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    Poop Maps are another form of Ritual Humiliation.

    Rub their noses in it and they still don’t get it.


    NATO’s Ship Sinking as Russia Crushed Ukraine’s Army

    Michael Hudson and Nima


    The article posted by Dr, John Day of
    by Gaius Baltar

    If you live in Europe, you should take this seriously!

    the unelected Brussels EU takes it’s survival to be more important than anything else happening in the world!

    In order for the EU to survive it must gain the power of direct taxation over every single European citizen!

    They are willing to kill you and your family to achieve this power!
    The EU’s survival is way more important than your survival!

    That is one reason why the EU doesn’t want to waste the opportunity the Ukrainian War presents, to create an artificial crisis to try and grab direct taxation powers.

    This might help explain what Macron is up to. After all, his Rothchild banker master would profit greatly if the EU could issue bonds! This would make your debt burden as a slave even heavier and much more profitable too!

    Europeans need to resist this direct taxation power grab!

    D Benton Smith

    I just have to wonder why a super rich, super famous, super talented, super handsome, world class athletic celebrity like Shohei Ohtani, who is pulling down 70 million dollars per year in salary alone, would put all of that at risk with such a super dumb move as illegally betting for chump change . . . and not even covering his own tracks.

    I think there are serious things going seriously wrong in his real life, and the gambling was just a minor symptom. I mean, how much fun or profit was there, really, to be got from the gambling anyway? Pathetic. So another hero bites the dust because he didn’t understand how totally and deeply vile the game he is in truly is, and I don’t mean baseball. In that sense he was a naive bush leaguer playing in the Bigs, and his moral demise should come as no surprise.

    John Day

    @WES: Yeah!

    @DBS: Yeah, but look what happened to Elvis. It doesn’t have to make sense, right?


    Possible vocabulary.
    Graph of percentage of population knowing what percentage of possible vocabulary.
    Hypothesis: the larger the population with a larger vocabulary, the more prosperous the society.

    Suspicion: screw vocabulary and you screw the society.


    Ukrainian War:

    Nothing much is happening.
    The meat grinder continues to grind more poor souls than ever.

    Ukraine says casualties are up 70% in 2024.
    Russia says 71K Ukrainian casualties in 2024 so far.
    There is talk that Ukrainian recruitment is lagging behind current losses.
    Ukraine has over 60K women in their army.
    Deaths of women is in the tens of thousands.
    Russia is now better at executing combined warfare, than in 2022 or 2023.
    Since 2022, NATO countries with soldiers in Ukraine, has loss a minimum of 40% of it’s soldiers.
    France’s military is now having trouble getting mid ranked officers/NCOs to go to Ukraine.
    Germany reluctant to send nuclear capable Tarus missiles to Ukraine.
    German Tarus missiles can only be programmed in Germany???
    Ukrainian recruiters are no longer pretending to obey the law.
    Ukrainian recruiters now grabbing workers at work/worksites.
    Ukrainian men are now afraid to go out in public.
    Ukrainian recruiters are pulling power fuses then grabbing men.
    Since Ukrainian war to last until 2025, there will be no large land grab by Russia.
    Russia prefers to fight right where they presently are.
    About 80% of Ukrainian FPVs are lost to Russian EW.
    More Ukrainian FPV drone operators are being targeted.
    Ukrainian war must last pass Nov 2024 US election.
    Trump will not be elected, Biden/deep state has doubled down on war.
    Biden can not afford to loose the war and get elected.
    NATO troops to be sent to Ukraine to prolong the war.
    More Ukrainians surrendering.
    Ukrainians don’t seem to be as short of shells as before.

    Nuland who specialized in behind the scenes skuĺl duggery, was replaced once the US neocons decided to escalate to direct war with Russia.


    Luna. Well my goodness. Shall I say Luna seems like entirely an entity of the three letter agency worlds?


    I have noticed recently Gaza has fallen off the radar screen..
    No MSM coverage.
    US building Gaza, a pier to nowhere.
    They all needlessly strave to death.
    They could have all left by ship./s

    Have to go to Russia to get word about Gaza.

    So Gaza is on pharma’s weight loss diet pills.
    Which greatly increase their risks of dying.
    If they don’t eat every 8 hours.
    Dying quietly is WEF’s solution.
    Got it./s


    MPSK: Date

    For half a second there, I thought you were going to dispense tips on dating!


    Tungsten carbide degrades some plastics.
    This is personal experience. A friend gave me a hunk of WC* that weighed exactly 5 troy ounces, which I set against an ingot of silver on a string balance.
    About twenty years later, I noticed that the plastic dish on the balance with the WC on it is crazed and whitened and rotten.
    The plate with the silver on it- only six inches away- is sound but yellowed. The silver is tarnished as would be expected.
    *I don’t recall what he told me it was- I assume WC because of its density (and it etches glass.)
    Almost 70, and these really cool surprises keep turning up.
    Life is sweet.
    Off topic, but it kind of goes with 16.


    Ah, WES! Haha! It’s been half a century since I needed to think about it!

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