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‘Losing a War is No Fun’ (Manley)
French Army ‘Ready For War’ – Top General (RT)
France Preparing to Deploy Military Contingent in Ukraine: Russian Intel (Sp.)
Ukraine’s Losses ‘In The Millions’ – Polish General (RT)
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US Military-Industrial Complex Jacks Up Prices Amid Ukraine Proxy War (Sp.)
iPhones Won’t Work In Case Of World War III – Russian MP (RT)
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Supreme Court Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting Illegal Aliens (ZH)
Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty? (Victor Davis Hanson)
It’s Time for GOP To Unite Behind Trump (Marcus)
How the Democrats Plan To Steal the Election (Lew Rockwell)
Viagra May Prevent Alzheimer’s (RT)





















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“..the US will not suffer the consequences anywhere near to the degree the Europeans will.”

‘Losing a War is No Fun’ (Manley)

Russia’s economy has survived Western sanctions “far better” than predicted, recent reports show. Meanwhile, the European Union’s (EU) economy has been suffering drastically, causing working class voters to turn against aid for Ukraine. The Greanville Post published an article on Tuesday which claims the European Union has become the site of the 21st century’s “biggest political disaster”. The article writes that Paris, France—which once saw leftist planning agendas filled with “protests, gatherings and strikes”—now seems to be a city where there is little talk of the “economic, political and confidence collapse” of the biggest economic bloc in the world. Daniel Lazare, an independent investigative journalist and author, sat down with Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Tuesday and discussed the recent piece. “Well, I think Europe is losing the war,” said Lazare. “And losing a war is no fun. The situation in Ukraine is going very poorly. Russia clearly is winning, its economy is doing very well. The European economy, by contrast, is stalling.

And if Russia does make progress in the war, if the Ukraine government breaks in some way, then the results for Europe will be devastating.” “I mean, this is not a faraway war for [the EU]. It’s a faraway war for America. But it’s a war on the doorstep of the EU. And the prospect of a Ukrainian collapse would cause panic in Poland, but also in Berlin and Paris, and Macron has been making crazy noises about sending troops to Ukraine, which is completely nuts. But then again, the guy is desperate and doesn’t know quite how to respond. And, the same kind of desperation is evident in other capitals as well,” he added. Sputnik’s Garland Nixon noted that European governments have not done a “good job” of trying to convince their public that they have to suffer and sacrifice for the “democracy of the neo-Nazis”.

“The US is also quite confident that, as you said, the ruble will be turned to rubble, the Russian economy would be smashed, that they’d be, you know, they’d be closed out of the energy market and would be crying for mercy very soon,” said Lazare of the West’s attacks on Russia’s economy. “But that didn’t happen. Quite the reverse. Russia was able to find outlets for its oil and gas. It developed markets with China and other nations. The US has wound up shooting itself in the foot. And the amazing thing is that this keeps happening again and again.” Sputnik’s Wilmer Leon added that the reason French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz don’t want to address the collapse of their biggest economic bloc in the world is because it was done at the “behest of the United States”. “The US really engineered this war,” said Lazare. “I don’t want to let France and Britain off the hook because they were solidly behind US efforts, but this is an American-led effort which really installed a nationalist government in Kiev, which was itching for a fight with Russia, which got one and then, followed by a full scale military invasion in February 2022.”

“The US thought it would win that war easily,” he continued. “But now the war is going very poorly. And it turns out that the US really had a very poor idea of what it was getting into. Now, the problem is that the US will not suffer the consequences anywhere near to the degree the Europeans will.” “So, it’s a case that they followed the US, they tag along happily behind it, and now they’ve got to pay the price for their own behavior. It’s crazy, and I do agree that there’s going to be a reckoning.” The EU’s working class is growing increasingly opposed to conflict with Russia as their economy suffers from Western imposed sanctions which saw them lose access to cheap and reliable Russian energy. The economic growth forecast for Germany, for instance, was cut down to 0.2% in 2024 from a previous projection of 1.3%, according to a recent report. Robert Habeck, Germany’s Vice-Chancellor, has said the country is performing “dramatically bad.”

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Far toos much war talk coming out of France.

French Army ‘Ready For War’ – Top General (RT)

France is ready to face whatever developments unfold internationally and is prepared for the “toughest engagements” to protect itself, the chief of staff of the French Army, Gen. Pierre Schill, said in an interview published on Tuesday. In recent weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly refused to rule out Western troops being sent to Ukraine at some point to help Kiev in its fight against Moscow, which he described as an “adversary” of Paris. France’s forces are “ready,” Schill told Le Monde, stressing that “whatever the developments in the international situation, the French can be convinced: their soldiers will respond.” Schill said France has “international responsibilities” and is linked by defense agreements to “states exposed to major threats,” and must therefore have its forces trained and interoperable with allied armies.

He added that nuclear deterrence “is not a universal guarantee” because it does not guard against conflicts that would remain “below the threshold of vital interests.” Schill said that the Army must show itself a credible force through responsiveness in terms of force projection and the ability to carry out operations of increased scope. The general said that France currently has the capacity to commit a division of around 20,000 men within 30 days and has the means to command an army corps of up to 60,000 which includes allied divisions. In an interview with the TF1 and France 2 channels last week, President Macron said that France is “not waging war on Russia” by supporting Kiev, but labeled Russia an “adversary” and has stood by his remarks that a potential deployment of NATO troops to the country could not be “excluded.”

His statements drew a wave of denials from most of France’s fellow NATO members and officials – including Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg – about having any intention to deploy their forces to Ukraine. At the same time, Spain’s El Pais reported on Monday that the US-led bloc has already been involved “in virtually every possible aspect” of the conflict and that active and former military personnel from NATO states have been operating in the country overseeing Kiev’s use of Western-supplied weapons. Moscow has repeatedly described the conflict as a US-led proxy war against Russia, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against escalation and said that a direct clash between NATO and Russia would be “one step shy of a full-scale World War III.”

French troops

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Macron’s bet: war with France means war with NATO.

France Preparing to Deploy Military Contingent in Ukraine: Russian Intel (Sp.)

France is preparing to deploy a contingent of troops in Ukraine, with the first echelon to include about 2,000 soldiers, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief Sergei Naryshkin has announced. “The country’s current leadership does not care about the death of ordinary Frenchmen and the concerns of the country’s generals. According to information received by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, a contingent of troops is already being prepared to be sent to Ukraine. At the initial stage, it will number about 2,000 people,” Naryshkin said in a statement Tuesday. According to the SVR head’s information, France’s generals are concerned about the difficulty of transferring such a large force to Ukraine and stationing it there unnoticed. Naryshkin warned that any French forces arriving in Ukraine “will become a legitimate priority target” for Russia’s military, with the same fate to await them as has already befallen those who fell during previous instances of French aggression against Moscow.

The SVR head also confirmed that those French nationals already in Ukraine (presumably fighting as mercenaries), have suffered losses not experienced by Paris since Algeria’s war of liberation against French control in the 1960s, hence concerns among the military leadership about the threat of discontent among mid-level officers in the French Army about the prospects of being deployed in Ukraine. President Macron has been the loudest voice among any NATO leaders in warning that he wouldn’t rule out sending troops to Ukraine “at some point.” “Maybe at some point – I don’t want it, I won’t take the initiative – we will have to have operations on the ground, whatever they may be, to counter the Russian forces,” Macron told Le Parisien last Friday. “France’s strength is that we can do it,” he added.

Macron riled up his NATO allies, particularly Germany, in early March by urging Europe not to be “cowards” in supporting the Kiev regime using all available means.If late February, he warned that he wouldn’t “rule out” sending French forces east. The president was roundly condemned by French opposition leaders for his remarks, with politicians both on the left and the right accusing him of playing with the lives of the French people and risking a new world war for the sake of his personal geopolitical ambitions. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova went further, accusing Macron of trying to recreate “French SS Division Charlemagne II to defend President Volodymyr Zelensky’s bunker.” The extent of the French mercenary presence in Ukraine was revealed in January, when a Russian missile strike killed and injured dozens of fighters in Kharkov.

NATO will not gain control over the Black Sea

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“..There are no resources in this country, there is no one to fight.”

Ukraine’s Losses ‘In The Millions’ – Polish General (RT)

Ukraine’s losses in the conflict with Russia should be counted “in the millions,” the former chief of the Polish General Staff, Rajmund Andrzejczak, has claimed. Kiev “is losing the war” and does not have the resources to sustain the fight against Moscow, he added. In an interview with the Polsat broadcaster on Monday, the retired general described Ukraine’s battlefield situation as “very dramatic” and insisted that “there are no miracles in war.”
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s decision to replace his top general, Valery Zaluzhny, with Aleksandr Syrsky has failed to make a significant difference as the same issues remain for Kiev’s new commander-in-chief, Andrzejczak added. According to the retired general, Ukraine is suffering deficits in equipment and manpower, with losses taking their toll on its capabilities. “They are missing over 10 million people. I estimate that the losses should be counted in the millions, not hundreds of thousands. There are no resources in this country, there is no one to fight.”

“The Ukrainians are losing this war,” Andrzejczak stated, pointing to media reports suggesting that Kiev is running out of anti-aircraft missiles to protect itself from Russian strikes. Echoing warnings from several Western leaders in recent weeks, Andrzejczak called for arms production to be boosted and argued that the West should prepare for a full-scale conflict with Russia within two or three years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted that Moscow has no plans or interest in attacking NATO. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated last month that Ukraine had lost more than 444,000 troops since the start of the conflict in February 2022. The hostilities have also triggered an exodus of Ukrainian refugees, with almost 6.5 million recorded worldwide, according to UN data.

Officials in Kiev have repeatedly complained that Western arms shipments have been inadequate. Those calls have grown louder as US President Joe Biden’s request to provide an additional $60 billion in aid remains stalled in Congress, due to Republican demands to strengthen American border security. Kiev is also mulling a new mobilization bill that would lower the minimum draft age for men from 27 to 25, with reported plans to send 500,000 new troops to the frontline. Against this backdrop, the Russian military last month pushed Kiev out of the strategic Donbass city of Avdeevka, also liberating several nearby settlements. The former stronghold has been on the front line since 2014 and was frequently used by Kiev to shell residential blocks in the nearby city of Donetsk.

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“You’re in a fight for your life, so you should be serving — not at 25 or 27.” “We need more people in the line..”

Lindsey Graham Tells Ukraine To Draft Younger Soldiers (RT)

US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has urged the Ukrainian parliament to pass a highly controversial mobilization bill that would lower the minimum conscription age from 27 to 25 to compensate for battlefield losses. At the same time, he advocated a scheme in which the US would provide Ukraine with loans instead of non-repayable aid. Kiev announced general mobilization in February 2022 shortly after the start of the conflict, with men between 27 and 60 eligible to be called up, although those over the age of 18 could also volunteer. In December, Ukrainian officials proposed a bill expanding the draft bracket, with reported plans to send as many as 500,000 fresh soldiers to the front line. On Monday, Graham traveled to Kiev to discuss continued US support for Ukraine with President Vladimir Zelensky. Speaking to reporters, he said that he hoped that those eligible to serve in the Ukrainian military would join the fight.

“I can’t believe [the conscription threshold] is at 27,” he added, as quoted by the Washington Post. “You’re in a fight for your life, so you should be serving — not at 25 or 27.” “We need more people in the line,” he said. Graham also stressed that Ukrainians need to serve regardless of whether the US sends arms to Kiev or not. “No matter what we do, you’re fighting for you.” The US has struggled to approve President Joe Biden’s aid request earmarking $60 billion for Ukraine due to Republican opposition demanding that the White House do more to enhance security on the southern border. Moreover, Graham appeared to endorse the approach of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump who has advocated providing aid to Kiev in form of loans on “extraordinarily good terms.”

“I was very direct with President Zelensky. You can expect me to always be in your corner, but it’s not unfair for me to ask you and other allies: Pay us back down the road, if you can,” the senator said. Graham’s call for Kiev to extend the draft bracket comes as Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu last month estimated Ukrainian losses since the start of the conflict at more than 444,000 troops. Meanwhile, Zelensky has claimed that Kiev has suffered only 31,000 dead. Last year, President Vladimir Putin said that Western countries seemed determined “to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.” He also noted at the time that while the West could provide Kiev with new arms, Ukraine’s manpower is not limitless.

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“..who the main beneficiaries of the spending bonanza really are (hint: it’s not the Ukrainians)..”

US Military-Industrial Complex Jacks Up Prices Amid Ukraine Proxy War (Sp.)

Dedicated Ukraine proxy war supporter and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has laced into America’s biggest defense contractors, accusing them of price gouging. “Like a majority of Americans, I believe it is in the vital interest of the United States and the international community to fight off Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. But many defense contractors see the war primarily as a way to line their own pockets. The RTX Corporation, formally Raytheon, has increased prices for its Stinger missiles sevenfold since 1991. Today, it costs the United States $400,000 to replace each Stinger sent to Ukraine – an outrageous price increase that cannot even remotely be explained by inflation, increased costs, or advances in quality,” Sanders complained in an essay published in Foreign Affairs magazine on Monday.

“When contractors pad their profits, fewer weapons reach Ukrainians on the frontlines. Congress must rein in this kind of war profiteering by more closely examining contracts, taking back payments that turn out to be excessive, and creating a tax on windfall profits,” Sanders urged. The senator’s shock and outrage over the US military-industrial complex’s war profiteering is in itself a surprise. Serving as a congressman between 1991 and 2007 and as a senator from 2007 onward, Sanders has been part of Washington political establishment for over 30 years now. One might think that to be more than enough time to realize that obscene profitmaking is the name of the arms industry’s game.

The senator’s farfetched epiphany aside, his point stands. Since the 1990s, US weapons giants from Raytheon and Lockheed to BAE Systems to General Dynamics have jacked prices on everything from man-portable anti-tank and air defense missiles to artillery, tanks, drones and more. In other words, the Stinger certainly isn’t the only example of out of control costs at the Pentagon. The Kiel Institute for the World Economy estimates total Western military assistance to Ukraine to have hit $113+ billion in 2024. On first glance, that figure sounds impressive, representing nearly double Russia’s entire pre-conflict defense budget of $66 billion in 2021. Taking account of the seemingly out-of-control price increases of US weapons, however, a different picture emerges on the capabilities given to Kiev, and about who the main beneficiaries of the spending bonanza really are (hint: it’s not the Ukrainians).

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“..Apple will disable all iPhones in the Russian Federation, and Google will disable non-jailbroken Android phones..”

iPhones Won’t Work In Case Of World War III – Russian MP (RT)

Western smartphones could stop working in Russia if the Ukraine conflict turns into a global war, Anton Gorelkin, deputy head of the Russian State Duma’s Information Policy Committee, warned in an interview posted to the YouTube channel Telega Reality. According to the MP, if the conflict “moves to another stage,” everyone will “up the stakes,” including the tech companies. “I’m talking about something that some experts call World War III. In this scenario, I fully expect that Apple will disable all iPhones in the Russian Federation, and Google will disable non-jailbroken Android phones,” he stated. He warned that in such a case the Russian authorities and tech experts could retaliate with similar actions regarding Western tech companies, although he did not specify what these actions could be. Gorelkin also admitted that Russia currently has no alternatives to replace Western smartphones or the software they use. He predicted, however, that things may change in 5-10 years, as Russia’s IT sphere is rapidly developing, especially since the exit of a number of foreign companies from the country’s market.

Gorelkin is not the first person to suggest the possibility that Western gadgets will stop working in Russia. Various experts warned that such a scenario was technically possible for all devices that require software updates from companies abroad, or have options that allow owners to remotely find and block a phone that has gone missing. However, so far Western tech companies have stopped short at removing undesirable applications from their app stores and disabling the use of the payment services Apple Pay and Google Pay on phones belonging to Russian users. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently weighed in on the possibility of the Ukraine conflict turning into a global war. During a question-and-answer session at his campaign headquarters in Moscow on Sunday night, he commented on recent statements from members of the US-led military bloc on the possibility of NATO troops being deployed in Ukraine. Putin said that such a move would be seen as a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, which “would be one step shy of a full-scale World War III.”

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“.. real wages measured against pre-crisis forecasts dropped by 4% from April 2022 to March 2023, while output declined by 4.1%..”

German Living Standards In ‘Unprecedented post-WW2 Slump’ (RT)

Germany’s 2022 living standards took the biggest downturn since World War II, a report released by the Forum for a New Economy on Monday has suggested. The decline is attributed to the energy shocks that sent prices for consumers soaring. Economists from the Berlin-based think-tank highlighted that the decline in Germany’s economic output recorded in 2022 is comparable to the financial crisis of 2008 and the short-lived decline during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The failure to protect the country’s industrial sector from energy price spikes is expected to turn the 2020s into “a lost decade for Germany,” the analysts have warned, calling the crisis “the worst economic downturn in the country since World War II.” For years, Germany’s prized industrial sector had been fueled by relatively inexpensive Russian gas. However, since the Ukraine conflict erupted in 2022, Berlin has opted to forgo energy from Russia in favor of costlier alternatives, including American liquefied natural gas.

According to the report, real wages measured against pre-crisis forecasts dropped by 4% from April 2022 to March 2023, while output declined by 4.1%. Germany’s economy shrank by 0.3% in 2023, according to the federal statistics agency Destatis. However, the country managed to avoid a technical recession after the second-quarter figures were revised to 0.1% growth. Two consecutive quarters of negative growth are widely considered to mark a technical recession. The Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank, recently forecast growth of 0.4% in 2024. However, some financial institutions, such as the country’s two largest lenders, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, expect German GDP to decline again this year. Meanwhile, EU Commission’s most recent forecast for the Eurozone shows an expected increase in GDP of only 0.8% in 2024, down from the previous forecast of 1.2% growth made last November.

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“We cannot affect the outcome of the election… but just to spite them we need to make some stupid statement.”

Medvedev Reacts To Germany’s Putin Snub (RT)

Berlin’s decision not to refer to Russian President Vladimir Putin by his proper title in government documents is ridiculous and possibly a sign of a mental disorder, officials in Moscow have said. The diplomatic snub was announced on Monday in an effort to discredit last week’s presidential election in Russia. Germany and other Western nations claim the electoral process was neither free nor fair. A government spokesperson said the move was symbolic, noting that communications between Berlin and Russia were severely limited anyway. Reacting to the news, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said the stunt “comes from shameful weakness.”

He claimed that Germany was essentially saying “We cannot affect the outcome of the election… but just to spite them we need to make some stupid statement.”If Germany does not recognize Putin as the legitimate head of Russia, how does it intend to negotiate with Moscow and what value would any outcome of such talks have, asked Medvedev, who is the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the decision not to use Putin’s official title looked like the result of a self-induced “wild phobia,” an inability to name the source of one’s fear. ”This is something that differentiates a healthy person from someone who is not. They appear to be in a state of paranoia,” she remarked during an interview.

Western rhetoric following Putin’s re-election had contrasted with the reaction of most nations of the world, which had congratulated the president, Zakharova noted. The US and its allies should “take care of themselves and their problems” instead of picking on other sovereign states, she suggested. The Russian president has dismissed Western criticism of his election win, claiming that it was made in bad faith by governments seeking to contain Russia. ”What did you expect? For them to stand up in applause or something? They are fighting against us, including with arms,” Putin said following his victory.

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“In Gaza we are no longer on the brink of famine. We are in a state of famine..”

‘Catastrophic’ Hunger Has Gripped Gaza (RT)

Famine conditions now exist in the northern part of Gaza, a UN monitor group warned on Monday. Around 300,000 people remain trapped in the area, following months of Israeli bombardment that has left over 31,000 people dead. The UN-backed report also warns that more than 70% of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million faces “catastrophic hunger.” The Integrated Food-Security Phase Classification (IPC) said that mass death is now imminent without an immediate ceasefire and deliveries of food aid to the areas affected by the fighting. More than a dozen children in Gaza, including newborn babies, have starved to death and many more are at risk from soaring malnutrition. UN aid agencies warned earlier in March that urgently-needed humanitarian aid is being blocked from entering the Palestinian enclave.

The IPC estimated that two out of every 10,000 people will die daily from starvation, malnutrition, and disease if not helped immediately. “The actions needed to prevent famine require an immediate political decision for a ceasefire together with a significant and immediate increase in humanitarian and commercial access to the entire population of Gaza,” the report said. Israel has been criticized by its Western partners since it began launching retaliatory strikes against Hamas militants following their attack on Israel on October 7. “In Gaza we are no longer on the brink of famine. We are in a state of famine,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said at the opening of a conference on humanitarian aid for Gaza in Brussels on Monday.

He also accused Israel of “using starvation as a weapon of war.” Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded by saying, “Israel allows extensive humanitarian aid into Gaza,” and told Borrell “to stop attacking Israel and recognize our right to self-defense against Hamas’ crimes.” Efforts to reach a truce between Hamas and Israel are ongoing, with no breakthrough so far as the hostilities continue. Heavy fighting erupted on Monday in and around Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital complex. The Israeli Army said it was combatting Hamas militants there and advised civilians to evacuate.

Sachs Israel

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“..the federal government’s inability or unwillingness to protect the border..”

Supreme Court Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting Illegal Aliens (ZH)

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a blow to the Biden administration’s attempts to keep the US border open – allowing Texas to enforce a new law giving local police the power to arrest migrants. With three liberal justices dissenting, the conservative-majority court rejected an emergency request by the Biden administration which claimed that states have no authority to legislate on immigration. The ruling means that Texas’ law can go into effect while litigation continues in lower courts. The law, SB4, allows police to arrest migrants who illegally cross into the United States from Mexico, and imposes criminal penalties. It also empowers judges to deport people to Mexico. “Texas is the nation’s first-line defense against transnational violence and has been forced to deal with the deadly consequences of the federal government’s inability or unwillingness to protect the border,” Texas argued in court papers.

The dispute is the latest clash between the Biden administration and Texas over immigration enforcement on the U.S.-Mexico border. A federal judge blocked the law after the Biden administration sued, but the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a brief order that it could go into effect March 10 if the Supreme Court declined to intervene. On March 4, Justice Samuel Alito issued a temporary freeze on the law to give the Supreme Court time to consider the federal government’s request. -NBC News. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar said in court filings that Texas’ law is “flatly inconsistent” with Supreme Court precedent dating back 100 years. “Those decisions recognize that the authority to admit and remove noncitizens is a core responsibility of the national government, and that where Congress has enacted a law addressing those issues, state law is preempted,” she said, adding that the appeals court did not explain its reasoning for allowing the law to go into effect.

And what about the GDP? The new ruling may put a crimp in the Biden administration’s seeming plan to flood the country with low-wage labor in an effort to boost GDP, which Democrats now insist would benefit to the tune of $7 trillion thanks to illegal immigrants – who are allowed to work indefinitely whilst waiting for the US immigration system to process their asylum claims. Recall that 10 million illegals have entered the US under Biden, while virtually all of the job gains under Biden have gone to foreign-born workers, looks like their ‘great replacement’ theory scheme has just suffered a swift kick to the huevos. “This unprecedented surge in illegal immigration isn’t an accident. It is the result of deliberate policy choices by the Biden administration,” said Eric Ruark, Director of Research for Numbers USA, a nonprofit that advocates for immigration restrictions.

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“..Is there a pattern here of likely guilt that is contextualized into a not guilty assessment?..”

Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty? (Victor Davis Hanson)

In 2011, then Homeland Security Advisor to President Obama, John Brennan, swore before Congress that drone-targeted assassination missions near the Pakistani border had not led to “a single collateral death.” That was an obvious lie with grave consequences, given that Brennan was sworn under oath and was one of the top officials in the US national security community. Yet there were no subsequent repercussions. In fact, the opposite occurred. Brennan was subsequently rewarded with a 2013 appointment as CIA. But the next year, once again, Brennan lied to Congress, assuring the Senate Intelligence Committee that his CIA had not secretly accessed senate staffers’ computers. Again, there were no consequences for his repeated lies. Instead, Brennan, upon retirement, went on to be an MSNBC/NBC analyst who helped to promulgate the Russian collusion/laptop disinformation hoaxes.

In 2013, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also lied under oath to Congress when he laughably stated that the National Security Agency did not spy on American citizens. Later, when called out by senators, Clapper fudged in a televised interview. “I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least untruthful, manner by saying no.” Try that contortion with the IRS. Some members of Congress referred a criminal complaint of perjury against Brennan to then Attorney General Eric Holder. Nothing happened. Again, one of the chiefs of the American national security community was exempted after lying to members of Congress. Clapper went on to a lucrative position as a CNN national security analyst, and at one point he claimed that Trump was a Putin “asset.”

As far as Eric Holder, he had earlier defied a congressional subpoena and was held in contempt by the House. The Department of Justice, however, chose not to pursue the complaint. Later in the Trump administration, Trump adviser Peter Navarro would be sentenced to four months in jail for similarly resisting a congressional subpoena. Was it a crime or not to resist a congressional subpoena? The Justice Department’s Inspector General concluded that Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director and interim director, had lied repeatedly to a variety of officials, including FBI Director James Comey, various FBI agents, and officials of the Office of the Inspector General. On some of these occasions, McCabe was sworn under oath. Yet in 2020, the Department of Justice chose not to pursue the IG’s criminal referrals. McCabe went on to become an outspoken CNN News contributor. Note that Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Advisor, was indicted—and convicted—for similarly lying to the FBI in 2017.

In 2016, an FBI investigation found that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, had violated the law by transmitting and receiving classified information over an unsecured private server. Subsequently, she destroyed thousands of emails and some devices, some of which were under subpoena. FBI Director James Comey found that “any reasonable person” should have known it was illegal to transmit classified information in such a sloppy fashion. Comey, however, found that “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” Translated, that meant Hillary Clinton had likely broken the law, but it was unlikely that any prosecutor like Comey would indict the then-current Democratic nominee for president and former Secretary of State—at least in the fashion that state and federal prosecutors would later file over 90 indictments against Donald Trump.

In 2018, the now-former FBI Director James Comey on some 245 occasions claimed under oath to Congress that he did not know or could not remember essential facts in the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation of Donald Trump, which he had authorized. In addition, the Office of the Inspector General of the Justice Department found that Comey had broken the law by violating both DOJ and FBI policies, as well as the FBI’s employment agreement—especially by retaining in his personal safe copies of four bureau memos concerning a confidential conversation with President Trump. Elements in the memos from that meeting likely contained classified information. Yet Comey leaked it to a friend without a security clearance in order to make it public. Despite the damning IG report, the Department of Justice chose not to prosecute Comey. Is there a pattern here of likely guilt that is contextualized into a not guilty assessment—and not guilty due to the prosecutorial psychoanalysis of the jury—that a guilty verdict would be difficult to obtain?

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“For the first time in my 94 years on earth, I fear for the future of our democracy..”

“Joe Biden has fulfilled Barack Obama’s promise to “transform” America..”

It’s Time for GOP To Unite Behind Trump (Marcus)

For the first time in my 94 years on earth, I fear for the future of our democracy. I see the federal government using its enormous powers with contempt for the governed instead of with the consent of the governed as our founders envisioned. Fundamental change in America is occurring by executive order or the force of the government’s police powers instead of through the legislative process required by the Constitution. From this, I fear that free market capitalism may be replaced by big government socialism. I also fear the erosion of our rights and freedoms, including parental rights, freedom of speech and religion, and due process. In the past, I always had the confidence that a president who was a threat to democracy could be voted out of office in the next election. I am no longer that confident today. My lack of confidence is because the media today is not the watchdog over government that our Founders intended it to be. It is instead the lapdog of government, shielding the public from the entire truth about the policies and actions of the current administration.

One vivid example of this became a meme: the television reporters declaring while doing their standups that the riots in 2020 were “mainly peaceful” as fires raged in the background. I was not surprised earlier this month by the reprise of “Russia collusion.” Nor will I be surprised if the media soon characterizes a Trump rally as an “insurrection.” The media may be the biggest threat to our democracy since only well-informed voters guarantee the future of it. There is more on the line in this year’s presidential election than ever before. It is a mistake to assume that this election will be a rerun of 2020. The presumptive nominees and the world have changed since then. President Biden can no longer portray himself as “kindly Uncle Joe” or a moderate Democrat. His recent State of the Union Address, which was the most divisive of any I recall, reveals he is a very angry man and not someone Americans would want as their uncle. His policies and the undemocratic means by which he implemented them confirm he has been pulled to the far left by far-left extremists in the Democrat Party.

The Biden administration’s policies invited an invasion along our southern border by millions of unvetted people, compromised national security, allowed crime to spin out of control in our streets, forced middle-class Americans to raid their retirement funds to put food on their tables, and divided America more than at any time in our history since the Civil War. Joe Biden has fulfilled Barack Obama’s promise to “transform” America. This is not a welcome transformation, as confirmed by Biden’s dismal job approval ratings. When Donald Trump was in office, his Democrats and their media allies portrayed him as a pugnacious New Yorker who “did not act presidential” and somehow craved dictatorial powers. They’re still doing this, although they’ve upped the rhetoric. Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi invoked Adolf Hitler while attacking the former president. His detractors are unwilling to look past Trump’s rough edges and see the results he achieved during his first of what I hope will be two terms.

His policies achieved the highest wage rate in 50 years while keeping inflation in check, the lowest unemployment rate for minorities, and energy independence for America, among other stunning results. Moreover, his policies and the projection of his and America’s strength kept the country out of any new foreign conflicts. It is essential to our national security that America’s enemies fear our president. This does not mean that President Trump did not have to do better. He did, and he has done so since leaving office. Having become close to him in the last seven years, I have seen a side of him that is not seen by the public. He is truly one of the most misunderstood men in America, and I and other friends of his have urged him to let the public see the real Donald Trump. His recent praise of Nikki Haley was unifying and shows the magnanimous side of him that his friends often see. Expect more of the real Donald Trump to emerge.

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“..You live in a country where the Attorney General is abetting, in fact calling for voter fraud, and that’s the only chance they have to get their guy re-elected.”

How the Democrats Plan To Steal the Election (Lew Rockwell)

This isn’t the first time the Left has stolen an election. It happened in the 2020 presidential election too. Ron Unz offers his usual cogent analysis: “There does seem to be considerable circumstantial evidence of widespread ballot fraud by Democratic Party forces, hardly surprising given the apocalyptic manner in which so many of their leaders had characterized the threat of a Trump reelection. After all, if they sincerely believed that a Trump victory would be catastrophic for America why would they not use every possible means, fair and foul alike, to save our country from that dire fate? In particular, several of the major swing-states contain large cities—Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Atlanta—that are both totally controlled by the Democratic Party and also notoriously corrupt, and various eye-witnesses have suggested that the huge anti-Trump margins they provided may have been heavily ‘padded’ to ensure the candidate’s defeat.”

In a program aired right after Biden’s pitiful State of the Union speech, the great Tucker Carlson pointed out that Biden’s “Justice” Department has already confessed that it plans to rig the election. It will do this by banning voter ID laws as “racist.” This permits an unlimited number of fake votes: “If Joe Biden is so good at politics, why is he losing to Donald Trump, who the rest of us were assured was a retarded racist who no normal person would vote for? But now Joe Biden is getting stomped by Donald Trump, but he’s also at the same time good at politics? Right. Again, they can’t win, but they’re not giving up. So what does that tell you? Well, they’re going to steal the election. We know they’re going to steal the election because they’re now saying so out loud. Here is the Attorney General of the United States, the chief law enforcement officer of this country in Selma, Alabama, just the other day. [Now Carlson quotes the Attorney General, Merrick Garland:] “The right to vote is still under attack, and that is why the Justice Department is fighting back. That is why one of the first things I did when I came into office was to double the size of the voting section of the Civil Rights Division.

That is why we are challenging efforts by states and jurisdictions to implement discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot, including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes and voter ID requirements. That is why we are working to block the adoption of discriminatory redistricting plans that dilute the vote of Black voters and other voters of color. [Carlson then comments on Garland:] “Did you catch that? Of course, you’re a racist. That’s always the takeaway. But consider the details of what the Attorney General of the United States just said. Mail-in balloting, drop boxes, voter ID requirements. The chief law enforcement officer of the United States Government is telling you that it’s immoral, in fact racist, in fact illegal to ask people for their IDs when they vote to verify they are who they say they are. What is that? Well, no one ever talks about this, but the justification for it is that somehow people of color, Black people, don’t have state-issued IDs.

Somehow they’re living in a country where you can do virtually nothing without proving your identity with a government-issued ID without government-issued IDs. They can’t fly on planes, they can’t have checking accounts, they can’t have any interaction with the government, state, local, or federal. They can’t stay in hotels. They can’t have credit cards. Because someone without a state-issued ID can’t do any of those things. But what’s so interesting is these same people, very much including the Attorney General and the administration he serves, is working to eliminate cash, to make this a cashless society. Have you been to a stadium event recently? No cash accepted. You have to have a credit card. In order to get a credit card you need a state-issued ID, and somehow that’s not racist. But it is racist to ask people to prove their identity when they choose the next President of the United States. That doesn’t make any sense at all. That’s a lie. It’s an easily provable lie, and anyone telling that lie is advocating for mass voter fraud, which the Attorney General is. There’s no other way to read it. So you should know that. You live in a country where the Attorney General is abetting, in fact calling for voter fraud, and that’s the only chance they have to get their guy re-elected.”

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“..the drug activates genes in neurons that affect cell growth, improves brain function and reduces the risks of inflammation..”

Viagra May Prevent Alzheimer’s (RT)

Sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra, may not only treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension, but also ward off cognitive decline, according to research published by the Cleveland Clinic Genome Center earlier this month. The authors of the study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease on March 1, found that those who took sildenafil were 30% to 54% less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers used real-world patient data from the MarketScan Medicare Supplemental database (2012-2017) and the Clinformatics database (2007-2020) to arrive at the conclusion.

The research was focused on those taking sildenafil or four comparator drugs, including bumetanide, furosemide, spironolactone, and nifedipine. Comparators are existing marketed drug products, or new drugs in development, including placebo versions. Gender, age, race, and concurrent diseases of the patients were factored in. The study concluded that the use of sildenafil was associated with reduced likelihood of Alzheimer’s relative to the control drugs. The results also showed that the drug activates genes in neurons that affect cell growth, improves brain function and reduces the risks of inflammation.

“We used artificial intelligence to integrate data across multiple domains which all indicated sildenafil’s potential against this devastating neurological disease,” said Feixiong Cheng, director of the Cleveland Clinic Genome Center, who led the study. Similar conclusions about sildenafil were made by researchers from University College London earlier this year. The study, published in the journal Neurology last month, included nearly 270,000 men who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and had no cognitive problems at the beginning of the research work. Those taking the drugs were 18% less likely to develop the dementia-causing condition.

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    Edgar Degas Leaving the paddock1866 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest art theft in the world. Never recovered   • ‘Los
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 20 2024]

    Dr. D

    And speaking to what I was saying,

    “here is a chart of employment in the retail business sector from the Federal Reserve for just NYC. You can see how NYC went nuts with COVID. The collapse was so devastating that it elected all three sets of Major Monthly Bearish Reversal groups of four and the Yearly. This is it. NYC will NEVER return – it is time to turn the lights out.” — Armstrong.

    Babylon oh Babylon…and you ain’t seen nothing yet. 19 years down. And an event. And a war.

    TWENTY-FIVE years later, finally reviewing, illegal, unconstitutional, illegal process:

    STILL no one knows how you get on the list or any method to get off it. Become a lifelong FBI stooge, apparently. They put Ted Kennedy on it for amusement. No one cared.

    Note article because this is HOW it is done. DO the thing – ‘cause you feels like it – then deny, extort, stall. Then IF the man has the resources to fight – very slim indeed – you MIGHT back up. Through 4 courts who all disagree with each other and each takes years and a separate lawyer. If THOSE fail, drop him from the list, like the election, call “no standing” and never have the case reviewed. Ever. They could have a “law” against drinking milk, enforce it selectively, and if it comes up, drop the charges and move on to extorting the next secret milk-drinker. And they DO. That’s not so much a metaphor as an exact description.

    The miracle here is someone ran interference for a judge to buck 100-200 years of tradition and MAKE it go forward WITHOUT standing, which is unheard-of. Only now, 25 years later, can the Supreme Court even RECEIVE such a case. Thousands of people and cases might have been in the lower courts at some level, for generations, and probably were. NO you can’t make secret extra-judicial lists and hand out secret, extra-judicial punishments, you f–ks. Those objects belong to the COURT system. Which have RULES. And transparency, by the way. Since the courts remain rigged to the nines, you don’t have much to fear there, but still, didn’t want even a tiiiiiiiiiny measure, a thimble, of oversight and rules in your day, to restrain your violent, punitive egos.

    What was this guy in for? Well, no one knows, they still won’t say, but they claim being a “Man who might, and is physically capable, of terrorism.” Uh, guys? THAT’S ALL 8 BILLION PEOPLE. I’d say not guys in wheelchairs but a top Hamas planner is a guy in a wheelchair, so… So no-fly standard is “All functional humans, without review.”

    I’ve been saying it SINCE 2001. And the 100,000 people they’ve irradiated into death with cancer thanks to Chertoff’s payoff machines. Ka-Ching! And missed EVERY BOMB EVER SENT. WHILE stealing your stuff, running drugs, and lately, helping human traffickers mail children. So. Proud.

    Illegal Felon: Fly List.
    Man flying to Etriea: No Fly List.

    “Colombian Drug Lord Arrested After Operating Out Of Texas Migrant Shelter

    Wanted by Interpol, crossed, shook hands with Homeland, then was on the “Fly” list. Only citizens get the pat down. Also he can be armed, while citizens can’t, Federal Judiciary says.

    “”It’s Enraging”: NYC Homeowner Arrested For Changing Locks After Squatters Take Over”

    If you OWN the house, you CAN’T stay there. If you DON’T own the house, you can. #Oppositeland! It’s the American Way. …in #AntiLogos.

    Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Ammunition Arrives!! “Ukraine CRUSHING Russia’s Advance: Defenders are Unbreakable” – Ukraine War Map.

    Boy, sure are winning that Messaging War. You won the f—k out of all the illusion. No contest. Alone on the field.

    Meanwhile: “Former Top Polish Army Chief Admits “Ukraine Is Losing The War”
    “More than 10 million people are missing…”

    What they never say, and I’ll say again, like 10 Million of those people are the Donbas, the 4 Oblasts moved to Russia. Never coming back because: who wants to get shelled? Perhaps not coincidentally, they are also the ones with all the work, the factories, the coal mines, and the gas fields. So also by territory sq/m. the “occupied” area is quite modest, it may be half the country in terms of weight. Kiev was going to steal it, kill everyone, and hand it to their friends, not realizing that the reason they are “wealthy” – had stuff to steal – was because of WORK. If you kill everyone and steal it, congratulations, now YOU inherited that work. Every day, at 5am. Now someone, some new Communist will be plotting to steal it from YOU, as YOU are now the vermin Capitalist pig-dog.

    They never realize. They never learn. They just kill. How do I know?

    Because if you wanted to do work to become prosperous YOU COULD DO THAT AT HOME. Wherever that is, Kiev, Lviv, Westchester, wherever. No need to invade or kill anyone.

    Is this a Treasure Chest vs Treasure Flow problem? They think like children, that “Money” is in a big brown chest somewhere, under a bed and the bad men won’t give them any? No, “You’re thinking of this place all wrong. As if I had the money back in a safe. The money’s not here. Your money’s in Joe’s house...right next to yours. And in the Kennedy house, and Mrs. Macklin’s house, and a hundred others.” — It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Trump, does not keep half a billion dollars in his home safe, you twits. It’s INVESTED somewhere, almost universally at leverage. In Donbas, the “Wealth” is in some machine tools, coal-digging machines WE STILL OWE on. Yes, we SEE them, but the only way to finish OWNING them is to dig coal with them. You walk in and say “Bwhahahaha! Now – I – own this Million dollar arm loader! Bow down before my wealth and pure majestic power!!!” …Then Caterpillar with 100,000 lawyers and the World Court show up.

    The wealth is in the FLOW. No flow = no wealth. As Henry Ford showed. No employees = No wealth = No car sales = No cars = No factories = No profits for Ford Co = No Wealth for Ford Sr. Congratulations, you just made yourselves MORE poor than before. You just killed the golden goose, then blamed ME, scouring the earth like a lion looking for another, then killing THAT one the minute you find it. Running out of “other people’s money.”

    Why is Japan rich, I write every day? THEY CREATE SYSTEMS. Organizational Systems of FLOW. Why do they pay a CEO or manager so much money? We do the same work (In theory of course). Because I create one car part, he creates a SYSTEM, a whole FACTORY of car parts. Obviously one is far more leveraged than the other. So one creates more profit than the other. He gets paid the profit he creates or engenders, in general. I get paid too, but since I’m creating $100 parts, my profit won’t support $1M wage. He creates a $100M factory system, and can afford the $1M payout.

    His job has its own issues, and leverage is unstable. That’s why they get fired so rapidly, while machine workers are more stable but at a lower level, but the wages roughly mirror the historic underlying realities. We’re chafing presently because the underlying reality has reversed: Managers STOP systems and DESTROY money, but still want to be paid, more than ever. Cultures and habits are slow like that, though.

    Anyway, this goes back to Ukraine. What does the rest of very large Ukraine have? Coke-addled nightclubs and dirt-poor, uncapitalized farms. All under immense corruption. Run well, that could work fine, but there’s nothing there to STEAL. I mean, they have: they clearly sold every inch of black soil to BlackRock, but you can’t EXPORT it on trains to Lyon. If you wanted farms there you’d STOP PAVING LYON. What you wanted to steal was the HARD WORK. It needs to be MANAGED right there by Romania. That is, congratulations, you’re up at 5am doing WORK. This is not their way. Nor corruption in general. They’re children, not full integrated adults or they wouldn’t chop off a part of themselves and wonder why it hurts. “They” R “Us.” You can only do violence, theft, if you think we’re separate, “Other”. They don’t, self-evident, so they only think “Money” is in a farmer’s cookie jar and he won’t give me any. No. He NEEDS that money for payroll and breaking equipment. I remember this in ‘08 and Covid. They were like, “Sure we’ll freeze every ‘Rich Guys’ bank account! DGAF!!!” That “Rich Guy” is the LITTLE GUY’S PAYROLL. Deeeeerrrrrr, whut? Yeah, money is a blood FLOW. It doesn’t sit still. BTW you’re a poor sap with poverty mind if you think so, which is why you got into government to steal from others rather than making stuff for VOLUNTARY exchange and owning a 3rd car.

    Armstrong says this all the time, but it’s hard to comprehend. They don’t know the FIRST thing about money. Nothing. You don’t fully comprehend this until you see quotes like from Ketanji Brown. They know NOTHING. Nothing. Not even things 6th graders should know. Literally nothing. They are morons beyond morons, like Biden how-do-you-put-your-pants-on morons, and they want to tell YOU where to plant that 3rd from the left orchard tree you’re-doing-it-wrong. I’ll have you arrested.

    And that, sirs, is how EVERYBODY DIES. Like in Ukraine. 10M missing. Country 404 not found. All gone bye bye, and they’re moving on to kill everyone in Belgium and Holland unperturbed. Promised to kill 6 Billion as a public service, because only a few know the truth.

    “nothing to do with Donald Trump at this point. This is an attack on America.”

    They’re trying to steal and kill us. Trump is just in the way. His purpose is to demonstrate this is not a drill. YOU are at risk. Trying not to have what that General saw headed to the Tsar’s house in 1917: riots in the streets, police doing the stealing, and the royal family wearing the AntiFa/BLM stickers thinking they were “Allies”. Wake TF up. Like Robespierre, YOU are their food source.

    “Obama’s DOJ didn’t prosecute Eric Holder and Lois Lerner following contempt”


    ““The US thought it would win that war easily,”

    WHO? Who specifically in America? We all knew with 10 seconds’ look. So we know the Neocons in the world’s tightest fart-bubble didn’t know but did the General Pentagon know? And they chose what? To destroy our OTHER rival, bleeding us out and pissing us off, Europe?

    Greenwald “Several Supreme Court justices believe the government should pick up the phone and stop free speech.” ¡Ay, caramba!

    “• France Preparing to Deploy Military Contingent in Ukraine: Russian Intel (Sp.)

    This must be what gets Russia finally fed up and gives the West a black eye they won’t forget. Oh why can’t it be the Brits? Then we could point at them who started and ran the whole thing. Look at BoJo’s visit to negotiations.

    Like WWI, no one can believe this is happening and that sensible heads will prevail. …Not when I’ve got their blackmail files on my desk they won’t! But if France goes in, my bet they are the ones who break NATO. They get smacked senseless and other NATO countries REFUSE to Article 5. Every man for himself. Sweden. Lookin’ at you…

    France TV: Colonel Vincent Abattoir? That seems appropriate.

    “The construction of the largest #NATO base in #Europe has begun in #Romania.”

    Great! We have no men and no planes that fly to put there, nor any shells to defend it. You guys ever military before, or what? You’d have better luck sending people with deer tags from Ohio.

    “• Lindsey Graham Tells Ukraine To Draft Younger Soldiers (RT)

    I totally agree. And I have a plane ticket for Lindsey right here. He doesn’t have to be lonely: he can do the 25 year olds in the ranks.

    Raytheon: I’d say I could support the price if any of their hardware would work, but I can’t support either. It’s 100x price AND none of it works.

    Remember General VanRipper savaged the entire US Military with some AKs and a few flashlights? …And so they re-floated the fleets and did Backsies! “No, — I – am the rich spoiled kid and designated #Winner. YOU, are the poor brown nation and the dedicated #Loser. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.” …Or else what? Or else what, Mr. Harvard, and now West-Point, Ye-of-lacking-all-Duty-and-Honor? Such that the very words burn thine ears?

    “..Apple will disable all iPhones in the Russian Federation, and Google will disable non-jailbroken Android phones..”

    You’re kidding, right? This is RUSSIA. These are RUSSIAN hackers. Okay, fine, 2 seconds later you walk into any mall in Russia and they jailbreak it for you at the Kiosk. Russia central proxies an imitation Apple home base and re-lights all the iPhones. Jesus Christ these guys are stupid.

    I guess like the Chinese, these guys are all “Asiatic” and too retarded to make chips without the Great White Father telling them how.

    ““.. real wages measured against pre-crisis forecasts dropped by 4% from April 2022 to March 2023, while output declined by 4.1%..”

    Generally, they lie by a factor of 10. So 40% plunge in Standard of Living? That seems plausible. Certainly if you include non-stop fear of your CHILDREN being ARRESTED, in SCHOOL, for saying they love GERMANY. That leads to a very low happiness, peace, standard of living feel.

    “Berlin’s decision not to refer to Russian President Vladimir Putin by his proper title in government documents is ridiculous and possibly a sign of a mental disorder,”

    If only they were kidding. No. Literally, it’s a mental disorder. And a sign of being a toddler. If you walked in the ward, I’d have you committed.

    “If Germany does not recognize Putin as the legitimate head of Russia, how does it intend to negotiate with Moscow”

    As with a few other statements – Ukraine invading Russia yesterday – this then INSURES Russia MUST take ALL of Ukraine. Without pause, in an unconditional surrender. YOU said that Germany, Baerbock, YOU made that happen. Ah War! It’s so Green! Isn’t that right Baerbock? Ceaseless wars worldwide have always been a core Green Party tenet. Ask their constituents, amirite? Along with “Wars are the Capitalist destruction of the Proletariat.” Whatever happened to that? Brotherhood of man, won’t fight your wars? NOPE! We do the #Opposite. Democratic Socialism now means CRUSH all Unions, LOWER wages, and CONSCRIPT workers into wars.

    …And no one notices.

    As above, Greenwald, I don’t know how I can still be surprised each and every day for a lifetime over it, but the government, the FBI, who according to them is killing 100 million unarmed black men an hour (who cares about accuracy?), is the one we should give ALL OUR POWER TO, and trust explicitly with all speech. And you point it out, no contact, nothing happens. No sparks. Cow look, and they carry on.

    There are people who break out of Mass Psychosis and Cults every day, should look into how. It’s as common to get out of one as get in one. Problem I think is true: no one can do it for you. They finally see …something…and it finally…causes questions. The questions then escalate uncomfortably, which is why they attack, defend “You making me FEEEL”, YOUR Fault, because as they follow that inevitable thread they expel the bad, conflicting ideas and depart the cult irrevocably. Problem is, HOW do you get the first conflict that leads to the first question? Okay, we’ve done that, OUR engineers undid THEIR engineers and woke up most of the nation. But naturally a few people are far more conducive and malleable than others and remain in-cult-caded. They’re trying for the holdouts with Trump in NY but they may not come regardless of what you do. I’m sure many remained in the Nazi Party and principles, way after the Russians were already occupying.

    “They are fighting against us, including with arms,” Putin said following his victory.”

    As Alexander said, and we repeat constantly, BoJo the Clown said, “Russia must be defeated, and they must be SEEN to be defeated.” That is, it’s personal, emotional, grinding, permanent, final endless crushing beneath the boot. The point? Well Russia seems to have taken the notion that maybe England and the West don’t like them and are out to get them or something! Who knew? Where’d they get such a crazy idea? So OF COURSE they want Putin. …They probably want someone far harder and more aggressive. THEY made Putin popular. BoJo. May. This has UNIFIED Russia like hasn’t happened in 200 years. Russia is now one, determined, motivated, united, culture, unable to be undermined by the West. Not with any payouts or stories. …Unlike us where every hour some new American General hands our inside secrets to China or his OnlyFans account. You can’t have security if the PEOPLE don’t have/care about security. What you have instead is expensive, work-halting, security THEATER. Which we specialize in, #Signaling. That’s over in Russia. Like us in WWII factories, or the 50’s.

    That method was HOW we ended (not won) the Cold War and dissolved the USSR. Rock n Roll and Blue Jeans, Amerian movies, and the almighty Dollar to Soviet Generals. And it no longer exists. Regime-change no longer exists, the point of Vlad calling his own election now was to prove that.

    “• Supreme Court Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting Illegal Aliens (ZH)

    Devolution. Because shortly we won’t have a Federal Government. And a relief since the one we have now does the #Opposite of everything they’re legally supposed to, and required to. In an attempt to collapse and end the U.S. as we know it, in a Russian Revolution/Civil War. They’ve been at it since the 90s. They’ve thought about it a lot. I knew it then, after Rush Limbaugh but who you gonna tell? No one believes me now WHILE the Army is patrolling NYC permanently, WHILE they are serial-arresting all opposition candidates, down to Congressmen, local DAs…. …But that don’t indicate a Civil War or nothin’, you know, having all your people shot in the public square. A Civil War is when…what? When what, people? What are we lacking?

    Maricopa County. Wow, she wrote things on paper. Sounds sooper serious.

    But as above, ONE side comes into the court, says “Arrest that man!” Then the OTHER side comes into the court and says “No! Arrest THIS man!” And both sides pull out guns. So I hope she’s thought of that, but doesn’t look like.

    “• Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty? (Victor Davis Hanson)

    Comey, McCabe, Holder: “Arrest that man!” No, arrest THIS man. When you have two parallel courts, structures, populations, then…? Civil War, past-tense.

    ““There does seem to be considerable circumstantial evidence of widespread ballot fraud by Democratic Party forces,”

    Always helping the other side, the PENNSYLVANIA SUPREME COURT SAID SO. They SAID it was illegal, rigged, fraudulent. That inappropriate, illegal means were used to decide their state electors. Is it not enough for the Supreme Court to say so? They’re unhinged conspiracy theorists now, as they write it into official State dockets? And knowing it’s fraud, we don’t de-certify or nothin’, although that may not change anything, it is legally required.

    “That doesn’t make any sense at all. That’s a lie. It’s an easily provable lie,”

    Yes, but we always do wrong in the service of right. That’s what “Right” is, yes? “Right” is the horizon you march toward by doing evil, illegal, and wrong all day. Everyone knows that. The more evil you do, the quicker good arrives, right? And the better a person you are? Yessss!!!


    John Day: “I feel something cringy, not just hot, in midday summer sun in recent years.”
    I feel that as well and just in the last couple of years. Having worked and played outdoors always and still am I can feel the difference on my exposed skin within minutes of being exposed. By minutes I mean less than five. Now that the sun has crossed the equatorial region I’m waiting to see when that feeling returns this year. I haven’t paid enough attention to it in the past but will make note of it this year for future comparison. Not very scientific I know but I’m not in the “club” anyway.


    So I reckon the dark ages are kicking off.
    Gunna get me a broad sword and a jug of mead.
    Or a cave and a bag of nuts. Like TAE.

    Mister Roboto

    Good article by Llwellyn Rockwell about the how election-integrity was compromised in the 2020 Election by farming out election-running functions that are supposed to be done by designated government officials to private activists associated with the Democratic Party. When I early voted at City Hall yesterday in the presidential primary (as the major-party presidential candidates are running essentially unopposed, I voted for “uninstructed delegates” in the Democratic primary), I voted in favor of laws for my home state of Wisconsin that would curtail this sort of thing. I am even in favor now of voter-ID requirements to which I was formerly opposed in the previous decade.

    However, I can’t help but be alarmed at how a lot of Trump-supporters would like to do away with the early voting at City Hall that I myself have utilized in every election since 2004. Early voting at City Hall two weeks prior to the election date makes it easier to vote for working people whose employers subject them to utterly crazy work-scheduling practices, and does not have the chain-of-custody problems that mail-in voting and drop-boxes have. Eliminating early-voting by absentee-ballots at City Hall would be a simple-minded blanket-approach that would end up throwing out the baby along with the bath-water.


    Those illegals are not the least bit concerned about being filmed by helicopters, drones, reporters etc for the nightly news. They know a lot more than Joe Rogan about the immigration issue right now.
    It is VERY different from getting into America 20 years ago!


    Was Lindsay Grahm ever in an actual fight in his life? Doubt it.

    Dr. D

    Yes, this is why Global Warming is bulls–t. Like I can WALK OUTSIDE and tell you it’s bulls–t. Being outside for years, the sun used to be yellow. Now it’s white. USE YOUR EYES, it’s RIGHT THERE. It used to be cool and pleasant and modest, now it’s intense and hot and piercing.

    And as we pitch over the edge, since 1989, we’re now reaching a point where you can’t be outside even 20 minutes, when you used to be out 5 hours. That’s NOT HEAT. It’s directly, visibly, demonstrably, the SUN and only the sun. You can go out, stick up your hand and tell for yourself without instruments. Sunburn test: how many minutes, measured, on a watch, objectively.

    I dunno: if the SUN seems like 2x more intense than when I was a child, so much that I can measure it with my eyes shut might that cause the earth to warm unexpectedly? Ya think? Ya yahoos.

    And I CAN TELL BUT ALL SCIENCE CAN’T?? That’s like getting up one day and Science prints, “Water is no longer wet. It’s all an illusion! It’s been getting less and less wet for years.” Like, do you think I don’t have eyes and hands to check for myself? What the actual hell?

    So I go out, me and everyone says they used to be in sun for 10 hours now not 10 minutes. But it’s not the sun. We have people from the Depression, the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s 70’s 80’s, and 90’s all confirm. I can double check their 330 million experiences with my own. …But “Science” can’t tell. Doesn’t know nothin! I go outside, see green, me an everyone, all my neighbors, anyone you ask, sees green, Science goes, “What green?” That wavelength does not exist. 404 Not Found.

    And I’m supposed to read ANYTHING they say and not kick them in the pants every time they pass by and piss on their lawn? They’re not only fools, they’re EVIL. Straight, raw, gaslighting, murdering evil. Sure, keep your baby in the yard! It’s not hotter!

    Okay, now there is another side where in Ozone days, ozone holes would creep up to Oz and you could get pinhole burns THROUGH YOUR JEANS in the sun. Like any bare spot in minutes. Hole the size of a pinhead. This is similar to that some days. But they pinky-promise they don’t see nothin’! No ozone problems here! No sun changes! Yet in the right conditions I have now felt this.

    What else? Golly, folks, Scientists can’t seem to measure it but BUMPERS ARE MELTING OFF CARS. Dashboards are dripping. Huh. Hey science: get up from the glue pot and tell me what temp Fahrenheit that is, will ya? At least 250 degrees?

    Hey, we’ve been using plastics since 1950: anyone seen this before? Anybody? Beuller?

    That’s not even my personal, sense perception which is subjective, but for a change, direct and real; that’s entirely Objective. Plastic ABC: melting point, X°f. Look it up.

    You guys make me sick. It’s like being locked in a room with a narcissistic, pathological gaslighter. I CAN SEE YOU, YOU KNOW! I know who moved my coffee cup, you dangerous, deranged, disturbed cretin. My eyes were on you the whole time. I try to be polite to the chronically mentally ill, but that’s how I really feel.

    Diagnosis: of COURSE the sun is hotter now. Way, way, lotta hotter. Everyone who’s ever been outside knows. And that’s what’s no doubt driving the warming they wanna make a million-billion dollars on and buy more private jets to seaside mansions. Get up off the phone for a few seconds and see for yourself.

    Mister Roboto

    <i>Was Lindsay Grahm ever in an actual fight in his life? Doubt it.</i>

    If he was, I can just imagine it: “Bitch! I’ll thcratch your eyeth out!”


    Work smart. Get someone else to do it. – Lindsay Graham


    (You know which space to eliminate to activate the link)
    Power, Objective, Control, Obstruction
    collapse, reckoning,
    TAE tells Secrets
    Secrets divulged
    Leaks are everywhere


    Spain’s El Pais reported on Monday that the US-led bloc has already been involved “in virtually every possible aspect” of the conflict and that active and former military personnel from NATO states have been operating in the country overseeing Kiev’s use of Western-supplied weapons. Moscow has repeatedly described the conflict as a US-led proxy war against Russia, while Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against escalation and said that a direct clash between NATO and Russia would be “one step shy of a full-scale World War III.”
    https: //
    Kyiv- 18 MAR 2024 – 05:40CET

    NATO military personnel are already in Ukraine for arms control, intelligence operations and training

    Emmanuel Macron broke the taboo this February. NATO assists Ukraine in virtually every possible area, from providing weapons and information on Russian targets and flying enemy bombers to training thousands of Ukrainian troops in Europe. Emmanuel Macron broke the taboo this February. NATO assists Ukraine in virtually every possible area, from providing weapons and information on Russian targets and flying enemy bombers to training thousands of Ukrainian troops in Europe. that soldiers from the Atlantic Alliance would go into action to stop the Kremlin in its invasion. Macron has not only opened a debate, his words have also served to confirm that there are already military personnel from NATO countries on Ukrainian soil, although without taking part in combat operations.
    https: //
    France Preparing to Deploy Military Contingent in Ukraine: Russian Foreign Intel Chief

    Naryshkin warned that any French forces arriving in Ukraine “will become a legitimate priority target” for Russia’s military, with the same fate to await them as has already befallen those who fell during previous instances of French aggression against Moscow.
    https: //
    https: //

    In case of a potential conflict with Russia, NATO will gain control not only over the Baltic Sea, but also over the Black Sea

    The construction of the largest #NATO base in #Europe has begun in #Romania. The project will include runways, hangars for military aircraft, schools, kindergartens, stores and a hospital. The base will be able to accommodate 10 thousand military personnel with their families.

    Romania is located in a strategically important region. This base will allow to create a permanent military structure in close proximity to the war in #Ukraine.

    According to the project, the airbase will be able to accommodate almost any type of modern aircraft. The base will be home to fighter jets and bombers.

    In case of a potential military conflict with #Russia, the alliance will be able to strike the Russian Black Sea coast and the Caucasus, and will significantly strengthen its position in the Black Sea. The base could also serve as a command center for troop control.

    Earlier, Romania gave the green light for the operational deployment of NATO forces on its territory in 2024 in case of serious threats to the country’s national security.

    In addition, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis authorized the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16s on the country’s territory. He also authorized the transit of military aid for Ukraine from Finland.

    https: //
    19 Mar, 2024 11:35

    Ukraine’s losses ‘in the millions’
    – retired Polish general
    Kiev does not have the resources or manpower to continue the fight against Russia, Rajmund Andrzejczak has said
    https: //

    US Military-Industrial Complex Jacks Up Prices Amid Ukraine Proxy War: Here’s by How Much
    https: //
    19 Mar, 2024 13:18
    German living standards in ‘unprecedented post-WW2 slump’ – report


    The Houthis have attacked over 60 Israel-affiliated vessels and others owned by the U.S. and the UK in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since last November in response to the Israeli war and siege on Gaza. In response, the U.S. and the UK launched hundreds of strikes against Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen in recent months. At least 34 people were killed in the strikes. Despite this, the Houthis remain unfettered.


    The latest update in large corporations and the people that own them hating profit and money…

    Disney cancelled several movies/shows, realizing they were such unmitigated garbage that they couldn’t be used. Somehow The Acolyte, directed by the acolyte of Harvey Weinstein, IS still going ahead!

    The trailer has prompted descriptions of the upcoming Disney+ show as “Lesbians having a slap-fight in space”

    They’ve got Trinity from the Matrix in, apparently, an important role. The trailer has her doing a martial arts fight LITERALLY like a Matrix fight. The same awkward stylized movements that WORKED for a different movie. Why am I seeing it in Star Wars? No doubt I look forward to seeing Carrie-Anne Moss doing Hong Kong style wire fighting a quarter century older. While her opponent strikes dramatic Last Airbender poses that work in a cartoon but not in live action. Shut up and take my money.

    Hilariously, in the TRAILER, they have a character saying “This isn’t about good and evil. It’s about power and who gets to use it.” Right, just straight-up put the Alinsky in the TRAILER, don’t make the first 3 episodes passable and then start laying it on thick in the typical bait and switch.

    No, you have to put it in the TRAILER because no one is going to actually watch this garbage. Negative people will watch it as Disney+ subscribers run away screaming. I suspect much of the current “members” count comes from bundling Disney+ into people’s unlimited wireless plan. Didn’t ask for it but there it is. So you put it in the trailer as your last chance to communicate that message – for the not yet released show.

    You would think that George Lucas would at least silently welcome a change in management, to rescue his much-abused creation?

    Nope, in response to the recent attempts to replace board members, George Lucas decided to vote all his Disney stock for the current people, making a public statement in support of them. The man has billions of dollars. 5 Billion just for the sale of Star Wars, right? Can’t this guy do literally anything for the rest of his life? Only thing he has in limited quantities is TIME, so he spends some of it helping degrade the thing he should be most proud of in his life? As if he CAN’T do what he wants?

    Maybe he watched the Red Letter Media Plinkett reviews of the prequels and it permanently broke him, who knows.


    Forgot to mention, they have Trinity/Carrie-Anne Moss doing a palm-forward stop-a-thing-with-magic thing over and over in the trailer— exactly the thing that was the climax, used ONCE to stop bullets in The Matrix when Neo finally cracks the Matrix code.

    She’s using it to stop knives, punches, etc. I forget how many they cram in there, but considering it’s what Neo does to stop bullets and Carrie-Anne Moss was in the Matrix, it is really awkward/embarrassing seeing her do it over and over in a 2 minute “Star Wars” trailer.

    Like a 6 year old girl playing pretend in the boy’s treehouse “Okay but now Trinity is in Star Wars and SHE’S the hero, but she’s the one who does the stoppy thing with the palm not Neo, but she’s way wiser and cooler and better than Neo and Luke Skywalker and….”

    And next thing you know after you kicked her out of the treehouse for being lame, she brought the parents back with her, who forced you to “let her play too” and now she’s making everybody have a tea party up there in the treehouse with all of her dolls and stuffed animals and your action figures. To make it fair.

    Maxwell Quest

    ? = 16


    64 = 8*8, 8*5 = 40
    81 = 9*9, 9*7 = 63
    16 = 4*4, 4*4 = 16


    @ Dr D
    …the sun is hotter; sunburns happen faster…
    Is there more than anecdotal evidence of this? I grew up in Colorado & So California, spent my 20s in Utah, and have been in Phoenix, AZ for 20 years. I sunburned most frequently as a teen in SoCal — but that was from going to the beach, etc. The sun does seem hotter in Phoenix, but I have always figured that was because it was full-on desert! The Phoenician sun is unrelenting in the summer, and destroys plastic rapidly. I almost never sunburn in Phoenix, because I don’t sunbathe — I like going to the city pool after 4pm in the summer, when the sun is low on the horizon, and less likely to cause sunburn — I don’t use sunscreen for late afternoon pool dips, and it isn’t needed.


    “France’s forces are “ready,” Schill told Le Monde, stressing that “whatever the developments in the international situation, the French can be convinced: their soldiers will respond.” Schill said France has “international responsibilities” and is linked by defense agreements to “states exposed to major threats,” and must therefore have its forces trained and interoperable with allied armies.

    The general said that France currently has the capacity to commit a division of around 20,000 men within 30 days and has the means to command an army corps of up to 60,000 which includes allied divisions.”

    So France might be able to field a single division if given at least 30 days — but has the headquarters resources to command THREE.

    In 1914, France committed a 4 million man army in the space of about 2 weeks with a population of 39 million.

    France can now commit a 20,000 man army in about a month with a population of 65 million.

    (For comparison, the Free French army in WW2, which operated completely outside France and without any manpower or other resources to draw from France, had a 50,000 man army)

    John Day

    Yes, 16
    The top right number is the square of the number which is multiplied by the top left number to get the bottom number. 4X4=16

    : We all need to listen to our skin. The sun still feels good on my skin at Spring equinox.
    I’ll stay-tuned


    For those 20,000 Frenchmen getting called up to fight in Ukraine, if they don’t want to fight and die in Ukraine for… not sure what… they face hard choices. Where will draft dodgers hide? How will they have a place to sleep, a job? Fugitives with no rest or peace.

    I think the best course of action would be to get some fake papers establishing one’s identity as Ukrainian, then apply for all the welfare subsidies. Or if not Ukrainian, then take a couple trips to the tanning salon and make it North African or Syrian or something.

    How can they test you? “No sir, I will NOT tell you what country I am from – you will send me back! No, I will NOT speak my native tongue. You will determine where I am from and send me back! I am a refugee, an asylum seeker, I do not feel safe and you may cause Harm, I am too afraid!!!”

    D Benton Smith

    One of the coolest features of truth is that it stays that way.

    Liars don’t like that feature even one little bit. In fact, it literally drives them insane.

    D Benton Smith

    Like it or not we have free will. If we use it to fuck up (or protect those who fuck up even worse than we do) then that’s on us. As are the all-too-predictable consequences therefrom. Victims are likely to want the fuckuppery to stop, immediately and with extreme prejudice, along with a dash or two of vengence thrown in for good measure.

    Don’t expect victims to make too fine of a distinction between one level of bad guy from another when it comes to the dishing out of consequences, either. More likely and more often the application of consequences will be a matter of busy people making swift decisions, like the mantra of Army and Marine Viet Nam War assault troops, of “Kill ’em all, and let God sort ’em out.”

    Like the way @CelticBiker feels about Jews.

    D Benton Smith

    How does it feel right now to those thousands of French soldiers about to be Frog Marched (pun intended) off to an unmarked grave in the mud of Eastern Ukraine?

    Do you think they are highly inclined and motivated to be sacrificed for LESS than nothing? More to the point, how likely is it that some of them will refuse to go, or switch to the winning side when they get there?

    Would any man in his right mind submit to being sent to die for the sole purpose of protecting the tender feelings and public reputation of a “President” who enjoys being anally raped by a transgender freak?

    John Day


    Judge Cannon Tells Corrupt Jack Smith Either Allow Jury to See “Classified” Docs Taken from Mar-a-Lago or Abandon the Case

    D Benton Smith

    Lawyers don’t want you (or any legitimate entity) to win your case any more than typical doctors want you to be healthy. Victory would stop their paycheck. That’s the very essence of “lawfare” and public health initiatives. Same goes for Congress and your local School Board. They don’t get paid for things being A-Okay.

    Awake yet?


    Synonyms for OVERCOME: defeat, conquer, master, worst, take, get, surmount, beat;
    Ukraine, Haiti, Gaza, Trump, democracy


    So the French are going to save Europe. Don’t the French have a long historical reputation of not being particularly successful, militarily? So they go in and get whupped, and Putin might say- well, it was the French, after all. They were hardly a threat. So then he doesn’t have to escalate. Yet.

    I love this about the French, btw. They know how to please the tongue and the eyes. They don’t need to be Germans.
    I am sipping a glass of Chinon at this moment.

    On a vaguely related note: all this talk of The Bomb option makes me wonder where they are testing their toys. From what I hear the things need more maintenance than a French Poodle.
    I watch the seismic maps every day and I wonder if some of the little earthquakes in odd places aren’t practice rounds. Anyone got a geiger counter?


    Gosh, San Francisco was all White then. Obviously that is just some odd coincidence with no relation to present day reality, you know, people shitting on the street, carjacking you and such.


    Testing nukes?

    Er… hasn’t it been demonstrated that there are weapons that fit in a minivan that can ignite metal and water close to instantaneously?

    I guess range is still in question.

    The Japanese did successfully develop a Death Ray that could explode the heads of test animals and seize up combustion engines and that was like 1944.

    But then, it had a maximum 9 foot range.


    For over a year now I have been having difficulty accessing TAE because my tablet kept crashing due to a lack of RAM. In the old days TAE consisted mainly of text, but over the years more pictures and videos have creeped into TAE, reflecting our changing world. This isn’t surprising since data sizes and and speeds have also increased, making these changes possible.

    Another factor that has also changed over the years is the steady increase in alternate media sources used by TAE which are often in the form of pictures, graphs, or short video clips. At the same time the use of MSM sources has steadily declined since fewer and fewer people are watching said MSM due to greatly increased censoring. More and more people are resorting to creating their own news and realities.

    My old tablet had 2 GB of RAM but tablet software used 1.3 GB leaving only about 500 MB of usable available RAM. Not enough to access TAE without crashing in 10 to 15 seconds. This only allowed me about 5 -10 seconds of reading time. It also often prevented me from commenting too.

    My current tablet has 4 GB of RAM but surprisingly the same software also uses double the amount of RAM 2.6 GB, leaving only about 750 MB of usable RAM. So doubling your RAM only results in about a 50% increase in usable available RAM, from about 500 MB to 750 MB.

    I am happy to report that the 50% increase in available RAM to 750 MB seems to be doing the job nicely with no crashes today, so far!

    John Day

    Why Like This

    ​ It has puzzled many how the EU has been managing its economy since the beginning of the Ukraine war. There have been two distinct shocks inflicted upon the Eurozone economy since then. The third shock, which may be the worst, is on the way. All of them are direct results of European policies.
    ​ The first shock was the increase in energy prices (and availability) resulting from the sanctions on Russia. This shock alone has decimated the competitiveness of European industry and many large companies in the most important part of the value-adding chain, particularly basic and advanced manufacturing, have either shut down operations or are packing their bags and leaving the EU. Thousands of small (and mostly family owned) companies, particularly in Germany, are either already bankrupt or technically bankrupt.​..
    ​..The second shock is the obvious and all-out regulatory and bureaucratic attack from Brussels on European companies and entire sectors of the Eurozone economies. The regulatory load inflicted on European companies has been tuned up to such a degree that many of them can barely operate any longer. Technical trickery and bizarre laws are being used to outright destroy European agriculture by bankrupting farmers and to prevent investment into new energy projects. The automobile industry, a key sector in Europe, also appears to have been scheduled for termination with Brussels reportedly planning to double the cost of owning and operating a car in the next few years.​..
    ..Before addressing this apparent lunacy, let’s look into the future and check out shock number three which will most likely hit Europe (and the entire West) sometime in the next few years.
    ​ The third shock will be the “externally forced” devaluation of the euro and a massive drop in European living standards. To explain how this works let’s use the United States as an example. The US trade deficit in 2022 was nearly a trillion dollars. This means that every American got $3,000 worth of stuff from the outside world which he didn’t have to work or pay for. In addition the US Government is printing trillions of free dollars annually to keep things going, including keeping up living standards. The US can do this because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency and can be sold in exchange for real stuff like a commodity. The outside world is keeping up US living standards through its labor and raw materials, essentially for free. This also applies to Europe because the euro is basically a retail outlet of the dollar and Europe therefore indirectly enjoys the US’s exorbitant privilege. If the West is properly isolated and the dollar loses its reserve status, the euro will go down with it. It is even possible that the euro might go down before the dollar does because Europe can’t print money to the extent the US can. In other words, when the “global south” – most likely in the form of the BRICS – manages to ringfence itself off from the dollar, the West will lose all the free stuff. For Europe this will mean the crash of the euro and a drop in living standards by perhaps a third – or more.
    ​ The third shock is almost unavoidable, particularly if Russia decisively wins the Ukraine war. Now, one must assume that the people in the European Central Bank and even some in Brussels are aware of this. A normal response to this future shock would be to strengthen the European economies by all means in preparation – and thereby to minimize the possibility of an outright rebellion by the EU populations. That is, however, not being done. Instead the EU keeps destroying its own economies. Why?​ The cunning ESG plan for world domination
    ​ I recently had the “pleasure” of receiving a very detailed briefing on the ongoing ESG initiative from the democratically unelected European Commission. It is actually called “the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).” It just rolls off the tongue.
    ​ This was a four hour​ briefing and it barely scratched the surface of what is really going on. The others in the briefing were focused on the technical issues and what companies would have to do to comply, but I tried to focus on what this initiative really is and what it says about the planned future of Europe. It is truly mind boggling.
    ​ The ESG initiative can be described as a very large set of demands placed on all European companies (except the smallest ones – for now) regarding two things: Information and compliance.​.. Although the main focus is carbon dioxide “pollution.” A significant part is hard data while the rest is “evaluated.” The bureaucratic load this represents is truly staggering.
    ​ The compliance part is very interesting. At some point in time companies will be punished for not complying with certain standards defined by the European Commission.​.. European companies are being required to set themselves up for standards yet to come, and punishments to be defined later.​ In other words, this is a very detailed control system for European companies where the European Commission can, in the future, dictate anything it wants – and punish for any violations any way it wants.
    ​ Apart from the crazy regulatory load, this initiative can only be seen as a direct seizure of operational control of European companies, and thereby the European economy.​..
    ..At this point in the presentation I asked a couple of questions:
    ​ A) What if, upon reviewing these standards, European companies, which are able to, will simply decide to pack their things and leave the EU?
    ​ B) How, exactly, will the European Commission be able to enforce this outside the European Union? Might not some critical companies or countries simply decide to stop dealing with Europe? …
    ​..Question A): Leaving the EU is not going to work because there is no other place to go. Other countries are also developing these standards, including China and India, and this will be global very soon. Leaving the EU will therefore be pointless.
    ​ Question B): When the EU sets up the compliance requirements for external companies to do business with European companies, they will all comply. We call this the “Brussels effect.” When dictates come from Brussels, everybody will follow them because it is impossible to be in a position where you cannot do business with Europe.
    ​ I’m paraphrasing some of this but not all. In other words, the EU believes that it is so powerful that it can dictate these standards to the world, and that they will, as a consequence, be adopted globally – and eventually in full. This also means that the EU is preparing to “isolate” those who don’t comply – forcing them to comply like it is forcing European companies to comply. The existence of the BRICS doesn’t enter into the equation, or the possibility of European isolation.​..
    ..There are repeated references to financial consequences for non-compliance – and an eventual “financialization” of the system…
    ..Firstly, it seems clear that the EU is planning to make interest on corporate loans (and perhaps availability) contingent upon compliance. If you comply fully, you’ll get better interests on your loans than those who don’t comply fully…
    ..Secondly, there is an “end-point” of sorts defined for the plan around 2030. This end-point is clearly financial in nature, but it is not yet clear what it will be…
    ..While the financial end-point is nebulous, it seems likely that the EU ESG system is intended to do two things:
    Assume total control of the EU economy down to the corporate level, including operational decisions at every level of the company… Agriculture is too critical a foundation for society to be left out of EU control – and this control will be implemented by moving the entire sector to big business by bankrupting the farmers through regulatory measures and cost increases.​..
    ​..Provide a financial framework for the future organization of the European economy, and subsequently for European society. It is likely that the plan is to use carbon and carbon quotas as a base for collateral, upon which companies, banks and the European Central Bank can issue “clean and new” debt, unencumbered by old fashioned collateral requirements. It will most likely be seen as a “clean break” with the old way of issuing debt.​..
    ..Currently everybody and everything in the EU, including the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank, is technically bankrupt after falsifying the EU economy since the 2008 crash through zero interest rate policy and the unending issuance of debt (often denominated in dollars). On top of that, the European Commission does not have the ability to issue bonds on the behalf of the EU as a whole. That mechanism must therefore be created, and right quick…
    ..It is likely that the Commission will start issuing Eurobonds before this system is ready, because the pressure is on. The time-frame for the system is, however, very short. This is all supposed to be done in 6 years.
    ​ It also seems likely that the Commission is hoping that this new financial architecture will go global, with Europe at its center. The plan to enforce the ESG system outside of Europe might imply that kind of thinking…
    ​..The main questions posed at the beginning of this article were why the EU is further sabotaging the European economy, which is already under extreme pressure from the sanctions on Russia – and why the EU is not preparing for the likely crash in living standards in Europe as a result of the loss of the reserve status of the dollar.
    ​ I believe that there are two answers to these questions. The first answer is that the ongoing sabotage of the EU economy and the associated ESG initiative are a part of a plan which cannot be altered, regardless of what the situation is. The second answer is that the European Commission believes that this plan will be sufficient to save them from doom.​..
    ..In recent decades a social revolution has been carried out in Europe from the top down. It has managed to radically change the values and perceptions of the European population. Logic and reason has been abandoned, along with competence and critical thinking. The normalization of the bizarre is such that most regular people accept almost anything from their governments – and from other people…​ Even a group of “capitalists” watching a presentation on how the European Commission intends to seize control of their companies sees it as normal.
    ​ The whole point of this revolution was to target reality and twist it enough to make anything acceptable. This goal has now been reached for the most part. We saw that during the Covid-19 operation where European populations demonstrated their docility and acceptance of any orders from above.​..
    ​..The European people are ready. It must be implemented now, because of the horrible economic and political situation in Europe. The time table has been moved up and the EU is in a hurry. The next step is what the old revolutionaries referred to as “seizing the means of production” – except it won’t be the proletariat doing it. It will be the elite.​..
    ​..The EU is implementing this now because they feel that they have no choice. Any solution which does not bring the EU economies under their absolute control is out of the question because all other solutions are likely to lead to the fracturing of the EU and their loss of control. This is it the only solution – and it must be implemented now. Even if it makes things worse “in the short term” it must be done now.​..
    ..I believe that Brussels truly believes that this solution will not only save them – but re-establish the status and financial hegemony of Europe in the world. They are that … optimistic.

    ​ The above analysis of European elite and bureaucratic need to retain power, through central authoritarian control of a declining economy, because loss of power is “inconceivable” portends loss of social order, in my opinion. Totalitarian control is impossible. Terrible decisions from the halls of power will be carried out on each farm, and there will be no food. This has been tried already. When total energy resources fall, the only workable solution is more local problem-solving and less bureaucracy.
    Gail Tverberg looks again at economic effects of declining energy resources.
    ​ Advanced Economies Will Be Especially Hurt by Energy Limits
    ​ Our human leaders may believe they are completely in charge, but this is not really the case. The economy seems to choose its own course, just as humans and hurricanes do.
    ​ The energy products that humans require are food products, some of which need to be cooked. The energy products that economies require are of many kinds, including solar energy to grow crops, human energy to tend the crops, and many types of fuels including firewood, coal, oil, and natural gas. Electricity is a carrier of energy produced by other means. Much modern equipment uses electricity, but trying to transition to an all-electric economy is fraught with peril.
    ​ In today’s world, energy products of many types act to leverage human labor. As far as I can see, growing fossil fuel consumption is the primary reason why human productivity grows.
    ​ Oil is especially important in farming and transportation. Coal and natural gas are important in steel and concrete manufacturing, and in providing heat for many processes. Years ago, oil was burned for electricity, but today coal and natural gas are the fuels typically burned to provide electricity. Fossil fuels are also important for their chemical properties in many different goods, including in plastics, fabrics, drugs, herbicides, and pesticides.
    ​ Using renewable energy, alone, sounds like a good idea, but it is not possible in practice. Forests were the major source of energy to support the economy before the advent for fossil fuels, but deforestation became a problem long before 1800. The world’s population, even at one billion, was too high to sustain using biologically renewable sources alone.
    ​ At a population of around 8 billion today, there is no way that wood, and products derived from wood, can support the energy needs of today’s population. Doing so would be like humans trying to live on a 250 calorie a day diet instead of a 2000 calorie per day diet.
    ​ What are referred to as modern renewables (hydroelectric power and electricity from wind turbines and solar panels) are really extensions of the fossil fuel system. These devices can only be made and repaired using fossil fuels. In addition, today’s electrical transmission system is only possible because of fossil fuels.

    Advanced Economies Will Be Especially Hurt by Energy Limits

    John Day

    ​Macron is in a difficult position, but has options to move, such as the French troops returning from former African colonies, who might go to Ukraine, Moldova or Romania. Macron has assumed an extreme position, but has been conciliatory towards Russia last year. Putin is reportedly traveling to China to meet Xi, and then to meet Macron, for serious negotiations about Ukraine. France staked out the most-aggressive stance, compared to Germany and other EU nations. The UK will snipe from afar. The US will not (officially) send Americans to Ukraine. France/Macron can be the mover in negotiating for the western financial system.
    I assume that (former Rothschild-Paris banker) Macron still represents Rothschild interests. He will want to bargain for assurances that western-owned farms and other assets in Ukraine will not be “nationalized” in a takeover, nor cut off from access to the Black Sea.
    ​ Simplicius, SITREP 3/19/24: French Military Openly Floats 20,000 Troop Deployment
    ​..He delineates specifically that France has 1 full division of 20,000 troops which can be inserted within 30 days.​..
    ..Meanwhile Spain’s El Pais paper confirmed that European troops have already long been in Ukraine…
    ..”It’s this spring, this summer before autumn that the war in Ukraine will be decided,” Borrell told reporters Thursday afternoon…​ “The next months will be decisive,” he said, adding that “whatever has to be done, it has to be done quickly.”​ …
    ..Ukraine has “no one left to fight”…
    ..As you can see: they have bridged the final chasm, and are now opening invoking the most verboten of dilemmas: that Ukraine may totally collapse. Is this the explanation for the sudden urgency and desperate talks of injecting NATO troops? …
    ..AFU’s top radioelectronics and drone expert, Serhiy Flash, said that soon—in four months’ time—Russia will be producing enough FPV drones to target every individual AFU soldier, which will condemn 99% of the AFU to death…
    ..Not only is Moldova’s Maia Sandu now openly discussing a referendum to join the EU, which is only a precursor to then joining NATO soon afterwards…
    ​..Lastly, it was reported that Romania is allegedly constructing what will be the largest base in Europe, even larger than Ramstein and right on Ukraine’s border, and is clearly meant to be the primary operating node against Russia in the region…
    ..Put the above pieces together and it’s clear the goal is to bring Moldova into the fold, entrench the region and create massive military buildups there to make sure Russia can never take back Odessa or retain supremacy over the Black Sea. That is why it is more imperative than ever for Russia to get the job done, capture Odessa and unlock PMR​ [Transnistria] to keep from being strangled by NATO…

    Gilbert Doctorow, The worm turns: Russia’s new position on entering into strategic arms negotiations
    Western media have mentioned Vladimir Putin’s remarks a week or so ago that Russia will not enter into new negotiations on strategic arms limitations with the United States while the USA is doing everything possible to inflict a strategic defeat on his country in the Ukraine war. Strategic arms talks cannot be separated from the rest of the relationship between the countries, said Putin…
    ..So what has changed now for Russia to declare arms limitations talks inseparable from negotiations on the full scope of US-Russian relations? The answer to that question goes back to 2018 and Vladimir Putin’s announcement of his country’s latest strategic arms systems which, for the first time in Soviet and RF history, placed Russia as much as a decade ahead of the United States in developing, producing and deploying strategic weapons. The hypersonic missiles and other state of the art systems that Putin presented at his State of the Nation address back then were said to be invincible and would nullify entirely the nuclear first strike capability that the United States under Bush had been investing hundreds of billions of dollars to achieve by its global anti-ballistic missile installations.

    The worm turns: Russia’s new position on entering into strategic arms negotiations

    ​ Russia warns Romania over building “largest Nato military base” in Europe
    ​ The expansion of Romania’s 57 Mihail Kogalniceanu air base on the Black Sea coast, which the Russian officials commented on, is supposed to consolidate Nato’s eastern flank. However, it is important to note the long-term calendar of the project and the fact that it was initiated long before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, with the Middle East to be covered from the base as well.​..
    ​..With a planned capacity of 10,000 military, the air base would still be less than one-fifth of the size of the Ramstein base in Germany but will be one of the largest in Eastern Europe.
    ​ Since February 2022, the base proved its utility: thousands of elite soldiers, equipped with tanks, helicopters and fighter jets have arrived there and air policing missions are operated from there.
    ​ The trigger for the Russian officials’ warning against Romania’s “hostile actions” was a Euronews (Romania) story published on March 16 and updated on March 18, reporting on the ongoing works at the base. The story creates the impression that the project is new and will be completed quickly.

    ​ Thanks to Eleni for more on France’s pressure to negotiate quickly, from MK Bhadrakumar, France all dressed up and nowhere to go​
    African states are changing the structure of grain imports due to the technical regulations introduced by the European Union as part of its green agenda and French farmers consequently face rising costs, and over and above that, there is now also the looming loss of regional market share to Russia.
    ​ This is on top of the inroads Russia is making in arms exports to the African continent lately. In politico-military terms too, France has lost ground to Russia in the resource-rich Sahel region, its ex-colonies and playpen traditionally. The fact of the matter is that the birds are coming to roost over France’s neo-colonial strategies in Africa, but Paris prefers to put the blame on Russia’s Wagner group which has moved in to fill the security vacuum in Sahel region, as anti-French forces have come to power in several countries at once — Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, CAR.
    ​ In the best traditions of geopolitics, France has begun retaliating in regions sensitive to Russian interests — Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine where Russian military presence is in French crosshairs. Unsurprisingly, Ukraine is the most strategic turf where Macron hopes to achieve a bigger French presence.
    ​ Through that, Macron hopes to advance his leadership ambitions in Europe as the navigator of the EU’s foreign policy strategy in a wide arc from the African continent across the Mediterranean to Transcaucasia — and potentially all the way to Afghanistan.
    ​ All this is unfolding against the historic backdrop of an inevitable US retrenchment in Europe as Indo-Pacific hots up and the simmering rivalry with China becomes an all-consuming passion for Washington.​

    German living standards in ‘unprecedented post-WW2 slump’ – report​ [European real economy needs Russian oil and gas, but EU elites need ​total contro​l.]
    Skyrocketing energy prices sent real wages plummeting in 2022 more than in any year since 1950, new research has shown.

    John Day

    ​ Jewish global economic analyst, Jeffrey Sachs talks to Piers Morgan. ‘With ‘most extremist’ government in Israel, there’s nothing but war ahead’
    Desire for ‘Greater Israel’ with control over all lands from Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea is openly expressed, says American academic

    ​ Caitlin Johnstone, Without Extensive Narrative Manipulation, None Of This Would Be Consented To
    ​ Without extensive narrative manipulation, it would never occur to anyone that bombing Gaza into rubble is a reasonable response to a single Hamas attack.
    ​Without extensive narrative manipulation, it would never occur to anyone that killing tens of thousands of Palestinians and starving hundreds of thousands more is a reasonable response to a thousand Israelis being killed.​ [Largely by Israeli helicopters and tanks, it was later discovered.]
    ​ Without extensive narrative manipulation, it would never occur to anyone that criticizing the actions of the state of Israel is antisemitic.
    ​Without extensive narrative manipulation, it would never occur to anyone that saying “from the river to the sea” is a call for genocide.
    ​ Without extensive narrative manipulation, it would never occur to anyone to think about this onslaught and the discourse around it in terms of “Jews vs Jew haters”.

    ​ ‘Catastrophic’ hunger has gripped Gaza – global watchdog
    ​ Famine conditions now exist in the northern part of Gaza, a UN monitor group warned on Monday. Around 300,000 people remain trapped in the area, following months of Israeli bombardment that has left over 31,000 people dead.
    ​ The UN-backed report also warns that more than 70% of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million faces “catastrophic hunger.” The Integrated Food-Security Phase Classification (IPC) said that mass death is now imminent without an immediate ceasefire and deliveries of food aid to the areas affected by the fighting.

    ​ The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, Francesca Albanese, commented on Tel Aviv’s decision to prevent UNRWA Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, from entering Gaza by saying, “Israel wants no witnesses, no truth-tellers.”
    ​ On her account on X, Albanese said “The highest number of people ever recorded as facing human-made famine, along with mass killings, constant harm & creation of conditions that gut life of humanity has a name: Genocide.”

    UN rapporteur: Israel does not want any witnesses to the genocide in Gaza

    ​ Trudeau government will stop arming ‘Israel’: Canadian FM​ , The administration will stop future military transfers to “Israel” although a motion voted on by the House of Commons on Monday calling for such action is non-binding.​..​
    ​..On his part, playing the victim card again, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz slammed Canada for the decision.​ “I am sorry that the government of Canada is taking this step that undermines Israel’s right to self-defense in the face of Hamas murderers who carried out terrible crimes against humanity and against innocent Israelis, including the elderly, women and children,” he said in a statement.–israel—canadian-fm

    John Day

    What was shadow-president Obama doing at #10 Downing Street with UK PM Rishi Sunak, Monday? Nobody can say.
    Did Barack Obama violate the law by visiting 10 Downing Street? Explaining the Logan Act

    Peter McCullough MD, COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns Top Reason for Hesitancy , Systematic Review of 79 Studies Indicates Reluctance is Rational

    John Day

    Go WES!

    Michael Reid

    John Michael Greer

    Quite a few people in the United States have figured things out for themselves, and many of them seem quite willing to use Donald Trump’s monumental ego as a battering ram to knock some sense into a system that’s given them nothing but misery for too many decades. If that fails, in turn, they’ll simply reach for some other instrument, and it’s worth keeping in mind that their next choice may be even less welcome to Harari and his rich friends.

    The Laughter of Wolves

    Dr D Rich

    caveat: I like Shohei Ohtani

    Because MLB, as Dr D and DBS consistently illustrate through conversive thinking, CANNOT afford to lose the luster on their $600 million dollar international Pretty Boy. And the dude is as handsome as f*ck! Right, ladies and mongobill??

    Shohei is the victim…some are that for time immemorial. Riiigghhttt….

      The Los Angeles Dodgers interpreter for Shohei Ohtani was fired Wednesday afternoon after questions surrounding at least $4.5 million in wire transfers sent from Ohtani’s bank account to a bookmaking operation set off a series of events.

      Ippei Mizuhara, the longtime friend and interpreter for Ohtani, incurred the gambling debts to a Southern California bookmaking operation that is under federal investigation, multiple sources told ESPN. How he came to lose his job started with reporters asking questions about the wire transfers.

      Initially, a spokesman for Ohtani told ESPN the slugger had transferred the funds to cover Mizuhara’s gambling debt. The spokesman presented Mizuhara to ESPN for a 90-minute interview Tuesday night, during which Mizuhara laid out his account in great detail. However, as ESPN prepared to publish the story Wednesday, the spokesman disavowed Mizuhara’s account and said Ohtani’s lawyers would issue a statement.

      “In the course of responding to recent media inquiries, we discovered that Shohei has been the victim of a massive theft, and we are turning the matter over to the authorities,” read the statement from Berk Brettler LLP.

      The spokesman declined to answer any further questions, and the statement did not specify whom they believe perpetrated the alleged theft.

    One time the capitalism of Major League Baseball is exposed for the Congresionally Sanctioned Monopoly that it is…where Ohtani’s manager is paid a perfect inversion of Dr D’s 10x/100x manager/CEO Valuation Theory because “they’re worth it.”

    Ohtani didn’t know.
    He didn’t know.
    Like Brad Pitt’s David Mills in Se7en didn’t know the wife he inseminated was pregnant until the serial killer stole all the value of Detective Mills’ little business (family) by taking Gwyneth’s pretty little head off.

    Brad and Shohei gotta remain pretty and free of “Taint” for the show, hey, to go on, way.

    Betcha, Shohei is deep in this betting and gambling debacle every bit as much as the MLB executives from one particular religio-ethnic community.

    Free Pete Rose!
    What about Shoeless Joe Jackson???
    Give back Boston College’s Point Shavers Sweeney and Kuhn their lives and reputations. Make them whole!

    Isn’t gambling legal and sports betting a magnitude larger than pathetic MLB revenue?

    Illustrative of the times and with all the pretense that a CEOs and Manager’s value are respectively 100x and 10x my production as a physician surgeon, can anyone say Systems Engineer? The latter used to be The Cat’s Meow in the technical universe.

    Ah hell. Read it for yourself.


    NATO in Ukraine: Or how to properly boil a frog

    First, there were no NATO “boots on the ground” in Ukraine
    Then it was only foreign mercenaries in Ukraine
    Then it was “wink, wink” only a few ex-Nato soldiers in Ukraine
    Then it was only ex-NATO equipment specialist in Ukraine
    Then US replaced Nuland!
    Then US leaked German generals talking
    Then Macron “We shouldn’t rule out NATO troops” in Ukraine
    Then other NATO countries’ denials
    Then French military’s denials
    Then all EU/NATO talking heads talking war footing and conscription
    Then Miss Lindsey Graham draft younger Ukrainians
    Then some eastern NATO countries agree NATO should send troops to Ukraine
    Then 2K French troops
    Then French general 20,000 French troops possible
    Then sending only 2K troops is OK now

    So how did you enjoy being boiled?

    So what changed when Nuland was replaced?
    Simple, no more pretending, the US Biden neocons decided it was time to openly escalate the Ukrainian war.
    More proxies are to be thrown into the war.
    More Ukrainians are to be drafted to the front.
    More NATO soldiers are to be sent to tge Ukraine.

    And you foolishly thought the war in the Ukraine was winding down!

    Russia said in Febuary 2022 the war in Ukraine would go to at least 2025/6.

    Presently less than half of Ukraine’s men have died.
    So a long way to the US’s war goal of “to last the Ukrainian”.


    8-hour time-restricted eating linked to a 91% higher risk of cardiovascular death

    Maybe what they mean is that diet pills are linked to a 91% higher risk of cardiovascular death and plenty of money for big pharma? Why would anyone trust these clowns anymore. We had the low fat diet from these people, that turned out to be a lie, then the safe and effective vaccine, that turned out to be a lie, plus many more other lies in between, now they want us to trust them again? Who paid for this study, who pays for this organisation?


    God Bless Duh’merica


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