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    In fact, “invasions” succeed only when they are convenient for the “bosses”

    U.S. Capitol Hill and the Greek Parliament in the crosshairs of the
    “Indignant Citizens movement” **

    The New York Zionist Loan Sharks, who “stole” the election from Trump, are the ones who are gaining from the chaos that has now been caused in the U.S. These are the ones who had a reason to evoke provocation in the Capitol Hill in order to change the political “agenda”…in order to “move” the debate from electoral “calling” and go towards their own fictitious pro-democracy “rhetoric” …in order to give the corrupt political criminals the opportunity to put on their “face of empathy” and defend Democracy with “tearful eyes” …Democracy, had been raped by them a few days ago.

    However, in order to do all this, those conditions would have to be created, in order to allow it. More ideal conditions than a successful provocation could not exist. But why are we talking so confidently about provocation? …Because, when the same Loan Sharks were waiting for a decision of the Greek Parliament, to plunder Greek society, they knew how to secure the “environment” in order to endure the decision that suited them …They knew how to protect the Parliament in order to avoid problems that would threaten their interests …They knew how they had to act in order to avoid a violent reaction of the “Indignant Citizens’ movement”, which was a real threat to them at that time. That is why they put in front of the Greek Parliament the bat bearing communists and the masked ANTIFA members to protect it from such an unwanted “invasion” and to threaten the Greek people with “bloodshed”.

    In the US, the same people, with the same knowledge and experience, and theoretically for the same reasons, did NOT do the same …While they knew they were still supposedly dependent, by a Capitol Hill “decision,” they left it “unprotected”…While they knew that a huge mob of “Indignant people” would besiege it, they left it without protection, while they had not made sure the decision was right for them. Where were the security forces? Where were the “communist” bat bearers or the Democrats’ ANTIFA members? How the same people, who have the experience of protecting their embassies under conditions of real war in the various regions like Iraq and Afghanistan, seemed “unprepared” within their own capital? …Did the well-known democrat “communists” sit in their homes and watch on television the “mainland villagers” threaten the Capitol Hill, which they needed to decide in their interests? Where was the violent ANTIFA at that time? How realistic could the “siege” have been when it finally became clear that EVERYTHING suited perfectly those who did not do “NOTHING”?

    How much do Zionists, and the corrupt Democrat politicians who serve them, underestimate the American people? Will they tolerate this? Will the American people become another “victim” of the Zionist Bankers’ clique, which is stoning the planet?

    ** The movement of the “Indignant Citizens'” was the reaction of thousands of Greek activists to the Memorandums and the austerity measures in 2011. The clique that caused the Greek crisis is also responsible for the current siege in the U.S. Capitol. The “bosses” are the same.


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