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    If you want to believe your own lies and delusions, and refuse to become informed about anything of significance, that’s your problem, and you should consider becoming a politician or an economist or advertising executive instead of wasting comment space on this forum.

    Actually, I believe you are already in the service of the Empire of Lies, as a paid Internet troll.

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    ‘[2] Politicians will avoid talking about possible future economic problems related to inadequate energy supply.

    Politicians want to get re-elected. They want citizens to think that everything is OK. If there are energy supply problems, they need to be framed as being temporary, perhaps related to the war in Ukraine. Alternatively, any issue that arises will be discussed as if it can easily be fixed with new legislation and perhaps a little more debt.

    Businesses also want to minimize problems. They want citizens to place orders for their goods and services, without the fear of being laid off. They would like the news media to publish stories saying that any economic dip is likely to be very mild and temporary.

    Universities don’t mind problems, but they want the problems to be framed as solvable ones that will offer their students opportunities for jobs that will pay well. A near-term, unsolvable predicament is not helpful at all.

    [3] What is wrong is a physics problem. The operation of our economy requires energy of the correct type and the right quantity.’

    Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story

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    Our economy is a crime in progress.

    “All hell breaks out in November, after the midterms”

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    Europe: Not only a reduced energy supply but also a reduced water supply and a reduced food supply.

    ‘Counting the cost’ [of decades of insanity, foisted on the populace by politicians, economists and bankers]

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    Record breaking heat and drought = crops dying and severely reduced food supplies

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    “People are being wiped out by design. They’re being destroyed by design, all to fulfill the endgame of central banks….hell bent on implementing a final solution…. I believe a drastic reduction in the global population…massive loss of life…to be the ruling body of the world -which they already are. Everything else is just a freak show. Theatre. Everything…. ”

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    Euro down 20% against the US dollar, and falling.

    I have invented a new word: worthlessisation, whereby your currency is rendered worthless.

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    Feeling depressed? Here is the [sick] joke of the day:

    ‘His new Wednesday visit, where he appeared side-by-side with Zelensky, also included some hawkish statements encouraging Ukrainian forces to keep taking the fight to the Russians. “What happens in Ukraine matters to us all,” Johnson said in a written statement. “I believe Ukraine can and will win this war.”

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    Keep yourself alive

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    RIM It’s all really very simple.

    Back in the 1960s real scientists, real geologists, real geochemists, real ecologists etc.began warning politicians and economists that resources were not infinite, that their infinite-growth-on-a-finite-planet schemes were fatally flawed, that the effects of pollution were both instantaneous and cumulative, and that their idiotic schemes would collapse in the early decades of the twenty-first century.

    But the politicians were controlled by the bankers, and the economists -who weren’t proper economists at all and had set up fake economic indicators such as GDP, that called negative aspects positives- would not have a bar of it. Nor would the industrialists, who saw growth of use of resources and growth in levels of pollution a wonderful thing because that allowed them to make bigger profits.

    So now we all -not just Europe- face the predictable -and predicted long ago- consequences of institutionalised lunacy.

    Some of the greatest acts of sabotage occurred long before the current cohort of political maniacs got their hands on the steering wheel and their feet on the accelerator pedal in order to drive the vehicle -with all of us aboard- straight off the cliff.

    In the late 1960s to early 1970s America had peaked in oil extraction, and Britain was also in deep shit. Opening up Alaska to exploitation gave America a temporary reprieve. And development of the North Sea oil and gas fields gave Britain a temporary reprieve., So what energy lesson did the politicians and economists learn? None!

    Having found once-only bonuses, they proceeded set up systems to waste that energy as quickly as possible! No careful use of resources around here! Burn the oil as quickly as possible via inefficient transport systems, promotion of airborne tourism, corporatised sport, gas heaters for patios, leaf blowers…you name it, anything to get that oil out of the ground (or from under the sea) and converted in to carbon dioxide as quickly as possible. Also, encourage hordes of impoverished people to migrate to already grossly overpopulated nations of Europe. And set up food production systems and food distribution systems that were increasingly dependent on oil… food wrapped in plastic and cardboard, double wrapped in plastic and cardboard, triple wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

    So now it’s almost over. They got what they were warned about: a severely overpopulated planet; a severely overheated planet; a global economic system suffering severe resource depletion. And a financial system on its last legs. And, of course, the maniacs who pretend to lead have no answers, other than yet more bullshit!

    The long descent into mayhem will be grim for the vast majority of people -especially those living in large cities in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Russia, with a relatively low population and a lot of untapped resources, will fare better than most nations during the long descent. Which is why the maniacs who control NATOstan are so keen to kill the Russians and steal their resources.

    The creation of money out of thin air and charging of interest on money created out of thin air Ponzi scheme is collapsing as I write.

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    Assisted suicide of Europe

    Assisted Suicide of Europe (MUST SEE)

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    ‘describing Ardern as a communist is pretty accurate as she wants to enslave people in the same way as China does and to totally control peoples’ bank accounts like China does, or take away your home, like China does, or prevent you travelling, like China does, or prevent you living in the city, like China does ‘

    Too silly to describe in words, Especially coming from someone who does not even live in NZ and clearly has no idea what is going on nor how the system works.

    Everyone in NZ is enslaved, almost from the moment of birth, by the bankers, the corporations and their agents, i.e. the government. By the time they have taken out a student loan, or mortgage the enslavers have them by the short and curlies, usually for the rest of their lives.

    “There is no better slave than one who thinks he/she is free. Such a slave will defend the slave-owners right to enslave and exploit, often to the point of sacrificing their own lives in the defence of the slave-masters right to own and exploit slaves.”.

    ‘People in China prevented from living in cities. ‘


    aspnaz, may I ask which planet you are living on? because it’s not the same one I’m living on.

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    Collapse with humour

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    Today’s numbers:

    Brent oil up almost 4% to just over $100 a barrel

    US 10YT 3.05%

    Share markets mostly down

    Major news from Russia:

    Losses of Ukrainian military lives and armoured vehicles are as per the usual daily tally. Several more villages have been liberated by Russian forces, and further long range attacks have been made by Ukraine on civilian areas, one probably targeting an individual who was known to be travelling to a particular location..

    Legislation is in progress to recognise Ukraine as a terrorist state. Likely to be passed in the next two days.

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    For me, the greatest problem is the generally poor state of genuine education throughout the western world and the utter determination of most people not to become informed.

    I hear utterly ludicrous statements such as: “Jacinda Adern is a communist” so frequently that I despair. I heard it from the guest speaker at an anti-the-system meeting.

    I went to considerable effort to speak with the person concerned and point out that communist originates from commune, as in everyone living together at the same level and no one rising above the rest. I pointed out that Adern is a fascist -as per Mussolini’s definition of the melding of state, corporate and military interests. NZ is a fascist police state, with fake institutions set up to provide the populace with the perception the owners and operators care about them.

    The next time I heard that very same speaker at an anti-the-system meeting I heard him describe Jacinda Adern as a communist, and a worldwide communist agenda!


    He had learned his script and wasn’t going to deviate from it. A bit like the council officers at the local council, who have learned their scripts and are not going to deviate from them, even if those scripts result in absolute catastrophe for the community the council supposedly serves and destroys the lives of the very council employees who promote them!


    On this matter of corporations, as far as I know the first use of the term occurred in London in the twelfth century. The original purpose of a corporation was carry on the activities of a body in the event of the death of a person. Person dies, corporation carries on and replaces that person with another.

    I have no conclusive proof, but understand that Jews were barred from many activities (and literally barred from living in some countries (that’s what the Spanish Inquisition was all about, even though Spain did not exist in its present form until centuries later).

    Now its seems that Jews from Holland managed to establish an enclave in London in the 16th century and by the time of Shakespeare has become somewhat notorious -Merchant of Venice, pound of flesh and all that.

    It is said that they deliberately introduced infected rats into London in order to depopulate it, and that they deliberately started the Fire of London in order to drive out those who resisted their occupation of what was to become The City of London, an untouchable corporation centred on ‘the city’, the square mile around Threadneedle Street and the Bank of England (which was established fraudulently in the mid 1690s).

    Many of us know the story of how Franklin was invited to London (1767 from memory) and was asked why the colonies were doing so well. “That is easy. We issue our own currency, Colonial Scrip.”


    An edict forbidding the use of Colonial Scrip and a demand for all taxes to be paid in gold and silver (both in short supply in the original colonies)…. depression, poverty, misery. Revolt, War. Independence. An attempt to regain control via an invasion launched from Canada (stolen from the French empire builders).

    Another round of attempt to regain control via the Civil War.

    And then the big trouble started because smart-alec American lawyers managed to get legislation passed giving corporations the same rights as humans to own land and resources. 1880s. About the time the fascists set to murdering socialists and unionists who opposed sweatshop exploitation of workers. Not personally murdering, of course, but contracting the murder to an agency -Pilkington- because that how corporatism works. Provide employment opportunities and money-laundering opportunities to other members of ‘The Big Club’ that you and I are not in.

    Most of us know how the traitor Woodrow Wilson was selected by the American banking cartel as the hit man to destroy the independence of American banking and establish the [fake] Federal Reserve, which is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves! The Creature from Jekyll Island and all that.


    It didn’t take the phony representatives in the so-celled House of Representatives to pass legislation giving corporations more rights than human beings.

    So here we are now, living in fake democracies which are run by corporations, for the benefit of corporations and those who operate corporations or invest in corporations.

    In case you missed it, Bill Still’s wonderful ‘The Money Masters’. Very long but well worth the effort.

    As for NZ being set up as a bolt hole for international scumbags, yes, there is plenty of evidence for that hypothesis.

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    Surely, the fascistic perpetrators and sponsors of global terrorism – the US, UK, and the various minion states of Canada, Australia, NZ etc.- have bitten off more than they can chew this time.

    And on top of the FUBAR military predicament the idiots in power in western nations have created for themselves, there is meltdown of their phony financial system (again, but for the final time).

    Nice weather for gardening. And the days are getting longer and warmer here.

    Pity most of the Northern Hemisphere.

    I wonder whether we might actually have an ‘On the Beach’ ending to it all, or whether it will be ‘The Day the Earth Caught Fire’.

    On the Beach -nuclear radiation slowly spreads from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere, and the authorities issue suicide pills to the populace of Melbourne.

    TDTECF -Humans manage to push the Earth so far off balance the climate systems are completely messed up, and populace slowly fries.

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    I enjoy reading Kunstler’s stuff these days, now that he gets the political aspects as well as the energy and dystopian landscape aspects. He often uses words I have never encountered elsewhere, which makes life at the end of empire more interesting.

    By they way, for the benefit of those not living in NZ. we have a LINO government -Labour In Name Only, and a complete travesty of anything remotely connected with the founders of the Labour movement.

    The treachery was orchestrated, commenced and promoted by fake Labour ministers in the mid-1980s, particularly Prebble nd Douglas, almost certainly put into position by other sociopaths to facilitate the looting of the nation’s assets.

    The following will be coming to many industrial cities quite soon, I suspect.

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    Participant is a good place for numbers

    ‘Here’s our summary of key economic events overnight that affect New Zealand, with news the rise and rise of global bond yields has investors fretting that the chances of a global recession are rising.

    But first, China’s scorched southwestern regions extended curbs on power consumption as they deal with dwindling hydropower output and surging household electricity demand during the current long drought and heatwave. Wildfires are a problem there too. There have been power cuts even in Shanghai although at this stage they seem only to be symbolic and in sympathy with central regions doing it tough.

    The People’s Bank of China cut their one-year loan prime rate by -5 basis points to 3.65% from 3.7%, while the five-year rate was cut by -15 basis points to 4.3% from 4.45%. A cut was expected, but -10 bps for each. Most new and outstanding loans in China are based on the one-year loan prime rate, which is now loosely pegged to the central bank’s medium-term lending facility rate, while the five-year rate influences the pricing of mortgages.

    It is this housing signal that is getting the most attention, showing Beijing is still struggling to stop the sector’s sharp retreat. Their housing sector crisis just won’t go away.

    We should also note that the Chinese yuan has fallen to a two year low against the US dollar. But it isn’t the only currency sinking; the British pound is also at a 2-year low, and the Euro is back at parity with the USD and at a 20 year low.

    Taiwanese export orders fell in July from June, and the impetus is going out of this banner feature of the Taiwanese economy.

    In the US, the Chicago Fed’s national activity index rose, a rebound that wasn’t really expected and putting two monthly declines behind it. All four broad categories made positive contributions in July; production, orders, employment and personal consumption. Investors ignored this data.

    But there are new signs that the US housing market is entering a downturn that is bringing sharply lower prices. This a special problem in regions that saw sharp rises during the pandemic when there was a shift away from major urban centers.

    The tone of the upcoming speech from the Fed boss at the end of this week is taking on huge implications. Markets will be super-sensitive to any perceived ‘new’ signals. We are less than two weeks away from the US Labor Day long weekend, signaling the end of their summer holiday season and the start of a more serious assessment of the prospects of the giant US economy. Sentiment is everything at this stage, and Powell will have an influence on that.

    The UST 10yr yield starts today at 3.04% and up +7 bps from this time yesterday. The UST 2-10 rate curve is still inverted at -31 bps. Their 1-5 curve is slightly less inverted at -14 bps. Their 30 day-10yr curve is now at +82 bps and a little steeper than this time yesterday. The Australian ten year bond is up +12 bps at 3.60%. The China Govt ten year bond is staying lower at 2.64%. And the New Zealand Govt ten year will start today up +15 bps at 3.72%.

    Wall Street is in a sell-off mood with the S&P500 down -2.2% in Monday trade. Overnight, European markets were all lower by a similar amount, except London which only fell -0.2%. Yesterday, Tokyo ended down -0.5%. Hong Kong ended -0.6% lower. But Shanghai ended its Monday session +0.6% higher. The ASX200 ended down a full -1.0%. But the NZX50 starred, up +0.7%.

    The price of gold will open today at US$1737/oz which is down -US$11/oz from this time yesterday.

    And oil prices start today at just over US$89.50/bbl in the US which is very little-changed, while the international Brent price is still just on US$95.50/bbl.

    The Kiwi dollar will open today at 61.6 USc and only marginally softer than this time yesterday. Against the Australian dollar we are unchanged at 89.8 AUc. Against the euro we have risen about +½c to just over 62 euro cents. That all means our TWI-5 starts today at 70.9 and a minor firming.

    The bitcoin price is now at US$21,226 and a -1.0% fall from this time yesterday. Volatility over the past 24 hours has been moderate at just on +/- 2.1%.

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    Figmund Sreud

    The only green gas I know of is chlorine! (as used by the Germans in an attempt to break the deadlock of trench warfare in WW1)

    ‘Green hydrogen? No, hydrogen is a colourless gas with an incredibly low molecular mass (2, versus an average of 29 for air and 44 for propane c.f. LPG) which is incredibly difficult to liquify and which has an incredibly low energy density when compressed. What is more, the molecules being so small, tend to leak past valves rather easily, and form an explosive mixture with air.

    “it’s all bullshit, and it’s bad for you.” -Carlin.

    But you already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be on TAE.

    The only real question is: how much longer can the maniacs at the top if the dung heap keep up their disconnected-from-reality narratives?

    D Benton Smith

    ‘Any numbers geeks out there with a model of how long this implosion is gonna take? Just going by gut feeling and dirty thumbnail sketch I’m feeling/thinking that its weeks, not months until pandemonium.’

    Models don’t work when everything is lies and fabrications!

    That said, my guess is October of this year.

    Bear in mind that the great bullshit machine still has an awful lot of believers. And it has an incredible capacity for keeping up appearances. After all, it really should have fallen over in 2009.

    Refer the Mannarino video posted yesterday “Flashing orange”

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    According to the Military Summary channel, the person who carried out the murder in Moscow was a Ukrainian military officer who fled to Estonia after carrying out the crime.

    Now the question is, irrespective of the war, can the murderer of a civilian be brought to justice via civil systems, or will Russia need to apply some additional pressure?

    Also, Russian policy currently forbids the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but in view of the persistent attacks on the nuclear power station by Ukraine (U.K.- U.S) , that policy may well be revised “to give Putin more options.”

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    Regarding Kunstler. I first encountered him back in 2003/4, when he featured in End of Suburbia. He had some worthy comments.

    I followed what had to say until he became a rabid supporter of Obama -hope and change you can believe in, and all that bullshit. I contacted Jim Kunstler and pointed out that Obama was just another fake, someone who could not be trusted to do anything other than screw the populace.

    Jim Kunstler called me a moron, for daring to question his narrative.

    I stopped looking at his blog for many years.

    But around 2018 his blog was referred to, and it was clear he was in the process of doing a U-turn.

    So, there you are. Even slow learners can sometimes get to the right point eventually, if not by being advised, then at least by learning from bitter experience.

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    ‘Gazprom Will Halt Nord Stream Gas Flows On Aug 31

    “Based on the pattern we’ve seen, it would not be very surprising now if some small, technical detail is found and then they could say ‘now we can’t turn it on any more’,” Germany said at the time. As it turns out, that “small, technical detail” is the hiccup in the return of the turbine.’

    So, the gas may get turned back on again after a couple of days. Or not.

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    ‘Voters are starting to wake up’: Brian Tamaki’s protest group demands snap election, Govt be tried over ‘crimes against humanity’

    Imogen Wells – 2h ago

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    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 21 2022 #113915

    The neocons (and other western fascists) ‘problems’ can never be solved because those ‘problems’ are a direct consequence of the policies promoted by the neocons (and other western fascists) from the 1970s on.

    Tim Watkins at The Consciousness of Sheep regularly points out that the ‘problems’ we are experiencing now are a direct consequence of institutionalised failure, geared to kicking the can down the road just a bit longer.

    And, whereas the extraction of oil and gas from the North Sea and Alaska overcame the energy depletion/availability crisis of the 1970s in the short term, there was only ever one North Sea bonanza and only ever one Alaska bonanza. So now they -the powers that be- are mighty close to the end of the line, with only bullshit and propaganda left as weapons to keep the populaces of NATOstan countries under control (and still believing)..

    Whilst Tim frequently discusses energy, in his latest posting he focuses on the instutionalised corruption and self-serving [in the short term] lies that characterise NATOstan countries.

    The purpose of the system

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    Financial indicators are flashing orange

    10YT back up to 2..97%

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    Apologies for the terrible numbering! Adding and rearranging but not checking carefully before hitting submit.

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    I was brought up in a ‘Christian’ nation (England), and was indoctrinated by the system into believing all sorts of bullshit. It took me until my late teens to escape from it. My father hated churches, and though it was never talked about in those days, I suspect that, as a child, he was abused in a church or by a church official, or both.

    For me, the fundamental flaws and inconsistencies of Christianity far outweigh its benefits.

    1. Christianity is a religion invented by the Romans, after a particular general, having lost many battles, won a battle, having supposedly Christian symbols painted on shields and banners.

    2. The Old Testament is primarily a catalogue of violence perpetrated by one tribe against another tribe, with various justifications for that violence. It also catalogues rules about violence perpetrated within the tribe, i.e. If a woman wears clothing of two different fabrics, she shall be stoned to death; if a son is disrespectful to his father, the father shall gather his neighbour’s and stone him to death; a man may beat his slave to death but may not beat another man’s slave to death without paying that man compensation.

    3. The accounts of supposed events in the New Testament vary immensely, depending on which author one reads.

    4. The Romans used their newly-contrived religion to reconquer Europe and extend their control beyond the original boundaries of the Roman military empire.

    5. The Romans usurped and relabeled traditional festival that had meaning; thus the winter solstice was relabeled Christmas and the spring equinox was relabeled Easter, though not necessarily celebrated at the equinox. The genuine ‘died on the cross and was resurrected -meaning the lowest point of the Sun’s apparent movement, corresponding with the constellation Crux- was shifted from the winter solstice to Easter.

    6. Once well established, they then used the Christian religion to get ruled kingdoms to establish armies and conquer much of the world, in order to loot it.

    5. Christian empires operated on the basis of slavery, theft, brutality and genocide for centuries -all of it condoned by Christian leaders.

    7. Christians promoted (and many still do) the notion that the Earth exists to be dominated by humans and exploited by humans.

    Thus, at this stage in our decline, we operate under a completely fucked-up calendar system in which the days of the week are designated according to the seven heavenly bodies visible to the naked eye that move, the number days in a month is entirely irregular and reflects the egos of Roman emperors, the manes of the months are idiotic -the ninth month is called the seventh, the tenth month is called the eighth etc. and the entire system commences on the wrong day!

    In the Northern Hemisphere New Year’s Day is actually December 22nd (the twelfth month but called the tenth) and in the Southern Hemisphere it is 22nd June.

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    There are certainly precedents for military forces executing their own soldiers. The French did after the Battle of Verdun, when soldiers refused to fight any more after enormous casualties (don’t quote me but of the order of 600,000) and declared: “We are not sheep to be sent for slaughter!”

    “Yes you are,” said the generals, who then made an example of the ringleaders as a deterrent to others.

    Russia doesn’t say a lot because they do not want to give any hints as to what is going on or what they plan to do. But when they do speak, it is wise to listen and heed the message.

    According to some sources, Russia has masses of equipment and specialist fighters but is short of foot soldiers.

    As people desert and run eastwards, they are offered the opportunity to ‘get even’ with their previous oppressors, and large numbers of battalions are being formed from people who would rather fight for ‘an evil dictator hell bent on taking over the world’ than for ‘f’reedom and democracy’.

    Just a reminder: “Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.” -Eric Blair (Orwell)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 20 2022 #113855

    I must thank RIM for all the work he does putting together daily updates of the clusterfuck we are in.

    I have only watched a portion of the Canadian film, but what I have watched is excellent, and clearly demonstrates conspiracy in high places…or should I say in sewers?.

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    Dare I say it? We have had excellent weather here in North Canterbury over the past week. Mild, a few damp spells, and little wind. Those ‘big hills’ to the west and north of us knock the stuffing out of most storms headed from those directions. And cause the torrents of rain to fall in the usual places.

    Warm nor’westerlies are great in winter-spring, but can be a hazard in the summer, when ground moisture can disappear in a matter of a day.

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    ‘If the idea that we are dependent upon the earth — or, at the very least, existing interdependently with the earth — were to permeate the minds of humanity, this could be seen as a lifting of the current psychosis, the belief that we are independent from the natural world.’

    It is the job of governments and the mainstream media to stamp out such thinking! And they will lie incessantly to adhere to that agenda.

    So it will be the collapse of the credibility of governments -in particular the NATOstan governments- that will allow people trapped in ‘the Matrix; to start living with a modicum of sanity. That, and the collapse of the consumer society -coming soon- that currently keeps them supplied with “Kills 99% of all known germs” products, cosmetics, hair conditioner, convenience ‘foods’, plastic clothing etc.

    That is where the deNaxification of Ukraine by Russia plays such an important, along with the counterproductive policies foisted on the masses by the saboteurs that comprise NATOstan governments. Progress is slow mainly because the ground being fought over and then liberated is littered with mines

    On the matter of the deNazification of Ukraine, the Military Summary channel informs us of a ‘rebirth of Russia’ as far as the Special Military Operation goes: it’s difficult to keep up with the losses of cannon fodder sent to the front line by the UK/US directors of the Ukrainian forces but it seems to be of the order of 1000 humans per day and of the order of 30 amoured vehicles per day.

    There is rumour of the Ukrainians fighting back in ways only ‘honourable’ nations would: use of supposedly banned (we pretend not to make them and pretend not to use them) antipersonnel weapons against civilians, chemical attacks, biological attacks, shelling nuclear facilities etc.

    We know it’s a dirty game that the bankers and corporations play. It always has been.

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    Now that we have the climate change denial distraction out of the way we can get on with real stuff’

    Interesting. Andrei indicates real Ukrainian casualties are 200,00 killed and 300,000 injured. And conscripts are surrendering or running as quickly as possible. But the neoNazis are holding show trials and executing the poor sods, to intimidate others thinking of doing the same.

    Something big Monday…

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    As of August 16, Antarctic sea ice extent was tracking below all previous years. At the start of August, it was tracking at second lowest. Ice retreated in the Bellingshausen Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean the first two weeks of August, whereas the ice edge expanded in the Weddell and Ross Seas. In the Bellingshausen Sea, air temperatures at the 925 millibar level have been as much as 7 degrees Celsius (13 degrees Fahrenheit) above average the first two weeks of August, as winds from the north have pushed warmer air and the ice edge towards the Antarctic coast.

    I know it’s rather pointless supplying evidence of Planetary Meltdown in the face of denial because denial is always founded on

    1. emotional arguments

    2. political arguments

    3. economic arguments

    4 financial arguments

    5. gross ignorance

    6. refusal to look at evidence.

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    ‘used data to identify the structure of atoms’

    Correction. That should be:

    used data to identify the structure of molecules.

    Ultraviolet-visible radiation absorption and re-radiation informs us about the structure of atoms.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2022 #113798


    ‘None of the dumb fucks who believe that humans are causing global warming will ever have looked at the science and they do not care either.’

    Since anthropogenic climate change deniers -those who refuse to accept, or even look at, well-documented scientific evidence, and have zero evidence to back up their absurd narratives, they resort to trolling and making personal insults.

    For the umpteenth time: the Earth is overheating at the fastest rate in geological history going back 600 million years as a direct consequence of humans de-sequestering ancient carbon that nature sequestered tens of millions or hundreds of million of years ago and transferring that carbon to the atmosphere and oceans.

    I suppose climate change deniers will still be churning out the same nonsense until the day they die from overheating, due to wetbulb extreme, or from starvation because there is nothing to left eat..

    ‘None of the dumb fucks who believe that humans are causing global warming will ever have looked at the science’

    Having studied the absorption and re-emission of radiation in the infrared range and used data to identify the structure of atoms, what would I know compared to you?

    I mean, I have only got an Honours Degree in Chemistry and only spent several decades in the field of environmental monitoring, and only won the international debate with professor Guy McPherson when he tried to pull a fast one by twisting the science to his own agenda, so what would I know, whereas you…..?.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2022 #113793

    Record warm as well as record rain. I metre of rain on Mount Taranaki and 100 mm in New Plymouth, both new record highs in one episode.

    Expect it to get worse, cos it will.

    Actually, the government and local councils will make it worse.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2022 #113791

    “..a month-and-half worth of rain [in a couple of days].”

    More land slips, more houses wrecked, more businesses ruined, bigger insurance claims.

    Yep. That’s what you get when you elevate the atmospheric CO2 level to 190 ppm above the long-term average or 140 ppm above the pre-industrial level (current 420 ppm versus 230 ppm 800,000-year average and 280 ppm pre-industrial). Superheated oceans = greater evaporation and supercharged storm systems.

    But the mainstream media are NEVER going to mention any of that because we live in a consumption-based system….until we don’t.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2022 #113790

    What we are witnessing now is the natural consequence of one of our distant ancestors -maybe 200,000 years ago- working out how to tie a knot.

    Many animal species have the ability to use tools, and some manufacture tools -usually probes to extract food from crevices. But no other species has the manual dexterity necessary to tie knots.

    Knot = sharp stone firmly fixed to a long stick = access to the meat of large animals

    Knot + bone needle = fur clothing enabling humans to proliferate in cold climates

    Knot + animal skin = boat to carry spear to marine environments and kill large marine animals

    Knot + straw = weatherproof roof

    Complicated knot = knitted clothing

    Knot = means of controlling large animals = domestication.

    Complicated knot = woven basket to carry and store food

    Fire = means to cook food and extract energy from the environment more quickly

    Fire + suitable stone = metal

    Metal + stick = better weapon

    Better weapon = capacity to kill competitors more effectively and take resources….

    We are still stuck in the Iron Age.

    But it will soon be over, because ‘clever’ humans created a world in which abstracts -such as money created out of thin air- control everything else. And without energy nothing happens.

    Also, the major consequence of massive population overshoot (of the order of 7.5 billion, facilitated by fossil fuels) is to mess up the geochemical systems that made this planet suitable for life-as-we-know-it.

    If you examine the ocean heat graph (linked above) you will see that the last opportunity to turn this monster round was in the 1970s, which is when the banks, the corporations and their political lackeys -the politicians and economists- refused to countenance anything other than perpetual growth on a finite planet.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 19 2022 #113758

    I gave the correct information that last time you dumped a whole pile of misinformation in the comments thread.

    Please explain this

    continually increasing ocean heat content since 1968

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