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    “Burzynski” is a documentary on Youtube and Netflix.

    It is an **excellent**, well sourced documentary about how Big Finance Capital uses both its Pharma and Government divisions to keep the competition out of their profit maximizing sick care system.

    I also think that it is an excellent “first step” for people who have fallen for the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy that is trust in government.

    The people who run the system hate you and yours and they work overtime to torture and kill your children with sub par, profit maximizing cancer “treatments.”

    If you known anyone with cancer, please forward this documentary to them.


    BTW, anyone seriously interested in learning more, should due way more due diligence than just watching a documentary (which will be skewed in Burzynksi’s favor – doesn’t mean it is true or not, the impartial data should reveal that).

    One criticism of his work is that it hasn’t been peer reviewed and published in a medical journal. That sounds reasonable.

    Where are the peer reviewed randomized, double blind placebo studies for fluoride or the flu shot?

    Oooops! Even though they don’t exist, that’s “establishment” so it doesn’t get criticized.

    So many (I couldn’t find any criticising fluoride and flu shots as quackery like they Burzynksi, share a link if you find one – just one!) of these alleged “skeptics” aren’t consistent in their questioning of medicine. They “pick on the little guy.”

    In addition, one site I read calls him a quack, but doesn’t provide any kind of detailed data or logic applied to that data to prove the point. No peer reviewed studies in a journal – the guy is a quack.

    No, that doesn’t logically follow. It might be true or it might not be true – that has yet to be established.

    Think. Question. Always.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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