrier. And in doing that, they managed to break a new path for communication.

    I know it’s not popular here, but I have faith. Go long on popcorn.


    I just watched a discussion between Tulsi Gabbard and Russel Brand. Chew on that for a bit. Think it would have happened even a year ago?


    I can’t paste the latest WHO against the unjabbed but it is stark


    Hi oxy. 🙂

    The WHO?

    That would be … who? 😉

    Not an elected body. I’m not buying into it. And I’m not the only one who is *over* this nonsense.

    Hang in, hang on.


    Watching Tulsi, in her designer dresses bubbling the right words makes me “uncomfortable” just the same as watching Jean-Perre-Whatever, believe it or not.
    Compared to this:

    Doesn’t Mike Wallace at about 3:05 into the video actually talks about “Tuls’s army”?

    V. Arnold

    Interesting and quite a good take on gold ownership outside of the banking interests…


    A good essay today, Ilargi, but so difficult navigating in a sea of bad actors.

    We saw a history of scientific research purporting to show that there was no link between cigarette smoke and cancer. That research led to a paralysis of policy because it purported to show that the data was inconclusive.

    We now see industry-funded scientific research showing the glyphosate is perfectly safe. Do you believe it for a minute?

    We see industry funded research showing that pesticides are safe. Meanwhile, the bugs are dying (except those earmarked for human consumption). Do you believe it?

    On the climate science, I see bad actors on both sides. It is obviously unhealthy to be in an environment where honest inquiry is shackled by the bonds of Groupthink. But sometimes I wonder whether the objections are just a pretext to rerun the “inconclusive evidence” playbook all over again — we are going to keep doing what we are doing until the evidence is conclusive, and we are going to make sure the evidence is never conclusive. I have seen that happen over and over again.

    Formerly T-Bear

    If the world’s gold is put into one pile and then divided equally one thousand million ways leaves very little gold in the division. Then divide that one portion another eight ways so each human has their share. Then take their food, shelter, clothing, energy for transportation, communications costs, etc. from that each day, will not leave much to hold on to even if none is lost. That is the simple reason gold is not used as currency, Goldbuggerers cannot grasp those facts. There is insufficient gold for the use of all central banks to conduct international transactions and cover the reserves required. Then when all gold has aggregated into a small number of national banks, there is no mechanism to circulate that gold back to the remaining national banks to keep the circulation going. If this happens the economy that uses gold as currency will freeze up. This is what happened in the Great Depression of the late 1920’s through the 1930’s until war broke out at the end of that decade. Calling for gold currency is lame and shows the holder’s ignorance. It is tiresome encountering out of the supposedly educated. Stop already.

    Ian Graham

    Raul, you say ” There doesn’t appear to be much sense in “saving the Planet” if the only way to do that is to kill your economy and society.” Don’t you think it would be an awful waste of evolutionary brilliance and marvel and beauty to have to start all over again? ‘No sense’ to us alive now in our toxic normal culture (to quote Gabor Mate), but that toxic ‘americanized’ version of economy and society is grinding us down anyway.

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