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UK Court To Issue Ruling On Julian Assange Extradition Tuesday Morning (ZH)
Trump Bond Reduced To $175 Million At 11th Hour (ZH)
Trump Net Worth Tops $6.4 Billion On SPAC Deal (ZH)
Musk Reveals Major Political Flip (RT)
The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection (Pepe Escobar)
The American Explanation For The Moscow Terror Attack Doesn’t Add Up (Trenin)
‘Kill Them All’ – Medvedev Enraged By Moscow Terror Attack (RT)
‘Kill Them All’: Inside the Israeli Blockade on Gaza Aid (Loffredo)
UN Security Council Demands Immediate Gaza Ceasefire As US Abstains (AlJ)
Macron’s Punctured Balloon of a ‘Geo-Political EU’ (Alastair Crooke)
Single EU Army Unrealistic – Borrell (RT)
In Blob We Trust (Kunstler)
January 6th Continues to be a Tragedy in the Eye of the Beholder (Turley)
Weaponizing Reality: The Dawn of Neurowarfare (Pabst)





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The ruling will come at about the time I post this. Say a prayer for Julian.

UK Court To Issue Ruling On Julian Assange Extradition Tuesday Morning (ZH)

On Tuesday London’s High Court will finally rule on the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The court is expected to deliver a decision on if he can appeal his extradition to the United States, where he would face espionage and related charges for publishing state secrets. WikiLeaks has said the written ruling is expected to be delivered by 10:30 am London time (6:30am ET). After this, all his appeal opportunities in the UK legal system will have been exhausted. Stella Assange, his wife, has warned that if the court rules against Assange, he could be on a plane to US soil days following. He would be removed from the high security Belmarsh prison for a trial in the US on espionage-related charges and publishing state secrets, where a 175 year jail sentence would await him.

WikiLeaks has been urging all Americans to put pressure on the Biden administration to drop its case against Assange by calling House representatives and telling them to support H.Res.934. The bill, introduced by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) requests that the Biden White House halt the proceedings against Assange. The bill reads: “This resolution expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that regular journalistic activities, including the obtainment and publication of information, are protected under the First Amendment and that the federal government should drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange.” Editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Kristinn Hrafnsson has commented on what Assange’s prosecution and possible extradition means for the future of press freedoms.”It cannot be underestimated, the effect that it will have,” he said.

“If an Australian citizen publishing in Europe can face prison time in the United States, that means no journalists anywhere are safe in the future.” However, as we detailed last week, the Biden administration might be looking for a way to bring the 14-year long legal drama to an end. A last Wednesday WSJ report said, “The U.S. Justice Department is considering whether to allow Julian Assange to plead guilty to a reduced charge of mishandling classified information, according to people familiar with the matter, opening the possibility of a deal that would end a lengthy legal saga triggered by one of the biggest classified intelligence leaks in American history.” A plea deal means the whole crisis for him and his family could finally come to an acceptable and peaceful end after all of these years.

“Justice Department officials and Assange’s lawyers have had preliminary discussions in recent months about what a plea deal could look like, according to people familiar with the matter, a potential softening in a standoff filled with political and legal complexities,” according to details in the WSJ report. “The talks come as Assange has spent some five years behind bars and U.S. prosecutors face diminishing odds that he would serve much more time even if he were convicted stateside.” In February of this year, Assange’s cause received a big boost when his native Australia issued formal request to the US and UK that charges against Julian Assange be dropped. The motion adopted by Australian parliament at that time emphasized “the importance of the UK and USA bringing the matter to a close so that Mr. Assange can return home to his family in Australia.”

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“The new order also stayed Engoron’s order barring Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump from serving as officers and directors of New York companies for two years..”

Trump Bond Reduced To $175 Million At 11th Hour (ZH)

A New York court of appeals has significantly reduced the bond required to stop his properties from being seized by authorities from $454 million to $175 million, in order to appeal his New York civil fraud trial. The decision by a five-judge panel of appellate court judges, comes after the real estate mogul’s lawyers argued that it was “impossible” to obtain an appeal bond of $454 million after approaching over 30 surety companies without success. Trump also said he would have to sell properties in a “fire sale” to raise cash. Had the court denied Trump’s request, and he had failed to obtain the full bond amount, Trump was at risk of losing his bank accounts, followed by some of his properties.

His attorneys had asked the appeals court to either waive the bond requirement or reduce it, arguing that the $464 million judgement against Trump and his family was likely to be overturned on appeal.v In the Monday decision, the appeals court also stayed Engoron’s ruling barring Trump from serving as an officer or director of a NY company for three years, and which had barred Trump and his corporate defendants from applying for loans from New York lenders over the same period. The new order also stayed Engoron’s order barring Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump from serving as officers and directors of New York companies for two years. Trump has 10 days to post the bond.


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“ seems that Biden’s campaign staff – which even former President Barack Obama essentially admitted are total morons, need to go back to the drawing board..”

Trump Net Worth Tops $6.4 Billion On SPAC Deal (ZH)

Former President Donald Trump’s net worth topped $6.4 billion on Monday following the completion of a 29-month-long SPAC deal involving his social media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, as well as the reduction of the bond due in his NY civil fraud trial in order to appeal a $454 million verdict. And while Trump’s gains on the SPAC deal with Digital World Acquisition Corp may just be on paper (and any meaningful sales when his six-month lockup expires would likely tank the price), the $4 billion boost was enough to include Trump in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which tracks the top 500 wealthiest people in the world.

Earlier on Monday, Trump was granted a vastly reduced bond requirement of $175 million in order to appeal his NY civil trial over his real estate. In response, Trump quickly said he would post it. The completion of the SPAC merger came despite last-minute lawsuits from investors and executives, as well as a settlement with the SEC. The timing couldn’t be worse for Democrats – as the 2024 Biden campaign picked this moment in time to copy Trump’s name-calling strategy, dubbing the former president “Broke Don.” While that was based on a recent campaign finance report showing that Biden out-raised Trump in February, it seems that Biden’s campaign staff – which even former President Barack Obama essentially admitted are total morons, need to go back to the drawing board. Or not… as long as curbside voting and uncreased 2am ballot drops that nobody is supposed to discuss are a thing.

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“I think we need a red wave or America is toast..”

Musk Reveals Major Political Flip (RT)

The US needs a red wave and will be finished if the Republican Party does not prevail in the 2024 presidential election, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. The billionaire, who had previously revealed he voted for Joe Biden in 2020, has since criticized the incumbent US president and clashed with his administration. Musk has repeatedly criticized Biden’s handling of the Southern US border crisis and has accused Democrats of being “controlled by the unions.” “I voted 100% Dem until a few years ago. Now, I think we need a red wave or America is toast,” Musk wrote on X. According to media reports, the entrepreneur became increasingly critical of Biden after Tesla, the top-selling electric-car company in the US, was excluded from a White House summit on EVs in 2021.

Last year Musk revealed that he had doubts he’d be voting for Biden in the 2024 presidential election. As of yet, however, he hasn’t endorsed Biden’s rival Donald Trump. “I think I would not vote for Biden,” Musk told a DealBook summit in November, adding “I’m not saying I’d vote for Trump.” Earlier this month the New York Times reported that Trump had met with Musk in Florida, as the former US president seeks a major cash infusion for his reelection campaign. Musk confirmed the meeting but maintained that he is not donating to the Republican’s campaign. “I was at a breakfast at a friend’s place and Donald Trump came by, that’s it,” he told former CNN host Don Lemon last week, adding that Trump had not requested any financial assistance. “I’m not paying his legal bills in any way, shape or form. And he did not ask me for money,” Musk said.

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“A classic false flag, with the clueless Tajiks under the impression that they were working for ISIS-K..”

The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection (Pepe Escobar)

Ukrainian intel, SBU and GUR, have been using the “Islamic” terror galaxy as they please since the first Chechnya war in the mid-1990s. Milley and Nuland of course knew it, as there were serious rifts in the past, for instance, between GUR and the CIA. Following the symbiosis of any Ukrainian government post-1991 with assorted terror/jihadi outfits, Kiev post-Maidan turbo-charged these connections especially with Idlib gangs, as well as north Caucasus outfits, from the Chechen Shishani to ISIS in Syria and then ISIS-K. GUR routinely aims to recruit ISIS and ISIS-K denizens via online chat rooms. Exactly the modus operandi that led to Crocus. One “Azan” association, founded in 2017 by Anvar Derkach, a member of the Hizb ut-Tahrir, actually facilitates terrorist life in Ukraine, Tatars from Crimea included – from lodging to juridical assistance.

The FSB investigation is establishing a trail: Crocus was planned by pros – and certainly not by a bunch of low-IQ Tajik dregs. Not by ISIS-K, but by GUR. A classic false flag, with the clueless Tajiks under the impression that they were working for ISIS-K. The FSB investigation is also unveiling the standard modus operandi of online terror, everywhere. A recruiter focuses on a specific profile; adapts himself to the candidate, especially his – low – IQ; provides him with the minimum necessary for a job; then the candidate/executor become disposable. Everyone in Russia remembers that during the first attack on the Crimea bridge, the driver of the kamikaze truck was blissfully unaware of what he was carrying,

As for ISIS, everyone seriously following West Asia knows that’s a gigantic diversionist scam, complete with the Americans transferring ISIS operatives from the Al-Tanf base to the eastern Euphrates, and then to Afghanistan after the Hegemon’s humiliating “withdrawal”. Project ISIS-K actually started in 2021, after it became pointless to use ISIS goons imported from Syria to block the relentless progress of the Taliban. Ace Russian war correspondent Marat Khairullin has added another juicy morsel to this funky salad: he convincingly unveils the MI6 angle in the Crocus City Hall terror attack (in English here, in two parts, posted by “S”). The FSB is right in the middle of the painstaking process of cracking most, if not all ISIS-K-CIA/MI6 connections. Once it’s all established, there will be hell to pay.

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“..Moscow would be removing one of its most important self-imposed constraints – not to touch Kiev’s senior leadership..”

The American Explanation For The Moscow Terror Attack Doesn’t Add Up (Trenin)

Ukraine, true to form, and alone among the nations of the world, has suggested that the Crocus City atrocity was an operation carried out by Russia’s own secret services, launched to facilitate a further tightening of the political regime and a new wave of mobilization. Clearly nonsensical, this interpretation invoked in many Russian minds the old proverb, “liar, liar, pants on fire.” Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his five-minute address to the nation on Saturday, refrained from rolling out the Kremlin’s own version. His words and his demeanor were calm, but the style of his remarks was stern. Those behind the attack “will be punished whoever they are and wherever they may be,” the president declared. The direction of Putin’s thinking was revealed by the two facts – not conjectures – he raised: that the terrorists, having fled the scene of the assault, had been apprehended not far (100km or so) from the Ukrainian border, and that “information” had been obtained that they intended to cross the border into Ukraine, where “they had contacts.”

At this point, nothing is firmly established. The results of the Russian investigation will be enormously important. If Moscow concludes that the attack was conceived, planned, and organized by the Ukrainians – say, the military intelligence agency GUR – Putin’s public warning would logically mean that the agency’s leaders will not just be “legitimate” targets, but priority ones for Russia. Since an attack of such gravity would almost certainly have required the approval of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the “guarantee” that Putin informally gave to foreign leaders (including Israel’s then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett) that Russia would not target Zelensky personally, would presumably be lifted. If so, Moscow would be removing one of its most important self-imposed constraints – not to touch Kiev’s senior leadership.

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Two separate articles on two separate topics saying ‘Kill Them All’. Sign of the times.

‘Kill Them All’ – Medvedev Enraged By Moscow Terror Attack (RT)

The perpetrators and masterminds of Friday’s deadly terrorist attack at a Moscow concert venue must be killed without mercy, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. At least 137 people have been killed and over 180 were wounded when several men armed with assault rifles opened fire inside the Crocus City Hall and then proceeded to set the concert venue ablaze. Four men suspected of carrying out the attack have been captured. Two of them have confessed in court, and are set to remain in custody until late May. They all face life in prison. “Everyone asks me. What to do? … Should they be killed?” wrote Medvedev, currently deputy chair of the National Security Council, in a Telegram post on Monday. “It should and will be done,” he stressed, adding: “It is much more important to kill everyone involved. Everyone. Who paid, who sympathized, who helped. Kill them all.”

Medvedev earlier stated that “Terrorists understand only terror in response” and that “all of them must be found and mercilessly destroyed as terrorists – including officials of the state that committed such an atrocity.” The former Russian president vowed to “avenge each and every” victim of the Crocus City Hall attack, regardless of country of origin and status, insisting this “is now our legal and main goal.” Medvedev’s comments come amid growing calls among the country’s lawmakers to restore the death penalty, which has effectively been banned in Russia since 1996. While the Russian criminal code technically has a provision for capital punishment, courts are de facto banned from handing down such a sentence.

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Cultivated hatred.

‘Kill Them All’: Inside the Israeli Blockade on Gaza Aid (Loffredo)

Setting out on a bus caravan through illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, Loffredo arrives at the Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza, filming Israeli citizens as they physically block trucks loaded with flour and other essential goods. There, a reservist who served in the military assault on Gaza confesses to an array of war crimes, including blowing up the offices of UN centers dedicated to providing food to the local population. Loffredo then joins nationalists on a march toward Gaza, where they hope to establish new settlements after the population is violently driven out.

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Too much pressure for the US.

UN Security Council Demands Immediate Gaza Ceasefire As US Abstains (AlJ)

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) demands an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the release of all hostages as the United States abstains from the vote. The remaining 14 council members voted in favour of the resolution, which was proposed by the 10 elected members of the council. There was a round of applause in the council chamber after the vote on Monday. The resolution calls for an immediate ceasefire for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which ends in two weeks, and also demands the release of all hostages seized in the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel on October 7. “The bloodbath has continued for far too long,” said Amar Bendjama, the ambassador from Algeria, the Arab bloc’s current Security Council member and a sponsor of the resolution. “Finally, the Security Council is shouldering its responsibility.”

The US had repeatedly blocked Security Council resolutions that put pressure on Israel but has increasingly shown frustration with its ally as civilian casualties mount and the UN warns of impending famine in Gaza. Speaking after the vote, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield blamed Hamas for the delay in passing a ceasefire resolution. “We did not agree with everything with the resolution,” which she said was the reason why the US abstained. “Certain key edits were ignored, including our request to add a condemnation of Hamas,” Thomas-Greenfield said. She stressed that the release of Israeli captives would lead to an increase in humanitarian aid supplies going into the besieged coastal enclave. The White House said the final resolution did not have language the US considers essential and its abstention does not represent a shift in policy.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said the US failure to veto the resolution is a “clear retreat” from its previous position and would hurt war efforts against Hamas as well as efforts to release Israeli captives held in Gaza. His office also said Netanyahu will not be sending a high-level delegation to Washington, DC, in light of the new US position. US President Joe Biden had requested to meet Israeli officials to discuss Israeli plans for a ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, where more than 1 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering. White House spokesperson John Kirby said the US was “disappointed” by Netanyahu’s decision. “We’re very disappointed that they won’t be coming to Washington, DC, to allow us to have a fulsome conversation with them about viable alternatives to them going in on the ground in Rafah,” Kirby told reporters.

Tucker Israel

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“..Ukraine tries to retreat into unprepared and near indefensible terrain..”

Macron’s Punctured Balloon of a ‘Geo-Political EU’ (Alastair Crooke)

The general view in Europe was that Macron was playing complex mind-games, firstly with the French people, and secondly with Russia. Nevertheless, it seems that there could be some substance to Macron’s sabre-rattling: The French Chief of Army Staff said he has 20,000 troops ready to be inserted in 30 days. And the Head of Russia’s SVR Intelligence Agency, Naryshkin, more modestly assessed that France seemingly is preparing a military contingent for sending to Ukraine, which at the initial stage, will be about two thousand people. Just to be clear however, even a 20,000-man division by standards of classical military theory is supposed to be able to hold at maximum, a 10km-front. An insertion of two or twenty thousand French troops would change nothing strategically; it would not halt the vastly larger Russian steamroller, grinding on westwards. So what is Macron playing at? Is this all bluff, then? Likely, it is part ‘grandstanding’ by Macron, pre-occupied to present himself as ‘Mr Strongman Europe’ – particularly toward his French constituency.

His posturing comes however, at a more significant conjunction of events for the so-called ‘Geo-political EU’: Clarity: Light has pierced, and has illuminated a space hitherto occupied by shadows. It is now as clear as it can be – after Putin’s overwhelming win in elections on a record turnout – that President Putin is here to stay. All the western shadow-play of ‘régime change’ in Moscow simply shrunk to naught in the bright light of events. Snorts of anger can be heard from some quarters in Europe. Yet they will subside. There is no choice. The reality, as Marianne newspaper, quoting a senior French officer, derisively noting in respect to Macron’s Ukraine’s posturing: “We must make no mistake, facing the Russians; we are an army of cheerleaders” and sending French troops to the Ukrainian front would simply be “not reasonable”. At the Élysée, an unnamed advisor argued that Macron “wanted to send a strong signal … (in) milli-metered and calibrated words”.

What pains the EU ‘neocon ever-hopefuls’ more is that Putin’s clear electoral victory coincides, almost precisely, with an EU (and NATO) humiliation in Ukraine. It is not just that the AFU appears to be in a cascading implosion, but that the retreat is accelerating, as Ukraine tries to retreat into unprepared and near indefensible terrain. Into this grim EU prospect is that second shaft of clarifying light: The U.S. is slowly but surely turning its back on the financing and arming of Kiev, leaving Europe’s impotence exposed for all the world to see. The EU simply cannot substitute for the U.S. pivot. Yet more hurtful for some is that a U.S. retreat represents a ‘punch in the guts’ for much of the Brussels leadership, who had fallen on the Biden Administration with almost indecent glee, upon Trump’s leaving of office. They used the moment to proclaim the cementing of a pro-Atlanticist, pro-NATO EU. Now, as former Indian diplomat MK Bhadrakumar perfectly defines it, “France [is] all dressed up – with nowhere to go”:

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You just take more EU taxpayers’ money and hand control over it to Americans.

Single EU Army Unrealistic – Borrell (RT)

The EU must increase its military strength and internal cooperation, but that does not mean it should aspire to a single army, the bloc’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, has said. In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday, the foreign policy chief insisted there is a “strong consensus” among EU members on boosting the bloc’s defense capabilities, both in terms of its military industry and armed forces. “This is not a question of creating the singular European army,” Borrell said, adding that all 27 EU members are free to decide their own defense policies. Instead, the armies of EU members need to be “more interoperational” in order to strengthen the bloc’s defense, the diplomat argued.

“They have to create a European pillar inside NATO. Europeans have to take more responsibility for our defense,” Borrell stated, adding that this includes fostering a close partnership with the US within NATO. “We have to increase our military capacities… But it is utopical to believe that we are going to cancel the 27 armies to create a single one. What we have to do is to be more realistic,” Borrell said. The bloc is well aware of the harsh realities of the modern world and is preparing accordingly, he added. In January, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani publicly supported the creation of a joint European army, an idea that has been debated for several years, arguing that the force could be used for peacekeeping missions and conflict prevention.

The proposal, however, met resistance from several EU members, including Denmark and Poland. Copenhagen argued that “NATO is the cornerstone of our collective security,” and that defense remains a matter of national sovereignty. Warsaw insisted that EU action on defense must be complementary to NATO efforts. Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, EU member states have considerably ramped up defense spending, with plans to increase it to €350 billion ($380 billion) in 2024. In recent weeks, several Western leaders have also called on the bloc to prepare for a full-scale war with Russia, which they claim could break out within the next few years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow has no plans or interest whatsoever in attacking NATO countries. Moscow, however, has for years voiced concern about the expansion of the US-led military bloc towards its borders.

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“..the blob is our government now; there is no government except the blob..”

In Blob We Trust (Kunstler)

You’ve got to ask yourself: really, who seems to hanker more for a red-hot World War Three, “Joe Biden” or Vlad Putin? Since “Joe Biden” is only a figment of American politics, first you’d have to ask: a figment of what? Answer: A figment of our greater intel blob, led, of course, by the Central Intelligence Agency. Which is to say, the blob is our government now; there is no government except the blob. We are the United Blob of America! In Blob We Trust should be printed on our money. That being the case, blob policy rules. And since deception is one of the blob’s chief duties, we mere sniveling citizens should expect to be deceived at every turn about everything. So, when the blob’s news cut-out, The New York Times, serves up a comprehensive history of the gang known as ISIS-K Monday morning after the Moscow Crocus Concert Hall Massacre, you might suspect that some deception is afoot.

ISIS-K immediately took credit for the Crocus Massacre. K stands for Khorasan, a set of provinces in eastern Iran, leaking over into Afghanistan and Pakistan. ISIS-K supposedly evolved out of the original ISIS that sought to establish an Islamic caliphate out of Iraq and Syria. After Mr. Trump broke it up in 2019, the gang regrouped in K-land, deeper in central Asia. Curiously, this ISIS-K has carried out attacks against Iran, where it lives. Go figure. . . . Its progenitor, the plain old ISIS-no-K was responsible for the horrific Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, 2015 and the suicide bombing of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, UK, 2017. They’re sort of the Concert-Massacres-R-Us of terror orgs — you really couldn’t find a better patsy for the Crocus op.

Is it as simple as that? Not if you consider Scott Ritter’s theory that the first ISIS was a creation of the CIA, with the mission of ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, considered by the blob to be an uber-bad dude, largely for enlisting Russia’s help in ending Syria’s civil war. And if you can actually figure out what Syria’s civil war was about, other than a US blob op to gain control of Syria and its oil, you could win a MacArthur Genius Prize. But you might also ask: did the United Blob of America hire ISIS-K to slaughter 137 Russian civilians Saturday night? And also: did it do so directly or indirectly, through cut-outs?

One blob weakness is that it can’t resist the impulse to telegraph its plans ahead of some dastardly act. Both “Joe Biden” and State Department war-hawk Victoria Nuland verbally signaled the op to blow-up the Nord Stream gas pipelines well before the act. Before “retiring” (or getting cashiered) from State this month, Ms. Nuland warned Russia to expect “some nasty surprises” in the days ahead. Was she fired for opening her big mouth? Now, a photograph has surfaced of one of the captured Crocus perps, Shamsidin Fariduni, posing in the Crocus concert hall date-stamped March 7. A set-up? A deep fake?

In any case, on March 8 the United Blob State Department issued a warning to Russia’s foreign ministry that something wicked was coming their way, and likewise warned our diplomatic personnel to steer clear of concert halls and other public venues. Was the Crocus op already well in motion? And was the blob trying to cover for Ms. Nuland’s big mouth by warning about something that was too late to stop? Whatever else you think about the Russians, they are not dumb bunnies. You can be sure they are carefully putting together the puzzle pieces, having already been careful to take the suspects alive. They were, incidentally, all in one car driving toward the Ukraine border when apprehended by Russian police. That is being considered “a clue” as to who their handlers are. But then, who is Ukraine’s handler? (Cue: thinking music.)

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“To start to call opponents or critics terrorists has long been a problem on both ends of the political spectrum.”

January 6th Continues to be a Tragedy in the Eye of the Beholder (Turley)

For years, I have maintained that January 6th was a disgraceful riot but not an insurrection. That issue came to a head with the litigation over disqualifying former president Donald Trump and similar calls to block dozens of Republican incumbents from ballots. Now, the protest that became a riot has been elevated from an insurrection to a terrorist attack. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other democrats are using the description despite no one being charged with insurrection or terrorism. On Sunday, Ocasio-Cortez declared to CNN host Jake Tapper that “We’re talking about an individual who ordered essentially a terrorist attack on the Capital of the United States in order to retain power.” In fairness to Ocasio-Cortez, she is not alone in such characterizations. For example, many of us were surprised when FBI Director Christopher Wray condemned the January riot at the U.S. Capitol as “domestic terrorism.” From a strictly legal basis, it was wildly inaccurate, in my view.

Liberal publications like Politico have railed against the Justice Department for not charging terrorism. That has been supported by some law professors. Those charged for their role in the attack that day are largely facing trespass and other less serious charges — rather than insurrection or sedition. While the FBI launched a massive national investigation, it did not find evidence of an insurrection. While a few were charged with seditious conspiracy, no one was charged with insurrection. Trump has never been charged with either incitement or insurrection. The media has fueled these claims. One year after the riot, CBS News mostly downplayed and ignored the result of its own poll showing that 76 percent viewed it for what it was, as a “protest gone too far.” They argue that this riot could simply be treated as “calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion, or to retaliate against government conduct.” However, so could other protests that result in property damage and criminal acts.

We have seen other legislative proceedings shutdown by protesters with members removed from the floor. The question is where to draw the line to avoid the arbitrary classification of some protests as terrorism and others as unlawful access or trespass. Nancy Pelosi called protesters at her home Russian plants. Politicians called a protest on the Tennessee House floor “an insurrection.” Such rhetoric excess easily inflames the public, but it creates lasting erroneous views of the law. That in turn can pose a real threat to free speech as the line between demonstrations and terrorism are blurred. Ocasio-Cortez’s view of what constitutes the crime of terrorism is dubious for many, particularly after she declared that racketeering is not a crime. However, there is pressure to ramp up rhetoric as we approach the 2024 elections. To start to call opponents or critics terrorists has long been a problem on both ends of the political spectrum.

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“..the ethical ramifications of BCIs and other emerging neurotechnologies don’t stop at the consumer market or the workplace..”

Weaponizing Reality: The Dawn of Neurowarfare (Pabst)

Billionaire Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface (BCI) company Neuralink made headlines earlier this year for inserting its first brain implant into a human being. Musk says such implants, which are described as “fully implantable, cosmetically invisible, and designed to let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go,” are slated to eventually offer “full-bandwidth data streaming” to the brain. Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are quite the human achievement: as described by the University of Calgary, “A brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that determines functional intent – the desire to change, move, control, or interact with something in your environment – directly from your brain activity. In other words, BCIs allow you to control an application or a device using only your mind.” Developers and advocates of BCIs and adjacent technologies emphasize that they can help people regain abilities lost due to aging, ailments, accidents or injuries, thus improving quality of life.

A brain implant created by Swiss-based École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne (EPFL), for example, has allowed a paralyzed man to walk again just by thinking. Others go further: Neuralink’s goal is to help people “surpass able-bodied human performance.” Yet, great ethical concerns arise with such advancements, and the tech is already being used for questionable purposes. To better plan logistics and boost productivity, for example, some Chinese employers have started using “emotional surveillance technology” to monitor workers’ brainwaves which, “combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, [can] spot incidents of workplace rage, anxiety, or sadness.” The example showcases how personal the technology can become as it is normalized in daily life. But the ethical ramifications of BCIs and other emerging neurotechnologies don’t stop at the consumer market or the workplace. Governments and militaries are already discussing — and experimenting on — the roles they could play in wartime.

Indeed, many are describing the human body and brain as war’s next domain, with a 2020 NATO-backed paper on “cognitive warfare” describing the phenomenon’s objective as “mak[ing] everyone a weapon…The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century.” On this new “battlefield,” an era of neuroweapons, which can broadly be defined as technologies and systems that could either enhance or damage a warfighter or target’s cognitive and/or physical abilities, or otherwise attack people or critical societal infrastructure, has begun. In this exploration of the race to apply the latest neurotechnologies to war and beyond, I investigated how the neuroweapons of tomorrow, including BCIs that may allow for brain-to-brain or brain-to-machine communication, have the capacity to expand conflicts into a new domain — the brain — while also bringing a new dimension to both hard- and soft-power struggles of the future.

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CO2 has never driven temperature changes in the past. Never.


















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    Wow, so is this a positive feel-good account or the account of a droaning moaning wanker with TDS? To dedicate your time to such an account tells us so much about the sad owner and so little about Trump.


    Looks like Assange won this hearing …

    Apologies to those not allowed to read al Jazeera.


    The UK will continue to persecute Assange … no change.

    Dr. D

    “Trump Bond Reduced To $175 Million At 11th Hour”

    “We Make S—t Up!” Why not $11 Million then? Why not 90 days from now?

    “Watch: Huge Bridge In Baltimore Collapses After Container Ship Strike

    Hey, you remember that GPS spoofing Russia was doing? Fun times! That’s what happens when you put your entire society on one platform. But I have a solution: MORE computers. MORE monopolies enforced by Federal mandate.

    “Baltimore City Implodes: Police Force Collapses, Only Three Officers Patrolled Major District 

    Vote Blue! We show our support for black people who are doing just GREAT!!!! …Compared to New Hampshire, or nearby Ocean City. Those are red and thereby evil, racist places…who save Black people and punish crimes committed against them.

    “Government Funded Study Claims Shakespeare Made Theater “Too White, Male, And Cisgender”

    From a guy in 1600AD with BLACK main characters, JEWISH main characters, WOMEN main characters, and non-stop cross-dressing.

    Boy I’m glad we got an “Expert” to chime in on this. Ah, Science: Popularity contest for ugly people.

    “The Democrats were prepared to climax today – anticipating a huge Trump loss in his civil fraud case today. Their bubbles burst when his bond was slashed… and he ended up making billions.”

    It’s almost like they’re not in control and running things…

    “Jonathan Karl says Tucker Carlson told him Trump is ‘far more radical’ on Ukraine than he lets on in public:”

    “Radical” = “let’s not start WWIII.” How DARE he??? Anyway now I’ll have to vote for him. Thanks for letting me know, “RpsAgainstTrump”. Me and like most of the rest of the nation. So your plan is we should NOT stop fentanyl, NOT secure the border, NOT clean up Ohio, but spend all that money defending a place we don’t care about and will never visit? Golly, why is a position like that unpopular? All racist, I guess. Against White Europeans in the East.

    WSJ stats = Woke.

    I don’t say that in the general sense, although it’s true, I say that in the “Hey we’ve got 90% of this market, like in Comic book movies, so how do we expand to get Moar? I know! Let’s take money from the CIA! Let’s ignore the 90% (aka “our whole audience”) and try to claim this 2% market waaaaaaay over here.”

    You win! Win-win-#Winning! #TigerBlood! You WON the 2%!!!! Stellar, amazing, stunning and brave! …Um, one thing: YOU LOST THE 90% YOU ORIGINALLY HAD. Aka, “Your whole audience.” Goes for Disney, goes for Marvel, goes for Bud, and goes for YOU.

    “The ruling will come at about the time I post this. Say a prayer for Julian.
    • UK Court To Issue Ruling On Julian Assange Extradition Tuesday Morning (ZH)

    The “Right to a speedy trial.” I don’t know if they have the equivalent in England. But this is why WE have it. Also must be in the location of crime, no district-shopping.

    “On Tuesday London’s High Court will finally rule on the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.”

    Are you sure? Because I remember like 10 “final” rulings so far. UK doesn’t want him here, bc he’d go before Congress.

    “Trump said “it’s none of your business” before opening up”

    Saying one sentence is not “Opening up”. Words have meanings. Just like Meghan Markle doesn’t “Break her silence.” She never shuts up, so she would have to be silent first, and that would be news.

    I get so tried, every sentence, every header, is a lie. “It’s Happening!” “I’m Done.” “It’s Over”. “10 Tricks Local Housewives Turn”

    “Throw the entire case out.”

    Speaking of Lies, Tim Pool had to cover the NY Times again yesterday, talking about “The Trial”. NO. THERE WAS NO TRIAL. Words have meanings. Engoron issued a SUMMARY JUDGMENT. The entire ISSUE is that there was no trial, as required but ESPECIALLY required in “Option of a trial by a jury of your peers.” You might notice: it’s in the first 10 laws we ever passed. No Jury trial happened, and in fact, no JUDICIAL trial happened either.

    NY Times reports: “The Trial found Trump guilty.” WHAT trial???

    And THAT, my friends, is why you attack the language first. “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’” “The question is: WHICH IS TO BE MASTER. AND RULE OVER YOU WITH POWER. That is all.”

    Socialism is the study of POWER. How to get POWER. How to rule with POWER. How to MAKE others do things with POWER. How to use violence to wield POWER. This is precisely why “Critical Theory” and “Critical Race Theory” is the dynamics of POWER. And how to get everyone to hate and attack each other over POWER, so you can stand on top and get POWER over all of them. And then, I will MAKE THEM PAY. I will make them ALL pay. Bwahahahahahaaa! See if they call me four-eyes in Latin class now, eh? Eh!!!???!!!!??? I will drink blood from the skulls of the jocks and listen to the lamentations of their wymen.

    …Tone it down, Beevus, I think you may be overreacting.

    “The perpetrators and masterminds”

    He knows what he’s saying there, so think about it. Who are the Masterminds?

    And I don’t mind: they’re my enemies too. He is right of course: if like JP Morgan, you commit a crime, get caught, and keep 90% of it with no jail time OF COURSE you will do it again. Immediately. The punishment has to be larger than any profits of the crime. So if it’s Nuland and MI6 arranging it, with DeutschBank funding, then they need to know they never want to do that again, or they’ll just go do that again. By definition.

    “filming Israeli citizens as they physically block trucks loaded with flour and other essential goods. There, a reservist who served in the military assault on Gaza confesses to an array of war crimes, including blowing up the offices of UN”

    Yup. And they also just took 2,000 more acres at gunpoint. But what are my action points on this right now?

    “The US had repeatedly blocked Security Council resolutions that put pressure on Israel but has increasingly shown frustration with its ally” … by sending them 20,000 more large-scale bombs. And building them a free dock to facilitate removal at gunpoint. Speaker Johnson rose from his chair in thunderous applause, then kissed the ground they walk on.

    “His posturing comes however, at a more significant conjunction of events for the so-called ‘Geo-political EU’: Clarity: Light has pierced,”

    What are they going to do? Without Ukrainian – to say nothing of Russian – collateral, not only will EUROPE collapse, financially, but the EU will ALSO collapse, “morally” and politically. The other guys are tied up and only Macron feels he and take the field to do …something… to delay their total and overwhelming defeat. Particularly the “EU Project” stuff. Okay, I understand, but just like I said about Ukraine, You’re still going to lose.

    Is this watching too many Woke movies where the Girl Boss gets to win because she just WANTS to? You got to really WANT to. …Not work at it of course, not have skills or strategy – that would be ridiculous – but have more WILL, that Ego-Stuff.

    “. Rocket: Question. What if I see something that I want to take, and it belongs to someone else? Rhomann Dey: You will be arrested. Rocket: But what if I want it MORE than the person who has it? Rhomann Dey: It’s still illegal. Rocket: That doesn’t follow. No, I want it more, sir.”

    This is Disney Logic. Where Every hero: Echo, Captain Marvel, Rey, are all unfeeling psychopathic mass-murderers, completely un-self-aware. That’s why they are heroes to, and seem entirely normal and admirable to, the Kathleen Kennedys and in this case, the “Macrons” on the world.

    WANTING something is enough. And if you can’t get it, you only need a BIGGER want, a BIGGER ego, then it happens!

    “the AFU appears to be in a cascading implosion, but that the retreat is accelerating, as Ukraine tries to retreat into unprepared and near indefensible terrain.”

    What we said for 2+ years now, against every PCR and “Expert” out there: Never fight a land war in Asia. In a “Land War in Asia”, you fight the ARMY, not the territory, and once you kill the army, — in “Risk” all 7 armies per turn – you can do whatever you want with the TERRITORY. Ukraine ran out of men – sadly, and why???? — but since they wanted to run face-first into Russian machine guns and minefields, Russia very safely let them. Now there are no men in Ukraine, and no men in France either.

    That means, as they have just signaled, they can and will take to the Polish border just ‘cause they feel like it. What else did we say 2+ years ago?

    “The war will end WHEN Russia wants, HOW Russia wants, the WAY Russia wants, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    But Bellingcat and Radio Times say Ukraine is winning! Any day now!

    If Ukraine had played Northern Ireland, they could still be there, both alive and giving Russia trouble today. That’s what happens when you’re outnumbered 10 or 20 to one. Thank God they didn’t, so maybe we can have peace there for a change and CIA/Vatican paid 1,000-year murdering can stop.

    ““This is not a question of creating the singular European army,” Borrell said,”

    Okay, you win. That’s what you have now, so we’re already at the end state, right? But you want something more to happen, so clearly it’s not this?

    “Copenhagen argued that “NATO is the cornerstone of our collective security,”

    Translation: Denmark, which has no army and has been loving all the free health care and social programs, wants the AMERICANS to fund and fight everything. If the Americans are dumb enough, why not? I would too.

    “The blob is our government now; there is no government except the blob..”

    Ye shall have no other Blobs before me. Kneel before Zlob.

    “K stands for Khorasan, a set of provinces in eastern Iran,”

    I liked the other (Russian) article: it took the super-wide-angle IMAX view. Boy it sure is funny this ISIS guy only fights the enemies of the United States! What are the odds???

    “elevated from an insurrection to a terrorist attack.”

    Okay, great. Who did they attack? Who died?

    “ordered essentially a terrorist attack on the Capital of the United States in order to retain power.”

    …And then left completely on schedule anyway, despite, as AOC herself called to investigate, it appeared the Capital Police were helping rioters. So…Trump was stopped by….Nancy Pelosi on a white horse like Lady Godiva? What? WHAT???? What stopped Trump and his “Insurrection”? A strongly-worded letter?

    That in turn can pose a real threat to free speech as the line between demonstrations and terrorism are blurred.”

    Well that’s simple: if MY friends burn down a city, that’s free speech. If YOUR friends text privately on Telegram, that’s Terrorism. Attack the Language.

    CO2 levels have changed radically many times. Did this cause temperature change? No, absolutely not.”

    We have ALWAYS known this. Where was “Science”? Speaking of, where is AFKTT? We barely mentioned he was distracting from relevant and real topics and he vanished again. His argument? “CO2 IS APPROACHING 400PPM of 0.04% OF THE ATMOSPHERE, GAAAAAHHHHH!” And? How is the tenth power of the tenth power related to anything? That is the step he did not cannot show, because it’s in the graph and we had 6x CO2 for 300 million years and buppkus. No reaction, nocounter, he jsut pops up the same thing again like one of those weighted clown blow up punching bags.

    I mean, fine, but that’s not a good look on you.

    “Medical Red Pill”

    He’s actually minimizing and/or being generous to it. $1,200/mo = $14,000/year, when the average income is $20-30k So essentially 100% of income for medical monopolies, outside of food and rent. So no one HAS insurance. So we pay the most on the planet for ZERO insurance: none. Corporate Nirvana!!! Then we send it to courts as everyone just walks in after they cut off their arm and figure out what to do later. And why not? The point of “Insurance” would be to go to a PLANNED Doctor’s appointment. But you still couldn’t afford it, you’re not sick then, and a doctor won’t see you for 6 months anyway after you’re dead from not getting $10 antibiotics. An F’g Pentecostal Clinic in the Congo is better care by MILES. So why bother as the paperwork will be an astonishing hassle, lock you in, and provide ZERO. It’s actually only buying liability, not insurance, if you say you’re an illegal immigrant, you’ll get free health care AND they won’t chase you later in court. Buying insurance only admits you have money and should be attacked ruthlessly until dead.

    Strangely, as instantly as this will kill you, this is NOT included in the part where doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death. This is an EXTRA on top of that. War = Peace. Doctors = Death. No offense.


    Coverage of the Assange ruling is a bit confusing, but he won’t be on a plane anytime soon. Confusing because RT says: “ASSANGE WINS RIGHT TO FIGHT EXTRADITION TO US”, while the BBC reports UK prosecutors are merely looking for a few extra US guarantees, like no possible death penalty. “Assange faces wait on ruling as judges seek US assurances” “The Wikileaks founder faces a further wait to find out whether he can bring an appeal against his extradition to the US.”

    Dr. D

    Times Radio, MI6 Central Office:

    “‘Embarrassed’ Putin will try to ‘deflect blame’ of Moscow terror attack | Brig. Gen. Zwack
    Putin’s offensive capability will be gone ‘within a decade’ | Peter Zeihan
    ‘Late Putinism’ is dominated by failure in Ukraine as Kremlin ‘clings to power’ | Mark Galeotti
    Putin faces consequences of Ukraine legacy failures as post-election troubles loom | Scott Lucas
    ‘Slaughter’ of Russian troops secures Ukraine’s Dnipro positions | Brandon Mitchell & Maxim Tucker
    Former Ambassador to Russia: ‘I met Putin…his successor will give up Ukraine’ | Sir Roderic Lyne
    ‘They will make inroads’ Russian militias threaten Putin with ‘election day surprises’ | Robert Fox
    How the West can dismantle Putin from the outside | Dr Stephen Hall”

    Yup, just a decade — maybe — and Putin will fall. And just hand back all Ukraine. “9/10 Experts Say!”
    This one day after predicting his failed election and collapsing popularity.


    The judges rejected six of Assange’s nine grounds of appeal, but said they would grant appeal on three issues: freedom of speech, Assange’s claim that he faces disadvantage because he is not a U.S. citizen, and the risk he could receive the death penalty.


    I wonder if any wee ones over there at Kunstlers Clusterfuck Kindergarden can figure out how kosher his blob is?


    Wow, it was the womenz …

    Diversity hire means bitch driving and we all know how those bitches drive; maybe she was trying to park.


    What’s with that sharp turn there at the end, directing the ship straight at the support?


    (From ZH) Synergy Group owns and runs the “Dali”.


    Who’s Running the United States of America?
    …. clueless ….
    (Pigs with lipstick)
    homicidal psychopaths
    “I think I would not vote for Biden,”
    “I’m not saying I’d vote for Trump.”

    – Musk
    Funny coincidence
    Everybody has a camera
    Controlling the narrative

    • The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection (Pepe Escobar)

    The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection

    A remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

    Russian war correspondent Marat Khayrullin on the British trace in the Crocus City Hall attack,
    https: //
    Posted by: S | Mar 24 2024 14:01 utc | 1
    Posted by: S | Mar 24 2024 14:38 utc | 6

    Part 1:
    https: //
    Terrorist attack in Moscow: Tajik trace leads to the British
    London took out old skeletons from the closet
    Part 2:
    https: //

    • The American Explanation For The Moscow Terror Attack Doesn’t Add Up (Trenin)
    https: //
    This latest atrocity will certainly have a major impact on the Russian people’s consciousness and the nation’s public security. It could also lead to serious changes in Moscow’s foreign policy, depending on the results of the investigation into the source of the attack and its masterminds. Considering the enormously high stakes involved in its findings and conclusions, there is no doubt that the investigation will have to be incredibly thorough.

    (Final response, – It’s my story (lie), and I’m sticking by it. – USA)


    Google Earth Fort Carol Md.
    Look at the center span of the bridge and the angle of the channel.
    Note the location of the ports to the north
    Go to street view, Fort Carol, and rotate to view the bridge.
    Watch the posted video of the crash, @ 50% speed, and compare the angle of the ships approach to the angle of the channel from Fort Carol.
    Go to street view at the center of the bridge at the channel and note the angle of the ships approaching the bridge.
    Truly a disaster.

    those darned kids

    that triptych some wacky asp shift

    fish people, frogatalia, weirdo bugs, adam looks bored as fycke..


    ain’t but one fatso, curly howard dressed as a friar, bottom right, directly above mr. bosch’s signature.


    What’s with that sharp turn there at the end, directing the ship straight at the support?

    Every time it went dark, it stopped turning towards the post, every time it powered back up, it turned towards it more.

    There were at least 2 instances of it turning hard at the support.

    Considering it hit the support with its front right, had it not turned right at least 2 times and rather sharply at that, it would have missed.

    Was someone powering it off to STOP it from turning, but it kept powering itself back up? Which Windows version was it running?


    Reminder: Despite denying it, James’ campaign was based on promises of political vengeance.

    Uh, reminder:

    Vengeance – vĕn′jəns
    Punishment inflicted in return for an injury or an offense. Synonyms: Retribution, Retaliation, etc. See revenge.

    Vengeance foooooooooooooooor……. ?


    Re: the Baltimore bridge, how long before they realize Putin did it?

    those darned kids

    kinda telling it’s the “francis scott key” bridge.

    (oh, my, gongle maps had the bridge marked “temporarily closed”. it now says “collapse!”)

    looks like america is going to lose the war of 1812 one more time!

    John Day

    It’s official. I still don’t get this joke:
    RFK Jr Picks Nicole Shanahan As VP, May Seek Libertarian Nomination


    A mini history about the bridge name.
    About the War of 1812, (fought to a draw and peace treaty), the Battle of Baltimore, Francis Scott Key and the US anthem:

    Dr. D

    “So Misinformation experts are basically all left wing “

    That’s because being in “Reality” is now Right Wing. It’s the only qualification, which is why Rogan, Pool, and Bernie Sanders are all “Right Wing”. Everyone who voted for Obama is now “Far Right.”

    It would be a miracle if t weren’t Russia sending a postcard. I would. They need something before they just go nuke us all. Duran today, they are just shelling Russia proper with NATO weapons. Just whacking the Russian city center every day, not a mil target in sight. Way over on Russia proper, nowhere near the Donbas. How long do you think that goes on before American has an “Accident”?


    Those 4 terrorists showed up in a Russian court sporting pretty boy faces.
    The Russians made no attempt to hide this fact.
    The Russian were clearly sending out a message for all to see.
    There is no death penalty in Russia except for at the hands of the FSB.
    The FSB will soon be unleashed.
    This is what the CIA fears.
    Bill Burn’s “understanding” with the FSB is now void.

    Reminds me of an old joke:
    An Egyptian Mommy is discovered.
    The CIA studies the Mommy for a year.
    The CIA says Mommy died in 1000 BC plus/minus 200 years.
    Mossad studies Mommy for 3 months.
    Mossad says Mommy died in 1000 BC plus/minus 100 years.
    KGB studies Mommy for a week.
    The KGB reports Mommy came to power in 1027 BC after poisoning his brother.
    Mommy ruled for 5 years until 1022 BC when Hitterittes invaded Egypt.
    Everybody is amazed that the KGB could obtain such accurate information about the Mommy so quickly.
    So they asked the KGB how they managed to do it?
    Simple the KGB replied, the Mommy confessed!

    Several weeks ago I speculated Nuland was considered a “loose cannon” on the ship of state.
    This terrorist attack fall out backs this up.
    The real problem isn’t the terrorist attack itself, but plausible deniability.
    This where Nuland probably really fucked up.
    The trail is too obvious!
    Thus State Dept trying to sideline her ahead of terrorist attack.
    Remember neocons decided to up the escalation of the Ukrainian war.
    Yesterday a large number of Nato troops arrived south of Kiev.
    So the US is not backing down.
    The Ukrainian war must not fail before November 2024 election!


    I think the US is going to suffer some more fuel refinery fires.
    It won’t be the Russians lighting any of these fires though.
    It will be the usual US suspects.
    Higher refinery profits are good for business.

    Just a reminder that US Sanctions are designed to keep you in the US dollar system so they can impose a US centralbbank digital currency upon you!
    All this “Build Back Better”. “Russian sanctions”, bullshit Biden spouts is just cover for implementing a US central bank currency.
    The war in Ukraine is also part of the strategy of implementing a US central back currency too.
    That is why the neocons are upping the war in the Ukraine.
    The bankers see trillions at stake and are not prepared to give up!
    Trump saying he will stop a US digital currency is the reason why the bankers have redoubled their efforts to stop him from ever being elected president!
    They may even try to implement a US central bank currency before the Nov 2024 elections!
    That is how close they are!

    John Day

    The DNC is seeking to block third party candidates from ballots — Robert Kennedy Jr., Cornell West, and Jill Stein. All three are liberal and are considered a threat to Joe Biden.

    D Benton Smith

    With every tick of the clock the ever smaller and ever more visibly identifiable Cabal enforces ever more heinously brutal attempts at control, but over fewer and fewer number of helpless victims. Too few psychopaths, too well known, and not so many victims as before, nor quite as helpless.

    It is obvious where it’s all headed, and almost equally obvious that it’s not going to take much longer to get there. The Cabal doesn’t have the resources to pull off another Ukraine or Covid-19. Israel is way past the halfway mark of firing the last shot in its locker as well. When those two :”last stands” are over and done with, then what?

    Here’s what:

    1) A collapsed Military Industrial Complex that can only produce “proven in battle to be vastly inferior” expensive delicate second-class weapons which can only be purchased in Dollars within the SWIFT system.
    2) A United States/UK Empire that is virtually friendless in the world.
    3) Competitors (with a system of their own that is replacing SWIFT) are growing as fast as the home-team is shrinking.
    4) Home countries (America the worst among them) that are virtually ungovernable because all of their internal institutions are corrupt, incompetent and at war with their own populations.

    If the United States does not accomplish regime change then it will be conquered, occupied and governed by whoever the new boss settles out to be (China, Russia or divided up “Halfsies” between the two.)

    After a war the defeated countries are carved up and handed out to the victors. There are innumerable examples of this in fairly recent history. Take your pick what sort of arrangements are going to be made this time. A lot of it depends on what sort of arrangements the locals will accept without rising in violent opposition. And a lot more of it depends on what the locals are going to use for money.

    Figmund Sreud

    Details from Marine Traffic on that Baltimore bridge take down, … consequences:

    Figmund Sreud

    2 Hours ago

    Initial Information From Crocus City Hall Attack Suspects Proves Ukrainian Link – FSB

    “Initial data received from those detained in the case related to the terrorist attack in Moscow Concert Hall confirms links to Ukraine, Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov said on Tuesday.

    “The primary data we received from the detainees confirms this. Therefore, we will further finalize the information that should show us whether the presence and participation of the Ukrainian side is real or not. In any case, for now there is reason to say that this is exactly the case,” Bortnikov said in an interview with Rossiya 1 reporter Pavel Zarubin.

    Earlier today, Bortnikov noted that perpetrators of the attack tried to escape after committing the act, the FSB head said, adding that it is a fact that they were planning to escape to Ukraine, but the Russian special services did everything to prevent this from happening.

    He also went on to elaborate that the Ukrainian special forces are involved in the terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue, while ISIS* militants prepared it.

    The Russian special services are actively working with the 11 people detained in connection with the terrorist attack and the circle of identified accomplices will be larger, the FSB head clarified.


    From Andrei Martyanov

    “Bortnikov also pointed out the obvious “interest” of Western special services in Crocus-City atrocity.

    So, as you can see–404 and Budanov are already being dealt with, now it is the matter of establishing the main “customer”.

    This may take some time but we already know the circle of suspects and they are not in 404.

    As I pointed out not for once, at this stage neither Russia as a state nor Russians as people give a flying fuck about what West thinks or says, only what it does.

    Russia reacts appropriately. As Mr. Medvedev said (in Russian)–it would be good for France to send a couple of regiments to Russia to be annihilated.

    This is your answer in regards to the “direct conflict” with NATO. Russia will kill anyone who enters 404

    It is one thing when Petr Tolstoy says it, however important MP he is, totally another when the deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council says so.

    Medvedev is NOT a “bad cop” in tandem with “good cop” Putin–he is a genuine hawk who hates the West viscerally.

    He has some reasons for that. So, for NATO it is the time to exhale and praise the Lord that Vladimir Putin won these elections.

    Medvedev may yet run in the future and, believe me, he will win.

    Meanwhile, for French troops, if they ever make it to Ukronaziland–Welcome to Hell. “

    “Ukrainian” UKtard medic gives frontline update

    The NATO simps warwhores are shitting their pants on the contact line.

    So sad :>)


    cry baby


    Go to the NATO page to see what they are saying.

    “Ukraine does not stand alone”, says Chair of the NATO Military Committee at the Kyiv Security Forum

    On 20-21 March 2024, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer was in Kyiv, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Olha Stefanishyna, Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Defence Minister Rustem Umerov, and Ukrainian Chief of Defence, General Oleksandr Syrskyi. This is the first NATO military delegation to visit Ukraine since the full-scale invasion. During his visit, Admiral Bauer addressed the Kyiv Security Forum.

    (As delivered)
    Maybe, you want to see, “Secretary General’s Annual Report
    Last updated: 14 Mar. 2024”
    The Annual Report reflects the evolving security environment and covers the Alliance’s key decisions and activities in the previous year. The Annual Report also includes the details of national defence expenditures for the NATO Allies, as well as the latest opinion polls conducted by NATO across the Alliance. It is also part of NATO’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

    Printed in English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
    It details NATO’s work and achievements throughout the year, including the Alliance’s welcoming of Finland as its 31st Ally, the Vilnius Summit, where the Alliance strengthened its collective defence and brought Ukraine closer to NATO, and the deepening cooperation with NATO’s partners in the Indo-Pacific.

    The Report contains the results of NATO’s annual public perception polls.

    Below you will find short descriptions of – as well as direct links to – the elements of the Annual Report.

    NATO at a Glance
    For Those Who Serve
    NATO in 2023: Adapting at a Critical Time
    Deterrence and Defence: Protecting our Citizens
    Investing in Defence: Resourced for the Future
    NATO’s Comprehensive Approach to Resilience
    Engaging with NATO Citizens, Building Awareness
    Adapting the Alliance to a World of Strategic Competition
    Crisis Prevention and Management
    Partnerships: Shared Security through Cooperation and Dialogue
    Human Security and Women, Peace and Security
    Kosovo Force (KFOR)
    Defence Expenditure of NATO Countries (2014 – 2023)
    You can also download the full Annual Report (PDF)

    Opinion: Troops in Ukraine? France-Germany spat plays into Putin’s hands
    March 25, 2024 3:01 PM

    Roland Freudenstein
    In the past three weeks, Europe’s debate about increased support for Ukraine versus “suing for peace” has gone up several decibels in volume. Let’s take a closer look at France, Germany, and Poland’s leaders and ask whether the glass is half full or half empty and whether these leaders can yet take a strategic step forward in supporting Ukraine.

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting foray into nuclear energy with some deep, deep rabbit holes:

    US Scheme to Challenge Russian Dominance in Nuclear Energy Faces Major Obstacles – Including an Overreliance on Russia

    US Scheme to Challenge Russian Dominance in Nuclear Energy Faces Major Obstacles – Including an Overreliance on Russia

    … speaking of rabbit holes, I find following quite interesting, it’s a podcast and transcript:

    Nuclear? Perhaps!
    A conversation with Jigar Shah, head of DOE’s Loan Programs Office.


    Escobar is always interesting, if on occasion a bit all over the place, and in this piece (top post) he gives a time-line which is good.

    Looking at the clips of the perps, => absolute dopes and not ISIS in the sense islam devotion, adherence to the cause of the Kalifate (and paid rather handsomely by USuk …) the question is who master-minded this attack? Pepe goes into possibilities, personally idk about Tadjiks, etc.

    Presumably (as Pepe also seems to say) the Russian investigation will turn up some answers, as they appear to be the true Victims. (The idea that Putin orchestrated a terror attack to justify going harder in UKR is ridiculous.)

    And yet, looking at clips like these various aspects seem extraordinarily strange. Very odd:

    taken from:

    Did the ppl leaving the hall not realise what was going on? It looks more like they were told the concert was cancelled! Many are moving down, to where the shooters are ?! (Another vid. shows the 4 shooters in the stalls?) Or, they thought some stupid stunt was taking place? (The gunshots are v. loud on the vid, is that fake / amplified ?)

    Well obviously I haven’t figured this out yet, I don’t even know the times, where the entrance is, what band was playing, etc. So I should shut up…

    Michael Reid

    Just thinking,
    I called the covid scam and the collapse of the west,
    And I am a guy who knows nothing.
    What are we going to do?
    My family does not even believe me.
    How can we fix this?


    “How can we fix this?”
    Does “fix” mean to bring it back to what I remember that it used to be?
    No. Thanks. I can’t fix it. I don’t want the Job. I don’t think it can be fixed.


    “CO2 levels have changed radically many times. Did this cause temperature change? No, absolutely not.”

    We have ALWAYS known this. Where was “Science”? Speaking of, where is AFKTT? We barely mentioned he was distracting from relevant and real topics and he vanished again. His argument? “CO2 IS APPROACHING 400PPM of 0.04% OF THE ATMOSPHERE, GAAAAAHHHHH!” And? How is the tenth power of the tenth power related to anything?

    I wasn’t going to bother, but since my name has been used with contempt and since the so-called information is inaccurate and misleading I must.

    Firstly, atmospheric CO2 is not approaching 400 ppm. It passed that point long ago and is now rapidly approaching 430 ppm; it will break through 450 ppm in the near future, i.e. before 2030.

    As is normal for uninformed commenters on this forum, the focus is on ‘disproving’ what has been known since 1859 (Tyndall) that CO2 absorbs and re-radiates energy.

    The obsession with converting ppm into percentage is ludicrous. How about using parts per billion, as is used for methane, the even more deadly gas when it comes to forcing of atmospheric thermal balance.

    Uninformed fools who make ridiclous statement might like to do some research on the Permian great extinction event of 252 million years ago, with was driven by CO2 being released in the formation of the Siberian Traps.. Or perhaps consider the recent 800,000-year average of 230 ppm, which humans have in mind of doubling ,i.e., a rise of 100% on baseline value.

    430 ppm, will be broken through before May 2024, and 460 ppm will be broken through before 2045.

    By the way, ozone, which occurs in concentration far, far below that of CO2 in the atmosphere: Yet without it, we would all be dead (including land plants from the effect of UV).

    The total mass of ozone in the atmosphere is about 3 billion metric tons, which is only 0.00006 percent of the atmosphere1. Most atmospheric ozone is concentrated in a layer in the stratosphere, about 9 to 18 miles (15 to 30 km) above the Earth’s surface

    Denial of well established since is a kind of ritual TAE engages in. And I have no idea why. Perhaps it fear. .

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