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    The assertion that doubling atmospheric CO2 will make little difference to average temperature is completely illogical and contrary to all known science.

    It is like saying that it’s just as easy to fire bullets through a dense forest many kilometres thick without hitting a tree as through a small thicket.

    Once again clever cherry picking and selective use of words is used to generate a completely false narrative.

    Remember is not just about absorption of radiation: it’s about absorption and re-emission of radiation over and over again.

    And of course, if atmospheric CO2 were allowed to double, that would terminate much of the life in the oceans via acidification and disturbance to the bicarbonate cycle -which is already on the cusp of collapse.

    The profits to be made from extracting and selling hydrocarbons far exceed anything big pharma can come up with. And, of course, the entire Ponzi financial system is predicated on extraction and burning of fossil fuels at an INCREASING RATE. Hence the zero action in actually curtailing emissions after 25 years of ‘climate talks’. And a whole load of scams instead.

    We will definitely go extinct, taking down most of the biosphere with us, via ‘crash and burn’. We are not sure when, but 2040 to 2050 still looks the most likely decade for human extinction, since we will break through the upper safe level of 450 ppm around 2032 and exacerbate numerous climate feedbacks.

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    ‘Can anyone gimme a simple summary??’

    The difference between kicking a homeless dog and kicking one with a caring guardian who has a big stick and is prepared to use it.

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    Embracing and promoting fraud and crime:


    Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has registered with New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on the Financial Service Providers’ Register under the name Investbybit Ltd. Binance says this allows it to offer a range of financial services in NZ including spot trading, staking and NFTs. Binance NZ will be led by general manager Ben Rose, who has a sales and marketing background. Rose says Binance will offer access to the lowest trading fees, plus many exciting global product and service innovations. Registered in the Cayman Islands, Binance has been the subject of interest from regulators in several countries over the past couple of years. Just this month Reuters reported that US federal prosecutors asked Binance for extensive internal records about its anti-money laundering checks, along with communications involving its CEO and founder, Changpeng Zhao, in late 2020 as part of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into the firm’s compliance with US financial crime laws.’

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    ‘Chinese Heat Pump Sales Boom in Europe on Green Agenda, High Gas Prices’

    Just wondering what the Europeans are going to use to run them. Bullshit?

    ‘And [Australian] electricity major AGL has sharply brought forward is decommissioning of coal-fired electricity generation.’

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    As near to 100% confirmation that US did as we need.

    Also, everything changes at 3 pm Moscow time 30th September.

    A new world as of 1st October.

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    [NZ] ‘Petrol is going to get more expensive again this summer after the Government confirmed the fuel excise tax will be reintroduced in January.’

    Still wondering whether NZ will have an economy in January 2023. I suppose there will be some sort of economy.

    Will NZ still be able to import petrol in 2023?

    Yet to be seen.

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    That’s preposterous. Hurricanes only weaken after landfall’.

    Yeah, hurricanes weaken rapidly when they meet land, and then they drop their water.

    But when hurricanes cross land and meet super-warm water again, they strengthen again 🙂

    And then they drop the new lot of water when they meet land again.

    🙁 if you happen to be in the path of the monster first time round and second time round.

    Who was it that said: “Shit happens!” ?

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    Discussing various kinds of nuclear war.

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    I think this is not supposed to have happened. Either that, or it is a planned demolition.

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    How interesting, having pummeled Florida, Ian is strengthening and will pound the east coast through to Viginia.

    “I will never be the same.”

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    ‘and a sham they are. How can only half of the population of a province decide the future for the other half that didn’t vote?;

    I don’t recall the exact year, but I do remember that Tony B Liar managed to acquire the power to loot countries for his own personal benefit and instigate illegal wars that caused widespread death and destruction of the basis of getting 36% of the votes in a roughly 50% voter turn-out, i.e. the support of about 18% of the populace.

    In NATOstan nations the operation of a slave camp (concentration camp, actually) in which legalised deceit and crime are the norm is called ‘freedom and democracy’.

    The ‘freedom’ part is the freedom for banks and corporations to do whatever they like. And the ‘democracy’ part is the opportunity for the slaves to participate in a rigged voting system that normally delivers member of ‘the club’ to a position of power: on the rare occasions when a ‘wrong candidate’ achieves some kind of electoral success, ‘the club’ has various mechanisms for neutering that ‘wrong candidate’, or if necessary, having them eliminated entirely via murder which somehow becomes “died unexpectedly/mysteriously.”

    One of the reasons I have to tread very carefully these days is that it is not safe for truthtellers in NATOstan nations. Never has been, of course. But these days the forces of evil are better armed and have more surveillance systems.

    However, the days of trying to bring the totally system corrupt western system down have come to an end because the maniacs who run the system in NATOstan nations are now trashing around like rabid dogs, destroying their own systems of control. And the fake financial system NATOstan nations use has finally reached the unravelling stage.

    Sure, there are still a few people who think Adern is not a professional liar hell bent on acquiring a bigger personal fortune at the expense of everyone else.

    Sure, there are still a few people who think she cares about their welfare.

    But the number of people who believe in ‘the system’ declines by the day.

    And when the fake NZ government has destroyed the economy and most of the environment, when the jabbed are sick and dying in droves (2023? or 2024?) I guess the treason trials will commence for those politicians who have not fled or committed suicide.

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    ‘This Financial Crisis Will Be 10x Worse Than 2008’

    in reply to: Smokin’ a Pipeline #117140

    A very interesting perspective.

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    When did Poland last go to with Germany, and what happened after?

    In 1938-1939 it had something to do with a land bridge to that eastern German region that is now part of Russia, I believe.

    Who ‘owns’ Poland now?

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    Like him or hate him, Dan is telling it how it is…falling to pieces fast, with the vast majority of people totally unprepared. And not wanting to know.

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    I first encountered the term ‘sustainable development’ in district council so-called plans about 20 years ago, and immediately recognised it as an oxymoron.

    No amount of pointing out that ‘sustainable development was an oxymoron made the slightest difference to the great ‘steamroller’ that central and local government had become. “No change to plan is recommended,” said every letter from every CEO.

    And now I know why: the ‘sustainable development’ scam was passed down by the global controllers, to their underlings in national government and local government, to be imposed on the genral populace, whether they wanted it or not, and whether any of it made any sense or not.

    So now the whole scam that has been imposed on us for decades is unravelling mighty fast -because it was only ever a scam.

    Never forget that GDP is also a scam. GDP ascribes positive value to incessant destruction and reconstruction. Thus, the destruction of a large amount of infrastructure by the current hurricane will be deemed to be a ‘good thing’ because rebuilding will create work and use up precious resources, and make profits for corporations, just as the Christchurch [NZ] earthquake was celebrated because it gave a boost to a flagging economy and provided profit opportunities to banks and corporations… our masters.

    The entire western system is fucking insane, and the fucking insane system is run by fucking insane madmen and madwomen, otherwise known as maniacs.

    And that is why everything that matters is so diabolically bad, and everything that matters is being made exponentially worse.

    It is also why the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ etc. are at war with Russia. A war they are bound to lose, of course.

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    “More than 96% voted in favour of joining the Russian Federation.”

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    A blast from the past that is so appropriate now.

    Watch the video.

    Back to Peak Oil

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    The US war on Russia seems be going nuclear soon.

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    Look what’s headed for one of the populated states of the US

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    ‘And what organizations dominate the planet? Hyper-centralized franchises, states and corporations alike. The selective pressure favors protecting the franchise from innovation, because innovation could upset the entire apple cart. So centralized organizations only support innovations that increase the power of centralized authority.

    But that’s not how innovation works. As the franchise decays and the supreme leaders start believing their own PR and making catastrophically misguided decisions in an echo-chamber of cheering toadies, the whole system slips into a non-linear dynamic that ends in a dramatic phase change, the collapse of the franchise and all those who clung to it as no-risk and permanent.

    Stifle decentralization and dissent and you stifle innovation. With potentially threatening loonshots safely buried, the system has only one pathway: decay and collapse.’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 27 2022 #116995

    Michael Hudson is quite good for an ‘economist’. I have been following his work for about 15 years. But he does not get what’s going on: he just gets some parts of what is going on a hell of a lot better than the vast majority of ‘economists’, who are by-and-large completely off the planet. Indeed, mainstream economists inhabit an alternative universe in which energy, the availability of resources, and the effects of pollution can be ignored, and all that matters is the movement of fake fiat currencies around the system.

    It has to be that way, of course: the banksters demand it. Any economist who starts speaking too much truth to power is quickly out of a job.

    Michael Hudson only goes a little way down the rabbit hole.

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    ‘The biggest madness about Net Zero is that Australia’s emissions are already at… net zero. Our forests and oceans already absorb many times what is produced by humans’

    That is very clever use of words and very subtle cherry-picking to generate an entirely false narrative.

    The key component of the falsehood is ‘what is produced by humans’.

    What is produced by humans is a miniscule portion of the entire carbon budget. I would not like to present and exact figure because I am not privy to the entire emission profile of the Australian economy. But a reasonable guess for ‘what is produced by humans’ would be of the order of 1% of the total emissions that need to be accounted for.

    Almost everything in so-called climate analysis is fakery, bullshit and legerdemain, characerised more by what is left out than what is included.

    “So it goes.” -Kurt Vonnegut

    And it has to be bullshit and misrepresentation, until the completely fake globalised industrial money-lender system that we endure collapses.

    That collapse is clearly on the horizon. 2032 at the latest. Probably well before then.

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    Don’t forget that the Earth has two long-term stable states: rather cold and rather hot. The past 5,600 years have been unusually temperate.

    The shift from temperate stable to superheated is underway.

    Overheating is poses an existential risk.

    However, all the ‘official’ responses to the existential threat are scams, and the vast majority of ‘official’ responses make the predicament far worse faster.

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    ‘So 180-1,500ppm. Which is the best number? You say 280. Why 280?;

    180 ppm corresponds with ice sheets covering 1/3 of the land masses, i.e., covering most of England down to the [completely frozen] Thames and an ice sheet down to Kentucky; also corresponding to people living in caves in southern Spain.

    1,500 ppm corresponds to no ice anywhere on Earth and tropical jungles or Argentina-like savannah in northern Canada; also correspond to around seas around 200 metres above sea current level.

    I really think you need to do a lot of research on the Halocene, menti9oned previously in the discussion.

    Above 350 ppm triggers methane release from methane clathrates, causing uncontrollable feedbacks that lead to a 3-to-10oC increase in average temperature.

    The Precautionary Principle, previously highlighted by me on this forum, and ignored (of course).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2022 #116958

    Been very busy with my personal preparations for the meltdown, so missed this:

    ‘And also that life and biodiversity was wonderfully high – seemingly better than now – with high levels of CO2. Why? Does this not demonstrate that “high” CO2 does not cause runaway action even up into the thousands ppm level? So why would 400ppm be relevant or a threshold?

    Point 1. Biodiversity was wonderfully high before homo colossus learned how to exterminate species, arguably commencing with mammoths, though there is much evidence homo colossus exterminated much of the mega-fauna of Australia long before the last mammoth was killed for meat and tusks. i.e. the extermination of species commenced around 60,000 years ago!

    By the time any of us was born biodiversity -especially of large mammals and birds- had already been reduced extermination of species and by a huge reduction in the individual numbers of species by homo collusus.

    The England I was born into had no wolves, no bears, no giant deer…and the numbers of butterflies was a mere shadow of what it had been before industrial agriculture commenced the extermination.

    In my lifetime numerous species have disappeared completely, not because of climate change but because of loss of habitat and being turned into trophies and exotic food.

    Kindly note, as previously pointed out several times, that [other than the Cretaceous Extinction Event brought about by an asteroid impact] all five of the Great Extinction Events were caused by a geologically rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 which caused massive overheating and loss of habitat. The Permin of 252 million years ago is estimated to have been of the order 90% species loss.

    So your claims is entirely fraudulent.

    The ‘thousands of ppm atmospheric CO2 you referred to has already been addressed numerous times. Thousands of ppm atmospheric CO2 is fine if species are able to adjust to that level, e.g. far fewer stomata in leaf cells; migration of species towards the poles.

    When a geological-scale event that took 20,000+ years to unfold is reproduced in less than 200 years, species have no time to evolve. That is true of especially species that have multi-year reproductive cycles.

    I went over all of that -Siberian Trapps etc.- a couple of weeks ago!!

    If you look up the Stern Report to the UK government, you will note that the ‘safe upper limit’ for atmospheric CO2, beyond which all hell breaks out was estimated to be 450 ppm. That figure is actually too high for reasons I haven’t got time to explain here. But taking 450 ppm as the safe upper limit to be 450 ppm (actually 350ppm), at 423 ppm in May of 2023, we will be just 27 ppm off the ‘safe upper limit’. and rising at 2.7 ppm per annum measn we will exceed the ‘safe upper limit’ in 2032.

    2032 was the year I advised my local council it will be ‘all over’ far as industrial civilisation is concerned, and ‘all over’ as far as the idiotic policies they promote are concerned.

    We know it will be ‘all over’ well before 2032. Indeed, such is the speed that the Adern government is demolishing the NZ economy, it will be more-or-less ‘all over’ in less than 12 months.

    Look, I know none of this has anything to do with the actual science, as I pointed out not many hours ago.

    You could soon find out the actual science if you wanted to.

    But it is abundantly clear that you don’t actually want to know the actual science and simply want to waste my time.

    Well, I have wasted enough time posting information that people don’t even bother to read, and won’t waste any more.

    The collapse of the economy is the first bottleneck, whilst the collapse of the environment is still a decade or so away. So I must focus on the immediate concern of the collapse of the systems that feed the bulk of the people, and the mayhem that the collapse will cause in a matter of a few months from now.

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    Kind of hilarious when you have escaped from the Matrix:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 26 2022 #116941

    And silence or murder all those who disagree.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 26 2022 #116940

    “I never said Covid vaccinations were safe and effective. You must have misheard me.”


    Meanwhile, back in the ‘real world’, Brent oil is ‘dropping like a stone’ despite the world being well past the peak of extraction and the cost of extraction rising by the month.

    “See, the market ‘works’!!!. When people, or entire nations, are so impoverished they can no longer afford oil, the price drops.”

    “When the supply of natural gas is reduced, the price surges.”

    Obviously, we must persist with such a ‘successful’ system of resource management.

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    By the way, the war for Europe was lost in the 1930s, in Spain.

    Spanish people wanted to throw out the Catholic Chruch, tear down the hierarchical power structure and establish a ‘workers’ economy, based on freedom and democracy.

    That was utterly ‘unacceptable’ to the fascists who were losing the war. They hurriedly enlisted the help of the military who were on a conquer-poor-Africans spree at the time, and also enlisted the help the German fascists, who sent planes to bomb civilians to smithereens etc. Guernica and all that.

    The fascists won, and they installed their vicious dictator, Franco.

    It took a long time to get rid of the figure head, and there has been a pretence of democracy for a while, but reality the fascists still retain control of Spain. For the moment.

    A decade ago we knew ‘Dracula’ would suck the life out of Italy. He did.

    Not sure what he’s doing these days. The revolving doors of banking, corporatism and politics can be hard to follow at times.

    Having jabbed haff the population, the NZ ‘scorpion’ is now feeding off the corpse (along with her WEF sponsors, of course).

    Awaiting the moment when the Biden thing and the Yellen thing come out of the White House, hand in hand so she can stop him falling over and direct him to the right place to speak and announce the urgent need for $2 trillion to ‘save the US economy and prevent unemployment’ etc. just as Bush and Paulson did 2008.

    Of course the 760 billion Bush and Paulson demanded, and for which they could give no specific details of application, would be nowhere near enough this time round.

    It might be $3 trillion. or $5 trillion.

    Apparently it was taking $5 billion a month to keep the Zelensky sick comedy show operating. And costs are going up by the day.

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    ‘2 days ago, on 9/24/22 (when we were having our garden party at the homestead, and a big false-flag event did not take place) AFKTT did post extensive rational and factual data, theory and process regarding the near-term (our lifetimes) anthropogenic global warming, with comparison to documented human history, as well as to some geological history.
    It is worth a careful review.’

    Thank you, John Day.

    However, we must remember that the ‘debate’ about climate change has almost nothing to do with scientific facts or coherent, well-established explanations: it is primarily:

    1. the product of decades of misinformation generated and promulgated by banks, corporations, opportunists and governments -much of it via the controlled mainstream media- to keep consumption slaves locked into the established, but utterly dysfunctional political-economic system.

    2. emotional responses of individuals to having to face reality and the prospect of having to change their lifestyles.

    Thus, the more scientific facts that are presented, the more adherents to bizarre, non-scientific, anti-factual theories will hang on to their beliefs.

    As anyone with a brain that still functions properly knows, the entire fake money, and fake politics and fake energy policies and fake environmental policies, and fake medical system etc. has now reached the collapse phase.

    Imminent collapse is likely the main reason psychotic sociopaths and professional liars like Adern -who not so long ago declared herself to be ‘the source of all truth”- are desperate to silence truth-tellers and lock up all who persist in exposing the criminal nature of the regime they operate within; i.e. The Bretton Woods fiat currency scam, The World Bank, the IMF, the WEF, NATO etc.

    We must particularly note the utterly corrupted nature of the bulk of the UN, which shortly after is establishment went straight into Anglophone war mode in Korea, in direct breach of its own charter.

    Russia, formerly as the USSR, and since 1991, has been attempting to bring law and order to the international scene.

    As anyone who knows history knows (0.1% of the populace?) we are witnessing a rerun of the Cuban Crisis of the early 1960s. The US shipped long-range missiles to Turkey, and aimed them at Moscow and other important Soviet targets. The Soviets responded by sending long-range missiles to Cuba.

    The fascists who were in control of the US and UK etc. said: “You can’t do that!”

    Khrushchev said: “We just did. Would you like to remove the long-range weapons from Turkey now?”

    This transition, from a ‘rules-based’ system, in which fascists nations acting under the banner of ‘freedom and democracy’ make up whatever rules they think will benefit them in the short-term, to a genuine ‘rule-of-law’ based system, will be particularly painful for those immersed in the propaganda of TTATT.

    Meanwhile, the actual laws that matter -the laws of mathematic, chemistry, and physics etc. will continue to apply, as they have always applied, whatever the nutcases who think they are in control say or do.

    Gosh, I didn’t know there was any rainforest left in the Philppines.

    Big question, will hydrosaurus, Sail Dragons, survive in zoos after the last of the rainforests of the Philippines have been chopped down?

    Another question: when will the people of those islands cast off the yoke if the colonial name and revert to the names used before European (and later American) conquerors took over?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2022 #116859

    ‘being polite and respectful and wise and careful with data will also get your tires slashed on the typical online form. In real life, most of the time, too.’

    I totally concur with that, boscohorowitz.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2022 #116858

    Zombies lived amongst us before governments began increasing the number by ramping up the propaganda to get people to accept fake ‘vaccine’ jabs.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 25 2022 #116832

    August CO2
    Aug. 2022 = 417.19 ppm

    Aug. 2021 = 414.47 ppm

    Up 2.72 ppm in 12 months.

    Currently approximately 187 ppm above the long-term average, and rising four times as fast as when Keeling commenced measurement in 1958.

    The next annual peak comes in May 2023, and will be around 423 ppmwhich will be 193 ppm above the long-term average

    ‘Obviously nothing to see here’.

    No further comment necessary

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116775

    Many years ago I was given sage advice, which I must admit I had forgotten, but have been reminded of by the antics of certain participants on TAE discussion forum.

    Never try to teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.

    Good luck with the planetary meltdown that is due to excessive CO2 emissions and other emissions that you deny is happening and has nothing to do with fundamental chemistry and physics: you’ll need it.

    Good luck with the energy collapse that you think is due to artificially created shortages because there is ‘plenty of oil’; you’ll need it.

    Good luck with the huge loss of biodiversity and ultra-rapid species extinction that most apparently don’t even notice: you’ll need it.

    It was nice knowing some of you on TAE, the ones who did not resort to ad hominem attacks and those who could operate at a higher-than-8-year-old level of thinking and analysis.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116768

    We can always tell when fuckwits have lost arguments: they resort to insults:

    ‘Afewknowthetruth, Haha fucking ha! So smart yet so fucking DUMB! Ha! The seeming dual nature of reality.’

    Unable to counter precise arguments and a cohesive narrative that explains everything, and completley devoid of relevant facts, they either make up their own ‘facts’ or engage in ad hominem attacks.

    I guess, as I am proven increasingly right on all the matters I comment on, the ad hominem attack will increase.

    The question is, should I bother countering the bullshit that peolle churn out? Probably no longer.

    With the ‘ship’ about to go under (like next month) I really need to focus on my personal projects and let the ‘idiots’ have the last say on this forum.

    I’m sure that will make a lot of them very happy in the very short term.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116765

    Had the radio on earlier.

    “I am Can-hardly-stop-laughing-readin-this-shit But-I’m-paid-well-to-do-it. Here is the RNZ ‘news’.

    “1.2 million Russian citizens have been arrested for protesting against Putin’s warmongering.

    12 million Russians are queueing at airports, awaiting seats on planes, to leave the country.

    120 million Russians are driving vehicles towards Russia’s borders in the hope of escaping, because they can no longer stand living under an evil dictator.

    Freedom fighters in Ukraine expect to launch their next offensive to liberate captured regions shortly.

    The results of the illegal referendums in regions occupied by Russia, which gave an 80% vote in favour of joining the Russian Federation, have been declared invalid by western leaders.

    Oh, I’m sorry, that last item is the headline for tommorow’s ‘news’. I must have got my papers out of order.”

    Meanwhile, back at the headquarters of the ranch:

    ‘Jacinda Ardern at the UN: ‘We don’t need to lose sight of hope and optimism’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116751

    I spent a lot of time studying the IPCC modeling.

    It became abundantly clear to me about 15 years that the IPCC was a just another component of the fraud system that western governments use to ensure that none of the fundamental factors that determine the future are discussed.

    The fake western governments that we endure -manipulated on a continuous basis by banksters and corporations (and a few opportunists) could in no way allow their bullshit narratives to be disturbed by actual, genuine scientific data or real scientific arguments.

    I was quite hopeful when the Kyoto Protocol was announced in 1997, though even then I could see the fundamental flaw in a strategy of a slow reduction in CO2 emissions down to 1991 levels.

    By 2012 the Kyoto Protocol as dead in the water and emissions had increased by around 30%

    In 2007, The NZ government put in a ‘road show’ to persuade people living in NZ to go along with the fake ‘carbon trading’ system being established at the time. The fake narrative being presented was that ‘carbon trading’ would help mitigate overheating due to CO2 emissions.

    I saw straight through the government lies. I asked the head of the delegation of liars what the CO2 content of the atmosphere was, and how much it was rising: being a top dog in the NZ Ministry of the Environment on a mission to discuss CO2 mitigation, he had no idea, of course.

    Shortly after that, another, somewhat more junior, official blurted out an inconvenient truth: “We have already got the British investors lined up.”

    The whole ‘roadshow’ was run by the Ministry of Economic Development and had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘saving the environment’ or anything else environment, and was just another [completely phony] scam to facilitate the looting and polluting of the environment.

    I had extensive discussion with Paul Beckwith, climate researcher specialising in atmospheric gas chemistry at the University of Ontario. Unfortunately, he knew less than I did. But did give me a kind of answer to the crucial question of the times that I had been researching fir years: “What is the instantaneous multiplier for methane compared to carbon dioxide [global warming potential, as it was then called]. His answer was “around 250”, which matched my estimate of 300.

    Why is that important? Because the effect of methane erupting from permafrost and methane clathrates on the sea floor of the Arctic region could well be devastating. Like just as devastating as ‘limited’ nuclear war.

    At approximately 2 ppm atmospheric concentration, and with a 20-year multiplier of 86, the methane already in the atmosphere contributes an additional COe of 172.

    “But wait, there’s more if you phone in the next five minutes!”

    Atmospheric methane measurements in the of the order of 3,000 ppb or 3 ppm have been recorded in some regions of the Arctic. 3 times 86 = 258 if you use the 20-year multiplier. Or 3 times 300 = 900 if you use the instantaneous multiplier.

    “Not only that but we’ll give you, absolutely free, not one but two free gifts of you order now.”

    The conversion of CH4 to CO2 is largely dependent on the presence of OH radicals in the atmosphere, which are generated by the action of high-energy UV on water molecules high in the atmosphere.

    All it will take is for the OH radical mechanism to be overwhelmed by CH4 release, and then CH4 will reside in the atmosphere a lot longer than any phony IPCC delegate wants to even think about.

    So, that is why it is absolutely crucial to survival of life-as-we-know-it that CO2 emissions are seriously curtailed, starting about 50 years ago.


    “It’s the economy, stupid!”

    No. Not really. It’s not ‘the economy’: it’s the greed and stupidity of operating a financial system based on Fractional Reserve Banking and the charging of interest on money created out of thin air.

    “But wait, there’s more! If you phone right this instant and order two of our stylishly designed pieces of crap that won’t improve your life at all, we’ll give five free gifts, including our once-only gift of an uninhabitable planet.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116748

    Dr D

    Just why is it that you persist with this kind of bullshit and blatant lying?

    Juts what kind of kick do you get out of denying irrefutable evidence and pretending it has not been presented?

    Just what deep psychosis are you trying to conceal, or bluster you way through, by this kind of garbage:

    ‘AFKTT Denies and ignores everything I and other posters say. Then goes on like nothing was said. We ask direct, specific questions. No engagement, no reply. Then goes on to straw man how nobody’s listening. Why? Then straw mans arguments not only what no CO2 deniers say – suggesting he’s never read them — but makes up arguments that posters right on this board, that he’s talking to every day, have said. And Why?

    Okay, until we all go mad from repetition: 100% CO2 absorbs heat. 0% does not. The past was astonishingly cold while CO2 was high. Why? Commentor describes the entire greenhouse principle as being discredited, as with glass. Is it? The past has been both wildly hotter and wildly colder with similar CO2 levels. Why? High CO2 levels were concurrent with excellent flora and fauna, and a boom in biodiversity. Is this bad? Models put in 300 active variables. Why is CO2 the only relevant one? If it is, why do they bother with the other 299? It makes computering expensive.’

    For completeness, I’ll answer your silly points, knowing that you will ignore the answers (as you have ignored the answer to previous questions)!!!!

    1. You will find that the long-history graph that you posted a couple of weeks ago as ‘proof’ that high atmospheric CO2 was just fine actually demonstrated that a huge amount of sequestration of CO2 had taken place -particularly during the Carboniferous- taking the CO2 level down from low thousands and into the hundreds, and that normal conditions for life-as-we-know-it include a quite low atmospheric CO2 concentration in the range 180 ppm to 260 ppm.

    There’s a simple fact you can ignore.

    By the commencement of industrialism in the 1700s, humans had already caused atmospheric CO2 to commence its deadly climb through deforestation and early industrial activity -refining of ores and production of concrete. But that was only around 20 ppm over 10,000 years -as previously explained!

    It was the mass-scale ‘experiment’ of seeing what would happen if we took the level from 280 ppm to 420 ppm that we are now witnessing the consequences of.

    Okay, I’m being a bit tongue in cheek there because there was no intentional experiment until after the alarm was raised by people like Dr James Hansen, Head of The Goddard Institute.

    From 1988 on, after Hansen’s evidence to Congress was ignored, pouring ever-greater quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere and oceans it did become a malicious attack on the future by our fake so-called leaders -who, as we all here know, are just agents of global banks and corporations.

    2 . ‘100% CO2 absorbs heat. 0% does not.’

    Just what is that nonsense supposed to mean?

    Very recently on this forum I repeated for the umpteenth time that CO2 (because of its molecular structure) absorbs energy in the IR and releases that energy (almost instantaneously) in all directions.

    So there is the mechanism for the profound overheating we are witnessing. Heat that would otherwise [in the absence of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases] leave the Earth’s surface is redirected back downwards!

    I am sure I pointed out a while ago that the mathematician Fourier worked out that in the absence of some factor he had not identified at the time (around 1830) that the Earth would be substantially colder that it was observed to be, i.e. about 14oC on average instead of around minus 20oC without the atmospheric CO2.

    It was the physicist Tyndall who identified the ‘mystery’ substance that was keeping the Earth warm when he carried out his famous tube experiments: carbon dioxide. And that was in 1859.

    It was obvious to the Swedish chemist Arrhenius that there would be substantial overheating if society continued to burn coal. He wrote about it in 1896. And was ignored, of course.

    I’m sure you assiduously ignored all the relevant and inconvenient facts at the time I previously presented them, and will ignore the facts this time. After all, that is that what you do, isn’t it? Ignore the facts, despite Aldous Huxley’s wise words. “Take note of that which cannot lie: the facts.”

    And so, you keep repeating the bullshit. Not only that, you join the chorus of those who make ad hominem attacks because they have no evidence for their bizarre beliefs which run counter to well-established science. Good luck with that strategy.

    3. ‘Why is CO2 the only relevant one? If it is, why do they bother with the other 299?’

    I don’t know why you churn out this garbage, especially after I have already pointed out that Milankovitch Cycles and volcanic activity were prime drivers of long-term climate until excess atmospheric CO2 and excess atmospheric methane (both a consequence of human activity) began to overwhelm other contributors to climate stability.

    For completeness, let me point out that there are numerous other gases that contribute to the overheating we are now experiencing, including NO, O3 in the lower atmosphere, various chloro-fluorocarbons, and water vaour.

    As explained yesterday. water vapour can never be a prime driver of overheating because water changes phase in the temperature ranges experienced on Earth. But water vapour will be a devastating secondary warming agent, since CO2-induced and CH4-induced overheating raise the average temperature and cause more water vapour to be present in the atmosphere.

    As explained yesterday, that is a positive feedback.

    If you have any other questions relating to our collective predicament and the utterly dire predicamnet of our progeny , feel free to ask them.

    I would appreciate if you ask your questions pleasant manner rather than via an ad hominem attack.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2022 #116714

    I suspect the African children in the swampy mines are actually looking for cobalt ore, rather than lithium carbonate, which is found extensively in Chile.

    Can’t improve on Kunstler’s description of the criminal gang known as the Biden family. Knew Joe Biden was a criminal psychopath when I read about his involvement in the Wako massacre.

    The contempt displayed for Faucci in the video matches my contempt for the psychotic sociopaths that constitute the NZ government, along with the governments of UK, Oz, Canada and the US.

    Putin and his allies have a plan to sort it all for us and bring these maniacs to their knees. The question is, how much more damage can they orchestrate before they fall? Rather a lot, I suspect.

    Can’t wait for the treason trials to commence, along with the genocide trials and child abuse trials.

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