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    I personally know John Day, and he is a real doctor who treats real patients…and he is honest to a fault. He has spent most of his career treating people who are underserved by the medical establishment, and he has personally given up a lot to live up to his principles….one of which is to not support the warfare state. He is also dedicated to living a low energy, low consumption lifestyle.,

    He’s a good doctor,,,,,but hardly your typical doctor.

    That said , I don’t really see the downside of wearing masks, as a coping mechanism for a disease that does at least occasionally kill fairly healthy people….and I do get that statistically that is a very small number.

    I will agree that masking alone…not combined with other common sense stuff….like not having gatherings of people that are likely to spread the virus….is inadequate. But in and of itself wrong? I doubt that, even though people like to cite various studies that try to prove whatever they want to claim is true.

    So I will be masking…and properly wearing my mask…to the grocery store and Home Depot….about my last two places on my “must visit” list.

    The spin I read over and over promoting “not-wearing” …seems to be mostly that maybe it gives people a false sense of safety. I am not a physican…but I am a dentist, in a fairly high risk area…and I treated patients with emergencies throughout the modest lockdown (if you can even call it a lockdown) that was mandated here. To give you some context, the guy who is the elected head of the ADA closed his practice for a month…as did many others. I felt I had an obligation to do my job. I have not, as of yet, contracted COVID nor have any of my staff…..but we are very worried about not being a source of community spread…..which is a legitimate concern. The new normal is very different than the old normal.

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    “Is that so? Name a few, and a bit of evidence that doesn’t come from NYT/Guardian/MSM would be helpful.”

    It would be helpful if we argued one point at a time. You are going for two at once.

    First, with respect to the MSM and where I gather the information that informs my opinions….I’m not about to go to to bat for the Guardian and the NYT. If you knew me you’d know better.

    I’m a guy who likes the the truth…not some campaigner who just wants to grind his little axe. But I have to be convinced. Here’s my truth.

    There is a long list of people from Russia who have died or nearly died from rapid onset indigestion…or rather ingestion…. of something or other. And they have that one thing in common. They are people
    who have done something to piss Putin (or perhaps some other powerful Russian oligarch) off.

    You undoubtedly know this, as well informed as you are. And none of us as outsiders is EVER
    likely to find a smoking gun that proves anything conclusive. I would expect you to know this too. So incontrovertible facts are not really available, afaik.

    So, I just point out that there appears to be a pattern…an obvious pattern.

    Let me make a less-than-exhaustive list:

    Versilov, Kara-Murza, Politkovskaya, Skripal, Litvinenko, Dzhemal, Rastorguyev.

    If you are so full of hard information that exonerates Putin and the oligarchs, make your case, and I will gladly concede that I’m wrong. I obviously touched a nerve, stepping right on your bias like that. Sorry about that. I do it a lot. I expect to be banned by you eventually. There is no place anywhere anymore for honest discussion.

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    “There better be a very clear winner in November, or else”

    Yes, I concur. This election is shaping up to be a really scary little moment in history, if you ask me. Only a landslide can keep the peace..

    Funny, I had the same kind of concern in 2016….thinking at the time that if Clinton won without a mandate that the Trump base would misbehave. But nothing like what would happen now if either side wins by a few votes.

    Even if there is a landslide I look for some civil unrest anyway……just not sure how much.

    Not sure what to do about it either ……buy more ammo?

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    ” I am not aware of any medication or poison that rapidly lowers the blood sugar level and can be applied secretly.”

    Insulin could and can be given fairly surreptitiously , I believe…..but it would leave a mark….and traces that could be identified later. The idea that “one would only have to eat something” to counteract it” presupposes that the individual or someone close by would recognize the symptoms and act appropriately in a very timely fashion. Not a given, especially if the dose was quite large.

    I’m agnostic about what caused this event, but an awful lot of Russians seem to encounter various forms of poisoning…especially people who aren’t with Putin…so I don’t rule it out, and this article is not that persuasive, to me anyway.

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    So…can anyone tell me if Matt Taibbi’s recent lack of content (other than the podcast and SubStack) means that he is being cancelled by the PC media outlets…or is it a conscious decision on his part? I would guess the former.

    It just seems to me that his profile is a lot lower since he decided to speak out. He’s been my favorite journalist for years, and I hate to see him get marginalized, if that is what’s going on.

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    Thanks to Dr.Day. The info is appreciated…… I remember him well from my Transition Austin days,,,now fading into history. Hi John, from Eddie, if you see this.

    Me, still treating dental patients in the age of COVID…and damn well taking my Zinc and Vitamin D.

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    None of the identity politics candidates could score in a primary….and not even Sanders the social democrat…… In other words the candidates the party dreamed up to flesh out their diversity narrative can’t bring people to the polls when and where it counts……and Biden won the nomination purely by default….and now Harris is a promise kept to the same identity politics base that makes so much noise these days but fails to muster significant votes.

    The Dems continue to suffer from the abandonment of the real working class….which has no interest in electing gays, blacks, hispanics and Asians….unless perhaps they have something more going for them than merely being a special minority….maybe Yang came close.

    The Party leadership is still way too Clinton, which is to say that they are a bunch of influence-peddling faux Republicans. The map is not the territory and THE NARRATIVE is for the plebes, not the leadership.

    The Democrats always shoot themselves in the foot by insisting on making every campaign a referendum on being anti-racist and pro feminist and pro LGBT…..which they have to do…give lip service, I should say….to keep their motley herd of cats rounded up.

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