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Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee 1633
Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest property theft in the world. Never recovered.


2024 Could Turn on Smell of Selective Prosecution (Turley)
Trump Lawyers Say Posting $464 Million Bond ‘Impossible’ in NY Fraud Case (ET)
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“There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity.”

“ unprecedented way of using a state law to effectively prosecute Trump for a federal offense that the Justice Department has already rejected..”

2024 Could Turn on Smell of Selective Prosecution (Turley)

For years, conservatives have objected that there is a two-tier system of justice in this country. I have long resisted such claims, but it has become increasingly difficult to deny the obvious selective prosecution in a variety of recent cases and opinions. I have long stated that the charges against Trump over documents at Mar-a-Lago are strong and based on established precedent. However, the recent decision of Special Counsel Robert Hur not to bring criminal charges against President Joe Biden has undermined even that case. Hur described four decades of Biden serially violating laws governing classified documents. The evidence included Biden telling a third party that he had classified material in his house and actually reading from a classified document to his non-cleared ghostwriter. There is evidence of an effort to destroy evidence and later an effort of the White House to change the report.

There is also Biden’s repeated denial of any knowledge or memory of the documents found in nine locations where he worked or lived. Hur ultimately had to justify the lack of charges based on a belief that he could not secure a conviction from a D.C. jury with an elderly defendant with diminished mental faculties. Although Special Counsel Jack Smith could still proceed on obstruction counts, his prosecution of Trump for the retention and mishandling of national security documents is absurdly in conflict with the treatment Biden is receiving. In New York, the legislature changed the statute of limitations to allow Trump to be sued while New York Attorney General Letitia James effectively ran on a pledge of selectively prosecuting him. She never specified any particular crime, just promising to bag Trump.

Ultimately, James used a law in an unprecedented way to secure an absurd penalty of roughly half a billion dollars, even though no one lost a dime because of the Trump loans. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has also come up with an unprecedented way of using a state law to effectively prosecute Trump for a federal offense that the Justice Department has already rejected. The same odor has been lingering in the Hunter Biden cases. The Justice Department had reached a ridiculous plea agreement with Hunter Biden that would have allowed for no jail time and a sweeping immunity agreement that would have protected him from all of his other alleged crimes. As the plea agreement fell apart in court, the prosecutor admitted that he had never seen a defendant given such a deal over his long career. This came after the Justice Department had allowed the statute of limitations to run out on major felonies and scuttled efforts to conduct searches and interviews. Even after that embarrassing hearing, the Justice Department was still trying to preserve the agreement.

[..] In California, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney issued an opinion that found such evidence of selective prosecution against conservative groups. In considering a far-right group, Carney noted that the Justice Department has had sharply different approaches based on the political views of the defendants. Antifa and other leftist groups often see charges dropped, whereas federal prosecutors seek draconian sentences against conservative defendants. “Such selective prosecution leaves the troubling impression that the government believes speech on the left more deserving of protection than speech on the right. The government remains free to prosecute those, like Defendants, who allegedly use violence to suppress First Amendment rights. But it cannot ignore others, equally culpable, because Defendants’ speech and beliefs are more offensive. The Constitution forbids such selective prosecution,” Carney noted.

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THE defining case. SCOTUS better hurry and get involved, or irreversible harm will occur. Like if Engoron and Letitia start selling Trump property.

Trump Lawyers Say Posting $464 Million Bond ‘Impossible’ in NY Fraud Case (ET)

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump urged a New York appeals court again on March 18 to remove or lower the $464 million bond President Trump must pay in less than a week as he tries to appeal a more than $350 million judgment from a civil fraud case. “Enforcing an impossible bond requirement as a condition of appeal would inflict manifest irreparable injury on Defendants, and ‘defeat or impair [this Court’s] appellate jurisdiction,’” they argued. The New York Attorney General’s office, which brought the civil fraud lawsuit, argued the appeals court had no authority to do so, while the defense pointed to other cases where it was found appropriate. The bond President Trump would have to put up would include backdated interest at 9 percent, adding another $100 million to the court ordered fine, which defense attorneys say has been improperly classified as disgorgement of ill-gotten gains. Defense attorneys submitted a hefty, nearly 5,000-page reply brief March 18, reopening arguments that had not been accepted during trial after New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron had already entered a summary judgment finding President Trump liable for fraud.

They pointed out, as they had repeatedly, that the case named no victims, and therefore no one would be harmed in a delay of payment. “The case involves no actual victims and no award of restitution, and [the attorney general] is fully protected by Defendants’ real-estate holdings. This factor alone warrants a stay,” the defense argued. “The judgment seeks to destroy a successful business that employs many hardworking New Yorkers, has contributed approximately $300 million in taxes to public coffers just during the dates in question in this case, and has made historic contributions to the State and City of New York.” Attorneys also revealed that 30 companies have already turned down the defense’s bond applications, attaching an affidavit from one of the brokers. A $454 million bond would require President Trump to have $1 billion in cash reserves, and four brokers have separate brokers have tried to obtain one so far to no avail. A ruling is expected from the appeals court in three to six weeks.

The attorney general had accused President Trump and other Trump Organization executives of persistent and repeated fraud and artificially inflating President Trump’s net worth through annual statements of financial condition (SFC), which were an informal summary document of Trump Organization assets. After a 45-day bench trial, Justice Engoron had ruled for the plaintiffs on all claims, setting disgorgement at more than $350 million in line with the calculation an expert witness called by the state devised. The judge had also put a ban on President Trump holding a director position in any financial or legal entity in the state for three years or taking out loans from any financial institution chartered in the state, and more limited bans for his sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Crucially, he extended the third-party monitorship of Trump Organization, with future reviews based on the monitor’s report for additional penalties including the extension of monitorship and even business certificate cancellations.

Defense attorneys argued the judgment was full of “manifold errors,” including the disregard of the statute of limitations set by the appeals court on both claims and disgorgement, the “ridiculously” valuing Mar-a-Lago between $18 million and $27 million, and “a massive disgorgement award in the absence of any evidence that misrepresentations caused the supposedly ill-gotten proceeds.” “Supreme Court double- and triple-counted damages, and committed elementary errors in the process, such as conflating the proceeds of a sale with the profits from that sale,” the defense attorneys argued. “Such basic mistakes would have been prevented if this case had been allowed to be adjudicated in the Commercial Division, where it belonged.” The defense attorneys argued that the disgorgement award was “unconstitutional,” as it violates the excessive fines clause in both the U.S. and New York constitutions, calling it an “irrational, punitive sanction.”

“This case has no victims, no damages, and no actual financial losses,” the brief reads. Defendants argue that their business partners—including Deutsche Bank and the Zurich financial group—were “sophisticated” major financial institutions that testified they did their own analyses, were aware of the Trump Organization SFC disclaimers, and would not have changed the terms offered to Trump Organization “in light of the alleged ’misrepresentations’” in the SFCs as the attorney general presented at trial. The massive figure is not an objective one; the state needed to tease out the portion of profit earned by Trump Organization that would have been a result only of inflated numbers presented on the SFCs. The state presented an expert who created formulas to calculate the figure, and defense attorneys sought to show through their own expert testimonies that the profits were not “ill-gotten.” In court filings, the defense also argued that several of these calculations relied on transactions that were outside of the statute of limitations, and faulted the trial court for allowing this.

The attorney general had argued that the transactions were, under the continuing wrongs doctrine, distinct violations that each restarted the statute of limitations period, but the appeals court had previously found the doctrine did not apply to this case.“The proper application of this Court’s previous ruling forecloses over 75 percent of the judgment,” the defense argued. About $351 million of the disgorgement, after interest, falls outside the statute of limitations, the defense argued. This covers the loans for Trump National Doral Miami, Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in New York, and Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago, all in 2012, as well as the Old Post Office building in Washington in 2013. Yet even with the statute of limitations properly applied, the defense argues there was no show of causation that the alleged misrepresentations on the SFCs resulted in these specific gains. The case was brought under Executive Law § 63(12) and the defense argued the statutes are “inapplicable to the facts of this case in the first place,” and was “wrongfully relied upon” by both the state attorneys and court. The defense attorneys blasted the attorney general for using cases that had no relation to the Executive Law § 63(12), including one involving attorney disbarment, to argue against a stay of penalties during appeal. The appeals court had already temporarily stayed some of the nonmonetary penalties ordered, which the defense argued should continue throughout the appeal.

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Trump Tells Ramaswamy ‘No’ For VP, But Leaves Cabinet Door Open (ZH)

Donald Trump ‘personally told’ Vivek Ramaswamy that he’s been ruled out as a running mate, however the former president is eyeing a Cabinet job including the Homeland Security secretary, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter. According to the report, “Some Trump allies see Ramaswamy as ideal for the job because they say he excels at public speaking and, as an Indian-American son of an immigrant, could neutralize criticism of sweeping immigration restrictions.” “Their conversation is just one of many Trump has had recently with allies about administration positions as he seized hold of the Republican nomination. Loyalty, ideological compatibility and perceived electoral power are the metrics by which Trump is evaluating possible picks, according to people familiar with the process who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Those who have impressed Trump and his team for possible Cabinet roles include another former GOP primary foe, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, as well as Representative Elise Stefanik and former US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.” -Bloomberg

Trump is apparently looking for a running mate who isn’t “motivated by the limelight,” but who will give the former president a significant edge. According to the report, none of the VP picks circulating have impressed Trump much, and his list of options has only grown longer, instead of shorter. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is rumored to be a top candidate to serve as Trump’s deep state handler chief of staff. That said, after Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn were promptly squeezed out by dark forces the first time around, Trump is looking for a series of top-level aides and Cabinet members who can enable his agenda. Oh boy! Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law whose bed Bibi Netanyahu slept in one time, “has recently increased his presence in the campaign,” and has been “calling and texting to offer suggestions.” Trump Jr., meanwhile, has also expressed interest in a key transition role – in part because he can act as a gatekeeper to block people who are opposed by the MAGA movement.

In response to an inquiry by Bloomberg, senior Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said it’s way too early to start speculating about Cabinet or senior roles. “Apparently somebody has decided to list out everyone who has ever met President Trump and is now speculating as to their potential participation in a second Trump administration. The truth is that unless you hear it directly from President Trump or his campaign, this is all b.s.,” he said. “Those who have participated in the discussions describe a quintessentially Trump experience, in which the former president peppers the conversation with political observations and media critiques as a steady stream of food is served, while he keeps an eye on cable news or chooses his favorite musical selections over dinner at his Mar-a-Lago club. The former president has repeatedly expressed admiration for Burgum, a billionaire who mounted a short-lived presidential bid. He has been discussed as a good fit to lead a transition – and possibly the Energy Department. Burgum, like Trump, is a supporter of fossil fuels.” -Bloomberg

If we’re still believing the hype, one person who’s been cast out of the Trump tent is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), following his failed primary challenge. Trump “regularly vents” about DeSantis in private conversations, however the pair did reportedly have a phone conversation shortly after DeSantis dropped out.

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“..the government is seemingly gaining, gathering, usurping new powers by leaning on these intermediaries in order to do things that it isn’t authorized to do itself.”

SCOTUS to Weigh Free Speech Case Regarding Social Media ‘Misinformation’ (Sp.)

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will decide whether or not the government disobeyed the constitutional right to free speech when they pressured social media platforms to take down content they labeled as misinformation. The case stems primarily from the Biden administration’s efforts to remove misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the US 2020 presidential election, according to a recent report.
SCOTUS is essentially tasked with deciding if the First Amendment has limits regarding what is written online and on social media platforms. “The key free speech issue is how far can the government go in verbally arm-twisting private speech intermediaries to remove speech before that constitutes a First Amendment violation or state action,” said Clay Calvert, a law professor at the University of Florida. SCOTUS will be looking at two cases regarding free speech rights. In Murthy v. Missouri, the social media case, a suit was brought by five social media users and the Republican attorney generals of Missouri and Louisiana.

“By silencing speakers and entire viewpoints across social-media platforms, defendants systematically injure plaintiffs’ ability to participate in free online discourse,” state officials from Louisiana and Missouri wrote. In their complaint, the plaintiffs claim that they were censored on social media regarding several topics including: a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election; the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic; the efficiency of measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19; and the integrity of the US 2020 election. A federal district judge in Louisiana found that seven groups of Biden administration officials violated the First Amendment because they “coerced” or “significantly encouraged” changing social media platforms’ content-moderation decisions. The Biden administration argued that the social media users and states lack legal standing in their case, but said officials must be free “to inform, to persuade, and to criticize”, according to filings.

“The court imposed unprecedented limits on the ability of the president’s closest aides to speak about matters of public concern, on the FBI’s ability to address threats to the nation’s security, and on CDC’s ability to relay public-health information,” Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, who represents the government before SCOTUS, said. SCOTUS will also hear an appeal from the National Rifle Association (NRA) over comments made by Maria Vullo, a former New York State official, after she urged insurance companies and banks to abandon their relationship with gun-promoting groups after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The group says that Vullo, who served as the former New York State Department of Financial Services superintendent, violated the group’s First Amendment rights. Vullo reportedly sent out “guidance letters” to businesses and in a press statement called on banks and insurance companies operating in New York to consider the “reputational risks” in doing business with the NRA or other gun groups.

“In both cases, the government doesn’t actually have the power to regulate speech or to decide whether the NRA can access banking institutions or not,” said Will Duffield, a policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, adding that “the government is seemingly gaining, gathering, usurping new powers by leaning on these intermediaries in order to do things that it isn’t authorized to do itself.” David Greene, the civil liberties director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said US officials will not lose their ability to combat misinformation or disinformation, but adds that they do have a responsibility to not appear as coercive or forceful. “There are two main issues, and that is what do courts look at to determine whether and at what point a government crosses the line from voicing its opinion about how a social media platform should treat a specific post to unconstitutionally coercing the censorship, the negative moderation of that post,” he said. “There’s no disagreement that there is a point at which it becomes unconstitutional, but what the parties disagree on is what is that line and what is the appropriate analysis for setting that line, what factors to consider?

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Excuse me, Chris?!

“..Our imperial presidency, if Donald Trump returns to power, will shift effortlessly into a dictatorship that emasculates the legislative and judicial branches..”

Joe Biden’s Parting Gift to America Will be Christian Fascism (Chris Hedges)

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party made a Trump presidency possible once and look set to make it possible again. If Trump returns to power, it will not be due to Russian interference, voter suppression or because the working class is filled with irredeemable bigots and racists. It will be because the Democrats are as indifferent to the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza as they are to immigrants, the poor in our impoverished inner cities, those driven into bankruptcy by medical bills, credit card debt and usurious mortgages, those discarded, especially in rural America, by waves of mass layoffs and workers, trapped in the serfdom of the gig economy, with its job instability and suppressed wages. Biden and the Democrats, along with the Republican Party, gutted antitrust enforcement and deregulated banks and corporations, allowing them to cannibalize the nation.

They backed legislation in 1982 to green light the manipulation of stocks through massive buybacks and the “harvesting” of companies by private equity firms that resulted in mass layoffs. They pushed through onerous trade deals, including the North American Free Trade Agreement, the greatest betrayal of the working class since the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act, which crippled union organizing. They were full partners in the construction of the vast archipelagos of the U.S. prison system — the largest in the world — and the militarization of police to turn them into internal armies of occupation. They fund the endless wars. The Democrats dutifully serve their corporate masters, without whom most of them, including Biden, would not have a political career. This is why Biden and the Democrats will not turn on those who are destroying our economy and extinguishing our democracy. The slops in the trough would dry up. Advocating reforms jeopardize their fiefdoms of privilege and power.

They fancy themselves as “captains of the ship,” labor journalist Hamilton Nolan writes, but they are “actually the wood-eating shipworms who are consuming the thing from inside until it sinks.” Authoritarianism is nurtured in the fertile soil of a bankrupt liberalism. This was true in Weimar Germany. It was true in the former Yugoslavia. And it is true now. The Democrats had four years to institute New Deal reforms. They failed. Now we will pay. A second Trump term will not be like the first. It will be about vengeance. Vengeance against the institutions that targeted Trump – the press, the courts, the intelligence agencies, disloyal Republicans, artists, intellectuals, the federal bureaucracy and the Democratic Party. Our imperial presidency, if Donald Trump returns to power, will shift effortlessly into a dictatorship that emasculates the legislative and judicial branches. The plan to snuff out our anemic democracy is methodically laid out in the 887-page plan amassed by the Heritage Foundation called “Mandate for Leadership.”

The Heritage Foundation spent $22 million to draw up policy proposals, hiring lists and transition plans in Project 2025 to save Trump from the rudderless chaos that plagued his first term. Trump blames “snakes,” “traitors,” and the “Deep State” for undermining his first administration. Our industrious American fascists, clutching the Christian cross and waving the flag, will begin work on day one to purge federal agencies of “snakes” and “traitors,” promulgate “Biblical” values, cut taxes for the billionaire class, abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, stack the courts and federal agencies with ideologues and strip workers of the few rights and protections they have left. War and internal security, including the wholesale surveillance of the public, will remain the main business of the state. The other functions of the state, especially those that focus on social services, including Social Security and protection of the vulnerable, will wither away.

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“misinformation” — that is, truth about what our government is doing that cannot be allowed to enter the public arena..”

Gags and Jibes (Kunstler)

Have you noticed how quickly our Ukraine problem went away, vanished, phhhhttttt? At least from the top of US news media websites. The original idea, as cooked-up by departed State Department strategist Victoria Nuland, was to make Ukraine a problem for Russia, but instead we made it a problem for everybody else, especially ourselves in the USA, since it looked like an attempt to kick-start World War Three. Now she is gone, but the plans she laid apparently live on. Our Congress so far has resisted coughing up another $60-billion for the Ukraine project — most of it to be laundered through Raytheon (RTX), General Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin — so instead “Joe Biden” sent Ukraine’s President Zelensky a few reels of Laurel and Hardy movies. The result was last week’s prank: four groups of mixed Ukraine troops and mercenaries drawn from sundry NATO members snuck across the border into Russia’s Belgorod region to capture a nuclear weapon storage facility while Russia held its presidential election. I suppose it looked good on the war-gaming screen.

Alas, the raid was a fiasco. Russian intel was on it like white-on-rice. The raiders met ferocious resistance and retreated into a Russian mine-field — this was the frontier, you understand, between Kharkov (Ukr) and Belgorod (Rus) — where they were annihilated. The Russian election concluded Sunday without further incident. V.V. Putin, running against three other candidates from fractional parties, won with 87 percent of the vote. He’s apparently quite popular. Meanwhile, Saturday night, “Joe Biden” turned up at the annual Gridiron dinner thrown by the White House [News] Correspondents’ Association, where he told the ballroom of Intel Community quislings: “You make it possible for ordinary citizens to question authority without fear or intimidation.” The dinner, you see, is traditionally a venue for jokes and jibes. So, this must have been a gag, right?

Try to imagine The New York Times questioning authority. For instance, the authority of the DOJ, the FBI, the DHS, and the DC Federal District court. Instant hilarity, right? As it happens, though, today, Monday, March 18, 2024, attorneys for the State of Missouri (and other parties) in a lawsuit against “Joe Biden” (and other parties) will argue in the Supreme Court that those government agencies above, plus the US State Department, with assistance from the White House (and most of the White House press corps, too), were busy for years trying to prevent ordinary citizens from questioning authority. For instance, questioning the DOD’s Covid-19 prank, the CDC’s vaccination op, the DNC’s 2020 election fraud caper, the CIA’s Frankenstein experiments in Ukraine, the J6 “insurrection,” and sundry other trips laid on the ordinary citizens of the USA.

Specifically, Missouri v. Biden is about the government’s efforts to coerce social media into censoring any and all voices that question official dogma. The case is about birthing the new concept — new to America, anyway — known as “misinformation” — that is, truth about what our government is doing that cannot be allowed to enter the public arena, making it very difficult for ordinary citizens to question authority. The government will apparently argue that they were not coercing, they were just trying to persuade the social media execs to do this or that. Maybe one of the justices might ask how it came to be that a Chief Counsel of the FBI, James Baker, after a brief rest-stop at a DC think tank, happened to take the job as Chief Counsel at Twitter in 2020. That was a mighty strange switcheroo, don’t you think? And ordinary citizens were not generally informed of it until the fall of 2022, when Elon Musk bought Twitter and delved into its workings.

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“No, the election was not rigged. Americans are so accustomed to their elections being rigged that they think all other countries’ elections are rigged also..”

Russia – A Democracy that Works (Paul Craig Roberts)

With a 75% voter turnout, 87% of the turnout voted for Putin. No, the election was not rigged. Americans are so accustomed to their elections being rigged that they think all other countries’ elections are rigged also. The whore American media instantly began the required chant: “a fishy election.” Of course, American elections are never fishy, not even when under cover of darkness vote totals are suddenly reversed. The election turnout is high in Russia because Putin, like Ronald Reagan and unlike Biden, is a leader who focuses on unifying the country. From a Russian national perspective, there is little, if anything, about which to disagree with Putin. His recent address to the Russian people shows his concern as well as the active measures he is implementing to support families and soldiers. It is rare for a country to have a leader who is not trying to survive being in office or using the office for his personal benefit.

There is no hope for US/Russian relations. The budget and power of the US military/security complex, a powerful lobby encompassing the armaments industry, the Congress elected by campaign contributions, and the CIA and FBI, depends on having an enemy. Russia is the enemy of choice. Americans were trained by decades of Cold War that there is a “Russian threat.” Another reason is that US foreign policy in the Middle East is controlled by the Israel Lobby, second in power only to the US military/security complex and often united with it. Israel’s interests in the Middle East differ completely from Russia’s interests. Israel’s interest is the destruction of Iran, which would open a pathway for CIA “jihadis” to flow into the Russian Federation and the former Central Asian provinces of the Soviet Union. Instead of one Ukraine, there would be many. Putin has the concept of good and evil. He is learning that in the West he faces evil. The Russian Church sees it as well and supports him.

Some Russians are still influenced by the American propaganda from “Voice of America” and “Radio Free Europe” during the Cold War of the 20th century. But as the previous lack of political support for Alexei Navalny and the absence of support for Putin’s challengers demonstrate, the Russian people understand that they face a threat from Washington’s empire, the response to which requires national unity. Meanwhile in the US the Democrats and the corporations have the borders wide open in order to replace higher cost American employees and Republican voters. Unity in America and throughout the Western World has been destroyed by Identity Politics. In the Western World no government represents the ethnic base of the country. Governments only represent the elite ruling interests. President Trump tried to change that, and we have seen what happened to him.

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Meaningless without China.

China To Boycott Ukraine Peace Talks Without Russia – Politico (RT)

China will boycott the talks to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict unless Moscow will have a seat at the table, Politico magazine reported on Monday, citing officials familiar with the matter. According to Politico, the message was “amplified” during Chinese Eurasia envoy Li Hui’s European tour earlier this month. During his March 7 trip to Kiev, Li met with Andrey Yermak, chief of staff of President Vladimir Zelensky. Ukraine will likely be discussed during German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to China next month. Chinese President Xi Jinping will then travel to Paris in early May and meet his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Politico said. The South China Morning Post reported this month that Li told EU officials that a potential peace summit cannot turn into “a conference that produces a plan that is pushed down the Russians’ throat.”

Unlike many Western countries, China has refused to blame Russia for the ongoing conflict and stressed that the fighting can only be stopped through diplomatic means. In 2023, Beijing unveiled a 12-point roadmap to a peace settlement, urging both sides to de-escalate. Kiev has since rejected the Chinese proposal. Ukraine insists that a tangible peace can only be negotiated on Zelensky’s terms, which include the withdrawal of Russian forces from the “illegally occupied” territory of Ukraine. Moscow has rejected this demand as a non-starter, stressing that it will not surrender Crimea and four other former Ukrainian regions that joined Russia after holding referendums on the matter.

Meaningful negotiations between Moscow and Kiev effectively broke down in the spring of 2022, with both sides accusing each other of making unrealistic demands. Russian President Vladimir Putin subsequently said that Ukrainian negotiators had initially agreed to some of Russia’s terms, but then abruptly reneged on the deal. Kiev’s lead negotiator David Arakhamia revealed in November 2023 that his team’s main goal was to “buy time” for the Ukrainian military. Switzerland has proposed to host a major peace summit sometime this year. However, no specific date has been yet set, and no list of potential participants has been revealed.

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“..the whole name of the game is to keep it going without an obvious defeat until November, so that Biden has some reasonable prospect of not having to run having lost a war..”

Putin’s Firm Stance on Ukraine Highlights NATO’s Impotence (Sp.)

On Monday, Sputnik’s Critical Hour spoke to Ray McGovern, who served as a CIA analyst for 27 years and co-created Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. McGovern explained Putin’s approach to a possible battle with NATO, as French President Emmanuel Macron has toyed with the idea of putting boots on the ground—a sentiment his Western counterparts have vehemently rejected. “This business about Macron and some of the European leaders saying, ‘oh, my God, we can’t let Putin win in Ukraine,’ it doesn’t really square with what’s reality here because there is no way to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine except by use of nuclear weapons,” said McGovern. “What [Putin] has done is just reminded people in NATO that if they send troops into Ukraine, there’s going to be a fight with Russia, and a fight with Russia would be very dangerous because they have weapons that NATO doesn’t have—such as hypersonic missiles,” McGovern explained, adding that Russia’s weapons are “fast” and “precise” and can cause a lot of damage without any “nuclear fallout, figuratively or literally”.

“The Western press has taken to accusing Putin of threatening to use tactical nuclear weapons,” McGovern added. “[But] he has not raised the issue of tactical nuclear weapons. It’s the US that is raising this, which makes me suspicious. Does the US realize that there’s no way they can stop Russia in Ukraine short of using tactical nuclear weapons, which in my view happens to be the case?” “And so, they are considering that and preparing the propaganda play by blaming the Russians and specifically Putin,” the former CIA analyst added. Putin spoke to reporters and journalists following his election victory, and said that at “some point” Russia could set up a buffer zone in Kiev-controlled territories in order to protect the Russian population from Ukrainian strikes.

The president explained that if and when Russia considers it appropriate, they will establish a “security zone that would be quite difficult for the adversary to overcome with its weapons, primarily of foreign origin.” “This went back a whole year,” said McGovern of the buffer zones. “[Sergey] Lavrov, the [Russian] Foreign Minister said they will be satisfied with the Donbass and those other two oblasts but, as long as there continues to be longer range artillery and missile range that much farther to the west, they’re going to have to go. “So Putin made that very clear just the other day saying, ‘look, there needs to be a cordon sanitaire. There needs to be a kind of buffer zone, a zone where if you have weapons that you’re aiming at us, it’s got to be that much more towards the West that we will draw this line,’” the analyst clarified.

“As far as what the Ukrainians are trying to do, they’re trying to show in one burst of energy that they really have the initiative, or at least they can take an initiative and they got slaughtered just over the weekend. They’re all trying to show the US Congress that there’s still life in the Ukrainian military—all they need is another $60 billion from Mike Johnson, the speaker of the [US] House,” McGovern added. “In my view, the whole name of the game is to keep it going without an obvious defeat until November, so that Biden has some reasonable prospect of not having to run having lost a war,” he said.

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“Your criticisms don’t mean anything to anyone anymore. You are literally the emperor with no clothes.”

Western Coverage of Russian Elections Awash in Disinformation (Sp.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin will return to the Kremlin this year with a renewed mandate, having won 87% of the vote in an election with over 77% turnout. The outcome suggests strong support for the leader among the Russian public, but Western media has repeatedly attempted to delegitimize the presidential contest with a combination of misleading characterizations, half-truths, and outright lies. International relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda returned to Sputnik’s Fault Lines program on Monday to break down mainstream media coverage of the election and explain why Putin enjoys such massive support in Russia.“Putin has won this election by stunning margins,” said host Jamarl Thomas, with early results showing a convincing win for the Russian president immediately after polls closed on Sunday. “On some level people expected Putin to win it, and the question was going to be how much enthusiasm was there going to be in this race? And, apparently, there’s been a lot of it.”

“All of the polls, of course – domestic polls, opposition polls, foreign polls, take your pick – whichever ones you don’t want to trust, they all show the same thing for the election,” noted Sleboda. “Glancing over the absurdity of the Western media, it’s quite obvious they are not going to recognize the results of this election at all, which will make even a slim hope of diplomatic settlement of the current conflict in Ukraine essentially impossible going forward because they will not even recognize the results of the Russian election. But this is nothing new,” Sleboda said. “Take a look at elections in Palestine and Lebanon when the elections didn’t go the way the West wanted,” recalled the analyst. “They just didn’t recognize the results.” The United States has a long history of casting doubt on foreign elections that produce results contrary to the country’s foreign policy aims. In the book Manufacturing Consent, authors Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman recall how the US discounted Nicaragua’s 1984 election, which revealed the Sandinista movement enjoyed the support of more than two-thirds of its citizens.

The United States criticized electoral conditions there even while supporting elections in neighboring Central American countries that returned US allies to power in conditions considered far more repressive, according to international observers. The US then backed violent Contra death squads in the country, fueling a bloody civil war until Nicaraguans were compelled to vote for US-backed forces to quell the conflict. “‘In your country, one of the two major candidates… there’s legal battles trying to keep him off of ballots across the country,’” noted Sleboda, referring to Russian presidential spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s response to Western criticism of the country’s election. “Not to mention the Electoral College and all of the corruption with campaign finance… Your criticisms don’t mean anything to anyone anymore. You are literally the emperor with no clothes.”

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“If we do not get the EU’s response right and do not give Ukraine enough support to stop Russia, we are next..”

EU Boss Calls For ‘War Economy’ (RT)

The EU must reimagine its military strategy and drastically ramp up its defense production in order to help Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia, European Council President Charles Michel said on Monday. He made his call as Kiev has been increasingly warning about ammunition shortages. “Russia is a serious military threat to our European continent and global security. If we do not get the EU’s response right and do not give Ukraine enough support to stop Russia, we are next,” Michel wrote in an op-ed published in the newspaper La Libre Belgique and news website Euractiv. The EU chief argued that “for decades, Europe has failed to invest sufficiently in our security and defense,” and now urgently needs a “a radical and irreversible shift in our thinking towards a strategic security mindset.”

We must therefore be defense-ready and shift to a ‘war economy’ mode. It’s time to take responsibility for our security. We can no longer count on others or be at the mercy of election cycles in the US or elsewhere. The bloc’s defense production has increased by 50% since the start of the conflict in February 2022, Michel said, adding that the bloc will “double ammunition production to over 2 million shells yearly, by the end of next year.” The EU has been struggling to procure enough weapons and ammunition for Kiev’s needs as Ukrainian and international politicians and experts, as well as soldiers of the battlefield, are blaming shortages for the losses of territory to Russia.

The shipments were further delayed when US President Joe Biden’s $61 billion aid package got stuck in Congress due to the political in-fighting between Democrats and Republicans. The bill remains stalled due to the opposition of some GOP legislators. The situation with the supply of Western air defense systems is particularly dire, according to the New York Times. The newspaper cited an official US assessment in early February that, without replenishment, Ukraine’s air defenses could operate only until March 2024. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has renewed his call for additional deliveries, warning in February that an “artificial deficit of weapons” would only help Russia.


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Le petit roi.

Macron ‘Trying to Go Backwards’ to Days of Imperial France? (Miles)

“Ever since its ignominious defeat in the Napoleonic wars, France is entrapped in the predicament of countries that get sandwiched between great powers,” began a provocative article recently published on the Indian Punchline blog. As other European countries have accepted the United States as the great power of the Western world, France has never fully given up its global aspirations, argues M.K. Bhadrakumar. And what better leader to carry the torch than one who once confided France needs a king and sometimes, according to his critics, appears to see himself as one? Columnist and political cartoonist Ted Rall joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program on Monday to discuss the case of Emmanuel Macron, his comments about the war in the Donbass, and whether the French president’s megalomania borders on the pathological. “One of the things I used to say during the early days of the war on terror was that the United States should follow the example of France,’ said Rall. “Which back in the 2000s seemed to have accepted its fate as a post-colonial, post-imperialistic power, albeit still an important country in Europe.”

“France, at the time, seemed like it had… accepted that colonialism was a bad idea and that they needed to redirect their resources away from militarism and more toward their own people,” he continued. “Maybe he didn’t read his history. Maybe he’s too young to remember that glorious period when France, finally in the 80s and 90s, was able to start establishing a major social safety net that created free college and socialized health care and everything else for its people. But he seems to have forgotten all that and he’s trying to go backwards.” As much of the Western world moved towards neoliberalism in the 80s with leaders like US President Ronald Regan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, France went in the opposite direction, elevating Socialist Francois Mitterrand to power. The French leader left a lasting legacy in the country, investing in infrastructure, social programs and grand construction projects. His focus on domestic concerns was largely shared in the 2000s by President Jacques Chirac, who rejected French support for the war in Iraq.

Macron has broken from tradition in a number of ways, implementing neoliberal economic policy and promoting a strident French militarism. Fortunately, according to Rall, his ambitions aren’t shared by most of the French public. “The good news is, I don’t think that the French people – whether we’re talking about the populist right, Marine Le Pen’s party, or you’re talking about the radical left represented by Jean-Luc Melenchon, or – not much of anyone else is in the mood to follow him down this path to destruction,” said the columnist. “And, for that matter, he doesn’t really even seem to have much cooperation from other European powers in terms of direct involvement to go and fight in Ukraine, to fight the Russians in Ukraine.”

Rall insisted most French people are more worried about domestic concerns such as the economy, unemployment, and demographic issues rather than the conflict in the Donbass. And the last time the French military was directly involved in a major proxy war was in the 1960s, he noted. Additionally, Rall claimed many French people are sympathetic to Russia’s position. “Russia is not a distant country to them,” he claimed. “There are lots and lots of French people who are descended, who are related to Russians. There was a huge white Russian migration after the Russian Revolution to France and very close ties between Russia and France that go back to the Tsarist era.” “I just think they get it and they don’t want to get involved in something that’s so brazenly provocative,” Rall concluded.

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“I’ve always opposed capital punishment on the principle that it’s wrong to take a life so it can’t be right for the state to take a life in revenge. Events have caused me to reconsider my position.”

UK MP Calls For Death Penalty For Members of Covid Cabal (WT)

British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen last week called for the death penalty for Bill Gates and the “Covid cabal” which he said committed “crimes against humanity” during the Covid pandemic. “Heads of governments around the world and others below them have engaged in what is tantamount to treason against the public,” declared Bridgen in response to a rebuttal from his colleague Penny Mordaunt, who is a long-term World Economic Forum (WEF) member. During a round of Business Questions in the UK House of Commons, Bridgen said: “I’ve always opposed capital punishment on the principle that it’s wrong to take a life so it can’t be right for the state to take a life in revenge. Events have caused me to reconsider my position.” Bridgen continued: “So can we have a debate on crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities, atrocities and crimes so severe that the ultimate punishment may be required?”

Business Questions are the oral questions to the Leader of the House that MPs are allowed to ask. As expected, UK liberals, including Mordaunt, and media dismissed Bridgen as a “conspiracy theorist.” “It is appropriate that the finale of this session, which has featured so heavily conspiracy theories, should fall to the honorable gentleman,” Mordaunt said of Bridgen. Bridgen said he has reached out to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley and plans to organize a meeting where experts and whistleblowers will present evidence to demonstrate criminal activities conducted by senior members of the UK government and civil service during the pandemic.

Bridgen also said that a senior cabinet minister shared details of a plan to use what he referred to as “turbo cancer” to depopulate the world. According to Bridgen, this revelation unfolded in the tea room at Westminster Houses of Parliament. The unnamed minister allegedly conveyed that Bridgen would be “dead of cancer soon” due to being misled into taking the vaccine during the pandemic. “You can speak out all you want,” the minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.” Bridgen, who has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010, has become a prominent voice in the fight against globalist authoritarianism in the UK.

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    Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee 1633 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest property theft in the w
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 19 2024]

    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt van Rijn Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee
    Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest property theft in the world?

    Many galoots in the world today; robbing the world of the gifts by the words greatest artists fot their own depravity……..

    Dr. D

    “Biden Admin Preparing “Toughest Ever” Auto Emission Standards

    Looks like a Bloodbath.

    Council Orders London Fish & Chip Shop Owner To Remove British Flag Mural

    Oh. My God.

    Here’s two back to back:
    Putin Warns Of ‘Full-Scale WW3’ If West Sends Troops To Ukraine
    “UK has soldiers “on the ground” in Ukraine helping its forces use Storm Shadow missiles…”

    And we all know it. So that makes things even harder to read. What does Russia MEAN by that?

    “Illegal Immigrant Can Carry Guns: Federal Judge
    The rest of America can’t, I guess??

    No, we do it by color. We have a Sherwin-Williams color card we test you against.

    “Google Denies Election Interference After Report Cites Dozens Of Instances Helping Dems, Censoring Republicans

    CAN a private company election interfere? And they’re not under Sec230 I don’t think, which is the reason the others were.

    “My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways.” – Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

    That must be the most epic quote since the Republic was founded. No LITERALLY that was the whole POINT of the 1st Amendment, ALL Amendments, and the Constitution itself at all. There was no other purpose for it, about which they were very clear if you’ve ever read the very first and only papers, any founding father, any federalist, or any commentary. …But we are illiterate, and better than them, so we “Make s—t Up.” Out of my head! Just now! Brings new meaning to “The Law is in my mouth.”

    Essentially, they think Government owns all and dispenses it, like a king does, in “Common Sense”. WE think that Rights come from God, your “Creator”, and we are keeping the government from interfering with Natural Law whereupon government becomes a threat to the people and must be toppled, which is a unnecessary hardship to government and people alike. Just keep aligned with the Tao, the Way, the Natural Law, and it carries on forever.

    Government can never keep it in their pants. Never. Not even the first day.

    Comments on European Values: Great. Well deserved. Now do you want to follow the dozens of genocides ALSO in Nambia, Africa, Native America, and the Islamic world. Accuracy. Yes, Europe isn’t immune from doing such things, and we argue that problem all day. BUT THEY’RE ALSO NOT UNIQUE, which is what I then spend the OTHER 12 hours a day arguing. Really? Really people? Are the only options REALLY that they’re either completely white and perfect, or completely black and evil? Read a book. Like this one:

    ““If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    Maybe it’s because they’re morons, they’re incapable of comprehending more than the very, very simple. Destroying and corrupting language to insure idiocy that is in another famous book by Orwell.

    “ASSASSINATIONS of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X MUST be REVISITED,”

    Didn’t we just have the Trump quote that said he didn’t release it and if you knew what was in there, you wouldn’t either?

    While it’s easy to imagine that, it still can’t be permitted: We’re supposed to be a Democracy when the voting electorate has no idea what’s really going on? And it’s our job each day to KEEP them from knowing what’s going on? Uh, no, that’s a Technocracy, a dictatorship by an elite. As Armstrong says, the hardest of all political forms to overturn.

    Jacob Chansey: for fun I believe the “Qanon” in “Qanon Shaman” was completely made up by the media. “We Make S—t Up! News at 11.”

    For his case, all trials are public and all evidence is public, so that there is confidence and double-checking of the process. So….anyone? HOW could “We” suddenly find out anything new about “what happened inside”? The Prosecution can’t hide evidence, and all evidence is public record. Yes, that’s right, they trampled BOTH of those basic human rights. Evidence was all methodically HIDDEN, by the Judge, Prosecutor – and others. Then they wonder why we have no faith in them or their process after failing to follow very basic, extremely simple instructions. And then haul all these people out and throw them in the river.

    “For years, conservatives have objected that there is a two-tier system of justice in this country. I have long resisted such claims, but it has become increasingly difficult to deny”

    Goes to show my making fun of Turley each day is extremely well-founded. Well, he’s a bellweather for Normies.

    I think it was Kunstler’s recent interview with fellow author and Navy Seal follows this. It’s a Big Club and you ain’t in it. He follows how Comey for example, isn’t an FBI agent, but SDNY prosecutor, who then went to school with so and so, worked at so and so, then cushy cross-interns all your kids while you cross-interns his. So they are in the world’s largest air-tight fart bubble, never hearing anything outside their own groupthink. So “We all KNOW”. And who do they hate more than cancer, more than all the suns in the universe? Rural Americans. White Americans, probably. People who won’t “get with the program” because you know, when they slip a $50 to have a fellow judge railroad somebody like in “Trading Places” they’re just “Doing what we all would have done.” You agree right? Otherwise a Bad Guy would have got away. Like Jacob. To insure this order and union, we must never have fair trials with evidence and stuff because “We all know” who the bad guys are, you see.

    You see why this attitude is very hard to eliminate. Like a religion, you almost have to identify and annihilate everyone who holds the idea, and that’s so hard as to be impossible. Then their kids have it, like Ukrainian Nazis. This is twice as bad when WE, here on the outside, hold no general view of Liberty, Evidence, Justice, etc but are as sloppy, indifferent, corrupt, and self-serving as they are.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” –John Adams

    “• Trump Lawyers Say Posting $464 Million Bond ‘Impossible’ in NY Fraud Case (ET)

    Yup, I “Just Made Up” that you need to give me half a billion dollars in cash tomorrow. We already know from Latishia and the Judge they neither know anything about finance or care. You can’t get half a billion dollars and put it in a suitcase. Ever. At amounts even down to like a Dentist, all assets are illiquid. Un-liquifiable, actually. But that’s not the point. They don’t WANT him to pay it. And Trump either: He needs everyone to SEE this happen, especially and particularly in NY. They are all lawyer fiends who all assume everything is on appeal, nothing matters, it’s all paperwork. It needs to not be TALKED about, but ACTED. Only then is it real to anyone in a city or state of pure, ceaseless lies since Alexander Hamilton was in intern. Only THEN will every family office and corporation leave NY.

    “A second Trump term will not be like the first. It will be about vengeance.”

    Will it? Using his PutinTelepathy? He’s never done anything yet. Why start now?

    “• Russia – A Democracy that Works (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Well, let’s not go nuts here. It’s extremely authoritarian. And he and Medvedev swapped places a few times, then they changed the constitution to keep him. I mean, really… Accuracy, anyone? << Sigh >>

    From the inset, what brand vodka does Putin drink to raise all our wages 10x? Really, this is NOT PUTIN. It’s the hard work of the Russian people. Putin just sets conditions and keeps the theft off.

    ““..the whole name of the game is to keep it going without an obvious defeat until November, so that Biden has some reasonable prospect of not having to run having lost a war..”

    That is already happening right on schedule, so we need a tsunami and Turkish earthquake so we can first delay the election, then not have one. Easy! Now excuse me, I have to go paint my roof blue…

    “but Western media has repeatedly attempted to delegitimize the presidential contest do what they do every day on every subject with a combination of misleading characterizations, half-truths, and outright lies.”

    Fixed it. They lie about the WEATHER. The f-ing WEATHER. Every day. There is NOTHING they won’t lie about.

    ““If we do not get the EU’s response right and do not give Ukraine enough support to stop Russia, we are next..”

    Past tense. Bye bye.

    “• EU Boss Calls For ‘War Economy’ (RT) “

    But being Europe they booked a conference room for the next 21 years and did nothing.

    ““Have you all lost your minds?”

    Yup. And no one will pay the slightest attention. That’s the point of engineering a mass formation psychosis. It’s an impenetrable force field against “Reality.” They can, will, and always do, literally die by the hundred thousands first. Or rather, THEY die by the thousands and make US die by the hundred thousands.

    “British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen last week called for the death penalty for Bill Gates and the “Covid cabal”

    Now you know why all judges interlock and support each other and there won’t be an election. They’ve all participated in the same crimes. Like murder. Just like any common street gang, with the same hand signs and all.

    Like this, making the rounds again: (although pretty old)
    When one voice rules the nation
    Just because they’re top of the pile
    Doesn’t mean their vision is the clearest
    The voices of the people
    Are falling on deaf ears
    Our politicians all become careerists

    They must declare their interests
    But not their company cars
    Is there more to a seat in parliament
    Than sitting on your arse?
    And the best of all this bad bunch
    Is shouting to be heard
    Above the sound of ideologies clashing

    Outside the patient millions
    Who put them into power
    Expect a little more back for their taxes
    Like school books, beds in hospitals
    And peace in our bloody time
    All they get is old men grinding axes

    Who’ve built their private fortunes
    On the things they can rely
    The courts, the secret handshake
    The Stock Exchange and the old school tie
    For God and Queen and Country
    All things they justify
    Above the sound of ideologies clashing

    God bless the civil service
    The nations saving grace
    While we expect democracy
    They’re laughing in our face
    And although our cries get louder
    The laughter gets louder still
    Above the sound of ideologies clashing” – Billy Bragg


    This is of course all true, but the Amish are not necessarily the peak of health. They have a number of genetic inbred diseases and are often in middling health personally. They just look great because the rest of America and the world are so deadly and chronically ill.

    Lions and Elephants: Just you, me, and the cameraman. With 10 handlers and a jeep.


    Khazarian jewbanker criminals sunk their blood sucking teeth into USA with the 1913 Fedaral Reseve Act. 50 years later, on a sunny day they murdered JFK in cold blood…telling the whole world, they had completely taken over. 60 years later, here and now, we’re in Dante’s Hell. Satan is their god. The complete destruction of all that is good, all that is moral. No one wants to see it. Better to stare at TV’s, phones, monkees bouncing, passing and kicking balls around/ Bread and Circus. God help us all. Indifferece and silence in the face of Evil is a fate worse than death.

    John Day

    Thanks to all who have sought to help me with the koan:
    “How many circles contain the black dots”, from 3/17/21 TAE.

    It is open to interpretation, just as “circle” and “black dot” existence is simultaneously called into question.
    Euclid is dead, but do we take a paper or computer-pixel representation to be equivalent to a perfect geometric conceptual-form?

    If it is taken to mean “how many circles contain (all) the black dots, then the answer is “none” a “zerosum”. I assumed that I read it right and forged-ahead oblivious to the vulnerability of that assumption. Having read something “wrong” it is hard to read it “right”.

    (I thought I was good at reviewing my underlying assumptions, but that was an assumption in need of further review.)

    John Day

    @Celticbiker: I keep having dreams where I am talking to a lot of people in social settings, trying to get somewhere, not getting anywhere, and everybody is earnest, well meaning, either busy or not busy.
    I feel like I am the only person who senses that I need to get something done, but am not able to directly engage it.
    Last night it seemed to be Germans in the dream…

    John Day

    @Dr. D: I had precisely the same reaction-

    ‘“My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways.” – Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
    That must be the most epic quote since the Republic was founded. No LITERALLY that was the whole POINT of the 1st Amendment.’

    John Day

    Oops, further correction:
    ““How many circles contain the black dots”, from 3/17/24 TAE.”

    John Day

    “China to boycott peace talks without Russia” is obviously sensible.

    “‘Macron ‘Trying to go backwards'” …? More “Fani” jokes?

    Word of the month: “Bloodbath”?

    Dr. D

    Sea of Galilee, Apparently these sort of storms are very serious and very sudden. Now Peter and his brother had inhereited (of course) a major fishery on the shore near a beach house a man named Levi was loaning Jesus. Now what sense of scale, a rowboat? A bum on the shore with a beer and a line? No, Peter had five ships at once in the shipyard under construction, relatively wealthy, as were most of the people around him, we come to find out. Like Magdelene, or Joseph of Arimethia, probably a billionaire by today’s standards, or at least a multi-millionaire.

    So for a fishing group that large, you need a processing, a marketing, transportation, wood, carpenters, a central Villa house… a well, a stream outside, the Centurian’s “Police” house, Matthew’s Customs / Tax house…

    Now also as upper-class business owning people they were just Capitalists. Maybe, but they were already baptized followers of John the Baptist, his cousin. Considered a far-out zealot. So how does that work? Like a California New Age operation? Change any perception here? So in our terms, his followers are like capitalist owners of medium businesses of like 100 employees? A steel-stamping shop or something? Who own a beach cottage? They are also all married, caring for ill stepfathers and other relatives. Note although Jesus cured many including Peter’s family and many others, even Centurians, he did NOT fix all of these people. This is interesting and illustrative, although they do not explain why. The only explanation for a related point was Jesus had a hard time doing miracles in his hometown, as the PEOPLE did not believe. So it appears Jesus does not work in isolation but as a CONDUIT for the spiritual state of the people.

    Anyway, how big is a “Small boat” like the one given/loaned/built for Jesus? About 10 men. That’s like a 19th century lifeboat or whaling boat. Also showing how very many boats Peter had around, and the size, as some were the size of a house. If you have a “small” boat, by definition nearby must be a “large” boat in contrast. 10 men seems pretty large to me, larger than an average powerboat.

    It looks something like this:

    Probably something like this:

    (Dislikes too many links)

    Dr. D

    And just poor, helpless fishermen, living in huts, like this:

    Looks terrible. How do they get by in such primitive conditions? Okay, that’s later, 4th century. , but if you’re not at war and screwing everything up all the time, there’s a lot of wealth easily made. How do they get buy with million dollar businesses, palatial villas, pillared cities, and 40-foot pleasure boats? And Peter (“Petros”, that is, “Rocky” real name “Simon”, “Simion” of Jacob’s 12 sons) thought he was really poor and simple in comparison to the wealth of the area. Probably so, but that really changes our movie renditions, doesn’t it? Where everyone ate dirt and slept on rocks?

    Anyway, Anne describes an additional miracle for the Capernum Rabbi’s daughter resurrected. But filling in from above, the Rabbi nor his wife had no faith, it wasn’t through them that she was cured this time. So the rules around it are not very strict or reliable. Of course this is apocryphal, but that fits the other descriptions.

    So for her description, they were out at the pagan side of town and coming home, all 12 in the boat. Long day in the sun, and Jesus immediately fell asleep. A storm suddenly came up as happens suddenly there and is not unusual, also storms are a lot rougher than you’d expect for the area when it’s quiet.

    Settling the storm is just the opposite of an Indian Rain Dance, isn’t it? But of course we’re all cool, logical, sophisticated people and don’t think those work either. It’s just that brown people are stupid. And clearly all Christians are stupid. But also all Jews are stupid. So basically, everyone is stupid except me, who is super awesome and know the unrevealed truth! That truth that only a few know! Also the speed and level the storm quieted is unparalleled. There are Rainbow Gatherings where people say this happens, in any festival, any large group of focused minds. You can find thousands of people alive today who have seen it. But I guess all evidence is one big coincidence! Data = Coincidence unless it fits my pre-established theories, isn’t that right?

    Anyway, although Peter’s Villa was endless, it was really turning into a zoo with hundreds of people gathering around in tents for free health care. …You can understand if anyone offers free health care, the demand quickly becomes infinite, even today. This was also putting a huge strain on the infrastructure of the area, like as per getting enough fish to feed everyone. Thus needing a “Miracle” to get nets for them all.

    Since by now it was night and they were using torches, not much of a miracle to find fish when you keep fishing, but that’s okay. Note the details like floating barrels alongside the boat which sort of ring-fence the fish, like we still use “stringers” today, but a lot larger as it’s a commercial scale. It was also Solstice as it was light very early in the morning.

    So that’s some gatherings of what is essentially remote viewing, on that painting above.

    For Easter upcoming.


    You know how to remove the spaces to activate the link

    Static or Change is Perpetual.
    What was, What is, What will be.
    Transitioning is a bloodbath for the unwilling/unprepared.
    Opinions (#1)

    Chris Hedges: Joe Biden’s Parting Gift to America Will be Christian Fascism
    March 17, 2024
    Heritage Foundation

    Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a right-wing think tank.
    Its stated mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the principles of “free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”
    It is widely considered one of the world’s most influential public policy research institutes. The Foundation wields considerable influence in Washington DC, and enjoyed particular prominence during the Reagan administration. Its initial funding was provided by Joseph Coors, of the Coors beer empire, and Richard Mellon Scaife, heir of the Mellon industrial and banking fortune. Its founders include Paul Weyrich and Mickey Edwards. The Foundation maintains strong ties with the London Institute of Economic Affairs and the Mont Pelerin Society.
    The Heritage Foundation
    Opinions (#2)

    life will go on
    “misinformation” — that is, truth about what our government is doing that cannot be allowed to enter the public arena. making it very difficult for ordinary citizens to question authority.”

    • Gags and Jibes (Kunstler)
    Opinions (#3)

    • Russia – A Democracy that Works (Paul Craig Roberts)

    With a 75% voter turnout, 87% of the turnout voted for Putin.

    No, the election was not rigged.
    Opinions (#4)

    “You can speak out all you want,” the minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.”

    https:/ /
    Andrew Bridgen, UK lawmaker stuns parliament with call for members of ‘Covid cabal’ to face death penalty,
    Opinions (#5) Choices

    TAE – RIM

    John Day

    Jacob Chansley for RFK Jr’s VP running mate!

    Dr. D

    He certainly would make a good bullet proof vest!

    John Day

    On his latest of far too many visits to Ukraine, Sen. Lindsey Graham on Monday urged legislators to expand the pool of citizens subject to being drafted and thrown into the country’s losing war against Russia, saying, “We need more people in the line.”

    John Day

    The Daily Mail reports that the award-winning Golden Chippy in Greenwich received the removal order from the council after a “number of complaints about the mural” and the council deciding it constitutes an “unauthorised advert” in a “preservation area.”

    John Day

    This caught my eye on Zero Hedge. It appears to be serious:
    Anti-Semitism As The Harbinger Of Global Chaos

    Everywhere one looks, chaos reigns—or, at the very least, bubbles just below the surface.

    Perhaps most telling among the signs of disarray is the unnerving rise of antisemitism in the United States, Europe, and throughout the world. Antisemitism, in general, has been intensifying, slowly but surely, over the last decade or so. Over the last few months, however, it has emerged fully into the open, undaunted and unembarrassed. What was once considered shameful and disconcerting is now warmly welcomed as a “rational” response to American foreign policy, Israeli war practices, “colonialism,” and “white privilege.”

    All of this is troubling, to put it mildly, both in and of itself and as a harbinger of greater and more deadly global unrest.

    Hatred of and anger toward Jews is not the same as other forms of bigotry…

    ..The present global chaos doesn’t have to end the same way the chaos of a century ago did. It doesn’t have to result in the ascension of millenarian ideologies and their totalitarian defenders. History has shown that extremism can be short-circuited and radical ideologies undone. The first step in doing so, however, must be to bring an end to the rationalization of the persecution of the world’s Jews. The second step is to end the persecution itself.

    Antisemitism is ugly and shameful, and it must be treated as such. For their sake and ours.

    D Benton Smith

    A wonderful and not fully foreseen thing happens when the mental and physical capacity of human beings is directed by truth filled thinking toward beneficially successful activities, rather than deceitful thinking used to incompetently strive for truly horribly disastrous results. The resources wasted on doing things wrongly (and thus unsuccessfully) would become available to be put into service producing beneficial things.

    Not only would there be LESS bad things. There would be MORE good things. Not only LESS failure, but MORE success. Not LESS workable endeavors (i.e. inefficiency and failure), but projects and objectives that were MORE workable because they would be based on truth and workability, and thus lead to success.

    Not only would people spend LESS time coping with fear and stress and hopeless despair in an endless effort to avoid being destroyed in a criminally insane environment, but they would have MORE time and resources to invest in the good and useful things that they love and which will actually improve their lives.

    I’m talking about a self-reinforcing (and mutually reinforcing) positive feedback loop of second order exponential proportions. Like when an exponent is itself an exponent. Like X squared to the X squared power.

    What if even HALF of the man hour spent on war and crime had instead been spent growing healthy food and teaching our children how to be wise and good? How much good work would that amount to?
    8 thousand billion man hours (give or take) in just the past year alone?

    In other words, when the resources spent on LIES are re-directed to TRUTH, things don’t just “get better”. The “get better” BETTER. You see what I mean.

    Man, am I ever ready for THAT.

    John Day

    Is Mish Shedlock “election tampering” with this story?
    Biden Wants to Hike Taxes by $7 Trillion Dollars

    Biden Wants to Hike Taxes by $7 Trillion Dollars


    She can’t have seen the bullet. Frames per second of the camera couldn’t capture that.
    I do think the bottomless tree was interesting, though.

    John Day



    John Day

    Former US President Barack Obama has reportedly flown – in absolute secrecy – to the United Kingdom, and upon landing, was taken directly to 10 Downing Street to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

    Officials in #10 Downing Street are flatly refusing to discuss why Obama is there, or what he will speak with Sunak about. It’s all very Hush Hush.

    John Day

    Calling a male person a “man” ILLEGAL in Scotland starting April 1

    John Day

    Billionaire Elon Musk has spoken out in the case of 16-year-old schoolgirl Loretta B., who was pulled out of her classroom by police last week because of a TikTok post in support of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

    At the end of February, the girl was taken out of class in front of her fellow students and questioned by police, as first reported by German newspaper Junge Freiheit.

    In her TikTok post, she asked “What do Germany and the Smurfs have in common: They are both blue.” The post was in reference to the AfD, which has blue party colors.

    She had also shared a post that stated that Germany was not just a place on the map, but also home for her.

    Loretta B. told the paper that when she was pulled out of class by the police, “I felt everyone’s piercing stares on me.”

    The Brandenburg police then spread disinformation following the event, claiming the mother and daughter understood the police actions, with their statement reading: “The student showed understanding of the police measures and the preventive approach behind them, as that was what was important to her to protect against possible hostilities that could arise from their activities on social networks.”


    I don’t know about others but when I see Khazaria, Rothschild, Jews, Freemasons etc in posts, especially
    talking about world domination, I wonder when the guards will show up to take folks back to the mental institution.

    D Benton Smith


    @Dr. D: I had precisely the same reaction-

    ‘“My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways.” – Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
    That must be the most epic quote since the Republic was founded. No LITERALLY that was the whole POINT of the 1st Amendment.’ “

    The implications to be drawn from this inadvertent exposure of the MINDSET which prevails within virtually the ENTIRETY of government cannot, should not be overlooked or ignored. Justice Brown (and everyone around her) actually does BELIEVE that the government, just the government itself, is the thing which must be protected and sustained.

    Sorry if this seems so obvious that I’m being silly for mentioning it as though it were some deep insight that only the wise can see. It’s just that Supreme Court Justice Brown revealed SO much in so few words, on such a quintessentially important issue as the question of what the government and the First Amendment exist FOR in the first place.

    D Benton Smith

    Government should be nothing other than cooperation of, by and for the people in their service to the true and thus divine principles which govern existence.

    John Day

    @DBS: “Amen”

    D Benton Smith

    If some of the things that I’ve written on this forum since 2013 or so have struck you as being particularly true or useful, then good. That’s all that I wanted, and it’s also the only thing that anyone needs from me. All the rest of the stuff I’ve commented over that surprisingly long span of years were just the kind of debris that always seems to wind up on the shop floor and scrap pile no matter how efficient and tidy I try to be.


    “Putin says unacceptable to infringe on prerogatives of World Health Organization”
    This from tass on 30 Oct 2021.
    I’ve been hanging onto this for a while, and I want to close it. I hope he has changed his mind.

    D Benton Smith


    That TASS news item was from 30 Oct 2021, so I just gotta wonder how it got back into circulation as news all the way up here in March 2024 (that’s a 2 1/2 year time gap). I’m not saying that Putin is clean or anything. I’m just sayin’.

    D Benton Smith

    Religionists are prone to preach that what they say and write is Divine (the literal word of God, written down and vouched by holy persons) and that therefore I should believe that it is true. I come at that judgement from a much different direction. I tend much more toward the viewpoint that if something is true, and is proven by me or to me or is known to me as being true based upon my own best ability to discern true from false, then in that case, and because it is true, then it is Divine.


    I was cleaning up my bookmarks and found it. So I am the culprit. Sorry.
    I admire Mr. Putin, but lockstep was the scariest part of the whole, rotten scam.


    Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University, William Happer: “More CO2 is good for the world… It’s absurd to be trying to reduce CO2”.

    426 ppm (current) is not good for ecosystems evolved for 230 ppm (800,000 year average)..


    going a little further back than Billy Bragg

    Alas! what evil customs now prevail in Hellas! Whene’er the host sets up a trophy o’er the foe, men no more consider this the work of those who really toiled, but the general gets the credit for it. Now he was but one among ten thousand others to brandish his spear; he only did the work of one; but yet he wins more praise than they. Again, as magistrates in all the grandeur of office they scorn the common folk, though they are naught themselves; whereas those others are ten thousand times more wise than they, if daring combine with judgment.

    Andromache, Euripides 424 BC


    426 ppm (current) is not good for ecosystems evolved for 230 ppm (800,000 year average)..

    “Not good for”? The trees, grass, shrubs, etc are doing great out here, I just took a look.

    Tell you what, if you do a double blind experiment in which you have to repeatedly stand in a room that is either 0.004% CO2 or 0.002% CO2 and can tell us which concentration it is with oh… 70% accuracy in 20 tries. I’ll become a Science Denier with you.

    Did you mean “not good” as in no discernable effect not-good? Or harmful in some way?

    Then it should be easily noticeable to YOU, who you claim “evolved for” 230ppm.

    What scale does evolution occur on?

    In any case, consider that CO2 levels will go up far beyond what you say is catostrophic with or without humanity doing anything. The current cycle of high CO2 levels has repeated about 40 times with no human civilization at all.

    Here’s a sample.


    ““Have you all lost your minds?”

    Yup. And no one will pay the slightest attention. That’s the point of engineering a mass formation psychosis. It’s an impenetrable force field against “Reality.” They can, will, and always do, literally die by the hundred thousands first. Or rather, THEY die by the thousands and make US die by the hundred thousands.

    What if you were in 30’s Germany, watching the NAZIs preaching a whole set of propaganda WHILE progressively engaging in activities aligned with that propaganda leading towards the deaths of millions.

    What if you had a guy that incessantly, with a one track mind, preached the same belief system. All the same underlying sentiments, supposed facts, judgements derived from it….

    Studiously avoiding very specific things that could harm people but in all other respects just rabidly incessantly preaching the same exact creed which you KNOW is for the terrorizing and killing of millions upon millions.

    Oh hey, there must just be a factual or scientific misunderstanding – Cosmic Coincidence that he agrees with this massive push for death and suffering.

    How do you exorcise someone who is possessed? Anyone have a tale of successfully doing so?

    Tolkien seems to review quite a few characters possessed or acted upon by malignant forces.

    Theoden – weakened, pessimistic, demoralized until the spell is broken

    Treebeard & the Ents – who “do not like to be roused” and suffer passively until roused

    Denethor – who is overwhelmed and wants to put everything of value on a funeral pyre and have it burn with him

    Boromir – who is overwhelmed, but comes to his senses and redeems himself.

    Each acted on covertly.

    Or Aragorn, who looks into the palantir on purpose, knowingly struggles, and wrests it away from evil

    Or Gandalf, who goes down to the depths with the Balrog – the entire account can be read as symbolic – purified when he manages to win.

    I can’t think of anyone possessed being actively rescued, unless you count Frodo with the bit of Morgul blade in him, or Eowyn and Faramir being healed – part of the healing, of a necessity being to confront the darkness they always carried with them before the Morgul Breath. And Frodo at least had to make it across the Ford

    But in each case, seems like Tolkien is saying that ultimately nobody can do it for you.

    John Day

    Atmospheric CO2 is rising rapidly.
    The effects on various plants are various, not at all the same and not constant.
    It turns out that some plants decrease their respiration by closing stomata, in response to higher CO2 levels.
    It’s just not simply “good”, and in the short term it is heating the planet, and the solar maximum is apparently heating the planet, too. The magnetic fields are rapidly weakening, letting more high energy protons and electrons come through, hit the ozone and deplete it, letting in more UV, which I think I feel in my skin. I feel something cringy, not just hot, in midday summer sun in recent years. I go back in. I never used to go back in, even 5 years ago.
    How much CO2 is man-made?
    I don’t know. I am not convinced it is the majority of it, but it could be. A lot might be coming from undersea volcanos.
    Are we headed for much worse, unrelated to human CO2 production, in the 2030s?
    I think we are.
    Let’s see.
    What do you plan to do while we wait, as industrial economy implodes, and can’t support us in the manner to which we have become accustomed?
    Some people are doing the best they can, based upon their assessments of “reality”.
    Others keep more of an intellectual distance, waiting for a clearer understanding of what is going on.
    The people who are doing their best might even come to understand what is going on sooner, better, or both.


    Climate “scientists” posted warnings, having studied tree ring data, that the world has experienced unprecedented warming in the past 20 years. Alarming! Terrifying! But not surprising.

    In fact, it was SO unsurprising that real actual scientists tried, as an experiment on the computer algo being used, chopping off the data 25 years earlier.

    The results were shocking but unsurprising – the Climate “science” model extrapolated out the same kind of temperature spike at the end of its run, only 25 years earlier. We’re all underwater and dead decades ago, folks!

    Dr. D

    I am a coinicidence theorist, and that is not suspicious at all.

    Science always puts any random data into a model, and it comes out the same conclusion: Happens all the Time!

    (That’s from the joke, Insurance adjuster is in a small Texas town. Locals says, “Don’t you think it’s unusual, the bar went on hard times, then just as it was going bankrupt, it burned down?” Adjuster: “What? No! That happens all the time!) Yeah, suspiciously often. See Letterkenny.

    Just what I’m talking about:

    “memecoins skyrocket by 10,000% and reach multi-billion dollar market caps in a matter of days. What’s the point of saving 5% in a bank account for years when an Internet troll can make that in a day.

    The rise of financial nihilism can be attributed to (1) the lack of upward mobility makes the American Dream feel like a thing of the past for many, and (2) the perceived irresponsibility of the US government and Federal Reserve. As a result, people have to take bigger risks to achieve financial stability — gambling on the future is the only way to get there. 
    “You take bigger risks. You feel driven to take bigger risks to try and leapfrog from your current financial position (mostly paycheck to paycheck; buying a home feels nearly impossible; saddled with student loans; salary increases not keeping up expense increases) to something more tenable. More comfortable. More baller.
    So you gamble. You. F**king. Gamble. You look anywhere, for anything, that can give you a 5:1, 10:1, 50:1 type of payout. Naturally, you look to literal gambling, which is growing at a breakneck pace-” – Travis King

    Everywhere, everytime, in all financial history. Guess what? You’re not different. It isn’t different this time.

    Who’s doing this, WHY is this done? Easy: Central bank inflation. In a joint merger with government. Enforce with guns, drawn quickly, used widely. Why is crypto? It’s a bet on the devaluation and corruption of existing systems and banking. That’s why it goes straight up and can’t be stopped. If you want it stopped, it will stop the instant Banks, Leaders, Law, Government, are trustworthy and stewards of property rights. So Bitcoin $1 Million? $1 Billion? No problem, we’ll be there shortly.

    In the meantime, buy Elizabeth Whor’in coin, DogWifHat, and Coqinu coin. Or Black CoqinU coin, if you prefer.

    They are worth more than the US$, and rightfully so. Because THEY are a joke.

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