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    Edgar Degas Danseuse au Tutu Vert 1887   • Ukraine Peace Talks – A Grown Up Is Taking Charge (MoA) • Complicated Ukraine Crisis Must End By Negot
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 28 2023]


    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”
    ― George W. Bush

    Norman E. Fenton is the Professor of Risk Information Management in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London.

    TVASF (and they’ve been fooled)


    Our friend Spike doesn’t discriminate between sports – soccer players, boxers, football players, runners …
    Go Spike, GO !!

    Boxers are collapsing and dying suddenly – more suspicious deaths among high level athletes



    Dr. D

    Being fair, here is an article that says Red areas are the most dangerous, and Blue cities are the safest. Read it and weep.

    Chinese Government Lays Off Entire Propaganda Team As American Media Doing Their Job For Them –BBee

    Why not? They’re getting paid.

    “German Domestic Spy Agency Labels AfD Youth Org As “Extreme Right”, Enabling Mass Surveillance Of All Members”

    This is why we have “Emergencies”, “exceptions”, in order to use them all the time the same way the FBI surveills all Congress here. Patriot Act.

    How does that go? Good explanation: “The War On Free Speech Is Really A War On The Right To Criticize The Government

    Or as BBee says, “AOC: ‘The Government Must Shut Down Unapproved News Agencies To Defeat Fascism’

    Strangely there isn’t the slightest irony in their statement. Irony is dead. It requires intelligence.

    What happens then? “”Vice News Tonight” Canceled As Media Downturn Accelerates “ And Buzzfeed. And HuffPo. And CNN. And NYT. And

    “Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Video Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings “ –BBee

    Rice has left the White House. As you never hear from her, (unlike co-hort Nuland) it was supposed she was running most of it.

    Speaking of who’s running things, the Biden-Harris ticket was supposed to lose, and therefore accuse Trump of a Coup, rallying the minions and gettin’ that Civil War. Race war, like Manson said. They flipped that and Joe is on the inside. However the problem with Harris may be much more mundane than simply that no earthly people like her, even (especially) PoCs. It’s that if put in the Presidency, she’s not a “Natural” citizen, which opens removal again. Just a thought. That’s also why they wanted Cruz and Rubio. Both were open that that issue. It hasn’t been settled and it doesn’t matter if it “works”; it’s just leverage. Never allow anyone near power without adequate ‘leverage’. That is to say, they are illegal, irresponsible, careless, felons.

    Virus lab blown up in Sudan. Yeah, that’s a good idea. So viruses [pathogens] out now? Ones that actually MIGHT be stopped by mask? If I were Gates I’d be flying in my guys and opening up my vials of Marburg, etc. Remember all that Smallpox that was “found” totally without controls in some rando lab?

    “Democrats Attack Gaetz Ukraine Audit Resolution as ‘Divisive & Ill-Advised’

    The existence of facts and information is itself divisive now? How is having facts “Ill-advised?” Because if you knew what was going on, you wouldn’t do what you’re told? Very strange objection.

    We went from having 6% of our children having chronic disease in the 40s, 50s, and 60s” to 54% in 2006,” –RFK

    Yet no medical curiosity at all. “If even ONE life is saved…” Where’d that go? How do they know ahead of time they don’t want to look into this? Are there any American subsets that are unaffected? The Amish, for instance? No interest. Or more precisely: no funding.

    “West No Longer Hides Planning Of Kiev’s Counteroffensive – Zakharova (TASS)”

    They gave all dates, all troop numbers, all tanks and equipment, plus the names and birthdates of the soldiers to send them Christmas cards. Not that last part, but why would you do that? A: Winning the #Signaling War. And all it requires is losing the #Real War.

    “Kiev is running out of Soviet-made anti-aircraft missiles and needs the US”

    Yes, but then the world will know our weapons are all useless and don’t work. Like we can’t stop slow-launches in calm, wide-open Saudi Arabian Refineries. And couldn’t since all the SCUD missiles in Iraq I.

    But we must defend the owners’ homeland. Speaking of, is that what’s up with the “Tartar” revival, that an entire modern civilization existed for 200 years nobody heard about? That happens to be Khazaria? Gosh, what wonderful, magical, and oppressed people they must be. We should revive their homeland and do everything they say.

    That’s opposed to the historic record that says they’ve been pillaging murderers non-stop since 300BC, which is why they don’t have anything – they’d just attack and steal it. Ever hear the word “Cossack”? “Scythian”? The Snake People? Read every account of every people who ever bordered them.

    ““Today we are buying seeds abroad, because during Yeltsin’s time all the seed banks were destroyed, and the seed breeding stations were closed..”

    This is what sanctions are for, and that central planning cannot get every little task covered. They missed this one. Important one. And it takes skill, experience to do it, in addition to some capital equipment, advertising, etc. I’m sure a lot of people know, but they’re not in the chair, with a whole working company surrounding them, secretaries, truck repairmen, seed sorters, etc. It takes time.

    This is precisely why Monsanto knocked it all out (here) and first, bought up by Soros, etc. Laws placed on UK that make Draco look tame.

    So Russia might have enough innately for themselves, but to get massive fields for world export? Or us? U.S. Ag is big-time. No small seed co can fill endless, endless semis driving out to 2,000-acre fields 2,000 miles nationwide. That’s volume. It’s the corollary to Financial Terrorism: stop our theft, I dare you, and everybody dies. Mess with me and I’ll club this baby seal.

    United States military to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030.”

    Uh-huh. I have a different objection: our major nuclear bomber is from 1952, and our major fighter jet 1976. Yet they’re going to…??? Scrap every vehicle, tank, jet, and plane in the entire military in only 7 years?

    Newsflash: you can’t do that even in the domestic car market.

    But we need to have Climate-Approving World Wars. Everyone knows nothing greened the world like the Siege at Stalingrad. Green all around, nothing but trees and lush fields everywhere.

    Parrots: Did you see the parrots Zoom calling each other? That makes an amazing amount of sense and since it costs nothing, why wouldn’t you?

    “Montana Legislature Votes To Remove Trans Lawmaker From House Floor For Rest Of 2023

    This was quite unfortunate, but there’s a reason there’s a required level of civility in legislature. To keep things moving, and it all from becoming a circus.(more of) Or a hockey match. It only required a minor, meaningless apology to keep It in office. Too far, I guess.

    “must be squashed in every person over and over and endlessly, the job requires a massive investment,”
    … “I underestimated just how much money is being pumped into think tanks, academia and NGOs under the anti-disinformation front, both from the government and private [ie religious] philanthropy.”

    Yes, the money power is the root of it. Without stopping the money power, it will just go around. Stop the money power and it all stops. …And returns to truth. Because Lies cost money.

    US$ Acceptance has dropped below 50%. Perhaps 40%. As one article this week, “’Slowly’ is over. Now comes ‘quickly.’” In complex systems, “tipping points” are difficult or impossible to predict. When Treasuries fail, we suddenly have a “Labor Issue” at Long Beach. Or not. I think the last time no one unloaded, they gave no explanation at all. The issue is: nobody wants our worthless money – and – everyone from the janitor to the President is a Liar.

    Dr. D

    “Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Mr. House

    “..Chinese hackers outnumber US cybersecurity agents by at least “50 to 1..”

    They could always free up more by not spying on their own people…………….

    Mr. House

    @ Dr. Day

    Dr. Morgan has a new article out today, not sure i’ll read it. Look at his previous article and my most recent question to him, and his totally cuck answer.



    “Hell is Empty, All the Devils are here”



    It’s hard getting competent labor nowadays at big box stores chains

    Small mislabeling glitches abound


    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    That’s a strange one, sharing Eisenhower”s quote.
    Ike, the penultimate organizational man, (‘bureaucrat’ right?) held the rank of Major for
    ……(pause for effect)…….
    16 years
    16 YEARS!!.

    “Completely missing out on the war (WWI) front left [Ike] depressed and bitter for a time, despite receiving the Distinguished Service Medal for his work at home.” Even Tulsi served in a war zone.

    Ike then worked for a series of successful Generals. In China, such a man would be called a ‘mandarin’, “an official in any of the nine top grades of the former imperial Chinese civil service”. Ike helped clear the Bonus March encampment despite being against the action until he was FOR the action by authoring the official Army incident report endorsing General MacArthur’s conduct against the Bonus Marchers. As Eisenhower said, “…never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”
    He meant it as in destitute, neglected Veterans were just the kind of disloyal subversion worthy of MacArthur’s unsympathetic attention and hardly redolent of a Distinguished Service Medal.

    By WWII Gen. Eisenhower was already a General and ready to plan, organize, manage and administer invasions of North Africa and ?Normandy safely from the rear echelons.

    Honestly, I liked Ike, well, at least the image foisted up impressionable young American minds during the 1960s

    John Day

    The John Helmer article on Russia working towards seed-security (n, not there) is important and very well researched. It has been in my stack for a couple of days.
    All of us should be securing our seeds.
    It’s durned complicated.
    Capitalists want to control the seeds of life, as well as water, oil, armies, money, etc.
    (Yeah, yeah, not just “capitalists”, but that’s the owner’s current club.)


    For John Day: China and Russia make most of the world’s synthetic diamonds. Perhaps the Russians coat their missiles in diamond dust.

    John Day

    @MPSK: I’ve been thinking about that missile thing. Plasmas are really, really hot. The missile skin needs to be a very high temperature alloy out of the list of 10, and it needs to conduct heat well, away from the hottest spots. Do they have some kind of coolant circulating under the skin and blowing out the rocket?

    Metal with High Melting Point | Top 10 Metals with High Melting Points

    “Inquiring minds want to know.”

    John Day

    @Mr House: I fully scanned the comments of Tim Morgan’s last post, and saw several from you, largely about the gold-standard, petrobuck-standard, managements and implications. I did not see him directly reply to you. The financial cannot meet the real, and there must be a reckoning.
    The owners figure that demand-destruction by herd-reduction is the way to manage it.
    I think that is hubris. (Also mass-murder at a vastly expanded scale.)

    Mr. House

    @ Dr. Day

    I asked him, what would it take for him to actually conclude that we are being screwed on purpose. His response was very underwhelming, if you can even call it a response.

    Michael Reid

    Global Alliances are Changing… Here’s What it Means for the Current World Order

    Global Alliances are Changing… Here’s What it Means for the Current World Order


    People love comedy.
    Authored by Pepe Escobar,

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s New York moment performed the diplomatic equivalent of bringing the house down…

    People love narrative manipulation.
    Word salad

    Shortness of breath, clinically known as dyspnea, is sometimes described as difficulty catching your breath, wheezing, or breathlessness.

    Michael Reid

    So, I am fairly biased in favor of Bobby Kennedy.
    I think he is an admirable, honorable human being.
    I would love to see him in the Oval Office.

    That isn’t going to happen, of course.
    The global-capitalist ruling classes are never going to let him near the Oval Office.
    They learned their lesson back in 2016.
    There are not going to be any more unauthorized presidents.


    All problems are minor, except my problems.


    Tungsten has a melting point of 3422C. A diamond drill bit can take 3550C.
    Hypersonic missiles apparently get as hot as “5000F”, or 2760C.
    Diamonds are 50% harder than tungsten carbide. I haven’t found weight comparisons.
    Interesting note: if you wear a tungsten ring and hurt your finger (or get stung), get it off asap! The hospital cannot cut a tungsten ring.


    The missile skin needs to be a very high temperature alloy out of the list of 10, and it needs to conduct heat well, away from the hottest spots. Do they have some kind of coolant circulating under the skin

    Thoughts go off into scifi land quickly – something electromagnetic? (vague memories of golden age scifi writers talking about using magnetic containment for plasma in fusion reactors…) Something being thrown forward from the nose to create a protective envelope? (Like Charles Pellegrino’s backwards starship concept)


    If you add up all the gold in central banks, I’ll bet you get a pile as big as the remnants of the “true cross” would make if you added all of them up.


    Interesting note: if you wear a tungsten ring and hurt your finger (or get stung), get it off asap! The hospital cannot cut a tungsten ring.

    But can’t a tungsten ring be shattered? Put the finger in a spacer (raised sides about the height of your finger, allowing the ring to be a bit higher) and then strike it with a hammer?

    I have a couple tungsten rings around somewhere. I can test one and get back on that. I’ll use a hotdog as a standin for my finger of course.

    Just Some Randomer

    “Thoughts go off into scifi land quickly – something electromagnetic? (vague memories of golden age scifi writers talking about using magnetic containment for plasma in fusion reactors…) Something being thrown forward from the nose to create a protective envelope? (Like Charles Pellegrino’s backwards starship concept)”

    My bet would be some kind of ceramic or a more advanced version of the material in the heat shields used on the Space Shuttle that conduct so little heat they can be picked up with bare hands straight out of a furnace while still glowing red hot.


    “Incredible Loss”: Two Apache Helicopters Collide In Exercise Over Alaska, Killing 3 Soldiers

    That was 11th Airborne.

    There was a reported crash between 2 Blackhawks of the 101st (9 dead) about a month ago.

    I estimate about 40% of Zerohedge commenters assume these are casualties in Ukraine.

    Strange counterarguments such as

    “This wouldn’t be Ukraine. Apaches are very distinctive and would be readily communicated if they were operating there.”

    Or citing the cost of the Apache

    “If you need to explain three deaths you don’t down two apaches to do that. Its much easier to write off a single Blackhawk.”

    Uh dude. If you start from the premise that you’re being lied to about a helicopter crash, you determine truth/falsity of the statement by… the recognizability or cost of the helicopter they are lying about??? Really?

    I understand even a single Apache is an expensive machine, what $60-130 million? Idunno. But a spoken lie ABOUT an Apache costs $0.

    2nd most popular theory is these are vaxxidents.

    Since these are stories of helicopters crashing into each other, I think not. I could see a pilot keeling over or losing consciousness and crashing, ok. In super close proximity to each other? How often on practical training exercises do they, what, do pointless precision close-formation flying? Did BOTH pilots keel over simultaneously? Like, vaxxidents are happening specifically when the helicopters fly super close to each other and at no other time, always in cases in which the healthy pilot cannot swerve away from the other copter? Wouldn’t single copters going down fit, not crashes between 2 copters?

    3rd most popular theory is that incompetent people are being placed at the controls of these choppers for wokeness’ sake? I can’t really see that with an Airborne division, which is supposed to be sort of elite and more likely to be actually used for actual combat. Not to mention with 2 of the most expensive copters in the universe.


    I don’t believe Hypersonic missiles heating problem is a material problem

    I think the heat is kept at bay by some type of electromagnetic field generated by the skin interacting with the air

    Above a certain magic speed, the combination of the skin material and the atmosphere actually produces a stronger EM field shielding the missile from heat and the skin surface holds a relatively stable high temperature.

    The missile also doesn’t have to endure high temps that long, it’s so fast it arrives at the target very, very quickly.

    The fact that no one has done hypersonic before makes me think it’s solution has a pinch of ‘Star Trekyness’ in it.

    If Capt Kirk was Russian



    The fact that no one has done hypersonic before makes me think it’s solution has a pinch of ‘Star Trekyness’ in it.

    Well, they did say something about “We are developing weapons based on newly discovered physical properties…”

    F#(<ing ominous.


    “50x more hackers”

    The Mythical Man-Month

    You cannot have 50x more highly-functioning programmers on a project. The limit is 3 programmers. Past that, your team becomes a bureaucracy. If the 50x are all analysts/minions, then something is wrong with the automation. You still have only 3 smart guys doing the programming, and a bunch of minions. As the automation improves, the minion count should go down even if the ‘scope’ (number of surveilled) keeps increasing.


    Book rec:

    The City and the Stars – Arthur C Clarke

    I wish I had read this before I read Ringworld.



    Well, here we all are once again, full circle, chasing our tails into the ether…

    What with 80-90% on TAE posting hatred, angst, resentment born malevolence & other EG0ic pathological dysfunction from their human travails

    0, zip, zilch, nada commentary about changing the hearts & souls of those perhaps ready for solution(s)…

    Wha? You no lika da free speech for all…?
    We? Our? Speak for yourself. Oh wait, you seem to enjoy proselytizing your GoooRooo Tolle with non stop ego memes… Oh poor you… why isn’t everyone just like you?

    Oh well, it was worth one last attempt at spreading something beyond the chaos of status quo, the darkness of insanity, before continuing on The Path, more or less, with only a companion or two.

    Yawn. All about YOU… Can you see EEEGGGGOOO ? I think you can.


    Shame the Lockdowners Forever

    So true. Funny how I nicknamed one of the primary karens as a ‘hall monitor’…

    One evening she and another karen were sitting at the bar… One karen said to the other “I miss lockdowns… I wish we could go back to lockdowns…” They then proceeded to reminisce about how great it all was…

    Masochists by night/ sadists by day… Govern me harder Daddy Govt…I’ll do your dirty work Daddy Govt… just tell me what to do and I’ll follow all your orders…

    Now, Karen, fuck off.

    Now, Governor — all of you — fuck off.

    Now Joe Biden, the CDC and everyone else — fuck off.


    jb-hb. Apparently, people with sore fingers are reluctant to let someone at it with a hammer. (So said the nurse who told me about tungsten rings). A vise, on the other hand, might be just the ticket.
    ; )


    The last day of 2023 will be 123123

    Michael Reid

    There is no doubt that the world is undergoing a major transformation.
    Perhaps the current changes are the most significant in the last few hundred years.


    Sudan immigration.
    Egypt claims that over 16,000 people have entered Egypt from Sudan.
    Who will be left in Sudan to keep the social/gov./financial infrastructures functioning.


    What with 80-90% on TAE posting hatred, angst, resentment born malevolence & other EG0ic pathological dysfunction from their human travails 😐

    Only disrupted by 10-20% of TAE “breaking news” content reporting of “useful” information (many times reported over & over again, multiple times ~ Even the agregators aren’t reading TAE content?).

    0, zip, zilch, nada commentary about changing the hearts & souls of those perhaps ready for solution(s)…

    If you have leadership to provide in this regard, then go on and BE it by actually DOING it yourself. Go on, show us how it is done. State your case specifically.

    (I AM showing you, by informing you of how Egoic you are! – please let it not be this. If it is, I’ll be happy to be JUST as wise, spiritual, knowledgeable, substantive as you and tell you that YOU are way too egoic too. That way we can ALL be instructive to each other. It’s just so much more spiritual that way.)


    Apr. 27, 2023 424.60 ppm
    Apr. 27, 2022 419.56 ppm
    1 Year Change 5.04 ppm (1.20%)


    AFKTT – happy Friday to ya.

    The vaccines were what, 97% effective – calculated on a RELATIVE basis.

    97% improvement OF the 0.1% risk of death. ie we took your resistance from 99.9% to 99.99%

    So why would you use the same WAY of selling Climate Meltdown – relative improvement percentage – as the not-a-vax?

    We’re getting close to CO2 levels that severely limit plant life on earth. That would turn the Earth into a desert. Why do you want the Earth to be a desert, AFKKT?

    What Percent of our Atmopsphere is CO2


    (LOWER CO2 than now > Worldwide Desert, that is)

    John Day

    @Mr. House: I think that exchange might have been 2 episodes ago, but “Dr Tim” is wise to avoid ascribing intent to economic and financial events. You can see that. Narrowness of focus lets him have morefreedom, like The Bound Man.


    Apr. 27, 2023 424.60 ppm = 0.042460% – HUNDREDTHS of a percent here – of the atmosphere
    Apr. 27, 2022 419.56 ppm = 0.041956%

    0.042460% – 0.041956% = 0.000504% change

    You are alarmed over a change in CO2 measured, not in:
    –tenths of percent
    –hundredths of percent
    –thousandths of percent

    no, not a change in any of those orders of magnitude.

    A change in ten-thousandths OF a percent: 0.000504% change.

    Are your measuring devices even scientifically sensitive enough for that many significant digits???

    It can measure a 0.0001% change in CO2??? That is, frankly, quite amazing that your scientific source measures in ten-thousandths OF a percent.

    Explain the technology please, as well as how we know that can’t be a rounding error – and be specific please.

    How do you view the recent exposure in the news of scientific measuring devices being physically positioned to skew the data towards Global Warming results? How do you view the CONSISTENT tendency for it to ALWAYS be in favor for decades? Wouldn’t you think honest errors would run about 50/50? Is it that Saving The Planet is always worth lying?

    Let me help you – we need to impress the urgency of CO2 on everyone. Measuring in parts PER million and then measuring only relative change WAS a virtuous, forthrightly honest and fair/plain-dealing surely – yet also clever. But surely we can do better. PARTS PER BILLION

    Apr. 27, 2023 – 424,600 ppb!
    Apr. 27, 2022 – 419,560 ppb!

    wait no – not enough. Parts per trillion!

    Apr. 27, 2023 – 424,600,000 ppt!
    Apr. 27, 2022 – 419,560,000 ppt!

    That’s a CO2 change of 5,040,000ppt! That’s a huge amount of CO2!!!

    What if it were parts per quadrillion? A change of 5,040,000,000 ppq!!!! Massive! Fools, can’t you SEE?

    NOW do you believe we are doomed, people? Surely now.


    1.2% ÷ 0.000504% = 2,380.95

    AFKTT, when you told us CO2 had increased by 1.2%, how did it make you FEEL to lie to us by a factor of 2,380? I just wonder how it feels for you.

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