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    John Day

    I stand corrected by Brother Germ, who points out that RFK Jr’s name is on the Lolita Express passenger list, alng with Donald Trump (who did not fly to “Little St.James island”). We don’t know when or where, but if it was in the 1980s or 1990s, it could have been sex-tourism.
    Who Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ Plane?
    Donald J. Trump
    Bill Clinton
    Kevin Spacey
    Chris Tucker
    Bill Gates
    Prince Andrew
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    Violinist Itzhak Perlman
    U.S. Sen. John Glenn
    Former Senate majority leader George Mitchell

    Here is a summary of the rest of the decades of decadence with drugs and habitual adultery, and the second wife who hanged herself to death in their garage after Bobby’s long mistreatment.

    I’ll vote for him. He’s got his head up above the parapets. There will be snipers.
    Maybe he intends to die-fighting. I don’t know.
    It would be human to seek redemption that way…


    Blood drinking witch Killary introduces her Sugar Daddy Demon George Soros

    Veracious Poet


    If you have leadership to provide in this regard, then go on and BE it by actually DOING it yourself. Go on, show us how it is done. State your case specifically.

    (I AM showing you, by informing you of how Egoic you are! – please let it not be this. If it is, I’ll be happy to be JUST as wise, spiritual, knowledgeable, substantive as you and tell you that YOU are way too egoic too. That way we can ALL be instructive to each other. It’s just so much more spiritual that way.)

    I realize that I am not perfect, that I haven’t even spiritually “evolved” very far from the point 10 years ago where, due to self-induced insanity & suffering, my EG0 was deflated-at-depth to reveal the pathological selfishness illusion of “my life”, an EG0ic trick that had blocked me from The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Great Spirit.

    The finger pointing at the Moon is *not* the Moon…

    *Now* Mankind is clearly transiting towards a tunnel with no apparent exit (Nuclear World War driven by GlobalCap’s megalomania to restart feudalistic colonization of Earth), of that I think “We” all agree

    Obviously if a solution is to be secured, “We” are going to need as many hands-on-deck (hearts & minds) to restore Peace, Love & Understanding as “We” can muster…

    Wouldn’t you say that’s a fair assessment & goal to work towards?

    There are a myriad of causes for mankind’s fractured disunity, and while not I or any single, finite human-being holds the “perfect” solution, Perfect Help is available 🙂

    Of course, one has to first believe that “our” consciouses arise from something more than neurons firing amid gray matter to seek spriritual solutions taught over millennia, by teachers too numerous to count, but isn’t worth a “true” effort?

    Whenever homo sapiens have been at the brink, spirituality has been the *only* peaceful solution that has worked…

    There is little doubt, among any rational being, that homo sapiens have entered a phase )designated by the alt. news “community” + science professionals) as Mass Formation Psychosis (Tolle calls it Collective EG0ic Madness), isn’t it about time for the few remaining “truth” communities to chagrin all the chaotic mental masturbation, start to Love & Help each other understand, categorize, embrace & accept the challenges?!?

    In my experience, far too many alt. news communities have devolved into tyrannical echo chambers, whose primary product is hate, judgment, hysteria & divisive rhetoric that serves GlobalCap’s evil goals as much as anything they foment…

    Tucker Carlson thinks so, did you read/hear his speech @ The Heritage Foundation last Friday where he espoused “We” should Reassess Terms We Use?

    Well, I mean, good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it, lack of conflict, cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. It’s true. It is.

    And evil is characterized by their opposites ~ Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth.

    All we like sheep have gone astray, every one hath turned aside into his own way…

    I know jb-hb that you’re fairly new to TAE, but some of “Us” here have been committed to finding/supporting The Solution for a long, long time ~ Obsessing on the problem is not only counterproductive, it feeds the insanity…

    Perhaps, here & there, a few of the “collaborators” will drop by our Truth alt. news communities, and if conditions are optimal & inclusive, abandon the Mass Formation Psychosis & stop laughing @ Peace, Love & Understanding?

    Over the last 30 years I have been the beneficiary of early alt. news “teachers”, everyone of them spiritual men with Love as their motivation, strength & source of being, who saw this darkly insane eventuality a long, long ways off, those sacrifices are the only reason I remain in discourse at this late stage in the *game*.

    During that time I have worked face-to-face with the homeless, addicts, alcoholics, the criminally insane & the Imperially brain-washed (until 2020), and I know it is *never* too late to be Loving & Helpful, as long as our brothers & sisters are drawing breath ~ I have seen miraculous transformations, that most would no believe 🙂

    Again, I am *not* perfect, but I *know* Perfect Help is available within each & everyone of my brothers & sisters that are willing to ask for it.

    God doesn’t help those who help themselves, he helps those that (humbly) ask…

    Why are we here, if not to help & love each other?

    But words are. In the beginning was the word. So, articulate. And that is also simultaneously an acknowledgement of a truth that we don’t face, which is we don’t know what’s going to happen today, and we could die. That’s the one thing that unites every person, is the certainty of death. And reminding yourself of that every single day will bring you, paradoxically, joy.

    “I love you.” That’s the most important thing ~ Tucker Carlson

    John Day

    Alexander Dugin says Putin is the only guy the west can negotiate with.
    Whoever follows him will have to prove himself to the people by being a hard-ass.


    LOVE to All TRUTH Seekers!

    Jai Ilargi!! (Victory Ilargi)

    There are many Paths to truth but only ONE TRUTH.

    Sharing Yoga from the Heart…with Heart….sing your Heart out and see what happens.

    It might take you to new places – if you want it.

    (Michael Reid – for you too).

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya
    “I bow to the Ultimate Reality”


    Chanting is a Way to access the present.

    Ego does not want you in the present. Wonder why?

    When you are PRESENT you let go of negatives (the past) and fears (the future).

    Chants in the tradition shared here are repetitive for a reason. Wonder why? Try it and you will find out for yourself.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya

    Is an ancient chant. You don’t have to know what the translation is or even anything about the words, like who/what is Sita and Ram. Start singing and see what happens.

    Maybe you will dance around the house.


    These distractions are jewtheatre. Look over here while we rob you blind, destroy your family, town and country. Plato’s cave wall with high technology. Read the talmud to understand how you are seen thru their eyes. It’s an uncomfortable reality, particularly with educated motherfuckers. Unfortunately, it is what it is. This is a culling, a mindfuck…a rape and pillage for all the marbles. Who prints the money? Who owns the media? Blackrock, Vanguard? Is it the fuckin Irish? I don’t think so. You’re in for the fight of your life, Goyim, act accordingly.

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    Today I have spent many hours cutting trees for heating next winter and thinking of you.

    Given that I am a nurse, I found myself speculating how do you feel?

    That lead to recalling how I felt over the last few years.

    As an electronics engineering technologist and computer engineer, most of that life was spent designing embedded firmware and electronics for displays installed in US military equipment. My worldview at that time was the US was good and doing good things in this world and I felt proud of my contributions.

    Then along came covid and my participation here. And then came realization my worldview was a deception of western propaganda.

    I had been fooled into supporting the evil western military that was killing undeserving peoples.

    I had been fooled into thinking the governments cared about the well being of their citizens only to conclude the governments were evil and attempting to kill their citizens.

    My worldview collapsed. There were times that I could barely think. It took time to recover.

    Most in the west will never come to the same realizations and conclusions (including my family and friends).

    I suspect you are looking to God to help you through these difficult times.

    I am looking to nature, myself, family and friends as I chart a new course to survive.

    Life goes on until it doesn’t.

    One thing nursing taught me is to truly live your authentic life before it ends.

    I wish you well.

    Michael Reid

    @ Susmarie108

    I listed to the chant and enjoyed. However without knowing the language there is no way I will be able to remember to sing.

    However I found myself singing this song from my culture in my mind as I was working harvesting wood.

    The Wonderful Grand Band – Sonny’s Dream

    Veracious Poet

    I had been fooled into supporting the evil western military that was killing undeserving peoples.

    I had been fooled into thinking the governments cared about the well being of their citizens only to conclude the governments were evil and attempting to kill their citizens.

    My worldview collapsed. There were times that I could barely think. It took time to recover.

    Most in the west will never come to the same realizations and conclusions (including my family and friends).

    I suspect you are looking to God to help you through these difficult times.


    You and I have shared a similar path, only I awoke to the terror of the .MIL/Banking Empire in 1993, not 2020…

    I was angry, confused & lost for almost 20 years, until I reunited with my True Self, began the healing process of discarding error (selfishness), started practicing *living in the now* (where the Loving, Healing, Creative Spirit of Infinity resides, not the past or the future)….

    I wish “We” had another 20 years as a species to wander *lost* in the wilderness, but “We” don’t 😐

    I know I’ll be okay no matter what happens, but one of the things that happens when you find *salvation* from EG0ic misery is the overwhelming drive to be loving & helpful to all of God’s kids…

    I also would like to see humanity wrenched from the jaws of tyrannical GlobalCap, among other tyrannies 😐

    Perhaps if we use our words *wisely* on communities like TAE (+ the real world), just perhaps another miracle will awaken enough our brothers & sisters back to light, that we *all* have within ~ To-wards our birthright of Peace, Love & Understanding 🙂

    The Internet is global in it’s reach (mostly), it only requires a heartfelt reflection on our thoughts, moods, prejudices & actions…

    Isn’t it worth a shot?

    It’s not like “truthers” have slowed the implosion of civilization by beating our collective chests 🙄

    The goals/actions of GlobalCap manifest Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth.

    Should be easy enough to identify, categorize & help humanity take note, while doing so in the Spirit of Love, Kindness, Patience & Forgiveness.

    Shouldn’t it?

    It’s not too late 🙂


    John Day

    Trump denies raping lingerie sales-lady in a changing room in 1990s.

    D Benton Smith

    The question is not about what the bad guys are going to do. They’ve already told us what they’re going to do (if no one stops them) and have demonstrated eager willingness to do all sorts of equally nasty shit like it in the past on a somewhat smaller scale. So, yeah, if the creek don’t rise then they ARE going to try their damnedest to do exactly what they said they will. If you think you can stop them from giving that their best shot then, please, be my guest.

    The only question, really, that any of us can do anything about , therefore (and if we so choose), is what we are going to do ABOUT what the bad guys do. Will we lay low, comply, pretend to comply or just go tharn? Or will we defy disobey and/or rise up in outright open rebellion, or be so damn busy doing other stuff (like replacing the old system with a new one) that we haven’t got the time to waste responding to it at all?

    Just askin’.


    @Michael Reid: the singer in the video you posted sounded familiar, so I looked up The Wonderful Grand Band… and I was right, that was Ron Hynes singing there! My first encounter with his music was when they played “No Change in Me” on one of the season endings of “The Republic of Doyle.” Talented musician, said to be flawed, sorry that he is no longer among the living.

    I’ve owned a rural property for 18 years, known colloquially within the family as “The Farm.” In my mind I’ve always thought of the transition from conventional life to farm life as akin to a rocket ship escaping Earth’s gravity: I’ve stayed in the system this long to accumulate the fuel (money and tools) necessary to reach escape velocity. Today I built more raised beds and watered my precious 200 raspberry plants. It feels like the booster separation point is not far off.


    “‘;;;; what we are going to do ABOUT what the bad guys do.”””

    People are already doing it.
    Quiet quitting ….. work to rule.
    See you tomorrow.


    Thanks for sharing your music, Michael. And for telling your story. A significant point – that your process was so deep it required “recovery time”. It’s easy to take this aspect of RENEWAL for granted when total life-changing shifting is at hand. Allowing it to unfold is a gift to yourself.

    I agree with VP that time is short. If RENEWAL is practiced in the company of dear friends and family, the timeline can be enhanced and shortened. Working TOGETHER is the key.

    For those of us (me included) who have had similar life-altering experiences (VP has shared his), we are never the same.

    In the meantime, stay positive and in the PRESENT. That is something (@ DBS) we can control and do.

    May we all have the opportunity to one day “Lay down our head by a sweet riverbed.”

    Oh. We will.

    LOVE to All who gather here.

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