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Epidemic of Fraud





Wade is gone. But the lies are not. Or the White House.

Fani Willis Told To Break Up With Nathan Wade Or Trump Case Stalls Out (ZH)

Update (1615ET): Hours after the judge in Trump’s Georgia election interference case issued an ultimatum to DA Fani Willis, her (ex) lover Nathan Wade has quit the case. As they say, the show must go on…

* * *
An Atlanta judge, who donated to Fani Willis when she was running for office, ruled on Friday that the highly conflicted Fulton County DA simply has to break up with her lover, Nathan Wade, who she hired to the tune of $600,000 to work on the Trump election interference case. If Willis dumps Wade the case can continue, according to Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton Superior Court, who also had the option of removing Willis over the giant conflict of interest which included lavish vacations with Wade that were effectively at the taxpayer’s expense. According to McAfee, while he found the “appearance of impropriety,” no “disqualification of a constitutional officer necessary when a less drastic and sufficiently remedial option is available,” adding “that the prosecution of this case cannot proceed until the State selects one of two options.” Either “the District Attorney may choose to step aside, along with the whole of her office,” or “Wade can withdraw.”

McAfee also found that there was no “actual conflict” brought about due to the relationship, a finding that would have required him to disqualify Willis. “This finding is by no means an indication that the Court condones this tremendous lapse in judgment or the unprofessional manner of the District Attorney’s testimony during the evidentiary hearing. Rather, it is the undersigned’s opinion that Georgia law does not permit the finding of an actual conflict for simply making bad choices — even repeatedly — and it is the trial court’s duty to confine itself to the relevant issues and applicable law properly brought before it.” “Without sufficient evidence that the District Attorney acquired a personal stake in the prosecution, or that her financial arrangements had any impact on the case, the Defendants’ claims of an actual conflict must be denied,” he wrote. “As the case moves forward, reasonable members of the public could easily be left to wonder whether the financial exchanges have continued resulting in some form of benefit to the District Attorney, or even whether the romantic relationship has resumed.”

Willis and Wade – whose divorce from his wife has yet to be finalized, admitted to the affair, but were caught lying about when it started. While the decision is a blow to Trump and his co-defendants, this leaves Willis tainted by weeks of embarrassing hearings and national headlines that could influence the views of a jury. Trump and his co-defendants could also appeal McAfee’s ruling, as could Willis, which would further delay the case into the election – leaving the matter unresolved (and of course, leaving the question of Trump’s guilt an open question that the media would push daily during his 2nd term, should he win in November). McAfee’s decision comes two days after he quashed six charges in the case, three of which directly applied to Trump.

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“The defense removed the lead special prosecutor while leaving Willis carrying more baggage than Amtrak..”

Willis and the Ethical Option (Turley)

Many commentators reviewing the decision of Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee to disqualify lead Special Counsel Nathan Wade but not Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis as “Solomonic” or “splitting the baby” in the Trump prosecution. Indeed, it was similar in all but one respect. The baby at issue before King Solomon survived. That whole point of the story was not to kill the baby but to see which of the two women loved the baby more. In the story from 1 Kings 3:16–28, two mothers claim the male child who Solomon declares that each can get one half. One mother immediately accepts while the second woman begs him to just give the first woman the child and not to kill him. Solomon immediately gives the second woman the child as clearly the mother who loves the baby. But if either Wade or Willis truly loved “their baby” — the case against Trump — they would have removed themselves weeks ago. Their personal controversies have derailed the case and mired the prosecution in scandal.

Ethically, this should not have been a difficult question. They should have stepped aside. That conclusion is more than evident in Judge McAfee’s decision, which shreds their claims on the stand and outside of the courthouse. The court describes Willis’s controversial speech at a church as “’playing the race card . . . to cast racial aspersions at an indicted Defendant’s decision to file this pretrial motion.” He hammers Willis for her lack of professional judgment and stresses, with perhaps an unintentional pun, that “providing this type of public comment creates dangerous waters for the District Attorney to wade further into.” Judge McAfee also indicates that the testimony of Wade failed to resolve questions of filing false statements to a prior court and that his testimony on when the relationship began stood contradicted. McAfee has done a fair job throughout the case. Moreover, he makes a valid point when he notes that this evidence does not establish a strong basis for claiming that the case was brought or pursued due to this relationship or possible financial gain.

Indeed, the purpose of this case was not personal but political. While the indictments contain some valid criminal charges, they are largely minor offenses like unlawful access to voting areas. The overall racketeering claim used to ensnarl Trump is forced and weak. The problem is that the Court casts doubt on Wade’s testimony on the relationship, but ignores that Willis effectively ratified those claims in her own testimony. Willis and Wade are both prosecuting people for the very same conduct of filing false statements with courts and making false statements. The two lawyers testified in tandem but only one was disqualified. McAfee is no Solomon in this decision. He splits the accused to avoid making the harder decision. If he disqualified Willis, he would have likely have had to disqualify her entire office. That would throw the entire case (and certainly the pre-election schedule) into doubt. So he left her with the choice:

“The prosecution of this case cannot proceed until the State selects one of two options. The District Attorney may choose to step aside, along with the whole of her office, and refer the prosecution to the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council for reassignment. Alternatively, SADA Wade can withdraw, allowing the District Attorney, the Defendants, and the public to move forward without his presence or remuneration distracting from and potentially compromising the merits of this case.” He is leaving Wade with no choice at all beyond an appeal. However, Willis will be allowed to place her own interests as the overriding purpose of the prosecution. In some ways, it is a result that should please no one other than Donald Trump. The defense removed the lead special prosecutor while leaving Willis carrying more baggage than Amtrak. It does not, however, serve the interests of justice. Willis will now prosecute defendants for false statements as her own questionable testimony is likely to be investigated by the state and the bar.

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Just yesterday, another panel blew off a plane mid air.

Boeing Whistleblower: ‘If Anything Happens to Me, It’s Not Suicide’ (MN)

The Boeing whistleblower who supposedly killed himself reportedly told a close family friend not to believe it if it was announced he had committed suicide. 62-year-old John Barnett died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the Charleston County coroner’s office in South Carolina said earlier this week. Barnett had previously raised concerns about the company’s production issues having worked for the company for 32 years before leaving in 2017. According to his attorneys, Barnett had “exposed very serious safety problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and was retaliated against and subjected to a hostile work environment” and was in the middle of a legal deposition against Boeing. “He was in very good spirits and really looking forward to putting this phase of his life behind him and moving on. We didn’t see any indication he would take his own life. No one can believe it,” said the attorneys.

It now turns out Barnett was telling close friends not to believe it if he supposedly committed suicide. After family friend Jennifer asked Barnett if he was concerned for his safety, the former quality manager was emphatic. “Aren’t you scared?” asked Jennifer. “And he said, ‘No, I ain’t scared, but if anything happens to me, it’s not suicide.’” “I know that he did not commit suicide. There’s no way. He loved life too much. He loved his family too much. He loved his brothers too much to put them through what they’re going through right now,” she added. According to the family friend, somebody, presumably representing Boeing, “didn’t like what he had to say” and wanted to “shut him up” without it coming back to anyone. “That’s why they made it look like a suicide,” Jennifer said, who last saw the whistleblower in late February. Barnett’s attorneys said they’re still prepared to go forward with the case in June.

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“For us it is a matter of life and death; for [the US] it’s a matter of improving their tactical position [globally and in Europe]..”

EU Warns US About What Russian Victory In Ukraine Would Signify (RT)

A Ukrainian loss to Russia would hurt Washington’s credibility as a security provider, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell warned during a trip to America. Kiev can’t wait for the presidential election in the US to get more aid, he added. Borrell spoke to the press in Washington on Thursday, after meeting senior US officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He said his message was that Ukraine badly needed the additional assistance which was currently blocked in the US House. “The next months will be decisive. Many analysts expect a major Russian offensive this summer and Ukraine cannot wait until the result of the next US elections,” Brussels’ top diplomat said.

A Russian victory in the conflict “will have enormous repercussions for America and for the system of alliances built around the US and Europe,” he added. Should that happen, “no country could be sure anymore” that Washington would “come to help any ally” under attack. Since Ukraine is not a NATO member, the US is not bound by any obligation to defend it. US President Joe Biden has pledged to help it fight Russia for “as long as it takes” to prevail. Last year, Ukrainian forces attempted to launch a major counteroffensive using Western-donated heavy weaponry, but failed to score any significant territorial gains.

Amid Kiev’s battlefield failures, the issue of continued aid has become embroiled in US partisan politics. The Republican-controlled House has blocked Biden’s request for an additional $60 billion in assistance, with speaker Mike Johnson arguing that the White House was unable to present a convincing strategy for achieving victory in Ukraine. Borrell pledged the EU’s continued military support for Kiev, but said the US needed to pull its weight too. Moscow perceives the Ukraine conflict as a US-led proxy war against Russia and has stated that it is risking far more than the West. “For us it is a matter of life and death; for [the US] it’s a matter of improving their tactical position [globally and in Europe],” President Vladimir Putin reiterated in an interview this week.

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“Isn’t it about time we talked not only about how one wages a war, but also thought about how one can freeze and later also end a war.”

German Ruling Party’s Top Legislator Calls For End To Ukraine Conflict (RT)

It is about time Germany shifted its deliberations toward winding down, freezing and ending the Ukraine conflict, the head of the ruling Social Democratic Party in the German parliament has argued. Rolf Mutzenich also defended Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s staunch refusal to provide log-range Taurus missiles to Kiev. Russia has repeatedly stated that it is open to peace negotiations in principle. Earlier this week, President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was “ready for serious negotiations” that would be based on today’s “realities” and include “security guarantees for the Russian Federation.” Speaking in the Bundestag on Thursday after lawmakers voted against arming Ukraine with Taurus rockets, Mutzenich said: “Isn’t it about time we talked not only about how one wages a war, but also thought about how one can freeze and later also end a war.”

He also criticized those in the ruling ‘traffic light’ coalition, which also encompasses the Green and Free Democratic parties, who oppose Chancellor Scholz’s stance on potential Taurus missile deliveries. Mutzenich charged that “all sense of measure is gone within the coalition.” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who called on her government on Monday to “intensively consider” the potential delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, shook her head and was visibly displeased when she heard these statements, local media have reported. The opposition Christian Democratic Party rebuked the head of the SPD bloc in parliament, with one lawmaker dismissing the suggestion of freezing the conflict as “unbelievable.” Andrey Melnik, who served as Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin between 2015 and late 2022, also chimed in.

The diplomat, known for his controversial remarks and the use of obscene language when addressing German officials, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that he has “always said: this guy was and remains the most obnoxious German politician. Forever and ever,” referring to Mutzenich. Addressing lawmakers on Wednesday, Chancellor Scholz insisted that the delivery of Taurus missiles was “a line that I don’t want to cross as chancellor.” He explained that such a shipment would inevitably require the presence of German military personnel on Ukrainian soil – a development that is “out of the question.” While Kiev has been asking Berlin to supply the rockets for months, German authorities have stressed that the weapon’s long range would enable it to strike targets deep inside Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, potentially exacerbating the conflict.

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Macron Wants Crimea Seized From Russia (RT)

Ukraine must regain control over all the territories it once held, including Russia’s Crimean Peninsula, French President Emmanuel Macron has said. Otherwise, no “lasting peace” will be possible, he claimed. The president made the remarks on Thursday in an interview with broadcasters TF2 and France 2, bluntly describing Russia as France’s “adversary.” At the same time, he insisted that Paris has not been “waging war on Russia” but merely “supporting” Kiev in the conflict. “Certainly, today, Russia is an adversary. The Kremlin regime is an adversary,” Macron stated. “We are doing everything so that it can put Russia in check because, I will tell you very simply, there is no lasting peace if there is no sovereignty, a return to the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, including Crimea.”

The latest remarks by the French president got a cold reception in Russia, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating that Macron apparently “won’t mind increasing the degree of his involvement” in Russia-Ukraine hostilities. “Yes, it’s obvious that Russia is an adversary of France because France is already involved in the war in Ukraine; it is indirectly taking part in this war,” Peskov told reporters. The French president has produced increasingly belligerent statements lately, standing by the remarks he made late in February, that a potential deployment of NATO troops into Ukraine cannot be “excluded.” The remarks prompted a wave of denial from fellow members of the US-led bloc. In this latest interview, Macron refused to elaborate on the matter, claiming he wanted to maintain “strategic ambiguity” and that he has “reasons not to be precise.”

Macron’s remarks echo the position repeatedly voiced by the top Ukrainian leadership, which proclaimed the goal of seizing from Russia all the territories that ended up being held by Kiev following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Crimea broke away from Ukraine in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, promptly rejoining Russia after a peninsula-wide referendum. The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics emerged this year as well, with the botched attempt of Kiev’s new authorities to suppress them by force resulting in years-long conflict in then-Ukrainian Donbass. The two republics, as well as the formerly Ukrainian Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, were incorporated into Russia in late 2022 after the idea was overwhelmingly backed by locals in referendums separately held in each territory. Moscow has repeatedly signaled that its sovereignty over Crimea and any other Russian territories is not a subject to negotiation with anyone.

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“..the fall now is only a matter of time – and not much time at that..”

Western Troops In Ukraine: How A Big Lie Could Lead To The Biggest War (Amar)

The current situation in the conflict between Ukraine – serving (while being demolished) as a proxy for the West – and Russia, can be sketched in three broad strokes. First, Russia now clearly has the upper hand on the battlefield and could potentially accelerate its recent advances to achieve an overall military victory soon. The West is being compelled to recognize this fact: as Foreign Affairs put it, in an article titled “Time is Running Out in Ukraine,” Kiev and its Western supporters “are at a critical decision point and face a fundamental question: How can further Russian advances… be stopped, and then reversed?” Just disregard the bit of wishful thinking thrown in at the end to sweeten the bitter pill of reality. The key point is the acknowledgment that it is crunch time for the West and Ukraine – in a bad way.

Second, notwithstanding the above, Ukraine is not yet ready to ask for negotiations to end the war on terms acceptable to Russia, which would be less than easy for Kiev. (Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, reiterated in an important recent interview that Moscow remains principally open to talks, not on the basis of “wishful thinking” but, instead, proceeding from the realities “on the ground.”) The Kiev regime’s inflexibility is little wonder. Since he jettisoned a virtually complete – and favorable – peace deal in the spring of 2022, President Vladimir Zelensky has gambled everything on an always improbable victory. For him personally, as well as his core team (at least), there is no way to survive – politically or physically – the catastrophic defeat they have brought on their country by leasing it out as a pawn to the Washington neocon strategy.

The Pope, despite the phony brouhaha he triggered in Kiev and the West, was right: a responsible Ukrainian leadership ought to negotiate. But that’s not the leadership Ukraine has. Not yet at least. Third, the West’s strategy is getting harder to decipher because, in essence, the West cannot figure out how to adjust to the failure of its initial plans for this war. Russia has not been isolated; its military has become stronger, not weaker – and the same is true of its economy, including its arms industry. And last but not least, the Russian political system’s popular legitimacy and effective control has neither collapsed nor even frayed. As, again, even Foreign Affairs admits, “Putin would likely win a fair election in 2024.” That’s more than could be said for, say, Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Olaf Scholz, or Emmanuel Macron (as for Zelensky, he has simply canceled the election).

In other words, the West is facing not only Ukraine’s probable defeat, but also its own strategic failure. The situation, while not a direct military rout (as in Afghanistan in 2021) amounts to a severe political setback. In fact, this looming Western failure is a historic debacle in the making. Unlike with Afghanistan, the West will not be able to simply walk away from the mess it has made in Ukraine. This time, the geopolitical blowback will be fierce and the costs very high. Instead of isolating Russia, the West has isolated itself, and by losing, it will show itself weakened. It is one thing to have to finally, belatedly accepted that the deceptive “unipolar” moment of the 1990s has been over for a long time. It is much worse to gratuitously enter the new multipolar order with a stunning, avoidable self-demotion. Yet that is what the EU/NATO-West has managed to fabricate from its needless over-extension in Ukraine. Hubris there has been galore, the fall now is only a matter of time – and not much time at that.

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“..Liver Sausage Chancellor Scholz and his Totalenkrieg Minister Pistorius learned about the Taurus plan no less than four months later..”

The German-American Strategic Depth Clown Show (Pepe Escobar)

The Four Stooges saga of Bundeswehr officers plotting to blow up the Kerch bridge in Crimea with Taurus missiles and getting away with it is a gift that keeps on giving. President Putin, in his comprehensive interview to Dmitry Kiselev for Russia 1/RIA Novosti, did not fail to address it: “They are fantasizing, encouraging themselves, first of all. Secondly, they are trying to intimidate us. As for the Federal Republic of Germany, there are constitutional problems there. They correctly say: if these Taurus hit that part of the Crimean Bridge, which, of course, even according to their concepts, is Russian territory, this is a violation of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.” Yet it gets curioser and curioser. When the transcript of the Taurus leak was published by RT, everyone was able to hear Brigadier General Frank Gräfe – head of operations of the German Air Force – speaking with Lieutenant Colonel Fenske from the German Space Command Air Operations on the plan to deploy Taurus systems in Ukraine.

A key point is that during the plotting, these two mention that plans were already discussed “four months ago” with “Schneider”, the successor of “Wilsbach”. Well, these are German names, of course. Thus it did not dawn on anyone that (Kevin) Schneider and (Kenneth) Wilsbach could instead be… Americans. Yet that did raise the eyebrows of German investigative journalist Dirk Pohlmann – who I had the pleasure to meet in Berlin years ago – and his fellow researcher Tobias Augenbraun. They found out that the German-sounding names did identify Americans. Not only that: none less than the former and the current Commanders of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces. The Four (actually Six) Stooges element gets an extra boost when it is established that Liver Sausage Chancellor Scholz and his Totalenkrieg Minister Pistorius learned about the Taurus plan no less than four months later.

So here apparently we have a clear cut case of top German military officers taking direct orders regarding an attack on Crimea – part of the Russian Federation – directly from American officers in the Pacific Air Forces. That in itself opens the dossier to a large spectrum ranging from national treason (against Germany) to casus belli (from the point of view of Russia). Of course none of that is being discussed on German mainstream media. After all, the only thing that seems to disturb Brigadier General Gräfe is that German media may start seriously prying on the Bundeswehr’s Multiple Stooges methods. The only ones who actually did proper investigation were Pohlmann and Augenbaun. It would be too much to expect from German media of the “Bild” type to analyze what would be the Russian response to the Multiple Stooge shenanigans against Crimea: a devastating retaliation against Berlin assets.

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And the story keeps on giving…

German Taurus Attack Plan Was Leaked By The US Air Force (Helmer)

A little bird has materialized to sing that the record of the German generals discussing their plan to attack Russian targets with the Taurus missile was intercepted and leaked to the Russians by the Americans.A big bird, actually. The telephone conference of German Luftwaffe chief General Ingo Gerhartz (lead image, left), one of his staff generals, and two Luftwaffe lieutenant-colonels on February 19 was listened to by US signals intelligence after the first meeting the Germans had with a new regional US Air Force (USAF) commander, General Kevin Schneider; Schneider took command of the USAF Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) on February 9 after two and a half years in a senior staff post at the Pentagon under General Charles Brown Jr. Brown was promoted from USAF chief to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on October 1, 2023. When Schneider left Brown’s staff, he took a promotion from lieutenant general to four-star general.

Schneider has never flown or staffed USAF operations against Russia. He was in Singapore for the bi-annual Singapore Air Show to demonstrate what the USAF press office called “the opportunity to sharpen ties with Singapore, demonstrate flexible aircraft capability, enable engagement with foreign partners, and expand power projection.” His agenda of meetings with other country airforce officers is classified. Intelligence coverage of the airshow proceedings by the US, Russia, and China was especially intense because of the participation in the show of aircraft from the warfighting states. Russia, which has participated actively in past Singapore airshows, did not participate officially this time. The allegation that the Gerhartz teleconference was intercepted by the Russians originated from the Germans and British, and has been amplified in US and NATO media. The first Russian report that it was US intelligence which picked up the call and then leaked it, appeared in Moscow on March 4.

What has now surfaced is the audio record and transcript of the first minutes of the teleconference, before Gerhartz came on the line. In these five minutes, much more has been revealed by the three German officers than has been published by RT in Moscow on March 1, when the audio record and transcript began with Gerhartz’s appearance. [..] The publication date is March 1. The voices recorded at the beginning are those of Captain Hergang, who introduced and managed the teleconference from Germany; Luftwaffe Brigadier General Frank Graefe, speaking in his Singapore hotel room and describing what he could see out his hotel window; Luftwaffe Lieutenant Colonel Udo Fenske and Lieutenant Colonel Sebastian Florstedt, who are speaking from Germany. A report and transcript in German, auto-translated into English, was published by Tobias Augenbraun in Dirk Pohlmann’s internet platform Free21 on March 8.

The interpretation of the additional evidence by Augenbraun and Pohlmann is that “apparently, the plans were already presented to [USAF] General [Kevin] Wilsbach in October 2023, which are also the subject of further discussion… This is astonishing for the following reason: All the rest of the conversation is about how to bring Taurus closer to the Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius… How can it be that top German generals have already presented these plans to a US general, a full 4 months… before talking about how to discuss these plans with Boris Pistorius (Minister of Defense). Something seems to have gone badly wrong with the order here. Is it normal to first talk to generals from other countries before initiating your own defense minister? Who is in charge in Germany? Is the military out of control?”

Augenbraun and Pohlmann believe the German operational plan discussed with Wilsbach last October was the Gerhartz missile attack on Russia, and that the German Defense Ministry and the Chancellery were unaware of it at the time. This interpretation has been amplified in a report by a Brazilian who claims “here apparently we have a clear cut case of top German military officers taking direct orders regarding an attack on Crimea – part of the Russian Federation – directly from American officers in the Pacific Air Forces.”

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“The Jews experienced pogroms and real persecution and atrocities by the Nazis, but [Israel is] doing the same thing now, and they can’t see that.”

Israeli Portrayal of Arabs Akin To Nazi Portrayal of Russians (Sp.)

Days after the Hamas surprise attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, Israeli Defense Minister said they were fighting “human animals” and called for a “complete siege” on the Gaza strip. “There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and will act accordingly,” he said. The language Israeli officials are using to describe Palestinians and other Arab peoples seems ripped out of the Nazi propaganda playbook, journalist and managing editor of Covert Action Magazine Jeremy Kuzmarov told Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Thursday. “The Jews experienced pogroms and real persecution and atrocities by the Nazis, but [Israel is] doing the same thing now, and they can’t see that. They’re using dehumanizing language. That’s the language of genocides… that’s what I heard out of Israeli leaders,” Kuzmarov asserted.

“How [Nazis] portrayed the Russians when they invaded Russia… as these Salvs, subhuman animals. That’s how they could carry out these horrific atrocities on the eastern front… The exact quote [from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant] ‘human animals’ could have come from a Nazi official talking about the Russians.” The reason this can go on while Israel still receives significant, though decreasing, support from the US population comes from a lack of historical knowledge, Kuzmarov argued. “We see this phenomenon in the US. The media is so biased and the education system conditions people to think in certain ways. In the Israeli context, they are cut off from the true nature of history. They view Israel as this proud nation that had to fight off all these hostile forces. They don’t consider the history of the Nakba, or the Six-Day War,” Kuzmarov explained, comparing it to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Americans were never told the backstory of how the US interfered in Ukraine… they just thought “oh, Putin is a madman. He woke up one day to take over Ukraine’ and they didn’t have any knowledge that the CIA set up bases in Ukraine for years and they were provoking the Russians and attacking the people of eastern Ukraine.” During the conversation, show host Ted Rall noted the breaking news that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) released a statement saying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had “lost his way” and called for a new leadership in Israel. “He’s been a staunch supporter of military aid to Israel as well as Ukraine, so it’s coming a bit late in the game for him,” Kuzmarov recalled. “On the other hand, it is pretty significant that somebody in his position would make those kinds of statements. It goes to show [that] Netanyahu has totally lost. Even his own allies are turning against him because he’s just gone way too far.”

But Schumer’s words, as with US President Joe Biden’s recent comments distancing himself from Netanyahu, must be backed up with action to be taken seriously, Kuzmarov said. “We have Democratic Party politicians who may be conscious of public opinion [with] an election coming up in November,” he began. “So, they’re making certain public statements but we’ve never seen any overtures towards actually cutting off that money.” Kuzmarov thinks that is unlikely because US “foreign policy elites” depend on Israel to act as an American proxy in the region. “Schumer and Biden and the corporate Democrats are pro-imperialists and committed to Americans expanding or entrenching American power in the Middle East and accessing Middle Eastern oil. Whatever public statements they make, I don’t know that they’ll actually carry out any concrete action against Israel. If they did, that would be amazing to see, but my prediction is that they won’t.”

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“..there are more than a few Israelis, even rabbis, who are led to believe genocide can be God’s will..”

Netanyahu Is Criminally Insane! A Serial Killer of Captive Children! (GR)

Benjamin Netanyahu, as the Prime Minister of State of Israel, has commanded the murder, maiming and starving to death 31,000 captive Palestinians under Israel’s Illegal Military Occupation by his four months long orders for Israel’s air forces to continuously bomb and air strike Israel’s illegally military occupied Palestinian territory of Gaza, and by his orders blocking food, water, electricity, fuel and medicine from entering Gaza. Jan 30th Satellite data analysis showed the extent of the destruction. The analysis suggests between 144,000 and 175,000 buildings across the whole Gaza Strip had been destroyed or damaged already six weeks before this writing. That was already between 50% and 61% of Gaza’s buildings. As of March 5th, 70% of homes in Gaza are thought to be destroyed. Soon after Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack, Israel (read Netanyahu) blocked entry of all food, water, fuel, medicine and other supplies into Gaza.

Under U.S. pressure, Netanyahu began to allow a trickle of aid trucks to enter from Egypt at the Rafah crossing, and in December opened one crossing from Israel into southern Gaza. Only someone criminally insane would starve children to death — if we hear of someone starving a child, don’t we call the police? Where is everyone? Especially in the global south where murderous colonialism is remembered? At this writing a total of 13,430 children have been killed in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli airstrikes and ground operations ordered by criminally insane Prime Minister Netanyahu since Oct. 7. What is more precious than the life of a child and why hasn’t Netanyahu been stopped taking already 13,500 children’s lives?

It noted that 8,900 women were killed over the course of 150 days, adding that 7,000 people, 70% of whom are women and children, are still under the rubble or missing. Only a racist madman would continue ordering thousands the deaths of thousands of women along with their children. The Gaza media office said that 364 health personnel and 132 journalists also lost their lives during the period. So it’s kill, kill everyone! And nobody says much about it. Warning against a growing famine in Gaza, the Gaza Media Office said Israeli military has prevented the entry of food and aid supplies and has even targeted aid vehicles trying to reach the region, causing the deaths of dozens of people looking for food for their families.[4]

Under International Humanitarian Law, “the occupying power must ensure the humane treatment of the population and provide for their basic needs, including food and medical care.” Netanyahu has had the Israeli military push 85% of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million into internal displacement amid acute shortages of food, clean water and medicine, while 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, according to the UN. Israel not Netanyahu stands accused of genocide at the International Court of Justice. An interim ruling in January ordered Tel Aviv to stop genocidal acts and take measures to guarantee that humanitarian assistance is provided to civilians in Gaza.

Nations cannot be prosecuted. Individual perpetrators of crimes must be prosecuted. “Whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.” [Article IV Convention on Genocide.] That is an obligation of international customary law and therefore, binding on all States, whether or not they have ratified the Genocide Convention. Article II reads, “Genocide means acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Unfortunately, there are more than a few Israelis, even rabbis, who are led to believe genocide can be God’s will. Deuteronomy 2:16: “You must not let any living thing survive among the cities of these people the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance.” Genesis 15:18: “On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates.” 1 Samuel 15:3: “… and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling” [Standard Bible]

Read more …

“..she “wouldn’t even say that their mental health has deteriorated—it’s been obliterated..”

Israeli Causes ‘Complete Psychological Destruction’ of Gaza Children (CD)

In addition to killing, maiming, and forcibly displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children, Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza has wrought tremendous psychological damage upon kids in the embattled strip, as detailed by a Save the Children report published Tuesday. The charity’s report—entitled Trapped and Scarred: The Compounding Mental Harm Inflicted on Palestinian Children in Gaza—examines how “five months of violence, displacement, starvation, and disease on top of nearly 17 years of a blockade have caused relentless mental harm to children in Gaza.” Jason Lee, Save the Children’s country director for the occupied Palestinian territory, said in a statement that “it is unacceptable that any child should contend with the horrors that those in Gaza have lived through. While dodging bombs and bullets, fleeing through streets littered with debris and corpses, being forced to sleep in the open air, and going without the basic food and clean water they need to survive, children in Gaza are going through a period of mass-scale shock and grief.”

“Children in Gaza were already living with unimaginable distress following 16 years of blockade and successive escalations in violence,” Lee added. “This war and the physical and mental scars it is leaving on children is further eroding their resilience.” One mother of four children aged 7-14 told Save the Children that she “wouldn’t even say that their mental health has deteriorated—it’s been obliterated. Complete psychological destruction.” Another Gaza mother said: “Our children have already lived through different wars. They already lacked resilience and now it’s very difficult to cope. The children are scared, angry, and can’t stop crying. Even many adults do the same. This is too much for adults to cope with, let alone children.” Waseem, a father, said that “children here have seen everything. They’ve seen the bombs, the deaths, the bodies—we can’t pretend to them anymore. Now they understand and have seen everything. Now, my son can even tell what types of explosives are falling—he can hear the difference.”

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Gaza is “the world’s most dangerous place to be a child,” as more than 13,000 Palestinian minors have been killed, and many thousands more wounded, by Israeli attacks and hundreds of thousands of children are among the approximately 2 million of Gaza’s 2.3 million people who have been forcibly displaced by Israel’s bombardment and invasion. Palestinian youth who survive Israel’s bombs and bullets face rampant disease and hunger that’s now killing not only infants and children but also teens and elderly adults as Israeli soldiers and civilians alike continue to block lifesaving aid from entering Gaza. U.N. experts say Israel’s forced starvation of Gazans is a genocidal act of the kind Israel was ordered to prevent in the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) January 26 preliminary ruling in response to South African-led allegations of Israeli genocide.

Many surviving Palestinian children have lost one or both parents. Some have lost entire families. A new acronym has even been coined to describe some of these orphans: WCNSF, or “wounded child, no surviving family.” Around 1,000 of those wounds required the amputation of one or more of a child’s limbs. Due to a lack of medication caused by Israel’s siege, many little arms and legs have been sawed off without anesthesia. Screams and prayers fill the air of makeshift operating rooms, as Israel’s relentless onslaught has obliterated Gaza’s hospitals, clinics, and healthcare infrastructure. Sometimes, even survivor stories have tragic endings, as in the case of Dunia Abu Mohsen, a 12-year-old who first lost one of her legs, her parents, and two siblings in an Israeli airstrike, and then her life when an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tank fired a shell at the hospital in which she was recovering. Or 2-year-old Kareem Abu Zaid, who survived three different Israeli airstrikes that killed close relatives including his mother and sister before he was killed in a fourth IDF strike.

Read more …

More children.

Netanyahu Approves Rafah Operation Plan (RT)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the latest truce and prisoner-exchange proposal by Hamas and has approved an IDF plan to launch an operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Israeli media reported on Friday. ”The IDF is prepared for the operation and to evacuate the [civilian] population,” the PM’s office said in a statement, as cited by the Times of Israel. Earlier in the day, Hamas announced on social media that it had presented its “vision” of a prisoner swap with Israel to Qatari and Egyptian mediators and was looking towards a ceasefire agreement which would involve the withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces from Gaza. As reported by Reuters, which has seen the proposal, the Palestinian militants proposed the release of Israeli women, including female soldiers, children, the elderly and ill hostages, in exchange for Israel freeing between 700 and 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Once the prisoner exchange is complete, Hamas said it would be ready to negotiate a date for a permanent ceasefire.

The Jewish state, however, dismissed the proposal and accused Hamas of making “unrealistic demands. On Thursday, Netanyahu also reiterated Israel’s determination to complete its mission of “eliminating” Hamas. Israel’s decision to proceed with a ground incursion into Rafah comes after repeated warnings from the international community, including the US and Egypt, not to enter the city where some 1.5 million Palestinians are currently sheltering. After Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israeli settlements last October 7, which saw 1,100 people killed and 250 taken hostage, Israel has been conducting a relentless siege on Gaza. According to the latest information from Palestinian health authorities, at least 31,341 people have been killed and 73,134 others injured in Israeli airstrikes and ground operations in the enclave over the past half a year.

Read more …

“People crave trust in others, because God is found there.” — Dom de Bailleul

Consequences Minus Truth (Kunstler)

The rewards of civilization have come to seem rather trashy in these bleak days of late empire; so, why even bother pretending to be civilized? This appears to be the ethos driving our politics and culture now. But driving us where? Why, to a spectacular sort of crack-up, and at warp speed, compared to the more leisurely breakdown of past societies that arrived at a similar inflection point where Murphy’s Law replaced the rule of law. The US Military Academy at West point decided to “upgrade” its mission statement this week by deleting the phrase Duty, Honor, Country that summarized its essential moral orientation. They replaced it with an oblique reference to “Army Values,” without spelling out what these values are, exactly, which could range from “embrace the suck” to “charlie foxtrot” to “FUBAR” — all neatly applicable to our country’s current state of perplexity and dread.

Are you feeling more confident that the US military can competently defend our country? Probably more like the opposite, because the manipulation of language is being used deliberately to turn our country inside-out and upside-down. At this point we probably could not successfully pacify a Caribbean island if we had to, and you’ve got to wonder what might happen if we have to contend with countless hostile subversive cadres who have slipped across the border with the estimated nine-million others ushered in by the government’s welcome wagon.

Momentous events await. This Monday, the Supreme Court will entertain oral arguments on the case Missouri, et al. v. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., et al. The integrity of the First Amendment hinges on the decision. Do we have freedom of speech as set forth in the Constitution? Or is it conditional on how government officials feel about some set of circumstances? At issue specifically is the government’s conduct in coercing social media companies to censor opinion in order to suppress so-called “vaccine hesitancy” and to manipulate public debate in the 2020 election. Government lawyers have argued that they were merely “communicating” with Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others about “public health disinformation and election conspiracies.”

You can reasonably suppose that this was our government’s effort to disable the truth, especially as it conflicted with its own policy and activities — from supporting BLM riots to enabling election fraud to mandating dubious vaccines. Former employees of the FBI and the CIA were directly implanted in social media companies to oversee the carrying-out of censorship orders from their old headquarters. The former general counsel (top lawyer) for the FBI, James Baker, slid unnoticed into the general counsel seat at Twitter until Elon Musk bought the company late in 2022 and flushed him out. The so-called Twitter Files uncovered by indy reporters Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and others, produced reams of emails from FBI officials nagging Twitter execs to de-platform people and bury their dissent. You can be sure these were threats, not mere suggestions.

Read more …

“..He’s praying to god, jeebus and all the saints that Joe doesn’t malfunction..”

Biden Team Mocked After They Stop Reporters From Communicating With POTUS (Sp.)

US voters have repeatedly expressed doubt about Joe Biden’s physical and mental competence to perform his duties, especially in light of the upcoming presidential election in the country. Twitter users have lashed out a “horrible incident”, in which US President Joe Biden’s press office staff quickly removed the press when POTUS said he would take questions at a campaign event in Saginaw, Michigan. “They not even trying to hide it anymore that he can only speak when he has a script in front of him,” one user wrote in a post. Another user pointed out that the 46th US president “looked totally lost and beyond feeble in Michigan” and that “his handlers knew they had to get people away ASAP.” “All you need to do is look at Blinken’s face when Joe speaks anywhere near a camera. That face says it all. He’s praying to god, jeebus and all the saints that Joe doesn’t malfunction. Less stressful to just shut him off from the press,” one more web surfer noted, referring to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Other users wrote that Biden’s team is “afraid to let the man talk as they should be” and that they “already know anytime Biden speaks it’s going to be bad.” At Biden’s campaign stop in Michigan, the US president visited a Victorian mansion owned by members of the Saginaw City Council and Saginaw Public Schools Board of Education. POTUS stood on the porch at the mansion with his back to reporters and could be heard saying, “Can I take a couple questions?” However, members of Biden’s team immediately started raising their arms and walking to journalists, loudly repeating, “Thank you, press, back to the cars.” The incident comes as the 81-year-old Biden faces serious questions about his age and mental acuity as he continues his campaign. The latest NBC News national poll showed that at least three-quarters of voters, including half of Democrats, admit that they have concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health, which could prevent him from running.

Read more …

















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    Edward Hopper The Circle Theater, New York 1936   • Fani Willis Told To Break Up With Nathan Wade Or Trump Case Stalls Out (ZH) • Willis and the
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 16 2024]


    Judge Napolitano: “I told Trump, ‘you promised you would release the records of the JFK assassination.’ He said to me ‘If they showed you what they showed me, you wouldn’t have released it either.’

    Gangster USA. They showed him nothing, Trump is a tool of the deep state if ever I saw one, all this legal shit is designed to give him credibility.


    OUTSTANDING VIDEO: Pedophilia and child trafficking is why the Hollywood and political elite are horrified of President Trump. He turns the darkest nights into the brightest futures for children lost in the shadows of these silent terrorists

    You are kidding right? Trump the man who knew Epstein, panders to every Jew request, was the Jew president (face it, that is all he completed) and takes campaign money from the Jews to run his campaign. That Trump?

    If you believe that Epstein was just some guy who happened to find a few hundred million under his pillow one day, then decided to use that money to blackmail politicians and other powerful people by feeding them kids to fuck, working along with his partner, the daughter of a Jew MOSSAD agent. You are fucking kidding me? Are Americans really that stupid? Why do people keep on forgetting the back story? It is really not that difficult; The Jews control Trump, the Jews controlled the Epstein operation, the Jews control the new, replacement Epstein operation. Obviously someone powerful in MOSSAD liked Maxwell and is prepared to protect his daughter, or she has a stash of the data, otherwise there is no other reason she is still alive.


    A Ukrainian loss to Russia would hurt Washington’s credibility as a security provider, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell warned during a trip to America.

    The Taiwan government is already expressing doubts that they can rely on the USA given the situation in Ukraine. The only reason the USA needs to win in Ukraine is to reassure all the other idiots that have taken a bet on the USA defending them. Maybe Ukraine will finally steer the Taiwan government into a position of self-reliance and reconciliation with mainland China, it looks like that could be happening right now. Well done Ukraine, you may just have saved Taiwan. I don’t give a shit about Ukraine or its people, but I do care about Taiwan.


    Ukraine must regain control over all the territories it once held, including Russia’s Crimean Peninsula, French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

    Why are Macron’s owners forcing him to say even more stupid shit than he normally says? Are his owners trying to discredit him and replace him with someone new? Are they trying to make out that his mind has gone awol? Alternatively, maybe Macron is feeling a little bit ignored and is trying to get more attention, so is saying stupid shit with the intention of hoping that people will think he knows more than he actually does.

    After his words on Trump, I suspect he knows nothing and is just trying to big himself up.


    “..there are more than a few Israelis, even rabbis, who are led to believe genocide can be God’s will..”

    And it is a genocide of the descendants of the Jews of Jesus’ day, the disciples’ descendants are being killed in Gaza, supported by the moronic Christians of the USA, that even more braindead faction of the barindead nation. Today’s white jews are not the middle east Jews that existed when Palestine was ruled by the Romans. The white Jews are killing the Christian Jew Christ yet again …. wow, the believers in western spirituality are going to tie themselves in knots explaining how this is God’s will …. remember, he is a Jew God so you got to wonder which side he is on. Only kidding, when you make up religious stories to manipulate people, it is bound to ends in tears.

    Dr. D

    I believe that Circle Theatre is 1834 Broadway at Columbus Circle,,-73.9820283,3a,75y,272.6h,93.89t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sirl_bdYmqJHqIvsA6kksrg!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192?authuser=0&entry=ttu
    Failed, made a movie house, demolished in 1939. You can see Columbus Circle of the era in the Jack Lemmon Movie, “It Should Happen to You.”

    “School Where Student Was Beaten Into Seizure Has History of Alleged Anti-White Racism
    Missouri AG says teenage perpetrator should be tried as an adult…”

    This is a desperately bad story. Why did you teach them this? Along with flash mob gangs, etc.?

    “Joe Rogan Mocks Neil Young Over ‘Return’ To Spotify

    Does this mean he left mouth-kissing BlackRock, or does it mean he’s doing them both at once?

    “Bitcoin Has No Top Because Fiat Has No Bottom: Understanding Monetary Debasement

    Sadly this is true, and this is why. Look for a reaction and magnetic number at $8888.

    “Democrat-Darling Rachael Rollins Disbarred After Justice Refuses To Prosecute One Of Its Own”

    Headline, but what? No, not just FRAUD by this Federal Judge, but ELECTION FRAUD. But I thought none of that happened, as cases are being prosecuted for it nationwide, and the PA Supreme Court ruled it happened. Conclusion: No prosecution. Perhaps she’s too elderly and charming to be convicted?

    “”Time To Bud Light Them”: Tyson Foods Firing Blue-Collar Workers & Replacing Them With Illegals

    But they said this isn’t happening, as Tyson goes on TV and said this is happening, 42,000 at a pop. Tyson is a garbage company to begin with. Like Monsanto, they’ve always done this sort of thing for decades. Food safety, worker conditions, payoffs and frauds, they’re #1. YOU are the judge on this, people. Their chicken is dangerous and their food sucks. Pay a dollar more and get something decent.

    Again, the new Protests are the “We’re staying home” protests. “I’m not going to NYC” protests. How are you going to round up and jail everyone sitting happily at home, playing board games?

    Fani – not so worried about the Trump aspects, she committed multimillion dollar embezzlement and is still working. And on top cases? Okay then, show us who you are, Georgia.

    “According to McAfee, while he found the “appearance of impropriety,” no “disqualification”

    Okay, but the literal, written standard is “NO appearance of impropriety,” OR ELSE “disqualification.” Bad at reading, much? “Sigh…WHY do we even HAVE laws?” — Lao Tsu

    “I have never seen a clearer case of perjury. There is no rule of law if attorneys can get away with that.”

    That’s what they, and I, have been trying to tell you for 30 years. It took to this for it to sink in I guess. Maybe it still hasn’t.

    ““The defense removed the lead special prosecutor while leaving Willis carrying more baggage than Amtrak..”

    This is probably better. It’s not TRUMP we’re defending. It’s US. WE are the ones who need to see and decide. The more it goes on, the more it’s in the news, the better it is.

    4Michief: they’re not terrorists. Can you not use words? Isn’t it enough to be what it is without having to make up more stuff? Actual kidnapping, rape, meh. Is that what you’re saying or think we’ll hear? “Terror” is to be open and CAUSE fear. They are HIDING and trying to prevent discovery, the #Opposite. Okay, back to your good and brave work now, White Hat.

    “EU Warns US About What Russian Victory In Ukraine Would Signify (RT)

    It would signify, The Truth, their only enemy. That Europe has no army whatsoever and therefore NATO doesn’t exist.

    “Borrell pledged the EU’s continued military support for Kiev, but said the US needed to pull its weight too.”

    Hmmm…two bodies of states, same size, GDP, Population. $150B vs $60B. …Pulling one’s weight….hmmm….

    ““Isn’t it about time we talked not only about how one wages a war, but also thought about how one can freeze and later also end a war.”
    “speaker Mike Johnson arguing that the White House was unable to present a convincing strategy for achieving victory in Ukraine.”

    I’d be willing for you to talk about any of the three. You’re not. It’s: “It’s WAR…n’ stuff. Handwave, posture, signal, off.

    With a chorus, elephant, and brass band. They’re only missing one thing: Men and arms.

    “• Macron Wants Crimea Seized From Russia (RT)

    Okay Macron: perhaps it hasn’t come to your attention yet, but you need “An Army.”

    “The Pope,was right: a responsible Ukrainian leadership ought to negotiate.”

    Negotiate what? Your unconditional surrender? They seem to think this is an option somehow.

    “6 Stooges”

    That’s awesome and classic. Like Veritas, leak the first thing, get them to deny and spin it, then leak the rest showing they’re liars again. Those other steps are important. So…Generals are discussing entirely out of the Civilian chain of command, including scenery-chewing NATO Russian-haters like Pistorius. They haven’t asked if it’s ALSO outside of the U.S. chain of command, as “Everybody just knows.” So you have a tiny cadre of Warmongers, a Dr. No group, an elite club, if you will, inside NATO, inside countries that if, taken off, will move policy forward irreversibly?

    Alex, what is “The Deep State” for $1,000? What is the International, NON-National, Stateless Club and Cartel? Yeah, that one I keep talking about that seems to be a tiny fraction embedded everywhere, even Iran?

    “• Netanyahu Is Criminally Insane! A Serial Killer of Captive Children! (GR)

    I mean, yes, but ALL our leaders are criminally insane. When you said rounded up and executed children, I thought you meant Kamala there for a second. Remember? Black Children, innocent, charged with nothing off the streets to pay Private Prisons? Then not released even on a Judge’s orders because they were supposed to fight wildfires for $1/hr and be killed?

    “..she “wouldn’t even say that their mental health has deteriorated—it’s been obliterated..”
    • Israeli Causes ‘Complete Psychological Destruction’ of Gaza Children (CD)

    As is said regularly, Nutsy is erasing Hamas…by CREATING 10x as many Hamas, in Palestine, but also everywhere in the Muslim world. #Winning! How is the mental health of Arabs or even Muslims who grow up and watch this every day? Americans don’t like it either, but it’s not as personal to most of us, outside of MI and MN. — Because we’re being genocided by OTHER U.S. policies, domestic ones.

    “• Netanyahu Approves Rafah Operation Plan (RT)

    Hey, didn’t he say “Flee to Rafah so you’ll be safe”? Ha ha. That Nutsy, he’s such a card! What a kidder.

    Comments have gone off the rails as apparently all us commenters have aged out. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

    AFKTT: Glad you’re up and healthy. I’m still waiting for SIX TIMES, 6x today’s CO2, in which case nothing happened for 60 million million years. Except more plants and animals. You are against this for some reason, even as you say humans are a virus that must all be killed. Okay, follow your own logic: you first.

    Like Celtic, if you believe it, do something about it. Live your truth. Be integrated. With integrity.

    Anyway I find it mysterious. Do you think people saying something has some kind of effect? I’m out here because I’m trying to distill and discover the Truth, not people’s opinions about it. Mouthing un-evidenced opinions is just discarded as chaff and I move on to the next fact I can find to help me understand our world.

    That’s why it’s important to be accurate. Sure the Warsaw Ghettos happened, but did 6 Million die when there were only 1M people in the whole city? That’s how some of this nonsense started: not being accurate. LYING. So if Israel is killing 500 a day should we just lie and say it’s 1,000? Why? Is 500 a day dead not enough for you somehow? If so, why not say 10,000 a day? Or 1 Million? Or a Billion-million? A billion-million a minute? Once you un-moor from the truth, what’s the difference? A: I want the most emotional LIES, that is, PROPAGANDA, so you will DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD, what I TELL you, what I WANT. Not what is best and accurate.

    In a similar “Million-billion a minute” speech, Celtic misses the math that there are Congressmen opposing the genocide. Notoriously, publicly, JEWISH Congressmen. Bernie Sanders for one. And we know there are no White Hats because there are no cases removing Rachael Rollins above, exposed Hunter Biden, forestalled Hillary Clinton, refused the Ukraine escalation, printed the Pentagon Papers, defended thousands of people in court, and so on. Who are you talking to? When you say that, you’re saying – I – don’t exist. Raul doesn’t exist. Assange doesn’t exist. Am I’m supposed to believe you? < Looks down at hands on keyboard > Nope, I still exist! Last I heard, Assange still exists! Lawsuits still exist! Who are you talking to?

    Apparently I and Black Hats are equivalent and — I — kill people. < Looks down at keyboard > Nope! Haven’t yet! Double checked! Didn’t perjure, didn’t fabricate, didn’t murder, didn’t cover for it. Nope. Still different. A thing and it’s #Opposite haven’t become the same yet! But okay, you win. I’ve actually been killing millions of people all along! I just FORGOT. I did Jimmy Hoffa and all 6-Sigma death rates. Yup! That’s me. Busy-busy. Don’t know how that slipped my mind, I should see a doctor or something.

    Actually, I shouldn’t remind you as you might get better at undermining America, Justice, and as you say, all White people (whoever they are) by chewing up and destroying all hope, reason, order, and morale. But I assume you’re in it for the fee-fees. It feels SO GOOD to say “We’re DOOOOOOOOOOMED” (So I can sit around and not do anything). I’m BETTER than you. I KNOW. Only A Few, very special people like me, Know The Truth. The Truth is: why bother? It’s all hopeless anyway. Now excuse me while I go adjust my Emo-girl makeup and put on a plaited black skirt.

    Or you could shoulder a damn rifle and plant a tree like the rest of us.

    Dr. D

    Speaking of, and not to be a PSA, but I’ve been rattling around this subject that’s mostly outside TAE range. I grew up poor and around a lot of Depression-era people still doing their Depression Era things. As one told me: “There are two kinds of people, those who were in the Depression, and everyone else.” Anyway, somehow that came together with a comment gosh almost a year ago about guns, and this:

    Why? As I get older, I think about things differently. Like, what knife is best? I used to be all technical, what’s the use, the age, the cost, buy books, magazines, watch movies, agonize over it, and so on, but now it’s like: “the knife you have.” THAT is the best one. Why? Because when you add skill, knowledge, and competency, you can make any of them work, and they all have their drawbacks. That’s being an adult, a man. Reminds me of the joke, might be in Kerouac or something, he asked this Indian, “What kind of dog is that?” and he thought about it and answered carefully, “He’s a GOOD dog.” Like Zen, it seems like a joke “I haven’t had a bite all day; so I bit him” but it’s not.

    What’s with the hand tool here? Well, it’s sort of the worst possible gun for so many, many reasons. Underpowered. Oversized. Undercapacity. Fragile. Impractical. Retroactive. Not hidden. But it made me think of that Old-timer’s main gun he owned when we were kids, it was a single-shot break-action .22. I think it was a carnival gun from the 20s or 30s. Obviously they don’t allow that anymore, that’s-why-we-can’t-have-nice-things.

    Used to be like this:

    Break-action? ONE bullet? And the smallest bullet made, at that?

    And as a young man of course you want the bestest, most powerfulestest gun made. The HALO guns, ones from Overwatch. Like “Rambo: The Musical” guns with one in each fist, 100,000 rounds pouring out on banana belts, blazing, blowing up towers in a single go. Of course! Who doesn’t? And fast cars and hot women too, right?

    But what I realized from this is the opposite. If you have ONE bullet, you’re CAREFUL with it. Besides, what is he shooting? A squirrel? As soon as the gun goes off, everything hides for 10 minutes anyway. What’s the hurry?

    So I revise, now that I’m too old to fight (remains to be seen): A $50 break action .22 carnival gun is the BEST gun you can have. Like the single action Rough Rider above. Why? Because it TEACHES you.

    It teaches you how to deal with guns. As part of your life. And very safely, as safely as possible for this device, like guys putting triple-speed actuators on their excavators: faster you’re just going to hurt somebody. You all are okay because you learned on years of slow-speed machines. So hand anyone the same, slowest, smallest, practice tool you can which is fine for like 99% of all tasks you’ll ever need for a gun, which is almost zero to begin with. SINGLE action, if you know what that means. Years and years of safe familiarity will have ingrained all the truly important parts: taking it out, putting it away. Making it safe. Handing it to someone. Breathing, shot placement. Making the right and only ONE shot at only the ONE moment. The economy of not being wasteful. The power of having one or doing without having one. What men could accomplish in groups. What regular vs intermittent practice means. Thinking of others. All this – the only important part – is accomplished far better using the WORST gun you can find by conventional measures.

    Then, when you have to go to war, into basic training, pick up a Glock17 or a Remington .12 to defend yourself, or a M1A .308 NATO at 300 yards, you know how to do it competently. Moving UP is then stupidly easy. You know the REAL parts of the gun, that is to say the NOT using it. Having always been under-armed, underpowered, it’s a relief to know you have 17 rounds at like 10x the power, especially when barely that will do. Because: when would you ever use that? Never, you hope, and not before the last (prospective) 10 minutes of your life. Before then, you’re just training, you know?

    No. These are best to have. And easiest to have. And cheapest to have. And safest to have. And if you like, therefore funest to have. Choose about the others, the self-defense, the extreme, but for all practical daily purposes, these are best. Adult guns. Like you buy a minivan for your family, not a Ferrari, I hope? If you have one it’s locked in the garage instead of carrying paint cans and diaper boxes because that’s not what it’s for.

    So everyone was complaining – Always the complaining! — Americans are like this, Americans are reckless, Americans don’t know nothing, Americans aren’t like they used to be. So? Do something about it. Do what they did, buy what they bought, have what they had. Heck, wear what they wore, I don’t give a s–t. Live it out.

    So there’s your Public Service Announcement for the year, with something I don’t value at all and never talk about, which is guns.

    Real men shoot $50 break action .22s. …And save enough money to feed their families.

    Not everyone’s from America and your mileage may vary, but the lesson remains the same. The best tool is the one you have.

    John Day

    It is now fairly clear that Emmanuel Macron is being given throw-away lines to say, because he is disposable, and nothing he says really matters. He is still president of France, and those words are “out there” in the open for discussion, having been spoken by his (increasingly discounted) lips…

    John Day

    @Dr. D: He doesn’t mention .22 magnum cylinder pop-in until halfway through the video.
    That’s “Two, Two, Two Guns In One”!
    Ruger 10/22 is the best selling 22 rifle in America, ever since about 1963, and for good reason. there are so many versions, but the synthetic stock with a scope site is value-for-money #1. The stock magazine is the most reliable feed in the world, but the higher capacity magazines are good, too.
    This was the 22 my grandfather, who served in both world wars, had on his cattle ranch.

    (Heh, heh… Dude in pistol video then mentions that his rifle is a “10/22”)


    Put it in prospective. It’s all relative.

    You are not the queen bee.
    You are not the first domino.
    The world population fucked up without your two cents.
    Tomorrow will still come.
    Sheeps are happy.
    Voting – The power to chose
    Secrets require lies.
    Words/image that bring happiness. LOL

    That face says it all. He’s praying to god, jeebus and all the saints that Joe doesn’t malfunction. Less stressful to just shut him off from the press,” one more web surfer noted, referring to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

    D Benton Smith

    From end-of-the-slapfest yesterday [comment #154779 ]


    I don’t speak respectable chimp”

    Damn! That’s snappily superior sarcastic snark. Tempts me to either arise from the rocker or get a longer cane. But on the other hand, why throw pearls when I can just clutch them instead? After all, it’s only aspnaz doing what he does best, talking shit through an inappropriate aperture.


    Maria Zakharova …. paramilitary units into the territory of Ukraine, are related to the partition of what they see as the remnants of Ukraine…They are ready to occupy and partition Ukraine.

    Zakharova is likely correct in assessing that plans are afoot for partitioning Ukraine depending on several situational variables (e.g. the conflict’s military-strategic dynamics and domestic politics like in Poland’s case), everything probably wouldn’t unfold like the public imagines.
    Asymmetrical partition between Ukraine’s western neighbors into “spheres of economic influence”



    Since there is no mention of Foreign mercenaries and advisers, therrefore, Russia must have missed their intended targets.
    Ukraine war latest: Russian missile strike on Odesa kills 21, injures over 70
    by The Kyiv Independent news desk
    March 15, 2024


    Afewknowthetruth, a request before you get started today.

    Not only did you post the manifesto of a marxist wannabe ecoterrorist “professor,” you’ve consistently stuck to his message, line and verse, for years.

    Not only that, you “educated” us on the Marxist concept of False Consciousness. Ported over to “climate meltdown.”: The climate version of Whiteness or White Consciousness.

    The people inside The System that Benefit From It therefore cannot see its problems and will even fight to preserve it. They cannot see reality – cannot even process it because they have a False Consciousness (what is the consciousness but the soul? Soul-less. Subhuman)

    I tried for what, 6 months at least to talk with you like a human being. Over that time I slowly dragged successive layers out of you, things you would not openly say. You seem to think everyone is obliged to have amnesia for you after taking a break.

    Do you think you could possibly have a DISCUSSION in which you treat people with basic respect, like human beings? Instead of only thinking in terms of tricks and what to obscure? If you could come out and actually state where you stand without evasions, reframes, etc? I could respect you then.

    Just come out and say the ACTUAL beliefs, ideology, whatever you have and stand by it. If you have to keep it hidden because it would be a detriment, what does that say about it?

    Your alternative is that I will get better and better, more incisive, more concise, more varied in responding to the surface concepts we know you don’t even really care about and you will get stuck right there.


    It occurs to me Climate Meltdown is a huge attention and energy sink.

    What were we talking about for say, 2 weeks before AFKTT popped up again? What might Climate Meltdown take headspace away from that we were looking at? Anything in particular?

    Just a thought.

    D Benton Smith


    Just a thought.

    And a very good thought it is. I am going to backtrack and examine the time frame you suggested and hopefully get back with some kind of an answer.

    Meanwhile your previous post is the most concise, precise and profound characterization that I have ever read. I find it deeply insightful and eminently useful. Thank you.

    Figmund Sreud

    Chuck Watson:

    Dr. D

    Transing The Tomboy

    Speaking of distractions. This is so interesting. Okay for people who both have real lives, and don’t care, what’s happening is: drumroll Any woman who isn’t le plus ultra maximum feminine is hereby defined as a man. Ta da! And if you sleep with her, you’re gay. Yup, YOU Sir, could become gay at any time, without your knowing or permission. Who knew? No, really, I am NOT making this up, this is an actual discussion by adult considered “rational” people right now.

    NOT ONLY THAT, but it is a perfect example of the horseshoe effect, where the Far Left and Far Right perpetually merge into oneness of Nirvana, that joyful Shangra-la of intolerance and hate, enforced by violence, preferably enacted for economy’s sake, by an infinitely powerful Central State, aka “Socialism”. Howso? Well the LEFT says any woman who plays with firetrucks is hereby a man and must be whisked away amputated, IMMEDIATELY. …I guess they didn’t notice, don’t have female firefighters in their world, 50 years after feminism, and 150,000 years after women dealt with fire? They’re more Conservative than the Conservatives are! The Far Right says any woman who plays with fire trucks should be put in gender therapy and made to realize she’s a woman, and what women do. (Okay, I don’t think this is a real thing, with a single real person, anywhere on the Right, even Andrews Tate.) The only thing they disagree on is WHICH gender they must force someone else to be, how they act, and even THINK. Pretty typical.

    Okay, so the woman in question is unfathomably hot, slim, southern, working chick growing up rural with her Dad’s company. Her, the American woman’s response? “Who are you people? I mean, I got work to do. Do whatever you like, be whoever you are and don’t let other people order you around. But I got things to do, so bye.” That’s it.

    Now why am — I — drawing up and repeating such UTTER nonsense, ignorant, fruitless, time-wasting, irrelevant trollop, that to a large extent ISN’T EVEN HAPPENING? I mean, I don’t know a single conservative ANYWHERE on the spectrum would would be caught dead saying such thing, nor can I imagine doing so.

    …Because this means their hold on the Right is broken and they’re desperately clutching, spinning, reaching, experimenting with what they can use in bots and algos, all non-real, non-powerful, non-relevant people, to divide and derail us. Couldn’t be more obvious, like HILARIOUSLY obvious, like I’m getting out the wieners for this dumpster fire and stay a while obvious. Cluephone: The Right DOES s–t. They’re WORKING. They’re not on TikTok. Like literally if you’re there, -20DP for being Conservative.

    So A) The Right is now considered large, winning, and relevant for the “Special Treatment” and B) They’re so clueless! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa! What the actual? I could watch them throwing jam all day! This has to be the worst, most ill-researched, ill-timed, ill-informed, PR campaign I’ve ever seen! Divide what? We’re unified that you’re deranged, lunatic morons. You’re unifying us more! Men and women alike!

    Go on. Tell me all about how our “Masters of the Universe” are all powerful and control everything. The world is in sway, hypnotized by their total mastery. Better give up now! …These guys couldn’t make a sandwich with one slice of bread.

    Oh man, other than being so moronic I’m bored even hearing about it, this couldn’t be better. But like that Dixie chick, I got s–t to do, gonna go ignore them again all 23 1/2 hours today, just like ignored them 23 1/2 hours yesterday, and haven’t been doing anything they say for oh, say, since I was 9 years old. Good luck, suckers! Hope it all works out for you!

    So is today a day genders exist and are always definitive, or a day genders DON’T exist, and you can be a pancake? Like that photo above, I’m going to go shoot a gun, then work in a corner office, wear pants, and that makes me a girl, no wait! A boy. No, wait! Aiiiii!!

    Didn’t we settle pants don’t make you a boy like 120 years ago?


    @John Day : Re – the Ruger 10/22

    Yes! Hands down the best .22 LR out there. I have the carbine model with hardwood stock and the 15- and 25- round magazines. They all perform flawlessly. Of course I also have an AR-15 with a Holosun red dot sight, but I use the 10/22 to keep my marksmanship skills at a high level. Never underestimate the lethality of the .22 LR.

    D Benton Smith


    Here is the TYPE of stuff we were talking about on TAE round about the time that the current crop of trolls showed up. We were sort of working our way back through the evidence to figure out not just “who” was wrecking the world, but also “how” and “why” they were wrecking it. TAE was coming up with some good stuff in that investigation, too.

    Here’s an example of what I wrote back in that day:
    “One of the things that makes the vax lovers’ renunciation of reality so difficult to comprehend resides in one’s own failure to see that the vax lovers are locked into a HORRIBLE condition colloquially known as Stockholm Syndrome. Few understand that condition very well, which is in itself remarkable because the condition is extremely simple in its mechanism.

    Basically Stockholm Syndrome is adoption . . . by the victim . . . of devoted loyalty to their antagonist as a last ditch effort to survive. The instinct-level subconscious calculation is that if they (the victim) are truly, fully and totally loyal and servile then the feared antagonist would have no reason to kill them. The only way to make this subterfuge undetectable as a lie is to make it NOT a lie. If the devoted loyalty is true and factual then the antagonist won’t detect it as fabrication. The antagonist might even see the victim as useful, and therefore let them live, or even reward the sincere loyalty with gifts and good treatment.

    And so, to save themselves from predicted demise at the hands of an all-powerful deadly antagonist, victims literally and actually change their own minds, changes their own BELIEF systems, to match what they believe their antagonistic owner desires. They choose happy slavery in the instinctually compulsive hope that such will prevent unhappy death.

    Unfortunately, the worst of the worst antagonists (the real PROFESSIONALS) are fully aware of how this phenomenon works, and gleefully strive to INDUCE Stockholm Syndrome in the people that they wish to enslave and exploit. More than one Mass Formation based psychosis on the large scale has been done in precisely this manner. Like the one we are in now.

    Side Note & Advice : Increased demonization of the evil antagonist does not usually help. In fact, proving the antagonist to be diabolical usually makes the condition WORSE, by making the antagonist appear to be more dangerous than they already seem. Making the antagonist (who the victim already fears to be a demented psychopathic killer) just drives the victim to INCREASE their demonstrations of absolute devotion to them.

    And in those who are persuaded to hate the antagonist and seek to destroy them it doesn’t help much either. They want revenge, punishment, DESTRUCTION of those “evil doers” . Well, it’s not hard to see where that’s going to wind up. It winds up in the pursuit of POWER. You might as well pursue corruption directly (like a Satanist, warlord or serial killer) because power and corruption and HELL itself are pretty close to one and the same thing. Ever see a war that wasn’t followed up shortly thereafter by another war?

    The only workable solution is the excruciatingly slow and exceedingly painful process of educating oneself , and all of the OTHER victims of Stockholm Syndrome, into greater and greater awareness that the antagonist’s feared “power” is nothing more (and I do mean NOTHING more) than their desire and capacity to persuade other people to do bad things to other people in order to avoid other people doing bad things to them for the same reason.

    The whole damned mess is a self-perpetuating “spiralistic” descent into madness. To strive for material victory by somehow overpowering the antagonist is an open invitation to Hell. The ONLY way out is the painful acquisition and sharing of awareness of truth. And a good place to start that process is to start increasing how aware you are of what is REALLY going on all around you . . . no matter how scared it makes you feel as awareness grows. . . and sharing that awareness with others instead of seeking to reduce your own fear by increasing theirs.”

    Other TAE commentators were chipping in, each in their own way, and the outlines of the “Cabal” (or “Blob” as is currently in vogue). Not the sort of stuff that the Cabal/Blob likes being discussed freely.

    No problem for me in any case. All are welcome. If you’re a Troll then troll away! We learn so much about you when you do.


    On, Macron and the new UKR-F Security Cooperation.

    excerpts (shortened > F – UKR – RF)

    (F will implement) active deterrence of, and counter-measures against, a new aggression by the RF

    …. F will provide military and civil assistance to enable UKR to defend its sovereignty, its independence and its territorial integrity in the face of the aggression by the RF

    …. F will contribute to the development of UKR’s critical infrastructure protection capabilities, including by military means, prioritizing, but not limited to, modern air defence capabilities

    …. F and UKR will work together and with other partners of UKR to ensure that the UKR’s defence and security forces are able to fully restore UKR’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders as of 1991

    …. In the event of future Russian armed attack against UKR, /at the request of F / UKR, they/ will consult within 24 hours to determine measures needed to counter or deter the aggression. élysée site – eng

    8 reasons to vote against by Dupont-Aignan, F pol, vid F

    He claims it opens the door to sending troops on the ground, as Macron has stated – to the use of tactical nukes (requires lawyerly analysis etc.) Art. 12 allows the confiscation of R funds for ‘reconstruction’ …
    In F Parliament, only the LFI (Mélenchon = ‘extremist left’ heh, not!) and the Communists voted against. The RN (Marine Le Pen) abstained, which amounts to agreeing to the ‘for’ vote. All the ‘centrist’ parties/groups, including ‘Greens’ voted for.
    The language is very imprecise imho and doesn’t commit to much, anyways, such texts (eg. Minsk I, II) are empty husks. Just another arm of propaganda, hyping this or that, swaying public opinion, etc.

    Why Macron is now blasting forward in the anti-RF direction with what hype can be mustered is another topic. (See some posters above and maybe soon below.)

    D Benton Smith

    et all

    regarding the Ruger 10/22

    That’s pretty spooky, because that’s my gat also (and a Walther .22 semi-auto as well). I guess that proves the old saw that, “Great minds think alike” (or is that, “Old geezers are frugal” ?)


    @Dr D re: pants

    My wife’s pants make me a boy…think about it! 🙂


    Who is not like the other?
    Wolf-dogs, werewolfves, lycanthrope, Israelites


    Forecasting the point at which we break though 450 ppm atmospheric CO2 is not easy. Until today, I suggested 450 ppm would be likely reached around 2030.

    However, today’s record surge [compared to a year ago] in atmospheric CO2 suggests 450 ppm may be reached before 2030.

    Mar. 15, 2024 427.93 ppm
    Mar. 15, 2023 420.24 ppm
    1 Year Change 7.69 ppm (1.83%)

    Clearly few people want to accept that the chemical and thermal balance of the Earth are at stake because doing so would require them to desist from promoting the absurd narratives they have in their minds, such as infinite economic growth on a finite planet.


    I do not like using the word hope but am forced to on this occasion. We must hope that the latest atmospheric CO2 figure (427.93 ppm) is an outlier and not representative of a new trend because if it is representative of a new trend, we will break through 450 ppm in 4 years or less.


    Boeing is just fine, according to The Conversation this morning. Here’s an excerpt from the email notification:

    The bumpy ride was the latest in a string of unfortunate events surrounding the US aerospace titan, from an emergency door panel flying off a plane in January to a dramatic engine fire and the unscheduled jettison of a tyre during takeoff. And that’s before we get to the conspiracy theories around the apparent suicide of a former Boeing employee turned whistleblower, who alleged the manufacturer had cut corners to save money.

    What’s a poor traveller to make of it all? According to aviation expert Doug Drury, not too much. While Boeing has faced some quality assurance concerns, it appears to be acting to address them – and most of the high-profile incidents are more likely due to poor maintenance and human error than to issues on the manufacturer’s part.

    That’s about all the mention that this alleged suicide gets.

    John Day

    @Zerosum: “wolf-dogs”? My friend Bill had a wolf-husky cross that was “playful”. “Cody” jumped an 8 foot privacy fence to bite a lawyer out on a walk and jumped back over into the back yard.
    Bill managed to pay out, keep it out of court, and keep it a secret that Cody was half wolf, which made the crime much bigger…
    Still, not anything really sinister or intentional.

    @Old-Farts-with-cheap-reliable-Rugers: “Takes one to know one”, “safety in numbers”, “better together”?


    @ Dr. D.

    “Why? As I get older, I think about things differently. Like, what knife is best? I used to be all technical, what’s the use, the age, the cost, buy books, magazines, watch movies, agonize over it, and so on, but now it’s like: “the knife you have.” THAT is the best one. Why? Because when you add skill, knowledge, and competency, you can make any of them work, and they all have their drawbacks. That’s being an adult, a man. ”

    I think this ‘Forgotten Side of Medicine’ essay addresses the point perfectly that you aim at, maybe.


    Hey Doc, you aught to thank me for writing what you just wrote. You wouldnt have gone there if I didnt kick up some dust. Cheerleading and sychophants make you a little lazy.


    @ Dora: I agree with you about the recent substack by A Midwestern Doctor: The Forgotten Art of Surgery.

    D Benton Smith



    The part I couldn’t figure out is how biting a lawyer would be an offense of some kind. Sounds to me like Cody is just a good dog.


    Why do jews rule America, western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, why? Money. Created out of nothing, backed by nothing. Every day, worth less, heading to 0. Once your average dumbfuck figures this out, he’ll be no different than a German in the Weimar era, wheelbarrowing his useless “savings” around. Pissed off and angry. Take a good look at Gaza, don’t look aside at the horror, dont turn away, that is who these fuckers really are. Liars, thieves, murderers….always were, always will be. Christ warned us. No 1 wanted to listen while they accumulated more crap and descended, step by step, thru the door the jew opened…into Hell.


    Fixed it for you.
    Patient to dr.: ” It hurts when I do this.”
    Dr. to patient: “Don’t do it.” 😉


    War begets science. Science begets war.
    Pillage makes wealth; cheap labor makes moar.
    Societies rise and societies fall
    As they dance and expire at the vampire’s ball.

    Michael Reid
    Michael Reid

    Don’t let them get away with it

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