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    Felix Vallotton On the beach 1899   • Geopolitical Tectonic Plates Shifting, Six Months On (Escobar) • Putin Bets Winter Gas Chokehold Will Yield
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    V. Arnold

    Felix Vallotton On the beach 1899

    While the art does portray, a moment in time (beach attire); it fails (IMHO) elsewhere in portraying anything resembling a beach by the ocean…


    He seems to have made the water green, and the sky beige -presuming the blue thing is a cloud-. Big question remains: what’s the red thing in the middle, and what is hiding underneath it?

    V. Arnold

    LoL…art .inc
    Isn’t that the reality in todays “art scene”?
    Art Expert??? How is that even possible? I posit it isn’t possible to be an art “expert”…
    Art being an emotional endeavor is never the same thing twice…is it?
    Artists (the real ones[the phoneys also]) put out, from an inward experince that directs them; either to genuine revalations or to contrived visions of fakery (it doesn’t matter which)…the point being; who could possibly, in all good concience, “know” which is which, or who is the charletan?
    I love art, not all of it, but, I try to be open to new things………
    Cheers and happy arting to all,,,

    V. Arnold

    Big question remains: what’s the red thing in the middle, and what is hiding underneath it?

    I do not see the red thing in the middle…

    Dr. D

    Again, I want to repeat: Inflation is too much money and not enough goods.

    To cure inflation we need less money and to make more goods. Are we doing that, anywhere?

    “4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border in 18 Months Since Biden Took Office: Report”

    As usual, I’m too optimistic by a half. Which considering how optimistic I’m not, is chilling. Okay, now America just needs to build 10 new megacities and create 5-7 million jobs. Plus food. No problem!

    Article quote: “Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Censorship. Intimidation. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment. Indoctrination. Indefinite detention.” Yes, I guess when you put it that way, we’ve checked every box for Stalinism and the Declaration of Independence. Was just thinking how they pile up and does anybody notice.

    And in Canada, as the organizer for the Truckers was in prison, no charges, no interest in creating any. And not taking this from King George? But some halfwit son in blackface? It’s like those comedy movies with the Nazis all in leather drag.

    And this too: “California DA Admits 70% of Suspects Released on $0 Bail Committed New Crimes”

    The Left blew a gasket at The (far left) Young Turks when they brought this (spec. no-bail releases as reform) up as not a good idea that allows violent people to…continue violence. I think one guy in NYC hit the record being arrested 23 times. He said “Well you keep letting me go!” See you tomorrow!

    Pelosi was right, Biden does not have legal authority to do this, as a money matter it would have to be arranged by Congress. But who cares about the law when there’s an election going on? We break ALL the Laws! And this is a gift to the most reckless of the top 2/3s richest households, the PMCs, zero for the poor, a direct Bank Bailout. Actually, we saw the same for the latest round in Ukraine. Congress (or somebody, as we never follow the law anymore) have a new $4B. Buuuuut not to Ukraine. Direct transfer to the Arms Manufacturers, Raytheon, Halliburton on behalf of Ukraine. But like all the other weapons probably won’t ever get there. Money come in: go to weapons billionaires. Money come in: go to bank billionaires.

    …Actually, money no come in, they just print $3T a year now on their way to infinity. But for a change some rounding error of $20k went to the kids as an election bribe and payout, so better than usual. Like Electric vehicles after the $8,000 bonus, College prices will rise exactly $20,000. The kids will learn to always get into reckless debt because daddy will pay. The poor who were responsible and thought college was a scam at these prices get screwed white. No reform. No repair. Trust and rules and word means nothing. Corruption and bad ideas To Infinity, and Beyond!!!

    “Russia can afford to sell its oil with fat discounts to any Global South customer, not to mention strategic partners China and India.”

    There is plenty of oil. You’re not getting any. On purpose. And they tell you this is a real crisis of physics, not politics.

    “There are even people who want to see [NordStream2] it dismantled.”

    Yes. The Anglos. After 150 years of non-stop war with Russia, having killed 200 million? 500 million? In that time rather than picking a cooperative future of alliances that they could have.

    “Belgian PM: “Next 5-10 Winters Will Be Difficult”

    Translation: Never. This will NEVER end until you come up the Brussels and MAKE US. Okay then! Thanks for freedom of speech!

    “the trade deficit will grow by at least 4.3% of GDP, making Greece one of the most vulnerable European Union countries,

    Did I not just read that British GDP dropped by 8%? Eight Percent? Pretty sure that’s worse than the ‘29 Crash, the Great Depression, and the worst since 1707.

    “Macron Warns of ‘End of Abundance’ (RT)”

    Again, we have enough food for everyone. Enough oil and gas for everyone. We did last year, and the year before, and yields are hardly down from then if we’re careful. We have a DISTRIBUTION problem, and a WASTE problem, where $40B went to weapons manufactures, $1 Trillion to Afghanistan, $23 Trillion in bank bailouts. …And Zero to homelessness. Zero to schools. Zero to water. We went NEGATIVE on food, granaries, and rail to carry them.

    There’s your priority: When it comes to killing humans, no price is too high. When it comes to saving them, no money is available. Hmmm. This means something, but I can’t quite figure it out….

    “FBI Mar-a-Lago Warrant Had ‘No Legal Basis’: Constitutional Lawyers (ET)”

    Remember, Trump punk’d them into it to kick off his 2024 campaign. This is arranged, enticed, goaded into grabbing these records. Which already declassified docs are now in the Federal Register as State’s Evidence, and in the front page news as an advertisement. Not that the play doesn’t matter here, or it isn’t “Real”, but you have to keep that timeline in mind.

    “ FBI Brass Warned Agents Off Hunter Biden Laptop Due To 2020 Election (NYP)”

    Still at it. Nothing’s happened. Here’s the upshot: THEY ARE EXPOSED. And they lose ruling legitimacy. Double with the new IRS. But unlike other nations, the U.S. is supposed to be this way. Where the Feds only run the Navy and the Post Office. All laws, jails, enforcement, taxes, are run by the states. So if you erase the entire FBI: WHO CARES? They were never relevant except as a political rigging organization anyway. As TRUMAN said. See Federal shutdowns? Nothing happens. Because the Feds don’t DO anything except extract money for $40B-at-a-pop Weapons Manufacturers. Their pals, in a record run of Bezos-Yachts.

    If they vanished no one would notice because the States do that.

    Back to lowering inflation by doing work. We’re into harvest now and a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.


    The – ‘There’s plenty of Oil’ thing is a little thin.
    Yes Oil remains but where? Not flying 2km into the air under pressure in Pennsylvania. Not surging from Ghawar either as I here it is now under extreme pressure from salt water pumping. Texas crude – you’re joking right?
    My understanding of humanity and our relationship with oil is that it comes with a drunk feeling of ‘there’s plenty of oil’ so it gets used profligately and then runs out.
    The oil in Russia is in VERY hard to get places which is why it was developed late in the piece and why huge tech and giant pipelines very craftily engineered are necessary. Also Siberia is a shit show and people will do a clean up of that place before it goes back to performing adequate environmental service to accomodate life forms.

    Yes there is oil now but not enough for party-time and never enough for the military and the gov which will do as the banks tell them and take it all, use it all and move on.

    And on the Anglos – I believe after watching Antiques Roadshow and seeing Putin’s embarrassing gold-encrusted pretence-machines called board rooms, that not a great deal separates the deeper mind of the ‘progress’ types. Hence no Siberian indigenous left anymore. Just pipes, soot, toxins and black snow.

    My house is hand rendered in mud from the ground where it was built by me. Violence is weak. Strength comes from not giving a shit about what someone else thinks you have. Rulers and elites demonstrate continuously and egotistical desire to keep up with the Joneses.


    Biden’s student debt cancellation plan,
    Follow the money trail… from the gov. …. to the lenders …..

    The future, of not enough energy, is here
    There is not enough energy, at a price that you can afford, to feed yourself and to feed your mechanical slaves

    European NatGas prices soared to a record high of 277 euros per megawatt-hour on Monday, about 15 times the average summertime price f NS1 flows come to a halt in September, prices could rise to 400 euros per megawatt-hour..
    • Belgian PM: “Next 5-10 Winters Will Be Difficult” As Energy Crisis Worsens (ZH)
    UK Energy Execs Tell MPs That “Fuel Poverty” Will Crush Households Into Debt
    According to the Resolution Foundation, the average family will be paying 1,100 pounds more over the next 12 months to satisfy their energy needs. This will break the bank for lower-income households that will go into debt.
    “The size and scale of this is beyond what I can deal with, beyond what I think the industry can deal with. It needs a massive shift, significant shift in the government’s approach to this,” Anderson said.

    • Exploding Prices Will Impact Trade Balance More Than 1970s Oil Shocks (K.)

    In the1970s, as a dumb newlywed, I found a way of successfully raising my family and surviving.
    Now, as a senior, I know, that I’ve seen worst and that I will survive.

    • The Electricity Subsidy Shock (K.)

    The subsidies monies, (follow the money trail), are going to help the energy companies survive.

    ‘weaponization of energy’
    • ‘Weary’ Europeans Must ‘Bear Consequences’ Of Ukraine War: EU’s Borrell (ZH)

    …… some will be forced to bear the “costs” much more than others……
    ……. some will be forced to take a winter holiday in hotter climates.

    • Macron Warns Of ‘End Of Abundance’ (RT)

    France is headed toward the “end of abundance” and “sacrifices” have to be made during what is a time of great upheaval, President Emmanuel Macron told his cabinet on Wednesday upon returning from summer break.
    …. the many crises are actually of a much bigger scale and that structural changes are imminent.
    If you need more word to explain “follow the money”, then read Dr D’s comments.


    ‘I do not see the red thing in the middle’

    What does one say to that? Get your eyes checked, grumpy?!


    Still the government can just print money out of thin air, WHY PAY TAXES

    The government can just print ‘tax money’

    No, the reason Sheeple are forced to pay taxes is Ritual Humliation

    It’s a tool to terrorize with.

    The Deepdipshit State and the Military Industrial Mafia are thugs and gangsters.

    FUD is their Special Friend

    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

    The Real Fudd


    Color Blindness …… ‘I do not see the red thing in the middle’
    Sheep Blindness …. ‘I do not see the red thing in the middle’
    Energy Blindness …. ‘I do not see the red thing in the middle’
    Perpetual Growth Blindness …. ‘I do not see the red thing in the middle’
    TAE …. ‘I see the red thing in the middle’


    Dr D:
    But unlike other nations, the U.S. is supposed to be this way. Where the Feds only run the Navy and the Post Office. All laws, jails, enforcement, taxes, are run by the states.
    And in this, Dr D, you and I are complete agreement. Even in the areas where the feds are sourcing programs that tackle real-life problems that need addressing: I.e. Medicaid, SNAP, etc., in most cases the programs are already being administered by the states, and if the tax money were going to the states rather than the feds the programs could also be funded by the states. And the states would also likely restructure the programs, which is also okay. The feds should be there as a resource to turn to when a state violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Which will happen.)


    I think that the “red thing” is a hat on a head, a red beret.


    A detail that had escaped me so far. Moderna is a major sponsor of the US Open. Djokovic never had a chance.


    Moderna is upping its marketing game with a new US Open sponsorship as the biotech company seeks to raise awareness about the mRNA science that powers its COVID vaccine. The goal of the sponsorship—and a new broader marketing push—is to educate people about how the company is using mRNA for other potential medical breakthroughs that could be used to treat people with cancer, metabolic diseases and other afflictions.

    Although Moderna has done other sports deals—including sponsoring a “Shot of the Game” promotion with the NBA and NHL to promote COVID booster shots —the US Open pact marks its most extensive sponsorship to date, according to Moderna Chief Brand Officer Kate Cronin. She declined to disclose financial terms but said the deal was signed for one year.

    “We want to establish Moderna as a modern leader changing medicine and pioneering mRNA,” she said. And while that means moving the conversation beyond COVID, she said the timing of the US Open—right before the fall season when many people will be getting a COVID booster vaccine—marked the right time to push the broader message.

    The sponsorship comes as Moderna leverages a new endorsement from Billie Jean King. A new video starring the tennis great pays tribute to “Change Makers,” while referencing her pioneering feats, including changing the way women get paid. The approach ties into Moderna’s tagline “This changes everything.” The video will run as an ad during ESPN’s coverage of the US Open. It was put together by TBWA, Moderna’s lead agency.


    Thank god for TAE and Raul and some commenters. His is the only site I have ever paypaled. I wonder why almost nobody comments upon our annual high security convocation of banksters and elites here in Jackson(Hole). Davos gets coverage. Here is what is happening this week. For no explained reason we have had F-16’s flying in formation day after day at low altitude in front of the Tetons. This never happens. I can only guess that there has been a credible threat to disrupt? Did some Stingers go missing or get smuggled in from Ukraine? Our sleep has been disturbed by jets all night long. Commercial flights stop by 9 pm but the other night between 2 and 4 am there was a steady roar over at the airport as Gulfstreams came and went carrying banksters, Bezos elites and Davos hangers on. If the sheeple ever wanted to upset and unhinge the system and engage in protest, this would be the place to start with its minimal corridors surrounded by a vast wilderness but year after year nary a peep.The local MSM rag regards the whole affair as good for bidness and tourism which is the only business here any more. I guess even urban monied elites need to escape their conference rooms and breathe fresh air in nature and gaze upon that famous fault block range once and a while. WEF cabals and money printing can wait for a week.


    @Dr. D: “Like Electric vehicles after the $8,000 bonus, College prices will rise exactly $20,000.”

    The prices for virtually everything someone can con the government into paying for are pitched to the size of the benefit. Back in the 80s I went back to finish college using my GI bill educational benefit. The university I attended was private, set up for working adults to attend classes on nights and weekends. The tuition? Exactly, to the dollar, the size of my monthly GI bill benefit.

    Could they have done it for less? Most assuredly–the California community college I attended a few years earlier was much cheaper and the classes were good ones. But why should any private provider price its goods/services at a price lower than the government has indicated it is willing to pay?


    @zerosum: In the1970s, as a dumb newlywed, I found a way of successfully raising my family and surviving.

    Me, too, despite the sky-high interest rates in the late 70s, managed somehow to jump on that real estate train and hang on until things got better.

    Now, as a senior, I know, that I’ve seen worst and that I will survive.

    I’m not so sure we’ve seen the worst, nonetheless.

    The bad news about being old is the knowledge that your ability to earn back what has been taken from you is greatly diminished.

    The good news about being old is that you just might not be around long enough to have to worry about it….


    After reading claims from one blogger after another that the covid narrative is falling apart/crumbling/about to fall apart, I finally saw this yesterday, perhaps a good sign:

    Even if you’re a Trump supporter, there is great news here. And that news is that you know this baby is going down SO HARD because they actually want to now try hanging it on Trump.

    I guess the bad news for Trump supporters is that he still won’t disavow the jab, despite a few pieces I have seen recently urging him to do that. Given the above, it will be interesting to see if this will finally be enough to make him actually apologize for something for what is perhaps the first time in his public life.

    D Benton Smith


    Now there’s as good of a word for the situation as any I have seen so far.

    Facts trickle out (despite draconian censorship that is itself on a scale that’s a crime against humanity) about big serious real crimes of vital importance to their very lives and people find those facts to be: “unbelievable.”

    It’s a tough slog going forward when patently obvious truth is considered by so many to be . . . . unbelievable.

    Well, I’ve got a message for unbelievers : ya better start believing some true stuff pretty soon or you’re not gonna believe how bad the consequences shall be for you personally and collectively as a nation. Believe you me.

    John Day

    I was going to write an essay to go with all of the links on my blog today, but there are so many, with comments, and it paints the picture that way. I’m trying to omit what has been posted here.
    If It Keeps Happening

    “The purpose of a thing is what it does”, so what are we to think about creating depression, food crisis and fuel crisis in Europe?

    Documents reveal Twitter’s back channel communications with CDC to coordinate COVID censorship, as CEO testified that there was “no censorship office”.

    Google censored one of my first Ukraine-War posts by taking down my blog and disappearing our email. they were eventually reinstated. Google has taken down (and kept down) 2 posts since then, but Substack does not censor. My 2 blogs are just mirrors on most days, when Google doesn’t censor me. and .

    A tutorial for YouTube’s content moderators that emerged on social media on Tuesday shows that the Google-owned platform has labeled a number of critical positions on the conflict in Ukraine “hateful” or “extreme” and can censor or demonetize creators on those grounds. While the parent company Alphabet has not confirmed or denied the screenshots’ authenticity, a Polish contractor who shared them has reportedly been fired.

    Leaked slides detail YouTube’s Ukraine censorship – journalist

    ​The very few, the unwaveringly proud Marine refusniks:
    ​ U.S. District Court of Florida Judge Steven Merryday issued an injunction this week against the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps, allowing US Marines with religious objections to refuse covid vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration.
    ​ ​Liberty Council, a Christian religious rights law firm, sued Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and pursued class action relief on behalf of all U.S. Marines who were denied religious accommodations from the COVID shots.

    John Day

    I keep having to post this same story. Why is nothing being done to change the advice given to pregnant women? It’s almost like genocide, isn’t it?
    Massive Miscarriage Rates Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women Found Buried In The Pfizer Documents​ , Pierre Kory MD​
    The pharmaceutical industry has committed crimes for decades, paying $30 billion in civil and criminal fines since 2000.
    The Pfizer documents reveal their latest criminal assault on our health.

    ​This also seems almost like genocide, but at least the people in the DC area who can afford it, put their kids in private schools​…
    My Op-Ed In The Washington Times On D.C’s Latest Insane Public Health Policy Decision​ , Pierre Kory MD​
    The District of Columbia just mandated highly toxic and increasingly lethal COVID-19 “vaccines” for all students over the age of 12 to attend public school.
    We are living inside of a horror movie.

    ​ Somebody first said to me around April 2021 that “the vaccine is the bioweapon”, and it struck me as odd, because the virus was clearly weaponized, but the remark stayed with me.​
    Houston, We Have a Problem (Part 1 of 3)​ , ​The Ethical Skeptic
    ​ ​Seven of the major eleven International Classification of Diseases codes tracked by the US National Center for Health Statistics exhibit stark increase trends beginning in the first week of April 2021 – featuring exceptional growth more robust than during even the Covid-19 pandemic time frame. This date of inception is no coincidence, in that it also happens to coincide with a key inflection point regarding a specific body-system intervention in most of the US population. These seven pronounced increases in mortality alarmingly persist even now.
    ​ ​The following work is the result of thousands of hours of dynamic data tracking and research on the part of its author.​..
    ..​On March 21st 2021, a longtime mentor, friend, and business partner of mine, an otherwise healthy 68 year old male, unexpectedly suffered an autoimmune cascade which ended up shutting down his pancreas, liver, kidneys, and finally heart. He had just received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on that Thursday prior. Carl quickly descended into a coma, and then died on March 26th.​..
    ..The reader should note that there are few fancy academic heuristic tricks employed inside the models presented in this article. Rather, I’ve elected to employ good old-fashioned persistence, curiosity, hard work, logical deduction, and an experienced nose for strategy, systems, and problem-solving. Within my models, I seek to derive this inference through comparing the dynamic (not static statistics) patterns of change across a large set of differentially-compared data points and critical interval in elapsed time, in order to drive this article’s process of deduction. This is what I do professionally inside markets and for corporations and nations after all. I identify, and develop strategy to address exceptional challenges. My motivation in writing this article however is simple. I do not seek income, subscribers, power, office, notoriety, a political victory, book sales, nor a new career. I am simply compelled to stand in the gap for those who have no voice – they who lay victim to the present political hubris and its long shadow of darkness….
    ..Nonetheless, by the end of 2021 it had become abundantly clear that US citizens were not just dying of Covid-19 to the excess, they were also now dying of something else, and at a rate which eventually became higher than that of Covid itself…
    ​..As of the publishing of this article, 9,290 death records posted in the June 2nd MMWR update showed as redacted four weeks later and still remain missing from the data. Another 13,245 deaths were re-categorized by the CDC from primarily cancer and heart death, to other codes such as Alzheimer, kidney, or respiratory deaths, as can be seen in part inside this chart. It is hard to envision a scenario explaining this 52,000-record data tampering across the most at-risk weeks (MMWR Weeks 4 through 20) of 2022, as not constituting malicious obfuscation of US citizen mortality data. As a former intelligence officer and strategist for nations facing some pretty tough corruption challenges, I am a skeptic of power… Keep in mind that the charts in this article do not even reflect addition of the CDC-shorted death records redacted for MMWR Weeks 4 through 20 of 2022.​..
    ​..​Cancers and lymphomas have risen to a 9+ sigma level since MMWR Week 14 2021. This condition did not exist during the 2020 Covid pandemic period. In order to alleviate risk in terms of lag uncertainty I have chosen a lag function which purposely deflates the last 3 weeks of this death category rise. Yet even this conservancy yields a terrifyingly steep trend line…
    ​..​This defacto concealment of 21,400 death records (inside the R00-R99 code group), is independent of the 22,535 records which were removed from the June 2nd 2022 death data and have either yet to be placed back into the database or were reassigned to non-threatening ICD codes.
    ​ ​That makes for a total of 43,935 potential myocarditis, cancer, pericarditis, conductive, nephrosis, liver, and/or lymphoma deaths which still have not even yet posted into the data over which this article is sounding the alarm.
    ​ ​That is 7% of the total deaths for the period in question, and possibly 15 to 25% of these highly concerning death ICD-10 groups’ trend data – missing.​..
    ..​Accordingly, and without a shadow of a doubt, we have established that right now there exists a problem in terms of US citizen health and mortality. One which is differentiated from Covid-19 itself, and began in earnest MMWR Week 14 of 2021. Our next task, and what will be outlaid in Parts 2 and 3 of this article series, is to employ these and other observed arrival distributions to winnow out the causal mechanism(s) behind this concerning trend in US mortality.

    Houston, We Have a Problem (Part 1 of 3)

    ​ Dr Syed on lab origins of COVID-19, posted last December. Luc Montagnier called this a lab virus in March 2020. this is not new. Lab creation is the only possible explanation for all of the cut-and-pasted functional segments, not random, which weaponized the original wuhan 2019 virus. A group of 4 co-functional segements, which work in concert, were lifter=d from HIV, and the weaponizing “Furin Cleavage Site” which no other Beta-coronavirus has ever had, and which appears intact as a Moderna-patented feature.
    ​ I’ve been meaning to write this blog for ever. Well, at least since Prashant Pradhan (a wonderful, honest and brave genomics scientist) raised the possibility back in February 2020 that the SARS-Cov2 virus was man made. And we have seen multiple confirmatory pieces that the virus was made in a lab.


    Car and health insurance companies are starting to insert language in their new policies that say they don’t have to pay out if the policy holder has taking an ‘experimental drug or therapy.’

    Most people don’t or can’t read and/or understand tiny boiler plate terms in a contract.

    The fact that car insurance is picking up on the up tick in accidents over and beyond the historical baseline stats is really a good indication that the corpse in the closet is beginning to stink.

    Actuarial are a very meticulous lot. Small trends in baseline stats are spotted very quickly.

    The House Never Looses is their motto, and it’s all by the probability of events.

    Imagine getting in a serious car accident and finding out that because you got the ClotShot, they don’t have to legally cover damages or injury to you because of the vax.


    From your lips to God’s ears!


    D Benton Smith

    The vaccine was the bioweapon, of course, and not the Covid-19 disease itself. The hyped up and largely fake “pandemic” (infection fatality rate WAY below one half of 1 %) was merely a means of driving the intended targets into the kill zone where the mRNA spike protein vax could take them out. All while making enormous sums of money on each and every step and aspect of both the disease and the “handling” of the disease. Masterful long range planning by those in the world domination and democide Biz.

    Mr. House

    This was kinda rich:

    “Ilargi posits that this deranged elite behavior is the result of their disconnect from the lower orders. That might be true of the Davos crowd. But European officials read newspapers. They have to field questions at press conferences. They see data, particularly of spiking energy prices. They take meeting from members of important and presumably unhappy power blocs. So how can they keep convincing themselves, in the face of mounting evidence, that their present course is sound, when any objective observer would nominate them for a Wall of Shame of the worst leaders evah?”

    Ummmm the newspapers they read tell the truth? What we got here, is a failure to communicate……….

    Mr. House

    Look at the leader in Finland lately, is she even a leader? What 36 year old woman with a child goes out partying until the wee hours of the morn? Does that not reak of detached? Perhaps she has a nanny raise her child and thus can party until the wee hours of the morn? Look at Macrons latest op ed where we all have to suck it in because reasons. Doesn’t he get it that the people have been sucking it in the last 12 years or perhaps 22 of depression? Just because it slowly gets worse year after year and more people fall off the bus as each year passes, that doesn’t lead to the yellowvests or anything like that. YVES SMITH is just as clueless as those she criticizes because she is one of them. Sadly most of her readers haven’t figured that out yet.


    Biden in the finest of democratic party tradition, has just bailed out his banker friends by empty the public treasury to the tune of $400 billion, disguised as student loan forgiveness. Colleges are happily raising their fees by the same amount. Everybody wins except the taxpayers.


    I believe that the EU ‘leaders’ are not clueless in exactly the way some suggest. The real goal is to propagandize their populations into a permanent acceptance of a lower standard of living. The cluelessness is in the way they go about this; the way in which they talk and act makes it obvious that they consider their ‘electorates’ stupid, and are completely disconnected from that way of life.

    Mr. House

    “the way in which they talk and act makes it obvious that they consider their ‘electorates’ stupid, and are completely disconnected from that way of life.”

    Well yeah we have that in America also. Look at Hillary Clinton calling half the country deplorable because they don’t agree with her, then stealing the primary from a much more popular candidate, then “forcing” that candidate to corral his voters for her, and then lose the election only to claim it was rigged by Russians. How stupid do you have to be to believe that?


    From the dept of not-presently-tilting-at windmills, a couple of beautiful guitar soundhole rosettes:

    Woon Sun Lee, 2013:

    Jerome Casanova 2014, after Vicente Arias 1893:


    V. Arnold said

    While the art does portray, a moment in time (beach attire); it fails (IMHO) elsewhere in portraying anything resembling a beach by the ocean…

    Does this look to you as though the artist may have been colour blind?


    RIM said

    Big question remains: what’s the red thing in the middle, and what is hiding underneath it?

    Grandma’s hat … oh dear, it looks like they are trying to discretely bury grandma on the beech!


    Dr D said

    Yes. The Anglos. After 150 years of non-stop war with Russia, having killed 200 million? 500 million? In that time rather than picking a cooperative future of alliances that they could have.

    For me this is the really puzzling thing about the Anglos, what is this hatred for Russia all about? I was born in the UK and I was educated in Britain, but even at school I was not taught to hate the Russians but to understand that the USSR were our enemies, the people were not free and therefore USSR bad. I do not remember hatred coming into it. Of course, the implication was that the Russians are backward because their economy was not as advanced as that of the UK, but to British public schools everybody who is not white anglo saxon British is backward, even the Scots are considered just a touch backward. So what is the cause of this one-sided enmity for the Russians?


    Haven’t read all of today’s comments. Probably this is not a repeat based on history here … but the US Democratic party has gone from shooting itself in the foot to shooting itself in the head. It’s an interesting play. Very curious about the game plan. Waiting to see how that works out.


    After his speech, Macron and the “End of the Age of Abundance” in France



    Biden will pay, my lender, $10,000 off my student loan.
    Student: Where is the paperwork for my parents to fill in and collect the 10,000?


    Classic Arnold.
    Produces an “Art-fart” and leaves the room.


    Zerosum said

    The future, of not enough energy, is here
    There is not enough energy, at a price that you can afford, to feed yourself and to feed your mechanical slaves

    I am looking forward to the demise of the west, running out of energy while I sit here in the mountains of beautiful Taiwan with plenty of energy, petrol costing the same as it did last year as does electricity. The western left wing will be celebrating their “we were right” intellectual dishonesty about how we have run out of energy while the rest of the world and the billionaires will be using fossil fuels like it is the 20th century.

    Sometimes you just can’t help people, the left wing loonies are just itching to team up with the corrupt, thieving billionaires to bring about energy starvation for the west. The left wing loonies will enjoy watching all their fellow citizens – especially the ones more successful than they are – suffer because it means they were “right” – they spouted the billionaires’ narrative and now they are right. Of course, this is the usual left wing loony thinking, they are right in their own minds but not in reality, the reality being that they were suckered into being dupes for the billionaires, which seems to have been the role of left wing loonies for a long, long time, maybe for ever …. humanity continues with the leaders and the led. Meanwhile the rest of us have to put up with their lies, dodging the shit being flung from the ape cage.

    Dr. D

    I don’t know what to say about Russian oil. There it is. They’re pulling it out at $17/bbl. You can buy all you want.

    So what about Euro or American prices is relevant here? There’s plenty of oil; you can’t have any. ‘Cause: Reasons. Russia and China can, because they’re not being d—ks. That’s not a physics problem. And when they pay $50, and you pay $150, they are going to clean your clock in no time.

    Sure it will run out someday, and we sure use it for stupid things. I’m against that and work to change it. But they said the exact same thing in 1974 and it was a lie then. “We’re out of oil.” “There’s an oil shortage.” No we weren’t we pumped more than ever in an ever-increasing curve and never yet run out yet in 2020. What happened was the currency collapsed and they didn’t want to admit it. What can I say about that? I’m not looking at the curve, but we’re pumping it 3x(?) faster per day than back when they said it was gone?

    Buy a tanker, buy the world’s largest fleet of tankers, and Russia will fill them, you can send them to your house. Iran hasn’t even gotten started. They both have 40 years and there are other countries. So reports of oil’s death have been greatly exaggerated. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad about it, but that’s the fact that will help me make decisions, and I can’t lie about it to please Macron and Biden. 40 Years is my life, so it’s hard to calculate what “Apres le deluge.” Doing so makes a fool of most men.

    Worse than ritual humiliation, which wouldn’t be cost effective, the tax code is meant to insure rich insiders do NOT pay taxes, while poor productive people do. So the point is to SELL the IRS as a political favor, harass your enemies, help your friends, all in support of the Oligarchy. If there were no tax code, some flat tax or something, what would we sell? To lobbyists and millionaires, our donor class? We CREATE the product we protect you from. That’s the definition of “Extortion.”

    Like other extortions, it just raises friction, it raises prices, and is a straight drain on the economy and all of us. Oh, and that’s the same business model as the FBI. As Truman said. But has been broadly illustrated these last 6 years. Possibly the point of the entire Federal Government, I haven’t gone to all departments.

    ““the vaccine is the bioweapon”,

    They did say this as far back as the 90s. Maybe the 70s and 80s, who knows? I think there were some shows and video games that used it, it was so well-known, and well known because like the “Illuminati” MTG card game, it had been published already.
    Wasn’t there a TV show with that as the premise at the exact same time in 2020? Well not everything is true, but at least we can watch when somebody says “On October 21, the Raiders will win by 10, on a fumble in the 3rd quarter” and ask serious questions.

    The U.N. chemical and biological weapons director said it was a lab-created bioweapon almost immediately. He’s a doctor. In the U.N. Who was public. No one cared. ‘Cause Gates and Jill Biden, who are not doctors, said it wasn’t, and Chad at Twitter agrees.

    I think if we re-state-ized the support, we would also remove another administrative layer and save money. –Not that anyone cares about that. For instance, right now 60% of Welfare is spent on administration. That’s right, we could DOUBLE EVERY CHECK. When they merely have a EBT credit card. The credit card is straight Bank Welfare for JP Morgan to issue it, millions a year, with no risk to them. Maybe they’re all 60% of the overhead, who knows?? I don’t think that would fly in Vermont, where Vermont voters are paying. But then how would we extort the States? Or the people?


    This comment will go nowhere on TAE’s board and I’m ok with that. I’m going to post it anyhow.

    What is up with you people? I see a bunch of folks laying down, giving up, and then blathering on because there are “too many layers, too many powerful people, what can anyone do? Nothing!!!”


    What the flip, you guys? I’m barely able to function anymore due to physical health, and my emotional bedrock is suddenly and unexpectedly gone, so my support system dropped to the depths of hell for the past four months.

    I keep trying … and you can’t?

    Shove your pessimistic shit up your ass. I’m with Dr D. It stops when WE say it stops. Commenters can trash Dr D all they want, but that’s all he’s been saying for years on end.

    For god’s sake, quit wallowing around, pull up your fucking big boy pants, and do more than talk.

    PS … Hi Archie.


    ….. do more than talk.
    Doing nothing is doing something …. work to rule ….. quiet quitting …. see a problem, don’t say anything

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