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    Well, from my 66 years, I have seen that 15 percent is hard to shrink. !6+ percent and you are starting to gain momentum. 26 percent and you are going to meet massive resistance, 34 percent and you will win. (Your estimates may vary…)
    We need the young folks. When the kids think it’s cool to be informed, there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

    This is why I love reading Dr. D- he is so extraordinarily optimistic. Evil is systematic in its takedown of order, hoping to profit on the way down. Humanity has them beat every time. What humans do when things break down is immutable, and systemic takedowns can’t overcome it. Human nature is not evil. Human nature wins every time. It’s why we’re still here.



    Yes, we do need the young folks and we have the truth on our side. That rapper that upstateNYer linked to is the way to draw them in. No time to waste. Let’s take the truths we learn here and discuss them with any young people we come into contact with. It is a badge of honor to be a dissident. What would Julian Assange do?

    Veracious Poet

    Human nature is not evil, it’s self-absorbed.

    Human nature wins every time ~ Without spiritual enlightenment, Human nature (EGO) fails, evil wins…

    I am strongly convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world leads the unrecognized spiritual need into perdition, if it is not counteracted either by real religious insight or by the protective wall of human community. An ordinary man, not protected by an action from above and isolated in society, cannot resist the power of evil, which is called very aptly the Devil. But the use of such words arouses so many mistakes that one can only keep aloof from them as much as possible. ~ Carl Jung

    Veracious Poet



    The full power of the media is coming out against Ivermectin. Here is a doctor successfully using it but being treated like a kook.


    @ Oroboros
    Tito’s partisans, initially barely armed, kept busy 26 German divisions while fighting domestic collaborators too.
    Essentially they fought liberation and the civil war and – prevailed.
    Current narrative in the West has no problem equating them with the today’s “left” or “antifa”, which is beyond comedy.


    Fauci is the guy who promotes Remdesivir, which actually appears to be quite toxic, all while claiming that a lack of testing means Ivermectin can’t be deployed in spite of tremendous clinical efficacy data.
    Except that Remdesivir doesn’t have the testing that is being required of Ivermectin…
    The serial liars are lying to you. Apparently, there is some evidence that Remdevisir is killing people, not Covid…

    “Dr. Ardis lays the ground work for a compelling case against Dr. Fauci and his constant promoting of Remdesivir, that is given to all people who test “positive” for COVID… that this is what is killing people.”

    Ivermectin Results vs. Remdevisir

    It appears that Fauci and his Financier are running an operation that Hitler would refer to as THE BIG LIE. You do realize that when Hitler was talking about THE BIG LIE, he was talking about the Western Money Power Families’ political and mega-corporate management teams, right? He wasn’t talking about himself. Don’t be simple minded — Hitler was a tyrant, too, but he was a local version, not a global version. They all are manipulative turds, and their followers are gullible chumps.
    On this one, though, Hitler was right — none of this is possible without THE BIG LIES.


    >>Human nature is not evil, it’s self-absorbed.<<

    I think it is the Bible that argues they are the same. Sin, aka, evil, is failing to care about others equal to oneself. It is the failure to do unto others what one wants done unto themselves.
    IOW, self-absor[tion above others is sin, and sin is evil, and the wages of sin is death.
    Just because a person **feels** something isn’t evil does not make it so.


    Should people be more scared of Fauci-19 (really, his financiers — ultimately the Money Power Bloodlines) than Covid? Are their policies killing more people than the disease itself?
    I think there is plenty of evidence that Fauci-19 is more dangerous than Covid, or should I say CovFeFe (fa little hint as to the activity of Covid was revealed to discerning eyes… in the calm before the [cytokine] storm! There ya go, another hint from your financiers!).


    The FDA is the gold standard – Biden

    The FDA is playing a game with Americans

    endless gravy train

    Nothing is FDA approved for treating COVID, not even Ivermectin
    the vax doesn’t stop infection nor transmission.
    the vaccine does not induced herd immunity


    • “I Was Living Like Scarface” (MPN)

    A few people will take the time to read the 11th report, Nothing will change.

    What We Need to Learn: Lessons from Twenty Years of Afghanistan Reconstruction is
    the 11th lessons learned report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction



    Scroll down to the map

    Based on the above……you should…………….

    Crawl into a hole!
    Do what we tell you!

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