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Leonardo da Vinci The madonna of the carnation 1478-80


Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA (Chudov)
DNA Transcribed from mRNA Vaccine Contains MUTANT gp130 Tumor Gene (Chudov)
Col Douglas Macgregor: Slightly Different Take on Russia-Ukraine Conflict (CTH)
Day 4- SITREP (Clint Ehrlich)
Putin’s Nuclear Threat (Scott Ritter)
CNN Scours Social Media for Ukraine Content to Broadcast (CTH)
Belarus Preparing To Deploy Troops To Ukraine In Support Of Russia (JTN)
DeSantis Bill Shields Healthcare Providers From Liability (JTN)
WHO Making Moves On International Vaccine ‘Passport’ (Pol.)
New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate (NP)
The Dirty Work Of Going Through Old Positions On Bank Balance Sheets (BTR)



Zelensky story



Kash Patel



“Your organism acts in accordance with your DNA program, and now, well, the program has been hacked and modified by Pfizer.”

Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA (Chudov)

What the article shows is that in vitro, using a human liver cell line, Pfizer mRNA vaccine uses a natural reverse transcriptase enzyme called LINE-1, and the genetic code of the vaccine is reverse transcribed into the DNA. It also explains that vaccine mRNA actually does travel to the liver as one of the preferred sites (the other sites, as we heard, are ovaries and more). What does it mean? Normally, our cells do the opposite: the cell nucleus, where the DNA is, expresses certain DNA code based on conditions of the cell, and produces natural, human messenger RNA. That messenger RNA travels out of the nucleus, where it is expressed into proteins needed for cell building. This is how growing organisms express different genetic programs to grow muscle cells or brain cells, etc.

This process is called “transcription”. For many years, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology stated that the “reverse transcription” — moving genetic code from RNA back into the sacred cellular nucleus and recoding the DNA — was impossible. Eventually, scientists realized that it is possible under various conditions. For example, the HIV RNA virus is able to do so and it reprograms our DNA to produce copies of it. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. To effect reverse transcription, enzymes called “reverse transcriptases” are needed. One of them is called LINE-1. Apparently, per study, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine causes cells to produce that LINE-1 enzyme.

Simplified: As I explained in response to a questioner: “Pfizer mRNA vaccine changes our genetic code that determines how our organisms operate, that you inherited from your mom and dad. Now your DNA was changed from what your mom and dad gave you, by adding a little mysterious “edit” from Pfizer. Your organism acts in accordance with your DNA program, and now, well, the program has been hacked and modified by Pfizer.”

Cancer Code: Considering that Sars-Cov-2 “spike protein” has cancer code from Moderna 2017’ patent 9,587,003, it is imperative to find out the implications of this reverse transcription, and whether the vaccinated now have any undesirable genetic code embedded into their DNA. Of particular interest is whether this mRNA-induced reverse transcription affects the “germ line”, such as eggs and sperm cells, and whether it also affects the fetus of pregnant mothers.

Our astute commenter pointed out an anonymous 4chan post from Dec 2020, long before any of this became known. The date makes us all ask, did this person know too much?

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People must simply not understand the grave danger. Vaccinations continue.

DNA Transcribed from mRNA Vaccine Contains MUTANT gp130 Tumor Gene (Chudov)

Please note that a question arises: gp130 mutations can cause liver tumor, and the entire experiment was performed on a line of immortal liver cancer cells. Could it be that the original article picked up mutated gp130 from the Huh7 liver cancer cells? If that is the case, if the DNA sequence is inherent to Huh7 line itself, it could invalidate a lot of conclusions that the original science article, as well as my own articles, were making. However, the authors were diligent with controls and did NOT see the questioned DNA sequence that I am looking at, in the control cells that did NOT receive the Pfizer vaccine. In addition, the published DNA sequence contained Sars-Cov-2 genes (see BLAST results), so it does come from the effect of the vaccine, not the Huh7 culture cells.

I did perform some cursory checks, to the best of my ability, and the Huh7 line contains p53 mutations, but it does not seem like it contains gp130 mutations. So, keeping my fingers crossed, the mutated gp130 gene that I found, is a genuine finding of lab research, comes from the mRNA vaccine, and not a coincidental pickup from the Huh7 cells. I am guessing that the authors were looking at liver cells specifically, because they knew where to look (that the mRNA delivery system delivers the lipid nanoparticles to the liver). Why did the authors pick liver cells? Maybe because they heard of this 4chan post from 2020, when NOTHING yet was known about the strange mRNA vaccines.

We were Told it will Never Happen

Clarifications: The sequence of mutated gp130 genes, found in the DNA reverse transcribed from Pfizer Covid vaccine,
• Does not mean that it will NECESSARILY cause cancer
• The four “red dot” mutations listed, may be harmless
• Does not mean that it was added to Pfizer vaccine intentionally to cause harm
• Does not mean that it is even expressed as a gp130 protein, as expression of genes depends on cellular context
• What it DOES mean is that we need to look at this closely.

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“Macgregor is saying that Russia does not want to engage a civilian population and is making every effort to avoid civilian conflict..”

Col Douglas Macgregor: Slightly Different Take on Russia-Ukraine Conflict (CTH)

My spidey senses tell me that Col Douglas Macgregor will not be welcomed back on Fox News after he gave a rather different take on what is happening amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict that does not toe the common media line. Jennifer Griffin was furious. The first presentation was during a segment with Fox Host Dan Bongino. The second presentation of essentially the same analysis was with Trey Gowdy. In both discussions Macgregor’s perspective reconciles the disparity between what the U.S. government, State Dept, and corporate media are saying -vs- what is visible. Essentially, Macgregor is saying that Russia does not want to engage a civilian population and is making every effort to avoid civilian conflict in those population centers.

In part this is because Putin knows the Western approach is a propaganda war that would be fueled by what it would look like if population carnage took place. However, if Ukraine President Zelenskyy does not acquiesce to terms, Putin could easily crush those centers with artillery and rockets. What Macgregor outlines would explain why these skirmishes always seem ‘off in the distance’. The western government and media perspective is to make it seem like Volodymyr Zelenski and the rebellious civilian misfits are beating the Russian army because that frames a better story. However, what Macgregor outlines is Putin not wanting to fuel the United Nations, NATO and State Dept narrative engineering, thus the absence of visible fighting.

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Twitter thread.

Day 4- SITREP (Clint Ehrlich)

The gulf between popular perception and strategic reality continues to grow in Ukraine. If you only read Western media, you would think the Russian military was on the verge of defeat. In reality, they have a clear path to victory. Satellite imagery indicates that a massive Russian armored column, with +800 vehicles, is approaching Kiev from the north. At the same time, Russian forces in the East are working to link up and encircle a large fraction of the Ukrainian military. What we’re witnessing is a funhouse mirror version of the Gulf War. During that conflict, images of smart bombing broadcast into American homes highlighted U.S. dominance. Today, Twitter images of Ukrainian tactical success are creating a false narrative of Russian defeat.

The single least appreciated fact about the current conflict is that Russia has only committed 1/2 to 2/3 of the forces it built up around Ukraine’s borders. It also has the ability to draw Belarus into the war, whose armored divisions would represent a potent “fourth wave.” What Russia *has* suffered is a massive defeat in information warfare. The narrative of Ukrainian success is having real consequences in terms of the willingness of foreign powers to toughen sanctions and provide military aid. We have already seen the Ruble fall to its lowest exchange rate in history (100:1) vs. the Dollar. This is not quite enough to destabilize the Russian economy – in the sense of causing internal political chaos – but it’s enough that ordinary Russians are scared.

Before the war, Western polling showed that Russians favored military intervention in Ukraine to prevent NATO membership by a 2:1 margin. But it’s clear that they did not appreciate that Russia would become a global pariah state. I don’t believe the war enjoys that support now. Today, I’m worried that Western nations may overplay their hand in trying to remove Putin. They have drawn blood in their attempts to harm Russia’s economy, and they will seek to go further in driving the Russian people to rise up and demand an end to the war.

Infrastructure intact

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Excellent background.

Putin’s Nuclear Threat (Scott Ritter)

Vladimir Putin is a madman. He’s lost it. At least that is what the leaders of the West would like you to believe. According to their narrative, Putin — isolated, alone, confused, and angry at the unfolding military disaster Russia was undergoing in Ukraine — lashed out, ostensibly threatening the entire world with nuclear annihilation. In a meeting with his top generals on Sunday, the beleaguered Russian president announced, “I order the defense minister and the chief of the general staff of the Russian armed forces to put the deterrence forces of the Russian army into a special mode of combat service.” The reason for this action, Putin noted, centered on the fact that, “Western countries aren’t only taking unfriendly actions against our country in the economic sphere, but top officials from leading NATO members made aggressive statements regarding our country” in relation to the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

The “deterrence forces” Putin spoke of refers to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. What made the Russian president’s words resonate even more was that last Thursday, when announcing the commencement of Russia’s “special military operation” against Ukraine, Putin declared that “no one should have any doubts that a direct attack on our country will lead to the destruction and horrible consequences for any potential aggressor.” He emphasized that Russia is “one of the most potent nuclear powers and also has a certain edge in a range of state-of-the-art weapons.” When Putin issued that threat, The Washington Post described it as “empty, a mere baring of fangs.” The Pentagon, involved as it was in its own review of U.S. nuclear posture designed to address threats such as this, seemed non-plussed, with an anonymous official noting that U.S. policy makers “don’t see an increased threat in that regard.”

[..] by invoking Article IV, NATO was positioning itself for potential offensive military action; its previous military interventions against Serbia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2004, and Libya in 2011, were all done under Article IV of the NATO Charter. Seen in this light, the premise that NATO is an exclusively defensive organization, committed to the promise of collective self-defense, is baseless. Second, while Article V (collective defense) protections only extend to actual NATO members, which Ukraine is not, Article IV allows the umbrella of NATO protection to be extended to those non-NATO members whom the alliance views as an ally, a category Stoltenberg clearly placed Ukraine in.

Finally, Stoltenberg’s anointing of Ukraine as a NATO ally came at the same time he announced the activation and deployment of NATO’s 40,000-strong Response Force, some of which would be deployed to NATO’s eastern flank, abutting Ukraine. The activation of the Response Force is unprecedented in the history of NATO, a fact that underscores the seriousness to which a nation like Russia might attach to the action. When seen in this light, Putin’s comments last Thursday were measured, sane, and responsible. Since the Article IV consultations began, NATO members have begun to supply Ukraine with lethal military aid, with the promise of more in the days and weeks to come.

These shipments can only gain access to Ukraine through a ground route that requires transshipment through NATO members, including Romania and Poland. It goes without saying that any vehicle carrying lethal military equipment into a war zone is a legitimate target under international law; this would apply in full to any NATO-affiliated shipment or delivery done by a NATO member on their own volition. What happens when Russia begins to attack NATO/EU/US/Allied arms deliveries as they arrive on Ukrainian soil? Will NATO, acting under Article IV, create a buffer zone in Ukraine, using the never-before-mobilized Response Force? One naturally follows the other…

Scott Ritter

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Reporting from mom’s basement.

CNN Scours Social Media for Ukraine Content to Broadcast (CTH)

CNN ‘War Correspondent’ Clarissa Ward accidentally explained why the public is confused about what the corporate media are saying about the Ukraine war with Russia, compared to what is actually visible about the Ukraine war with Russia. During a segment with Brian Stelter, Ms Ward explained how CNN war corresponding in Ukraine consists of talking about material provided to her by CNN production crews who sit and scour through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and social media posts to find the input material for their stories. Clarissa Ward didn’t mean to expose how the propaganda of modern warfare is created, but she did. Ward was thanking the people in the background of CNN who search social media for their Ukraine content; however, in talking about what they do, she affirmed what we already knew was taking place.

People wondering why there is no visible ‘fight’ in this war, now find the baseline which Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh was talking about last week. The State Department, intelligence community and political participants in the U.S. government are constructing the “war” against Vladimir Putin through the prism of social likeability as a cultural weapon. When the goal is to produce content that tells the “better story,” social media becomes the battlefield. War corresponding is reduced to using the corporate media platform to enhance the social media battlefield. Essentially you might call this “World War Reddit.”

The CNN war correspondent doesn’t even need to be in Ukraine, except for the fact they need some form of geographical context to create the credibility. The actual content of Ukraine material for the broadcast can just as easily be assembled in New York, California or mom’s basement in Illinois. The social media content extracted by CNN workers, stationed anywhere, is then transmitted to the network producers who assemble the material, and a “war correspondent’ puts on a helmet and appears live on camera in Ukraine to discuss it. This is modern journalism, aka propaganda creation, aka narrative engineering, and why there’s a lack of actual evidence for anything being attributed to the narrative surrounding the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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We know too little about Lukashenko. So little, our media can make him a cartoon character.

Belarus Preparing To Deploy Troops To Ukraine In Support Of Russia (JTN)

Belarus is making preparations to deploy troops into Ukraine in support of Russian forces as soon as Monday, a Biden administration official told The Washington Post on Sunday evening. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine last week, with some of his troops coming into Ukraine through Belarus. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been a close ally of Putin. He criticized Western sanctions on Russia and said it would push the Kremlin towards a Third World War, according to Russian state media. “It’s very clear Minsk is now an extension of the Kremlin,” the U.S. official told The Washington Post.

Two military transport planes took off from an airfield in western Belarus on Sunday, according to eyewitness accounts on a Telegarm channel analyzed by The Kyiv Independent. Previously, Belarus was only allowing Russian forces to use its territory and providing medical care and intelligence. The most recent reports would bring Belarus directly into the war.

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Have your cake and eat it too? Two steps up and one step back?

DeSantis Bill Shields Healthcare Providers From Liability (JTN)

Defying a coalition of 35 organizations calling for a veto, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill this week shielding health-care providers from being sued by patients and family members over COVID-19-related injuries, deaths and refusal to try available treatment. The new law provides liability protection to health-care providers that follow “government-issued health standards” that “include the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, which many say aren’t working,” the groups wrote in a letter to DeSantis. “Some medical professionals have stated that these CDC protocols have led to unnecessary medicines, ventilation and deaths.” Shawn McBride, director of The American Freedom Information Institute, Inc., who led the 35 groups opposing the bill, said that while DeSantis “signed a bill that may allow CDC protocols to continue in some hospitals, we’ve laid the foundation to help more folks get to medical freedom.”

On the same day DeSantis signed the bill, the Florida Department of Health issued new guidelines allowing for more treatments to be made available. DeSantis and State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo announced the new guidance without mentioning the bill he signed into law. The guidelines, DeSantis claims, push back on “unscientific corporate masking, reducing isolation for all Floridians including those in schools and daycares, and recommending that physicians should exercise their individual clinical judgement and expertise based on their patients’ needs and preferences.” They also “are empowering health care practitioners to follow science, not Fauci’s status quo,” he added.

The guidelines address corporate mask policies, advise healthcare practitioners and facilities to reevaluate status quo protocols “in favor of scientifically based treatment options to benefit patients,” update school and daycare guidance to limit the student and child isolation timeframe, and reduce the overall isolation period for Floridians who test positive for COVID-19. “The state of Florida has widespread natural and vaccine-induced immunity,” Dr. Ladapo said. “Evidence suggests that most secondary transmission occurs early on. Our state will continue to make decisions for Floridians rooted in sound science, not fear, whether they are working or in school.”

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One world government.

WHO Making Moves On International Vaccine ‘Passport’ (Pol.)

The World Health Organization will convene member states and leaders of Covid-19 immunization credential technology groups to recognize different vaccine certificates across nations and regions, a top Vaccination Credential Initiative official told POLITICO’s Ben Leonard. The WHO is bringing together the groups to develop a “trust framework” that would allow countries to verify whether vaccine credentials are legitimate, said Brian Anderson, chief digital health physician at MITRE and a co-founder of the VCI. Why it matters: The effort would aid international travel by allowing proof of vaccination to be more easily shared and verified, Anderson said.

Many countries and regions have different standards for proof of inoculation, creating confusion for travelers and officials. “It’s piecemeal, not coordinated and done nation to nation,” Anderson said. “It can be a real challenge.” The WHO would say only that news on the topic should be coming “soon.” The VCI is behind SMART Health Cards, which have become the de facto standard for digital vaccine credentials in the U.S., with dozens of states developing or adopting the technology. The group will participate in the initiative. It’s unclear whether the U.S. would participate.

The move would be the most significant coordinated international push to enable interoperable credentials among nations and regions. Existing standards include a digital Covid certificate for European Union member nations. The U.S. has no official standard despite SMART Health Cards’ dominance. Advocates have touted the vaccine credentials, commonly known as passports, as a way to facilitate travel and reopening efforts. Many red-leaning states have opposed the technology, but that hesitancy appears to be softening as several of those states have adopted the technology.

Richard Werner

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“..a High Court ruled that her vaccine mandate represented a “gross violation of human rights”

New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate (NP)

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was left reeling on Friday after a High Court ruled that her vaccine mandate represented a “gross violation of human rights” for New Zealanders. The landmark case means that the police and NZDF cannot be fired for refusing to take the experimental vaccine. This case will be used to overthrow all of Ardern’s illegal mandates in New Zealand. Justice Francis Cooke ruled that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to be vaccinated or face losing their job was not a “reasonably justified” breach of the Bill of Rights. Nzherald.co.nz reports: The lawyer for the police and Defence staff at the centre of the claim is now calling for the suspended workers to return to their jobs immediately, saying many have given decades of service to their community and are still committed to their jobs.

The challenge, put forward by a group of Defence force and police employees, questioned the legality of making an order under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act to require vaccination for frontline employees. The challenge was supported by a group of 37 employees affected by the mandate, who submitted written affidavits to the court. Minister of Workplace Relations and Safety Michael Wood, Deputy Police Commissioner Tania Kura and NZDF Chief People Officer Brigadier Matthew Weston filed affidavits defending the mandate. As it stands, 164 of the overall police workforce of nearly 15,700 were affected by the mandate after choosing not to be vaccinated. For NZDF, the mandate affected 115 of its 15,500 staff. The group relied on two aspects of the Bill of Rights – the right to decline a medical procedure and the right to religious freedom.


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Where’s the risk located?

The Dirty Work Of Going Through Old Positions On Bank Balance Sheets (BTR)

A bear has arrived for lunch and unfortunately, he’s staying for dinner. We have been up all night working the phones. It has been a Lehman weekend – as in a 24-hour scramble to find and calculate the risk – NOT the size of the risk. The dirty work of going through old positions on bank balance sheets is being done around the clock as we speak. We do know the cost of default protection on French banks has diverged from UK-Asia-centric HSBC meaningfully. After working at Soc Gen for three years we can tell you, the books on most EU banks are a cobweb of darkness. In 2016, when Glencore was going down, every week we found more and more risk tied to Glencore assets. The truth bled out very slowly.

Italian banks have been very close with Russia as well. The point is, it’s very tough for politicians to “target” SWIFT sanctions into this darkness, very tough. In a loud voice the client said – Larry – details matter BIGLY we need to urgently to know exactly what is sanctioned here. They – Olaf – Macron – Biden – will try and dance around risk with a targeted SWIFT but they re probably not qualified to do so. They are messing with the plumbing of the global financial system. If they shoot from the hip, there could be large consequences. Politicians are reaching in the dark to find risk. If they sanctioned the CBR (central bank of Russia) and the transfer agents for Eurobonds, then Russia will default on all foreign debt immediately. And if Russia tries to find a back door through China – will the USA fine or sanction Chinese banks?

Over the weekend another client said “Germany can play SWIFT tough guy all they want – but Macron has to protect the vulnerable Soc Gen and Draghi is probably trying to ring-fence exposed, Moscow cozy Italian banks like Intesa and UniCredit. Lost in the Ukraine tragedy -the Fed’s favorite inflation measure- core PCE has moved from 3.7% in September to 5.2% in January, and the war-torn invasion only pours lighter fluid on this fire. *SCHOLZ: GERMANY TO SPEND MORE THAN 2% OF GDP YEARLY ON DEFENSE + massive social costs across the EU to off set energy prices as well. So long to the planet’s global negative yield anchor. We are heading back to a 1967-1979 regime. Overweight hard assets, take down financial assets and buckle up.

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Anonymous Ukraine



Agenda 21





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    Leonardo da Vinci The madonna of the carnation1478-80   • Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA (Chudov) • DNA Transcribed from
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 28 2022]

    Dr. D

    With SNL I sympathize and live this, but these people are insane. (As I usually think when I watch TV.) What in the actual huck do their emotions have to do with science? We say, “I read a study”. Yeah, so what? There are a lot of studies. Then we discuss the study. Who injected emotion into this and how? When I say, “I read a study on the migratory habits of the butterfly” nobody loses their s—t and unfriends me. Because that’s Science. Which means whatever they think they’re doing here is the #Opposite of Science. Or… Emotion = Science now???

    My Fe-Fe’s, the one true #Science. I will have no #Data before thee. Gosh I hope others can at least comprehend this argument.

    “Liz Cheney calls out fellow House Republicans for associating with White nationalist event”–CNN

    Aside from being false, this from the daughter of the greatest war criminal since Himmler?

    Not the Onion:

    “”Fallout is most dangerous in the first few hours after the detonation when it is giving off the highest levels of radiation. It takes time for fallout to arrive back to ground level, often more than 15 minutes for areas outside of the immediate blast damage zones.

    FEMA recommends the following steps to prevent ‘significant radiation exposure,’ which include “Try to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who are not part of your household,” and “If possible, wear a mask if you’re sheltering with people who are not part of your household.”
    “Many people already feel fear and anxiety about the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). The threat of nuclear explosion can add additional stress.

    And P.S. call 911. I’m sure they’ll be working fine. At least they’re honest: people really do fear Covid far more than nuclear explosions. So very much more.

    “Putin placed his nuclear force posture on “high alert” Sunday over what he called “aggressive statements” by NATO top officials. A statement from the United Nations then called the possibility of nuclear conflict “inconceivable”.

    The U.N. fails again. First in imagination then in logic. Nothing could be more conceivable, predictable, or inevitable than if you move NATO and their first-strike missiles withing 10 minutes of Moscow.

    Big picture:

    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

    Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

    We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.4

    This is said to be from American General Albert Pike in circa 1871. Although provably around for +50 years, Let’s not worry about whether it is TRUE, or not, when it was first written or by whom, merely that this is the plan they are FOLLOWING. And for the same reasons of their weirdo religion.

    It’s pretty easy to follow the money over the last 100 years and see these specific things have been bought out or encouraged to the tune of now-trillions of dollars. And what of the religion? Atheist revolutionaries? Who believe in Lucifer? Really Docktor? And who honest, real, powerful power-brokers follow and not just some random crackpots? Where do you get such wretched nonsense? Well, here we have Saul Alinsky, a certified “atheist”, who dedicated his famous and highly influential book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. And who was a teacher of protegee’s Hillary Clinton, and despite his awkward appearance to the electorate kicked off and was invited invited to Obama’s successful Presidential campaign, and whose advice in said book is followed like the Bible to other “radical” BLM and atheist revolutionaries who burned 15 cities and killed 54 only last year.

    So yes, this is exactly what he said, exactly at the very highest level possible, for at least decades. And not only here were Americans tend to be more open or loud-mouthed about admitting things, but elsewhere too.

    Okay, as I said we’re headed to a post-government world where everything is discredited, not only institutions, but family, religion, money, the very concept of being “good”. What does this sound like? And what are the consequences? Something like he describes above? And knowing this, how far out would that target be from here? 5 years? 20?

    Now these people are insane but we know that insane maniacs can make a lot of trouble for the rest of us and in fact, who else can? Or does? Or would? Muhammad Ali said, “Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on Brown people in Vietnam while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs and denied simple human rights?” “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong.” Nobody in Missouri cares what a guy in Vladivostok does. Same with a guy in Archangel about us. Or Odessa. Only the psychos in power.

    It’s important to know what they’re up to so we know it’s a scam. Intentional. Pre-planned or paid for and pre-pushed at least. We read their plan, here among hundreds of places, and followed the money for 50-100 years. We don’t have to play.


    Agenda 21 gives me shivers

    Mister Roboto


    Look for it. The patterns are there.
    Good for the goose good for gander


    Col Douglas Macgregor Has a Slightly Different Take on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    Macgregor Makes Sense!
    “Macgregor is saying that Russia does not want to engage a civilian population and is making every effort to avoid civilian conflict..”
    500,000 refugees gone to Poland
    Russia *has* suffered is a massive defeat in information warfare.

    CNN Ukraine War Correspondent Admits Producers Scour Social Media for Content to Broadcast

    • CNN Scours Social Media for Ukraine Content to Broadcast (CTH)
    People wondering why there is no visible ‘fight’ in this war, now find the baseline which Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh was talking about last week. The State Department, intelligence community and political participants in the U.S. government are constructing the “war” against Vladimir Putin through the prism of social likeability as a cultural weapon.
    Israel/Palestine conflict has more visuals firework/destruction/death/wounded than the Russian/Ukraine War

    Never before have so many retired generals gone on TV to explaining, (propaganda) the war.



    Thank you for the diagram showing NATOs expansion since 1997.

    For social harmony, my ( inflexible liberal minded wife ) insists I endure the chattering of friends and family as they express their emotional distress and animosity over the situation in Ukraine, all of which comes from the CBC and other “captured” ( imho ) mainstream media here in Canada.

    There comes a point however when my conscience insists I RESIST and offer that it’s more complicated than the MSM presents, and in fact I believe we Canadians, being the enthusiastic sycophants to the Empire that we are, share some of the blame.

    Enter your visual representation of NATOs offensive movement for support, as referring to text, as in essay of Luongo, the Saker, P.C Roberts, C. Johnson or Orlov guarantees glazed eyes.

    We’ll see how it goes today, as I can guarantee it will be raised in conversation…..

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer again:


    “Commencing with Putin’s February 21 speech, the recognition of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and the commencement of the military campaign in the Ukraine, the management of the Russian economy has moved on to a war footing. In the interpretation of a leading European banker, the escalation of US and European Union (EU) sanctions intends to confiscate Central Bank assets and destroy all financial links between Russia and the west. He comments that nothing on this scale against a major world power has been attempted since President Franklin Roosevelt froze the foreign assets of Japan on July 26, 1941, and imposed an embargo on Japanese oil and gasoline imports six days later.”




    Dick Durbin interviewed on NPR yesterday:
    …MCCAMMON: Senator, the wire services are reporting that Putin is putting Russian forces that include nuclear-armed units on high alert because of aggressive statements by NATO leaders, as well as the economic sanctions we’ve been reporting on this morning. What is your reaction to that?

    [Dick] DURBIN [Dem Illinois]: I’m very worried about that, of course. Russia is a superpower when it comes to nuclear weapons. We just hope beyond hope that we never see anyone use a nuclear weapon in a conflict. I wouldn’t put it past him. This man is a war criminal. Donald Trump may think he is a savvy genius. I think he is a savage war criminal. And whether he would use nuclear weapons, I pray he’ll never even consider that….


    “We just hope beyond hope that we never see anyone use a nuclear weapon in a conflict. I wouldn’t put it past him.”

    Wow. I just can’t even begin to de-code all the re-writing of history and the use of propaganda Durbin has included in this short sentence.

    I’ll leave it at this: Nuclear weapons have ALREADY been used in a conflict. And the ONLY country to ever use nuclear weapons in a conflict was the United States, which bombed both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, using nuclear weapons in August of 1945.

    The interviewer let his comment go without any remark on it or correction to it, in case you are wondering.


    Today’s / yest. news. I listened to *Petro Poroshenko on France 24* eng and *Zelensky latest declarations* and both demand immediate access to EU membership! (No way.)

    Poro sends thanks for all the support, says that Putin has miscalculated, Ukr. is strong, the defense is working well, 5K Russians have been killed. Pour le détail qui tue (ouch in F): tells that Molotov cocktails are called “Bandera Smoothies” in Urkaine!

    *Oleh Shamshur on France 24* in eng. (former Ukr. diplomat, ambassador) also in Kiev similarly praises Ukr. defense, says it is just great, wonderful solidarity, etc. The city is under control, it is not encircled, and subversive groups have been controlled (? ! ?) Putin’s blitzkrieg has fallen thru, due to dedication of the defense. Putin is a sick man.

    Gonzalo Lira (link – same person as in clip in top post), an American who lives in Kharkov but is at present in Kiev, tells a different tale. Russian soldiers are being careful to not harm civilians; all is quiet where he is; Kharkov is surrounded and there are soldiers in the center of the city. Ukr. is forcibly conscripting men aged 18 – 60, Zelensky has handed out weapons to civils., prisoners have been let go to “serve”.

    link to the Duran. Lira, minute 50 > https://bit.ly/3vqa8Z6

    other links: enter *x* > youtube search

    What I found interesting from F24 is that like much MSM they show pix in the background while Person is talking – a form of propaganda, full-information-dominance, a way to keep the viewer engaged -, and the very few clips of Ukr forces are so brief as to be unoticeable, because with some view time it is obvious that they are unprepared, unprofessional and muddling about (in the clips shown.)

    —-The fog of war.—–

    Yet it appears clear that the Ukr. Western part / pro-EU anti-R / dominant classes in about half the country (Kiev, other cities in part) and/or more are still counting on, now begging, the USuk, the EU, and NATO to finally step up and offer them all they want, … as they oppose Russia.

    Figmund Sreud

    Since a word is from NATOstan that, … just perhaps, it should be Poland the one that should come to assist Ukraine in repelling Russians, … here is a tiny glance to the past of Polish/Ukrainian history:


    Anyway, … I can’t tell you how reflective of the actual past this article is, but I can tell you that, in its content, it matches the the many stories I have been told to me by my father and his friends over the years. You see, my father was a young man living in that area – born in 1914. He served in Polish army as a draftee, in Polish garrison, in city of Lwow – see map in the article. He spent WW-2 in that area up until Red Army cleared that area of German occupying forces, … than, as a Polish soldier, marched along with the front all the way to Berlin, … but I digress now from main point. Sorry, …



    Dr. D

    “Siege: 500,000 refugees gone to Poland”

    How would they know? Have they counted them? Like the Canadian trucks? Will we have commenters come on and debunk the most popular Twitter and CNN pundits who report this? Demand they be removed for “misinformation”? Mmmm, I’m guessing not. “Refugees” is now popular and trending. Therefore it’s true. #Science!

    Along with HIV suddenly being #1 headline, and from the popularity apparently everybody has it now, anyone else noticed an incredible uptick in Climate Change stories? We’re in a war, but never mind the war, let’s worry about Putin’s climate impact of invading Ukraine. Literally.

    “John Kerry Fears Russia-Ukraine War Will Distract from Climate Change”

    While flying from mansion to mansion in his private jet. Aside from the fun hypocrisy, what does that tell me? Why now again? Why so hard? They’re out of time in their Carbon-backed currency swap. The system is collapsing, out of time, last seconds to go. They’re still trying though, give them credit.

    10 Year dropped, just as one would expect them to try a idiotic, murdering gambit like this. However, not nearly enough yet. It’s still in the pattern to rise, not fall.

    Dr. D

    Teri I’m guessing you’re not American. This is 100% of American opinion on the matter. Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened, because we’re the good guys and a peaceful nation. …Until they did, and we mention them to show how tough we are. Then they disappear again. Or both!

    Just like that “George” guy, from England, said.

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest from Alastair Crooke:

    Putin means what he says: Russia’s back is to the wall, and there is nowhere to which Russia can now retreat – for them it is existential.

    The ‘Constructive Destruction’ of Russia’s Model of Relations with the West


    Figmund Sreud

    Germane material to look up to supplement my post # 103154:

    The Polish–Ukrainian War, from November 1918 to July 1919, was a conflict between the Second Polish Republic and Ukrainian forces (both the West Ukrainian People’s Republic and Ukrainian People’s Republic). The conflict had its roots in ethnic, cultural and political differences between the Polish and Ukrainian populations living in the region both as successor states of the dissolved Russian and Austrian empires. […]



    Light relief.

    Zelensky on, Dancing with the Stars. Smooth moves! Fantastic dancer!


    • DeSantis Bill Shields Healthcare Providers From Liability (JTN)

    Karl Denninger calls DeSantis >>> DeSatan for good reason

    He’s a Judas Goat

    Bleat, maa maa maa

    The UkroNazi troops that murdered Donbass civilians for 8 years are just about to be surrounded in a classic ‘cauldron’ movement, the same move the Russians pulled on the WWII Nazis and exterminated whole German army units very, very effectively.

    The last route of escape for the Ukronazis is a corridor that both sides of the Russia pincer can blanket with the dreaded thermobarbic rocket artillery. Nothing survives one of this barrages, you will be able to spread the Ukronazis on a cracker if they try to escape through this opening.

    The 12,000 Chechen troops have a special section unit of ‘hunters’ who have lists of specific Ukro army personnel believed to personally given orders to shell the Donbass. Not sure if the Chechen hunter units will just locate them and kill them or capture and ‘interrogate’ them. Either way, what Putin said is true, the ones responsible for the mass murder in the Donbass will be held accountable.

    Hey, John Day, do you think that Putin’s policy is justice or revenge?


    And in no time at all, that Certificate Of Vaccination ID will have a Loyalty Oath tacked onto it.

    Hunh. e e cummings in all caps.


    Recent pondering.

    A while back I explained to my 89 year old friend living in the retirement place that although her community does not discriminate based on race, it does discriminate based on vaccination status. Her explanation was: “People are scared.” A 79 year old friend who also lived there expressed essentially the same response when we were speaking about the administration’s insistence that I be masked when I sing there, while the vaxxed are not required to mask. And the minister of the local UU congregation cited the fears of a couple congregants as the reason for her hard line regarding all being masked at an outdoor event.

    Since when do we make decisions about rights and privileges based solely on fear? Since when do we restrict freedoms based upon the fears of others?

    I am currently watching Spielberg’s film on Pres. Lincoln. In the mid-1800s many whites feared those of African descent. Many in the Union feared the social and economic upheaval that would result from eradicating slavery. (And, according to the film — I haven’t done the research, don’t know what is apocryphal — the 13th amendment squeaked through with some “wheeling and dealing” — not just because a large majority wanted “to do the right thing.”). Although these fears factored in the Congressional debate, fear was not the only part of the issue debated.

    As a society, we create further problems if we ignore fear, trample fear, steamroll fear. When a child has irrational fears we soothe the child, provide a “security blanket,” etc. As appropriate, a parent will debunk a child’s fears. We don’t allow the child’s fears to dictate the entirety of the adults’ actions — which would be an irrational response for the adult, and only serve to enhance the child’s fears, giving credence to them — although we may make some small accommodations.


    • The Dirty Work Of Going Through Old Positions On Bank Balance Sheets (BTR)

    More bullshit ‘narrative’ manipulation by the MSM Media Maggots

    All they have to do is lie and say they are cutting Russia off from SWIFT. They don’t actually have to do it. It’s all propaganda anyway. It’s just for ‘effect’.

    Like everything else the Darpa State touches, just lying to the Sheeple will be enough, they will eat it up with a spoon like a plate full of vomit.

    “It’s better to look good than to be good”


    Figmund Sreud

    Michael Hudson chimes in:

    The recent prodding of Russia by expanding Ukrainian anti-Russian ethnic violence by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi post-2014 Maiden regime was aimed at (and has succeeded in forcing a showdown in response the fear by U.S. interests that they are losing their economic and political hold on their NATO allies and other Dollar Area satellites as these countries have seen their major opportunities for gain to lie in increasing trade and investment with China and Russia.




    Another pondering.

    In the Reiner Fuellmich Grand Jury (day 4, I believe,) the issue is raised about whether or not doctors who administered the Covid inoculations are guilty of crimes against humanity. Doctors are obligated by their oath to “do no harm” and societies have invested much in their education. In general, doctors are well-compensated for their service. At the same time, our system pressures them to rely on standard diagnoses and treatments in order to receive payment, they are subject to malpractice insurance and rules around licensure in order to practice medicine. Their licenses and their financial well-being were threatened by not going along with the dominant narrative. Additionally, censorship meant that it took focused effort to find data that did not support the narrative. One expert witness suggested that doctors were only guilty of crimes against humanity if they stumbled across clear evidence of the harms of the Covid inoculations and ceased to push them onto their patients at that point. That sort of a legal standard would be difficult to prove on a case by case basis, as it is based upon something only known to the individual doctor, and we do not condone self-incrimination. And in a mind deluded by mass formation, viewing clear evidence of vaccine harm will likely trigger cognitive dissonance (“stupor of thought” in the lingo of my Mormon heritage) making it difficult for any mind to fully comprehend the significance of stated clear evidence.


    Larry Johnson has a good article up at SST.

    What is Really Going on Ukraine? An Alternative Scenario

    Here is my comment to that article.

    morongobill says:
    February 28, 2022 at 9:47 am
    Thanks Mr Johnson for this excellent presentation of facts.

    My comment is a general one. In my opinion, the Kens and Karens who hounded Trump and his supporters then lorded over us all with covid masking, social distancing etc will now be calling us scum and traitors for not wanting to nuke the Russians.”

    The war tocsin is sounding louder every minute, I feat this finally may be the big one.

    Figmund Sreud

    Just run into this:

    … four days old, from Donbas. fwiw.


    John Day

    including. winter garden homestead photo

    There is a restriction of information about troop positions in Ukraine. The maps today are the same maps from 48 hours ago. Negotiations are finally underway between Ukrainian and Russian teams in Belarus. Last Friday, Russian forces slowed their advances and softened their attacks, ahead of negotiations, which Ukraine (directed by Washington) decided not to attend. Russian, Crimean and Donbass troop advances were reported Saturday morning, and Ukrainian Armed Forces defenses and counter-attacks, but good information stopped, replaced by social media feeds, which are shaped by all parties, to support their narratives.

    Following the money is now the better strategy in these early days of WW-3. Great global wars are fought to adjust global financial regimes which have become terminally unstable, in my view (which is not only my view). I think this qualifies as WW-3 now, because that is quickly being put into place. The $US is the tool of extraction of global wealth, but has also been used as a punishing weapon for the past decade, which is a factor in it’s declining use in global financial transactions, which is now under 50%. In Friday’s UNSC vote on sanctioning Russia for invading Ukraine, Russia exercised veto power, but Saudi Arabia and UAE failed to vote the US stance, in favor of sanctions. https://www.un.org/press/en/2022/sc14808.doc.htm

    China buys more of their oil, and China abstained, too. The “Petro-Dollar” is not on firm footing any more…

    John Helmer, at Dances With Bears, has this view of the financial war from inside Russia, from a very senior Russian Finance Minister , Sergei Glayzev, with views in opposition to the Russian Central Bank Policy, yet he has remained since the 1980s, because of the value of his views.

    Russian assets in the West are being “frozen”, which is confiscation. In return, Russia can cease payment on all debts, and could later seize foreign-owned assets within Russia, which would imply a fairly permanent break from $US finance. The west might permanently seize Russian assets, while declaring all Russian debts payable at interest. Russia might have to wait this out, wait for the $US regime to decay.

    China would initially benefit. Europe would be harmed, and the US would also be harmed, which harm would be progressive, as international trade moved more rapidly out of $US. Russia is certainly placed in a tight spot, and Russian savings have already been much reduced by attacks on the Ruble.


    It seems to me that the world might soon split into 2 trading blocks, with some non-aligned nations, as in the old cold war days.

    China might find the most advantageous position in this, but will need to be very careful to be able to maintain trade with all parties.

    Moon of Alabama (German) calls this Day #1 of “Money War on Russia”: (Money is a form of “information”.)

    The U.S. and its proxies in the EU and elsewhere have put up very harsh sanctions on Russia to damage its economy.
    The final intent of this economic war is regime change in Russia.
    The likely consequence will be regime change in many other countries.
    This war is waged at a financial size that is unprecedented. The consequences in all markets will be very significant to extreme. But experience from Iran shows that such financial wars have their limits as the targeted country learns to survive. Moreover Russia is in a much stronger position than Iran ever was and is better prepared for the consequences.



    The august Conversation this morning ran an article by a professor of History and Judaic Studies at the Uni of Michigan entitled “Putin’s claim to rid Ukraine of Nazis is especially absurd given its history.”

    One excerpt:

    For a brief period of time, Ukraine was the only state outside of Israel to have both a Jewish head of state and a Jewish head of government. “How could I be a Nazi?” Zelensky asked in a public address after the Russian invasion began. “Explain it to my grandfather.”

    This is the kind of claim that requires careful analysis — but I simply do not have time.

    There will be more such claims tomorrow and the next day and the next.


    I drove past the Russian embassy yesterday. No demonstrators, no placards, no banners. Nothing unusual except for an Australian Federal Police vehicle parked in the median strip opposite. Good; we’re honouring our obligations to protect foreign diplomats and their premises.

    On the car radio came a news item that Australians were contacting the Ukrainian embassy to volunteer to go and join the fray. It sounded impressive until the newsreader announced the number so far: twenty. Yes, that’ll make a difference… They also played a clip from the Foreign Affairs minister saying that Australians should not go to war zones. Fair enough.

    Actually, how embassies and high commissions are protected here gives an indication of the mental state, the gestalt, of the international community. When I moved to Canberra in the early 1980s there were three high commission buildings in a row: British, New Zealand, Canadian. (Commonwealth countries don’t send embassies to each other; they establish high commissions, hauts commissariats. Why this distinction I do not know.) None of these buildings had any sort of fence around it. All very relaxed. Some time after 9/11 the British high commission grounds sprouted a nice, strong fence. Some time later the Canadians got a fence. Finally, after a few more years, NZ joined the club and built their fence. Now we have three gated communities in a row. So sad.

    The US and Russian embassies have always had stout fences. After 9/11 the US reinforced theirs by raising the ground by a metre or so all around and putting the fence on top of that, to prevent vehicles from trying to ram through the fence formerly at ground level. The Russian embassy fence is at ground level. The Ukrainian embassy is on the 12th floor of an office building in the downtown area.

    a kullervo

    Raging hope or quiet despair?

    It doesn’t matter: despair is only negative hope…
    and hope is nothing but a freely available, home made psychotropic which keeps far too many numb and aloof from reality*.

    * Reality: everything changes, gradually and then abruptly. Getting attached to anything is like falling in love with a burning match.

    those darned kids


    Mr Wallace said Mr Putin was engaged in a “battle of rhetoric” by trying to “remind the world” he had a deterrent.
    He said Russia was behind schedule on its invasion of Ukraine and Ukrainians were putting up a “very strong fight”.

    Just a sense (a lot of fake news out there) but with the Russian Army roughly 30 miles outside Kyiv, any effort by NATO to slow them will trigger the nightmare scenario.

    Zelinsky is a puppet for the NWO, their goal is to slow down the negotiations to a grind, while Ukraine enhances its defenses, weapons are brought from the West, mercenaries join the fray, their goal is to bog down Russia in a war of attrition. Putin seems to be well aware of this.

    We are going to find out if Putin is a grandmaster chess player or a poker player. Either way, hope Zelensky is waving a white flag in the next 48.

    I miss the virus.


    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kyiv residents woke up to leaflets telling them to get the F out of the city.


    O.K. So we in the west, are fighting a cell phone best virtual selfie sanctions narrative war.
    I am 100% sure, this narrative war will end badly, since neither side’s narrative is correct.

    So now we are sanctioning Russia, right, left, and center. Not to be outdone, Canada is pulling vodka from it’s liquor stores! We won’t play hockey with them here Russians either. To enforce that we have cancelled flights from Russia.

    Little notice is being given to the warning from Putin about mesures he will take for countries aiding the Ukraine. Naturally Trudeau and Freeland are paying no heed to these warnings. In fact they are going out of their way to ensure they are at the top of Putin’s hit list!

    Yes it is fine and dandy to override Russian interests and rights because it is the current politically correct leftist fad of the day. Just like it was so politically correct to seize Canadian trucker assets, just a couple of weeks ago. People tend to notice trends.

    So yes, seize Russian assets here in Canada. Just don’t be surprised if Canadian assets in Russia are seized too. Markets anticipating this, have already marked down the price of publically traded Canadian mining companies with mines located in Russia, to zero!

    Maybe Trudeau and Freeland should take a good long hard look at what is happening to Canada’s reputation around the world, not to mention that by Canadians living in Canada.

    Hey Canada!
    Nice money laundering operations you are running!
    Nice currency operation you have!
    Nice banking operations you have!
    Nice real estate operations you are enjoying!
    It would be a shame to ruin these cash cows just because you have a political craving for a beef burger!

    You want to know what happens to countries where their citizens do not invest in their own country? I have visited dozens of these countries! Whenever I wrote a check on my US dollar account, the checks all ended up in Switzerland! Yeah that merchant in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or water! His only concern was getting his money out of his own country! That is what happens in every one of these countries!

    Nobody will invest in their own country because folks like Trudeau and Freeland will just confiscate it!


    @tinfoil: “For social harmony, my ( inflexible liberal minded wife ) insists I endure the chattering of friends and family as they express their emotional distress and animosity over the situation in Ukraine, all of which comes from the CBC and other “captured” ( imho ) mainstream media here in Canada.”

    Don’t buy the party line? Put up and shut up!!!! You listen to US.

    Why is it we’re always the ones that have to put up and shut up? This has been going on for far too long. I refuse to shut up anymore.

    They have evidence showing the *truth* of their narrative? Bring it on, prove it. If not, I don’t have to listen to their shit. They can shut up, too.

    Veracious Poet

    Overweight hard assets, take down financial assets and buckle up.

    In a systemic collapse it would probably help if the “hard assets” were portable, too…

    Prior to WWII most unstable areas around the globe stored their savings, including multi-generational” in Ag/Ag coins.

    When I married my first wife I received a 1901 $20 Liberty in dowry, that was part of a stash that had been passed down by her Polish great grandfather to the family…

    After their “Uncle” (Pope John Paul as he was known to his Polish church) warned the “faithful” to flee when Andropov threatened to send tanks into Warszawa, her upper class family went on “vacation” to Austria (defection) ~ They left everything behind, including a country vacation home, a chateau in Warsaw + two Mercedes, but the father glued stacks familial Gold Liberties in place of magnets on several portable radios.

    Following WWII U$D became the preferred “store-of-wealth” mechanism for third-world et al. countries, with unaccountable U$ bills (many counterfeit) “stored” by peoples to ride out periods of instability…

    Currently, financial WMDs are wiping out, among other things, the U$D safe haven, that will manifest into an incalculable fallout for humanity, which is seldom acknowledge & will not be televised.

    Unless current horrendous trends are reversed, Deagel’s 2025 predictions may be optimistic as Homo sapiens are setup for collapse…

    He who prepares first prepares best,


    P.S. Anyone holding crypto should be VERY careful right now, it’s too late for the poor crypto holders east of the UN Blue Curtain…

    those darned kids

    “e e cummings in all caps.”

    i, too, found that rather odd. it’s kinda like debussy on the banjo..

    wait a second:

    those darned kids

    “Canada is pulling vodka from it’s liquor stores!”

    funny thing, i don’t remember budweiser being pulled when the u.s. invaded afghanistan (shoot, canadada did that, too¡¡¡), iraq, libya (shoot, canadada did that, too¡¡¡), syria, [insert more countries here].

    heck, we didn’t even stop watching american teevee.


    “Cognitive assault” is an apt term. I thought it was bad:

    1) after the events of late 2001
    2) in the run-up to the second US invasion of Iraq in 2003
    3) in early 2020

    ..but the lockstep around the events in Ukraine (whatever they are; the S/N ratio is way too low now for my skills) makes those previous media events- even the last one- look trivial.

    I think I’ll watch Dr. Strangelove again tonight- Peter Sellers as the earnest Group Captain Lionel Mandrake and as the good Doktor can at least provide a grim laugh.

    Michael Reid

    The Next Empire
    by Jeff Thomas

    The Next Empire

    Apparently the old empire is on its way out.


    One is like the other

    World support for Israel vs Palestine
    World support for Ukraine vs Russia


    Since I did duck and cover drills in elementary school, we are revisiting a childhood trauma. Old imprints are reactivated.

    The Kremlin acted out. All Russia had to do was wait for the flailing Western Empire to collapse. But instead, they invaded Ukraine on the cheap without a “shock and awe” preparation as shown by Ukraine soldiers walking about Russian tank convoy ambush sites with no concern for counter artillery or air strikes. Russian leaders believe their own propaganda just as the Western ones believe theirs. Unless a peace treaty is signed today or tomorrow; to save Kiev from neo-nazis, Russia will destroy it.

    The world is now partitioned with deranged neoliberal leaders on both sides who seem to have no concept that World War III has started. Without a quick end to the European War, the likely outcome is that the earth will be turned into a nuclear hell hole.


    Just for fun.

    Hopefully the link leads to what I wanted to post. I will check back. Regards.

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