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    Ann Rosener Reconditioning spark plugs, Melrose Park Buick plant, Chicago 1942 We need to do a lot more thinking, and take a far more critical look at
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    Chris M

    Nice article, Raul.

    If someone like Mujica ran for President or some other high profile office in the United States, would he ever have a chance? How in the world did he ever get elected in Uruguay? Amazing.

    Today’s writing reminds me of the saying:

    Kingdoms are run by kings. Theocracies are run by priests. Democracies are run by money.

    Also, Jesus had something to say about this (greed) a long time ago:

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    James K. Boyce says:
    “Conventional economic models would prescribe spending more to protect the barons than the farmworkers of the world.”

    What are these models anyways? It could be said that economics is essentially about wealth, individuals making personal decisions in the trading of that wealth, and rules governing that trade. What I see today in my country, and this is probably common in others too, is that with all the multitudes of laws and regulations on the books that are supposedly designed to protect the common people from being robbed or swindled, they are either ignored or weakly enforced. Furthermore, it could be said that the laws are being rewritten or inserted into the code, to further concentrate wealth at that top 1%, as is commonly cited.

    We need more people like Mujica writing, passing, and enforcing our rules. But how do we get them there?

    V. Arnold

    The march was a media circus and propaganda platform. Obama/Biden noticeably absent.
    The terrorists are winning, because with every attack, we lose a measurable degree of freedom.
    And like good little comrades, we accept each assault…

    John Day

    @ V. Arnold,
    The Elites are winning with every “terrorist” attack.
    They steal resources and slaughter innocents far away, and seclude themselves.
    The “blowback” hits the citizens of the countries whose military, industry and finance they control.
    The fearful citizens support the elites more completely, and give up freedoms.
    Rinse and repeat.


    Ilargi – great writing!

    Uruguay is a very lucky country to have a president with a soul. I think we’ve all seen that money doesn’t really trickle down, but soul does. It’s something that I don’t think we’ve seen in the West for a very long time. Society is a mirror image of its leaders, and what a sad image it is.

    This lack of soul is everywhere. It’s in the East with corruption, bribery, over-population, poverty. It’s in the Middle East with the treatment of women, gays, non-believers, stoning, beheading. It’s in the West with torture, war or the threat of it, the killing of innocent lives, surveillance, lies, fraud…..the list is endless. And we’re all raping the planet, stripping it naked, or at least not putting our foot down and trying to stop it.

    There’s a bunch of little boy bullies floating around the world with piles of money, causing wars, chaos, death, all the while enriching themselves, gorging on misery. These psychopathic, parasitic, soulless machines are not going to stop themselves. That would take soul, something they don’t possess. I don’t see them having an Ivan Ilych – “What if my whole life has been wrong?” – moment.

    Money most certainly does not buy happiness. In fact, the very fact someone chases money (or anything) is proof that happiness will not be found.

    “A UCLA neuroscientist named Keely Muscatell has published an interesting paper showing that wealth quiets the nerves in the brain associated with empathy.”

    I think non-empathetic people probably chase wealth because that’s about the only thing that gives them any sort of feeling – a feeling of power, control, whatever. Empathetic people don’t chase wealth; they get their feeling elsewhere. So I think the neuroscientist is assuming the quiet nerves come from wealth, whereas I don’t think there was anything there to begin with; it was always quiet.

    Dr. Diablo

    Stir the pot…

    Audio on Global Warming.

    Believe or no, the outcome of these particular treaties and responses is power/money grabbing, which would be a big step toward totalitarianism. And hey, let’s not solve a problem with a bigger problem, eh?


    Uruguay is a pretty amazing place to live. It is a true democracy. Every citizen must vote or be fined. The rich try to rule here but will never again win a majority election. The are just too many poor people voting now. I am an American who has lived here since 1998. There are basically 3 major parties and a number of minor ones. Two of the three majors are rich parties. The third major is a poor and middle class party. The rich parties pretend to have the interests of the poor in mind but people are well educated here and not easily fooled by propaganda. The poor and middle class dominate the Congress and have held the presidency for the last 10 years. Sure there are problems. There are homeless and folks with bad housing. The economy goes through bouts of inflatioN. Public education is not so great but every kid who school gets a meal at school. Defense only eats 1.5 percent of the budget and the army gets good use during floods helping people in need. Education through college is free. The country is food secure and has plenty of water most years. Things could be better but small still seems to be beautiful.

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