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    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz asked, “For me this is the really puzzling thing about the Anglos, what is this hatred for Russia all about?”

    You may have missed my reply to Dr D about much the same question, why are the Brits so foaming at the mouth rabidly hateful of Russians. Here’s what I posted to Doc:

    “Why Russians? Because it was the Czar of the Rus who kicked the diabolical Khazarian Empire out of the Ukraine and Caucasus region a thousand years ago, and those thieving, Satan worshipping, child murdering, Khazarians really know how to hold onto a grudge. Since being deprived of their own real estate by Russian Christians the more or less still intact bloodline of the dynastic Khazarian ruling family have infiltrated and usurped the power of pretty much every country and institution that they could manage.
    That’s basically the fight we’re waging now. It’s partly a war of fundamental ideology (freedom vs slavery, good vs bad, truth vs lies, individual sovereignty vs authoritarian dictatorship, etc. ) But on the other hand there is a distinct and completely real genealogical aspect to it as well. The top of the top (and the therefore the worst of the worst) of the “Cabal” side of the war is literally a zealously hyper protected dynastic “royalty” (an actual bloodline) that contains many of the sub-family names that we are all so familiar with through various conspiracy “theories” that the Cabal very energetically works to discredit by all means fair and foul.”

    Pretty much all of the “Blue Blood” royal families of Europe are deeply interbred, cross-bred and inbred with the nasty old Khazarian royals going all the way back to at least the 6th century BCE, who made a very focused and concerted point of infiltrating those powerful Western European royal houses. British aristocracy, for example, is rife with their polluted genome (Klaus Schwabs wife even has the deformed “Habsburg Jaw as a souvenir of centuries of inbreeding). House of Windsor, however, is special because they connect in virtually every way possible (genetically, politically, financially, religiously, feudally and more.)

    Like I told Dr D, the Khazarians hold grudges like nobody else and are very very VERY big on revenge for any and all perceived slights and injuries. They blame the Russians for causing the Khazar’s loss of Empire and a millennium of stateless wandering. Pretty crazy, even by psychopath standards.

    The Anglo ruling class are, insofar as Russia and Russians are concerned, mere proxies of the unabated and ever simmering hatred of the numerous descendants of the Khazarian dynasty bloodline. It doesn’t take much for that simmer to turn to a roiling boil whenever they see an opportunity to harm or annihilate their ancient foe, the Rus.

    Today is the 7th wedding anniversary of my daughter and her Thai husband, Balee. She ‘s a painter and he’s a philharmonic composer, and both love beautiful cultured Thailand.


    It’s fairly clear to me.

    Two women accompanied an abuse and selfish man to the beach. The man drank far too much -both bottles of wine to be shared later at a picnic- and fell asleep in a drunken stupor. The women buried him up to the chest in sand, and put a red cushion on his head to make him look like a clown.

    Having woken, he is now negotiating the price he has to pay to be released before the tide comes in.

    As for the present-day world, it’s just one more turn of the screw by the scumbags at the top of the pyramid who are torturing the rest of us (and the natural world), and one day closer to collapse of their Ponzi schemes. And it’s one day closer to revolt or revolution.

    Trying to remember how it goes. It’s something like:

    You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    I have much simpler one:

    Geochemistry beats ideology every time.

    So does mathematics:


    An edit comment function would be useful. That was supposed to be abusive.

    Got to go: many things to do in preparation for the meltdown.

    V. Arnold


    I think that the “red thing” is a hat on a head, a red beret.

    That red thing? Oh for fuff’s sake… Yes, it’s obviously a red beret.
    I was looking at the water for a red blob of some kind.
    The red hat was so obvious I didn’t consider it…
    Thanks phoenixvoice…

    Veracious Poet


    for upstateNYer:


    Having lost faith in those who claim to rule with righteous authority, we turn said faith to Cthulhu and trust it to behave in a neat, orderly, and systematically evil manner so that we can say ‘I told you so’. It’s how we got into this mess in the first place, and we’re no less compulsively and obsessively addicted to doing the same old same old as those nasty puppet masters we so very much love to loathe.

    I loathe ye cuz yer dirty but I love you cuz yer home


    Edit function works for me.


    “It stops when WE say it stops.”

    Who is this collective “we” ?

    The 1) darpaNet and 2) “pandemic” have functioned very well for their designers and instigators. To speak of collective action as long as as the former is a primary means of communication- easily subverted and redirected-
    is naive, at best.

    From my point of view, events are going pretty much according to ruling-class plan: “oops, you’re all dead!”, and stuff like that.

    I do what I can, and my tiny garden is a solace, as are the ring-necked doves, and many of the smaller birdies. Working with wood helps, too.


    V. Arnold: I hear you, bro.

    John Day

    @D Benton Smith: Anniversary congratulations to your daughter and her husband. Comments noted.

    A@AFewKnowTheTruth: Thanks for the Al Bartlett video. I think I last watched it something like a decade ago. “55 MPH speed limit” dates it pretty far back, to a time of relative reason, perhaps.

    : I’ve been reading some Marx, not Das Kapital, though. and not the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, but the short and engaging Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy
    and the (evidence that Marx had to work as a hack for a living sometimes) Communist Manifesto

    @Upstate NYer: Sorry about circumstances, Sister. I agree.

    @Dr. D: It was kind of fun reading this “easy Marx” stuff. Most of the goals of the Communist Manifesto were realized long ago, largely by the model of Henry Ford, and by things now as mundane as women-voting and kids going to school together. The big problem of “The Communists” was that workers got nothing and died when they didn’t have work. That got fixed, then the workers-have-nothing part got exported again to un-fix it, but “Capitalism” was already careening around the globe seeking an advantage in 1850.
    The other few little pages of introduction by Marx are better, and should be read first. He postulates that the means of production determine the thoughts and opinions and philosophy of societies, and that “problems” are not even “seen” in history until their “solution” is already possible, or nearly possible. The “Bourgeois” Marx speaks of are industrialists, who concentrated “Capital”, the means of production, as factory complexes.
    It’s funny to see that with the distribution of “ownership of the means of production” through stock-holdings, his existential problem of the wage-workers is solvable, and that solution is already old hat 401k. Granted, it’s just a sip… The government owning the factories was the only simplistic solution those guys could come up with. We saw how it worked out. Totalitarianism-in-flavors.

    We are still faced with all of the practical problems of the transition of an age-of-productive-means. We still exist in the Bourgeois-Age, according to Marx, and we might call it “Industrial Society” instead. Marx didn’t adequately comprehend the coal-as-means-of-production thing so much as we do now. It’s ok. He comprehended a lot. He was basically a historian and philosopher who didn’t go far in law, and got backed-into Political Economy. He did note the necessity of his feeding himself impinging heavily on his study and writing…

    So it’s not about words, even though Marx was really good with words. He cheated grossly in the Communist Manifesto, said all kinds of unsupportable crap, and knew he was doing it, because he was a smart guy, but he needed the bread. He would make a deft little declaration that sounded good at the end of a paragraph, and go onto something different, having just slid an unsupportable assertion into the mind of the reader as clear-truth.

    Distribution of the means of essential-production, like food, water and shelter seems do-able, but it’s harder than it seems. Local food is a lot of work. Most locations just grow a few things well. Potato-famine. Storage-losses. People don’t work much for the most part. There are few farmers, not enough to go around.
    Supplies to build shelter have to travel. Fuel has to travel, and that needs diesel and pipelines and coal mines because trees are for houses and furniture.
    Everybody owning stock in the business where they work seems like a good and do-able idea. It can be trimmed to fit. “Skin in the Game” is broadly acclaimed as “good”.
    Some people who don’t work owning most of the means-of-production, at the expense of the societies which support the conditions necessary for production, and for “ownership” seems wrong.
    (Looking at You, Bill Gates! Looking at You Rockefellers, Rothschilds et al!)

    We can lay blame, but we need to figure out where we can go with the least damage to all of us, or we have not done anything of much use. Even if we’ll be saddled with whatever Russia, China, Iran, Brazil & india work-out, won’t it be better if we have thought the problem through ourselves? Look how the Russkies got blindsided by “free-markets”.


    Which reminds me, I need to get- or maybe make- a spokeshave, and some
    good means of holding irregularly-shaped
    pieces of wood. I just split out some local Cypress for braces, and boy, does it smell good! Fished the boards out of
    the dumpster around the corner, dried it for not quite long enough, and will see what it wants to do.

    Doc Robinson

    Good to hear from upstateNYer, I was wondering about her (IIRC) a few days before oxy asked.

    Been speculating that Dr D might be a ‘team’, based on their (?) prolific deep output during these times when there is so much to do IRL (which lately has been keeping me from reading most of the comments here, and rarely posting), but I think it’s more likely that he (?) is part of a mutually supportive community of sorts, a smart option.

    Bill7: “I do what I can.”
    Right on.

    “you’re all dead!”
    What to do before this prediction comes true? There’s plenty to do, no need to be bored.


    > “you’re all dead!”
    What to do before this prediction comes true? There’s plenty to do, no need to be bored. <

    My hat is sincerely off to you and that life-affirming approach, Doc R. Meaning questions have always been an issue here.


    The future isn’t real until it gets here,
    and then it quickly turns into the past.
    The present lasts for just a blinking moment-
    So this is why my life went by so fast!

    Mister Roboto

    D Benton Smith


    When you get to heaven you need to look up Robert Service and the two of you go out for a beer.

    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – Moderna Sponsors the US Open
    – Ivermectin is more dangerous than Fentanyl … to corporate profits
    – Trump will get blamed for the vaccines because of Warp Speed
    – Pfizer knew the vaxx caused miscarriages
    – Insurance companies may refuse to pay the jabbed; Their best bet is to take out student loans
    – You are Troy, Covid was the horse, the vaxx was the Greeks and Kory was Cassandra. Another one bites the dust.

    * Leadership
    – Finnish PM parties like there’s no tomorrow
    – Davos gets coverage but Jackson Hole does not although Macron really enjoys Les Grandes Tétons
    – Our leaders have no moral authority
    – Pelosi: President Bribe’em can’t cancel student debt
    President Bribe’em: I didn’t cancel it guy, I paid it off

    * Next 5 to 10 winters will be bad until demand adjusts down to supply, in other words, you are the demand and you have 5 to 10 years to adjust down
    – RT broadcast this winter: Every seven seconds a European freezes to death without Russian gas (Sound of clock ticking in background)

    * On the Beach
    – Please don’t blame the painting on color blindness
    – The painting is best explained by the Wikipedia article for “On the Beach”:
    In 1964, World War III devastated the Northern Hemisphere, killing all humans there due to nuclear fallout. The only habitable areas are in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, but air currents are slowly carrying the fallout south … Moira and friends watch the Sawfish leave Australia and submerge for the final voyage home and then take their forever pills.
    – And BTW, it is more interesting as art when viewed upside down

    * There is plenty of oil at $1000 a barrel

    * When all truth becomes unbelievable
    Because we are all so deceivable
    As facts trickle out
    Surrounded by doubt
    We’re trapped in a world inconceivable

    * The people who wallow in pity
    Have balls that are so itty bitty
    Enveloped in fright
    They no longer fight
    Their attitude’s worthless and shitty


    On record producer Bob Johnston (Dylan’s ‘Highway 61′, and many others):

    There’s a snippet w/ Bob Johnston in the’No Direction Home’ documentary that piqued my lasting interest. Soul folk..

    Blonde on Blonde could’ve been a superb single disc. Its ‘Visions of Johanna’ is better served on the Biograph set, I think, and the rest sounded formulaic in its quantity.


    It is very nice to see so many of TAE’s regular commentators pop in for a visit today. It is like old times again!


    Thanks zerosum. I must ahve missd somthing. Will try editing aftr pstng this

    Statistics NZ reported that their updated ocean acidification indicator shows there has been a decrease in the pH of New Zealand’s subantarctic surface waters as they have become more acidic. Between 1998 and 2020, ocean acidity in these subantarctic surface waters increased 8.6% corresponding to a pH decrease from 8.092 to 8.057. (Because the pH scale is logarithmic, small changes in pH represent large changes in acidity.) Changes in pH in the open ocean are primarily influenced by absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide by seawater.’

    What the nz article doesn’t say is that the lower the pH drops, the harder it is for shellfish to form shells, due to messing up of the bicarbonate cycle.

    So those who say there is plenty of oil and that we should burn it might like to consider the kind of world doing so creates.


    Karl Rove was telling the truth when he said “We are an Empire Now. We create our own reality”. But, it was only for a short period until 2015 when the Kremlin popped the bubble and its successful military intervention prevented a regime change in Syria. Donald Trump gummed up the works and delayed the world war for four years. The Russia, China and Iran Axis and its commodity based financial system is an existential threat to the Western corporate/state Empire — Wall Street and the City of London.

    The Imperial Blob is intentionally sacrificing Ukrainians and soon other Europeans to maintain their hegemony. Their “only money has value” ideology and the possible loss of status (not being an Insider any more) means that they cannot acknowledge that it is all over. They must forever believe their own propaganda.

    Actually, this is now a multi-polar world. The only way humans will survive the catastrophes of a possible nuclear war, climate change, pandemics, resource depletion, and over population is if good government and peace are restored. The West and the Axis must sign an armistice and build DMZs to separate each other; just like the First Cold War.

    This winter in Europe will determine if human beings survive on earth or not.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    So those who say there is plenty of oil and that we should burn it might like to consider the kind of world doing so creates.

    Still supporting Green Energy: those billionaires are counting on people like you. Still supporting Green Energy: this is why I hate the left, they are so ideological that they cannot see the forest in their eye.


    And they bickered, reliably, over anything that could be misconstrued: noting the perils of fossil fuel toxicity is not the same as advocating what is so tiresomely called “Green Energy”. Me, I’m a huge fun of nuclear energy, although there is a (shall we say) Peak Uranium problem with that as well.

    As for looming bottleneck dieoffs: some of us will live, even thrive. It’s really really hard to say whom. Some of the best preppers will die from bullets or botulism or mere old ptomaine. Some of the dullest of wit and no sense of preparation will come through unscathed. It’s quite the lottery we’re entering.

    Mr. Lucky If Paul Desmond famously sounded like a “stiff well-made martini”, this music by Mancini sounds like that fellow down the bar who can’t handle his scotch.

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