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    I see that Europe, as well as being short of energy and resources, is rather dry at the moment.

    ‘More than 100 French municipalities have no running drinking water and are being supplied by truck, green transition minister Christophe Béchu said, adding: “We are going to have to get used to episodes of this type. Adaptation is no longer an option, it’s an obligation.”

    With surface soil humidity the lowest ever recorded and July rainfall 85% lower than usual, water restrictions including hosepipe and irrigation bans are in place in 93 of the country’s 96 mainland départements, with 62 classified as “in crisis”.

    ‘Amid rising food prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, France’s agriculture minister warned the corn harvest is likely to be more than 18% lower than last year, while farmers’ unions say a shortage of cattle fodder as a result of the drought could lead to significant milk shortages in the autumn and winter.

    The electricity utility EDF was last week forced to reduce output from one of its nuclear reactors in south-western France because of high water temperatures in the Garonne River, and has issued multiple similar warnings for reactors along the Rhône.

    Spain’s water reserves are at all-time low of 40% and have been falling at a rate of 1.5% a week through a combination of increased consumption and evaporation, according to the government, in what is likely to be the driest of the past 60 years.’

    I’m not a fan of The Guardian (terrible political bias) but they do sometimes report interesting aspects of our collective demise.

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    Thank you ‘Red’.

    There are numerous terrible realities that are impinging on the fake narratives of politicians, economists, bankers and bureaucrats right now.

    1. Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate. The geochemical-geophysical effects of pollutants are both instantaneous and cumulative.

    4. Whenever energy is utilised in the industrial system a substantial portion is ‘lost’ as heat. No industrial system is 100% efficient, and many operate at around 30% efficiency. All energy cascades down energy transition steps to end up as heat. Dispersed heat cannot be harnessed, and ends up radiated into space.

    5. The effect of greenhouse gases is to cause heat radiated from the Earth towards space to be absorbed and re-emitted back towards the Earth, creating an energy imbalance relative to previous (pre-industrial) conditions, i.e. atmospheric CO2 190 ppm above the long term average of 230 ppm. This result on long-term overheating relative to the conditions during which humanity evolved, and during which human civilisations emerged.

    6. The effects of overheating include: increasing atmospheric instability; increasing [thermal] expansion of oceans -leading to inundation of coastal regions where most human live; disturbance to growth of organisms and yields of crops etc.

    6. Every activity within the industrialised system exacerbates our longer-term predicament.

    7. There are no technological solutions to this complex mega-predicament because:

    1.Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate…..

    Thus, we need to recognise that those of us alive right now are the last generations to live in complex societies with industrial systems (perhaps the last humans ever to live on this planet), and HOW WE LIVE is what matters.

    Just how fast the fraudulent systems of governments, banks, corporations and economists will last is anyone guess (up to a point) but I am planning on the basis of the whole ‘rules based’ (Anglo-American rules imposed on others by intimidation and force) system reaching the terminal collapse point within two years.

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    Evolution occurs by random mutation. Most mutations are harmful and reduce the life-expectancy of an organism with that mutation. But a tiny portion of mutations provide benefits that increase the organism’s capacity to survive and reproduce.

    Occasionally, a series of mutations generate a new species that can occupy an ’empty’ ecological niche. Things are great for a while, until a predator evolves to take advantage of the food resource.

    Everything was basically in balance until the ‘clever’ apes got too clever for their own good and proliferated to the point of severely reducing (or exterminating) most other large life forms and modifying large areas of land to increase their proliferation.

    The most deadly step taken by the overly-clever apes was employing fossil fuels to extract yet more fossil fuels. That particular game is coming to an end, with the massive population overshoot facilitated by the use of fossil fuels still in place.

    Whilst no one in their right mind enjoys thinking about wide-scale suffering, the human species has gone so far into population overshoot and fossil fuel over-dependence that catastrophe in the near future is now inevitable.

    I often think of ‘Limits to Growth’ and how different the world would be if that fine work had been heeded.

    But I now understand why it wasn’t.

    The banks were running a Ponzi scheme at the time (still are) and needed increased consumption of materials and increasing consumption of energy and increasing population to keep their Ponzi scheme expanding.

    We now face the consequences of decades (actually centuries) instutionalised fraud.

    Regarding mosquitoes: they were around long before humans. The are just one of tens of millions of components of the web of life.

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    New Zealand is nominally led by a vicious sociopath, a professional liar, with low intelligence and even lower morals (but high level of cunning), trained for the position and put into the position by WEF agents, in order to fool and subjugate the ignorant masses.

    The trick to Adern’s success is that she is an accomplished speaker of Orwellian ‘doublespeak’. Her trademarks are “Kindness”, whereby she treats people cruelly, “Team NZ”, whereby she practices divide and conquer, “Follow the science”, whereby she totally ignores science and pushes ahead with unsustainable, undemocratic (anti-democratic) agendas, and orchestrates:

    1. the looting and polluting of the environment

    2. the impoverishment of the bulk of the populace and the transfer of wealth to banks, corporations and opportunists ( the top 1% get most of the benefits of the reign of terror)

    3. the destruction of the health of the populace via jabbing and the promotion of fast food etc.

    One major factor to her ‘success’ is the fact that the mainstream media are entirely bought-and-paid-for, and they sing her praises continuously, whilst promulgating a litany of lies on a minute-by-minute basis.

    Adern is just the latest in a long line of sociopaths and professional liars, dating back to the time of Norman Kirk, who died ‘mysteriously’ in 1974.

    Do not forget the Goff Whitlam affair, whereby an Australian prime minister -who looked to be set to implement policies that would improve the lot of average Australians- was ousted by the Governor General.

    It’s just a huge ‘farm’, and we are the livestock.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 7 2022 #113032

    What many people fail to recognise (don’t even know?) is that the fraud that characterises western economic arrangements commenced with the establishment of the Bank of England in the 1690s. (Some would say the fraud commenced before then, but as far as I know it was not so institutionalised, nor so prevalent.)

    It was than that tally sticks -notched pieces of wood split lengthwise- were converted into shares in the bank that soon had control over the British government by way of loans. “Do as we say, otherwise we withdraw the funding for your trade and wars.”

    The issuing of more promissory notes than actual gold to be redeemed took the fraud to the next level.

    And the ‘closing of the gold window’ in 1971 took the fraud to an even higher level.

    For a while US dollars were notionally backed by oil, insofar as the recycling of US dollars through Saudi Arabia proved some physical backing for the fiat dollars.

    Money is a future claim on energy and resources. And when energy resources and mineral resources are in terminal decline, which they are, the only way out of the predicament is default.

    Hence the extreme ‘need’ for war, as a pretext to abandon/cancel the globalised financial system, which is clearly on its last legs.

    I believe we are in the ‘calm before the storm’, and that ‘hell’ will break out in a matter of months.

    Meanwhile, the ‘idiot’ economists who advise governments (tell them what to do?) insist that infinite growth on a finite planet is both possible and desirable!!!!!

    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112984

    Just under eleven months ago I read this:

    “My name is Spartacus, and I’ve had enough.

    We have been forced to watch America and the Free World spin into inexorable decline due to a biowarfare attack. We, along with countless others, have been victimized and gaslit by propaganda and psychological warfare operations being conducted by an unelected, unaccountable Elite against the American people and our allies.

    Our mental and physical health have suffered immensely over the course of the past year and a half. We have felt the sting of isolation, lockdown, masking, quarantines, and other completely nonsensical acts of healthcare theater that have done absolutely nothing to protect the health or wellbeing of the public from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Now, we are watching the medical establishment inject literal poison into millions of our fellow Americans without so much as a fight.

    We have been told that we will be fired and denied our livelihoods if we refuse to vaccinate. This was the last straw.

    We have spent thousands of hours analyzing leaked footage from Wuhan, scientific papers from primary sources, as well as the paper trails left by the medical establishment.

    What we have discovered would shock anyone to their core.”

    The Automatic Earth.

    And now we are in the final phase of the Great Deceit perpetrated by the criminal gangs that call themselves ‘leaders of the free world’.

    If Gonzalo Lira was correct in his forecast, it all starts to seriously unravel in September of this year.

    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112971

    A tried and tested method for making fiat currency (digits in computer systems) is to manipulate prices up and down, buying when low, selling when high, pushing the price down again, acquiring the asset (be it imaginary) at a low price, inflating the price, selling at a higher price, pushing it down again, ad infinitum.
    Thus, markets are normally of sawtooth form.

    If it were not so, everyone would know what to buy and at what price.

    But no amount of market manipulation can create actual resources, the vast majority of which are in terminal decline.

    The only things of note that are increasing are human populations and pollution levels, and the amount of unsupported fiat currency required to remain alive in an industrialised society.

    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112952

    ‘Good ‘Hair’ beats good ‘brains’ hands-down in today’s ‘democracy’.’

    A splendid and astute summation of the state of affairs.

    Thus, the piranha with big ears

    that is destroying NZ society (and the future) at the fastest pace in all of history has her straggly hair groomed into appealing curls.

    has the

    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112950

    I have wondered for a long time just what it was that made people in industrialised nations so stupid.

    Here is how one man was responsible for the loss of cognitive capacity of hundreds of millions of people in the developed world – especially in the US- and caused the illness and death of hundreds of millions of others.

    It’s just business, you know. 🙁

    And it continues to this day, with all kinds of toxic elements and synthetic substances (in addition to tetra-ethyl lead) being manufactured and dispersed across the globe, for short-term profit.

    And, of course, governments act as agents and promoters of toxicity, whilst [falsely] proclaiming to be ‘protesting the environment’.

    Orwellianism (1948) reigns supreme.

    It’s the money system, of course. And “until you change the way money works,”* everything that matters will continue to be made rapidly worse..

    *That phrase is attributed to Mike Ruppert, activist who committed suicide after becoming severely depressed from decades of doing battle with ‘Orcs’ and getting nowhere.

    I am reminded of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ (1931), in which ‘the Savage’ does battle with the mind-control systems of the synthetic society, and loses.

    So here we are, in 2022, still living in a meld of ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2022 #112887

    “All we have is empty posturing, statements which ae basically nothing more than cliches….which make the west’s geopolitical position worse, which make the conditions of people in the west worse, and which, in the end, provoke and eventually embolden counties which, until recently wanted to be the west’s partners, but are increasingly starting to conceive themselves as the west’s enemies… is a trainwreck…”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 5 2022 #112886

    The Russians continue to operate their meat grinder, and continue to move westwards.

    It is reported that the defence line constructed in eastern Ukraine by NATOstan is ‘the strongest defence line IN THE WORLD’. And it is being smashed to smithereens by an incredible bombardment exceeding WW1 scale and intensity.

    Clearly it is only a matter of time before the NATOstan front collapses.

    Then, presumably, London and Washington have to decide whether or not to go nuclear (and get similarly annihilated).

    People living in the northern hemisphere need to enjoy what little of nature is left for them to enjoy before the worst winter in human history arrives.

    Turn off your devices and listen to starlings sing. They are wonderful mimics, and can reproduce almost any sound, from the calls of other bird species to human voices.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 4 2022 #112844

    The Military Summary channel is focused on positions and fates of the military of course, but he mentions that the Russians have discovered evidence in eastern Ukraine of the Americans having created Covid and having spread it. Also monkeypox.

    Since the Americans…whoops…Ukrainians…have been fortifying the region to west of Donetsk for 8 years, progress is slow.

    Unverified at the moment is the suggestion that the Americans….whoops…Ukrainians deliberately attacked civilians attending a funeral.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 4 2022 #112842

    The solution to the rapidly-burgeoning energy crisis and rapidly-burgeoning food crisis is obvious: stay home and grow vegetables. Planting fruit trees helps too. So does riding a bicycle. Or walking.

    The problem for people living in ‘advanced’ nations is that the government doesn’t want people to stay home and grow vegetables and fruit: it wants them to get on planes and spend money that is created out of thin air in faraway places. And remain on the debt-slave/work-slave treadmill.

    And then it tells its debt-slaves that it is going to solve the environmental crisis and energy crisis by subsidising electric cars that are extraordinarily energy-intensive to construct and which run on electricity generated via burning fossil fuels at an overall efficiency of about 35%.

    They think we are stupid.

    Sadly, the bulk of the populace of ‘advanced nations’ is stupid. 🙁

    But when they have been sufficiently screwed over by their own governments, even the incredibly stupid might wake up. 🙂

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 3 2022 #112784

    ‘…..All indications suggest that the cabal now finds itself in a race against time. With economies collapsing across the world, the window to implement their plan is closing as their global influence rapidly wanes. Their system has run its course and they know it, it explains the uncommon haste with which they are trying to push through their demonic Great Reset. Anger is erupting around the world, and people have much to be angry about. Covid, famine, energy shortages, inflation. All are issues that individually are devastating, the compound effect of them all together ushers in a perfect storm, the likes of which the world has never seen. The only thing that will prevent the Great reset is a critical mass of awakened people who refuse to comply. For that to happen it requires that people understand that all the current world problems stated above can be traced to one source. It is the Central Banking Cartel, headquartered in the City of London. It has controlled through proxies the American and global financial system since at least 1913 when it illegally created the Federal Reserve System in America. It has been used as a weapon of war on humanity ever since. This cartel is heavily invested in all the major multi-national industries, especially the defence sector. As it was prior to WW1 when “The Merchants of Deaths”, the weapons manufacturers, were all owned by the same bankers. All wars are bankers’ wars, the Ukraine conflict going on now, is essentially no different.

    It is a cabal that thrives on chaos and devastation. It creates depressions so that it can buy up assets at pennies on the dollar. It overturns Governments and slaughters innocent civilians. Its business model has been the trade in human misery and suffering since the days of the East India Company more than 300 years ago. It is the same cabal that launched the greatest crime against humanity in history with the Covid lie. And once again the Devil didn’t hide his evil, they told us, it was about de-population. And that same stated de-population goal is at the heart of their absurd, “Green New Deal. When the Devil keeps telling you he wants to kill off most of humanity, surely you have to accept he exists?

    The American author Henry David Thoreau, said, “For every thousand men hacking at the branches of evil, there is one hacking at the root. ” The Bidens, Johnsons, Macrons, et al, are just the branches, as are the Schwabs and the Gates. They are merely the frontmen, the foot soldiers for the truly powerful forces that created and own them. The crimes against humanity committed by these “lesser men” are unprecedented in history. Alas a punishment commensurate with their crimes does not exist. Yet, removing these disgusting people alone, even if they are eventually held to account (we can hope) will change little. It is not enough to clip the branches if the root stays in place. It is the central banking system and the power it wields that must be destroyed, least it take root again.

    The Devil can no longer convince enough of the World that he does not exist. The evil that he is can only exist when good men do nothing, and we are seeing good men around. the world unite in resistance against the common enemy. The time has come when all people need to understand what is going on and what is at stake, or it might be the Devil who gets to decide the future of humanity. And that cannot be allowed to happen.’

    The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 3 2022 #112778

    Perhaps I should repeat what I have been saying for a very long time:

    1. Planetary overheating [due to excessive atmospheric CO2 from burning fossil fuels] is a real phenomenon with deadly consequences in the short term and catastrophic consequences longer term.

    2. The responses to overheating promoted by ‘the powers that be’ are all scams, are all fraudulent, are all unscientific (anti-scientific) and are focused on:

    a) preventing the scientifically illiterate masses from realising the nature of the predicament
    b) keeping up business confidence and consumption rates
    c) providing banks, corporations and opportunists with opportunities to make short-term profits by participating in the various scams.

    I see that the international price for benchmark Brent oil has fallen again (currently $96.78)

    Since everything in the mainstream economic system is perversely counterproductive, this fall in energy price will stimulate consumption to some extent (causing faster depletion and faster plkanetary meltdown), whilst at the same time deterring further extraction projects.

    Sri Lanka seems to have fallen out of the news. Has it been provided with enough liquid fuel to keep it staggering on for a few more months, or is it in the process of ‘going medieval’? as James Howards Kunstler describes loss of fossil fuels and the collapse of industrial systems.

    Population Overshoot meets Peak Oil, meets Unravelling of Ponzi Finances, meets Fake Economic Theories (especially GDP), meets Fake Political Systems.

    No wonder ‘the powers that be’ are so keen to trigger more war.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 3 2022 #112773

    A little more good news. The Russians are slowly grinding the US-sponsored fascists to pulp -the ones that are not defecting or running away, that is- and have made further advances in the liberation of eastern Ukraine. There is even the prospect of a collapse of the Ukrainian defence line.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 3 2022 #112771

    Anticlimatic, perhaps you should change your online name to cherry-picker, or anti-science, or even anti-life.

    Whilst it is true that the atmospheric methane concentration is around 1900 ppb, it is rapidly approaching 2000 ppb, and that figure is close to THREE TIMES the pre-industrial level of 750 ppb (determined from gas trapped in ice.

    What is more, one molecule of CH4 has a heat-trapping potential of 86 times that of CO2 over a 20 year period, so the 2 ppm of methane in the atmosphere has a heat-trapping potential (or CO2e) of 2 x 86 = 176 ppm CO2.

    Adding the effect of methane to the effect of carbon dioxide we get the 420 ppm [of CO2] plus 176 [CO2e] giving us 596 ppm Co2e.

    Compare that with the recent long term (800,000-year} average of 230 ppm atmospheric CO2, plus the long-term average of less than 1 ppm CH4.

    And of course there is N2O, with a multiplier of 190, to consider. And there are numerous other gases at significant heat-trapping potentials, many of them not natural but concocted by industrial humans and released into the atmosphere by irresponsible industrial humans.

    So we are looking at 700+ actual heat-trapping concentration versus pre-industrial less than 300.

    It’s hardly surprising that glaciers are rapidly disappearing, that the Antarctic ice cover is the lowest on record, and that the Arctic ice cover consists of less-thn-5-year-old ice, much of it formed from freshwater at a higher temperature than the normal freezing point of sea water (salt being a frezzing point depressant..

    It’s a bugger when you have an Honours Degree in Chemistry and have studied spectroscopy and the nature of matter, have done a huge amount of environmental monitoring , actually know what is happening and why, and are surrounded by ignorant fools and fossil-fuel-sponsored trolls with opinions that do not comply with the laws of physics and chemistry..

    Of course, the main reason for the huge imbalance in geochemistry is the fact that industrial humans are de-sequestering carbon [ that was sequestered tens or hundreds of millions of years ago], and putting that carbon into the atmosphere in the form of CO2 at the rate of about 40 billion tonnes a year. That plus an overshoot of the human population of around 7 billion that is a direct result of overuse of fossil fuels, commencing in the early 1700s.

    We are now 300 years into the worst experiment ever conducted on this planet, and the effects are now dire.

    Pity the children.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 2 2022 #112715

    Some good news!

    Russian forces have made substantial gains in the special operation to liberate eastern Ukraine from the fascists:

    The bad news: the American and British fascists seem to be intent on fighting to the last Ukrainian willing to die for a futile course of action (desertions are increasing).

    in reply to: Theater Opening #112635

    Cannon fodder in the 21st century is much the same as it was in the 17th century, the 18th century, the 19th century and the 20th century. It’s just there is now a huge amount of it compared to earlier times -like five times as much- and the cannons tend to be more accurate and more destructive.

    Most wars since around 500BC have been chemical wars, and since 1914 wars have been fought to control energy reserves. It was the construction of the Berlin to Baghdad railway that had the British so worried they had to attack the Ottoman Empire in what is now called Iraq to secure the oil fields.

    History doesn’t repeat, it just rhymes.

    But this time it is rather different for the US and Britain because both have squandered the bulk of their energy reserves on unsustainable consumerism.

    ‘Interesting times’ get ever more ‘interesting’ as we fall off the Energy Return On Energy Invested curve on a planet that is highly polluted, stripped of its natural resources and undergoing the biggest extinction event since the Permian Extinction Event of 252 million years ago.

    Almost all of this ongoing disaster is a direct consequence of allowing banks and corporations and their fake economic theories, along with puppet politicians, to take control.

    We can be certain it will all end catastrophically quite soon, especially for nations attached to, and controlled by, the US and Britain.

    I’m making my preparations for economic-financial meltdown as fast as I can, but no one can prepare for an uninhabitable planet, which is what the maniacs in control of the western world are orchestrating.

    By the way, having grown up in England, I still use the French-derived spelling of theatre, rather than Webster’s.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 31 2022 #112573

    If you want to hear a continuous stream of lies, listen to Grant Robertson deliver his package to develop the ‘strong NZ’ into an even stronger NZ economy, ‘protect the health of New Zealanders’ by [funding and promoting untested cell biology modifiers that wreck immune systems.

    You will hear the professional liar declare that has been tackling the ‘climate crisis’ by reducing tax on fuels in order to keep New Zealanders squandering fossil fuels (after all, the rise in fuel prices is all Russia’s fault).

    We will tackle climate change by promoting electric cars that are powered by coal-fired and natural-gas-powered power stations.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 31 2022 #112559

    Bishko. Spot on!

    Not only are the feed and methane generation figures false, other statements in the video are false.

    Although methane has a short life in the atmosphere it is not ‘destroyed’: it is oxidised to carbon dioxide (which is a greenhouse gas).

    The multiplier for methane is not the 34 that was stated, but is 86 over a decade, and the instantaneous multiplier (versus CO2) is around 300.

    However, the problem is NOT cows and sheep; it is emissions from the petroleum sector, which is largely or completely unregulated. And of course, the potential for destabilisation of methane clathrates via increasing temperatures.

    What is more, New Zealand’s emissions of carbon dioxide have been increasing inexorably since NZ signed onto the Kyoto Protocol!

    One has to understand that it’s all bollocks, and NZ is a world leader in Orwellianism.

    Not only do we have:

    War is peace.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Freedom is slavery.

    But we also have:

    Education is ignorance.
    Stupidity is intelligence.
    Sickness is health.
    Impoverishment is wealth.

    The level of ineptitude and deceit displayed by the NZ government (and the fake NZ mainstream media) almost matches that of the Biden administration.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 30 2022 #112517

    About 15 years ago I worked out that many of our modern ‘troubles’ stem from the Norman (Northmen=Vikings) conquest of England [via northern France] and the establishment of a system of rulers and ruled, in which the rulers were vicious conquerors and the ruled were to be exploited to the maximum.

    There was nothing new in the system as such -the Romans did it. What distinguishes the Roman Empire from the Norman Empire is that the Norman Empire still exists early a thousand years later and has a stranglehold on much of the world.

    ‘Even the most badly-educated English people – and there are a lot of them, given the appalling contemporary Western educational systems – know one date in history: 1066. This is the date of the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror’ (correctly, ‘the Bastard’) and ongoing occupation by the Norman ‘Establishment’, with its upper-class Franco-Norman, what is now called ‘BBC’, accent. There followed the feudalisation (the feudal system was unknown in England before 1066) and genocide of the English people, those called by pro-Norman/anti-English propagandist historians ‘Anglo-Saxons’. This resulted in the exile of thousands of its people, notably its royal line to Kiev and many of its nobles to Constantinople.

    There was English resistance to the jackboot of the feudal Normans, sent with the encouragement of the Pope of Rome from the top of the feudal pyramid, and accompanied by moneylenders from Rouen, Jews, who had previously never lived in England. Resistance was led by such folk-heroes as Hereward in the East of England and Eadric in the West of England. These folk-leaders were attempting to repeat the feat of national defence of King Alfred, the only English ruler ever to be called ‘the Great’. That they failed to repeat his exploit, of defeating the Vikings (Danish pirates) in the ninth century, by defeating the Vikings (Norman pirates) in the eleventh century, is hardly surprising. This is because the last English King, Edmund Ironside, the great-great-great grandson of King Alfred, had already been murdered by Danish Vikings (Danish pirates) in 1016. There were no more English Kings after Edmund in 1016.

    Edmund Ironside was succeeded by the Viking leader Knut (Canute) and three foreign successors including the half-Norman, half-Danish traitor Edward ‘the Confessor’, who in 1051 had his Norman agents build the first castle in England, marking the beginning of ‘Castle England’ (see below). The Confessor was followed by Normans, French (Plantagenets), Welsh (Tudors), Scots (Stuarts), Dutch (Orange) and Germans (Hanoverians/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/ ’Windsor’). These peoples are collectively known to Non-Western Europeans as ‘Franks’. In summary: there has not been an English King or Queen of England for over a thousand years, since 1016. Indeed, at various points the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish have also, like the English, had to put up with these foreign, pseudo-English, monarchs.

    Alien-Ruled Europe

    So, after this deviation, what is the link with the Ukraine? We speak of all this because the fate of the English is only an example of the fate of all Non-Russian Europeans, that is, to be ruled by ‘pirates’, by foreign or alien elites – just as in today’s Ukraine. The most visible symbol of domination and oppression by alien elites remains the castles which they built to oppress the people. Significantly, from the Atlantic coasts of Portugal and Ireland to the westernmost borders of present-day Ukraine (google a map to see), that is, all over Non-Russian Europe, ‘encastellation’ was the sign of the oppression of the peoples of Europe by pirate elites. Thus Non-Russian Europe can visibly be called ‘Castle Europe’. Castles, even if in ruins today, were and are the stone-walled concentration camps, watchtowers and symbols of the Feudal Western elite, from the eleventh century on.

    When that Feudal Age ended, the worst thing that happened to Castle Europe was that it discovered the New World. This was the worst thing because it meant that the same conquering mentality (e.g. the ‘Conquistadors’) was taken unopposed overseas, in order to enslave yet more peoples there, to project onto them the piracy that Castle Europe had to offer. But there was even worse to come. In the twentieth century the richest and most powerful New World colony, just like Castle Europe, genocided its native peoples, whom it called ‘savages’, as if they were wild animals, in order to asset-strip their natural resources. Having sent the survivors to concentration camps, which it called ‘reservations’, guarded by castles, which it called ‘forts’, it came back to invade Castle Europe, dominate it and haunt it.

    Thus, all over Castle Europe today, from the towers of medieval castles, as from other Castle Europe buildings, including Castle Europe ‘churches’, which often look like mini-castles, fly Ukrainian flags. Why? Because the US-appointed Castle Europe pirate elites have ordered it, because for them the Ukraine is their private ‘reservation’, that is, their own concentration camp. In other words, Castle Europe is still ruled by an alien and alien-appointed elite, just the same as ever. Its new castles are called ‘bases’ and ‘camps’, e.g. ‘Ramstein Air Base’ in Germany or ‘Camp Bondsteel’ in Kosovo. Same thing. We have gone from Feudal (Norman/Frankish) Europe to Neo-Feudal (American) Europe. And ‘Feudal’ translates into modern language as ‘necon’, ‘neoliberal’ or simply, for Russians especially, ‘Nazi’. This is why we can clearly see that the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine will inevitably lead in time to the demilitarisation and denazification of Non-Russian Europe, that is, of Castle Europe.’

    The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 29 2022 #112443

    Wow! All of it is worth watching but for those in a hurry from minute 24.

    The world is on a knife edge, with deceitful maniacs in control in the west. Are they going to push China into war?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 29 2022 #112408

    Once you recognise that we [in so-called western democracies] are governed by globalist scumbags -as per the cartoon- put into position by other globalist scumbags, and the globalist scumbags have huge armies of mindless, unqualified bureaucrats who are both self-serving liars and grossly incompetent, and these mindless bureaucrats use fraud to establish and maintain (ram down our throats) policies that are counterproductive, it all starts makes sense.

    When it comes to the question of what to do about this dismal predicament, we have to bear in mind that the bulk of the so-called media operates at the ten-year-old level (as opposed to the twelve-year-old level of politicians and bureaucrats) and the system has been carefully designed to ensure there is no accountability anywhere. Indeed, the worse mess politicians and bureaucrats make of everything, the more they are rewarded.

    Anticipating the ‘zombie apocalypse’ to commence later this year or early in 2023, and the end of the completely fraudulent and dysfunctional systems imposed on us by the moneylenders and corporations and their lackeys before 2025.

    Sadly, billions of people and most of the wildlife on this once-beautiful planet are going to suffer immensely during this meltdown.

    I noted to a friend that the war in Ukraine is mostly being fought with 1940s technology…explosions in barrels and explosions of projectiles.

    I’ve been saying for a log time that we are headed for fourteenth century living arrangements (at best) in the short term, and a new stone age or extinction in the longer term.

    Without a stable environment, nobody survives. And without energy, nothing happens.

    I guess the people of Sri Lanka are already learning that lesson. And the people of Europe are about to learn it.

    Until they do, the criminals and clowns remain in power.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 27 2022 #112313

    “Think about how stupid the average person is. And then remember that half the population is more stupid than that.”

    -George Carlin.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 25 2022 #112182

    More fraud from big pharma:

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 20 2022 #111825

    The June trade deficit was large. That took the annual trade deficit to June was -$10.5 bln and more than twice the annual deficit for any other June year. In the year ended June 2021 there was a deficit of just -$277 mln. In June itself, there was a -$701 mln deficit in a month where normally we have surpluses. Trade and current account deficits don’t seem to matter much – until they do. And we might actually be getting towards that tipping point.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 20 2022 #111788

    Not covered in today’s TAE report but crucial to the future:

    In addition to the disappearance of Lake Mead

    I see that the Great Salt Lake is also disappearing

    No surprise, really.

    In the case of the former lake, the impact is on water supplies to agriculture, urban communities of about 45 million people and hydro generation. In the case of the latter, the impact is less on water supplies as such but there is some impact on agriculture; the biggest catastrophe may well be the release of toxic dust (containing arsenic) from the lake bed..

    Hmm… seems to me America is now very close to kaput on practically every front -financially, economically, socially, environmentally, health-wise, militarily etc…..though Europe does look set to go under a few months before America.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 17 2022 #111695

    Whilst what you say about previous crises is correct, there is something different about the current crisis: there can be no recovery. .

    Almost all of the easily-extracted high-quality coal is long gone.

    Almost all the easily-extracted high-quality oil is long gone. The system is dependent on extracting gluggy kerogen from ‘tar sands’, and other low EROEI extraction systems.

    Humungous debt bubbles have been constructed on the assumption of infinite-growth-on-a-finite-planet -an absurd notion from the outset, but achievable in the short term via looting of the planet and destruction of the environmental future.

    So now all the chickens are coming home to roost (the great unravelling), and all our so-called leaders have to offer is more of the same bullshit that got us into this global predicament in the first place..

    Population overshoot meets Peak Oil, Abrupt Climate Change, the unravelling of Ponzi finance and collapse of biodiversity,

    in reply to: Debt Rattle July 14 2022 #111541

    We repeatedly see how easy it is to fool a financially-illiterate and scientifically-illiterate general populace: just feed them a bullshit line that they want to hear. ‘Climate change can be solved by carbon trading’; ‘electric cars are clean and green’; ‘sustainable development will raise living standards’…..blah, blah, blah.

    And of course, the classic: ‘the problems we are encountering are due to excessive read tape and over-regulation, so we need to deregulate and provide free markets whilst at the same time providing financial incentives to innovators’.

    The crux of our predicament lies in the fact that most of our so-called leaders are also financially-illiterate and scientifically illiterate, or are deliberately acting as saboteurs. Or both scientifically and financially illiterate, and acting as saboteurs.

    All the evidence I have accumulated indicates that throughout the western world leaders are not elected but are selected, on the basis of their willingness to facilitate the short term agendas of transnational banks and corporations. And to lie to the general populace.

    Anyone who disagrees ‘gets annihilated’.

    But now we are beginning to see that those who agree get annihilated too, i.e. those who submitted to being jabbed with potentially toxic ‘vaccines’ (not vaccines at all but cell biology modifiers) are the ones becoming ill (or dying suddenly); those who bought into the financial scams are seeing their portfolios decline in value or disappear altogether etc.

    Energy is king, and the bulk of the economic-financial system runs on coal, oil and gas -electricity being a subset of the fossil fuels economy. Without energy, nothing happens. And with less energy, less happens.

    The energy news is all bad, insofar as the peak of extraction of oil by conventional means was around 2007, and the peak of extraction by unconventional means was 2018-19. Unsurprisingly, everything si now unravelling.

    What is more, the cumulative effects of burning fossil fuels are manifesting in lots of very nasty ways, i.e. abrupt climate change….more properly labelled planetary meltdown… and ocean acidification. We can add the swamping of the biosphere with plastics and microplastics as a non-combustion ill-effect of the use of fossil fuels.

    So, we are handing to the ‘next generation’ a planet that is depleted of energy sources and suffering from an atmosphere containing around 190 ppm carbon dioxide above the long-term average (420 ppm versus 230 ppm, the 280 ppm cited as the pre-industrial ‘start point’ actually being an unusually high peak in the record and most likely due to human activity in the previous 20,000 years…previous peaks being around 260 ppm).

    And on top of that a population overshoot of around 7 billion facilitated by the use of now rapidly depleting fossil fuels.

    What many commenters fail to distinguish is the difference between the very real phenomenon of planetary overheating -due to excess CO2- and the various scams operated by ‘the controllers’ (governments) in response to the overheating; they correctly identify the responses, e.g. carbon trading, electric cars, biofuels etc. as scams but then go on the declare the overheating as a scam.

    Watch Lake Mead disappear. It could well be ‘all over’ by the end of this year.

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