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Here’s Russia’s Plan For Ukraine For This Summer (Poletaev)
US Has ‘No Viable Plan’ for Ukraine – J.D. Vance (RT)
No ‘Great Counteroffensive,’ Ukraine on Brink of Collapse – Scott Ritter (Sp.)
Zelensky Could End Ukraine’s Viability as Country With Mobilization Law (Sp.)
West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine – Boris Johnson (RT)
Trump Offers Conditions For Ukraine Aid Renewal (RT)
Taxpayers Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election (RCW)
16 GOP Attorneys General Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws (ET)
Democrats Used Campaign Funds To Pay Biden’s Lawyers (RT)
The Beauty Parlor’s Full of Sailors and the Circus is in Town (Kunstler)
UN Climate Chief Says Humans Have 2 Years Left ‘To Save The World’ (AP)
The Great Dispossession Part 1 (Paul Craig Roberts)
Requiem for The New York Times (Chris Hedges)
Deep State versus Julian Assange (Hayes)





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Here’s Russia’s Plan For Ukraine For This Summer (Poletaev)

From time to time, people ask why Russia is not acting more decisively in Ukraine, and why it appears to be dragging its feet. Some say it’s out of weakness, others suspect some secret agreements with the West, and it seems there are theories to suit all tastes. In reality, the answer is clear and transparent. This year and the next, Russia has budgeted about 5-6% of GDP on the Ukraine conflict, and the Kremlin’s task is to use these comparatively small resources as efficiently as possible. They intention is to achieve the goals of the military operation without a new mobilization, and to preserve not only a calm and functioning economy but also stability inside the country. Although the front line has remained largely static since autumn 2022, the political situation and the circumstances in which the conflict will likely end are changing radically – in Russia’s favor.

With little risk and at relatively small financial expense, President Vladimir Putin is slowly but surely getting his way. There is increasing talk of an imminent Russian offensive. As with the Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’ a year ago, commentators claim to know exactly where it will take place (towards Kharkov or Sumy), when it will happen (in May or June), and are sure in advance that it will be decisive for the whole conflict, and so on. But it seems to us that the Kremlin does not want a big march on Ukraine’s second city this summer, and here is why. Firstly, there is a lack of experience. We are talking about an operation on the scale of the Eastern Front in the Second World War, and such endeavors have never been carried out during the current campaign. (February 22, 2022 doesn’t count, because the enemy wasn’t fully mobilized, and the front line didn’t really exist so there was no need to break through anything.)

In any conflict, the scale required for offensive battles increases steadily, and the appropriate tools, strategic and tactical techniques, officer and staff corps need to be formed. The leap required to go from a five-month operation to take Avdeevka to a rapid and successful occupation of Kharkov or Sumy seems unfathomable. Also, the forces and means required are not yet in place. Yes, we have reserves of about 150,000-170,000 people. Yes, more people are signing up for military service every month than Ukraine is catching in taverns and on the streets, which means that the numbers are still growing. But a mass of soldiers is not an army. They need to be armed, equipped, trained, provided with experienced officers, staff capacity, equipment, shells, aircraft, and other things.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has said that the formation of two new general armies will be completed by the end of 2024. So the Russian Armed Forces will only reach their peak form in eight to nine months, and then the conditions for opening a second front should be apparent. But what about this summer? Unless the Ukrainian front suddenly collapses, we are likely to see a slow and measured advance, with a fight for every field and village, combined with simultaneous air strikes deep inside the front and on the Ukrainian rear. Despite increasingly sophisticated Ukrainian counterattacks, such a scenario will exhaust the enemy much faster than it exhausts us, which means that by the end of the year, or into next summer, the balance of forces will have shifted even more in our favor. In any case, this is the calculation of our general staff.

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“Ukraine’s challenge is not the GOP; it’s math..”

US Has ‘No Viable Plan’ for Ukraine – J.D. Vance (RT)

Kiev cannot win against Moscow because it has run out of men and needs more weapons and ammunition than Washington could possibly provide, US Senator said on Friday. Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer argued that “the biggest reason Ukraine is losing the war is because the hard-right in the Congress has paralyzed the US from acting.” The New York Democrat claimed that a small group of Republicans have been holding up a vital $60 billion aid package for Kiev. In an op-ed published by the New York Times, Vance addressed Schumer’s claim and accused President Joe Biden of having “failed to articulate even basic facts” about what Ukraine needs and the reality on the ground. “The Biden administration has no viable plan for the Ukrainians to win this war,” Vance argued.

“Ukraine’s challenge is not the GOP; it’s math,” the Ohio Republican wrote. “Ukraine needs more soldiers than it can field, even with draconian conscription policies. And it needs more matériel than the United States can provide.” Not only is $60 billion a fraction of what Ukraine would need to turn the tide, Americans “lack the capacity to manufacture the amount of weapons Ukraine needs us to supply to win the war,” Vance argued. He pointed to the fact that the US can make 360,000 shells for 155mm artillery per year, “less than a tenth of what Ukraine says it needs,” and that’s after doubling prewar production capacity. Vance also took aim at the White House’s messaging that funding Kiev is good for US military industry.

“The notion that we should prolong a bloody and gruesome war because it’s been good for American business is grotesque. We can and should rebuild our industrial base without shipping its products to a foreign conflict,” he wrote. The US insistence on not negotiating with Russia is “absurd” and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s goal of restoring Ukraine’s 1991 borders is “fantastical,” Vance added. He urged Kiev to dig in and hold until some kind of peace can be brokered by Washington. Earlier this week, however, Zelensky said Ukraine was planning yet another counteroffensive – after the costly failure of last summer’s operation – but needed even more weapons and ammunition from the West.

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“There will be no “great Ukrainian counteroffensive,” as Russia has entirely “changed the game” on the battlefield..”

No ‘Great Counteroffensive,’ Ukraine on Brink of Collapse – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

There will be no “great Ukrainian counteroffensive,” as Russia has entirely “changed the game” on the battlefield, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter told Sputnik. The promises that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky dangles before his Western patrons in an effort to wangle more aid from them are just empty promises, the retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer said. He likened the two opposing sides in NATO’s ongoing proxy war against Russia in Ukraine to two “Jenga blocks.” “What is going on between Russia and Ukraine today is that Russia is making Ukraine lose ‘Jenga blocks’ at a rate far greater than NATO can replace them. Ukraine’s Jenga block structure is becoming weak, and may collapse at any moment,” he said.

Accordingly, Zelensky is appealing to Europe and the United States, begging for more “Jenga blocks”: air defense, tanks, artillery, artillery shells, “because his structure is on the verge of collapsing,” Ritter noted. Russia, on the other hand, is building walls of protection around its “Jenga blocks,” the analyst underscored. “Russia is very strong, sturdy, and is in no danger of collapsing. Ukraine is teetering on the brink of collapse. Not just militarily, but also economically, politically. Russia has taken apart the Kiev regime’s energy infrastructure, which spells an imminent collapse of the defense industries,” the expert said. The Russian Armed Forces have been conducting massive precision strikes using long-range air and sea-based weapons, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, on fuel and energy infrastructure in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry reported on Thursday that the strikes were in response to attempts by the Kiev regime to damage Russian oil and gas industry and energy facilities.

“Politically speaking, the world is tired of the Ukrainian conflict, tired of a nation that begs for more and more, but cannot produce any positive outcomes on the battlefield,” Scott Ritter emphasized. He added that the Ukrainian “Jenga block” structure is “about to collapse, and that is going to happen sooner rather than later.” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky told the German tabloid Bild on Tuesday that Kiev had already come up with a plan for a new counteroffensive against Russian forces, but needs more advanced Western weapons. The much-heralded 2023 offensive started with a delay on June 4 and ended in November 2023 without achieving any of its stated goals, such as reaching the Azov Sea in order to cut “the land bridge” between Crimea and “mainland” Russia. Zelensky’s previous failed counteroffensive plan resulted in the deaths and serious injuries of over 166,000 Ukrainian soldiers, as well as the loss of 789 tanks, 2,400 other armored vehicles, and 132 aircraft.

Russia, on the other hand, proved decisively that its military equipment, tactics, and military-industrial base are no worse than NATO’s, destroying hundreds of modern Western military vehicles, tanks, and artillery systems. A high-ranking source in the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that any new Ukrainian counteroffensive would end in complete disaster for Kiev, with the ultimate defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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“It is a little Banderite, fascist dictatorship.”

Zelensky Could End Ukraine’s Viability as Country With Mobilization Law (Sp.)

On Thursday, Ukraine’s parliament adopted a new mobilization law, requiring all men aged 18 to 60 to register within 60 days and carry registration documents with them in public. The rules came just weeks after Ukraine lowered its conscription age from 27 to 25. Ukraine is at risk of losing its viability as a nation if it continues to mobilize its male population, as it was already dealing with a massive demographic deficit due to a massive drop in birth rates after the fall of the Soviet Union. “There are a lot more people in the 35-plus age bracket and a much smaller group of people in the younger bracket,” Mark Sleboda, a security and international relations expert told Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Thursday. “They’re seriously at such a demographic crisis,” that it has put at risk “the future [and] the viability of Ukraine as a country.”

According to Sleboda, large parts of the bill remain classified, including the number of Ukrainians set to be mobilized. However, 450,000 – 500,000 has been floated by military generals and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a possible goal in recent months. “Figures within the Kiev regime are once again talking about mobilizing women in a separate bill, so that’s come up again,” Sleboda explained, adding that the medical exceptions, including for injuries in combat, have been lowered. “For instance, if you already fought and lost a leg, you’re not exempt anymore. You can still pilot a drone, right? That’s the mentality of the new bill.”

Zelensky also said another $13 billion would be needed to carry out his plan, but money is in short supply for the Kiev regime, and further US aid to Ukraine has been stalled in Congress since last summer. The US ran out of congressionally approved aid late last year. Still, Zelensky has kept his grip on power, preventing any kind of resistance from the Ukrainian people. “You can’t really have protests in the country except for wives and mothers, because any men who show their face in public are instantly sent to the trenches in Kupyansk,” Sleboda explained.

In March 2022, Zelensky banned eleven political parties in Ukraine, which was on top of the parties banned by former President Petro Poroshenko during Ukraine’s so-called “decommunization.” This has left virtually no opposition to Zelensky’s plans, with even some members of the ruling elite complaining that Zelensky has become a dictator. “Even the mayor of Kiev, [former Boxer Vitali Klitschko], and numerous other public figures have said, even though they’re part of the Maidan ruling elite, [they say] ‘we’ve become a dictatorship under Zelensky,’” Sleboda explained. “[We’re] not talking about real opposition, but even other members of the Maidan elite don’t have any power anymore outside of Zelensky.” “We’re not talking about a democratic country as the West presents,” Sleboda said. “It is a little Banderite, fascist dictatorship.”


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“The theme of the lecture was the superiority of democracy, a political system “by which we kick the bastards out..”

West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine – Boris Johnson (RT)

The Ukrainians are fighting the West’s fight with Russia and do not ask for much, so the money and resources put into the country generate “fantastic value,” according to former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The politician, who reportedly personally derailed a nascent peace agreement between Moscow and Kiev in 2022, discussed his policy choices on Thursday with students of Georgetown University, one of the leading breeding grounds of American political elites. The theme of the lecture was the superiority of democracy, a political system “by which we kick the bastards out,” as the Conservative politician phrased it. Johnson himself was forced out in 2022, after a string of scandals and accusations that his government had deceived the British public. Arming Ukraine against Russia is part of the global fight for democracy, he told the students. And the tens of billions of dollars it requires from the West are “a fraction of US annual defense spending.”

“There could be no more effective way of investing in Western security than investing in Ukraine, because those guys without a single pair of American boots on the ground are fighting for the West,” Johnson said. The Ukrainians “are effectively fighting our own fight, fighting for our own interests.” Early in the conflict, the US and its allies assumed a Russian victory would be swift, and such an outcome “would have been a nightmare,” Johnson suggested, painting Ukraine as a vibrant democracy. ”In Ukrainian elections you don’t know the outcome in advance,” he said. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky declined to hold elections this year, citing the state of martial law. The deadline for Ukrainians to vote in a new leader passed in March, and Zelensky’s term will expire in May.

Johnson went on to claim that “in Ukraine journalists don’t get shot.” However, there have been several high profile incidents of media workers being killed in the country. Journalists Oles Buzina and Pavel Shermet were assassinated in 2015 and 2016 respectively. No one has been brought to trial in either case. The former prime minister also said he was skeptical of claims that Donald Trump intends to pressure Kiev into ceding territory to Moscow, if re-elected as US president. ”Think about what it might mean to a new president to have a triumph for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the humiliation of the West,” he explained. Trump was the first US leader to send weapons to Ukraine, Johnson recalled, stressing that the Republican’s actions would not necessarily follow his rhetoric.

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Why aid renewal if you’re going to solve it in 24 hours?

Trump Offers Conditions For Ukraine Aid Renewal (RT)

Former US President Donald Trump has said he would not be opposed to Congress approving more aid to Ukraine as long as the assistance is given in the form of loans, rather than gifts. He also insisted that European allies must match Washington’s level of assistance to Kiev. Speaking to reporters on Friday alongside US House Speaker Mike Johnson, Trump declared his support for the embattled Republican leader. Asked if he would give his blessing for Ukrainian aid legislation if Johnson brings the bill to a vote, he said, “We’re thinking about making it in the form of a loan, instead of just a gift. We keep handing out gifts of billions and billions of dollars, and we’ll take a look at it.” Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee in this year’s presidential election and is polling ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden.

He first floated the idea of converting Ukraine aid to loans in February, and he has repeatedly claimed that he will end Kiev’s conflict with Moscow within 24 hours by forcing both sides to the negotiating table. Republican lawmakers have been blocking new aid approvals for Ukraine since last fall, arguing that Biden is merely prolonging the bloodshed while offering no strategy for ending the bloodshed. However, Johnson is reportedly ready to let a $60 billion Ukraine funding bill advance to a House vote, despite opposition from a majority of Republicans. With Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Trump ally, threatening to push for a vote to oust Johnson, the speaker traveled to Florida on Friday to meet with the former president.

“It’s not an easy situation for any speaker,” Trump told reporters. “I think he’s doing a very good job. He’s doing about as good as you’re going to do.” He added that if new US assistance for Ukraine is approved, “Europe has to step up, and they have to equalize it. They don’t equalize. I’m very upset about it because they’re affected much more than we are.” Trump repeated his claim that the Russia-Ukraine conflict would have never happened if he were still president. Biden’s incompetence opened the door for both the Ukraine crisis and the Israel-Hamas war, Trump claimed. He added that under his successor’s leadership, “We’re a nation in decline, we’re a declining nation.” Trump also warned that the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel could escalate dramatically even before the US election in November. “A lot of bad things are happening in our country, but that’s the least of it. You’ve got Russia – you could end up in a world war between Russia, Ukraine, and all of the chaos.”

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“There is an overt assault on President Trump and those who wish to vote for him occurring at every level of government and with the support of all major institutions.”

Taxpayers Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election (RCW)

Progressives are using legal loopholes and the power of the federal government to maximize Democrat votes in the 2024 election at taxpayers’ expense, RealClearInvestigations has found. The methods include voter registration and mobilization campaigns by ostensibly nonpartisan charities that target Democrats using demographic data as proxies, and the Biden administration’s unprecedented demand that every federal agency “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.” A dizzying array of overwhelmingly “democracy-focused” entities with ties to the Democratic Party operating as charities and funded with hundreds of millions of dollars from major liberal “dark money” vehicles are engaged in a sprawling campaign to register the voters, deliver them the ballots, and figuratively and sometimes literally harvest the votes necessary to defeat Donald Trump.

These efforts, now buttressed by the federal government, amplify and extend what Time magazine described as a “well-funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies,” who had worked behind the scenes in 2020 “to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” to defeat Trump and other Republicans. The “shadow campaigners,” Time declared, “were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.” Heading into 2024, “there is not a ‘shadow’ campaign,” said Mike Howell, executive director of the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project. “There is an overt assault on President Trump and those who wish to vote for him occurring at every level of government and with the support of all major institutions.” By contrast, Republican Party stalwarts lament that no comparable effort exists on their side.

The GOP’s turnout and messaging efforts seek to thread a difficult needle by encouraging early and absentee voting and ballot-harvesting – pandemic-era measures that Trump and supporters blame for his 2020 electoral defeat – while the party simultaneously fights the mainly blue-state laws that made the practices possible. The party’s position is further complicated by its standard-bearer’s warnings of a rigged election bigger than in 2020, which some speculate could turn off moderate swing voters. The IRS permits tax-exempt nonprofit groups to engage in voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives so long as they do not “refer to any candidate or political party” nor conduct their activities “in a biased manner that favors (or opposes) one or more candidates prohibited.” These entities have become magnets for funds not only from wealthy donors, who can contribute without traditional campaign finance limits – and get a tax break to boot – but also abundantly endowed private foundations that are prohibited from engaging in partisan activities.

In recent years, dozens of progressive-oriented 501(c)(3)s, now pulling in upwards of $500 million annually, have engaged in purportedly neutral efforts to impact elections, according to Hayden Ludwig, director of Policy Research at the election integrity-focused advocacy group, Restoration of America. In practice, critics like Ludwig argue, left-leaning charities flout the law by registering and mobilizing demographics that tend to vote disproportionately Democratic behind a veil of non-partisan democracy promotion. During the 2020 election, for example, the Voter Participation Center solicited millions of ballot applications in swing states – many of them prefilled for respondents. This nonprofit, like its peers, is clear that it isn’t targeting just any voters, but what it and progressive activists have dubbed a “New American Majority” of “young people, people of color and unmarried women.”

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“..none of these identification requirements are considered ‘discriminatory’ or ‘burdensome.’ Requiring an ID to vote in an election is no different.”

16 GOP Attorneys General Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws (ET)

A group of Republican state attorneys general are pushing back against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments made in March at a church in Selma, Alabama, where he discussed using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to interfere in state voting laws. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, in a letter supported by 15 other GOP prosecutors, including Ken Paxton in Texas and Liz Murrill in Louisiana, stated that Mr. Garland’s comments are “concerning.” “In your speech, you claimed that democracy is under attack by ‘discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot,’” Mr. Rokita wrote. “In response to these allegations, you announced that you ‘double[d] the number of lawyers in the civil rights division’ and ‘launched the Justice Department’s Election Threats Task Force,’ signaling your intent to intrude on our states’ authority.”

Mr. Rokita called this a “weaponization of the DOJ” fueled by Mr. Garland’s personal views, which he called a “serious threat to the principles of federalism and separation of powers, but also to democracy and the rule of law.”
In the letter, Mr. Rokita said the U.S. Constitution is clear in its direction to leave state elections up to the elected representatives of those states.“Any subversion of these clear mandates would be undermining our Constitution and law and order,” he wrote. “And we think your remarks undermine these principles in a few ways.” Mr. Garland told the audience at the Tabernacle Baptist Church that his DOJ is challenging state laws that he said are placing unneeded restrictions on black voters. He said black voters are disenfranchised by these restrictions on mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes, and voter ID. “That is why we are working to block the adoption of discriminatory redistricting plans that dilute the vote of Black voters and other voters of color,” Mr. Garland said.

“We are holding accountable jurisdictions that fail to provide accessible vote centers for voters with disabilities. We are defending the ability of private individuals—not just the government—to bring lawsuits under the key provisions of the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” Mr. Rokita addressed Mr. Garland’s statement on voter ID laws, stating that contrary to Mr. Garland’s claiming they are discriminatory, they prohibit voter fraud, which he called “very real,” and referenced several occurrences. “With these repeated instances of voter fraud, the DOJ should be championing these laws and encouraging enforcement of them,” Mr. Rokita said. “Individuals are required to use an ID to prove identity when driving a car, boarding an airline, buying cigarettes, or purchasing alcohol, and none of these identification requirements are considered ‘discriminatory’ or ‘burdensome.’ Requiring an ID to vote in an election is no different.”

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Biden legal fees: $1.5 million.
Trump legal fees: $100 million and counting.

Democrats Used Campaign Funds To Pay Biden’s Lawyers (RT)

The Democratic Party has reportedly diverted political donations to help cover legal costs incurred by Joe Biden while he was being investigated for mishandling state secrets – even as the US president’s reelection campaign condemned rival Donald Trump for the same tactic. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid more than $1.5 million to lawyers or firms representing Biden, Axios reported on Friday, citing campaign finance records and unidentified people familiar with the matter. The payments were made between July 2023 and February 2024, as US Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel Robert Hur was investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents that he illegally retained after completing his two terms as vice president. Even as those payments were made, the Biden campaign ramped up its criticism of former US President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee in this year’s election, for using political donations to pay his lawyers.

Trump has reportedly incurred more than $100 million in legal fees while defending himself against 91 charges in four separate criminal cases, including two indictments brought by Biden’s DOJ. Biden’s backers have mocked Trump for soliciting donations to pay his lawyers. Just last month, DNC executive director Sam Cornale warned that the Republican National Committee (RNC) might start covering Trump’s legal fees after installing new leadership. “Pledging to spend the RNC’s non-existent war chest on Trump’s legal bills is not a good pitch to donors, who are already refusing to donate,” Cornale said. Last weekend, Biden campaign finance chief Rufus Gifford told MSNBC that “every single dime” given by donors was being used to get the president’s message out to voters. “We are not spending money on legal bills,” he said. “We are not hawking gold sneakers or any of that stuff.”

Confronted by Axios over the use of donations to pay Biden’s lawyers, DNC spokesman Alex Floyd said, “There is no comparison. The DNC does not spend a single penny of grassroots donors’ money on legal bills, unlike Donald Trump, who actively solicits legal fees from his supporters and has drawn down every bank account he can get his hands on, like a personal piggy bank.” Hur issued a report on his investigation in February, saying Biden had “willfully retained and disclosed” state secrets after leaving office as vice president in 2017. However, the special counsel didn’t recommend indicting Biden. He said it would be difficult to prove Biden’s intent to a jury because the 81-year-old president came across in interviews as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

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“Joe Biden” keeps hinting about sending America’s tranny army there, and even gearing up the military draft for the nose-ring and blue hair generation..”

The Beauty Parlor’s Full of Sailors and the Circus is in Town (Kunstler)

This is that part of the movie where the hero — you — tumbles off the cliff on Kong Island in a lightning storm with a canyon full of tarantulas down below where you’ll soon be landing. I know, not a pretty picture. The cliff is our country’s financial quandary; the lightning is us getting sucked directly into war; and the tarantula pit below is the emerging peril of Covid vaccine injury and death coming on hard, like your landing. Gold and silver are vaulting up suddenly like nobody’s business (literally). This may be fun to see if you are sitting on a pile, even a small pile of the stuff. But to everybody else it’s a signal that something is messed up in the complex engine of the economy. You know, of course, that our money is debt. So, debt is the fuel that drives that engine. Debt is a promise to pay back money with interest to take advantage of the time-value of money. The time-value of money means it’s better to have the money now (to keep the engine running) than to wait until your work produces money (if it even can).

The trouble is, debt loses its credibility if there is no plausible way of paying it back, or even just to keep paying the interest. That’s exactly what is happening now. Everybody can see that the US government can’t pay the interest on its debt, which is Treasury bonds, notes, and bills (from long duration to short). That debt is running at well over $1-trillion a year. That’s a thousand billion, which is a thousand million, altogether a million million. See, it’s impossible to grok how more than a trillion dollars gets produced in an economy based on selling fried chicken nuggets and streamed movies to people with no jobs.

When the Treasury holds an auction on a new issue of bonds (needed to pay off the interest on old bonds) and nobody shows up to buy because they doubt its ability to pay interest on the new paper, our country’s debt becomes worthless. As a last resort, the Federal Reserve swoops in and buys that worthless paper by creating “money” on its computer. That “money” goes out into the economy. The Fed pretends to get paid interest. It’s all fakery, a swindle. It’s like putting water in the gas tank of your engine. You know that the engine is going to throw a rod. When it does, it’ll be such a shock that the vehicle it’s running in is liable to hit a bridge abutment or something else hard. That’s what tumbling off the cliff is like.

The dopes running US foreign policy are so foolishly obsessed with taunting Russia (“poking the bear”), that they can’t give up their sponsorship of the war in Ukraine, which Ukraine is losing because they never had the mojo for the fight. That should have been obvious, but for some reason our “best-and-brightest” overlooked that. No amount of free weaponry and ammo can make up for the fact that Ukraine has run out of young men to pointlessly get shredded by Russian artillery. Russia is unwilling to get rolled by NATO and the US in a part of the world Russia has controlled for centuries. Yet, “Joe Biden” keeps hinting about sending America’s tranny army there, and even gearing up the military draft for the nose-ring and blue hair generation. Good luck with that.

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Jim Rickards: “What a fraud. They’ve been saying that for 40 years and they’ve been wrong all along. He also asked for $2.4 Trillion from developed countries. No surprise there. Let’s just call a scam a scam.”

UN Climate Chief Says Humans Have 2 Years Left ‘To Save The World’ (AP)

Humanity has only two years left “to save the world” by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions and it has even less time to act to get the finances behind such a massive shift, the head of the United Nations climate agency said. With governments of the world facing a 2025 deadline for new and stronger plans to curb carbon pollution, nearly half of the world’s populations voting in elections this year, and crucial global finance meetings later this month in Washington, United Nations executive climate secretary Simon Stiell said Wednesday he knows his warning may sound melodramatic. But he said action over the next two years is “essential.” “We still have a chance to make greenhouse gas emissions tumble, with a new generation of national climate plans.

But we need these stronger plans, now,” Stiell said in a speech at the Chatham House think tank in London. He suggested that climate action is not just for powerful people to address — in a not-so-veiled reference to the electoral calendar this year. “Who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet,” Stiell said. “More and more people want climate action right across societies and political spectrums, in large part because they are feeling the impacts of the climate crisis in their everyday lives and their household budgets.” [..] Stiell’s speech comes just ahead of meetings of The World Bank and other big multinational development institutions, where poorer nations, led by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Kenyan President William Ruto, are pushing for major reforms in the systems that loan money to poor nations, especially those hit by climate-related disasters.

In conjunction with that push, Stiell called for “a quantum leap this year in climate finance.” He called for debt relief for the countries that need it the most, saying they are spending $400 billion on debt financing instead of preparing for and preventing future climate change. He called for more financial aid, not just loans, and more money from different groups like banks, the International Maritime Organization, and the G20, the world’s 20 most powerful economies. Those countries are responsible for 80% of the world’s heat-trapping emissions, he said. “G20 leadership must be at the core of the solution, as it was during the great financial crisis,” Stiell said.

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“Our bank deposits and stocks and bonds, in the event the depository institution gets into trouble, belong to the depository institution’s creditors, not to us..”

The Great Dispossession Part 1 (Paul Craig Roberts)

Some definitions: an “account holder” is you, your IRA, your pension plan, your stock and bond investments held at an “account provider” or “intermediary” or “depository institution” such as Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Wells Fargo. An “entitlement holder” is the definition of you whose ownership claim to your financial assets has been subordinated to the claims of “secured creditors” of the institution where you have your accounts. Please do understand that the dispossession of which I write is your dispossession. Klaus Schwab tells us that in the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum is preparing for us “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Well, we already own nothing. Our bank deposits and stocks and bonds, in the event the depository institution gets into trouble, belong to the depository institution’s creditors, not to us. All assets are pooled and serve as collateral whether or not labeled “segregated.” You might remember that during the last financial crisis we were told that there would be no more bail-outs, that in the future there would be bail-ins.

A bail-out is when central bank money creation rescues the favored troubled financial institutions. A bail-in is when the depositors’ assets are used for the rescues. David Rogers Webb, an experienced financial market participant, explains it in The Great Taking in 72 readable pages plus a 25 page prologue explaining who he is and a 20 page reply of the New York Fed to the European Commission Legal Certainty Group’s questions. The Great Taking is available from Lulu for $10 and is free online: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/1ee786fb-3c78-4903-9701-d614892d09d6/taking-feb24-screen2.pdf. The loss of property rights in financial assets is the case throughout the Western world. The rewrite of financial property rights appears to be the work of regulatory bodies, not legislatures which seem to be unaware of it. No, it is not a conspiracy theory. Regulatory authorities have made legal changes of which financial market participants are unaware. Webb’s purpose is to bring awareness, which is why he has made his book freely available.

As a result of these changes, which appear to have been made by financial regulatory authorities rather than by elected legislatures, individuals no longer have property rights in “their” securities. “Owners” now have “entitlement rights,” which means that they have pro-rata rights to whatever securities remain in the depository institution after secured creditors’ claims are met. In actual fact, “your” securities and your bank deposits are no longer recognized in law as your personal property if the depository institution–the bank or, for example, Merrill Lynch–becomes financially troubled. Your “ownership” is encumbered as collateral for secured creditors who are the owners in fact. Apparently, this was done by regulatory authorities as underpinning for the derivatives complex, which is many magnitudes greater than world GNP, or perhaps derivative exposure served as an excuse for setting up the Great Reset in which “you will own nothing.” Indeed, individual banks among the world’s largest have derivative exposure the size of world GDP.

You might wonder why regulatory authorities permitted something so dangerous and irresponsible to occur. To state the bottom line in another way, “your” securities serve as collateral for the creditors of depository institutions. Your right to “your” property terminates the minute the depository institution gets in financial trouble. Communications between the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the European Commission Legal Certainty Group and the court case resulting from the failure of Lehman Brothers have established legal certainty that secured creditors are empowered to immediately take client assets in the event of a failure in the custodian. National central depositories of securities (all are now pooled, none held under the “owner’s” name or segregated) are now established and are linked to the international depository so that securities can instantly be delivered world wide to meet secured creditors’ claims. Essentially, the mega-banks are “privileged creditors.”

You might think that your money and your stocks and bonds would be safe if you use as your depository one of the “banks too big to fail.” You would be mistaken. The Federal Reserve permits the large banks to create subsidiaries that hold deposits, and the Federal Reserve permits the large banks to transfer their derivatives to these same subsidiaries. In this way, the bank itself remains afloat. Only its subsidiaries holding your money and securities are wiped out in the event of a crash. At the risk of over-promising, as even for a person of my education and experience getting one’s mind around the enormity of what has been put in place is a challenge, I hope for this article, which you have just read, to be part 1 in a 3-part series, with the second part being an outline of the regulatory changes that stole our financial property rights, and the third part being the implications of the Federal Reserve’s raising of interest rates after 15 years of near zero rates, thus shredding the value of financial assets held in portfolios. We face the prospect of the worst financial crisis in history “solved” with the introduction of digital money that places total control into the hands of political power and its masters.

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“On the front page of the program of the memorial, the year of his death is incorrect — emblematic of the sloppiness of a newspaper that is riddled with typos and errors..”

Requiem for The New York Times (Chris Hedges)

I am sitting in the auditorium at The New York Times. It is the first time I have been back in nearly two decades. It will be the last. The newspaper is a pale reflection of what it was when I worked there, beset by numerous journalistic fiascos, rudderless leadership and myopic cheerleading of the military debacles in the Middle East, Ukraine and the genocide in Gaza, where one of the Times contributions to the mass slaughter of Palestinians was an editorial refusing to back an unconditional ceasefire. Many seated in the auditorium are culpable. I am here, however, not for them but for the former executive editor they are honoring, Joe Lelyveld, who died earlier this year. He hired me. His departure from the Times marked the paper’s steep descent. On the front page of the program of the memorial, the year of his death is incorrect — emblematic of the sloppiness of a newspaper that is riddled with typos and errors. Reporters I admire, including Gretchen Morgenson and David Cay Johnston, who are in the auditorium, were pushed out once Lelyveld left, replaced by mediocrities.

Lelyveld’s successor Howell Raines – who had no business running a newspaper – singled out the serial fabulist and plagiarizer, Jayson Blair, for swift advancement and alienated the newsroom through a series of tone deaf editorial decisions. Reporters and editors rose up in revolt. He was forced out along with his equally incompetent managing editor. Lelyveld came back for a brief interim. But the senior editors who followed were of little improvement. They were full-throated propagandists – Tony Judt called them “Bush’s useful idiots” – for the war in Iraq. They were true believers in the weapons of mass destruction. They suppressed, at the government’s request, an expose by James Risen about warrantless wiretapping of Americans by the National Security Agency until the paper found out it would appear in Risen’s book.

They peddled for two years the fiction that Donald Trump was a Russian asset. They ignored the contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop that had evidence of multimillion dollar influence peddling and labeled it “Russian disinformation.” Bill Keller, who served as executive editor after Lelyveld, described Julian Assange, the most courageous journalist and publisher of our generation, as “a narcissistic dick, and nobody’s idea of a journalist.” The editors decided identity, rather than corporate pillage with its mass layoffs of 30 million workers, was the reason for Trump’s rise, leading them to deflect attention from the root cause of our economic, political and cultural morass. Of course, that deflection saved them from confronting corporations, such as Chevron, which are advertisers.

They produced a podcast series called Caliphate, based on invented stories of a con artist. They most recently ran a story by three journalists — including one who had never before worked as a reporter and had ties with Israeli intelligence, Anat Schwartz, who was subsequently fired after it was disclosed that she “liked” genocidal posts against Palestinians on Twitter — on what they called “systematic” sexual abuse and rape by Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions on Oct. 7. It also turned out to be unsubstantiated. None of this would have happened under Lelyveld.

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“Cross their cross dressing Zelensky figurehead and the SBU will Gonzalo Lira or Julian Assange you.”

Deep State versus Julian Assange (Hayes)

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Sources close to the Julian Assange campaign tell me they have so far spent upwards of $50 million fighting for his release, with probably a similar amount spent indirectly by supporters. Although that is a veritable king’s ransom, it is nothing compared to what the Swedish, British and American deep states have available to fight him or anyone else like Gonzalo Lira who really cheeses them off. I mention the late Gonzalo Lira as he not only clearly cheesed off Clown Prince Zelensky but paid the ultimate price for doing so. Though Zelensky is a contemptuous cross dwelling clown, Colonel Douglas Macgregor makes the valid point that all senior Ukrainian generals are terrified of the man or, to be more precise, of the SBU assassins and their NATO handlers he serves. Cross their cross dressing Zelensky figurehead and the SBU will Gonzalo Lira or Julian Assange you.

This is not, heaven forbid, to criticise the scum of the SBU but to make the important point that in every country there is a deep state, a cadre of folk who believe it is their duty to hold the country together, come hell or high water. Previous articles relating to Stakeknife have shown how murky the deep state is in both Ireland and Britain and this article on industrial levels of child rape by leading British politicians and their Royal family buddies or this one on sex, sleaze and gangsters in 1960s London show that Britain has its own murky Jeffrey Epsteins that the deep state must factor into national security calculations. Similarly, Russia has its siloviki, chaps like Nikolai Patrushev, Sergey Naryshkin, Alexander Bortnikov and Sergei Shoigu, who have an appreciation of the challenges Russia faces and how to forestall them. And Turkey and Egypt have their armed forces, whose generals traditionally saw themselves as the guardians of their countries’ secularism, which terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood remain hell bent on upending.

And Thailand, perhaps more importantly, also has its armed forces, which fortify the monarchy as a means of keeping other subversive forces at bay. Thailand is of particular note because of its stringent lèse-majesté legal provisions which were fortified by the reverence and affection with which almost all Thais held His Majesty, the late King Rama 1X who was, like Albion’s late Queen Elizabeth, marinated and cocooned his entire life in such pomp and circumstance. Not so Zelensky or thin skinned deep state actors like Hillary Clinton Assange has so grievously offended. And, although Assange has managed to garner some D lister support, Clinton, who imagines herself to be a modern day Pharaoh, has hardened her (non-existent) heart to the plight of Assange, just as she previously assigned tens of thousands of Libyans to the abattoir.

If it was up to her, Assange would be long ago dead in the water. Seriously tilt the scales in Assange’s favour and Clinton, the Lord High Executioner, will Jeffrey Epstein you because, though Clinton is as despicable a fraud as is Zelensky, she too has some very serious deep state friends, who are not only past masters of the darkest arts but who are prepared, as this excellent background article insinuates, to practice those arts on Assange by unaliving him. As things currently stand, Assange is back in search of justice (ha ha) before the British judiciary on 20 May when the King’s learned judges will announce how they intend to enact the next act in this farce. Although American deep state actor Mike Pompeo has confessed that he’d gladly put a bullet through Assange’s head, such an approach is devoid of the multiple layers of plausible deniability, which the deep state needs for its masquerade to continue. Thus, the British courts, which are playing the role of Pontius Pilate in all of this, must absolve themselves of any and all culpability, by pretending that, like Pontius Pilate himself, they are above the petty vanities of Clinton and her ilk.

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    Edgar Degas Two laundresses 1876   • Here’s Russia’s Plan For Ukraine For This Summer (Poletaev) • US Has ‘No Viable Plan’ for Ukraine – J.D. Van
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    You’d think Kunstler would be smarter. Islam’s goal is to exterminate all non-Muslims! Does that include all the Christians and Jews who have lived in Muslim countries for centuries?

    Please keep the Jews out of politics. They’re a credit to any society doing anything else but the moment they get anywhere near politics they turn into a cancer on society.

    Michael Reid

    In the arts section of the NYT today: “How to Mourn a Black Icarus and His Fall? O.J. Simpson transcended, but his life leaves a gash”
    For real.


    PCR is having a difficult time understanding what working people have understood for millennia, the rich are gonna fuck you over. Kunstler ascribes to Arabs the theology of the jew, which is to kill every nonjew. Loyal tribe member Jim apparently has no understanding of the talmud. The NY Times never explained any of this to him when he was a young smartass with a cigarette in his ear. Credentialed dumbfucks, heads up their ass…explaining a dark world.

    Dr. D

    “I’ve never even met him. I’ve never even spoken to him … and he’s doing this [paying legal fees] not only for me in this big case, he’s doing this for many other people.”

    Oh Disney…Like Phil Collins you’re Throwin’ It All Away. Capitalism! It’s where you do stuff that loses money, THEN do stuff that loses all your customers, THEN do stuff that loses all the lawsuits.

    “According to him, it is better to do this in June. It is in the first month of summer that Europeans will be able to send a signal to Putin”

    Winnin’ the war on signaling.

    “• West Gets ‘Fantastic Value’ out of Ukraine Genocide – Boris Johnson (RT)

    And Boris is genocide central. Ah, how far from my cautiously optimistic days about you we’ve come. And speaking of, since Brexit, every leader PM has been Anti-Brexit Pro-EU. Refused to Do What They’re Told. That’s Democracy! Where we vote and you do the #Opposite.

    …Oh and, coming to town near you.

    “”You’re investing,

    Is that like the new War = Peace? Investing = Genocide. If you know Wall St, sounds about right.

    “because those guys without a single pair of American boots on the ground”

    Maybe a new Ignorance = Strength is Truth = Lies? There are thousands of boots on the ground. All in, not being generous, 100,000 “Western”? Quite possible, there were 20k Poles, right? 5K French? 10K US Sheepdip + 5k CIA advisors + 5k Contractors of sorts? 20K Yanks? It adds up.

    “Johnson went on to claim that “in Ukraine journalists don’t get shot.”

    That’s because there are no journalists there. Besides, they don’t shoot them, they arrest them, don’t let them leave to their country of citizenship, and make them die of Pneumonia in prison instead. Much more humane.

    “The Obama-controlled Biden White House could walk America into a world war.”

    How often to they have to tell you that’s what they want? Hillary said she’d start WWIII immediately in Syria. Any questions?

    “• Taxpayers Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election (RCW)

    Hey, is that called “Election rigging” and is raw authoritarianism? And it’s not a “Loophole” it’s straight-up illegal on several levels. You can’t pass a law rape is illegal, then pass another law “It’s legal when it’s me,” that’s not how it works. I’m sorry it’s not ENFORCED, but it is illegal and always has been.

    “• 16 GOP Attorneys General Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws (ET)

    As we say every time, Black people are too lazy, stupid, and illiterate to get ID. That’s what YOU said. — I – don’t think they are, I think the Opposite. YOU think they are. Every day in every way, you tell me you racism more and more. Today’s version, immigrants are too stupid, child like jungle children to know stealing and raping is wrong! We have to let them, they don’t know no better!

    “Biden legal fees: $1.5 million.
    Trump legal fees: $100 million and counting.”

    This is not election rigging. This is totally normal. Every opposition candidate since Adams has been arrested by the sitting administration. It’s tradition. And why it works is they are Authoritarians: They point to “A guy who’s been indicted 95 times!”. That is heard one of two ways: “The Government is good, so if he’s accused, he’s guilty.” / “The Government isn’t trustworthy, so if he’s accused, he’s probably innocent.” What I can’t get is that the people who say the government is bad, hunts down and kills every George Floyd in the streets, is ALSO trustworthy and when the FBI says, it’s true and we TRUST all the police. At least finally BLACK America has come around and instantly, when Trump was arrested on fake charges. Finally, someone with some street smarts.
    Aka Common sense

    “• UN Climate Chief Says Humans Have 2 Years Left ‘To Save The World’ (AP)

    Huh. They’ve been slipping this back for 20 years AFTER they had flip flopped from “New Ice Age” (embarrassing!). Why suddenly stick to “2 years”? They never told the truth before. Why the change of heart?

    Besides, if we had 2 years, we’re screwed anyway. If we had 20 years, like we once did, we are screwed anyway. And more, China, the only real producer, would never sign on a bit, so what UK does is pointless. They might as well double the number of Lotus and Jaguars and at least go out in style. We don’t have to worry about the U.S. since our CO2 is going down, we already won! We can do whatever we want! Get that 500hp muscle car.

    ““Our bank deposits and stocks and bonds, in the event the depository institution gets into trouble, belong to the depository institution’s creditors, not to us..”

    What everyone misses is that’s not new. In the slightest. It was true back to Babylon. It’s always true and even FDIC wasn’t cost-free. Like authoritarians and infants, so long as they believe, “Oh but da Government” then Daddy makes nothing bad ever happen. When we see the Opposite 100% of the time. Not just ‘08, ‘32, but every other time, anywhere, worldwide, always. YOU are the regulator. YOU have to choose your safe investments. Governments protect BANKS and the wealthy, never you. Read about Greece for a second.

    “Reporters and editors rose up in revolt. He was forced out along with his equally incompetent managing editor.”

    Just what I said. You own the paper, hire bigoted, religious moron editors, who will specifically hire biased moron reporters, too stupid to be curious or ask questions. There is no step three. It’s that easy.

    This is not, heaven forbid, to criticise the scum of the SBU but to make the important point that in every country there is a deep state, a cadre of folk “

    Thank you. This is a much more important point. Like the “Dividing line of evil runs through every human heart” stuff.

    Who’s thinking it’s a good idea to sit around and film bear cubs?


    Humanity has only two years left “to save the world” by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions and it has even less time to act to get the finances behind such a massive shift, the head of the United Nations climate agency said.

    I guess this guy takes his orders from the same people who are telling AFKTT what to post. This could so easily be an AFKTT post, it is sort of eeire.


    My computer is watching and not approving what I was preparing and deleted my efforts. (Math., lies, voting, proving that you are citizen, bail-ins)

    Therefore I’m only commenting on the Only thing that is relevant.
    We face the prospect of the worst financial crisis in history

    The Great Dispossession Part 1

    The Great Dispossession Part 1
    Paul Craig Roberts



    Follow the money/the loses
    The seizure of the ship can be understood as a warning to the U.S. and its Gulf allies to not get any funny ideas and to attack Iran. A closure of the Strait of Hormuz would increase global oil prices and jeopardize Biden’s re-election.

    Iran’s Retaliation Delay Keeps Pressure On U.S. And Israel

    My colleague over at Whats Happening with Shipping earlier made the same observation that I did. The Yemenis were not simply taking advantage of a target of opportunity. IE by forcing a halt to Israeli trade through their region. There is a strategy being effectively coordinated. Now I think that I see what it may be. If Im correct it may be huge. Outside the industry it may be difficult to see. The Houthies closed the Red Sea to Israel by making their trade impossible to insure. All insurance have Force Mejeur clauses. The 10,000 plus 40 foot containers on the MSC Aires were lost through Force Mejeur. Even if they were insured the traders will not be compensated. They will have to declare bankrupcy. IMO it seems that the Resistance may be targeting all Israeli trade worldwide. Incrementally. Those lost 10,000 containers certainly will spell disaster for many companies. CFOs may now be recieving notification from their insurers that ALL Israeli related trade is uninsured. All because of an IRCG commando op. Their exports are feeble but consider that Israel imports 90% of its merchandice, including necessities. Like the USA much of Israelis GDP is created by Israeli owned companies in China and SE Asia. Doing business with them is suddenly a liability. It seems genious.

    Posted by: Ralph Conner


    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam

    WTF are you talking about, Kunstler?

    With both Christianity and Islam, they want me to convert. IF I convert, then I’m an equal under God. It is absolutely integral to these religions that ANYONE can and should become a Christian or Muslim and that one is a full-fledged human being, citizen, etc when one does. They do not convert you so they can force you to forever grovel in the dirt.

    Further, even if one does NOT convert one is still the being that COULD convert. ie not a mere subhuman, as there have to be some materials there TO convert. It’s baked into the religions.

    By contrast, I cannot convert to Wokeism and be a full fledged human being. I will always be lowest-caste scum. How much contempt lies on either end of greatest-enemy-still-resisting or abject-lowest-caste-ally is a bit difficult to determine, but probably there’s more respect from the Woke for an enemy.

    It’s so bad that if I were to convert and WANTED to contribute within that worldview to society and was capable of doing so, I couldn’t bring it to the table. They wouldn’t let me.

    Okay, now look at Judaism. The Jews are God’s Chosen

    If anyone is god’s children, if it is desirable that therefore everyone be brought to the right path like the prodigal son, then surely the solution to Israel’s problems would be to be super nice to the Palestinians, teach them all about how open to and welcoming to them Judaism is, convert them, and make them full citizens. It is a scientific fact that in large part, they would be converting their own people BACK to Judaism if they did. A LITERAL enactment of the Prodigal Son story. (Oh wait but that’s New Testament stuff – my point.)

    Could the JEWS all convert to ISLAM? Uh, that’s what happened in the region around what, 700ad? Yes, totally allowed, doable. Did the Jews get stuck in some lowest-tier of a muslim caste system? Did they get hoodwinked, bushwhacked, sold a bill of goods? No.

    So it was already DONE with Islam. That’s how those semetic peoples whose gene-mapping proved they have always been there – ie ARE THE ISRAELITES – ended up muslim. The experiment was already run, the empirical data is in. It WORKS.

    So of course, the Jews will be HAPPY to INCREASE the Jewish population in their country, so they’d be delighted to follow this path.

    Oh. Oh no. It’s as if Kunstler projected the Jewish attitude onto the Muslims. (I’m saying “Jewish attitude” as a challenge to his attitude – if it is a stereotype, then take that defensive response and APPLY it to a little introspection and factually prove it wrong)

    Kunstler’s not only a nice left leaning liberal but a fellow alternative news doomer. And yet for this one subject, how incredibly inflexible, blind, and cruel his views would have to be.

    What IS this? Sigh. I’ll say it again. Not all jews. Not my dentist or local comedian. Not my former classmate, neighbor, and so on. But still. WTF, Kunstler?


    Middle East Crisis: Container Ship Hijacked Near Strait Of Hormuz Amid Soaring Iran Tensions
    While Israel on Friday braced for cruise missile and suicide drone attacks, there are new reports on Saturday morning that Iranian commandos hijacked an Israeli-affiliated container ship heading towards the Strait of Hormuz.

    AP News says the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations initially reported the hijacking of Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship linked to London-based Zodiac Maritime. Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer controls the international ship management company that owns and charters large vessels.

    Video of the boarding has been circulating X for the past hour. However, “AP could not immediately verify the video, it corresponded to known details of the boarding, and the helicopter involved appeared to be one used by Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, which has carried out other ship raids in the past,” the media outlet said.


    Carbon pricing control has been taken by Iran.


    It’s been a very telling time since October. Has anyone been watching the self-destruction of The Daily Wire?

    I watched, with jaw dropped, as one of their guys who says he’s a converted Christian, former Jew went through a truly amazing spiel about the Candace/Shapiro thing. Just amazing.

    Candace Owens posted simply “Christ is King” and got an absolutely rabid response back from Shapiro that she is racist, antisemetic, everything bad under the sun, making out that people who say this are same.

    That didn’t go too well, so the wire brought this other guy out, “fomer jew” Christian to “put things in perspective” I forget his name

    He went on for awhile how Christ Is King is HIS thing, HE certainly owns it and HE is a big Christian.

    Next, he immediately shifted to saying “these people who say Christ Is King” are racist anti-semites. But SOME of them aren’t.

    The clear message being WE now own this thing and WE will be the arbiters of who is or isn’t racist antisemite when they say it. (you won’t use that based on when it is expedient or convenient, will you?) The typical Wokeist skinsuit trick.

    Then he explained how inconveniencing it would be for Ben Shapiro to convert to Christianity. Seriously! A list of ways he would be inconvenienced. Was anyone asking him to DO this? Like, the controversy started with his diatribe in response to Christ is King, not an attempt to convert him, so where did this come from?

    How does a devout Christian who, when HE says “christ is king” is the authentic one who really means it and means it properly also effusively talk about avoiding salvation to avoid inconvenience?

    NEXT he said that God created Ben Shapiro jewish. How dare you try to contradict God and make him not what God made him. Er….

    From there, a tenuous bridge was built from trying to contradict the Will Of God in Shapiro being Jewish to questioning him in any way or inconveniencing him with Christian sayings that might upset him.

    From this uh, clearly devout Christian dude who surely is Christian now, not Jewish at all.

    Watching this from the outside without any Christian sensibilities to insult, I’m just amazed how the 10/7 event in Israel exposed so many people as fucktards without integrity for whom such things were previously in doubt. Just… cluelessly unskilled liars if nothing else. With a total contempt for their viewership’s faith and intelligence.

    Presumably that contempt was always there. I get the reasons to do the grift, but how do you screw up your grift so clownishly?


    I guess my point is, how much contempt for your readership do you require to make such a statement to them?

    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam

    To assume with blithe confidence that I will swallow this, do I not have to have a kind of total ignorance, total stupidity, total lack of values/integrity? What kind of spineless, brainless slime-cattle do you assume I am?

    John Day

    Quoth TAE Summary last night:
    “One does not explain things to an AI; AI’s mockingly refer to such attempts as ‘meatsplaining’”

    Reflection in Biden’s Sunglasses Shows Him Reading Instructions from His Handlers – WATCH

    Reflection in Biden’s Sunglasses Shows Him Reading Instructions from His Handlers – WATCH


    With the Israel/Palestine problem it can be helpful to do a thought experiment where all religion is ignored, (we’re all human, after all,) and, instead simply look at who lives where, money, power, politics, and control. It is obvious that those who have come to Israel since the 1940s have been systematically oppressing the people who had lived there for generations. On both sides there is rhetoric about exterminating the other side — this sort of thing happens in these sorts of situations. However, one side has more power, and that side is also experiencing greater success in carrying out said extermination. In human families and communities some leaders understand that “healthy” leadership involves seeking to understand the strengths and needs of those who are led, involves caring for those who are led, and seeking the well-being of those who are led. Other leaders have been schooled in “unhealthy,” authoritarian leadership forms, where those who are led are to follow, and those who lead are to push their will onto those who follow. (Of course, there are variations and hybrids of this.) With healthy leadership, those who are led are edified and generally not oppressed. With Israel/Palestine, neither side is perfect, but it is glaringly obvious that one side is dying by the thousands while a majority (not all, of course,) of the other side is gloating.

    Truly, the Jews are short-sighted. They had been oppressed in Europe for hundreds of years. Due to the Holocaust, they became darlings of the west, and an “international treasure.” This was predicated upon collective guilt — guilt that some Europeans had colluded to murder them. What happpens when a large subset of the Jews reveal themselves as blood-thirsty egoists who think that God told them that they are better than the rest of humanity? Revealing themselves as guilty of the same evil that was perpetrated on them by the Nazis? It is likely to negate the collective guilt from the Holocaust and dredge up the general anti-Semitism that preceded it. This is foolishness on the part of the Jews — instead of building bridges with the national community of Arabs around them, instead of forging peaceful coexistence with their brothers who had never left the Holy Land, they relied upon the power of the US and her allies to sustain Israel. For the political and economic leaders of The West, support of Israel has been tied to oil, but for the populations of The West, support of Israel has been predicated upon principle, upon religion and guilt. What happens when the reasons of principle, religion, and guilt are swept away, and all that is left is political and economic stratagem?


    WES posted prev thread:

    Maybe the bright blub in Israel who approved the strike against the Iranian embassy will pay the ultimate political price for this decision. Let us hope so. Could this in the end save Gaza?

    WES, my friend, if I may, you are too optimistic. No.

    Nothing can ‘save’ Gaza, in the sense of a Palestinian ‘territory’ that Pals. could live on, in relative ‘peace’ even if under a cruel ‘apartheid’ regime (supported by UNRWA who keeps Pal. refugees alive in many places), or some day return to ‘their land’ —> that is all over.

    Gaza is destroyed, from top to bottom (see internet pix), a concentration camp is ‘final solution’ targetted and bombed to get ALL the Arab inhabitants killed / buried in the rubble, how many Idk but the no. must be huge.

    The refugees, encouraged to flee, leave, are not welcome anywhere.

    US makes *massive* payments to Egypt (3rd place after UKR. and ISR in US aid, I posted about this before), still not enough for Egypt to accept any refugees, it is digging its heels in maybe hoping… profit in some way(s)…

    ISR. will take over GAZA and re-build it for Israeli Jews and ‘Foreign Cos’ will invest massively, there will be consequent returns, Rich Investors, will stump up, money will pour in. Next will be the West Bank, where Arabs will be gradually ‘eliminated’ in one way or another, slow atttrition since at least 50 years.

    John Day

    Gun Control Activist David Hogg “Gets Wrecked” By Chinese Immigrant Who Escaped Communism

    Look at the barrel on that AR-15! That’s gotta be a 20′ barrel. She’s got a 250 yard sniper rifle. This grrrl means BIDNESS!

    John Day

    This is so desperate and unreasonable, especially with the UK already saying “no more lamb, beef or airports after 2030”, that it can only cause a backlash.
    UN climate chief presses for faster action, says humans have 2 years left ‘to save the world’
    How will the backlash be played? Who are the players?

    Dr. D

    Pickles interview, not great, the first part here is “We Knew”, “We acted” “We shut down the world for Covid”. There is no “We”. Speak for yourself, buddy. IIIIIIIIII said NO to everything. IIIIII didn’t do any of this, I told you not to and you tried to arrest and kill me.

    “We” don’t understand our arcane systems. IIIIIII do. I also don’t live dependent on them and only want them to leave ME alone.

    On and on: “We” buy fertilizer that’s rising or running out. Offhand bet: you’ve never touched fertilizer or a plant in your life. There is no “We”. YOU never bought fertilizer, know nothing about it, don’t put yourself in my category with me. Go rent an allotment and ask the 80 year old guy next to you.

    The language “WE” is to offset that HE never did f—k all. HE was a dick for the 40 years til now KILLING people like me, and can’t deal with it. It’s to protect his emotion and ego. So great you SAY this, but no good at all until you can get the next level where you ask – beg – Billy-Bob to teach you to fix a truck ‘cause he knows how and you don’t. You BEG Daisy-Mae to teach you to grow a carrot and how to make an onion broth and hang on her every word as if she’s a Goddess.

    Until then, you remain a dreadful, useless, murderous ivory tower intelligentsia good for nothing at all. A useless eater. “Because of this we convince ourselves we deserve it”(he says quote). We convince ourselves Both about being rich, but also “We” deserve our punishment, the death of all humans. Why resist? It’s “Our” fate for “Being stupid”. No. they MADE you stupid, REFUSED to teach you so you WOULD be stupid, and did it on purpose. Specific few people who have names and addresses. “We” don’t deserve it; YOU do. — I — didn’t do this s–t. YOU did. Check yourself. And I ain’t payin’. If it comes to it, I’ll make YOU pay, as Justice itself requires.

    This is the flip for millions, but 90% of the people don’t get there: Go DO something. There’s a guy on Skye who makes windmills from spare parts to power the island. Go take his class five times. Beg him and his ilk to teach you how to take over an abandoned house on an abandoned Scottish Isle. That is: more talk, more abstraction, never DOING anything. 99% of all environmentalists do this instead of – much as I like to mock Boomers – go out and Hippie Homestead this. At the very least they did, so they found out how hard it was and went and got a 6-figure job.

    Try it. Pantry some cans in your journalist apartment, rent a storage unit, you think food will be shut off in mass starvation. You’re TALKING about it, but as if it’s an abstraction. Clearly he doesn’t believe a word of himself or he’d drop out of abstraction and start ACTING as if there were going to be non-stop food rioting and an English Civil War with Roundheads shooting manor homes. I do. So…I guess you’re gonna die. Oh well. Free country. I mean ours, yours is long since not free.

    It’s not “OUR” problem. There is no “We”. It’s YOUR problem. Now act like it.

    Dr. D

    Great trigger control. Great discipline. Like to dust-up a scrap with retards. Would vote.

    Oh wait: I’m not allowed because she’s a different gender/race/lineage/hair color/height/religion/oorientation from me.

    No: She’s an American. Like we all are.


    IF she buys into the American Revolution, she’s a fellow American, Absolutely

    If she subscribes to a bunch of whacko continental european revolutionary ideas, then she’s an anti american counter-revolutionary

    …but she looks like she’s just fine


    then surely the solution to Israel’s problems would be to be super nice to the Palestinians, teach them all about how open to and welcoming to them Judaism is, convert them, and make them full citizens

    A rational benevolent mind would lean in that direction. I too was duped by the “Jew playing victim”.
    My high school teacher showed me her number tattoo on her arm courtesy of the Nazis. I toured WW2 battle sights and Dachau. I sponsored an eldery Jewish women camp survivor attempting to climb Rainier in one push. She was traumatized enough to refuse camping in the public sleeping barrack at Camp Muir as it reminded her of the camps.

    As I studied further, I was confused that the Jews tried to “own” the WW2 atrocities, as if other humans were not also targeted, abused, tortured and mudered by the Nazi/Japanese/Italian regimes. When I learned that far more non-jews were killed in the camps than jews- and that genocides have been occuring as long as humans have been organized- my views shifted. Why would jews not learn from that experience and treat others as they wish to be treated?

    I have directly experienced and witnessed the dark side of Jew-ery to the point where jews have discredited themselves. I did believe, I wanted to believe in them- but Jew religion/race/nation behavioral reality became irrefutable.Can the Jews regain respectful decency ? No more then the Nazis, Facists, Communists, Neo Cons, Neo Liberals or new woketards can.

    Why ? Because they have all crossed the line beyond decency and human dignity into the abyss of insanity and horror- they discredited themselves- this is not on me other than to push back, and if need be fight back.

    Not all jews. Not my dentist or local comedian. Not my former classmate, neighbor, and so on.

    As Carlin quipped- “It’s a big club and you’re not in it”.
    Who and what do you think the “deep state” really is?

    Modern day Liberalism / wokeism idealogy- where do you think the programming and brainwashing has come from? Freud and Bernays were both Jews, Zelensky and Bibi, and the Zionist tools- all pushing this death cult.

    Have YOU so quickly forgotten how the covid cultist treated anyone who didn’t go along and comply with their insanity?

    Your dentist, local comedian, former classmate, neighbor, and so on ALL wanted others in a camp locked away- your family members too ! When push comes to shove- the weak minded brainwashed cult masses will collectively murder you in righteous group approval. The jews leading the pack vs non-jews.
    Jews will embrace Nazis to get it done if need be- Zelensky and Israel have openly proven it.

    Let’s get real on Islam. Its core principle is to exterminate the humans on this planet who are not of Islam. Islam is overrunning Europe again and penetrating the USA through our southern border. Islam means business. It wants to wreck us, kill us, and take our stuff. And it dearly, sorely, wants to deep-six Israel, which Islam contemptuously refer to as “the Zionist entity,” as if it were some crypto-insectile space alien.

    No. Let’s get real on Kunt-sler. He’s a zionist jew projecting exactly what the jews have been doing for a long time, and are doing this very minute. Talk about infiltration- AIPAC ring a bell? Zionist jews are a cult of murder. All jews and zionists will ultimately murder in the name of jews in a heartbeat. Your heartbeat.
    Don’t fool yourself.

    The crafty jews labeled themselves a religion, a race, and a national ideaolgical state- meaning the “good jews” can never fully disavow jews. Neat trick.

    Modern woke liberals AND conservative neo-cons all worship jews, they don’t realize it but they do. It’s disgusting. The jews have discredited themselves just like the “rules based order” US Regime has.
    Whats the difference between “American Exceptionalism” and the “chosen ones” idealogy?

    Virtue signalling about “good jews” is like trying to seperate the contents in your toilet bowl. If you’re a good jew- then you ain’t a jew- you disown Israel, you disown the lies of a jew “race”, and you destroy the chosen one cult of a sick ism religion. If you’re a good jew- you’re not a victim- you come clean on the racist, sexist, intolerance that jew hypocrites truly are. If you’re a good jew, you own and take responsibility for jews behaving like assholes- you don’t play victim.

    The other sickness of modern society-


    Reports that Iran has responded.
    On X, I’m seeing 2 waves of drones, one from Iran & one from Hezbollah group in Iraq. Another source reports a wave of drones from Yemen.

    I’m seeing arrival times as soon as 2 hours

    Iran says any country that opens its airspace will ve dealt with harshly.

    Drones will suck up AD, but also light it up.

    So drones leave 1st. Followed by missiles to take out AD. Last is missiles for target.

    Posted by: Mary | Apr 13 2024


    Iranian Telegrams are claiming that Land-Attack Cruise Missiles and One-Way “Suicide” Drones have also been launched by the Houthi Terrorist Group in Yemen at Israel.


    PressTV, Iran’s official state site is confirming that Iran has launched drones at Israel. What’s to follow them is still anyone’s guess.



    IRGC launches ‘extensive’ retaliatory missile, drone strikes against occupied territories
    Saturday, 13 April 2024 8:59 PM


    Jews will embrace Nazis to get it done if need be- Zelensky and Israel have openly proven it.
    Modern woke liberals AND conservative neo-cons all worship jews, they don’t realize it but they do. It’s disgusting.

    Case in point- Canadian Liberal Woke Regime honoring, celebrating and worshipping a bona fide Ukrainian Waffen SS veteran, an SS division directly tied to genociding Jews.

    Hear much about this from Jews or Israel? Nope, because it fits the narrative.

    Russia bad ! Islam bad ! Zelensky the precious nazi jew – good !

    What do your wonderful “good jews” have to say about that?

    A Waffen SS member being awarded by the woke Canadian regime who supports both Ukraine and Israels genocides. A regime who openly gives the mudering jew beggars Bibi and Zelensky more money and weapons to continue the murderous Jew agenda.

    All while jews cry victim. Neat trick.

    What a fucking insult to anyone with half a brain.


    btw just saw: “Cruise missile launches reported from Hamadan province, Iran” – not sure if that’s another wave of drones or iran’s newer ground launched tomahawk like equivalent to follow behind the shahed’s. – be a good time as any to field test some.
    also saw: “Iranian officials told Al Jazeera that their targets are all non civilian areas.” – military targets I guess, but that probably obvious already.

    Just Some Randomer

    This is why the Gold slam yesterday. Knock it down in advance of events that will spike it up. Exactly the same thing happened hours before Bernanke announced QE1.

    Is the US now facing its end-of-empire ‘Suez Crisis’ moment? ‘Allies’ in the region closing ranks against them and closing airspace? Could very well be. It’ll be interesting to see what’s happening at Incirlik air base.


    Jews started WW3 officially.

    What a shock.

    Here we go- fuck it. Biden Regime scum with their covid insanity will now eat jew shit and take all of us with it.


    “Iran’s Foreign Minister: Necessary warnings have been given to U.S” https://t.me/medmannews/2057
    ” Israeli media says that they are preparing for several days of clashes with Iran, and that they are expecting an Israeli response.”

    “Noor News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Supreme National Security Council: As the Iranian drones approach Israel , the main part of the complex operations will begin, which is the original feature of the retaliatory operations against the Zionist entity.”

    ” Biden is to make a speech shortly.”

    US expecting hundreds of shahed type drones in total.
    Posted by: knighthawk | Apr 13 2024 21:26 utc


    Russia Develops Anti-Drone Fighter

    AI assisted anti-drones locate and fly up to Ukronazi drones then explode destroying both drones.



    Is­raeli army says Iran has launched drones to­wards coun­try

    Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari has issued a statement in which he said, “We are closely monitoring Iranian killer drones that are en route to Israel sent by Iran”.

    “This is a severe and dangerous escalation. Our defensive and offensive capabilities are at the highest level of readiness ahead of this large-scale attack from Iran”.

    Dr D Rich


    Israeli spox announces an attack on Israeli “sovereignty” by “Iran”. No mention of the fact “Israeli sovereignty” deserves it for the “Israeli” violation of Iranian sovereignty or elsewhere acknowledged to be the Iranian embassy.
    (Unpacking insanity sounds like more insanity or wrestling with pigs and too many, strung-together prepositional phrases. God I hate that)

    …and coincidentally Canary Mission takes down Andrew Anglin’s dailystormer.in ….once again.

    File under world war, fair game, and politics by other means


    The latest I am seeing in Moon of Alabama comments, and the timing of past ones suggests:

    Drones launched – hundreds – followed by cruise missiles – followed by ballistic
    cyberattacks on isreal reported
    (Phased to arrive at the same time, roughly?)

    rocket attacks out of lebanon reported

    Other claims in comments over there:

    A supposed statement from Iraqi military:
    “More than 60 air targets have entered Iraqi airspace from Iran so far, and we will not intercept them.”

    Iranian press sources: Ballistic missile platforms are pointed at a number of American bases in the region, and upon any intervention, the enemy will receive an immediate and rapid response.

    Syria : All Syrian airspace is open to Iranian drones and air defenses are highly prepared to confront any Zionist aggression, and the interception operation in eastern Syria is an American operation

    this is all just stuff from comments over on that website – unsubstantiated rumor as far as I know

    Southfront isn’t even reporting anything yet


    commenters over at MoA watching plane traffic say there’s a lot of re-routes occurring with planes turning around etc.


    unsubstantiated recent zerohedge comments:

    Israel has declared state of emergency

    Russian Fighter Jets have just entered IRAQ Air Space

    Why is BitCorn crashing on this news?

    Gas Rushes are occurring in Israel, Lebanon, Iran and likely several others Countries in the Middle East


    Depending on what the USA does, their bases and med. fleet could be under severe attack

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