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    About nine months ago I began wondering whether the jabs/masks/lockdowns were a kind of intelligence test. The NZ ‘health authorities’ came up with a ridiculous set of rules, including that masks had to be worn at bars and restaurants when standing up but not when sitting down. ‘Social distancing was required (2 metres) except when sitting down at a restaurant table -possibly with people one hardly knew.

    We had all the rigmarole of queueing up outside stores, many of which had been shut down at short notice ‘to prevent infection’ and then reopened with all kinds of barriers and lines of tape on the floor. Fear was fed by incessant messaging about ‘Covid’ numbers, even on the classical music radio network. People rushed to get jabbed. Paranoia reigned supreme, with only a small sector of society keeping level heads.

    And then the second round of jabbing commenced.

    And by the time the third round of jabbing was underway more and more people were saying: “This is bullshit. I don’t want it!”

    However, the sector that believes the government exists to help them and protect them still drove around alone in vehicles wearing masks, and still got their ‘boosters’.

    I found it profoundly amusing that unjabbed and never wearing masks (except when carrying out work that creates nasty dust) I have had no respiratory illness in the past three years -and that despite being in close proximity to people who did have ‘a bit of a cold’- whereas triple jabbed mask-wearers went down with the thing.

    We are yet to witness the full consequences of all the jabbing that went on prior to the government’s fake Covid narrative falling to pieces…all that nasty messenger-RNA floating round bodies and messing up immune systems and potentially triggering cancers etc. But so much of it has fallen to bits: contact tracking systems abandoned, quarantine systems abandoned, jabs abandoned, masks largely abandoned (except by the really stupid)..

    The NZ government’s fake Ukraine narrative will fall to pieces a lot faster than the fake Covid narrative: I see that Russia has made significant advances against the most heavily fortified sector of the frontline, whilst at the same time decimating the reserves a little back from the actual fire zone. “Cracking a difficult nut,” as the Military Summary channel puts it.

    The NZ government’s fake economic-financial narratives will clearly fall to pieces between now and the end of 2023, and may well unravel before the end of this year, depending on the oil markets and the shenanigans of the central banks.

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    ‘To be fair, ALL citizens are the enemies of the State and always have been’

    I like that statement but it’s not true. The state has many fifth-columnists and saboteurs as agents, and they live in communities throughout the land -well they do in NZ.

    On the other hand, the state is the enemy of the ALL the citizens, including those who do the state’s short-term bidding because the state is destroying civilisation destroying any prospect of a long-term future.

    Of course a large sector of the populations of western nations still cannot see that obvious truth. But I think they will by the end of this year.

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    Many truth bombs from straight-talking Greg Mannarino

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    Now you know the end of the current way of life is coming soon; shortages of beer forecasted. So you may well have difficulty getting drunk while you slowly starve to death.

    ‘what could come next are water restrictions that would limit production and could create a beer shortage in the US’


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    For those who do not know what has been going on in NZ and want to find out, this is worth listening to.

    Michael Laws is just a tosser….couldn’t be where he is now without being one, but Kelvn Alp speaks a lot of truth the mainstream and the dark forces that control NZ do not want heard.

    Kelvyn Alp from Counterspin Media chats with Michael Laws

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    Amernio Pereira

    When you are operating a Ponzi scheme, the easiest way to keep it expanding is to have an increasing population: more people buying stuff they don’t actually need; more people buying houses or renting; more demand for food; more demand for jungles to be cleared to make way for corporate-owned plantations etc.

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    About 15 years ago I wrote something akin to the following.

    ‘The Earth generates oil as fast as we use it, and if we do not keep drilling holes to relieve the pressure, oil will accumulate under the surface and erupt in the form of oil volcanoes.

    The Earth is cooling and we are entering an ice age because there is insufficient carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Debts and deficits do not matter. If you find yourself unable to repay a debt or pay the interest on a loan, simply find another lender. Spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need is what makes you happy.

    Therefore, to be good, happy citizens, we should all do the following; borrow as much money as possible to purchase devices that burn oil, and use them as much as possible.’

    Being as responsible member of the global community, the government of NZ has taken all this to heart:

    ‘Tourism New Zealand launches global campaign to attract ‘high-quality’ travellers

    Tourism New Zealand is hoping to pique the interest of curious travellers in its first global campaign in two years.

    ‘If You Seek’ teases audiences with snippets of destination and activities from well known locations like Hooker Valley near Aoraki Mt Cook and Hell’s Gate in the North Island to those less recognisable.

    The campaign includes short films, content to educate travel sellers and a domestic marketing campaign.

    Tourism New Zealand chief executive René de Monchy said there was intense international competition to attract visitors.

    “Because of our size and location New Zealand will have to work hard to encourage visitation post-Covid with international visitor numbers taking years to build up and Kiwis now having the option of travelling overseas,” de Monchy said.

    “The work includes sneak-peeks of some well-known destinations as well as places and experiences that aren’t as recognisable in our key markets.

    “We wanted to tap into the curiosity of our target high-quality traveller, who we know are adventurous and keen to dig beneath the surface of the places they visit whether on the beaten path or not.”

    The aim was to reach high-quality visitors who TNZ believed would explore more deeply, spend more and engage with our culture and environment respectfully, he said.

    In a recent speech to the Tourism Export Council NZ conference, Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said the country would not seek to attract or market towards budget visitors who ‘travel around our country on $10 a day eating two-minute noodles’.

    But he said Aotearoa would still roll out the welcome mat for all tourists.

    De Monchy said Tourism New Zealand’s research showed that visitors who saw their work spent more and travelled more widely around the country.

    It also showed that around two thirds of New Zealanders intended to take a domestic holiday in the coming year, and 42 percent were motivated to visit a place they hadn’t before on their upcoming travels.

    ‘If You Seek’ is being launched in New Zealand, Australia, USA, China, UK, Singapore, Japan, Germany, India, Korea and Canada.’

    See, we are not living in a post peak oil world (despite all the data indicating we are); there is no ‘Climate Emergency’ (despite the government declaring one) and fiat currencies are not in the process of unravelling (despite raging inflation -devaluation- and falling house prices and falling equity markets. In fact, we are all getting wealthier and healthier by doing nothing other than churn out hot air.

    It is unclear whether the government will be subsidising the construction of brothels in ‘Hooker Valley’ or whether it will be suggesting to impoverished New Zealander women -impoverished by the government- that they offer their services to ‘high-quality travellers’ in order to be able to pay escalating grocery bills etc.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 17 2022 #113621

    RIM. I hope you are not seriously affected by this:

    ‘State of emergency declared in two regions, evacuations taking place amid ‘relentless’ rain

    Weather warnings are now in full effect in the Nelson/Tasman and West Coast regions, with rain hammering down’

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2022 #113591

    Thinking bout all this stuff, I suddenly realised that the entire propaganda narrative functions with one agenda, which can be reduced to just three words: normalising the absurd.

    Propaganda about running huge complex societies on ‘green energy: normalising the absurd.

    Propaganda about messenger-RNA jabs providing protection: normalsing the absurd.

    Propaganda about masks preventing the movement of viruses: normalising the absurd.

    Propaganda about Ukraine winning the war: normalising the absurd.

    ad infinitum

    Today’s dose of grimness (courtesy

    ‘In China, normally at this time of year we note excessive flooding along the big river basins like the Yangtze. But this year it is the opposite with very low flows and very high temperatures. This does not bode well for farming, nor the industry relying on hydro-electric power from their river systems. There is now talk of factories closing due to electricity shortages. Brands like Apple are having supply issues.’

    Depending on your perspective, you could look on that as excellent news, I suppose.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 16 2022 #113589

    Spot on, Neil Oliver.

    I started making the transition from believing in and trusting the government around 1994. The transition to not believing in and not trusting the government was fairly complete by 2004.

    I began the transition not believing in and not trusting local government in 2002 (when I commenced taking a very active interest in what they were doing) and by 2012 that transition was complete.

    Sadly, there are still many who believe the government’s lies and the local council’s lies. The portion that does is declining by the hour. I do my best to wake people to the truth of their predicament -actually our collective predicament.

    This is where the phenomenon of baseline shift is so frustrating.

    Young people always grow up believing what they see around them as being normal, even though it is far from normal, because they have no yardstick to measure by.

    We oldies, on the other hand, can remember when there were meadows full of wild flowers, oak trees and the like a hundred or more years old. When I was a child milk came in glass bottles, delivered to dwellings by horse and cart. Life for most still had a degree of natural pace because few people had motor vehicles. Walking or cycling, together with public transport systems centred on buses and trains were the norm. Not that ordinary folk went far or travelled more than 10 miles very often.

    I now fully understand that my simple childhood life -no car, no television, no phone, no refrigerator…but electric lights and radios, was actually a massive short-term aberration in the grand scheme of things, and that one would have to travel back in time to the early 1700s to find a world that was not a massive short-term aberration in the grand scheme of things.

    How one transfers that knowledge to a preset-day teenager addicted to packaged food and addicted to a smart phone is the challenge.

    It probably cannot be done.

    Thus, in addition to the surging death rates attributable to toxic jabs and the diseases of civilisation, I suspect we will witness a surge in suicides, as those who have a sense of entitlement have everything they thought they were entitled to taken away by ‘the government’.

    On the matter of eating insects, it is well to remember that we are in the midst of an ‘insect apocalypse’, with an 80% decline in insect populations since the 1970s being recorded in Germany.

    Factory farmed insects? What are they going to eat? Grains grown, harvested and processed using diesel-powered machinery?

    Just more lies from the maniacs at the top of the financial pyramid.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2022 #113540

    On the matter of the totally fraudulent narratives promoted by the WEF and the vast majority of fake western governments, here is a fine example of absolute bollocks being promoted by the NZ government and their bought-and-paid-for lackeys at universities -which were once places of learning and genuine research (40 or 50 years ago, before everything got commercialised and turned into short-term profit centres).

    Hot off the press:

    New Zealand and Germany are to do some research on green hydrogen projects. It will see the NZ Government ‘invest’ $5 mln into three green hydrogen projects, and our research teams will get access to European green hydrogen research facilities and expertise. Funded through the Catalyst fund, each project will receive $2 million over three years. These are the development of safe, low-cost hydrogen storage (led by Professor Sally Brooker from the University of Otago), investigating ways of producing low-cost green hydrogen (led by Dr Aaron Marshall from the University of Canterbury), and the creation of a New Zealand-German platform for green hydrogen integration (led by Dr Jannik Haas from the University of Canterbury).’

    As others have pointed out, manufacturing hydrogen by ANY industrial process causes a significant net loss of energy.

    There is only one truly ‘green hydrogen’, and that is the ‘green hydrogen’ formed in plants carrying out photosynthesis, whereby light energy is captured via a porphyrin ring containing a magnesium ion, and that light energy is used to split water molecules as building block for carbohydrates.

    Hence my previous comment about western societies functioning on the basis of denial of reality (and that is just one of a plethora of examples).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2022 #113534

    “Thou shall not kill [another human] except when instructed to by the government, and to the sound of trumpets.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2022 #113533


    It’s really easy.

    All that is required is for other people to stop posting unscientific (antiscientific) narratives -basically bullshit.

    And then I don’t have to spend time correcting those unscientific (antiscientific) narratives.

    But as long as people keep posting non-factual nonsense, I will continue to present the facts.
    Isn’t that what informed debate is all about.

    Or am I on the wrong forum?

    Opinions without knowledge are worthless, as far as I am concerned.

    Unfortunately, in this bizarre society, opinions are elevated to the status of facts, and facts are downgraded to the status opinions.

    And what I have repeatedly witnessed is that those who constantly lie to us and abuse us (the powers that be,, the elites, the scumbags, whatever you want to call them) are masters of mind control, and do exactly that -elevate their own opinions to the status of facts and relegate well-established facts to the status of opinions.

    i cannot recall the number of time I have heard: “That’s just your opinion.”

    No that’s what the best scientific evidence informs us.

    And if new evidence emerges that confronts established scientific beliefs, those beliefs are abandoned or modified to comply with the evidence. That is how real science operates.

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    ‘oil is not a fossil fuel, but formed deep within the earth,’

    The trouble with unfounded assertion like that is that no one ever provides a plausible mechanism for the process. Indeed, no one provides ANY mechanism for the process.

    And such assertions run counter to actual evidence, such as that oil oozes out of recently formed sedimentary deposits near the surface.

    Any way, for the umpteenth time, it is not about running out, it is about the rate of extraction, and what happens to the carbon component after the oil is burned.

    I totally agree that the events of 9/11, as portrayed by the sociopaths who churned out the false narratives, defied the laws of physics, and it was clearly an inside job.

    Like you, I have found it nearly impossible to get ordinary folk to accept that 9/11 could not have occurred as portrayed by official narratives.

    This entire society operates on the basis of denial of reality. And that is why this entire society is doomed.

    But you can’t even say that without upsetting the mollycoddled masses.

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    Dr D

    ‘CO2 LAGS the warming. Again, WARMING appears first, CO2 appears shortly after. After, after, after. Over and over, through geological history. 100,000 years before SUVs.’

    I’m not sure that you intended to tell the truth of the matter there, or if the truth came out accidentally in an act of planetary meltdown denial.

    Yes, increases in atmospheric CO2 used to follow warming. -that warming being due to variation in the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth as a consequence of variations in the Earths orbit, Milankovitch cycles.,therefore%2C%20energy%2C%20that%20Earth%20absorbs%20from%20the%20Sun

    Everything was just fine and dandy until industrial human came along and began de-sequestering carbon that natural systems had sequestered over hundreds of millions of years.

    And once the atmospheric carbon dioxide level broke through a critical level -arguably 350 ppm – the natural systems that had determined the average temperature of the Earth became increasingly overwhelmed.

    Of course, it suits people who are addicted to the use of fossil fuels to come up with spurious arguments to ‘prove’ that anthropogenically-released carbon dioxide is not responsible for the devastation we are now witnessing.

    ‘Brian Catt, physicist and engineer.’

    But is he really a physicist? Just because there is a caption on a screen does not mean he is. And there is one group amongst many that we know we cannot trust at all: the mainstream media. They always have an agenda, and in recent times their agenda has very much centred on keeping the masses dumbed-down and consuming…advertising revenue and all that!

    I especially note that he is an engineer. And in my experience engineers are amongst the worst kinds of people on this planet because they have zero ecological perspective and think that every difficulty has an engineering solution. When in practice, we are in this diabolical predicament as a direct consequence of excessive engineering. And engineers tend to have zero understanding of the absorption and re-emission of radiation in the atmosphere unless their field of engineering is specifically linked to that field of expertise.

    Over the years I have heard as much bullshit from engineers and from politicians and economists.

    Here are a couple of other things that physicists and engineers tend to overlook, or do not even know about.

    1. Acidification of the oceans.

    Most of the carbon dioxide released by burning coal, oil and gas ends up in the oceans because carbon dioxide is highly soluble in water . The effect of excessive CO2 in the oceans is to mess up the bicarbonate cycle that shellfish utilise to form shells. The excess CO2 also affects corals and fish.

    2. Overwhelming of natural CO2 recycling systems.

    For the past 600 million years or so the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was regulated by

    a) formation of carbonate rocks in the depths of the oceans

    b) formation of carbonate rocks on the land by conversion of silicate rocks into carbonate rocks

    Both these chemical processes took place over eons. And both have been overwhelmed by the massive release of carbon dioxide, due to the burning of fossil fuels over the past couple of hundred years, but particularly in the past 50 years.

    Planetary meltdown is a very real phenomenon.

    The fake aspect is the response to the emissions predicament that the power that be -the banks, corporations, opportunists, UNIPCC, WEF etc. have come up with . Those responses are all BOLLOCKS, and will make the predicament WORSE whilst providing short term opportunities for profiting from the meltdown.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2022 #113479



    The Maori arrived in the thirteenth century, just a few canoe loads (300 people?), and by the time the first Europeans got serious about incorporating NZ into the empire (stripping it of resources and turning nature into sheep farms, and then dairy farms) the Maori had exterminated several species and had spent several centuries in a state of armed conflict [between tribes], fighting over occupation of the best land and other resources.

    I have seen the pictures of the ‘development’ of Taranaki in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Chop down the trees, take what can be moved easily and sold, and burn the rest to make way for pasture.

    When guano no longer is available, strip Christmas Island and Nauru of phosphate rock (British Phosphate Commission) and turn them into moonscapes. And when all the phosphate rock there has been removed, find somewhere else to strip-mine.

    Overload ecosystems with phosphate and other growth stimulants via run-off, and then wonder why the lakes are full of toxic algae. Overstock the land and then wonder why the rivers are unswimmable.

    Set up a tourism sector that is totally dependent on ostentatious consumption of fossil fuels, and then describe that as a component of ‘a sustainable economy’.

    Not forgetting ‘Clean coal’ of course.

    I think this, from New Plymouth District Council takes the cake, though: “Nature is appreciated and will be enhanced.”

    It is ‘Clean green NZ’, don’t you know.

    By the way, I believe there are only two countries that use 1080 (animal poison), the US and NZ. And NZ uses about 80% of what is manufactured.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2022 #113463

    John Day

    Up to a point.

    You have to bear in mind that the local council and the regional council are still on the ‘obliterate nature’ bandwagon promoted by central government and other of acolytes of the WEF etc.

    Just heard yet another anecdote relating to jabs.:

    A friend’s son bought a car yesterday, and the seller is furious with the government because, having had three jabs that he was reluctant to take but was essentially forced into, now finds his health severely compromised. and unable to work.

    Just one more of many of thousands in NZ. Maybe hundreds of thousands now.

    I have been saying for many years that they will just keep doing it until they can’t.

    ‘doing it’ means

    Destroying natural systems

    Constructing infrastructure and systems with a very short-term future or no future at all.

    Degrading the health of the populace.

    Promoting the fouling of the air, water and land.

    Lying to the masses.

    Of course, the maniacs in control have been doing such things for such a long time they are habitual.

    Which takes me back to ‘until they can’t’.

    September looks to be the critical month on many fronts.

    I must get on with uncompleted projects.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 14 2022 #113454

    What we are witnessing is the complete failure of all of the fundamentally fraudulent narratives of western culture and fraudulent economic systems, which can be summarised as:

    1. Humans are the pinnacle of creation; the Earth and everything else on it were created for people to have dominion over….that dominion being restricted to using and abusing, and having no requirement for being good custodians. Thanks Bible and all the fake religious systems that eminated from it.

    2. The establishment of completely fake economic indicators such as GDP, which merely measures financial transactions and which counts conversion of finite resources into waste and destruction of the biosphere as economically good outcomes.

    3. The circulation of more paper notes as claims to gold than the actual gold that existed, followed by complete detachment of the financial system from any physical reality at all and the trading of ‘financial ‘products’ such as derivatives.

    4. The [false] notion that humans are masters of nature and can control the outcomes of disrupting natural systems.

    5. Promotion of everything that is wasteful and destructive by governments, in order to keep the financial system from imploding in the short term.

    The great irony is that the more the fuckwits and maniacs in power attempt to prop up their Ponzi schemes and their fake power systems, the more damage they do, and the faster the system will crash.

    I follow what is happening in Ukraine very closely because it is clear that the immediate future will be decided by how quickly the fake narratives promoted by NATOstan unravel.

    We keep hearing about ‘advanced weapon systems’ like HIMARS.

    FFS! The Russians were using HIMARS in 80 years ago! They are just rocket launchers on the back of a truck!

    As was highlighted in the last video, western Europe is demilitarising by sending its obsolete weapon systems to Ukraine, for the Russians to blow them up.

    Rather than send F16 fighters to Ukraine and have them shot out of the sky, the US is cleverly getting Eurpoean nations to sent their old Soviet era planes, on the promise that those planes will be replaced with new ones, some time between 2024 and 2026.

    Does anyone serious think this [globalised, western-dominated] system will still be operating in 2026?

    Hands up if you think the present system will still be operating in 2024!

    In case you missed it

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2022 #113410

    You can laugh or cry, depending on which side you support.

    “less than 19% effectiveness”

    Good for weapons manufacturers.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2022 #113406

    Robert Newman Empire

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2022 #113404

    On this matter of violence, can add that the British took over the Indian subcontinent through the use of extreme violence. As Robert Newman wryly put it:” What’s the difference between empire and armed robbery?”

    But when the British stopped administrating the place (didn’t entirely leave) it wasn’t because non-violent protesters said: “Time to go.” It was because police stations were being attacked, because local officials were being assassinated, because it was becoming impossible to hold on to power.

    Of course, it suited the empire to pretend that non-violent protest was what brought about change, rather an admit that too many trains were being derailed and too many police stations and administrative building were being set on fire.

    Mind control and the clever use of words.

    One of my pet hates is the term Luddite, which has been defined by the empire as a person who irrationally opposes progress.

    Yet there was nothing irrational about the Luddite movement: people opposed having their traditional livelihoods ripped away and opposed the dehumanisation of work to the point that humans became components in the system simply because no one had [at the time] worked out how to completely mechanise factory systems.

    They were given a simple choice: work for us under our rules or starve.

    Those who persisted in being free humans and opposing the machines were exterminated.

    And that, essentially is what the blatant lies about ‘sustainable development’ are all about. Doing the opposite of what you say you are doing. Sudsidise technologies that provide negative returns (both financial and environmental) and con the masses into believing that what is being done ‘saves the planet’ and provides a better future for everyone.

    Of course, we hear less about ‘sustainable development -an oxymoron if ever there was one- and a lot more about ‘transitioning’.

    Don’t forget that the Nazis had a lot less trouble persuading people to hand over their possessions, strip and be shaved, and then herded to enter gas chambers when they had pretty boxes of flowers at the rail terminuses and small orchestras playing Bach.

    You cannot negotiate with fascists. The only thing fascist understand is a missile up their *****

    That is what Putin and company are organising at the moment.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2022 #113401

    John Day.

    I live in North Canterbury. A small settlement that would be called a village in some countries. Big enough to have petrol stations, a supermarket, small engineering workshops etc. but not a lot else. Surrounded by farmland -mostly sheep and cattle farming. Here the animals eat grass, as opposed to being kept in stalls and fed grains. .

    I was in a provincial city in the North Island, which was being made ever more unsustainable by the criminal district council and the criminal NZ government…both being agents of the banks, corporations and opportunists.

    Here the district council is also diabolically bad, as is the regional council. – a collection of thieves and liars and incompetent fools, criminals and clowns..

    Tell me wherein the western world that is not the case?

    We are on our own as far as navigating the collapse is concerned, and can expect nothing but lies, ineptitude and obstruction from any of our so-called leaders.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 13 2022 #113385

    John Day

    ‘What matters now is having necessities of life during the global economic reset, which is not merely a financial reset, and seems likely to last the rest of our natural or abbreviated lives.’

    I totally agree.

    For me that means having a productive garden that is easy to maintain and which is not dependent on external inputs. I have no illusions about self-sufficiency. But one can reduce one’s dependence on failing systems that are going to completely cease to function in the not-too-distant future.

    We know that countries like New Zealand or Spain (or dare I say it? Sri Lanka) are one week away from the mayhem that would ensue if the oil fuel tankers stopped arriving.

    In the meantime, we know that pack sizes for things we might consider essential will continue to fall or the prices for such items will continue to increase.

    Having relocated fairly recently (30 months ago), I have been on a crash programme to get things sorted -especially the soil. I have made a lot of compost. But not enough. There is the dilemma: do I buy compost and get the soil into condition, or wait for my own composting materials to become available?

    A couple days ago I decided to get a few bags. Shock. What cost $4.50 two years ago cost $6.60 last week! An increase of $2.10 on an item previously costing $4.50 = nearly 50% devaluation of my fiat currency.

    But I can cope.

    I don’t know how people who bought on the peak of the housing market will cope, though. tells us:

    ‘The average value of New Zealand homes is down $73,975 since the beginning of the year, according to the QV House Price Index (HPI).

    The average value of Auckland homes has declined by $131,005 over the same period.

    According to the HPI the average value of NZ homes peaked at $1,063,765 in January, and has fallen in every month since to hit $989,790 in July. That’s a drop of $73,975, or 7%.

    It’s the first time the average value of New Zealand homes has been below $1 million since September last year, and means all of the capital gains the occurred last summer have now been wiped out.’

    That is one of many bubbles that are bursting. And who is going to buy a house on a falling market?

    It’s so easy to ‘make money’ on a rising market. Not that anyone actually makes money, other than insurance companies and real estate agents. But on a falling market no one does. Not that money is real. But we do need it to survive in this insane system.

    I see building activity slowing, and then grinding to a halt soon. And lots of trades people losing employment, along with all the hangers on.

    The really big unknown is the longer term effects of the cell biology modifiers that have been injected into a large portion of the populace. Will their immune systems cope? Or have they been terminally sabotaged?

    And just what shenanigans will the maniacs who pretend to be leaders attempt next? Ukraine, Taiwan and all that.

    Much to follow on a daily basis!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2022 #113342

    John Day.

    Here’s the truth about oil.

    Most of the oil was formed when there were super-warm periods (very warm compared to present day) when microscopic marine life forms proliferated and then died, sinking to the bottom of the seas of the times. Remember that the continents were in very different locations at the time, and many areas that were at or below sea level were subsequently uplifted by massive geological forces, over tens of millions of years. The dead bodies of those microscopic life forms that were trapped in suitable layers were subjected to heat and pressure that converted the carbohydrates and proteins into hydrocarbons.

    Much of that oil is still in (or under) rock strata, and is theoretically available. By some estimates the amount left in reservoirs is about the same what industrial humans have consumed since the 1850s, i.e. we are about halfway through the once-only endowment..

    However, the amount in theoretical reserves is of little consequence. What counts are:

    1. The ability to extract the oil in underground or undersea reserves on a daily basis, since is what determines the availability to consumers.. Peak extraction rate.

    2. The quality of the oil -light sweet (low sulphur), heavy, or kerogen…really thick goo that is impossible to pump without predilution with solvents (made from oil).

    3. The ability of the financial system to provide stable finance over long time periods.

    4. Political factors.

    So, we can say that Venezuela has ‘the biggest oil reserves in the world” because there is a lot of kerogen dispersed in rocks under the country. But getting it out is a different matter entirely. Huge amounts of enrgy are required. And lots of expensive equipment made using fossil fuels.

    It’s much the same with Canada, which has stupendous reserves of ‘tar sands’ that can only be extracted after all the trees have been cut down, around 75 metres of top soil removed (using diesel-powered machinery) digging up the tar sands (using diesel-powered machinery), and separating gluggy oily matter from the sand using electrically powered separators, that is after the glug has been heated using natural gas!

    The wear and tear on the separators is so fearsome the separators only operate for a few weeks before being stripped down for maintenance- sand being a wonderful abrasive!

    An area of Alberta the size of England has been converted into a ‘moonscape’ as a consequence of tar sands extraction.

    Try drilling in water 3km deep and then drilling another kilometre or two into the sub-sea layers to get the oil out. Deepwater Horizon is a lesson in how well that works out.

    Interestingly, Saudi Arabia is still pumping oil from Gahwar, quite a while after it was expected to go into severe decline: pumping seawater into the sub-oil layers and forcing out the oil works in the short term.

    Drilling holes all over America and fracturing the rocks to get the last pockets of oil out worked when interest rates were low and when there were were plenty of suckers with more money than sense who were prepared to ‘invest’ in projects that never delivered anything like what they were projected to deliver.

    Once you know “its all bullshit and it’s bad for you” (thanks George Carlin).you can stert to focus on things that do make sense.

    Other commenters have mentioned Charles Hugh Smith: now there a fellow with more than a few clues!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2022 #113337

    There has been some talk of power.

    We here know that political power is acquired and maintained via complex mind control systems, many of them active from the moment a baby becomes cognisant of the world around it, and in full swing by the time a child goes to school to be ‘educated’.

    For physicists, power is the rate of doing work, joules per second, force times distance divided by the time over which the force acts.

    The great attraction of petroleum-derived fuels is their extremely high ‘energy density’ – a huge [chemical] potential to do work contained in a relatively tiny volume. Thus, a [car] tankful of petroleum is regarded as equivalent to about 6 weeks of hard labour. Try pushing or pulling a vehicle the same distance that a tankful of fuels will move it. It will take you about six weeks -using pulley systems or similar if the terraine is hilly (because the force a human can apply would not overcome gravity, let alone friction.

    That takes me to the Tos thermobaric systems now being applied by the Russian military to the pockets of resistance holed up in concrete bunkers and large factories in the disputed areas.

    Whereas the Romans were able to fling oil-soaked bales of straw into defensive positions, the Russians are able to roll up a tank chassis fitted with multiple launchers of shell cases containing high-density fuels such as ethylene oxide. The energy density of such thermobaric weapons exceeds that of conventional explosives -which typically have 25% fuel and 75 % oxidant. The Tos systems utilise 100% fuel, and are designed to deal with resistance in urban settings..

    All that is required is to ensure that the enemy cannot attack the vehicles. And near-100% control of the airspace over the battle zone by the Russians appears to be doing that.

    Thus, we see that the NATOstan nations are willing to not only cause the collapse of the EU (including NATOstan nations, via energy starvation) but are also willing to see large numbers of Ukrainians ‘fried’.

    I understand the US-UK orchestrated carnage in Ukraine is in order to defend ‘freedom and democracy’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2022 #113330

    As reported on the Military Summary channel, the Russians made great advances early in the SMO and moved too far westwards in southern Ukraine, then withdrew to the east of the river to establish a defendable line. The nuclear power station is on the east bank.

    Initially, the Russians allowed electricity from the nuclear plant to flow westwards to Ukraine, where the Ukrainians sold the electricity to to other nations (EU/NATO).

    The Russians then built infrastructure to utilise the electricity in Crimea and other Russian-liberated regions.

    There is talk of an uninhabitable zone (similar to that around Chernobyl) being created by an attack on spent fuel facilities, maybe even the cooling system of the main reactor.

    There are three other nuclear power stations in Ukraine. And there is talk of ‘bad things’ happening to them if the Ukrainians persist with their attacks on Enerhodar.

    Meanwhile, the Russians continue to take ground along the eastern portion of the front line, and the Ukrainians talk of evacuating all civilians from the entire eastern region.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 12 2022 #113327

    ‘But that next 40 years of oil is right there, already drilled and piped, metered and waiting.’

    Please provide evidence, because it is not helpful to promote delusional fantasies like that one.

    I do not see a single analysis that indicates anything other than a rapid decline in the availability of oil from now on that is a direct consequence of geology and falling energy return on energy invested. Political turmoil (pardon the pun) will exacerbate the decline.

    And if multi-billions of tonnes of oil were available, all that would do is keep the death machine of ‘civilisation’ going a bit longer, thereby completely destroying the habitability of the Earth.

    The oil-based ‘civilisation’ may have already done that -destroyed the habitability of the Earth; it’s just that the general populace isn’t aware of it yet.

    There is a substantial time lag between CO2 and CH4 being emitted into the atmosphere and the full consequences of those emissions manifesting as temperature rises in places where humans live and grow food, largely due to the thermal mass of the oceans and the latent heat of phase change, ice to water.

    Note that the ice that sits on the Artic Sea is the thinnest it has ever been, and when the last of it melts the ‘blue ocean event’ will put overheating into ‘hyperdrive’. That is why many of the best climate researchers (not the bought-and-paid-for liars that churn out garbage for governments) say it will be ‘all over’ by 2030.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2022 #113264


    If the NZ mass control experiment is anything to go by, the unjabbed rarely get covid, and if they do the symptoms are mild and the body fights off the infection in a few days.

    On the other hand, the mask-wearing, double-jabbed and triple-jabbed get covid, become very ill and eventually recover, only to get it again a little later. That is the ones who don’t die from complications induced by the jabs.

    ‘The west’s financial world order was collapsing so the west started the war in the Ukraine to hide it.’


    I have known for 30 years that there was something very fishy about western economics. And 20 years ago I realised what it was. The whole economic narrative is bullshit., especially GDP. = Grand Deception Project = Gigantic Destruction Process = Global Decimation Process……

    I like the way Andrei Martyanov calls a spade a spade. “It’s baloney. It’s fake. Pseudo-science. They [economists] even cannot couldn’t find their own arse using both hands in a brightly lit room because they basically operate in an alternative universe. of GDPs and financial indexes which are absolutely worthless.”

    Sensor Fusion and Uncertainties

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 11 2022 #113261

    Today the Military Summary channel has reported a Ukrainian attack on a brewery that damaged an ammonia plant, resulting in a severe ammonia leak in addition to direct casualties. That is in addition to ‘petal mines’ aimed at injuring civilians.

    For more scary is the discussion about the Ukrainians continuing to fire artillery shells at the Enerhodar nuclear power station. Although the core is well protected and designed to withstand a hit by a plane loaded with fuel, there are storage facilities for ‘spent’ fuel that are vulnerable. And a direct hit on that could result in “worse than Chernobyl” irradiation of Europe! .

    I guess the Ukrainian forces perpetrating these attack are praying for continuous westerly winds.

    It is suggested that the reason for these acts of desperation is that the regions to the north of Crimea are planning to hold referendums, with a view to democratically joining the Russian Federation….and we all know how much the fascists in London and Washington love ‘freedom and democracy’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113225

    Last ne for today:

    The REINZ reported that the national median dwelling price dropped -$40,000 in July, now down -$110,000 from the November peak. That is a -12% fall so far. The housing market slump deepened with sales at a 12-year low for a July.’

    And the depression… oops… ‘transition to health and prosperity’ is only just getting started.

    “Inflation is only transitory.” Yeah right! That’s why an item that was $4.50 two years ago was $5.50 a month ago and $6.60 today.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113223

    That is partly because the controllers do not want their voices heard. But also because the general populace has been carefully trained to avoid thinking about reality and focus on consumption and comfort. Short-term comfort, that is. .

    Bernays has an awful to to answer for!!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113222

    Never assume, especially not about what other people think or believe. You just make an ass of yourself.

    Far better to ask them Then you will get the right answer!

    So, no, I do not think the world would have been better off it had been taken over by WEF or Club of Rome.

    Besides. the world already was taken over by WEF! But they just didn’t call it WEF at the time. Research the City of London, and recognise that there has been a millennium of control of the populace by sociopaths, looters, exploiters and psychopaths.

    In the non-Anglo world it is referred to as ‘The Empire of Lies’, and more recently as ‘The Empire of Chaos’, as everything is made increasingly chaotic.

    If you were to ask me who I think should be in control, I would say physical scientists and ecologists and deep thinkers. But such people (like me) would say: “Stop, Enough.” And the bankers and industrialists would have a fit and have them murdered. Promptly.

    As it is, such people do say, “Stop. Enough!” all the time. But their voices are unheard above the cacophany of bullshit and commercialism that ‘the controllers’ promote..

    “Money makes the world go round.”

    Well, it used to.

    But now the rules are changing. Very seriously changing. And people are discovering that physics, chemistry and biology etc. DO MATTER AFTER ALL!

    By the way, here is Shell’s top oil geologist M King Hubbert’s warning to the world in 1976. (Ignored, of course).

    I rather like what senior oil geologist Colin Campbell (co-founder of ASPO) said around 15 years ago: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    And here is another by the way: Admiral Rickover, ‘father of the US nuclear submarine fleet’ warned about much the same thing as Hubbert waaay waaay back in 1957!

    But their voices are unheard. That is partly

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113213


    No, I don’t ride a horse. I have never been wealthy enough to own a horse. Just a poor boy, born to poor parents in the off-the coast-of-Europe sector of the concentration camp. What distinguished me was having above-average intelligence and above-average determination. Above-average curiosity too.

    No horse but I do ride bicycles. . Rode one this morning. Indeed cycling is my normal mode of transport. I have various bicycles for different uses, and several bike trailers for different applications.

    Not yet at the stage of ‘going to the river to bathe. But I am in the process of digging a small well, in preparation for when the electricity grid fails….which it most certainly will some time this decade. Of course the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ will occur before or contemporaneously.

    ‘ By the simple act of reading this blog you and I are bleeding this planets resource base and creating entropy as we do..’

    I totally agree!

    Indeed, having an honours degree in chemistry, having studied the structure of matter, energy transitions and thermodynamics to a very high level, I may well know more than you. Not saying I do. Just I may. Gibb’s Free Energy, Clausius-Clapeyron and all that.

    I do know that I know more about the physical world and the biological world and the financial world than 4.8 million people who also live on this land mass. I cannot say that is a good thing. Sometime I think it would be better to be blissfully ignorant.

    But then I think about what the ‘blissfully ignorant’ are going to suffer in the near future -collapse of their food supply, collapse of their finances, collapse of their health [for the jabbed] and collapse of all they systems they believed in.

    No. It’s better to be informed and prepared., .

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113211

    Dr. D ‘Are you suggesting no masonry, no iron, no steel, no fertilizer? Sounds pretty rough to me.’

    I guess it depends on your definition of rough.

    Don’t forget that humans lived on this planet for around 195,000 out of the 200,000 years of existence of our species without iron, without steel, without cement, and without fertiliser. And it was only AFTER humans commenced large-scale utuilisation of iron, steel, cement, fertiliser that things started to go seriously wrong, i.e. after around 1850 (though I have previously highlighted Newcomen’s installation of coal-fired steam pump to facilitate more extraction of water from flooded mines and thereby increase rates of extraction of minerals and coal around 1715 as a critical turning point for humanity and life in general on this planet). As late as 1950 a substantial portion of the human population lived without any of the aforementioned.

    It was the use of the aforementioned that got us into this mess! -of massive population overshoot and massive overdependence on fossil fuels. And The Sixth Great Extinction Event, of course.

    Here’s the real kicker, though: the more we use the aforementioned, the faster our demise!

    And if we do not go entirely extinct as a direct consequence of the severe disturbance to geochemical and ecological balance [we have caused] in the very near term (some genuine scientists say before 2030), the more we use the aforementioned, the faster we cause civilisation to collapse.

    I am just the messenger, so please don’t ‘shoot me’.. But please understand that this is not a new message. The eminent senior Shell oil geologist M K Hubbert warned this would happen!!!

    All that happened in the 1970s was that bankers, economists, corporate leaders and bought-and-paid-for politicians ignored the warning. (Just as they ignored the 1972 Limits to Growth) And they promoted fantasies as a replacement for reality,. And they pretty much censored the truth about energy and resources out of existence -much s they have recently censored the truth about fake ‘vaccines’ out of existence, and have censored the truth about the financial system out of existence. That, plus 24-7 propaganda.

    The ‘controllers’ haven’t done with promoting fantasies: just look at the garbage the WEF churns out.

    In case you have missed it

    The trouble is, when your entire system is fakery and lies and censorship and propaganda -which it is- and when you are shitting in your own nest as quickly as possible, catastrophic collapse is inevitable.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113200

    You need to understand the ‘correct’ role of nitrogen compounds in modern economies: they are manufactured synthetically -frequently from natural gas to make urea, at great expense and consuming large amounts of electrical energy; they are applied to agricultural land to stimulate faster growth, and production of food for humans and animals that humans eat; the waste nitrogen compounds in human bodies are naturally converted by biological systems to urea, which is excreted as urea; the urine (containing high-value organic nitrogen) is pumped through sewage systems using electricity that is generated by burning fossil fuels that exacerbate both energy depletion predicament and the planetary overheating predicament. Most of the urea generated in ‘civilised nations’ ends up in the seas and oceans of the world. Fecal matter is frequently separated utilising machines that are electrically powered, and in many cases the fecal matter is recycled into compost (again using electricity and fossil fuels) which can be sold to consumers via the use of plastic bags and diesel-powered transport systems. In this utterly Orwellian world, such products are described as ‘BIo’ or ‘Eco’.

    This is just one aspect of what is called ‘development’ or ‘progress’.

    Other forms of ‘progress’ include using huge quantities of coal to make iron and steel for construction buildings and transport systems, as per

    2Fe2O3 + 3C = 4 Fe + 3CO2

    To achieve the high temperature needed, coal (coke) is blasted with air

    C + O2 = CO2

    And converting limestone -again using huge quantities of fossil fuels- into cement, according to these equations:

    CaCO3 + heat = CaO + CO2

    CH4 + 2 O2 = CO2 + 2 H2O

    So, the object of the game is to convert the natural world into a synthetic world, using vast quantities of fossil fuels that release humungous quantities of carbon dioxide into the biosphere when utilised.

    The prime reasons for doing this are:

    1. so that Ponzi schemes can be kept gong a little longer

    2. so that people with a sense of entitlement can have their whims temporarily satisfied

    3. so that multibillionaires can have fun on board planes and superyachts

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 10 2022 #113198

    If the information about the attack on the Novo airport in Crimea is correct -a British orchestrated attack that destroyed 20+ aircraft and 60 pilots injured- we can expect the Russian response to these fascist provocations to be ramped up to an even higher level.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 9 2022 #113139

    “our carefully constructed fake world”

    [1975, New York] :”The banks were supposed to turn up at 11am. But it soon became clear that none of them were going to appear…”

    “The extraordinary thing was, no one opposed the bankers.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 9 2022 #113138

    Choose your symbol of resistance to the oppression to the globalist’s fascism:

    Z for Zorro

    Z for Zorro

    Or V for Vendetta

    V is the more logical choice, especially if one has seen the film. But apparently the Chinese are inclined towards Z according to the Saker article.

    All I’m certain about is that times have never been more dangerous if one is not a member of ‘the Big Club’….”the same big club they use to tell you what to wear, what to eat, who to vote for…”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 8 2022 #113092

    I see that Europe, as well as being short of energy and resources, is rather dry at the moment.

    ‘More than 100 French municipalities have no running drinking water and are being supplied by truck, green transition minister Christophe Béchu said, adding: “We are going to have to get used to episodes of this type. Adaptation is no longer an option, it’s an obligation.”

    With surface soil humidity the lowest ever recorded and July rainfall 85% lower than usual, water restrictions including hosepipe and irrigation bans are in place in 93 of the country’s 96 mainland départements, with 62 classified as “in crisis”.

    ‘Amid rising food prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, France’s agriculture minister warned the corn harvest is likely to be more than 18% lower than last year, while farmers’ unions say a shortage of cattle fodder as a result of the drought could lead to significant milk shortages in the autumn and winter.

    The electricity utility EDF was last week forced to reduce output from one of its nuclear reactors in south-western France because of high water temperatures in the Garonne River, and has issued multiple similar warnings for reactors along the Rhône.

    Spain’s water reserves are at all-time low of 40% and have been falling at a rate of 1.5% a week through a combination of increased consumption and evaporation, according to the government, in what is likely to be the driest of the past 60 years.’

    I’m not a fan of The Guardian (terrible political bias) but they do sometimes report interesting aspects of our collective demise.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 8 2022 #113091

    Thank you ‘Red’.

    There are numerous terrible realities that are impinging on the fake narratives of politicians, economists, bankers and bureaucrats right now.

    1. Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate. The geochemical-geophysical effects of pollutants are both instantaneous and cumulative.

    4. Whenever energy is utilised in the industrial system a substantial portion is ‘lost’ as heat. No industrial system is 100% efficient, and many operate at around 30% efficiency. All energy cascades down energy transition steps to end up as heat. Dispersed heat cannot be harnessed, and ends up radiated into space.

    5. The effect of greenhouse gases is to cause heat radiated from the Earth towards space to be absorbed and re-emitted back towards the Earth, creating an energy imbalance relative to previous (pre-industrial) conditions, i.e. atmospheric CO2 190 ppm above the long term average of 230 ppm. This result on long-term overheating relative to the conditions during which humanity evolved, and during which human civilisations emerged.

    6. The effects of overheating include: increasing atmospheric instability; increasing [thermal] expansion of oceans -leading to inundation of coastal regions where most human live; disturbance to growth of organisms and yields of crops etc.

    6. Every activity within the industrialised system exacerbates our longer-term predicament.

    7. There are no technological solutions to this complex mega-predicament because:

    1.Without energy nothing happens.

    2. Increasing amounts of energy are being expended to acquire useable energy.

    3. The pollutants that are generated when energy is acquired and used within the industrial system continue to accumulate…..

    Thus, we need to recognise that those of us alive right now are the last generations to live in complex societies with industrial systems (perhaps the last humans ever to live on this planet), and HOW WE LIVE is what matters.

    Just how fast the fraudulent systems of governments, banks, corporations and economists will last is anyone guess (up to a point) but I am planning on the basis of the whole ‘rules based’ (Anglo-American rules imposed on others by intimidation and force) system reaching the terminal collapse point within two years.

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