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    Controlled demolition of Building Seven.

    In the Matrix: “They would never do that!”

    Escaped from the Matrix: ” Of course. That’s what they [the scumbags at the top of the power pyramid] do when something, some person, some country, has fulfilled its purpose and there is greater gain for them in destroying

    Demolition of Europe.

    Demolition of national economies (almost everywhere).

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    ‘We had bigger, better fauna, and bigger, better plants in the distant past,’

    ‘We’ who or what is we?

    ‘bigger, better fauna’

    ;bigger, better plants’

    How silly!!!

    By what measure were plants better then than than now?

    The plants that evolved in the distant plants just survived and thrived because they had evolved to fit the ecological niche of the time!

    They were certainly much less diverse in form and adaptation than the range of plants existing at present.

    The fauna that existed in the Jurassic were bigger because the supply of food was greater. Much greater, because the atmospheric CO2 was much higher, and the average temperature was much higher. (No huge vertebrate fauna in the carboniferous, just giant dragonflies.)

    Olay, so humanity has been in the process of greatly reducing biodiversity via chain saws, bulldozers, monoculture plantations and planetary overheating. And of course, exacerbating overheating-induced droughts that lead to uncontrollable fires that wipe out practically everything. Ask the Aussies; they are experts on that matter.

    But the diversity is still greater than in the Carboniferous.

    Ah! I think I get it. Better at producing coal.


    Coal formation will never happen again because after humans have exterminated themselves some time around mid-century, if not before, the Earth will do what it has always done. remove atmospheric CO2 via photosynthesis and CO2 weathering of silicate rock and deposition of carbonates onto the ocean floors.

    By the way, an often-overlooked aspect is that heat s generated within the Earth -a tremendous amount in fact- via the radioactive decay of numerous semi-stable isotopes.

    As semi-stable isotopes decay into stable isotopes the amount of heat generated slowly declines. When we -greedy apes with enough intelligence to pillage the planet but not enough to sense to stop pillaging the planet – are gone, things will return to normal. Sadly, we will have taken down the bulk of the extant species with us.

    We should note (but most won’t) that the life forms, flora and fauna, that existed before industrial humans took to mass extermination via actual spearing, harpooning, trapping, shooting etc. and massive overheating via CO2 emissions were adapted to an average of 230 ppm atmospheric CO2 and the temperature ranges that average CO2 level generated in conjunction with much reduced vulcanism compared to distant geological ages and Milankovitch Cycles..

    By the way, the fascist/money-lender/WEF/corporate-overlord shill, The Guadian, had a headline about unstoppable melting of Greenland icesheets raising sea levels by several tens of centimetres.

    The actual figure is 7 metres.

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    On yesterday’s comment thread Dr D added a link which verifies exactly what I have been saying for twenty years!

    Thank you Dr D!

    Prior to the Carboniferous, atmospheric CO2 was above 2,000 ppm. (we might note that this was determined not by direct measurement but by proxies and models that climate change mechanism deniers are so keen on ridiculing).

    Anyway, back to the graph.

    We note that the 2,000+ ppm atmospheric CO2 was drawn down over a period of around 80 million years, as the great surge in plant life converted CO2 into carbohydrate, and then that carbohydrate got buried and eventually got converted into coal; the great sequestration I have referred to several times.

    The graph also reveals the Great Permian Extinction Event I recently referred to, whereby a surge in volcanic activity -the Siberian Trapps- de-sequestered sufficient of the sequestered carbon to drastically alter the average temperature relatively quickly – a few hundred thousand years for the die-off and another 10 million years of extreme volcanism and de-sequestering. The Permian Extinction Event killed off around 90% of life on Earth.

    So now we examine what industrial humans have been doing since Newcomen installed a coal-powered steam pump to get water out of a flooded mine: extracting ever-greater quantities of sequestered carbon (coal, oil, natural gas) and putting the products of combustion -primarily CO2 and H2O- into the atmosphere, recreating the Great Permian Extinction Event, but on a very, very, very, very much faster time scale. Just 300 years or so.

    There has been discussion about ice core measurements. Well, they verify exactly what I have been saying since the 1990s.

    Anyone interested in actual science (as opposed to climate change denial) will note that the average atmospheric CO2 level was around 230 ppm for 800,000 years (the period of recent evolution of humans and many other extant life forms) with occasional blips towards 300 ppm that were caused by the previously referred to Milankovitch Cycles. Most of those blips never exceeded 280 ppm.

    There is evidence that the so-called baseline pre-industrial atmospheric level of 280 ppm was actually higher than it would have been without humans because humans had already started to mess things up via the activities of ancient civiliations….. chopping down trees to build navies and temples etc. and modifying land use; that caused and increase of maybe 20 ppm over a period of 20,000 years. 1 ppm per 1,000years.

    That’s ‘rather pathetic really’, compared to what modern industrial humans can do! Modern industrial humans can raise the atmospheric CO2 by 20 ppm in just 8 years!!!!

    The Scripps Institute have not updated the graph since December 2020. Maybe lack of funding. Or illness induced by jabs. Who knows.

    A new seasonal peak [due to the reduced winter photosynthetic activity of Northern Hemisphere forests] of around 421 ppm was reached in May-June of 2022.

    “So what,” say climate change deniers. Or even worse, “That’s great because CO2 is a plant nutrient,” -another lie!!!

    CO2 is not a plant nutrient: it is a building block for carbohydrate manufacture in plant cells.

    One thing is certain: the maniacs who are in control of industrial societies and who churn out endless propaganda consisting of blatant lies have no intention of addressing any of this fundamental issues, and will keep industrial societies locked into use of fossil fuels -even as fossil fuel extraction rates go in to terminal decline- and will continue to promote completely fake narratives that supposedly address the issues but in fact only enrich insiders and make the overall predicament far worse a lot faster.

    That’s what the science says.

    John Day.

    Thanks for your support.

    In case anyone has any doubts, I alternate between collection of information and comment here (I don’t bother anywhere else), and personal preparation for the rapidly approaching economic-financial meltdown and energy-supply meltdown. There are few things any individual can do to prevent environmental meltdown in the face of semi-global fascism.

    It’s a horrible job -telling people the truth they don’t want to hear, in the face of ignorance and denial- but someone has to do it.


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    Thank you RIM, for presenting items we would otherwise miss.

    Trying to give away life jackets and waterproof thermal suits to people boarding the Titanic would have been a thankless task, inviting ridicule and insults. After all, the company brochure clearly stated that the ship was unsinkable.

    From Charles Hugh Smith a couple of years ago:

    ‘We need to start thinking beyond pretense and PR.’

    With the third class passengers now drowning, it’s fairly clear that the ship will go under some time in the next 12 months.

    Actually, I think 4 months for energy-dependent nations without a domestic oil supply and refineries etc. .

    I hear whisper that America soldiers stationed in Syria may be required to fight Russians or Iranians in the near future order to keep stealing oil.

    Kiwi dollar hovering around 61 cents US at the moment (72 cents US 16 months ago). And Bent oil on the way up again, it seems. Hmmm!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2022 #114520

    For the benefit of those with extremely short memories ( I covered this point just a few weeks ago ), prior to humans overwhelming the natural systems that recycle atmospheric CO2 by de-sequestering hundreds of billions of tonnes of sequestered carbon, the CO2 level did follow warming. But that was when the atmospheric CO2 level was in the normal range of 180 ppm to 260 ppm.

    Once humans had pushed atmospheric CO2 above 320 ppm or so, industrial humans had destabilised and overwhelmed the natural mechanisms for recycling CO2, in particular the silicate-carbonate system, which converts silicate rocks into carbonate rocks. on geological times scales, not on human lifetime scales.

    As I previously noted, no one has ever won and argument with me about this stuff because I know it to the nth degree, having studied it for decades, whereas those who argue have very little knowledge, if any.

    I worked out more than a decade ago that those who argue the most are those who know the least.

    It’s the same with jabs, or masks, or finances, or history or geography, or psychology. Those who know the least argue the most against who do know.

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    Anyway, it’s not going to matter soon, because the fascist police states that comprise the Empire of Chaos are on the cusp of the biggest collapse in history because they are fascist police states.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2022 #114518

    It is worth bearing in mind that the Earth has undergone thousands of magnetic field reversals -roughly every 100,000 years- with no detectable effect on life.

    These reversals are imprinted in volcanic rocks that emerge in mid-ocean regions where tectonic plates are moving apart. And have been very useful as geological markers.

    That is not to say that a magnetic reversal will not have a very profound effect on industrial civilisation. A magnetic reversal would probably decimate industrial civilisation, if not completely terminate it.

    However, there is no evidence a magnetic reversal will occur in the next ten years. And industrial civilisation will have terminated itself by 2032.

    As for solar cycles, they are of miniscule effect -a change of 1 part in 1365 over an 11 year cycle. That is miniscule compared to previously discussed Milankovitch cycles. And a change of 1 part in 1365 is laughably miniscule compared to the 45% increase in atmospheric CO2 perpetrated by industrial humans in the last two centuries!

    Denial of reality continues, whatever evidence is presented, as has been the case since the extreme danger of excess (and rapidly rising) atmospheric CO2 was identified over 50 years ago.

    As previously discussed, industrial humans are changing the composition of the atmosphere at a rate far exceeding that which occurred during the Great Permian Extinction Event of 252 million years ago, cause by volcanic activity erupting under coal deposits. That took around 20,000 years. The Great Human Extinction Event has taken only around 300 (counting from Newcomen’s steam pump).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 28 2022 #114514

    ‘Your model is a tube of gas and on that basis you are making assumptions about a far more complex system called the earth’s climate? How do you go from a tube to the climate? I am interested to see how you superimpose the two in your science.’

    I know you are obsessed with the idea of models, even though none of this is about models! But is about about easily verifiable and easily measured chemical-physical phenomena -if you have the right equipment.

    If it helps you get beyond the obsession with models, think of the atmosphere as a huge collection of vertical tubes (square in cross section, so there are no gaps) filled with a mixture of gases. Neither nitrogen molecules nor oxygen molecules are active in the IR, but other gases are very active in the IR.

    Light and heat from the Sun enter the top of the tube and move down it [through the atmosphere] to the Earth’s surface. At the surface some of the heat and light are reflected but a lot is absorbed, raising the temperature.

    Warm objects radiate heat (infra-red). So some of the incident energy moves back up the tube. When such outgoing IR energy encounters a CO2 molecule (or any of dozens of other IR-active molecules) it ‘excites’ the bonds of the molecule and puts them into a temporary high-energy state. The ‘excited’ molecules release the energy in all directions, including downward.

    There is nothing mysterious about this, which is why, in 1896, Arrhenius was able to calculate the likely temperature rise over a time period from the continued burning of coal.

    If you want to go back further, the brilliant mathematician Fourier calculated (from measurements of incident radiation from the Sun and known laws of cooling) what temperature the Earth would be at if something were not interfering with the loss of heat to space. He concluded it would be about 20oC below the actual temperature, and concluded that something in the air was blocking the radiation of the Earth’s from escaping into space .

    That was about 40 years before Tyndall discovered what the cause was. CO2.

    Clear, fundamental science, established long ago.

    But we have now is a society in which the bulk of the populace has been carefully trained by corporations in to believing that genuine science doesn’t apply to the atmosphere, in order to maintain the sale and use of fossil fuels. And since government are agents for corporations, they were more than happy to go along with the corporate bullshit line.

    But then they saw that their fake narratives were unravelling, so quickly did a flip and said global warming is real but we can fix it by ‘carbon sequestration’, ‘carbon trading’, ‘biofuels’, wind turbines, electric cars, electric planes etc. It’s all bollocks, what governments say.

    The problem is, it’s such a complicated web that the controllers have woven that it takes considerable knowledge and intelligence to see through it. And most people have neither the knowledge nor the intelligence so see the whole picture, as you and others on TAE have repeatedly demonstrated.

    Never forget, there are fortunes to be made (or maintained} via the promulgation of misinformation. And so that is exactly what governments -being agents of banks and corporations- do: promote misinformation.

    By the way, I have written five published books on this all stuff and not been proven wrong once on any of it.

    But that does not stop Internet trolls coming up with spurious arguments and repeating them ad infinitum.

    The supreme irony of all of this is that people such as yourself are really keen on genuine science if it provides you with things you want -X-ray machines, scanners, telecommunications, microwave ovens, dental fillings, key-hole surgery, LED lighting… almost endless list, but don’t want anything to do with genuine science if it tells you things you don’t want to hear.

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    As repeatedly stated, it has nothing to do with models. Yet the climate change denial camp persist with their failed strategy of attacking models. This absurdity continues because climate change deniers have no consistent narratives or even any consistent -or even coherent- explanations of their own!

    The physics could not be much simpler.

    Take a tube with no CO2 in it. Pass infra-red through it. Measure the amount passing through the tube.

    Introduce some CO2 into the tube. Measure again. Less infra-red reaches the end of the tube because CO2 absorbs and re-radiates infra-red radiation. This is due to the bond energies of the atoms composing the molecules.

    Add more CO2. More infra-red is absorbed and re-radiated, resulting in less infra-red reaching the measuring device at the end of the tube.

    Exactly the same phenomenon applies in the atmosphere. Outgoing infra-red radiation is absorbed by CO2 (and other gases active in the infra-red band because of their molecular structure) and re-emits that energy downwards, resulting in greater temperature, as clearly demonstrated by the massive overheating of the oceans.

    Look at the actual measured concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. 1958: 316 ppm. 2020 420 ppm. Up around 100 ppm in just 62 years! And do not forget that CO2 is extremely soluble in water and most of the COI2 emitted by industrial humans is in the oceans, where it is depressing pH, resulting in loss of ability of shellfish to form shells, due to disruption of the bicarbonate cycle.

    I know this is all just too hard for non-scientists, who prefer to talk about models, despite models being unreliable and discredited. Indeed, models presented by the UNIPCC have been repeatedly demonstrated to be completely fake and irrelevant!

    As has been discussed many times here and elsewhere, people believe what they want to believe, and disregard the facts.

    I don’t have it to hand, but there is the famous cartoon of the man whose house is underwater (due to massive sea level rise) declaring that global warming is a myth.

    I know it is a rather futile exercise to keep pointing out fundamental realities of the physical-chemical world to people who have no knowledge of those physical-chemical realities, and don’t want to know. But there is a moral imperative to do so.

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    “Average temperatures are hovering around 44oC.”

    We [in the scientific community] knew 20 years ago that planetary overheating would be bad for humans, bad for wildlife, bad for food production, and bad for civilisation. But we didn’t know it would get so bad, so quickly.

    20 years ago I genuinely believed it would take until the 2080s for the Earth to be rendered largely uninhabitable. But I must admit, 20 years ago I thought there would be some action to reduce the insanity of burning ever-increasing amounts of fossil fuels..

    I was wrong.

    It just goes to show that, when it comes to governments and their money-lender Ponzi schemes, one cannot overestimate the propensity for sociopathy and suicidal mania.

    And what we are witnessing now is just the early phase of planetary meltdown!

    We can estimate what it will be like twenty years from now -a largely uninhabitable planet for most vertebrate species -which includes humans, of course.

    Would that be sufficient incentive for the maniacs to stop lying and stop making the predicament worse faster?

    Obviously not, as far as the madmen/madwomen who are in control of the use of money, the use of fossil fuels, and the application of military force are concerned. 🙁

    Thinking about all this geochemical stuff, it really does look as though the scumbags who were in control for centuries, and whose progeny are in control now [of the political narratives, not the outcomes] , have concocted a plan for a rapid, massive, population reduction.

    Way too late, of course. Self-reinforcing chemical-physical feedbacks have already been triggered. 🙁

    So for most of us, what matters is how we live.

    Many would say that has always been the case.

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    A reminder of what Gonzalo Lira said in May: “On or before September 30th… The decision has already been made.”

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    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who seek the truth and those who run from it.

    There are two kinds of organisation in the world: those that embrace the truth and those that attempt to conceal it.

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    ‘Ding ding ding! This is killing all humans on earth. To “Save” them, of course’

    There are many precedents for such actions, of course.

    Remember how the US obliterated villages in Vietnam in order to ‘save’ the inhabitants. And deforested a great swathe of jungle along the Cambodian border using chemical toxins to ‘save’ the people. And obliterated civilians in Iraq to ‘save’ them. And obliterated people attending weddings in Afghanistan to ‘save’ them.

    Toxic jabs were forced into the bodies of people in the western world to ‘save’ them.

    And now the US is supplying military junk to Ukraine so the Russians have to do the killing. To ‘save’ them

    I think it has something to do with the philosophy: ‘Better dead than red.’ Though I haven’t worked out how that applies to toxic jabs.

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    ‘China says this works. It’s our technology. From 1974. Does it not work anymore, or just doesn’t work within American borders? So since this costs a buck two-fifty, we’re not relieving our own droughts and murdering tens of millions in the Colorado valley for why?’

    Adding heavy metal salts, e.g. silver iodide, only works if the air is saturated with water vapour and lacking nuclei for the formation of raindrops. If the air is below saturation, no amount of seeding will generate raindrops that reach the ground.

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    ‘Good luck getting 90% of the population to embrace common sense once again’

    The controllers have worked hard over many decades to stamp out common sense and replace it with consumerism. They have been very successful.

    In a consumer society, common sense is a severe obstacle to consumption. The dumber the populace are, the more likely they are to engage in mindless consumption. Thus, we witness societies in which the bulk of the populace has no sense at all. Can’t bang a nail into a piece of wood. Can’t add two large numbers and get the right answer. And have no idea at all how to work out the area of a simple geometric figure. Can’t construct a sentence. Can’t regulate their intake of crap ‘food’… They do know how to pass a credit card to a retail assistant after choosing some pretty things or some junk food. Such people would last about three days in a desert.

    We see them every day, the totally uninformed and don’t-want-to-be-informed, who believe whatever bullshit the government or a corporation churn out… wearing totally ineffective masks and lining up for lethal jabs.

    That’s why I wonder whether the whole Covid scam was an intelligence test, to cull the weak, the stupid and the gullible.

    I have no evidence, of course, and am just speculating. On the other hand, there is evidence that the controllers are too ignorant and stupid to come up with such a scheme. That is true of the NZ government (and politicians in general, who are mostly just plain thick.

    The whole point is that in the natural environment of our distant ancestors, common sense was essential. If you had none, you were dead very quickly. But in a mollycoddled society -which is on it’s last legs, of course- you didn’t need much.

    The great sort out is coming superfast.

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    Dr D

    From previous thread

    ‘AfewKnow: Pretty standard AGW line, I’m sure we’ve all heard it a lot. However, none of the models worked and 40 years later it is still wrong and not happened. Where is the falsifiable part of your Scientific Theory?’

    This has absolutely nothing to do with models – which were just part of the obfuscation game played by the fossil fuel sector, rather like the tobacco industry always attempting to bring doubt into the very clear link between smoking and ill health, for the sake of short term profits.

    The phenomenon of planetary overheating is a very clear matter of observation and the testable link between increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and increasing temperature.

    F.F.S. The English physicist Tyndall worked it out in 1859, when he investigated the absorption and re-radiation of energy in the infra-red and found that CO2 altered the observed energy transmission through a tube of gas In 1896 the Swedish chemist Arrhenius even worked out an estimate of the degree of overheating likely to occur ‘if humanity continues to burn coal.’

    As with everything in this society, the controllers -the bankers and industrialists- worked overtime to ensure that the populace did not become informed about the fundamental physics and chemistry. And they succeeded, as demonstrated by the continuing high level of denial of the facts!

    ‘Where is the falsifiable part of your Scientific Theory?’

    No, it’s not my scientific theory. It is well established scientific fact. As per Tyndall’s research, remove the carbon dioxide from the tube and the infra-red energy passes through, unabsorbed and not re-radiated.

    That’s one reason for using A Few Know The Truth.

    Changing it to A Very Tiny Minority Know The Truth would be cumbersome.

    But the fact is, only about 1 in 10,000 of the adult populace of western nations has much idea about chemistry and the absorption and re-radiation of radiation.

    The real problem is that the other 9,999 in 10,000 have little or no interest in becoming informed, and they have the vote 🙁

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    It is not just scientists who point out that we are on the road to extinction via looting, polluting, exploitation and overshoot.

    Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and great thinker Chris Hedges said the same recently.


    …”five centuries of reckless economic and environmental plunder.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114436

    “William Catton’s book ‘Overshoot’, the most important book I have ever read in my life. Nothing else even close to it,” said Michael Dowd.

    I read Jared Diamond’s ‘Collapse’ around 15 years ago -a bit long and repetitive but on the ball- and could see exactly where we were headed.

    We do not have a set of physical predicaments: we have a cultural predicament that prevents even the slightest societal movement towards preparation for the inevitable.

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    D Benton Smith

    You are absolutely right!

    Collapse comes one person at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one district at a time, one nation at a time.

    What the maniacs [politicians, bankers, industrialists, economists, lawyers etc.] who have been messing with geochemistry and ecology for decades have achieved is the set of conditions that ensure complete worldwide collapse is inevitable in the near future.

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    I’m sorry to have to say it, but uninformed fuckwit incapable of logical thought fits the bill.

    Now just F.O. until you are prepared to discuss real issues instead of your silly opinions.


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    You really should stop the nonsense because you are totally wrong about practically everything and you are 100% wrong in every assumption you make about me.

    But I know you won’t stop because it is a component of your personality to always want to have the last word.

    One of my favourite songs, and what I aspired to before I got too old:

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    V Arnold.

    No, I do mean Artic ice. Obviously you have not been following the science. Most people, even really interested people, don’t follow the science.

    Whilst it is true that the loss of sea ice does not alter the depth of the oceans, loss of ice allows more incident sunlight and heat to be absorbed by the waters of the Arctic. Absorbed light ends up as heat.

    As long as there is ice present, that additional heat converts ice into water, and temperature of the water does not rise..

    When all the ice has melted, the heat absorbed in the Artic manifests as an increase in temperature of the water.

    The increased water temperature in the Arctic destablises the methane clathrates that reside on the [shallow] sea floor, causing them to release the methane, potentially as a ‘methane burp’ of enormous size.

    With methane having a global warming potential of around 300 times that of CO2 over time frames that matter, this would more than double the rate of overheating of the entire Earth and cause the temperature of the oceans to rise much faster than they already are.

    The less ice there is, the more heat is absorbed, melting more ice… a self-reinforcing feedback

    I have known about this and written about it since the year 2000, and highlighted the great danger in the book I wrote and published in 2001.

    The message does not get through because the controllers -the bankers, the corporations, the fake politicians, the fake media etc. do not want it to get through.

    ‘The Mechanism leading to Collapse of Civilization and Runaway Global Warming’

    By the way, the Antarctic sea ice cover is at a record minimum.

    That is called doubly screwed.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114429

    Considered to be one of the greatest minds of his era. James Lovelock, inventor and genius, wrote this

    ‘The Revenge of Gaia Earth’s Climate Crisis and The Fate of Humanity’

    in 2007.

    Since then, industrial humans have added approximately 800 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and oceans, via the burning of fossil fuels and conversion of limestone into calcium oxide [for the manufacture of cement].

    And aspnaz thinks the term ‘natures wrath’ is harsh???

    How about revenge, then, aspnaz?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114427


    I know its is the game you play, to contradict or question what I write, just for the sake of provoking an argument.

    And love just love to thrown in insults and ad hominen attacks. .

    Here’s something for you to refute and argue about:

    When US dollar system goes under -some time in the next two years- Taiwan, with its 23 million people on a land mass smaller than the North island of NZ will be unable to buy the fossil fuels it needs to keep its transport system running and will be unable to import the massive amount of imported food it needs to feed its populace. Around 22 million people will starve to death.

    When the last of the sea ice in the Artic melts and planetary overheating really kicks in, the rise is sea level will inundate the entire coastal plain where all the cities are. (I spent quite a lot of time in Taiwan). That probably won’t matter much because the cities will be largely empty, as a consequence of the starvation..

    As the overheating of the Earth generates ever-worse torrential rain episodes, c.f. Pakistan, hillsides in the mountainous region in the centre of the island will collapse and will crush settlements on the hillsides and in the valleys: I saw that kind of thing first when a tropical cyclone during one of my visits.

    The population overshoot ‘problem’ will be will solved, and whatever remnant remains alive may be able to scratch a living for a short time, bearing in mind that the waters around Taiwan are so polluted as to support little life.

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    ‘The only thing that has really changed recently is that the Ukrainians have gotten a little more insistent on sending fresh troops up to refill the fortifications after the initial ones are killed.’

    I wonder if you missed the point.

    From what I understand about what is being reported, the Russians are increasingly launching attacks deep into Ukrainian-held territory, way behind the fortifications, with the object of starving out those in the heavily fortified positions via lack of food and ammunition.

    It is also said that the Russians are no longer considering conscription because they have an excess of volunteers (of the order of 140,0000) who cannot wait to get into Ukrainian-held territory and liberate it.

    Most amusing (if you are not a conscript in the Ukrainian army) is that the weapons being sent by the US are inferior to the Soviet-era weapons that the Ukrainians have lost or used up. And the total number of artillery shells is less than what Russia fires in two weeks.

    I know there is a huge ‘fog’ when it comes to war but I have learned not to believe a single thing any western politician or western ‘analyst’ says. about the war, or what they say about anything else.

    Trust and credibility are at zero.

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    Pakistan. 45 million people affected by nature’s wrath. How ironic; get onto the motorway for safety:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114412

    Many truth bombs about Ukraine and the US involvement/interference in Ukraine here:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114411

    Apparently the Russians have changed their battle tactics. No longer do they engage in assaults on well-defended positions which can result in Russian casualties, but have switched to longer range attacks on cannon fodder placed in position by the maniacs in Kiev.

    Apparently it goes like this. The Ukrainians move soldiers and equipment to positions just back from the actual contested zones, and the Russians fire artillery and rockets at them and kill a few hundred people and destroy a few dozen military vehicles.

    The Ukrainian military commanders then force another lot of fresh cannon fodder into the killing zone.

    Presumably the plan is to keep repeating this process until there are no people or vehicles left to send.

    Temperatures are starting to drop, and there are certain military objectives the Russian military need to achieve before the winter. In particular, then need to drive the fascists back so that the fascists can no longer attack the nuclear power station. Taking Nykolaiv would also be desirable some time in the next few weeks in order to throttle the vipers in Kiev somewhat faster.

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    First they tell everyone that their lives will be shitty from now on, and then they work on systems to repress dissent -more riot police, more control on information, more doubling down on control of media…

    Somewhere there’s going to be a smash. Sooner or later a massive breakdown of the economic system.

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    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114378

    Formerly T Bear

    Watch the video. Greg Hunter, US Watchdog

    It is doctor Eads who makes the prediction of maybe 1 billion deaths. And she speaks with great credibility.

    It’s all been lies from Faucci and company. Falsification of numbers, Criminals!

    ‘That’s not all, according to Dr. Eads, as she sees not only Big Pharma liable for damages but hospitals, doctors, nurses, drug store chains and all sorts of people who helped make this bioweapon genocide possible. Dr. Eads says, “You are talking about billions of dollars, and they are not going to be able to afford to pay out all these claims. . . .It’s going to bankrupt Big Pharma, and Big Pharma will end up collapsing. Hospitals will also end up collapsing because they were complicit in death by ventilators and remdesivir. Mass medical bankruptcies are coming 100%. This is going to be the collapse of the Rockefeller medical industry.”

    Dr Eads says there are treatments that can help both the vaxed and unvaxed with removing harmful spike proteins. Two she named are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Dr. Eads says there are some other helpful treatments and procedures as well.

    There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 1-hour and 19-minute interview.

    Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the worsening, and now obvious, effects of the CV19 bioweapon vax.’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114376

    With the arrest of Kelvyn Alp (whom I knew personally) and others for no greater crime that speaking and disseminating the truth Countrspin Media), NZ has now become a fully-fledged fascist police state, and we begin to wonder how safe we are, and just when the forces of evil will strike even harder at our communities.

    ‘The fascist revolution will not be televised.

    23rd of August was the day NZ lost its free speech. Both bills to do with the bill of rights and hate speech have been amended in to the Terrorism Act 2002. Meaning any speech deemed to cause ”fear” in the public can be charged as Terrorism.’

    New Zealand is East Germany

    Of course we know who the real terrorists are.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 27 2022 #114375

    As we all here know, no one received any vaccines, so no one was vaccinated. But an awful of people were conned or bullied into being jabbed with lethal cell biology modifiers, and a huge number are going to die from messed-up immune systems, plus induced diseases and cancers; perhaps 1 billion.

    What to do?

    Towards the end of this are some recommendations for attempting to nullify the effects of the jabs.

    If it was only one or two jabs, the recipient may get away with it. If three or four, probably not.

    Collapse of the west’s medical systems is on the cards -indeed, almost certain:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2022 #114282

    Thanks zerosum. I must ahve missd somthing. Will try editing aftr pstng this

    Statistics NZ reported that their updated ocean acidification indicator shows there has been a decrease in the pH of New Zealand’s subantarctic surface waters as they have become more acidic. Between 1998 and 2020, ocean acidity in these subantarctic surface waters increased 8.6% corresponding to a pH decrease from 8.092 to 8.057. (Because the pH scale is logarithmic, small changes in pH represent large changes in acidity.) Changes in pH in the open ocean are primarily influenced by absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide by seawater.’

    What the nz article doesn’t say is that the lower the pH drops, the harder it is for shellfish to form shells, due to messing up of the bicarbonate cycle.

    So those who say there is plenty of oil and that we should burn it might like to consider the kind of world doing so creates.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2022 #114264

    An edit comment function would be useful. That was supposed to be abusive.

    Got to go: many things to do in preparation for the meltdown.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 25 2022 #114263

    It’s fairly clear to me.

    Two women accompanied an abuse and selfish man to the beach. The man drank far too much -both bottles of wine to be shared later at a picnic- and fell asleep in a drunken stupor. The women buried him up to the chest in sand, and put a red cushion on his head to make him look like a clown.

    Having woken, he is now negotiating the price he has to pay to be released before the tide comes in.

    As for the present-day world, it’s just one more turn of the screw by the scumbags at the top of the pyramid who are torturing the rest of us (and the natural world), and one day closer to collapse of their Ponzi schemes. And it’s one day closer to revolt or revolution.

    Trying to remember how it goes. It’s something like:

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    I have much simpler one:

    Geochemistry beats ideology every time.

    So does mathematics:

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114191

    Following on from record (unprecedented) heat, Pakistan is now in the midst of record (unprecedented) flooding and loss of food supply.

    I start to lose track of these catastrophes but think it was two winters ago that Europe experienced unprecedented flooding that washed away infrastructure and livelihoods like never before.

    And with oil substantially more expensive, the cost of all clean-ups and repairs is much higher.

    I suppose we will soon be at the point of insurance companies refusing to cover such losses or even to insure at-risk to properties at all. There are already whispers of such a move in NZ.

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114188


    We’ll just have to yarn over the Internet for now.

    How long we will have the Internet is a monstrously big question, since everything in ‘developed nations’ is now utterly dependent on it. Well, not everything. Vegetables grow, trees blossom and produce fruit, birds sing, bicycles move etc…… without it.

    We had a long power cut a few weeks ago, several hours.

    Candles and battery-powered LEDs. They will be very useful in the not-too-distant future. The supply of batteries will be a bit tricky, though, unless you live in China.

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114186

    How to identify Internet trolls:

    1. They make bizarre statements and provide no evidence for those bizarre statements.

    ‘Oil is made abiotically deep in the Earth.’ ‘There is no drought in (insert the name of a country, there are many to choose from, but not NZ coming out of winter)’

    2. Statements made by Internet trolls are in direct contradiction to observed phenomena.

    ‘In China the government does not permit people to live in cities.’

    Internet trolling occurs for two main reasons:

    1. Corporations with vested interests need to create doubt in the minds of consumers or attempt to refute obvious facts in order to maintain consumption of their products.

    ‘The Earth is cooling.’ It was warmer than now in the middle ages.’ ‘There’s plenty of oil.’ ‘House prices never fall.’
    ‘Vaccines provide the best possible protection from Covid.infection.’ ‘Masks prevent the movement of viruses.’

    2. Anxiety in the mind of Internet trollers that the narratives they read are correct.

    Of course, the purpose of Internet trolling is to disrupt the flow of information that is potentially dangerous to politicians, governments, bureaucrats, banks and corporations etc. or which challenges false beliefs.

    Of note is the Saker website, which underwent such severe attack it was down for several days.

    As most of us here know, the major battles being fought at the moment (other than the physical battles to liberate eastern Ukraine from the fascists) are the censorship battle and the promulgation-of-lies battle.


    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114177


    If you want to believe your own lies and delusions, and refuse to become informed about anything of significance, that’s your problem, and you should consider becoming a politician or an economist or advertising executive instead of wasting comment space on this forum.

    Actually, I believe you are already in the service of the Empire of Lies, as a paid Internet troll.

    in reply to: EU: Controlled Demolition #114168

    ‘[2] Politicians will avoid talking about possible future economic problems related to inadequate energy supply.

    Politicians want to get re-elected. They want citizens to think that everything is OK. If there are energy supply problems, they need to be framed as being temporary, perhaps related to the war in Ukraine. Alternatively, any issue that arises will be discussed as if it can easily be fixed with new legislation and perhaps a little more debt.

    Businesses also want to minimize problems. They want citizens to place orders for their goods and services, without the fear of being laid off. They would like the news media to publish stories saying that any economic dip is likely to be very mild and temporary.

    Universities don’t mind problems, but they want the problems to be framed as solvable ones that will offer their students opportunities for jobs that will pay well. A near-term, unsolvable predicament is not helpful at all.

    [3] What is wrong is a physics problem. The operation of our economy requires energy of the correct type and the right quantity.’

    Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story

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