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    “Changes to climate have reduced their numbers, with warming waters having a knock-on effect on their growth and ability to swim long distances, according to scientists from the University of Adelaide. Although the shark may not be seen much in these waters anymore, it is still spoken of with respect, as the giver of life and creator of this land.”

    “Australia’s Ancient Language Shaped by Sharks”

    That is absolute BS. Chinese fishermen are very active in the neighbourhood and they love eating shark fin soup – as do the Japanese and Koreans.

    The Red Sea – which is a lot warmer than the Pacific – is absolutely full of Tiger sharks. I guess that when the Chinese fishermen have to venture that far, we will be told that the Red Sea is “warming up.”

    The BBC seems to be incapable of broadcasting any story on the environment without dragging in “Global Warming” in one form or another.

    V. Arnold

    I found this too good to pass up;
    Michael Hudson: Bronze Age Redux – What the Ancients Can Teach Us About Debt

    The fight has to be in the political sphere, because there’s no other sphere that the financial interests cannot crush you on. Michael Hudson

    That quote of the last sentence says it all.
    But, we’re effectively locked out of the politics, which is to say locked out of the seats of power; corrupt parties, rigged nominations, gerrymandred districts, and ultimately no freedom of choice.
    As Riley used to say: “What a revolting developement this is.”


    Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says South Korea’s Moon

    “President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. What we need is only peace,” Moon told a meeting of senior secretaries, according to a presidential Blue House official who briefed media.

    [..] Moon’s Nobel Prize comment came in response to a congratulatory message from Lee Hee-ho, the widow of late South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, in which she said Moon deserved to win the prize in recognition of his efforts, the Blue House official said. Moon responded by saying Trump should get it.

    Kim Dae-jung championed the so-called Sunshine policy of engagement with North Korea, and won the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize after engineering the first inter-Korean summit with former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

    V. Arnold

    I think there is a case to made that Trump is responsible for NK’s finally getting nukes that work; including, apparently a hydrogen bomb. Yay Trump.
    It remains to be seen if the U.S. will “allow” the peace process to conclude with unification and a U.S. withdrawl of military forces.
    I do not think denuclearization is going to happen anytime soon; the U.S. has shown it’s duplicity without shame in Iraq and Libya; Kim obviously isn’t stupid and will not give up his nukes in the forseeable future, IMO.
    At this juncture; I think the Koreans (north and south) must reclaim their soverignty which is anathema to U.S. policy. I think that’s going to be the real battle going forward…

    tony smyth

    It is NOT TRUE that the Japanese love eating Shark fin soup. No truth in that at all.

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