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Early Action Against Omicron Is Imperative (Birney)
South African Medical Head: Slow-Roll the Panic Over Omicron (RS)
My Opinion On The New African Variants (VanDenBossche)
Are We Overreacting to Omicron? (BI)
The Right Way To Handle The Pandemic (Kirsch)
Only Two Things Are Infinite…. (Denninger)
45% of Deaths After Covid Vaccination Happen In The First 2 Weeks (Kirsch)
Vaxxing Our Kids (CR)
Think Carefully About Accepting The Concept of Vaccine Passports (CTH)
A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on Covid (Tucker)
“A Lot of Mistakes”: The Guardian and Julian Assange (MPN)





May 2021



Ireland: at least 6 jabs.



We often hear people say: “Now is not the time to panic!”

But these are different times. There’s no such thing as too much panic today.

Ewan Birney is deputy director general of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and director of EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute.

Early Action Against Omicron Is Imperative (Birney)

It was only a matter of time before a new Sars-CoV-2 variant of concern emerged, requiring an urgent global response. It would seem that the Omicron variant, identified by scientists across Africa, including the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), poses the next major threat in the course of the pandemic. Early evidence from their genomic surveillance suggests that this new variant is a serious cause for concern and it is imperative that we act fast in response to this new information. The variant has also been detected in Botswana and Hong Kong, and will undoubtedly continue to arise in other territories in the coming days; travel-related cases have appeared in Belgium and Israel. Two cases of the new variant have been detected in the UK at the time of writing.

When Omicron was first detected, viral genomic experts already noted the large number of changes relative to the original Wuhan strain. Worryingly, a significant number of these mutations are linked to the spike protein, which the virus uses to infect our cells, and some of these were changes known to be responsible for either faster transmission or immune escape in other strains. However it is possible that other changes in this strain made the virus less good at transmission. It appears that the Omicron variant is on the rise. The South African researchers could be more confident of this due to a quirk in the virus also seen in the Alpha variant; there is a change that affects the readout of some of the routine PCR tests (“S-gene target failure”).

This means that the South African researchers could reprocess the routine tests they have to create an effective proxy for the rise of this variant. The strong growth inferred by proxy (albeit from a low baseline), and the sequence information we have, mean that there is a high likelihood this is either a more transmissible or immune-system evading virus, or some of both. There is not yet data to suggest that the Omicron variant increases the severity of disease or resistance to our current vaccines. This will require future laboratory investigation and continued surveillance in many countries over the coming weeks. And we should consider this potential immune-escape discovery, which was on nearly every epidemic plan, in the context of our progress: genomic sequencing identified the new variant at high speed; thanks to open data-sharing, the global scientific community was alerted to it and has sprung into action – yet again – to understand what the dangers are.

Finally, our experience and understanding of the Alpha and Delta variants make it clear that early action is far better than late response. It may turn out that this variant is not a major threat, but the consequences of not acting early could be devastating. The real heroes of this story, though, are the Botswanan and South African scientists who rapidly assembled data, delivering insightful analysis, and were open and transparent about their results.

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“So are we seriously worried? No. We are concerned and we watch what’s happening. But for now we’re saying, ‘OK: there’s a whole hype out there. [We’re] not sure why.’”

South African Medical Head: Slow-Roll the Panic Over Omicron (RS)

The variant was just discovered this week, but already you can hear the race to paint it in the worst light possible, suggesting that there was a lot to be concerned about because it was “heavily mutated,” that immunity and the vaccines might not protect against it. We saw the Dow take a huge plunge immediately after, likely in part because of thinking that this news could lead back to more government restrictions and problems. The Biden administration reacted in a chaotic fashion. First, Dr. Anthony Fauci said they weren’t going to be jumping to banning travel from affected areas and then a couple of hours later, Biden announcing there would be a ban on eight African countries starting Monday at the recommendation of Fauci.

Now obviously, the new variant was just discovered, so I don’t know how anyone can be drawing any real conclusions about it yet; they haven’t had the time to actually study it much yet. It is, of course, wise to be cautious about it. But being wise and causing panic are not the same thing. It’s important not to miss what the people who discovered it — the folks in South Africa — are saying about what they’ve seen with the variant so far. The chairwoman of the South African Medical Association called imposing the travel restrictions on the country “hasty.” Dr Angelique Coetzee said it was too early to tell what impact the variant would have. She told BBC News: “We think it is a premature decision that has been taken, I think it is a hasty decision.

“I would understand if it was two weeks later and we know much more about this viral infection that is going around, or this mutation, but for now, it is like a storm in a teacup. “We have only become aware of this viral mutation, or the new strain we are seeing, last week.” She added: “From us as medical practitioners, we picked up, last week, the different clinical pictures, we looked at the advisory committees and so far what we have seen is very mild cases. [I’m] not sure why we are all up in arms. “We know there are a lot of mutations but no-one can tell us at this stage if it means something, or if it is just going to fade away. We just don’t know.”

Coetzee told the Guardian the cases they had seen so far were extremely mild. “It’s all speculation at this stage. It may be it’s highly transmissible, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild,” she said. “Maybe two weeks from now I will have a different opinion, but this is what we are seeing. So are we seriously worried? No. We are concerned and we watch what’s happening. But for now we’re saying, ‘OK: there’s a whole hype out there. [We’re] not sure why.’” Coetzee said she’d only seen it in healthy people so far, so she wasn’t sure how it would do in unhealthy people with co-morbidities. In other words, it might change and there may be causes for concern, but they’re not freaking out yet about it because they don’t have the evidence yet since it just appeared.

“Omicron variant “presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. […] as medical practitioners, we don’t know why so much hype is being driven” – Dr. Angelique Coetzee, Chair of SAMA

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“Mass vaccination has compressed the evolutionary trajectory of the virus from a few hundred years (?) down to one year.”

My Opinion On The New African Variants (VanDenBossche)

The world may be taken by surprise but that doesn’t include us. It remains to be seen whether Omicron can outcompete Delta (to be confirmed). If that’s the case, we’re definitely not in good shape. In case of CoV, innate immunity protects the individual and the ‘herd’ (sterilizing immunity, no natural selection pressure, herd immunity) whereas adaptive immunity induced with leaky vaccines has exactly the opposite effect. THE big Q is whether such an immune escape variant could even resist naturally acquired Abs in people who recovered from C19 disease. I am, indeed, cautious and worried about ADE, even in the unvaccinated who recovered from C-19 disease as they may no longer be able to control viral infection. ADE would equal ‘enhanced virulence’. Difficult to predict. Mass vaccination has compressed the evolutionary trajectory of the virus from a few hundred years (?) down to one year. Hope that naturally primed individuals can deal with that speed.

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“..while the vaccine provides temporary protection against infection, the efficacy declines below zero and then to negative efficacy territory at approximately 7 months..”

Are We Overreacting to Omicron? (BI)

[..] governments asked us for two weeks to flatten the curve to help prepare hospitals so that they can tend to surges and other non-Covid illnesses. We as societies gave our governments 2 weeks, not 21 months. They failed to tend to the non-Covid illnesses and we locked down the healthy and well (children and young and middle aged healthy persons) while failing to properly protect the vulnerable and high-risk persons such as the elderly. We failed and it was like killing fields in our nursing homes. This failure rests on public health messaging and government. Additionally, what did our governments in the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc. do with the tax money for the hospitals and PPE etc.? Hospitals must be prepared by now. Governments have failed! Not the people. The Task Forces have failed, not the people.

These nations thought that they could stay locked down and wait for a vaccine. This is a reasonable view though I was against lockdowns as they would and did cause crushing harms on especially poor persons and children. The problem is there was an opportunity cost because the vaccine we were waiting on was suboptimally developed without the proper safety testing or assessment of effectiveness. We have data that the Pfizer vaccine loses 40% of antibodies per month, meaning in 3 months post-shot, you have low effective vaccinal immunity. We see it clearly playing out now whereby you got to tamp down spread with the draconian lockdowns, but you did it at the cost of natural immunity. That is the opportunity cost. So we spent on getting the vaccine and it cost us natural immunity and thus herd immunity.

For example, the vaccine has failed to stop infection and spread against Delta. We have research findings by Singanayagam et al. (fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts), by Chau et al. (viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases in vaccinated nurses were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with prior strains early 2020), and by Riemersma et al. (no difference in viral loads when comparing unvaccinated individuals to those who have vaccine “breakthrough” infections and if vaccinated individuals become infected with the delta variant, they may be sources of SARS-CoV-2 transmission to others) that reveal the vaccines have very suboptimal efficacy.

This situation of the vaccinated being infectious and transmitting the virus has also emerged in seminal nosocomial outbreak papers by Chau et al. (HCWs in Vietnam), the Finland hospital outbreak (spread among HCWs and patients), and the Israel hospital outbreak (spread among HCWs and patients). These studies have also revealed that the PPE and masking were essentially ineffective within the healthcare setting. All of the HCWs were double-vaccinated yet there was extensive spread to themselves and their patients.

[..] the Swedish study (retrospective with 842,974 pairs (N=1,684,958) is particularly alarming for it shows that while the vaccine provides temporary protection against infection, the efficacy declines below zero and then to negative efficacy territory at approximately 7 months, underscoring that the vaccinated are highly susceptible to infection and eventually become highly infected (more so than the unvaccinated). A further example emerges from Ireland whereby reporting suggests that the Waterford city district has the State’s highest rate of Covid-19 infections, while the county also boasts the highest rate of vaccination in the Republic (99.7% vaccinated). Reports are that the U.S. Covid-19 deaths for 2021 surpassed the deaths from 2020, leading some to state that “more people have died from COVID-19 in 2021, with most adults vaccinated and nearly all seniors), than in 2020 when nobody was vaccinated.”

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A long list. These are just the vaccines.

The Right Way To Handle The Pandemic (Kirsch)

1/ Stop the vaccines now. The current COVID vaccines kill more people than they can possibly save from COVID, even if they were 100% effective so should be taken off the market immediately. For example, the vaccine may kill 117 kids for every kid that is saved from COVID.

2/ The liability exemption is now lifted retroactively. Patients who have been harmed by the COVID vaccines can now sue the drug company for damages up to $100M per case of fatality or disability.

3/ Every post-vaccination ailment, affliction and death appearing within 4 weeks of vaccination that appears at a rate of 10X or more vs. baseline should be attributed to the vaccine unless and until proven otherwise, by irrefutable evidence, with costs of all diagnostic procedures to be born by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

4/ For future approved vaccines, informed consent provide shall include any and all symptoms that are elevated in VAERS by 10X or more over “baseline” reporting rates.

5/ For future approved vaccines, require autopsies for anyone who dies within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. The autopsy reports should be posted in a public database with Names and other PHI related data redacted

6/ Failure to file a VAERS report for anyone who dies within 30 days of COVID vaccination shall be liable to a fine of $100,000 per incident.

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“Note that on the evidence to date there is no reason to believe this “variant” is either more-dangerous or more transmissible. SA had a surge in cases at the exact same time last year. It’s called “seasonality” and its real. It’s why we have a “flu season.”

Only Two Things Are Infinite…. (Denninger)

This “variant” has been found all over the world already. Therefore its already everywhere. Locking down travel after it is already in your nation is stupid and does nothing. The variant is either going to become dominant or it will not. You cannot alter that course once it gets to you — and no matter where you are it already has. This “variant” has no evidence of being more-deadly; it may in fact be less-so. Indeed that is the natural mutational pattern coronaviruses follow over time. There is no evidence in the form, for example, of higher hospital admissions, ICU utilization and death in those in which this variant has been detected. In other words thus far all the scaremongering has been based on….. exactly nothing as there are no facts currently in evidence to support such fear.

The vaccines clearly do not work. International travel has been vaccinated-only everywhere for quite some time. So the person(s) who brought the virus into your nation with this “variant” were vaccinated. The market, of course, responded to this news by spiking the vaccine companies, specifically Moderna. You have to wonder what sort of stupidity would drive someone to consider a firm that has one product which clearly did not work a “buy” in a situation like this. Mass psychosis is the only reasonable explanation. Lockdowns and constraints clearly do not work either. The virus mutated because that’s what viruses do, and specifically coronaviruses do this all the time. It’s common.

Further, vaccinating into an outbreak promotes vaccine-resistant strains because that’s just how natural selection works. You want the opposite but you can’t get there from here by vaccinating people while an outbreak is going on so the better option is to focus on early treatments and even prophylaxis which does not place immune pressure on the virus to evade your jabs. Meanwhile we the evidence continues to mount that prior infection confers better resistance than vaccines. Perfect immunity? No. But much better immunity and, to three nines, perfect protection against critical illness and death.

[..] Only infection has ever conferred critical and fatal outcome protection with coronaviruses through history. There are no exceptions. Not only have all previous attempts ended in failure several have resulted in vaccine-enhanced disease ripping through the vaccinated test subjects on re-challenge with several of those trials ending in the death of all or nearly all test subjects — which were fortunately animals and not humans. This time around we have performed a mass experiment with zero evidence over a period of years to demonstrate that what has happened 100% of the time in the past will not happen again. It appears we’re losing that bet — a loss that, on the basis of history, we had every reason to believe would happen and yet instead of every single firm manufacturing this crap being an instant zero several are being rewarded. What the hell sort of rampant, outrageous stupidity is that?

While the data is not yet in there is reason to believe, given the mutations described in this newest “variant”, that the vaccinated may be ****ed as the mutations may confer full evasion and yet the binding antibodies you get from being jabbed are still there. If that pans out here comes the exact same thing that has repeatedly happened with coronavirus vaccine attempts except this time we were dumb enough to mass-vaccinate humans rather than a handful of cats. Note that on the evidence to date there is no reason to believe this “variant” is either more-dangerous or more transmissible. SA had a surge in cases at the exact same time last year. It’s called “seasonality” and its real. It’s why we have a “flu season.”

The confluence of mutations does raise questions though, including the possibility that our “best friends” are angling for the very scenario I put forward about a year ago — which you’d better pray is wrong, by the way, although it’ll be a while before we know. Before you poo-poo this note that there are reports the closest match to any known sequenced Covid-19 virus date to April of 2020. I have not yet personally verified this, but if its true then it is wildly improbable that an “in the wild” mutational pattern of this sort occuring by natural means would have escaped surveillance. Incidentally if you got jabbed there’s not a damn thing you can do about it if that turns out to be the case.

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Steve Kirsch makes multi-million bets all the time, but puts up a paywall?!

45% of Deaths After Covid Vaccination Happen In The First 2 Weeks (Kirsch)

My friend Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) did a quick analysis for me on the deaths reported after vaccination in VAERS. 45% of all reported deaths happened within two weeks after vaccination. Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, said that 30% to 40% of people who died within 2 weeks after vaccination died were killed by the vaccine. His results were replicated by other German pathologists (since no US pathologist would dare accuse the vaccine of causing death or they would be immediately fired).

So taking a very conservative view that VAERS is 100% reported (so only a total of 8664 deaths), then 44% of 8664 = within 2 weeks = 3812 killed in the first two weeks. If just 30% was caused by the vaccines, then that is 1,143 people killed by the vaccine at a minimum. For 230M vaccinated, then that is 4.9 deaths per million minimum killed by the vaccine. This means these vaccines are at least 5X deadlier than the smallpox vaccine which we pointed out is deemed to be too unsafe to use. Note that this estimate assumes that only the deaths in the first two weeks are caused by the vaccine and assumes after 2 weeks all the excess deaths we caused by something else. Note: The actual number killed by the vaccines is at least 150K (estimated 8 different ways), but we’re trying to be as conservative as possible here giving any critics nothing to complain about.

Here are the % of total deaths for each week for the first 5 weeks:
1/ 33.6% meaning that in the first week, 33.6% of all the vaccine related deaths happened in the first week
2/ 10.97% in the second week, so now we’ve killed nearly 45% of all the deaths
3/ 8.4%
4/ 6.04%
5/ 4.19% by the fifth week out, 63% of all deaths have happened

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Vaxxing Our Kids (CR)

As a father of a young child, I am pressured to get my daughter vaccinated for COVID-19. And like many Americans, I have concerns about giving my six-year-old a new vaccine that was not tested on humans until last year, and that has been approved only for “emergency use” in kids. The feverish hype by government officials, mainstream media outlets, and Big Pharma, and the systematic demonization and censorship of public figures who raise questions about the campaign, provide further cause for concern. This year, Pfizer has banked on selling 115 million pediatric doses to the U.S. government and expects to earn $36 billion in vaccine revenue. Congress is so in the pocket of Big Pharma that it’s against the law for our government to negotiate bulk pricing for drugs, meaning taxpayers must pay retail.

Corporate news and entertainment programs are routinely sponsored by Pfizer, which spent $55 million on social media advertising in 2020. Even late night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel, who has called for denying ICU beds to unvaccinated people, have been paid by Big Pharma to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. It is thus not surprising that most of the information reported in the press about vaccine safety and efficacy appears to come directly from Pfizer press releases. This recent headline from NBC News is typical: “Pfizer says its Covid vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 to 11.” Moreover, by not advertising their vaccines by name, Pfizer-BioNTech and other drugmakers are not obliged, under current FDA regulations, to list the risks and side effects of the vaccine.

Most Americans are vaguely aware that COVID vaccines carry some potential risks, such as heart inflammation, known as myocarditis, seen most often in young males. But no actual data from the vaccine trials has been provided to the public. After promising “full transparency” with regard to COVID-19 vaccines, the FDA recently went to court to resist a FOIA request seeking the data it relied on to license the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, declaring that it would not release the data in full until the year 2076—not exactly a confidence-building measure.

Also troubling is a recent report in the British Medical Journal, a peer-reviewed medical publication, which found that the research company used by Pfizer falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. The whistleblower, Brook Jackson, repeatedly notified her bosses of these problems, then e-mailed a complaint to the FDA and was fired that same day. If this scandal was ever mentioned in the corporate press, it was with a headline like this from CBS News: “Report questioning Pfizer trial shouldn’t undermine confidence in vaccines.”

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“The checkpoints are essentially gateways where QR codes are being scanned from the cell phones of the compliant vaccinated citizen. Yes comrades, there’s an App for that.”

Think Carefully About Accepting The Concept of Vaccine Passports (CTH)

As the architects of the Build Back Better society assist you in creating easier ways to show your vaccinated and compliant status, perhaps it is prudent to pause and think about the discussions that take place behind the opaque glass doors. Right now, as you are reading this, under the guise of enhancing your safety, the U.S. federal government is in discussions with multinational corporations and employers of citizens to create a more efficient process for you to register your vaccine compliance. You may know their conversation under the terminology of a COVID passport. The current goal is to make a system for you to show your authorized work status; which, as you know, is based on your obedience to a mandated vaccine.

Beta tests are being conducted in various nations, each with different perspectives and constitutional limitations based on pesky archaic rules and laws that govern freedom. For the western, or for lack of a better word ‘democratic‘ outlook, Australia is leading the way with their technological system of vaccination check points and registered state/national vaccination status tied to your registration identification. The checkpoints are essentially gateways where QR codes are being scanned from the cell phones of the compliant vaccinated citizen. Yes comrades, there’s an App for that. Currently the vaccine status scans are registered by happy compliance workers, greeters at the entry to the business or venue. Indeed, the WalMart greeter has a new gadget to scan your phone prior to allowing you custody of a shopping cart.

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Remember: Fauci and Birx destroyed Atlas.

A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on Covid (Tucker)

I’m a voracious reader of Covid books but nothing could have prepared me for Scott Atlas’s A Plague Upon Our House, a full and mind-blowing account of the famed scientist’s personal experience with the Covid era and a luridly detailed account of his time at the White House. The book is hot fire, from page one to the last, and will permanently affect your view of not only this pandemic and the policy response but also the workings of public health in general. Atlas’s book has exposed a scandal for the ages. It is enormously valuable because it fully blows up what seems to be an emerging fake story involving a supposedly Covid-denying president who did nothing vs. heroic scientists in the White House who urged compulsory mitigating measures consistent with prevailing scientific opinion. Not one word of that is true. Atlas’s book, I hope, makes it impossible to tell such tall tales without embarrassment.

Anyone who tells you this fictional story (including Deborah Birx) deserves to have this highly credible treatise tossed in his direction. The book is about the war between real science (and genuine public health), with Atlas as the voice for reason both before and during his time in the White House, vs. the enactment of brutal policies that never stood any chance of controlling the virus while causing tremendous damage to the people, to human liberty, to children in particular, but also to billions of people around the world. For the reader, the author is our proxy, a reasonable and blunt man trapped in a world of lies, duplicity, backstabbing, opportunism, and fake science. He did his best but could not prevail against a powerful machine that cares nothing for facts, much less outcomes.

If you have heretofore believed that science drives pandemic public policy, this book will shock you. Atlas’s recounting of the unbearably poor thinking on the part of government-based “infectious disease experts” will make your jaw drop (thinking, for example, of Birx’s off-the-cuff theorizing about the relationship between masking and controlling case spreads). Throughout the book, Atlas points to the enormous cost of the machinery of lockdowns, the preferred method of Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx: missed cancer screenings, missed surgeries, nearly two years of educational losses, bankrupted small business, depression and drug overdoses, overall citizen demoralization, violations of religious freedom, all while public health massively neglected the actual at-risk population in long-term care facilities.

Essentially, they were willing to dismantle everything we called civilization in the name of bludgeoning one pathogen without regard to the consequences. The fake science of population-wide “models” drove policy instead of following the known information about risk profiles. “The one unusual feature of this virus was the fact that children had an extraordinarily low risk,” writes Atlas. “Yet this positive and reassuring news was never emphasized. Instead, with total disregard of the evidence of selective risk consistent with other respiratory viruses, public health officials recommended draconian isolation of everyone.”

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Why use the word “mistakes”? Call a spade a spade.

“A Lot of Mistakes”: The Guardian and Julian Assange (MPN)

On September 21, 2018, the Guardian published a bombshell report entitled “Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK.” The story detailed an alleged conspiracy between Russian diplomats and WikiLeaks to illicitly smuggle Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. During the months before publication, Guardian correspondent Stephanie Kirchgaessner seemed eager to connect Assange to a Russian plot to escape the embassy. On July 12, 2018, Kirchgaessner wrote to a source at UC Global, the private security company hired by the Ecuadorian government to protect Assange and its embassy in London: “We heard that the Russians wanted to help Assange and maybe get him a diplomatic visa. This was last year. But then the plan was rejected. By the Russians or by Assange? Why? Can you help? Do you know?”

On August 30, 2018, three weeks before publication, Kirchgaessner wrote again: “Hello. I am trying you again. I want to write a story about the discussions last year to get JA out of the embassy. The talks that happened with the Russians. Can I send you some questions?” When the article was eventually published, the authors — Kirchgaessner, Dan Collyns, and Luke Harding — claimed that “Russian diplomats held secret talks in London … with people close to Julian Assange to assess whether they could help him flee the UK” in late 2017. Though it was acknowledged that “details of the Assange escape plan are sketchy,” the authors used two unnamed sources to assert that Fidel Narváez, the former consul at the Ecuadorian Embassy, “served as a point of contact with Moscow.”

The story appeared to add weight to the “Russiagate” narrative – the belief that the Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia to subvert the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with help from WikiLeaks. The authors noted that the alleged escape plan “raises new questions about Assange’s ties to the Kremlin.” Two individuals with first-hand knowledge of events reject the Guardian’s story, however, and provide details about what really happened in late 2017 when Assange tried to leave the embassy. In an exclusive interview, Aitor Martinez, a lawyer who oversaw Ecuador’s effort to grant Assange diplomatic protection, explained that plans were drawn up to appoint Assange as an Ecuadorian diplomat and transport him to a third country. That way, Assange could legally leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he was subject to arbitrary detention and where his health was declining.

Martinez drew up a list of countries that Ecuador should approach: China, Serbia, Greece, Bolivia, Venezuela or Cuba, noting: Of course, they were the countries that don’t have good relations with the U.S. and could accept the appointment. Russia was never, ever on that list. There was a huge conspiracy theory in the U.S. with Russiagate; it didn’t make sense. So those were the countries.” Martinez continued: It took two or three weeks and we didn’t get any answer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And suddenly the Ministry said that they had appointed him to Russia.” Foreign Minister María Fernanda Espinosa’s cousin worked at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Moscow and, through this cousin, she concocted a plan to appoint Assange to the one country that was the subject of mass-media hysteria. “Julian and all of us at the legal team refused this appointment,” Martinez explained. “We said, ‘that’s crazy, what are you talking about?’ We refused.”

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    René Magritte Youth 1924   • Early Action Against Omicron Is Imperative (Birney) • South African Medical Head: Slow-Roll the Panic Over Omicron (
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 28 2021]

    Dr. D

    “Early Action Against Omicron Is Imperative (Birney)”

    Four guys somewhere who were fully vaccinated got this. None of them are noticeably sick.

    “Someone in Greenland just got the sniffles. Quick, shut down the planet to keep us all safe!”

    You know, safe from everything but depression, suicide, poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse, cancer, heart treatment, mental health support, pap smears, dental, checkups, other vaccines… But other than getting no regular healthcare for any other issue, perfectly safe. You wouldn’t believe the money it saves us insurance companies. Helping!!!

    “When Omicron was first detected, viral genomic experts already noted the large number of changes relative to the original Wuhan strain. Worryingly, a significant number of these mutations are linked to the spike protein,”

    Viruses have like 50 lines of code. OF COURSE IT’S LINKED. But where did your “Science” go that “mutations” are almost always to become LESS DANGEROUS??? When that’s the experience, the more mutations it has then the SAFER we can expect it to be.

    …Except under the new science and medicine. Which seems to be the OPPOSITE of all 250 years of the OLD science and medicine. ‘Cause: today. Goldfish. Squirrel.

    My question was, who identified it and how? Do they run genetic tests for every couple of non-sick guys in Africa now? (A: NO. They do not. So explain.)

    we should consider this potential immune-escape discovery,”

    You mean like Delta already was? And was also noticeably safer? And so why would I care? …I mean except to point out it made your already bad vaccine Totally. Worthless. Which we all predicted almost two years ago, as part of that “100 years of Science” that seems not to exist anymore. So since you’re not going to do f-all anyway, and your responses have been a 2-year running catastrophe and joke, excuse me if I could care even less now than ever before, AND believe you less now than any previous point of my entire life, which is really saying something.

    You’re the biggest failures in the history of failures. And such failures, they don’t even have the RECOGNITION of kinda-maybe something might be wrong, which is so moronic it wouldn’t pass in “Dumb and Dumber.”

    Proof? “our experience and understanding of the Alpha and Delta variants make it clear that early action is far better than late response.”

    Howso, good sir? You failed at both almost 100%. In fact, some argue your ‘early action’ killed 120%, when it needed only be the 100%. You’re in the middle of completely failing Delta right now, and yet these words somehow come out of your ridiculous mouth-hole.

    Here’s an idea: why don’t you go get the very FIRST piece of data on this and tell me if it’s even DANGEROUS before you show up in my office covered in s—t and finger paints again.

    “Omicron variant “presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. […] as medical practitioners, we don’t know why so much hype”

    ‘Cause Step Three: Profit! Just like all the turd burglar underpants gnomes.

    “Are We Overreacting to Omicron? (BI)”

    It depends. Are you a stockholder or a government? Cause if then: Profit!

    “2/ The liability exemption is now lifted retroactively.”

    They don’t have to do this. There is no immunity and exemption for open, known fraud. No good faith = no legal protection. That rule is almost as old as law itself. What are we on 10 whistleblowers who showed the process was no good, the data was no good, and the studies were frauds as known by the Board?

    “Locking down travel after it is already in your nation is stupid and does nothing.”

    …According to 100 years of research at the CDC. Once it’s past 1%, pandemic cannot be quarantined. So I guess we’ll open up like the CDC says then, right? That’s “Science”, right?

    …No, not if you’re the Postal Union, the Auto Union, or the Teacher’s Union. Then Science doesn’t apply to you. If you touch every thing, every day, at every door, on every box handle of every house, it doesn’t spread. That’s Science!

    “Not only have all previous attempts ended in failure several have resulted in vaccine-enhanced disease ripping through the vaccinated test subjects on re-challenge with several of those trials ending in the death of all or nearly all test subjects…”

    Pointing out the 10 solid years of mRNA failures. Or we need a word stronger than ‘failure’ as failure just “doesn’t work.” Their failure killed everyone it touched.

    Papers Please”

    If you want capital to hide and prosperity to disappear for 1,000 years, this is the way to do it. Of course, that IS what they want, so this makes perfect sense. As beta tested under Stalin, they and the party members will enjoy embarrassing prosperity and capital in their hundred-million dollar compounds in the Hamptons and on St. James. With your daughters. It’s called “Feudalism”, or in this case Neo-Feudalism, a technological dictatorship widely advertised and publicized by Bernays, Orwell, and Huxley for 100 years. Such a response is the only thing that can save their collapsing economic ponzi scheme.

    So don’t let them own you. Make them very unhappy.

    “Atlas’s book, I hope, makes it impossible to tell such tall tales without embarrassment.”

    That’s crazy. The nation and every man in it is incapable of embarrassment. 5 governors killed 5,000 grandmas a piece without embarrassment, and afterwards there were no consequences. Because: neo-feudalism, busy protecting Weinstein and flights to St. James.

    The book is true, so therefore more easily dismissed than ever. They say: “No it isn’t.” And that’s that. QED. Case closed. Finis. All the logic you’re getting or will ever need.

    Miss Greece: Palestine? What? And not your own country which has been attacked and killed in 5 ways for 14 years or more in a row? This is embarrassing, are you German or something? Or are your sponsors Pfizer and Goldman Sachs?

    Just Some Randomer

    So my darling fully-vaccinated (Don’t ask) Wife came down with Convid last week. The string-pullers behind the scenes would be very pleased with the swiftness of her pivot from ‘Vaccines will keep us safe from Covid’ to ‘It probably would have been much worse if I hadn’t been vaccinated’. She’s fit, healthy and generally in great shape so she threw it off after a couple of days in bed – unsurprisingly.

    Today I find out that she’s passed it on to me, but her confidence in the jab remains unshaken. It’s like that whole period of early 2021 where we were harangued daily to not be selfish and get jabbed ‘To protect others’ never happened at all. Just memory-holed. It seems that my memory of that period is faulty and nobody ever said that vaccines would stop people catching and spreading Covid – it was only ever about reducing symptoms.

    Hope it’s not the new OmiGod! strain – that sounds really scary – Imagine a head-cold but 0.025% worse! Terrifying.


    “The Impersonator: Eric Feigl-Ding, COVID-19, and an implicit far-left agenda
    How a nutritionist turned politician became a “COVID-19 expert.”

    Smile – you’ve been had!


    Myocarditis reports are exploding in Eudravigilance, age group 12-17 yrs

    Doc Robinson

    It turns out that the mutagenic drug Molnupiravir isn’t so effective against Covid.

    From Trial Site News:

    Merck and Ridgeback Report Full Phase 3 Analysis for Oral Antiviral COVID Pill; Efficacy Plunges from Interim Analysis

    The full data show molnupiravir reduced the risk of hospitalization or death for patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 by about 30%, based on a study of more than 1,400 adults. Last month, an interim analysis showed about 50% efficacy, based on data from 775 patients.

    So the benefits are less than touted in Merck’s press release, but what about the risks?

    Below is a related article in Forbes, by William A. Haseltine (“For nearly two decades, I was a professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health where I founded two academic research departments, the Division of Biochemical Pharmacology and the Division of Human Retrovirology. I am perhaps most well known for my work on cancer, HIV/AIDS, genomics and, today, on COVID-19.”)

    Harming Those Who Receive It: The Dangers Of Molnupiravir (Part 2)

    Yesterday I wrote about the potential dangers the antiviral drug molnupiravir could unleash by supercharging new SARS-CoV-2 variants. Today, my focus is on the people who may receive the drug as a treatment and the possibility that molnupiravir could lead to cancerous tumors in those patients and birth defects in the unborn.

    Molnupiravir is a relatively new drug, initially developed as an antiviral treatment for influenza…


    The truth.

    The “Omicron covid” is the proof,

    Even if there was 100% vaccines.

    The vaccine does not give herd immunity.

    IVM will help you when you are sick with covid

    Mr. House


    Nov. 11

    Israel successfully completes COVID-19 ‘war game’

    The “Omega Exercise,” as it was called by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, was meant to prepare for a hypothetical, new COVID-19 variant.

    (Jerusalem Post Article: Link won’t post)

    Nov. 22nd

    Israel starts vaccinating young children as coronavirus cases rise

    Israel began rolling out Pfizer/BioNtech COVID-19 vaccinations for 5- to 11-year-olds on Monday hoping to beat down a recent rise in coronavirus infections.

    A fourth wave of infections that hit Israel in June began subsiding in September. But over the past two weeks the “R”, or reproduction rate of the virus, that had remained below one for two months began climbing and has now crossed that threshold, indicating the virus could again be spreading exponentially.

    (Boosters were rolled out in June)

    Nov 27

    Coronavirus in Israel: 517 new cases, 125 in serious condition

    (Jerusalem Post Article: Link won’t post)


    Omicron hysteria arrived just in time for the Swiss vote. Bravo 👏


    Ukraine ( > prev. thread.)

    While Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu are in charge, no Russian attack on Ukraine will take place.

    If others are in charge, no attack on Ukraine will take place.

    Russia is not massing troops on the Russia / Donbass, border, maybe some forces were there on some exercise.. etc.

    Russia (= R) does not want to take over the Donbass.

    It has avoided doing so since the Maidan. For contrast, see Crimea.

    It would be a costly and possibly difficult occupation. The ppl of the Donbass region are grateful (?..) for R’s ‘help’ but the nos. to happily join the Motherland aren’t there. Maybe at most third or so of them would like to join R, with others preferring ‘special status’ within Ukraine, others independence-why-not, or some other alternative.

    R has given a lot of help to the Donbass. About arms and military matériel and advice Idk, one can read various reports, how that works out on the ground tough, as it depends on human plots, plans, decisions, re. actions…

    R speedily encouraged changing the school system, switching to the R marking system, standards, qualifications and certifications, from primary up. It sent schoolbooks – always a major expense. The Donbass implemented the change with no firings. (Ukr. has primary and other schooling split by language – Ukr. or R. Generally it is parents who choose the ‘strand.’ Madness of course in a nation that pretends to seek ‘unity.’)

    Teachers in the Donbass who taught in the Ukr. option were re-cycled to sports, math, or switched to R. Today, all graduates conform to the R system and can for ex. study in R Unis, tech schools, other, with no barriers.

    R has handed out R passports to Donbass citizens, who now are *increasingly* (as I haven’t looked up how many 😉 ) dual citizens. Regulations for ‘foreignors’ who work in Russia are far more supple for Ukrainians, etc.

    —> R welcomes Donbass citizens as entrants and participants but does not want the territory.

    The latest “Ukraine will defend itself” news is but a last gasp of manipulation from Ukr. PTB, to push the US, the EU, into supporting, that is funding, some kind of ‘defense’ against R. Imho the W powers have given up Ukr. as a failed effort, lost cause. Retreat and disinterest and ‘no answer’ will be upcoming.

    Dr P

    The only thing I can say, with some inside knowledge, is that Ewan Birney is complete moron.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    sorry about that horrible picture. i thought only the link would post. my, my..

    Polder Dweller

    Lockdown for the “vaccinated!”

    “The well-known French infectious disease specialist Perronne explains: Vaccinated, not unvaccinated, are the real danger – drugs are the much more effective and effective approach.

    Professor Christian Perronne, one of the most renowned French experts on infectious diseases and long-standing government advisor, has long been a dedicated skeptic of Covid 19 vaccination policy – and not just in his home country. With a view to the situation in Israel and Great Britain, Perronne has now publicly called for people vaccinated against Covid-19 to be quarantined and isolated from society; In fact, this would be a “lockdown for vaccinated people”. The provocative demand is a reversal of the previous narrative: Not the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated are dangerous for others. Especially in Israel and Great Britain, where the world’s largest vaccination programs are running, you can also see the most severe Covid cases among vaccinated people in hospitals.” (German)


    Omicron tells the truth
    (Fauci cannot, will not read german, will not use google translate )

    Französischer Top-Infektiologe fordert Lockdown für alle Geimpften

    ( Es gibt Hydroxychloroquin, Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Zink, Vitamin D und so weiter – es funktioniert! )

    And we can treat them: we have therapies. There are hundreds of publications showing that early treatments work: there’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, and so on – it works! There are publications! So all these products, so-called “vaccines”, are useless because we can very well control an epidemic. “


    Back in August TAE Summary posted his brilliant Tale of Two Narratives. Since that time he and I have been working to flesh out that document with links and succinct summaries. I wanted to post a link to the work in progress, both as aid for those wishing to engage with others using high quality sources, and also to solicit help in the project. Here is the link to download a PDF, hosted on for the moment: (note that you’ll have to click on the “Agree to the terms”)

    There was a period in September where I was falling behind on keeping up with the links posted here at TAE, and then… I came down with the virus, which enlarged the gap. Since October I’ve been managing to keep within a few days of current, but I’m not making much progress in working off that backlog in September. If you think you would be willing to help with the project, please contact me at

    [email protected]




    It’s that time.


    Easier to do in Florida than other places, but even those places I still wouldn’t bend. I’m with Denninger here.

    “‘m not doing it folks. I will instead withhold my spending and redirect it where it is wanted and appreciated. If that ruins certain businesses, so be it. Each businessperson makes their own decisions whether to comply, resist or remove their so-called “officials”. The latter two can get quite messy and that’s fine with me. It’s their responsibility to provide me with a welcoming and open atmosphere and experience, not my responsibility to comply with whatever BS they choose this day, week or month.

    There is not one leisure and entertainment business that I will lift a single finger to in compliance of these measures. None. Ever. Every single dollar spent in one of those establishments, and every dollar spent to get to them is discretionary and my expectations are simple: You will cut this crap out by whatever means you must or I both hope you starve to death and I will assist in that goal by withholding my funds. The longer your BS goes on and the more-onerous it is the longer it will take for me to trust that it won’t happen again, and for many firms that length of distrust will almost-certainly exceed my lifespan.”



    I downloaded the pdf but can’t open it. Wet-transfer doesn’t seem to be very user friendly as it would not open the file to view either.

    I was hoping to see the fruits of your efforts.



    I am still boycotting woke Coke!



    Same, and quite a few others. Heineken is forever on the crap list now. I won’t go to any restaurant that is all masked either.


    Birx and Fraudci:

    Neither of those snakes are good for even dog catcher, and yet, we have to listen to their God Complex.


    If this JordanS bit on reports from the US college front hasn’t been posted yet, here it is.
    They are being cheated, tortured, and programmed.
    QUIT, kids, QUIT!
    If it has, thanks- it’s probably how I got there. It took me a while to get to it.


    After testing, they found that Omicron has arrived in Canada


    Yes… so sad if that JordanS is true…. my eyes glazed over just reading a few of the school testimonials…. so depressing I had to stop….higher education?🤔 😠


    The Tale of Two Narratives opened for me (in Oz). Now to peruse 43 pages!

    Mister Roboto

    If this JordanS bit on reports from the US college front hasn’t been posted yet, here it is.
    They are being cheated, tortured, and programmed.

    Yes, definitely programmed for something that it is intended to continue long after their college experience. They are being conditioned to spend their lives serving the Machine and the AIs that are now the Machine’s functional intelligence. My Generation (“X”) certainly weren’t the greatest, but I really like to think we would have rebelled against crap such as this. But then again, the world was a rather different place in 1986.



    And my family wonders why I won’t teach. I just point to the environment on campuses and tell them I won’t teach in a prison-like environment.

    Another sad aspect is now I am the only one among family and friends( two of which were advised by their doctors not to vax due to autoimmune issues, which I take to be job related, i.e., requirement. my sister works for the Va. state gov, so she also had to succumb to a mandate) who is not vaccinated, so I’m all alone in this. While none has said anything about my vax status or tried to pressure, I’m not allowed in certain family member’s homes. All that said, I do worry that the vaccines will lead to their deaths or major harm, so I’m just standing by to deal with anything that does happen and try to steer them toward a lot number with the least negative results I can find through VAERS. My mother’s lot turned out to only have 1 death and 42 adverse events thus far. She handled it okay, but had to deal with chest pains.


    go ahead…….. push more rope

    Hubris or humility? ……..choose

    Veracious Poet

    Last couple of days I’ve been reflecting on There is no shame, anything goes…

    Having lived as an observant member of humanity now for 6 decades, with most of my photographic memory still intact, I can’t help but connect the ubiquitous acts of demoralization foisted upon western civilization.

    I could compile a list, but I’m sure those of us with unbroken morals, ethics & spirits are more of less aware of the long train of abuses and usurpations

    I believe that’s one of the reasons CULTS have proliferated, beyond the “normal” partisan tribalism, as many feel lost on the sea of blatant sociopathy whittling down the social contract/norms, ready to follow the latest fad and/or cult of personality to give the illusion of inclusiveness, belonging.

    Your either with us or against us!, change you can believe in!, MAGA, Russia! Russia! Russia!, build back bettah!, global warming!, anti-fascist!, black lives matter!, pandemic of the unvaccinated, ad nauseam, ad nauseam, ad nauseam…

    The end justifies the means, so lie & cheat & steal & even burn-loot-murder the unbelievers!

    Self-determination, rational thought, spiritual grounding is replaced by mantra, dogma, tribal thinking…

    To make matters worse, there appears a unifying system managed, curated & executed by TPTB.

    Which is exemplified by media monkeys, apparatchiks & celebrities repeating talking points verbatim from rural locals extending to the national stage…

    I see it in my friends & family ~ Brainwashed idiots & fools parroting CULT doctrine, not even aware their “superior” thoughts/opinions did originate via ANY personal critical thought, but was planted & cultivated by manipulative authoritarian mind control 😐

    One-sided arguments become gospel, when the problems are complex & rationally would require multi-faceted approaches to solve, that any humble person with two functioning neurons would approach with great patience, tolerance, compassion & awe.

    The last three decades have given rise to an exponential emergence of ludicrous, bizarre, illegitimate & craven personas seeming to be on a mission to dishonor & destroy healthy civilization, down to the family unit, who mostly suffer no public rejection in their insane cause celebre, to the point that genocide is now a palpable reality…

    The Sons of Liberty gave us a Democratic Republic under Natural Law, which could have cured the nation of this utterly depraved long train of abuses and usurpations, but everyone chose CULT psyops instead.

    The agenda has been set. The goals are visible. WWIII is unfolding.

    What will it take to break the MASS psychosis?

    For God’s sake, THEY’RE disabling, torturing & murdering CHILDREN on the altar of CULT insanity!!!



    Mister Roboto

    @Veracious Poet: I think you might appreciate the essays of Paul Kingsnorth about “The Machine”. Though you would have to plunk down five bucks to read more than two essays, and five dollars for every month after that.


    Slow down the spread of Omicron
    No more jet setting. It too fast.
    We need time to make a vaccine.
    (Weeks are needed to allow containers to be unloaded, and shipped to the USA buyers/suckers with money)

    Travelling by Cars, boats, trains, busses, buggies, walking not affected/banned.
    Keep your Omicron cases and we will keep our Omicron case.
    If you don’t look into blood samples, you won’t find Omicron


    A prophet among us? ……maybe……but *you* have to do the leg work


    Save us from Omicron!!
    Keep the USA/Canada border closed,


    drinking alcohol……..what? ……..your smoking pot?



    Zero said:

    “Keep your Omicron cases and we will keep our Omicron case.
    If you don’t look into blood samples, you won’t find Omicron”

    Plagiarist! Trump said something to that effect!! hahahahahahhaaa

    No way that ^&*k could be right about anything!


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