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    Herri met de Bles c1510-after 1555 Saint Jerome medidating   • Trump Responds to Main ‘Hush Money’ Trial Witness’s Claims (ET) • Immunity for Me
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    caucasian citizens of the United States complaining about systemic racism against caucasian citizens of the United States
    Darwin Award winners
    or as Orwell put it
    “Ignorance is Strength”

    but such BS has proved to be useful in gathering votes

    Dr. D

    “New Eight Year Old evidence shows that the CIA set up the entire Russia Hoax.”

    Ya don’t say…

    Larger scale: WHY do we have elections if whoever is elected can’t change anything? Can’t fire anyone, that’s a given, even for not doing your job. Can’t pass Executive orders, or undo them. Can’t pick his team. Can’t change war policy. If he gives orders, no one follows them. And right now, previous administrations pass laws that prevent the new officeholder from making actions and decisions. So: you can do what the Permanent Managerial class Group-Thinks into being, that being the definition of the “Derp State.” And nothing else. It’s like those kid’s shopping carts with the race car wheel seat. And they hope by 4 years you will only barely catch on that nothing you’ve said is being done. The entire government is going its own way: the way of AGAINST The People. In war. In Law. In Economics. In Taxes. In every possible way.

    Next question: if it’s definitively and visibly Against The People, who is it all FOR? Government would still get their 6-figures whether they are For or Against The People. So wouldn’t it be easier to be FOR The People and Democracy? Wouldn’t that save a lot of hassle? And you wonder why people think there’s a small cadre at the top directing them.

    “any dealings President Trump had with the National Enquirer publisher were intended to protect himself, his reputation, and his family, not his campaign.”

    That seems easy to prove: Did he do this going back 5-10 more years, long before he was a candidate? A: Who Cares? We made the whole thing up extra-legally anyway. “Proof” has nothing to do with it. We are #AntiLogical. You HAVE to get #Logic right out of your head. It has no place here. Tell them the Plants love Brawndo.

    “• Immunity for Me but Not for Thee (Woodruff)

    Get #Logic right out of your head. I want an Oompa Loompa, and I want it NOW! I don’t care how. I made it up because I WANT it – Fascist “Force of Will” – and I want it a LOT. Ipso Facto, That means it’s true.

    “• Justices Signal a Desire to Avoid Both Cliffs on Presidential Immunity (Turley)

    This is the same everywhere. “Why can’t it read???” Am I missing something? NO ONE IS IMMUNE. From Anything. Presidents must be IMPEACHED. That is, he is indicted and put on trial by Congress alone. Why is this so f’ing hard? They can hold that trial in about a week. Problem solved. If you don’t want someone serially breaking the law in Office, don’t elect him. I can’t f’ing save you from yourself, it’s not my job. If you’re too dumb and corrupt to run a country, you lose it. Unicorns won’t save you.

    “• Trump Plans To Sanction Countries For Refusing To Use Dollar – Bloomberg (RT)

    Haha. You’re hilarious. Thanks! No one is dumping the US$ faster than you. YOU cut off and saved China, Russia, world banking systems from the trainwreck of the dollar collapse. You’re saving THEM, not yourself. Now is that self-aware or the biggest coincidence this decade? The Plan was to have no alternative this time, no US gold dollar or coin in Berlin when Wiemar falls. So TINA, no choices. You do what the Euro world oligarchs tell you and install world communism with a CBDC. Oops! Not if half the world is on a functioning parallel system!

    ““Whichever way the verdict goes in the Alvin Bragg case, epic looting and rioting will commence..”

    Meh. I look at the movie “Civil War”. It’s interesting, not the signaling crap I expected at all. Examples: One, these reporters are crossing “Civil War” territory to interview the President (why???). They have snipers and get out with some guys who are shooting. They’re like “Who do you work for? Who authorized you?” The gunman, “Soldier” there looks at the reporter incredulously: “Oh, I understand: you’re MORON.” The other reporter jumps in. “THEY (up there) are SHOOTING at us. WE (down here) are SHOOTING back.” The End. That’s the whole war, Civil War. Who are they? Don’t care, couldn’t give a f—.

    IF someone shoots at you, YOU SHOOT BACK. That’s self-defense for the last 100,000 years. Problem solved. Nobody “Authorizes” it you dips—t. Oh mother-may-I save my life with a carefully-worded letter to the sheriff and Homeland Security”?

    This is with yesterday’s Luongo interview, which I’d skip. But they ask, “Why do you need a 30-round clip to defend yourself?” He asks “If someone is invading my house to touch my wife, I get a MILLION bullets. INFINITY bullets. That’s how many I legally get.” I get to keep shooting until he stops if I have to go to the bullet factory with a bullet truck. Understand? THAT is why I need a 10-round, 30-round, 100-round clip. Because I have that RIGHT, so to speak, to save my and my family’s life. But you see: IT’S NOT YOUR LIFE. You didn’t make that. It’s the GOVERNMENT’S life: you are THEIR property, the property of the STATE, and you need to ask and they will decide if you can save your own life or not. (Spoiler: the answer is “No.”)

    Civil War vignette, as it was made of script subtleties and implications, vignettes. They stop to get gas, and aside from the price ($300 is now the price of a SANDWICH) they have to convince the gas station owner to TAKE their money at all, as good people with a worthy cause, rather than save the gas for his own people and friends. Around the back, they have two men hung up, dead or nearly dead, tortured to death. The photographer is curious, which obviously will go bad for everyone. I mean, they killed two, why not a few more, take the car, all that? As they diffuse the situation by NOT JUDGING (That’s what makes this a complete fantasy: A reporter not judging others? I can believe a time-traveling civil war with space lasers and tentacled aliens, but not THAT) they eventually ask, “Um, what’s with the guys?”
    “Oh these guys? Should we shoot them? Do you want them dead?”
    “Er, um, I don’t know, what did they DO?” They’re on the “Other side”.

    “Aw s—t no. They were just two guys come down to rob us. That’s what we do to (armed) robbers.” …When there is no police. Sides? What sides? IDGAF about “Sides”. Don’t shoot at me. Don’t rob me. What did I say last week about “You better hope the police catch you and not us?” The police protect THE CRIMINALS, not the victims. They allow it to be brought to a judge so you can have ACCURATE justice, not quick, perhaps overzealous justice. On record so the whole town can know what happened. Who’s who. If not, the victim is going to go over and burn their house down anyway, on their own time, perhaps with the dogs and kids inside.

    That is why YOU want justice. I want justice. THEY want justice. We can all agree upon.

    Back to today: ““Whichever way the verdict goes in the Alvin Bragg case, epic looting and rioting will commence..”

    Oh will it now?
    Those immigrants will do that when all the EBT cards are shut off? And like NYC only this month – already – somebody played knockout game with some woman and NYC pedestrians beat the s—t out of him on camera, gratis? Less than a year after Penny was jailed (indicted) for doing the same? Sounds like they Ain’t Skeered. Immigrants may think this is a hoot with softies who won’t fight back. …Until the victims get sick of it and do. Then the beaches of Venezuela sound real nice.

    Oh WILL we riot now? Is THAT what we’re going to do? Do tell. Oh I’m sure there will be riots somewhere, perhaps everywhere. But will YOUR family be in them? Or will they decide to rally ‘round and fortify? What’s the support and tolerance of the Central Powers when that happens? (A: States are already deporting illegals in defiance of the Federal Government and we haven’t even started yet) Devolution. States are taking the Central tasks, as the Central is about to collapse. We can do that here in the ‘States, because of how we think about things and how we’re constructed.

    “• Blinken Threatens China Over Russia Ties (RT)

    The Duran were agog with how idiotic and undiplomatic this is. Like this is the level that in the 19th century would have caused a declaration of war. (Of course that’s the point and waterboy what’s-is-name knows it.)

    “Chinese cyber groups have posted about American racial politics, drug issues and immigration”

    How dare they state facts. Like everybody else. “Influencing” is not illegal. If I have to state it again. Arguing your case, promoting your cause and views, is what everybody does, every minute of life. …Until you meet a narcissistic sociopath who says you have no right to disagree or he’ll kill you. That’s considered a committable mental illness. So let’s go get the wagon and the butterfly nets.

    “Imagine them [China] looking at Elon Musk and saying that you need to sell Tesla or else,”

    China DID do this, and do it anew each day. However, that was part of VOLUNTARILY offshoring to give up all patent rights and be completely helpless. They do it a lot less after, ‘cause: they already own everything, why not?

    “• Facade of Diplomacy Masks US Efforts to ‘Smear, Isolate, Suppress’ China (Sp.)

    As far as I can tell no one can figure this out. The U.S. is definitely starting a war with China, which was “The Plan”. However, we will lose in 30 days when China does nothing. At all. We will ring-fence and sanction China as part of that “war” (the one China won’t notice) and we’ll run out of car parts a few days later. Then we’ll surrender.

    I know we were supposed to lose, but the “Losing” was part of a larger situation we have already failed at. We don’t own the food, nor the oil. There are still too many people, having failed to kill the 6 billion they said.

    Other part: Blinken and Yellen’s complaint about “Chinese Overcapacity”. THERE IS NEVER OVERCAPACITY. That means “China is selling us great stuff cheap.” How dare they? Gosh, this low prices saving the poor and middle classes must be stopped! I can’t even understand that using the demented and invariably-wrong Keynesianism.

    Top view: It must be crashed, and it can’t be the Banker’s fault. They blew every part of the overall strategy because they are glue-sniffing inbreds, but this part is still true. That and “The Plan”. They always follow “The Plan” because there is no Plan B. Like Cortez we burn the ships so no one gets cold feet.

    “Russia should fear clashing with NATO … the US-led military bloc has several times more troops and resources.”

    Still haven’t figured it out. THE U.S. IS NOT COMING. You morons. You’ve been double crossed. You feckless idiots. Do I have to send you a notarized letter of intent? Poland is still like “Oh yeah, well my big brother the U.S. will…”

    Will what? We have no missiles, tanks, guns. No ships. No steel mills. We probably have no operational nukes.* We’re going to send all 5,000 “men” of our tranny army? And chase the Russians with lipstick and pronouns?

    (*Nuclear warheads – and their missile launch – decay rapidly and require constant and expensive care. We haven’t launched an operational missile in ages and UK nearly sank their own sub trying last month)

    All “we” have to do to “You”, Europe, is wait. You will collapse MORE than we do FASTER, and the Western capital flows will come here. Then we default on our bonds and Lo! Discover a bunch of oil and gold mines. We ain’t paying because $36 Trillion can’t be paid, and everybody knows since 1980. So we will default. Or “Restart”. Restructure. And if you’re all dead when that happens? Too bad, so sad should have been more careful and had an army like NATO and Trump told you.

    “Supporters of then-President Donald Trump had stormed the legislature”

    Did they? Were they? Thanks NPR writers at RT, tirelessly doing the enemy’s work for them. We know 1,000 FBI agents were there, are you sure WHO “Stormed” the capital, as 6 policemen and 20 camera crews slowly and methodically crept up to the rotunda in full escort? Wow, that’s a new version of “Storming” I never heard about! Then Chansley thanked them at length, they shook hands, and he walked home. You know: like in any war or violent crime. It’s like a rape where you cuddle all night and stay for breakfast.

    “just as Republican lawmakers were starting to register objections to certifying the 2020 election”

    Oh, a little more to the point. The PROCESS was never followed. It was interrupted. By NOT-riot. By six policemen slowly and peacefully walking through the building with reporters. — You know, the sort of thing that happens daily.

    “None of them ended up being charged with anything. “This kind of warrantless financial surveillance raises serious concerns”

    It doesn’t “Raise concerns”; it’s a top-level human rights violation, on the same list as genocides. That is to say, it’s ILLEGAL. Under every law, the 4th law ever passed. …But it’s the law, we don’t enforce that, we enforce NOT Law, like the WHO which is NOT a treaty. NOT passed by the Senate.

    “the FBI has targeted “radical-traditionalist Catholics”

    What does this mean? A: “Anyone who is different from me.” Anyone who doesn’t have the atheistic, humanist, materialist Progressive trans-religion. The State Religion! (1A) “Catholic” is not a crime. “Robbed bank” is a crime. “Assault” is a crime. “Thought something in his head about the Sacraments” is not a crime. …As if I have to spell it out for you.

    “A white heterosexual who votes for Biden is expressing a death wish.”

    PCR is getting to lose his mind. I love it. But then I always like crazy people.

    “Yes, it’s bewildering, but this is the nature of Cultural Marxism – The goal of activists is to break down the target population until they are slaves to collectivist whim.  No matter what you do, no matter how you accommodate them, it’s never good enough because the true purpose is control.  In the case of feminism, being a man is the same as original sin and every man must pay the price for that sin for as long as they live.  Meaning if men want access to women they can’t just treat them equally, they also have to pay.”

    From EMP/Grids yesterday:
    “FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday that China’s hackers are targeting American critical infrastructure, including water treatment plants, pipelines and the power grid, to be able to “wreak havoc” in the U.S. if Beijing ever decides to do so.”

    Yes, and as I understand it, the FBI REQUIRES the electric grids to be online. REQUIRES. As this is all old, legacy stuff, used to be that substation last-touched-in-the-60s was OFFLINE, and you had to have a guy get in a truck with a keychain to go mess with it. Um, that sounds both 1) Hacker-proof 2) far more EMP-Proof. We OUTLAWED it. At huge expense.

    Now somebody want to tell me why? Since it costs billions of dollars to make it worse while experts go before Congress for 25 years explaining the perfect and instant death effects of an EMP/Carrington? I’ll wait.

    My solution: get it BACK offline, get it BACK to giant, ugly fuses as big as your wrist you need to EMPLOY a human service worker in a truck to go mess with. If you want web cameras, web, monitoring, fine: you’re a retard, that stuff will cost more than it’s worth too. But zero web control of remote devices. Hands only. Make Spetznaz need 200,000 men to attack our 2,000,000 substations.

    America: “I Left a trail of $100 Bills all down Harlem through the South Bronx that leads to my house and people are stealing them!” A: Don’t do that.

    Jesus. Christ.

    So the meta-meta reality of all this? TINA: “There Is No Alternative.” Everything MUST be computerized. If I want to cook an egg, I can’t do that either until we figure out how to do it with a robot and 10 computers consuming 11,000 watts, which can be hacked from Lithuania while everyone in town starves. ‘Cause: our God. Is it #AntiEmployment? Or is it really #AntiLife?


    Dr. D

    Phoenix: you had the exact same outlook as some of my friends here. That is, as a living being you are assigned a baseline level of respect. Any additional respect is earned. I agree, but it’s too much trouble to write up the distinction all the time. I just take it as assumed you don’t attack others and treat them as non-objects because you can assume I’m a rational and moral being. It’s pretty offensive not to assume that. So the baseline is a given, and I thought of describing it but didn’t for rhetorical reasons as I write too much anyway.


    “We have proof China is trying to influence US elections,’ says Blinken after warnings Beijing will use AI to sow chaos”
    You mean the same way Russia did in the last election?

    ” In the case of feminism, being a man is the same as original sin and every man must pay the price for that sin for as long as they live. Meaning if men want access to women they can’t just treat them equally, they also have to pay.””
    If you want to take the bible literally wasn’t it the woman that ate the apple? Isn’t that the original sin?

    From EMP/Grids yesterday:
    “FBI Director Christopher Wray said Wednesday that China’s hackers are targeting American critical infrastructure, including water treatment plants, pipelines and the power grid, to be able to “wreak havoc” in the U.S. if Beijing ever decides to do so.”
    Not to worry it’s all cued up ready to go, this is just projection by those that will be the actual ones carrying out the deed. Just now they’re busy setting up the blame game.


    raw nerve this morning – mea culpa

    “A race that is solely dependent upon another for economic existence sooner or later dies. As we have in the past been living upon the mercies shown by others, and by the chances obtainable, and have suffered there from, so we will in the future suffer if an effort is not made now to adjust our own affairs.” ~ Marcus Garvey

    Thurmond, Wallace and the whole of the Dixiecrats are having some sense of success from their abode in Hell. One who is incapable of seeing the target of union busting was poor white persons knows no history. There is no need to have a degree in demographics to understand that all anti-labor movements in the United States affected more poor white persons than persons of color. The match most often used to ignite the economic class war in the United States has been the cry “racism”. There has always been systemic racism against white people among the white people on the North American continent. Just exactly what is the skin tone of those we are assured almost daily have a plot to depopulate the world. What societies are the main targets? Keep having faith it is racism – wasn’t it the school boy who said “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so”.Pudd’nhead

    every time someone says to me people of color are ignorant i ask them if they know any white people

    once again i have a few suggestions for Mr. Paul Craig Roberts but will defer to discreteness

    Trump would sanction nations for not using the dollar – hand someone a knife and tell them where to stab you. I don’t think that is quite what Becket had in mind with the phrase “fail again”. Worstward Ho

    Tucker Carlson knowing that the open corruption was fueling every type of degeneracy went along to get along and is now portraying himself as noble. Well i truly hope he loves the intellectully challenged otherwise he would hate himself. The man said the other day “i bought into the whole narative”. How did that dimwit get to have a nice house in a nice neighborhood among the connected?

    Dr. D

    Hate to bother with irrelevant moron plants, but Ben Shapiro is finally being activated (as we know) and discrediting himself.

    Since it’s so obvious, and most of what he says is wrong – and dangerously wrong, like NPR, trying to be close to the truth while still being an oligarch lie – mouthed in Conservative words, like a raw bloody skin suit — that I don’t bother watching him or crediting anything out of his shop. But here we are, wow! Shocked very. Muchly surprise! Shapiro never took any hits as a Conservative and has demonstrated infinity money because like Fox News he does exactly what he’s told as Goldberg in The Narrative™. You mean he was never really real? As you can tell by him having no establishment enemies? Yawn. Okay, well that’s come to a head as he is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offensive in supporting an open, on-camera genocide and supporting Israel ABOVE the United States (as does Congress, and Ukraine, and Taiwan, and…) that it’s finally becoming obvious to everyone.

    But Ben Shapiro doesn’t have viewers. You TRUSTED THEM??? Hahahahaha! “They said it, therefore it was a lie.” In good YouTube fashion, he PAYS for viewers, and the algos FORCE viewers, and they LIST viewers, same as for CNN, and Leftist stuff. Do you know anyone as a Conservative who watches him? I don’t. He’s not even mentined as existing, Oh-did-you-hear-what-Ben-said-yesterday like Bannon is sometimes. He exists only in the money-fantasy world of their fevered delusional minds. And while I’m sure he’s bigger than CNN, maybe than the Young Turks, that means he has the viewership of the Des Moines Register. I mean, I’m not saying he’s fake, but…

    Remember videos with 10,000 likes but 20 views? Uh, yeah. I’m totally sure there’s a lively debate about the video because no one watched the video, Sir. He’s the same but reverse of that. A million views and 100 comments. So hopefully it will pull of the mask of his…reality, I guess, and put him in the proper place of irrelevant non-conservatives they’ve tirelessly pushed on us all for … well, since Jefferson/Adams, but certainly since 1960 and Goldwater. Bye Bye. I mean, you were never really here, but Bye anyway.

    Takes time. They put a lot of effort into funding him so they can destroy and detonate him. Same as Disney, Budweiser, etc… When money is free why WOULDN’T you print money, capture companies, then drive them around crashing into things and killing people? Isn’t that the very NEXT thing you would do? When money’s free? So they are now in the “Detonation” phase of the free money, and trying to take out as many Conservatives on command as they can, then pay the other side to point and say “See, I told you” on command as well.

    Oh but it’s all “Capitalism.” Everyone’s acting for the almighty dollar.


    DrD I read your stuff in Gilbert Gottfrieds voice.


    Kunstler doing the old mind trick of conflating all Palestinian peoples with Hamas. The students get arrested beaten and finally stand up for something ( where were their human rights during Covid?) and now they’re ‘mucking around’. I guess he is by default shitting all over Vietnam student protests and just loves war. Or maybe like intellectual pussies with chubby hips who tap tap at the keyboard all day feel threatened deep down by David and place their bets on Goliath with his billions and billions in war machines and funding against a few native brownies without European ancestry on their side.


    Check out C J Bjerknes on Odysee, Cave Jews, explains a lot, the destruction of the natural world via fire and chemtrails, WW3, the trillions poured into underground bases, etc.


    Secrets require lying.
    Control requires getting rid of TAE.
    the implications of denying or having any presidential immunity.
    peaceful transfer of power
    approved demonstration
    declaration of emergencies, (terrorist, health, climate, civil unrest, war, thinking, the financial system, and the US economy )
    impose sanctions
    confiscate frozen Russian assets
    There is a long list of the topics Blinken was set to raise with Chinese officials, notable among these Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Taiwan and the South China Sea, military-to-military contacts, artificial intelligence applications, illicit drug traffic, human rights, trade, more measures to undermine China’s admirable economic advances.
    Tik-Tok, a threat to US security and Americans’ privacy
    three major principles: mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation. They are not only a summary of past experience, but also a guide to the future,” the Chinese leader was quoted as saying.
    Sino-US relations, ‘Smear, Isolate, Suppress’, a contradiction [between] messages and reality,
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that Moscow has no plans to attack any US “satellites” in Eastern Europe, and insists that claims of a potential Russian invasion are merely government propaganda aimed at scaring citizens “to extract additional expenses from people, to make them bear this burden [of funding Ukraine] on their shoulders.”
    The people of Ukraine once again had become the victims of cynical and ruthless US political manipulations and intrigues, Ford stressed.
    This week, local authorities across the US used force to disperse pro-Palestinian rallies at university campuses, with mass arrests reported in some cases. Protesters were targeted at Yale, Harvard, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Southern California, and other institutions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the US crackdown, branding the activists “anti-Semitic mobs” and comparing them to Nazi sympathizers in the 1930s. Putin has publicly stated that he would be more comfortable with “predictable” and “old-school” Biden than Trump as the next US president.
    . “This kind of warrantless financial surveillance raises serious concerns about the federal government’s respect for Americans’ privacy and fundamental civil liberties,” Jordan wrote in a separate letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, also obtained by the Daily Mail. Since 2021, the FBI has targeted “radical-traditionalist Catholics” as well as parents who spoke up at school board meetings – on issues such as mask mandates or critical race theory – as potential domestic terrorists. Both programs were officially denounced after being revealed by whistleblowers.
    wars against Russia, Iran, and China. This is insanity. Who is going to fight these wars for Biden? The answer is Europeans and the immigrant-invaders into America thanks to Biden’s open border policy. Like Rome in its own self-inflicted decay, the US will be dependent on troops from the immigrant-invaders overrunning its own borders to fight its wars abroad in defense of the borders of foreign countries.
    Japan (Nissan) gets $ 5 Billian for promise of 1,000 jobs in EV plant

    Mister Roboto

    I didn’t bother to read Kunstler’s Friday blog on account of an excess of verbal diarrhea in that post.


    I find the Kunstler piece included today to be in poor taste. Perhaps it is because the caricature is of college students when my own children are so close to that age. It frustrates me that my own children would be lumped in. One son, who has struggled mightily with the rules and demands of school, has purple and blue fading out of his hair, but has nearly finished graduation requirements. I now acknowledge that his challenges probably fit under mild “autism,” and they are probably the result of vaccine injury. My other son will be in college in four months, and I am observing the hoops that he has to jump through just to avoid living on campus. Someone designed this system to funnel all of the young college entrants into on-campus housing, where indoctrination is easier to accomplish. From my daughter I have insight into the minds of the caricatured collegiate women, from two years younger. Her friends have been indoctrinated by their own parents from infancy to believe that it is a mortal sin to utter the “n-slur” or “r-slur.” They believe that if Trump becomes president again that he will dismantle the three branches of government. They are vaxxed to the max. The sins of the parents will be visited upon the children. Sure, the college kids are adults and responsible for their actions, and yet, they lack the life experience to even begin to understand that they have been molded to be someone else’s tools. Now they go to college and instead of expanding their minds, the more blinders are placed upon them. Scorn doesn’t seem appropriate for them — I feel scorn for the collegiate administrators and professors.

    Scorn—pity—sympathy—empathy—unity. To overcome the problems arrayed before us, unity is our best bet. Unity often cannot be achieved…but perhaps we can take a step away from scorn and start feeling pity?


    On 8th of May, 6,000 (six thousand) forces (troops, personnel..) will be deployed in Marseille (on the Med Coast), France.

    The forces include an anti-drone contingent, *démineurs* (who incapacitate explosive mines), Police from the RAID (link) and much more (Army..) Link 2 is F MSM to show I am not making this up, see + other links at that article.

    Maybe Macron, a notorious coward, will be there for a big speech? Is there to be a big Int’l meet and some leaders of foreign cos. demand to be protected?


    No important meetings EVER occur outside of Paris. Macron never visits the Provinces officially (though I can recall one occasion, other story.)

    It will be the arrival of the Olympic Flame!

    A boat, ‘Belem’ will be docking in Marseille and the various athletes and personalities (etc.) will hand over the Flame.

    The announced threats to the transfer of the Flame, after all merely symbolism for a Sports Meet, are: Islamic terrorism, Right Wing Extremism, Left Wing Extremism.

    Authoritarian (fascist, centrists) type crack-down is moving forward fast in France. I am sure this ‘deployment’ is an exercise to practice ‘coordination.’ Or, more alarmingly, that a ‘terrorist’ attack has been planned.


    Control tools
    instigators/agitators/infiltrators….as with virtually every major US protest movement.


    Yeah Daily Wire seems to be going down the same self-destructive path that Gillette or Lucasfilm went down. Blasting their own foot with a shotgun, screaming in shock and agony at the bloody pulp that was their foot, then racking a round and aiming at the other foot…

    The whole “ha ha we’ve got your BRAND. You love this BRAND so there’s nothing you can do about it…” uh, WHOSE brand. Is this the first instance of this brand-kidnapping-meatsuiting where the fans and brand loyalty are fake too???

    Only thing I can ever remember being re-broadcast organically from Daily Wire were the “Ben Shapiro pwns Collage Leftist” videos.

    Never paid much attention to them but did recently – who doesn’t find this sort of self-destruction a bit fascinating? – and they keep putting up reasoning identical to wokeists. And they have been decidedly anti-redpill, which is weird.

    Jordan Peterson joined them just about the time he said he was Christian while switching to apparent restrained irateness and ineloquence. He was a way better explainer of Christianity in previous years as a classic liberal atheist. Then he says he went Christian, joins the daily wire, and his approach changes quite a bit.

    Not sure what to make of it. He’s had a few instances in which he took horribly wrong stands – Kavenaugh should back down in the face of malicious vague rumor accusations from a political activist – who claimed she was so psychologically traumatized that she had to have 2 front doors in her house (one of which she blocked off to herself by making it a rented-out office)

    Never paid Daily Wire much mind, but taking a look now, they look kind of weird and wrong somehow. Give me a slightly queasy gut feeling. Maybe they always felt a bit off to me. And yeah, they got pushed into my youtube feed incessantly.

    I made reference to the band Helmet in a youtube comment, so now there’s a million videos about helmets pushing into my feed. Also a plague of videos about baritone guitars. I am not, never have been, and never will be interested in baritone guitars. I don’t know what I said, clicked on, or hovered over to be afflicted by this neverending plague. Or rug cleaning videos. Why, youtube. why?

    Started a long form youtube yesterday from 2 guys I’d never heard of. Came up in my feed. Lots of views, lots of complimentary comments. Subject matter was the philosophical quasi manosphere type I sometimes like… pulled me in with the first 15 minutes of talk by being kinda interesting while promising lots of interesting stuff coming up later in the video…. only to go into a weird wokeist confession of faith of certain things they deny and certain things they absolutely believe that are totally incompatible with redpill, basic reason, and anyone who isn’t up for joining the wokeist bandwagon.

    Could they maybe resurrect all the old code and stuff, make a Youtube 2011 we could opt for? The “related” videos were excellent, fun. Now they are an oppressive drag. Shit I never asked for and incessant “nudging” attempts. Maybe this is the year I really switch to substack and odysee for good.


    FYI: The noose is tightening for those who use cash

    This may be the last year that I get a fat tax refund thanks to the refundable portion of the child tax credit and the EITC. I’ve been needing to declare bankruptcy for a few years now, due to debts stemming from a family court costs that I was obliged to shoulder, and so I am essentially “unbanked.” My tax refund comes in the form of a check. It is too large to cash at a grocery store, too large to cash at Walmart. Tax refunds cannot be direct deposited into an account that doesn’t include the name of the person on the refund. Since the 2008 crash, banks must deposit checks into an account prior to dispensing the cash. My (common law) spouse’s credit union’s policies do not allow it to be endorsed it over to him. The US Government no longer has accounts at Bank of America held in such a way that they will cash government checks. For the past two years, I have gone with my father to his current bank, Wells Fargo, shown my ID, and endorsed my check to him. A week later my father pulled out all of the check funds in cash and gave them to me. Two days ago we went to do this again. No go. The bank manager explained to us that she does not know what was done in the past and does not know the reason why, but they do not accept endorsed deposits of government checks. WTF? I am now looking for the most economical check cashing place, so that I lose the least amount of this check, and my dad is checking with his broker. In the envelope with the check was a little flyer from the government, encouraging me to get a bank account….. Soft coercion. I weary of this.


    Seizing Russian asset held in US banks would be shooting the banks and banking system the foot.

    Doc Robinson

    @ phoenixvoice

    You can reportedly cash an IRS refund check at some local IRS offices (after calling to schedule an appointment). ICYMI, WalMart’s limit is raised to $7.500 during Jan-April.

    I’m a fan of the off-campus housing option not far from campus. Might be officially prohibited for freshmen, but screw them, how would the authorities find out. Maybe starting after a semester of commuting, after meeting some like-minded classmates who can be roommates. More independence and more realistic life lessons than living in dorms, and for less money than paying the U for room and board.

    Dr D Rich

    @zerosum says:

    “Seizing Russian asset held in US banks would be shooting the banks and banking system the foot.”

    Banking system like Donald Trump will be fine.
    Didn’t you know Banking System has, had and will forever have carte blanche to print money carte blanche. Repetition and Redundancy are intended.
    By printing money I mean adding 1, 2, 3 or 4 ZEROS to the end of your ledger. “How’s that connected individual!”

    What happened to inflation?
    Quantitative Easing 1,2,3,4,5,6……???
    Overnight Repo Operations 75 to 85 billion per iteration…..or equal to Ukraine-level largesse????
    Stock issuance for insiders, redemptions for insiders AND all to repatriate profits for them not for you? Shareholder value úber ællles!
    Loan forgiveness and zero-interest vehicles for Musk but not for….

    So which banks areN’T permitted the luxury to print money at least for their insiders? Name one.

    Which banks do it anyhow, you know, perform their own local form of Quantitative Easing or Overnight Repo float the sweetheart loan for a sweetheart that exceeds federal asset to debt ratios blah blah blah?
    Or just another form of very local yokel Nominal GDP Targeting, Obama-style?

    Perhaps the resident economists and devoted capitalists can opine as the terms are so confusing


    Dr D Rich
    Thanks for pointing out that we live in a double/separate universe/reality.
    The foot being shot is ours.

    Dr D Rich

    Separate and equal.
    Dominated by sociopaths psychopaths and their fellow-traveling Apaths….the apathetic.

    Banker’s War Redux started anew Sept 2019 with Overnight Repo Operations and all we got was a War on China and War on the People (((white men))) by December 2019 manifested by Quant Easing 4th and COVID/mRNA…..but the Jews and Israelis still feel Aggrieved as a priority because mean words make their college-aged, draft-age children feel “skeared”.

    Well alright


    Heads Up!
    Biden will declare a climate emergency.
    An “emergency ” is required to use mail in voter fraud in this November 2024 elections!


    Appearances that mail in votes are a problem.
    That is easy to fix.
    Don’t do it.


    Not sure exactly where it is coming from, but I am seeing rumors/discussion on the internet about the Ukraine/NATO decision to cut off support for expats abroad who fled the war and enlistment.

    The suggestion that is being floated – which I think is potentially a brilliant one – offer those 650,000+ abroad Russian citizenship – offer them support via any Russian embassy or consulate. Set them up with Russian passports. Get them passage to Russia with the same deal people got who fled across the border.


    Is a university education in your future?
    Get informed

    Chartbook 279: Columbia University’s “crisis” – a political economy sketch map.

    APR 26, 2024

    Dr D Rich

    Deebz asked: “What kind?”

    Me: not this Bruce Meneley-kind, jackass. This pedophile has all in common with ex-Con Scott Ritter….and frauds like Dave Tam, Randy Morey and Kev Amick.

    Navy, USMC, DoD, VA, Nursing lost their way a long long time ago. These behaviors which ensued and now brought to light were entirely predictable from the acts carried out on the orders of G.BushII at GITMO, Bagram and Abu Ghraib …..continued by Obama against U.S. Citizens Nawar 8yo, Abdulrahman 16yo, and Anwar al Awlaki in Barack Tuesday Morning Summary Execution Selection Board Coffee Klatch

    At GITMO under Bruce Meneley’s command:
    The court documents describe other clashes involving Zuhair. One day in June, he “became aggressive and tried to break free” from guards, the military said.

    Navy Capt. Bruce Meneley, the doctor in charge of prisoner care, said wounds on Zuhair’s head and face were stitched up after “scuffles” with guards in April 2003 and January 2007

    Abusing prisoners is never a good sign regarding future behavior


    News media reports
    Vietnam-era Antiwar Protests (Map)
    by Amanda Miller
    The Vietnam-era antiwar movement may count as the largest sustained protest movement in the history of the United States. Opposition to US military involvement in Southeast Asia began in the 1950s and started to attract media attention in 1963 as the Kennedy Administration pushed combat troops into Vietnam. Campus protests date from 1965, the year SDS organized several large demonstrations. From then on, the movement grew exponentially and silent vigils turned into massive marches and angry confrontations. In May 1970, news of Nixon’s Cambodia invasion and the killings at Kent State triggered the May 1970 student strikes, the largest student protest in US History, involving more than 900 colleges, universities, and high schools.
    Search …anti war protests 2024
    News media is silent , in conspiracy

    Michael Reid

    Re: Celticbiker #157902

    Cave Jews and Underground Synagogues a Masterclass on the World to Come and Neo-Noah’s Ark


    Thanks Micheal, I have no clue how to do that. Have no phone, have’nt watched TV in a decade, other than going to an American Legion or some dive, does’nt matter they all have multiple talmudvisions. The further you get from it, the more bizarre and insane it seems. Thanks for trying, but honestly if the word jew is in it , most people won’t look. They’ll watch fuckin porn but not fertilizer for braincells. God bless ya, brother.


    apaths. yes. Thanks to all of you maybe this will be the next pathology I exit.

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