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    Paul Gauguin Why are you angry? 1896   Yes, you have every right to be outraged at the disgraceful treatment of children on America’s borders. Bu
    [See the full post at: Outrage]

    V. Arnold

    Okay, but what to do about it? Outrage?
    I’ve been outraged most of my life; so what?
    I marched against the war on Vietnam (more than once); so what? It changed nothing!
    People love to think the anti-war demos against that war ended it; bullshit! It did not!
    Has it changed anything?
    Only a full on revolt, revolution, will change anything; and generally, not for the better.
    We’re fucked.
    IMO, we’re at an every man for himself moment…
    I would love to hear a realistic counter to that…


    For one thing, it’s not every man for himself in the echo chambers. They’re full of followers. Social media and herd behavior, there’s a timely topic.

    V. Arnold

    Well, that’s true. Followers abound everywhere.
    So, there is no answer/solution.
    No surprise there.
    I know full well from past experience…
    So, in fact, it is every man/human for themselves.
    It’s just there are so few of themslves.
    Pity, but really, I already knew that. It’s just, I had hoped for more…


    I think people would not accuse me of genius to note the direction of global migrations tends from south to north. It’s gettin’ hot.


    I dont’ know, birdshak, don’t think it’s heating up fast enough to cause that yet. More transportation options and deteriorating living options might be more of a thing. And population increase.


    But yeah, the north(ern hemisphere) is where the money is flowing. And that’s been true for a long time.


    “How are you going to change that? “

    “I would love to hear a realistic counter to that…”

    The answers have been said before.
    The answers have not been heard.
    The answers have been rejected.

    Everyone prefers the slow and painful road and calls that being humanitarian.


    “Whether it’s Africa or Central America, people flee because of what western governments, military and intelligence services have done to their homelands.”

    The Wars for scarcer and scarcer resources, the Climate Change caused by the reckless Industrial Overproduction, the Droughts caused by climate change and big agribusiness, etc. etc. are driving our planet to the Cliff.

    Look at the stages of Grief and Loss- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – where am I today?

    If we accept that there is a cliff ahead, then the Next Stage should be planning and organizing for the Bottom of the cliff, or the Next Lower step in the Decline. Where are you on the last stage towards planning for it? Just being here with others that see the doom ahead, is a good way to get the support we need to forge ahead with what needs to be done, either alone or joining with others.

    For me work in organizing the fight against the belching Oil Refineries locally helps. CA is having a Green Capitalism Summit hosted by Brown and Bloomberg in Sept; locally we are working to bring the various threads together to voice an Alternative. My main goal for Sept is to help with expanding a network of local folks who see the Cliff ahead. It’s like prepping for the Big Quake ahead.


    BTW – Yay! for the new cleaner blog. Happy dance.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    It’s a fundamental human right to harbor any misconceptions you wish.


    It’s also a basic human right to spread misconceptions country-wide in order to further a corrupt agenda.
    Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’

    But it doesn’t matter in the long run because they’ve been shaping the minds of your children and grandchildren all their lives. And you’ll be dead … and your own smidgen of truth forgotten … soon enough.

    By the way, if any of those Kuwaiti infants tossed from their incubators (by Saddam) survived, they’d be young adults now. Stephanopoulos, Couric and Anderson Cooper really ought to set up some “convincing” interviews so that we can celebrate as a nation the subsequent carnage.

    Despite their colossal brains, the human race suffers from crippling memory problems.


    Where is my outrage? If my next door neighbour is unemployed, getting divorced, has teenaged children who are addicted to drugs as a way to deal with their situation, how far would I go to help them? Would I invite them into my home? Now extend this microcosmal example to the residents of my neighbouring suburb, county, country, continent. Would I invite them into my home?


    And who controls US media and US foreign policy? Why is it taboo to say the truth?


    I’m with V. Arnold on this one. The problem is not so much that we can’t go on like this (externalized costs are catching up with us), but that we are incapable of dreaming up a better world. Look at the science fiction – it’s either more of the same (space capitalism) or some apocalypses and return of the dark ages. I’m not concerned about the human race – there are tons of communities that live without external resource inputs. They are invisible right now, being poor and exploited, but can eventually blossom into a new civilization. I guess it will have very little in common with the current one.

    John Day

    I’m a little late to this commentary, but the children at America’s borders are not Mexican. They are fleeing American (CIA, economic hit man, etc) covert warfare that kills people you don’t know about. The American Academy of Pediatrics has the most detail I’ve found.
    In the dramatic increase in arrivals that began in 2014 and continues at the time of writing this policy statement, more than 95% of undocumented children have emigrated from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (the Northern Triangle countries of Central America), with much smaller numbers from Mexico and other countries. Most of these undocumented children cross into the United States through the southern border.2 Unprecedented violence, abject poverty, and lack of state protection of children and families in Central America are driving an escalation of migration to the United States from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

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